Sunday, 23 July 2017

Katy Perry short hair fake

This is a fake of Katy Perry following on from the last story. She was messed before for real, but not like this. She looks really hot here I think.

Katy Perry short hair

Katy Perry short hair

Katy Perry had been messy before. She had taken quite a liking to it. She was quite a kinky person in her personal life as well. The times that she had gotten messy turned her on to no end. She stayed in the mess for ages afterwards. She loved how it made her feel. Now she had a very different look. She had very short hair now. She looked quite sexy all the same. She had spent time looking at messy pictures of herself from before. She wanted to see how she would look messy with her new sexy haircut. She decided to make this happen.  She wondered how she would look covered in mess with her new look. The idea really turned her on. She decided that it had to happen and that she wanted the whole world to see it. She decided to contact one of the big networks that produced shows containing messy situations. The idea of public humiliation really turned her on as well. She told the producers of the show that she would very much willing to appear on the show in a messy capacity. Of course, they were all too happy to agree to this. She was a major star and a pretty attractive one, so getting her messy again was something no one would have objected to. They agreed that she should appear on the next episode. She could hardly wait. The very idea made her extremely aroused. She was so ready to get messed again. 

When the day arrived, she decided that she would wear the shortest, skimpiest dress that she could possibly find. It was very revealing, showing off every curve. She wanted to feel the mess on her body as much as she possibly could. There was a lot of skin on show that was about to be covered in sloppy mess. Before the show, Katy was building herself up more and more in preparation. It was as if she was getting ready for a wild sexual encounter that was about to take place. Behind the scenes, she urged them to make it as messy as they possibly could. She wanted it to happen, for everyone to be laughing at her. 

The host started her segment by saying that everyone would get a special treat because a celebrity would be getting a special messing today. The question was not whether it would happen, the question was who the guest was. That was the part that the audience were left to guess about. Who would be receiving the mess? They were not given any hints at first. There was massive speculation. Most people thought that it would either be a guy or be someone who was a major let down. Katy was not someone that most people would have guessed. 

When it came time to reveal who the guest was, Katy was shown in silhouette behind a curtain. The host told everyone to give a big round of applause for superstar pop star, Katy Perry. When the curtain was raised, Katy was revealed with her new short haircut sat in a chair with her wrists in restraints. The chair was pushed into the studio, it appeared to be on wheels. She was laughing, smiling and waving as she was greeted by cheers. She was grinning from ear to ear. Her eyes sparkled, as did her nose ring. 

“Welcome Katy. I wish we were meeting under better circumstances,” the host joked. “Oh it’s ok really, I am not opposed to getting a bit dirty,” she said suggestively, wiggling her eyebrows in a suggestive way. “To be honest, I am going to love this. I want it to happen. Bring on the mess,” she said in an exaggerated, funny voice. She then pumped her fist and laughed. 

“Ok,” the host said,” You are going to get an opportunity to choose the person who does the honours.” Katy looked out at the audience.” So, who wants to mess me the most?”, she asked. Loads of the audience raised their hands and enthusiastically tried to get her to pick them. She laughed loudly. She pointed at a teenage lad about 18 years of age. “I think I will pick you. Who knows, it may be a dream come true.” “I’m sure it is,” the host joked.  The lad stood up and was overjoyed. He looked like he would have a heart attack as he climbed down onto the stage. He told everyone his name and shook Katy’s hand. “You better get me good,” she joked, pointing at him. 

The lad was given some items to use on the singer. He smiled. When Katy saw the items, she bit her lip in anticipation. She was actually soaking wet. Luckily, she was sat down so no one was able to see it. She closed her eyes slightly and began to moan a bit. She was extremely aroused at this point. The lad started with ketchup and mustard bottles. He took one in either hand and held them over Katy’s head. As he began to squeeze onto her she began to make grunting noises and talking a bit dirty. “Oh yeah, Ooh yeah, Yeah, Yeah,” she moaned. Because she had such short hair now, as the ketchup and mustard dripped over her head, it was able to cover her face thoroughly. Her face was soon covered in an uneven mask of ketchup and mustard. Her hair was easily covered in layered of each. She was totally slathered. More dripped down her body as well. Ketchup dripped from her nose ring down her face. She continued talking dirty. “Ooh yeah, Yeah, Oh yeah,” she said in her naughtiest voice.

When the bottles were empty, the lad picked up a container of custard in a box. He aimed it at Katy and squeezed. This allowed bits of it to squirt out right onto her chest and body. It flew through the air and landed all over her face and body. He then took a container of chocolate custard and repeated the very same actions again, spurting it all over her.  Brown and yellow now were layered above the red and yellow that lay beneath. 

Next he took a big pot of split pea soup and dumped it over her head, soaking her from head to toe in dark green liquid. This was followed with cans of mushy peas. Katy had never even seen these before and wondered aloud what the hell this stuff was that was piled on her head, lap and chest. By this time, she was writing in sexual pleasure as she felt the mess all over herself. Her knees were very weak at this stage. Truth be told, she was nearly at climax. “Oooh let me have it. All of me, yeah,” she demanded. 

Lastly, he was given several pies that took and slammed into her face and body, rubbing them around all over her. She licked her lips and writhed some more in her seat. After this, she was wheeled off to her dressing room where she played with herself in mess and orgasmed over and over again. It was one of the hottest days of her life. She would watch the clips over and over again.

Wednesday, 19 July 2017

Alexa Bliss fake slimings

These are fake slimings of Alexa Bliss. She is very hot indeed. She makes all sorts of hot  faces as well.

