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The fall of Kerry Katona

****Warning*** This story contains nudity and sexual situations.*****
I also would like to say, that I actually love Kerry Katona. This story is not meant to portray her in a negative way. I think she is a good person. She is one of my favourite celebrities actually. It's just sad that she chooses to date idiots all the time, but that is not for me to judge. We all make mistakes in life. I also love the way that she is chubby. This should be celebrated I think. She is more like a real person. I appreciate curve a lot more than a size zero anyway. No matter what the media says.

The fall of Kerry Katona

Kerry Katona had fallen on hard times and had become quite desperate. She was always a bit of a train wreck to some extent, but, for a while, this helped her career. It kept her in the spotlight and got her in the headlines. It all grew a bit thin in the end though. People started to get really sick of the whole carry on. She made a ton of mistakes. A big part of the issues she had was the fact that she repeatedly dated scumbags and losers. She seemed to be attracted to the worst kind of scum. She was one of the most attractive women in the country and she ended up dating Neanderthals, druggies, chavs and thugs. She was so much better than that. She also had issues with money and drugs over the years. 

She had arrived at the point where almost no one would hire her to do much of anything because she was seen as unreliable. She found it harder and harder to get any jobs on television. People were just sick of her to some extent. She also became more and more difficult for people to look at because she constantly self-destructed. She also was terrible with money. Saving for a rainy day or planning for the future was not something that would have ever crossed her mind. She could be quite irresponsible and impulsive at times. Again, marrying random losers that she met online who were not stars and had little to offer her had proven unwise as well. She was becoming skint and increasingly desperate.

 Of course this lead to her drinking more and becoming even more reckless as a way to try and drown out what was happening. Her standards began to drop and she became willing to do more and more outrageous things to earn money. She was approached by a trashy television show on one of the networks that ran some provocative programming. She was asked if she would be willing to appear on a television show that involved her getting quite messy. In the past, she usually dodged things like that, but, truth be told, she had done so many embarrassing things on television and in the media by this point, that this would just be a drop in the bucket. The money was pretty good. She was not overly caught up on her dignity at this point. She did not have much to lose at this point. 

On the day of the show, she made, what was probably a poor decision, and had a few to drink before the show in order to loosen up her inhibitions a little bit. By the time she was on air, there were no inhibitions left to speak of. She was in a wild and crazy sort of mood. She was slightly out of control, but she was definitely up for it. She might love to regret what she was about to do. The episode of the show was the creation of two men who pooled their money together to make this happen. They both had an attraction to Kerry and would be getting to do the messing upon her.  The theme of this was show was what people would do for money. It was a sort of how low will you go sort of scenario. 

Getting fallen and washed up celebrities to degrade and embarrass themselves for a bit of airtime and a pay check was sort of the goal. Celebrity reality television had been doing this for years, they were just not as honest about it. Kerry was very willing to do this. In fact, she was thrilled to be getting the airtime and the pay check.

Kerry was welcomed out by the two men. She had her hair in a bob, one of the haircuts that she wore that suit her the best. She was in one of her stages where she was a bit chubby. She wore a bright pink sundress. She was slightly wobbly when she entered. She looked as though she may have had a few drinks, but nothing out of the ordinary for her. She was always a bit erratic whether she had been drinking or not anyway. “Hi guys,” she said,” I am so ready for a messy time today. I know that you guys want to see me get filthy and I will not disappoint you.” She piped up before they even had the chance to begin.

“Well Kerry Katona, the idea of the show is how much people are willing to do for money and fame. In your case, you have been nominated for the show to get messy. Are you willing to go through with this?” “Oh yeah,” she said,” Look everyone thinks that I am a filthy bitch anyway. I may as well go out and prove it. I want to be dirty. Do your worst,” she said. “In fact, you know what, fuck it. Let’s just go all the way.”  Much to everyone’s surprise, Kerry reached around her shoulders and pulled her dress down. She let it drop to the ground. She had nothing on underneath it. “There you go lads. How do you like that? I suppose everyone wants to see it all anyway, so here it is. Hello world, I’m in the buff. You know what, I love it too. It really turns me on. The whole world can see. In fact have a good look.” She walked around counter in front of them to give the camera a better view. She then spread her legs and opened her pussy lips with her fingers. “Check that out UK. Get a good look at my fanny. Look how wet I am for this.” She touched her own sweet pussy lips with her fingers. She was fully waxed, but had lovely thick protruding lips. “Everyone has seen it now. I hope the whole country sees. Get a good look at my ass and tits as well.” She twirled around, displaying her naked body for everyone watching to see. “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing, but I am so turned on as well. I am wet all over.”

She then walked over to one of the two men. She put one hand on his crotch and grabbed the neck of his shirt with the other. She leaned over and passionately kissed him. She cupped his manhood in her hand through his trousers. “Get me messy,” she encouraged,” I am your filthy slut tonight. All night long,” she whispered in his ear. She pressed her naked body against him. He could feel that she was indeed moist between her legs. “You look really sexy as well. I’m single by the way at the moment,” she whispered to him. It became clear that Kerry was up for just about anything, so more and more naughty thoughts began to fill their minds about what could be done to her.

