Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Natalie Guemede/ Michelle Keegan by request

****WARNING*** The following contains nudity and sexually explict situations and content. Be warned.****

Natalie Guemede/ Michelle Keegan by request

Tina McIntyre and Kirsty Soames did not like one another at all. They had numerous altercations. Kirsty had tried to use her powers as a police woman to get one over on Tina. She was also very jealous of Tina. She even was worried about her sleeping with her unattractive boyfriend. Out of necessity, the two ended up as flatmates. There had been a fire in Tina’s apartment building. Kirsty’s boyfriend was a close friend of hers and was a kind person so offered to let her stay with them for a while, until the flat was redone, much to Kirsty’s dismay. 

One day, when Kirsty was away at work, Tina went into her bedroom. She was trying to look for something that would prove that Kirsty was a bent cop. She wound up finding two boxes, one filled with sex toys, and other filled with money and some other illegal items. She was very pleased that she finally had something to use against Kirsty. When Kirsty arrived home from work, what she found was Tina sat on the couch and all of the items from the boxes laid out on the coffee table.

When she saw all of this heart leaped out of her chest. Tina smiled when she saw the look of shock upon Kirsty’s face. “Well, well, well, it seems like the worm has turned doesn’t it Kirsty?” “Ugh, Tina, where did you find these? What are you going to do?,” Kirsty said, beginning to panic, but doing her best not to show it. “Well, they are yours. I found them in your room. I am going to turn them in.” “No, please, it will ruin me. My job, my life will be destroyed. You can’t. Tina, I will do anything.” Tina knew that there was no real way to prove who this stuff belonged to, so she was going to use it in another way to get her own back on Kirsty. “Anything you say? That gives me an idea. I may not turn them in, but, you have to do anything that say until further notice, do you get me?” “Yes Tina, please, I will do anything you say.” She was seething deep down inside. “Well, good, I think that we are going to have a little fun tonight. First of all let’s get that uniform off shall we?”

“What my uniform, but why?,” she asked. “You heard me Kirsty take your damn uniform off. I am going to get the camera ready, because you are going to put on quite a show this evening.” Kirsty looked slightly uncomfortable. She rolled her eyes as Tina got out the camera. She began to slowly unbutton her shirt. She kept a dignified frown on her face as she unbuttoned each button on her shirt. She pulled it off and folded it, placing in aside. She wore a very plain black bra underneath.  Her flat stomach was revealed. 

“Now take off your trousers,” Tina told her. “Look Tina, isn’t there another way..” “Take your trousers off now. You will do as you are told.” Kirsty rolled her eyes. She unbuttoned the trousers and then unzipped them. She reluctantly pulled them down her slim yet shapely legs. Down to her knees. She then raised each leg, pulling them from her each foot. She then folded them and placed them aside with her shirt. She wore slim fitting plain black underwear. She was perspiring heavily and going flush. The humiliation was palpable. She stood in nothing but her underwear in front of her rival. She knew that Tina was using the camera the whole time to capture everything, but she tried her best not to think about this.

“Well, don’t you look cute? Take your bra off now,” Tina ordered. Kirsty secretly had very low confidence. She had a very poor body image. That is one of the reasons that she had developed into a nasty vengeful person. She had been teased and bullied about her looks when she was younger. She always thought of herself as not being attractive. She was really jealous of Tina, because Tina was one of the best looking females in that or any other town. “Oh come on Kirsty, judging from what I found, I can tell that you are dirty bitch. Take that bra off you dog.” Kirsty recoiled in anger. She reluctantly reached back and unclasped her bra. She slid it off of her arms and then placed it aside. Her breasts were a decent size and a lovely shape. Kirsty crossed her arms across her chest. Her nipples were erect. The feel of the wind against her body perked her up. It was broad daylight and the window was open behind her. 

