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Mina Kimes Fake slime

Here is a fake of Mina Kimes getting Mina Slimed if you will.

Claire Williams Hamilton challenge

Claire Williams Hamilton challenge

Claire Williams was a pretty powerful and sexy woman. She sometimes took herself very seriously. She was someone who truly deserved an embarrassing messing. She always looked very sexy, especially when wearing skirts. She was involved in F1 and the Williams team a lot. On one broadcast of an F1 television program, there was a section where Lewis Hamilton, an F1 driver was involved in a gunge tank challenge. Some of the presenters were sat in gunge tanks and ended up covered in gunge when they were unable to answer enough questions correctly in an allocated period of time. Afterwards, Hamilton was asked who he would like to see put in one of those tanks from the world of F1. One of his first choices turned out to be Claire Williams. The producers listened to what he said and thought that it was actually not a bad idea. They asked Hamilton to come back and managed to get Claire Williams to come and sit in one of the tanks. 

She wore a dark blue skirt and a white polo type shirt with blue and grey emblems and insignias all over it. She was very involved in F1, so was very confident that she would be able to answer the questions and correctly and thus avoid the gunge that hovered above her head. She looked quite nervous to be sitting there anyway. Her legs were crossed. She was showing looking very embarrassed. There was a voiceover describing that Claire Williams was in the gunge tank and at risk of getting covered in the gunge that was above her. She appeared to be begging and laughing as she sat in harm’s way beneath the sloppy gunge. Hamilton just looked over at her and smiled. “It should be you in here,” she said, pointing at him. 

The questions were timed as well, which caused a lot of added pressure to the proceedings. It was explained that Claire had to answer at least five questions correct in one minute. The results would not be revealed until her minute was up. She would be penalised for any incorrect answers. If answered less than five correct, she would lose and be gunged. She was still pretty confident that she could get five correct. She was something of an expert on the topic. However, the questions were very difficult and the pressure was very high. This made things very difficult for her. As the time went on, she appeared more and more nervous, which, in turn, caused her to lose her train of thought more and more. It became more and more apparent that she was not going to be able to get five correct answers. Soon the time ran out on her. She was meant to wait to hear how many answers she got, but she knew she did not get five correct already. She did not need to have this confirmed. It was confirmed that she only managed to get three correct answers, which meant the gunge would be dispersed upon her person. Lewis pointed at her and laughed. He remarked that he had always wanted to do this to her. 

Without hesitation the release was pulled. Claire stuck her hands out. She looked up briefly then looked forward and laughed. At this moment, pink gunge began to pour down over her from above. The gunge poured straight onto her dark hair and then down the front and sides of her face. Hamilton laughed loudly as he watched the thick gunge dump over Claire’s head and then her body. Sher nose crinkled up as gunge poured down her face. She raised her shoulders as gunge began to pour down onto her top and all over her body. Gunge then poured all over her skirt and down the length of her legs. She could feel how thick the gunge was all over her body. She closed her eyes as the gunge completely covered her. It only lasted a little while, but seemed like an eternity. Her whole body was covered in sloppy gunge from head to toe. She could feel it dripping down her legs and on top of her clothes. 

When the gunge stopped, Claire could do nothing but shake her head and laugh in embarrassment. The gunge that covered her was too much to fight. It was everywhere. She shook her head. She had never been so embarrassed in her life. The camera did a panning shot up her body from her toes up to her head. She looked blushed underneath it all. Lewis Hamilton shook hands with the presenter as they made jokes about Claire’s gunging.

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Emma Stone fake mess

Here are two fakes of Emma Stone. She is one of the most attractive women in the world. She would look so good covered in sloppy mess.

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Pixie Lott messes

Pixie Lott is amazing, cute sexy, etc. She has been involved in a few messy scenes lately. Here are some sample stills. I have put pics of the pieing because she said that she had always dreamt of pieing someone and was very excited. It was quite sexy. The sliming is ok, but not great. Both scenes could have been way better, I am aware.

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By the way, the story is not based on reality. I do not even have a girlfriend. Would love to hear from any females interested in that sort of thing though. lol

500th story Couple at a club

This is the 500th story I posted on the blog. That seems crazy, but it's true. I hope people enjoy this one. It is a bit different because it is a non celebrity story. It also contains nudity, sexual situations and male and female nudity. I hope you all enjoy it. 

