Sunday, 15 October 2017

Holiday 2017

Hello everyone,

I will be away for a few weeks. There may be no updates in that time. All the best to everyone. I will be back soon.

Lucy Alexander fake gunge

This is a fake of Lucy Alexander by request as well.

Latest messy Saturday morning videos

These are some of the latest messy scenes from Saturday mornings . They are pretty good ones. Lots of potential too.

Shania Twain fake

By request, this is a fake of Shania Twain

Tuesday, 10 October 2017

Lois Heart FM tomato

This is a link to the image gallery of Lois on Heart FM North Wales getting covered in tomatoes. It is pretty good. She used to be on Stwnsh I believe. By the way, what great legs and bottom.

Sunday, 8 October 2017

Karlie Kloss goes viral

Karlie Kloss goes viral

Karlie Kloss was a model and burgeoning celebrity. She looked a little bit like Taylor Swift. The two were seen together regularly as well. During this time, there were many tragedies and natural disasters. Karlie decided to take people’s mind of all of this and to raise money to help others by volunteering to get pied and gunged for charity. This drive was astoundingly successful. It raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for good causes. The result was, however, that Karlie would have to face a messing. It was broadcast on her website. This was the same website that was constantly advertised online. This would certainly generate web traffic for her site.

She was a long legged thin blonde with a sexy smile. She was not overly ecstatic about the prospect of gunge and pies, but it was for a good cause, so she would have to comply. In the days leading up to the challenge, she received tons of instant messages and tweets from models and celebrities saying how much they were all looking forward to seeing her get trashed. Most of the time, she replied sarcastically thanking for them and saying things like,” Oh yeah, it’s going to be fabulous,” in an equally sarcastic tone. 

The way that things were set up was very simple. Karlie was sat on a stool in a waiting pool. She wore a white tank top and tight lycra work out pants that went to the top of the calf as well as socks and trainers. She would sit there while people off camera tossed mess at and upon her. It would be filmed on a camera phone and would be posted virally. This would be getting more than a few likes on social media, for sure.

Karlie sat on the stool and began to talk as the camera was switched on to record. “Hi, I am Karlie Kloss. Today I am going to be pied and gunged for charity. Thanks to everyone who donated to this good cause. I hope that you all enjoy what you are about to see.” She was sat outside in the middle of the day in bright sunlight. The view would be perfect to take in what was about to happen.  People off camera cheered. Her hair was back in a ponytail. She was as ready for this as she would ever be. “Ok, here we go,” she said. 

She closed her eyes as suddenly what seemed to be a half dozen or more pies flew through the air straight at her. She raised her hands as pie after pie collided with her body. One after another, they hit her body. Each time one of them made impact, her body contorted and wiggled, moving with the force with which each pie hit her face and body. Each time, she would move her arms, but the pies came much too quickly for her to react to all of them. As one pie was dispatched, another would collide with another area of her body or face, leaving thick circles of sloppy cream pie wherever they landed, including one that manged to hot her straight on target in her beautiful face. She laughed and wiggled her arms and legs as she was soon virtually covered from head to toe in sloppy cream pie. 

There was no reprieve for Karlie. Even as the barrage of pies was ending, a torrent of dark green gunge poured down onto her head from above and pink gunge was thrown upon her from her front, upwards. She closed her eyes and stomped her feet as gunge was flung onto her from two different angles simultaneously. She laughed as green gunge poured all over her from above. The pink gunge splashed all over her clothes and body and some over onto her face as it hot her. She laughed as she was soon covered in multiple layers of the sloppy mess. It was smooth and sloppy. It was studio like gunge, not lumpy or uneven in texture at all. 

As the gunge stopped flowing, Karlie took a deep breath. She laughed at smiled. She wiped some from her face and eyes, but looked deep into the camera and said,” Well, I hope you all enjoyed that. I am now very, very messy. I hope that you are all satisfied.” She then waved goodbye. The video got thousands of hits and likes. People gave it many thumbs up. Karlie was not sure if that was a good or a bad thing.

Emma Bunton fake mess

As requested, this is a fake of Emma Bunton.