Sunday, 13 August 2017

Hollywood GLOW

Hollywood GLOW

The women from GLOW challenged wrestlers from WCW on an episode of Family Feud. The captain of the GLOW team was Hollywood. She was looking incredible. The outfit that she was wearing was basically lingerie rather than wrestling gear. She was very comfortable with being sexual. She had been in Playboy.  She had posed nude before. 

There was a lot of teasing and banter between the two teams throughout the week. Both teams teased each other and argued that they would win the show for the week. Things became more heated and it was agreed that there would be a bet on the outcome of the show. The bet was that the captain of the losing team would get messy. Hollywood was the captain so would be the one taking the punishment if the ladies lost. There was some very definite flirting going on as well throughout the week. There was a ton of arguing going on throughout the week. After four days, each team had won two shows. It all came down to the final show to see who the winners would be. In fact it came down to the final segment of the show. The tension continued to grow.

The guys won the face off. They were only able to get three of the six answers correct. This gave the ladies a chance to steal. They had a number of answers. They felt that they had a really good one. It all came down to this. Everyone waited to see if it was on the board. The ladies looked shocked and disappointed when the X and the famous buzzer sound came up. The answer was not on the board. They had lost the round, the game and the week. Hollywood and the others shook their head as the guys celebrated. What was worse was when the correct answers were shown, one of the team had guessed one of them, but the team and Hollywood had not chosen to go with that answer. If the ladies had chosen to go with that answer, they would have been the winners. Hollywood crossed her arms and shook her head sheepishly as she was beckoned across by Ray Combs to the centre of the Family Feud stage. A chair was brought out for her to sit on. She pointed at the men and joked,” You can’t do this to me.” She rolled her eyes and laughed. She crossed her arms as she took her seat front and centre. 

“The ladies from GLOW put up a good fight, but they came up just short and now their team captain, unfortunately, has to pay the price. I know she will be a good sport.” Hollywood eeked. She crossed her fingers. “I’ll get you all for this,” she joked. The guys were given several buckets and containers. The ladies gave their thumbs down and booed them. Hollywood bit her lip and closed her eyes. “Men of WCW you may let the losing captain have it when you are ready.” “You guys suck,” Hollywood told them. 

The guys were all equipped with various condiments including mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, relish and burger sauce. They ran towards her and began to pour the stuff all over her. She eeked as they sprayed her with the various condiments all over her body. They doused her with it all over her hair, face and down her chest and body. Ketchup sprayed across her face and chest. Mustard and relish went onto her hair, back and arms. Blobs of green, red, yellow and white stood on her nose and face.  She laughed and stuck her tongue out the side of her mouth.

The guys then took a buckets of spaghetti and meatballs and dumped them over the scantily clad wrestler. She shivered and shook as leftover spaghetti fell down onto her head. Massive thick strands of sloppy spaghetti plopped down onto her head and slithered down her chest and body. Meatballs stuck piled onto the top of her head. She stuck her tongue out and held her nose, because it smelled rather bad as well. Spaghetti was draped all over her. Her shoulders and chest were splattered in sauce. A meatball stuck in her cleavage.  Her teammates were shown gasping and holding their noses. Everyone was saying how gross it looked all over her. “That’s no way to treat a lady,” she shouted comedically. “This is not the way to impress a lady,” she said. She laughed and bowed a bit. She looked into the camera with the meatballs on top of her head.

Nadine Coyle fake

This is by request. Nadine looks really sexy here. She woul dlook good covered in mess.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Sarah Harding finally gets it CBB

Sarah Harding finally gets it CBB

Sarah Harding looked amazing when she went into Celebrity Big Brother. She was dressed in a sort of black suit, but with a black bra showing. She looked incredibly sexy. She had probably never looked sexier in her entire life. Her blonde hair was back in a bun. 

Part of Celebrity Big Brother was the aspect of humiliation always just beneath the surface of things. There was always some aspects of the show meant to allow the audience to have a laugh at the celebrities’ expense. Also, the show, since going to Channel 5 had ceased to draw many stars of any real sort of weight. They appeared to not even be able to get ex girl band or soap stars on the show. A lot of the so called celebrities were from other reality shows, some on even smaller networks. It was very odd to have a celebrity show with very few people anyone had ever heard of. They would also get people who were vaguely related or were ex partners of celebrities. This season Sarah was probably the biggest star on the show. The other ones of note were Barry from Eastenders and Amelia Lily from X Factor. 

It was not long before there was a gunge filled task. Sarah may or may not have been gunged in this task, but, for whatever, reason, the task was highly edited and whether or not this actually occurred would remain a mystery. It would be the subject of much speculation. If it had happened, why would it not be aired? Was there something more to it going on? The result was the fans of the show became very annoyed and began to make calls and complain via social media that they wanted to see Sarah get gunged and it had not been shown. After a few weeks of this, the producers caved and decided to give the public what they really wanted to see. They decided that Sarah was going to be on the receiving end of a messing. This time the entire world would see. There would be no escaping for her. Sarah would not be able to get out of it. In her contract it said she had to take part in these kind of tasks. 

