Sunday, 14 January 2018

Dog Ate My Homework Ms. Hardy pied

These are stills from the latest episode of Dog Ate My Homework. Ms. Hardy gets pied. It is pretty good. She looks great. She has an amazing accent.

Jodie Whittaker Split Screen

Jodie Whittaker Split Screen

Jodie Whittaker was cast as the first female Dr. Who, but she had done some things in her past that were not exactly kid friendly. These included nude scenes and other things in her early career that she wished that people would forget. There was plenty in her past that she found quite embarrassing and would not have wanted anyone to know about. Another such incident took place in her early career when she appeared as a presenter on a children’s Saturday morning television show. She hoped that all of the copies of this show had been burned. Unfortunately for her, they hadn’t and when she got the role on Dr. Who, the clips and pictures of this came to light and were shown for the whole world to see. It took place around the time when she was in a film called Venus where she played a chavy sort of character. 

The clip in question was a scene where she was placed in throne and covered in sloppy mess. It was incredibly embarrassing for her. Whether this or the nude scene was more embarrassing was debateable. Both were mortifying for sure. The fact that anyone from anywhere in the world had free access to see her get covered in mess or completely naked at the press of a button was pretty embarrassing to be sure. She would have to answer questions about it, but did all she could to ignore it. 

The clip was aired right before an interview that she was doing on a late night talk show. She was told that they had found some very rare, very special footage that was surely one of her proudest moments. They stated that they were sure that she would be very pleased to see this footage again. She sighed and rolled her eyes. She was not sure what it would be, but she knew that it would be nothing that she would like to see. 

She looked up at the screen as they rolled the footage. She looked on as she viewed her younger self sat in a throne on a brightly coloured set. Her wrists were secured to the arms of the throne. One of the other presenters from the show stated that it was time to crown Jodie. Jodie was wearing jeans and a pink halter top. Her hair was back in a ponytail. She grimaced and closed her eyes. Above her head was a crown shaped bit of metal. She laughed and looked up.

At that moment, what appeared to be revolting gruel began to dump down through the crown shape. It was both lumpy and runny. It was a whitish yellow colour, but parts of it had a definite greenish tint. It poured down all over her, dumping straight over her head. Her eyes closed and her mouth opened as the revolting mess dumped down over her head. It covered the top of her head and poured down the sides and then the front of her face. It poured down her nose and splattered down her shoulders and chest. She stomped her feet as the mess poured down onto her legs, down to her feet. Everyone could be heard laughing as she was drenched in sloppy mess.

Jodie was shown in split screen, shaking her head and blushing, watching her younger self get nailed with mess. She wore a black strappy blouse and grey trousers. Her hair was shorter now. She looked much more grown up and sophisticated. She shook her head in embarrassment as she watched.
Just as the clip ended, a noise was heard from above her. As she looked up, the host said that the clip was fantastic and everyone could see that she thoroughly enjoyed that. They said that they knew that she would love to relive that magic moment all over again. Her eyes widened and she shouted no. She looked up as a barrage of red gunge dumped down upon her from above. 

It poured down over her and splattered all over the couch and floor. She closed her eyes as the gunge poured over her. She shook her head as the gunge poured and poured down over her. She was soaked from head to toe. She splashed her hands around in the gunge and crossed her arms in annoyance.

The host said that some things never changed. The scenes were shown in split screen, ending with side by shots of her covered in mess on both occasions.

Sunday, 7 January 2018

Amanda Woods Mrs. Brown, Betty

Amanda Woods Mrs. Brown, Betty

Amanda Woods plays Betty on Mrs. Brown’s Boys. She is a very attractive blonde woman who possesses one of the sexiest accents, possibly of all time. She was Irish, of course, which was one of the sexiest kinds of accents to begin with. The show was an archaic but good hearted comedy show, so there were lots of crazy and funny things that would happen on and off camera. A lot of the time she and the other women would be making the jokes at the expense of the men or Mrs. Brown. There were usually lots of practical jokes that the cast would play on one another as well. 

