Sunday, 27 November 2016

Special Tights request story

Special Tights request story

A special gameshow was planned on the BBC for charity. The game pitted Team BBC, Sally Nugent and Helen Skelton vs. Team Sky, Natalie Sawyer and Rachel Riley against team ITV, Caroline Flack and Emma Willis. Holly Willoughby would be hosting the special. All were wearing outfits with black tights. The tights that they were wearing would come into play. The tights would be the theme of this particular gameshow. Tight filling would be the highlight of this particular show. 

The basic formula for the games was filling one another’s tights with various substances. There would be three rounds. The team that won the most would be the winners. The team that lost the most would get to do the forfeit. Everyone was going to end up with their tights full though. Round one was going to be eggs. Each team was sat side by side with their partner. There were two huge baskets of eggs sat on the table in front of them to use. They would have sixty seconds to smash as many eggs as they could over and into the tights of one another. For this round, eggs smashed onto the tights would also count.

The time was counted down and the game began. They feverishly began to smash eggs onto one another’s tights and to push eggs inside of their tights. Sally and Helen smashed the eggs onto one another. Helen’s mouth fell open, aghast as she felt the eggs smashing. Natalie and Rachel were slow to start. They were a bit timid. They were a little worried about the egg shells. They raised their legs as the eggs smashed. They pulled open the tights, pushing egg after egg in. It was part of the rules of this round that the eggs had to be smashed. The two women pressed their hands on one another’s legs allowing the pressure too pop the eggs. Caroline and Emma seemed to be going wild. They took handfuls of eggs and plopped them over and into one another’s tights. They then pushed their bodies against each other, smushing the eggs. Viscous yellow slimy egg ran everywhere over and inside the tights. Finally the minute was up. The show went to commercial break while the eggs were counted. When the show returned, it was said that Helen and Sally had won. Emma and Caroline were not very happy with this. Holly said not to blame her, it was not her decision. They ran at her with the remaining eggs and smashed them all over her tights. Holly laughed and squealed. The others passed them another bucket which they tipped into her tights. She cringed as she felt them break all over her body. She ordered them to get over there. Eggs ran down her legs and ankles. 

Round two was whipped cream and chocolate sauce. The women were set the challenge of using these to fill up one another’s tights. This round was more of a race. Whoever filled both tights first would be declared the winner. It was a free for all. The women rushed to fill their tights. Chocolate sauce was squeezed into the back of Rachel’s tights. The faces that Helen made when she felt the chocolate sauce inside her tights were absolutely hilarious. Caroline and Emma seemed to actually be enjoying it, squeezing the chocolate down the front of one another’s tights. Emma shouted that she could feel it in her knickers. All then switched over to the whipped cream. They all popped their tops and began to spray whipped cream into one another’s tights. Sally and Helen held their breath as they sprayed one another. Rachel and Natalie took turns. Caroline and Emma playfully moved theirs around. They almost forgot that this was a race. Soon all six pairs of tights were bulging.  Soon it was all over. This time team Sky was the winners. Holly announced this. She motioned to them to come over with a container of cream. She smiled, lowered it into the front of her tights and squeezed. She didn’t say a word. She just smiled a cheeky smile. 

The final round was going to be baked beans. This round would be who could fill their tights with the most cans of beans. The women took their positions. They all smiled as they readied themselves. It was about to get very messy indeed. The women began to dump the beans as best they could into one another’s tights. Unfortunately, there were some misses this time. Natalie tried to dump a can into Rachel’s tights but missed, spilling them all over her tights and down her legs. By this time, the tights were pretty full. They were bulging all over. They were nearly overflowing. Helen’s were being weighed down. It was becoming a challenge to keep everything in. Emma wiggled her behind as beans poured in. Caroline followed suit. They cringed at how the beans felt. Soon the time had elapsed. It was clear that Rachel and Natalie had won. This left Caroline and Emma in last place.

It was announced that their forfeit would be to lay one their backs while everyone else dumped the contents of their tights all over them. The two women laid down on their backs. They then pointed at Holly and said that they thought she should join them. Everyone else agreed so Holly did so, laying down between the two women. They looked up at the ceiling. The other four approached. They pulled open their tights and allowed all the collected mess to fall out onto the faces and bodies on the three prone women. It poured out in all directions over their heads and bodies. It looked like the sloppiest of messes as it poured upon them. When it was all over, they all sat up and let the mess roll down them. The other removed their tights and put them onto the tops of their heads, dumping mess down onto them. All they could do was look at one another and laugh. “Ugh, it’s so warm,” Holly said. Lots of the mess collected around their legs.


  1. when will they be a story abount natalie sawyer getting gunged

  2. Great story. Glad you could do my request. Sorry for the delay in thanking you!!!!

    1. That's OK. Am glad it came out OK for you.