Big Brother announced that all housemates should dress up in their launch night outfits and come to the garden. When everyone had gathered in the garden, it was announced that one of the housemates had been selected by the public for a very special treat. That treat being a messy punishment. It was announced that this person had managed to escape without getting messy before and the public thought that it was time for all of that to change. Sarah was laughing nervously about this. When this was said, she started to get a feeling that the person that was being mentioned was none other than her. The voice then came onto the loud speaker. “Sarah, the viewing public have been asking to see you get messed. You must now make you way to the hot seat in front of you and sit down.” Sarah laughed and looked incredibly embarrassed, as she had for large portions of the launch night and the show in large. She stood up and made her way to the seat that was set up for her. It was a chair that looked a bit like a throne, but with a huge funnel directly above it. Sarah looked up and cringed as she took her seat. All the other housemates applauded and laughed. They encouraged her on as well.
“Sarah, you have remained clean for far too long. The people have spoken and they want to see this. 

It is time.” Sarah crossed her arms across her breasts and closed her eyes. She could be seen muttering the words,” Oh my God,” underneath her breath. “Sarah, the people have spoken. It is your time to receive the mess that you deserve.” She shouted,” Thank you,” sarcastically. A funny sounding buzzer then went off. Sarah grimaced as a tidal wave of disgusting, lumpy brown and orange muck plummeted down onto her from above. It was thick and chunky. It looked a bit like beef stew in places. She shrieked as the first wave made contact with the top of her head. It poured onto her done up blonde hair and down her face and neck. She made a disgusted looking face as the globs of mess poured down her face and then down her body. It made a sickening plopping sound as it fell onto her. Her cheeks and nose were covered in it.

There were also areas of the mess that were more orange in colour. It looked like something that had come from a compost heap or food recycling bins. The other housemates were laughing, clapping and cheering her on. “Come on Sarah. There you go girl. It looks good on you,” they cheered. It was obvious from her time in the house that Sarah was quite shy and easily embarrassed. At this moment, she was sweating profusely and was blushing in embarrassment. The mess was all over her chest and body. Her exposed breasts covered in her tight fitting bra were now covered in muck. Mess rolled down inside of her coat and all over Sarah’s chest, back and stomach. She was bathed in the stuff. The top of her head was plastered in brown mess. 

Big Brother’s voice came over the loudspeaker,” Sarah, we hope that you enjoyed your messing today. We hope it was everything you could have wished for.” She smiled and shook her head, laughing. She stuck out her tongue and stuck two fingers up at them. She then posed and blew some kisses. “Oh I feel so excited,” she joked.  

“And oh yes, one more thing,” the voice said,” There will be no warm water in the house until further notice, so you will have to stay as you are for the time being, Sarah.”

Louisa Johnson fake messing 2

By request, This is a second fake messing of Lousia Johnson. She really looks good covered in mess. It would be fun to see it happen and to see her reaction.

Sunday, 30 July 2017

Louisa Johnson I am so messy

Louisa Johnson I am so messy

Louisa Johnson was one of the more attractive pop stars in the world. She had a really sexy smile that always shone through. She looked particularly sexy when she was embarrassed. She was young and quite attractive. She was quite sweet and innocent, but with an underlying, naughty sexy vibe about her as well. She was a great combination. She was a great candidate to appear in a gunge booth. Gunge was something that would really suit Louisa well. 

Louisa allowed herself to be put up for a gunge tank vote against other pop stars for charity on a television show. She never thought that she would be selected, because the others were huge stars, much more famous than she was. However, there was a catch, the show did not actually have the other singers. They only had cardboard cut outs of them. It was a bit of a joke. It was not a real vote at all, because the other stars were not really there. Louisa was the only one there for real, so she would be the one getting gunged no matter what. This was played for laughs throughout the show. There were jokes about budget cuts and cutbacks. There were also bits where the host pretended to interview the cardboard standees of the bigger stars. They were people like Beyonce, Brittney Spears and Madonna. People who would never appear on a show like this. It was a small UK based show. As this went on, Louisa, began to laugh more and to appear to be more and more nervous about the fate that, inevitably, was awaiting her. 

When the results were announced and it was revealed that Louisa, of course, was the winner, she just laughed and shrugged her shoulders as she made her way over to a gunge tank that was set up just for her. She did not really hesitate, she got up and willingly made her way over to the tank. “What a surprise. I am so shocked,” she joked. She smiled and laughed as she climbed in the gunge tank. She took her seat. She bit her lip and waved. “Who would have thunk it? Louisa Johnson, you are the unlucky superstar who was chosen to take the hot seat tonight. Now it is the moment that everyone has been waiting for. It is time for the gunge. “ Louisa scrunched up her nose. She laughed as she looked up. She was about to get messy. 

She took a deep breath as the lever was pulled upon her and gallons of a mixture of blue and purple gunge poured down upon her from above. The host and the audience could be heard hooting with laughter as they watched gunge pouring down Louisa’s face. There was so much of it, she had to close her eyes and run her hands over her face and hair, removing layer upon layer of sloppy gunge. Her blonde hair was soaked in sloppy gunge. Gunge ran down her cheeks and down the front of her face. More gunge poured down her neck and shoulders and down her chest. She was wearing a thickly strapped white dress with fake clear jewels along the edges. It could not be seen, but Louisa opened her legs and allowed the gunge to pour down her front and into her crotch. She then ran her hands all over her gungey arms and legs. Gunge dripped down her calves all the way to her boots. She roared with laughter.

Finally, the flow of gunge ceased. Louisa was left covered in the sloppy mess. Gunge dripped from her nose. Most of her face was covered in globs of gunge. Her eyes and smile shown through. She played with gunge on her lap and crotch. She was totally covered in it all over her body. When she was asked how she was feeling she responded that she definitely needed a shower now. “I am so messy,” she joked.