The cast decided that Amanda had escaped for far too long and that it was time that she should have a prank pulled upon her. It was set up that they had easy access to the set of Swipe TV when it was still on the air. It was filmed in a studio sound stage on the same lot as their show was. They told everyone that they would be shooting that day from the other soundstage. They made it sound like it was part of the show. Usually, most of the show was filmed on the same soundstage, but the cast were told that the reason they would be shooting from another set was to film scenes that were meant to be taking place in a new location and that another show already had a set of that kind ready to use. This was an entirely plausible story. Little did she know, the whole reason for this was to get Amanda.

The whole cast and crew were brought to the set for filming. Mr. Brown came out in character and began to speak about sentimental things in a funny way, as she would at the end of most of the episodes. She said that she was very thankful to everyone on the show. She then said that she was especially grateful to one person in particular. She asked Amanda to come forward. She pretended to get teary eyed, saying that she was wonderful and like a daughter to her. She then said that she could also be a pain the arse and that she was going to have to get into the fecking tank. The Swipe TV gunge tank was revealed. Amanda was wearing a white, somewhat lacy dress and high heels. 

Her jaw dropped. She was completely taken aback with surprise. She was taken by her shoulders and led into the tank. Everyone cheered. She was led in and the door was closed behind her. Mrs. Brown waived to her. Amanda’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped. She shook her head. She looked quite annoyed and still in shock, to some degree. She crossed her arms. She then pretended to bite her nails out of nervousness.

The rest of the cast looked on in excitement as Mrs. Brown gleefully pulled the lever upon Amanda. She closed her eyes and grimaced as almost fluorescent yellowy gunge poured down upon her from above. “Oh my fecking God,” she uttered as she felt the sloppy gunge pouring down upon her. It seemed to be pouring in dozens of individual streams upon her head. Everyone cheered as the sloppy gunge poured down upon her. She lowered her head and closed her eyes as the gunge poured upon her. 

Gunge poured down her gorgeous face and cupped around her lovely blonde hair. Gunge dripped from her nose and chin. Gunge fell down her body, all down her dress. Gunge poured down her behind and down her legs. The gunge was all over her from head to toe. Everyone enjoyed seeing this gorgeous lady getting completely covered in sloppy gunge. “This is so fecking embarrassing,” she said as gunge dripped from her arms and dress. 

When she was let out, she shook herself about, splattering gunge everywhere. She then threatened to hug everyone.  Everyone scattered away. She looked furious, but was laughing as well.

WWE Emma fake messing 2

I think that I may have forgotten to post this one. Here it is anyway. Apologies if it has been posted before.
It is a second fake of Emma from WWE. It is terrble that she was released. She was never given a chance at all.

Monday, 1 January 2018

Gemma Atkinson and Alexandra Burke

****WARNING****This story contains graphic sexual content and nudity. ****

Gemma Atkinson and Alexandra Burke

Gemma Atkinson and Alexandra Burke had quite a rivalry on Strictly Come Dancing. This was played up tremendously in the press. A bet was made on the outcome of the finale. It was the idea of the producers to create a bet between the two. The one who lost would end up in a gunge tank. One of the two would end up covered in sloppy gunge. Both were quite attractive in their short dancing dresses. Things were very competitive between the two. Each of them really wanted to come out on top. Neither wanted to lose. Both wanted to be able to gunge their opponent. The two avoided each other for the whole week leading up to the show. 

The two danced their butts off in the finale. Both women sported incredible thick, athletic legs and backsides. Someone’s body was going to be getting covered the sloppiest of gunge. Someone was going to end up sat in that unfortunate seat. There was a tremendous buzz around it. The ladies refused to discuss it, but both looked extremely nervous. It would be a sight to behold. Gemma looked particularly nervous. The two women looked particularly sexy in their revealing dancing outfits. Even their partners wanted to see them get the mess. Of course, the show results were based largely around the viewer’s votes. The fate of both women now lay in their hands. They could do no more. 