Sunday, 16 July 2017

Gillian Kearney/ Emma on Emmerdale

Gillian Kearney/ Emma on Emmerdale

Emma Barton was on Emmerdale was played by Gillian Kearney. She was an evil character, but was very sexy at the same time. Gilliam had been on a number of other shows in the past and had always looked really good in a down to earth kind of way. Her character was a nasty one on Emmerdale for sure and deserved so comeuppance. There were times on Emmerdale when people argued and one party got their own back upon another. Emma certainly deserved to be on the receiving end. 

One day, there was a scene where it finally happened. It was a typical Emmerdale scene like this. Gillian’s character Emma was arguing with another female about something ferociously. She was being a bit of a bitch towards the other woman. The argument was mainly over a man, but the two women really just didn’t like one another. There was a jealousy and mutual loathing between the two. In this situation, Gillian’s character was lying to the person’s face and they knew it. It was also a case of the more upset the other woman became, the calmer and more condescending Gillian’s character became. This, of course, only served to annoy her further. 

The other women called her a liar and she responded with the words,” I beg your pardon.” She may as well have said, ”How very dare you?” The woman looked around quickly. She was very annoyed. This argument was taking place in a café in the village. She grabbed the first thing that she could find, out of pure impulse. It just so happened that the first thing to hand was a sloppy custard pie. She picked it up and slammed it in Emma’s face. Everyone in the café was aghast. They could not believe what they had just seen. Emma’s mouth fell wide open as the pie plate fell from her face. Her face and fringe were dripping with custard and cream. Her face was plastered with creamy pied. “How dare you,” she shouted. She was in shock.

The other woman was still very angry. Emma looked super embarrassed. The woman reached over to another table and picked up a few plates that contained fry ups, complete with eggs and baked beans. She took one plate and pushed it into Emma’s chest, causing the food to pour onto and down into her blouse, some of it going inside. This included bits of half eaten bacon, sausages and black pudding. The second, she tipped over Emma’s head, causing the disgusting mess to fall over her face and her hair. Bits of meat dangled from her hair. Baked beans dumped over her face and soaked her dark hair. “This is disgusting,” she screamed. 

The lady was undeterred. She wanted to embarrass Emma as much as she possibly could in front of everyone. Emma was frozen in shock. The woman then grabbed a massive tray of coleslaw that was behind the counter. She grabbed it and, with all of her might, tossed it all over Emma. The coleslaw rolled down her face and the front of her body. It rolled down her legs as well. She screamed and stomped her feet.

“You deserve that, you absolute witch,” the woman said before stomping off in anger. Emma stomped her feet and threw a mini hissy fit.

Sunday, 9 July 2017

Aisling Bea 2 GYOB

Aisling Bea 2 GYOB

Aisling Bea was featured on the comedy panel show 8 out of 10 cats. It was a quiz type show, but played for laughs mostly. There were some regulars on the show who had quite a good amount of banter between them. It was decided that another crossover would happen with another show. This one would be with Get Your Own Back. The shows would combine. The format would be that Aishling would represent one team and Katherine Ryan would represent the opposing team. The captain of the losing team would be going into the gunk dunk and taking the ultimate plunge. The whole show was built to lead up to the all-important moment. Everyone involved in the show was looking forward to the prospect of seeing one of these ladies take the plunge into the gunge. 

Most of the show played out like normal. The final part saw the two ladies sat on seats suspended above the traditional gunk dunk. It was explained that their fate now lay in the hands of their teammates. Aisling pointed at her teammates and told them that they had better not lose or they would get it. The host, Jimmy Carr, told her that, actually, she would be the one getting it. That was the whole point of the show today. It was the sort of game where each time the opponents got a question right, the other team’s representative was pumped up a level on the ramp. It was not long at all before Aisling was already three quarters of the way up the ramp. Her team was not doing well and she feigned annoyance in a comedic way. There were many shots of her looking down at the gunk below and making pained or worried faces. By the time she was one pump from the top, Katherine had only been pumped up once. At this point, it was quite clear that she had very little chance to escape the gunk dunk. It was clear that she was about to go down. When the other team got the last answer correct, it merely confirmed her fate.

“Well, Aisling,” Jimmy said,” It looks like your team are our losers and you, unfortunately, are going to be the one getting the gunk dunk. What a shame,” he said sarcastically. She glared at him. “I can’t believe this. How could this happen?,” she said jokingly. Katherine gave a coy smile. She shrugged her shoulders and laughed. “What a shame,” she joked. Aisling was wearing a black and orange floral blouse and black slacks.

She held her breath, puffing out her cheeks. She crossed her arms across her chest and closed her eyes. She grimaced as she braced herself for the plunge that she was about to take into the pool of gunk. “Ok, it is time, Aisling’s team has lost, which means she is going for the gunk dunk. Have a nice trip. See you next fall,” he joked. He then pulled the lever. A buzzer sounded and the lights in the studio flashed. Aisling screamed and shook her hands as she began her descent down the ramp.

She flew down the ramp and was jolted forward at the bottom straight into the gigantic pool of multi-coloured gunk. When her body hit the surface, gunk flew out in all directions, displaced by her body mass. Everyone cheered and laughed. She disappeared below the surface for a few seconds. When she emerged, she was soaked from head to toe in sloppy gunk. Her hair was matted in sloppy gunk. Her face was soaked. Her clothing was saturated and clung to her body. She was bathed in it. She shivered and shook. She gave two thumbs down. She made a frowny face and pretended to pout. She wiggled and shook. She then ran her hands through her sloppy hair. She used her fingers like little windshield wipers across her mess covered glasses as well.

“I’ll get you all back for this. It is so slimy,” she exclaimed,” I have gunge everywhere. It’s all in my knickers and everything,” she said in her sexy Irish accent. She wriggled about, but then began to laugh. Jimmy Carr closed the show and thanked all of the guests, giving a special thanks to the now gunge covered Aisling Bea.