“Come on now, time to lower your knickers Kirsty. Let’s see what is lurking inside there.” Kirsty took a deep breath. She leaned forward, put her hands on her hips and then slowly lowered her panties down her legs to the ground. She stepped out of them. She raised a leg and picked her panties off of her foot before laying them aside. She blushed. Her whole body tingled with the sensation of humiliation. She crossed her hands so that they would cover her private areas. “Come on now, hands at your side and give us a twirl. Let’s take it all in.” Kirsty did as she was told, slowly turning around. Tina applauded as she viewed Kirsty’s tight buttocks. Kirsty also had a landing strip. A groomed patch of trimmed pubic hair. Beneath was Kirsty’s tight pussy. Kirsty could not get over the idea that Tina was seeing her vagina. “Oh yeah, look at that dirty minge Kirsty. I can smell you from over here by the way. You are a filthy, filthy bitch.”

Tina then stood up. She told Kirsty to get onto her knees. Kirsty did as she was told. Tina took two chairs. She placed one on either side of Kirsty. She then took Kirsty’s police handcuffs and cuffed her wrists to either chair. She then pushed her down so that she was laid out on her back, spread eagle naked on the floor. “Well, I think it is time that you demonstrated a bit about what some of these items I found in your room are used for. There was a ball gag and a blindfold. Tina used these first upon Kirsty, putting them on her. Kirsty was now blindfolded so that she could not see what was happening. Tina then took a special sex toy. This was the sort that could be put in the freezer to get ice cold. It was sort of in the shape of a banana. Tina smiled. Kirsty had no idea what was happening. When Tina touched the ice cold toy to Kirsty’s stomach, she almost jumped out of her skin. Tina then moved it up and down Kirsty’s body. Her body writhed and she squealed and grunted in pleasure and arousal. Although, most of it was muffled by the ball gag. Kirsty was sort of glad for this because Tina could not hear her saying,” Yeah… Oh yeah.. Fuck yeah.” Tina was a bit of a noise maker in bed. As Tina had heard first hand many times, even when she lived down the street. Tina moved the ice cold device around Kirsty’s nipples and then between her legs. She then took a device that was sort of like a feather duster on the end and began to run that over Kirsty’s body. This caused her to writhe and wriggle, much to Tina’s delight. Tina then removed the ball gag and blindfold. She wanted to hear and see Kirsty for what she was going to do next.

“And what do we have here?,” she teased, pulling out Kirsty’s vibrator. It was large and purple. It had lots of different shapes on it. “You dirty bitch, look at this. This looks like it has seen a whole lot of action. How often does this get put to use Kirsty?” Kirsty was silent at first, but knew she must comply. “Everyday. More when I was single.” “So this has spent a lot of time in that dirty fanny of yours. I think you out to give it a taste.” She grabbed Kirsty by her chin, sitting her up. Kirsty opened her mouth. Tina pushed the vibrator into her mouth. “Suck it, lick it. Like you were giving head,” Kirsty reluctantly licked the object that had been inside her own vagina so many times. Tina made Kirsty run her tongue down the length of it. She then pushed it in and out of her mouth as if she was giving a blow job. Kirsty gagged and sputtered. “I know that you love sucking dick anyway. You only have to look at you to know that. Girls like you have to give blowjobs to get anyone interested in you. You are a filthy dog.”

Tina then took the vibrator and switched it on. She then pushed it right into Kirsty’s vagina. Kirsty let out an almighty screech as she felt it being inserted. Tina explored all the functions. It was a very advanced model. Kirsty’s eyes widened as her body writhed in all directions as the vibrator was let her have it between her legs. Kirsty did not want to cum in front of Tina, but before long she was squirting everywhere. “You dirty bitch,” Tina insulted her. She then took the vibrator, which was now coated in Kirsty’s vaginal fluids and pushed it back into her mouth. Kirsty gagged as her tongue touched the cum soaked vibrator.

Tina then made Kirsty get onto all fours. In Kirsty’s box was also a whip and a paddle. “You have definitely been a naughty girl. I think that you should get then of each,” Tina said. Kirsty begged her not too. They were not real, but sexy versions of the objects. Tina began to spank Kirsty’s naked backside with the paddle. She made Kirsty count the numbers after each swat. Kirsty gritted her teeth and closed her eyes as Tina paddled her ass. Tina laughed as she watched Kirsty’s body writhe and wiggle after each swat. She then repeated the same process with the whip. “I have dreamed about whipping you filthy ass for so long Kirsty. I’m the boss now,” she said.