500th story Couple at a club

I had been dating my partner for a little while. We had quite a good relationship, but the relationship was at the stage where we were still holding back some aspects of ourselves that may be embarrassing or might put the other person off. Things like specific fetishes that would be seen as out of the ordinary were not being fully discussed at this point. We were sexually active and there was a strong sexual attraction that was mutually held and felt between the two of us that was quite apparent and noticeable to all. It was very clear that there was a sexual desire between the two of us.  We suited one another very well. We were sort of a well suited, nerdy, slightly chubby, average couple. If a bit naughty underneath the surface. 

One night, we went out as a couple to a nightclub. It was something that we would normally do on a regular basis. We were not really clubbing people per se. We were in our thirties now and a bit older than some that frequented clubs in our area most of the time. We had heard that the club could be quite fun and sometimes had some naughty aspects to it, like some clubs that we each had seen online in the past. It sounded intriguing. We decided to go, having very little expectation of what may go on that evening apart from wanting to have a good time. 

The evening started out normally. We danced a little bit and my partner was drinking a lot. I noticed that she was becoming a lot less inhibited than usual and was being very flirtatious and suggestive towards me. It was sort of nice and I was getting aroused by it as well. She was grinding against me a lot and putting her hands all of me and wanting my hands on her as well. Towards the middle of the evening the DJ announced that later on in the evening there would be some games being played. He suggested that they were adult themed games and could get very naughty and revealing for some of the contestants, so if anyone did not like that sort of thing, they were warned in advance. Everyone oohed and awed. Some people looked excited by this prospect, other seemed quite worried and anxious. My partner just whispered to me, “That could be fun.” 

Shortly thereafter, someone came around asking if anyone wanted to take part in the proceedings. He stated that they were looking for two couples to compete against each other, but there would be consequences for the losers. There would be prizes for the winners as well. Much to my surprise, my partner was quick to jump in and volunteer us to take part. I could hardly believe it. She was normally quite shy. I thought to myself that they would not choose us to take part because we were quite a plain couple and a bit older than most everyone there. I figured they would choose couples who looked like models. I was surprised that we were indeed selected. I was very anxious. It was explained to us that there would be huge embarrassing consequences for the losers so we were given the opportunity to back out now rather than later. We agreed to go ahead with it. We were both aroused and very nervous at the same time. 

We were lead up to the side of the stage. Another couple that had agreed to take part was stood beside us waiting as well. Little did we know that these would soon be our opponents. They were quite a bit younger than we were and were much more of what I figured the club would have chosen for this sort of thing. It did make me more confident about our chances to win, because, I figured the audience would want to see them lose more than us. The girl was a mousey sort of cheeky blonde. She looked a bit like Pixie Lott. The guy looked like a model. Me and my partner held each other’s hands. Both couples were announced and we all got up on stage together as we were welcomed by the applause of the audience. 

“Ok, we have our two couples here,” the club employee said,” Take a good look at one another, because these are your opponents. It is now you or them. One couple will take home a prize, the other will be getting severely punished by the other couple.” They had us shake hands. Everyone looked one another up and down. Everyone imagined what the punishment would be like and who would be receiving it. It was quite clear that one team would be getting humiliated by the other team. We could see the other couple looking us up and down, sizing us up. Me and my partner looked at each other and nervously laughed. “Now the punishment will be a very adult one. It will be very revealing for one of these two couples very shortly.” Everyone applauded. My partner leaned over and whispered in my ear,” I kind of hope we lose,” she whispered. “Let’s just say this, we will be seeing a lot of skin from one of these two couples in the very near future,” the employee said. My partner was laughing and clapping. 

The game was then explained. It was quite a simple game. Each team was given a basket filled with balloons that were filled with shaving cream. The object was to break as many as possible in sixty seconds, using only each other’s bodies and no hands. The couple who popped the most balloons would be the winners. We were lead to our starting positions. We got ready for the buzzer to sound. When it sounded, there was a mad rush, both of us dived in and tried to start popping the balloons. It was not as easy as it looked. The crowd cheered and chanted pop as both teams attempted to pop the balloons by pressing and thrusting their bodies against each other. It was not easy. We actually got off to an early lead. It was 2-0 to us straight away. The other couple struggled at first, but then began to catch up. With ten seconds left, they managed to tie the score at 2 all. It was then sudden death, whoever popped the next balloon would be the winners. Unfortunately for us, the other team managed to pop a third balloon just before time ran out. They jumped up and down in celebration and relief. They wiped imaginary sweat from their brows. My partner and I looked at each other and laughed. She shrugged her shoulders. 