One of the men reached down and produced a dog collar and leash. He pulled it out for everyone to see. Kerry saw it and laughed. “Ok, I will be your pet dog,” she said laughing. As he put the collar around her neck, she got down on all fours on the floor. She was actually smiling and laughing as she began to crawl across the floor. She did not seem reluctant or even embarrassed. She seemed to find the whole thing uproariously hilarious. She was ordered to bark. She laughed as she willingly barked like a dog. She then put her hands up like a puppy and panted like a dog. She then rolled over. People could not believe their eyes. They were watching one of the most famous women in the country naked on all fours barking like a dog. She walked over and licked the guys’ shoes without even being asked to. “You know what? Have you seen some of the losers that I have gone out with and married? They have done far worse things to me than you could ever even imagine. This is nothing,” she said.
It was now time for her to get messy. She smiled and crawled over. “You can gunge me. It’s ok. Everyone thinks that I am a filthy bitch anyway. If you two play your cards right, I will show you just how filthy I can be.” Kerry then laid down on her back spread eagle. She opened her legs. It was time to see Kerry get trashed. Kerry was not restrained too much. She was able to move around a bit so that different areas of her body could take the mess. 

First to come was chocolate syrup and whipped cream. The men each took one of these items. They began to disperse of them all over Kerry’s chubby body. “Oh yeah boys. I like it,” she chuckled. She giggled as she felt the tickling sensation of the chocolate and whipped cream being squeezed all over her sexy body. Whipped cream was squeezed onto each breast, on her belly button and all over her vagina. Chocolate syrup was slowly squeezed up her legs and then all over her light blonde hair. She wriggled about as she felt it all over her body. She then turned around and got on her knees, allowing the guys to spray both items all over her massive bare behind. “Don’t forget my arse,” she encouraged. “It feels a bit odd having whipped cream on your crack,” she joked. 

Next to come was chilli and cheese sauce. Kerry sat up on one knee for this. Each of the men had a bucket. Kerry looked up and laughed as they dumped their loads over her simultaneously. Chilli rolled down her face and over her massive breasts. It was a brownish red colour. It was filled with meat and kidney beans. She closed her eyes as she was inundated with it. It was shortly followed by the cheese sauce. It was nacho cheese. It was very thick and sloppy. It landed on her head. Her entire face was splattered in it. Blobs fell down onto her legs and over her back onto her behind. She ran her hands through the layers of sloppy mess on her body. She massaged her tits with her hands. Her nipples were rock hard as she rubbed chilli and nacho cheese upon them. She then ran her fingers between her pussy lips. “I am so horny,” she exclaimed as she touched herself. She was very aroused by this point. 

Next to come was mushy peas from one of the men and tartar sauce from the other. “I am going to be like a human trip for fish and chips,” she laughed. She lay back onto her back and bent her knees. The men slowly poured the thick green and white messes back and forth over her body. One poured up her body as the other poured down. Her hair was covered in a blob of tartar sauce. She had mushy peas all over her massive breasts. She wiggled her hips and thrusted her loins a bit as she was covered in these items from head to toe. 

The next items were manure and shepherd’s pie. The shepherd’s pie was pushed together into a large bucket. It was stirred around. In the bucket was mash with cheese, lamb mince, gravy, onions, carrots and peas. It was thick and brown. The other bucket was even thicker and browner. The shepherd’s pie came first. It was dumped over Kerry who was now on all fours. It poured down her behind first then over her back and then her head. Her large breasts dangled downwards as mess dripped off of them. She reached back and spanked her own behind a few times. The sloppy shepherd’s pie fell in chunks, all tinged brown. Mash fell and sat on top of her head and on her backside.

The second man began to pour the manure on her. Kerry erupted in laughter when she realised what it was,” Oh my God, cow shit. Really? Well, to be fair I am a bit of a cow myself aren’t I? Wait, get it on me fanny,” she said. She then rolled onto her back, bent her knees and spread her legs as wide as she possibly could. He did as he was asked and began to pour more sloppy manure right over Kerry’s thick pussy lips. “It feels good on me minge,” she exclaimed. The naked chubby woman was covered in thick manure. 

They then poured various salad dressings over her including thousand island, ranch and creamy Italian. While this was happening she began crawling around and dancing provocatively. Her large body wiggling and jiggling. She then bent over and began to shake her ass. She was twerking as the salad dressing was poured over her backside. She was laughing and singing at this point.
She then got onto her knees. To finish her off, the men produced honey and feathers to provide the final insult to her. She smiled and told them to bring it on. Honey was placed on a brush and dispersed all over her body, mainly the top of her head and her enormous chest. A sack full of feathers was then dumped upon her. As this was happening, she took it upon herself to take the honey. “Not so fast,” she said.

She then reached over to one of the men’s trousers. She unzipped his trousers and pulled out his penis. “I want to give head tonight,” she exclaimed,” I am dying to give you a blow job,” she said. She took his penis into her hands. It was already rock hard with arousal. She then poured some of the remaining honey onto it. She looked up and smiled. She then began to suck his cock for the whole world to see. She sucked it like she had been longing to do this for a long time. The hunger that she showed and the desire in her eyes was easy to see. She pushed her fist back and forth around his penis and then sensually ran her tongue over it licking the honey from it. 

Unfortunately, the time the show had was running out. It had to be ended there. It did put the question in the viewing public’s mind about what else happened after the cameras stopped rolling. How far did she really go? How low would she stoop? She did make the papers when the show aired, but for all the wrong reasons. She was called a publicity whore who would do anything for headlines. They questioned how low she would go and said she had no pride or dignity whatsoever.

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