They waited and held their breath to see the results. It finally came to the moment when the results were about to be read. This was the moment that everyone was waiting for. Gemma wore a red and gold dress, Alexandra wore an orange and silver one. They were basically matching. They were the typical strictly, Beyonce like dresses. The women were shown in split screen as the results were read. They were the top two vote getters. It would all come down to this. It was time to announce the winner. “The winner of Strictly for this year will be… The vote was really close. It was a one percent difference in it. The winner of the show is… Alexandra.” Confetti fell and Alexandra laughed and celebrated. She hugged her partner. Gemma looked dejected. Alexandra pointed at her.

Gemma kicked her shoes off and was lead over to the gunge tank. She looked very nervous. She leaned in and took her seat, crossing her legs. She was already bright red and becoming quite sweaty. Her sexy body filled most of the space inside the tank. She rolled her eyes. Alexandra smiled as she was lead to the release cord. It was going to be amazing dropping gunge all over her rival. Gunge was going to be dropped all over Gemma’s incredible body. Alexandra smiled and waved. It was time to let her have it.

Gemma took a deep breath as the crowd counted her down. Alexandra stuck her tongue out as she pulled the cord on Gemma. This was going to be a very sloppy gunging. The gunge in this tank happened to be yellow and black. Her whole body tensed up as Alexandra pulled the cord upon her. She closed her eyes as the thick gunge that lay above seemed to pause for a moment before falling down through the air upon her. She could hear Alexandra saying, “Oh my God, look at that,” as the gunge fell through the air and landed right on her head and then down her face. She tightly gripped her dress as the gunge poured down her nose and then the sides of her face. It began to pour down her cheeks and then down upon her shoulders and chest. Her delicate dress was instantly entrenched with masses of sloppy gunge. Gunge poured down her arms and then down her back. Gunge poured all over sexy legs. Her dress was soon overwhelmed by gunge. She tried to run her hands over her face and hair to remove some of the gunge, but it was no use as the gunge continued to pour upon her. She was being showered with gunge. It covered her body. It dripped all the way down to her ankles. She ran her hands across her lap and pushed some of the gunge away. Two steams of gunge poured all over her. It splashed everywhere.

Gemma was covered from head to toe in gunge. She looked down and frowned, shaking her head. She was quite annoyed. She felt completely humiliated. She felt like she would never live this down. Little did she know, there was even more to come for her. When the show ended, she was allowed out of the tank and slowly took the walk of shame back to her dressing room. When she arrived, she was shocked at what she discovered. 

When she arrived to her dressing room, she found that there was a second gunge tank set up. In it was a naked Alexandra Burke. Her sexy dark skinned athletic body sat in the tank. She told Gemma that she was disappointed that she had not been the one in the gunge tank. She had always wanted to be gunged. Gemma could not believe what she was hearing. She thought Alexandra had gone completely crazy. She told Gemma to pull the lever upon her. Gemma looked dumbfounded. Alexandra made bedroom eyes at her. Gemma smirked.

She walked over and pulled the lever upon her. Pink and orange gunge poured liberally down all over Alexandra. Alexandra looked up as the gunge dumped all over her naked body. It oozed over her amazing backside and thick legs. She opened her legs and let it pour over her. Gemma watched as the gunge plopped all over Alexandra. Gunge poured down her gorgeous silky hair. Gunge poured down over her face as she laughed and laughed. Gunge dripped from her nose, cheeks and lips. Her distinctive facial features now dripped with sloppy gunge. 

Gemma then locked the door and turned up the music on the radio. She then dropped her dress to her ankles. She told Alexandra that she was in for the night of her life. She climbed in the tank. The two stacked women wrapped their thick bodies around each other. They began to kiss and touch in the gunge. The two rubbed their hands all over the slimy mess that covered both of their bodies. Their sexy bodies pressed and cavorted together. They began touching each others’ bare asses and thighs. The tank was refilled with more lovely gunge. They pulled the cord together, letting more gunge to fall all over them both as the two snogged wildly. 

When the gunge ceased, the two laid each other out in 69 position. The two began to 69, liking one another. They wrapped their legs around their necks as they tasted one another’s moist vaginas. The two spent the rest of the evening eating one another out while covered in sloppy gunge.