She then went into the kitchen. She told Kirsty to lay back down on her back. “Kirsty, we have a lot of leftovers and expired food in there that needs to be used up, I think this is the perfect opportunity to do just that.” Kirsty’s eyes darting around in blind panic. “Look, leftover tuna casserole. No one’s going to eat that are they now? It would just go in the garbage. We can’t let that happen.” Tina bent down and pushed the baking dish filled with week old tuna casserole into Kirsty’s face. Kirsty screeched as Tina pushed it into her face. It fell apart in her face and all over her curly long hair. Lumps of tuna, corn and pasta stuck all over her hair and to her face. The most congealed chunk fell into her mouth. Kirsty gagged as she spit it back out. 

Tina then took cans of clam chowder and cream of mushroom soup. “These are out of date. I don’t know why they are still even in there.” She popped the tops and then began to pour the sloppy soup all over Kirsty. She poured it up and down her legs, over her stomach and all over her chest. It was smooth and slimy. It rolled up and down her body. Kirsty’s fingers and toes wiggled. 

She then took out a baggie filled with old spaghetti. She opened it and recoiled at the smell of it. It had been sitting in the fridge for quite a while. She got Kirsty to sit up as she turned the baggie over, allowing the entire contents to roll out and dump over Kirsty’s head and shoulders. Spaghetti twisted into her frizzy hair. Strands dangled from her head and face. She made a disgusted look. 

It was then time for some leftover chilli. It was also in a baggie in the fridge. Tina opened it and proceeded to dump it all over Kirsty as she had with the spaghetti. It overwhelmed her hair and rolled down her stomach and onto her legs and crotch. She now had chilli stuck in her pubic hair. She then took baggies full of hot pot and chicken and black bean sauce and opened them both at once. She then turned them over, allowing the contents to tip all over Kirsty. “What a filthy bitch you are,” Tina reiterated.

She then took a tray that contained Scotch egg, pork pies and sausage rolls. It was a plastic packet that was in the fridge. “These are out of date as well. You really are a pig, Kirsty.” She then proceeded to take each of the items left and pushed them into Kirsty’s face one at a time. She pushed them in her face as hard as she could. Each item smushed apart in her face. She was soon covered in bits of pastry, breadcrumbs, egg, sausage and other bits of meat. Kirsty shook her head and squealed as these items smashed in her face. Tina also smashed a Scotch egg into Kirsty’s vagina and smashed a pork pie on her naked behind. She then plopped a tin full of spam onto Kirsty. 

Next, she produced a large tin of dog food. “How did this get in there?,” Tina teased. “I guess it is for you. You are the biggest and dirtiest dog that I know. Your boyfriend should keep you in the yard. You are an ugly dirty dog and you deserve this.” Tina tipped the dog food over on top of Kirsty’s head. It fell out and rolled down her face. Kirsty moaned. There was one big lump of it Tina grabbed it and rubbed it around in Kirsty’s face and then in her crotch. “Woof, woof Kirsty,” she teased.

“Finally, I think it is time to take out the trash, literally,” Tina said. She went to the kitchen and pulled the garbage bag out from the bin. “You are nothing but a piece of trash Kirsty. You have lied to get people arrested, corrupted evidence, beaten up your partners. You are trash. You deserve this.” She then tore open the trash bag. Garbage rained over the naked corrupt woman. It was mainly food waste, but there was all manner of garbage in the sack. Green garbage water fell upon her. She was covered in sloppy garbage.

This whole time, Tina had been taking photos of the proceedings. Every second recorded for posterity. When the next morning came, Tina was all ready to tease and blackmail Kirsty even more. It came as a great shock when Kirsty informed her how she had really felt about what happened. “I really enjoyed last night. I cannot wait for it to happen again. You call me a dirty bitch. You have no idea how right you are. I’ll be the filthy dog any day.”


  1. hi just wanted to say thanks for doing my request its brilliant.

    1. That's ok. I really enjoyed doing it. I really like Natalie Guemede as well. Not sure why, but I do. She just seems filthy and aggressive.