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Lauren Massey Loughborough Lightning

Lauren Massey Loughborough Lightning

Lauren Massey played defence for the Loughborough Lightning. She was also a student at the university. She had played on the team for quite a while. She was a veteran now. She was also one of the more attractive women in the league. Though she had no idea. She always wore her hair back. She thought of herself as being quite plain and ordinary. She had no idea of the sexy amount of leg and even some butt cheek that were visible beneath her purple netball outfit. She had a really nice, somewhat thick body. She had lovely blonde hair that was always pulled back. She looked quite athletic. She always looked quite serious as well. She almost never seemed to smile on court. 

Netball Super League decided to have a vote at home arenas to choose a member of the home team that the fans and players would most like to see gunged. When it came Lightning’s turn, Lauren was the winner by a landslide. There had been gungings in the past when Jo Webb was manager. (In this website’s universe anyway) Lauren had enjoyed seeing others getting gunged in the past. She had a very good time seeing it happen to one Emma Thomas. Lauren didn’t ever think that it would be her who would be selected. She figured it would be one of the goal scorers as they were in the limelight more. Unbeknownst to her, her teammates were instrumental in making sure that she was the one with the most votes. They all voted for her. She was the overwhelming choice of everyone. 

On this occasion, no one was told the results of the voting until right before it was to happen. It was after a match. Lauren and her team mates were lined up at centre court for the announcement. The coach of the team was the one doing the announcement. No one looked that nervous other than Lauren. It was time to make the announcement. “As you all know, as a part of a special league promotion, one player from each team is going to get gunged. Everyone has been voting. One player from the Lightning is about to covered in mess in front of your very eyes. One player will have to sit in the hot seat and face a gunging in front of everyone. Who will it be? The girls are nervous, I am sure.” The camera at the event panned across the line of players. “It’s squeaky bottom time for the ladies I am sure. Is everyone ready to hear the results?” Everyone cheered. The players shook their heads and waved their arms negatively. Some gave a thumbs down. Lauren especially. She shook her head and gave two thumbs down. 

“Here we go, one of our lovely Loughborough players is about to get the gunging of a life time. Time to find out who it will be. It could be any of the players. I can now reveal that player receiving the most votes and who will receive the gunging is…Lauren Massey.” Everyone erupted in cheers, especially her team mates. They were jumping up and down, laughing and celebrating. Lauren’s eyes widened but she continued to frown. Her coach took her by the arm and led her to the plastic lawn chair that had been placed at the centre of the court. She reluctantly sat down. She looked very uncomfortable. She adjusted her dress at the bottom. Her thick legs were even more exposed. She crossed her arms and looked straight in front of her, almost emotionless. 

The coach then spoke again,” So, the unlucky player that has been chosen is our own Lauren Massey. Sorry Lauren, but everyone is going to enjoy seeing this happen. Everyone, but yourself, maybe. Is everyone looking forward to seeing this?” Everyone cheered. Everyone began chanting the words “Gunge her” over and over again. Lauren was not amused. It was obvious that she was very annoyed and quite embarrassed. Everyone was finding the whole thing hilarious. She knew that both the team and the league would be using pictures of this in the media to promote the team and the league. All of her friends and family would see this. She would be a laughing stock around the campus. 

It was time for Lauren to receive her gunging. The coach asked who would like to have the honour of doing this to her. Loads of hands went up in the audience. The coach looked around and found a family. They really wanted to do this. She spoke to them. “You guys look like you really want to do this.” “Oh yeah, we really do.” “But why?” “Well, why not, who would not want to dump gunge on a netball super league player. Pouring it all over their body. It will be amazing.” The coach welcomed them up and handed them a large bucket of sloppy gunge. Lauren was going to have the indignity have having an entire family dumping gunge upon her.

They stood above her with the bucket. She looked up and backwards, asking them not to do this. They just laughed in her face. As she turned around, they wasted no time in tipping the bucket of gunge over the player’s head. They laughed together. She could hear them commenting about funny it was to gunge her. Thick, smooth, slimy green gunge poured over Lauren’s head. It tipped down upon her. Her entire head was almost instantly covered in slimy gunge. Gunge fell from her had down onto her body. Her body shuddered as she felt the cool touch of the gunge all over her. It was sloppy and very wet. She was soaked in it. It covered her hair and face. It poured on her shoulders and down the front and back of her uniform. The family laughed, enjoying the feeling of gunging a professional netball player. Gunge poured down upon her legs. Her thighs were covered. Gunge fell down her knees and all the way down her calves. Gunge dripped all the way down to her white socks and trainers. Everything was covered in a tinge of green gunge. Lauren’s sexy body comically shuddered and wiggled. She made funny motions with her face as well as if the feeling of the gunge was making her flesh crawl.

Some of the players then handed the family a second bucket. This one was filled with baked beans. There was only meant to be one bucket, but the players had made their own to use as well. “This one is for her teammates,” they said. Lauren shuddered as she realised that there was more to come for her. She was not expecting baked beans. The family laughed at they took the second bucket and began to pour once again.

“Yeah, get it all over her”, “Let’s see it all over her body,” were some of the phrases that could be heard in the arena. Lauren shut her eyes as baked beans poured from above. They making a disgusting splattering sound as they plopped from the bucket over the netball player’s head. A huge lump fell first. It landed with a splat on top of her head. Beans then flowed down her face. A huge river of beans fell down the front of her uniform. They rolled down her body. Beans plopped onto her bare legs. She recoiled as she felt the beans on her bare skin. They rolled down the length of her legs. The family showered the player with baked beans. Her teammates were celebrating wildly.

Finally, the beans were finished. Lauren looked up as the last of them rolled down her nose. She took her index fingers and cleared her eyes. She shook her head. The family pointed and laughed at what they had done to her. She stood up and let the excess beans and slime roll off of her.

Her coach then spoke again. “That was fantastic. I think that everyone enjoyed that. As someone who knows Lauren, I can tell you that she really deserved that. I don’t think any of us will ever forget this. It looks so good. Lauren, how does that feel.” “It feels so disgusting I can’t tell you. I have beans in my knickers for God’s sake. I need a shower so bad,” she whined. “I’ll say. Let’s give her a round of applause.” 

The pictures of the event were featured in the team program, they were in the newspaper. They were everywhere. In the home arena the following week and for the rest of the season there was a twenty foot high banner with a picture of Lauren covered in mess. There was also a number of league promotions where there were pictures of Lauren along with the gunged players from the other teams with their respective names and teams upon them. Also, each player was allocated only one netball uniform. Lauren had to work very hard trying to scrub the stains out of hers. If anyone looked carefully, they could still be seen faintly for the remainder of the season.

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