It was clear that we had lost by the narrowest of margins. We all stood up and took our previous positions. “Ok, well, we have our winner and we have our losers. Here is where the fun begins,” the announcer said. He turned to the winning couple,” You guys are the lucky winners. You will be taking home a lovely prize, but the real fun will come at the expense of our losers over here. What do you say that we really punish these two.” The girl pumped her fist and shouted,” Yeah,” before laughing. “I think these two really deserve to be punished don’t you?” “Absolutely,” she replied. The two of us looked at one another and held our breath.  “Ok, now as our winners, you get to exact punishment on these two. Why don’t , to begin with, we take these two and get them to take all their clothes off.” Everyone cheered. The girl said,” Oh my God, yes. Get them naked. Let’s see those bare arses,” she said. Our faces must have been a picture. We blushed and laughed. We looked at each other. “Oh my god,” my partner said. She rolled her eyes comically. We could hardly believe that this was actually happening.

We were made to step to the front of the stage. We were then told to take all of our clothes off. The winners stood and watched, pointing and ordering us to take it off. He took a deep breath. We looked out at the audience cheering to see our naked bodies. We began to reluctantly undress. We removed our tops and placed them in a pile at the side of the stage. We them lowered our jeans in unison, trying to ignore the dozens watching us. We both laughed and giggled nervously, blushing as we pulled them down, revealing our legs and underwear. My partner then reached back and removed her bra. She took her arm and placed it over her ample chest to shield in from view. We now stood side by side in just our underwear. We then lowered our underwear to the ground. We stood in front of everyone completely naked. Many camera phones flashed at this moment. We tried as best we could to cover our private parts with our hands, but our naked backsides still hung out regardless. The winners pointed and laughed at our private parts. They found the sight of the older, slightly chubby couple, butt naked to be hilarious. Although embarrassed, both me and my partner were also very aroused at this point. The winning couple pointed and laughed at our naked backside. “Oh my gosh, look at their big asses.”

There we stood stark naked side by side. The winners then stated that they wanted to punish us further. “They need to stop covering up. They should be punished for that,” they said. “That is true. That is very naughty of them. Hands at your sides.” My girlfriend shrugged shoulders and took my hand as we pulled our hands away, revealing all to everyone as people whistled and cheered. They then ordered us to sit at the edge of the stage. We did we were told. We were then told to spread our legs. We laughed as we both opened our legs for the world to see. Everyone in the club seeing our private parts. We were then told to make up. We leaned over and began to kiss. We then placed hands between the others’ legs and played with each other. She played with my penis while I fingered her vagina lips.  She pulled her leg over as we touched and kissed.

The announcer said it was time to get us messy. The winners were given one pie a piece. They took them over and approached us as we kissed. We then turned forward as they stood in front of us. The girl in front of me, the guy in front of my partner. They looked at each other and laughed before smashing the pies into our faces. We could hear the laughter as the pies smashed into our faces. As we looked up, we viewed each other, faces plastered with creamy pie. We laughed. As we kissed, she said,” I am loving this.”

We were then made to stand up. We were brought back to the centre of the stage. There were some ropes set up there. We were placed facing each other and then tied together at the wrists and ankles, hands above our heads. We were suspended from the ceiling like that. Our naked bodies pressed together, legs intertwined. She could feel my hardened penis against her body. I could feel the dampness between her legs against me. Our bare behinds sticking outwards. The winners then approached. The girl to my side, the guy to her side. It was asked for everyone to count to ten. The couple then began to spank our naked rear ends, ten times. They laughed as their hands slapped our naked butt cheeks. Each time, our bodies wiggled and contracted. Our behinds wiggled. The couple roared in laughter as the humiliated us. 

They were then handed buckets of coleslaw and baked beans to pour over us. They giggled as they dumped the sloppy mess all over our naked prone bodies. We could feel the mess everywhere, dripping down my penis, our asses, down our legs. We could feel it all over us. The couple poured the sloppy mess all over us and laughed as they dumped it on our bodies. They finished us off with two buckets of leftover spaghetti. The two of us orgasmed as we felt them dumping it all over us.

The two of us shared in the humiliation. When we were finally let down, we were left naked dripping in slop from head to toe. We held hands and laughed. It was the hottest experience of our lives. We could never face anyone at that club ever again though.