Thursday, 1 September 2016

Erin and Jodie

Recently I have been speaking to a lady called Erin. She had a messy experience. She asked that I post an interview we did as well as a story that I wrote for her. Below is that story. I hope that she and everyone else enjoys it.

Erin and Jodie
Erin and Jodie were close friends. Erin was a very attractive young lady. She had brown hair that was usually tied up in a bun. She had a very attractive curvy sort of figure. Jodie was ginger. She had pale skin and was slightly taller than Erin. The two had been the best of friends for many years. At one point, the opportunity arose to take part in a messy game locally. The result of that faithful evening was Erin getting slimed, pied and put into a pillory and covered in messy food. Much to her surprise, Erin found the whole situation quite exciting. It opened a world up to her that she had never known before. She was very turned on by what happened and fantasised about it a lot. She imagined it happening again. Also, she really wanted a chance to get revenge upon Jodie. Jodie too would look very good if she were covered in mess. Erin decided to try and make this happen.

She didn’t have to devise an elaborate set up. She merely invited her friend over for a girl’s night in, as was a regular occurrence for the two and had been for years. There was no reason for Jodie to expect a thing. What she was unaware of was the messy plans that Erin had devised in her naughty head. 

The evening started off as normal. The two young women had some wine, gossiped, did each other’s nails etc. They both wore little pairs of shorts and tank tops. They were sort of like pyjamas. They had cute little cartoons or pictures of kittens or butterflies on them. The only unusual thing was that, up until this point, Erin had done what she could to keep Jodie from entering the kitchen. She did not want her to see what was laid out in there for her, for the both of them.

At this point in the evening, Erin went into the kitchen to get another bottle of wine. She was in there for a minute before calling for Jodie to come in and assist her with something. Erin lay in wait just behind the door with a creamy pie in her hand. She waited for Jodie to open the kitchen door. When Jodie opened the door, before she knew what was happening, Erin thrust the massive pie into her face with both hands. Jodie squealed as Erin pied her. Erin pulled away, leaving Jodie’s face completely covered in creamy pie. Erin giggled, pointing at her messy faced mate. “Oh you cow,” Jodie complained, giggling a bit as well. Erin then grabbed a second pie and smashed it into her friend’s face and down her chest, all over her breasts and down her top. 

Erin had an entire table that was covered in a dozen or so creamy pies that she had made. She began to pick some up and toss them at her friend. Jodie looked over and saw the pies there, so she then reached down and began to grab pies as well. She grabbed Erin by her arm and then thrust a pie into her face, rubbing it around in her face as hard as she could as Erin laughed uncontrollably. Erin’s face and silky brown hair were now cased in creamy pie as well. The two women then began to wildly toss pie after pie at one another. It was chaos as pies flew everywhere all over each of them. They were soon covered in pie. Jodie took the last of these and jammed it as hard as she possibly could right into Erin’s backside and all over the backs of her legs. 

Jodie then noticed that there was a pair of handcuffs sitting next to the pie tins. She quickly grabbed these and placed one of them around one of Erin’s wrists. She then sat her down on the kitchen chair and handcuffed her to the chair. She then hid the key. What she did not realise was that Erin had placed the handcuffs there purposely and she had not resisted when they were put on her. She was hoping for this to happen. It was all going to according to her plan. She got to get Jodie messy, but Erin would, once again be the one on the receiving end of the lion’s share of the mess on this evening. “Oi,” she joked,” What are you going to do now?” Jodie just smirked.

She took two more pies, one in each hand. She slowly approached her mate, teasing her with the pies. She moved closer to her. She was almost sitting on her lap, straddling her as she pushed the two pies simultaneously into her helpless mate’s face, sandwiching her face in between the two pie tins. Erin licked her lips as pie crust rolling down her face and chest. The sloppy cream rolled down her sexy smooth skin. The feeling of being cuffed, completely at her friend’s mercy while she got to mess her anyway she chose was both humiliating and arousing at the same time.  As Jodie reached for her next item, Erin was able to grab one of the discarded pie tins from her body and awkwardly push it onto Jodie. “Oh you are going to regret that,” Jodie told her.

Jodie next grabbed a large trifle that was sat on the kitchen counter. It was filled with jelly, sponge, fruit, custard and whipped cream. She smirked as she approached her friend. Erin closed her eyes as Jodie pushed the trifle down onto the top of her head. She shook it slightly, allowing the contents to slide out and fall over Erin’s face and shoulders. Jelly fell into her cleavage. Custard fell onto her shorts and thighs. 

Next to come was a big bowl of chocolate mousse dessert. It also had some cream on the top. Jodie dipped her index finger into the dessert. She then licked it off. She dipped her finger into it a second time. This time she placed a dab of the chocolate mousse right onto the tip of Erin’s nose, just to tease her a little bit. She then tipped the chocolaty mess all over Erin’s body. She poured it all over her sexy bare legs. Erin could feel the cool, smooth mess rolling over her legs, down her calves, onto her shorts, inside of them. The feeling of the sloppy glop on her body was incredibly arousing. It looked amazing too rolling down her sexy body. The remainder of it was dumped onto her head. It coated the top of her head and hair. 

Jodie then took a double sized bowl of strawberry Angel Delight. She went behind her friend this time as she began to slowly dump the sloppy pink mess all over her head. It rolled down her face. Erin laughed and shook as it rolled down her face and over her body. The pink mess cascaded down her body as Jodie poured. Erin was able to grab handfuls of it and toss it at her friend. She managed to get her square in the face with a handful of it. Jodie’s ginger hair swung in the wind as she was hit with the giant glob. 

Erin thought that this was where it might end, as that was the last of the desserts on the table. Jodie decided, however, that she was not through yet. Instead she went into the pantry. She pulled out bottles of ketchup and mustard. She stood across from her friend and aimed them at her. Erin squealed as Jodie sprayed her from head to toe in the industrial sized bottles of the condiments. Jodie squirted her friend in the face with them first and then went up and down the length of her body, covering her in streams of yellow and red sauces. They covered her irregularly. They covered her top completely, making it a bit heavy. Ketchup and mustard rolled down the length of her legs.

Finally, Jodie pulled out some cans. They contained spaghetti and baked beans. She opened the cans. There was about three of each. She set them up and then began to blissfully dump them over Erin. She alternated as she poured. Erin closed her eyes as she felt the thick, sloppy, saucy messes pouring over her. They did not smell the best either. Jodie laughed as spaghetti and baked beans made their way over her beautiful friend’s face. Can after can of the stuff poured over her. Jodie poured more over her body, watching it roll down her friend. Spaghetti was all over her legs. Baked beans were all over her behind. She was drenched in the orange sauce that they came in. Erin was completely covered. 

She was able, however, to, somehow, grab the last can of beans and throw them into Jodie’s face. The beans rolled down her face and stuck to her ginger hair. They matched the colour of her hair. Jodie laughed. Erin sat there as spaghetti and beans rolled down her body. Jodie was a little surprised that Erin was not more annoyed. She did not realise that Erin was enjoying this tremendously.

The evening had gone just how Erin had planned. She messed up Jodie, but still took the brunt of the mess herself. She looked incredible sat there covered in the mess. It suited her very well. Jodie uncuffed her, eventually, and she then went to the shower to clean herself off. This was a lot of fun. Jodie had taken a few lovely pictures of the evening on her phone as well. As Erin cleaned herself, she thought about how sexy what had just happened really was.

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