Sunday, 4 September 2016

Interview with Erin

These are snippets from an interview that I did with a young lady called Erin. She proports to have been involved in a local messy game with a friend in her local community. She asked for me to post the snippets of the interview on the blog so here it is. Take it for what it's worth.

Interview with Erin

I was on a gameshow against my friend and she won so as my forfeit I got dunked in slime. Then we played a giant game of pie face.

How long ago was it?. Did people you know see it? Was it on television? Did you know it could happen beforehand?

I knew that I might get messy but didn't expect it to be as messy as it was but it was fun and my friend enjoyed it because she got to smash pies in my face. 

Was it a well known show or anything? Did she tease you about it afterwards?

After I got pied and slimed they put me in the pillarys so she got to throw pies off of me. She got different buckets to pour over me like mushy peas, custard, cottage cheese, baked beans and porridge. It was quite disgusting and humiliating.

Was there an audience? Did it take place in or outdoors?

It happened indoors and sadly my friends all seen it so they haven't stopped going on about it. 

How long ago was it? Oh that must be embarrassing, everyone seeing it. How did you feel? Was it a bit of a turn on too?

It was just over month ago and it kind of did turn me on.

Was it a TV type thing or a charity type thing?

It was a local gameshow. I want to enter another one because it was quite fun and I really enjoyed it other than the pillarys.  The skirt made my bum a good target so it got pied while I was in the pillarys and the audience were cheering.

How did you come to be on the show? In detail.

My friend signed us up and I didn't know till the day before.

What did you know beforehand?

She explained what she signed us up for the day before we were on it and she said that I might get messy.

What was the set up? What sort of game?

 A quiz and it was the first to three correct answers. And she did it so I got dunked in to a pit of slime. Then we played a bigger version of pie face which I also lost so I was put in the pillarys. 

Were there any photos taken? Can you describe more what you look like?

There were some photos but I don't want to share them because it was humiliating. I'm medium height brown hair tied up at the top in a bun.

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