Monday, 23 April 2018

Why gunge your teacher advert

Why gunge your teacher advert

There was a series of commercials called why I teach. They starred teachers talking about why they enjoyed their job. From those commercials, spawned an idea for a second set of spoof commercials called why gunge your teacher. In these students would get their own back by getting to mess the teachers who had previously appeared on the commercials. The commercials were on national television and so would these. The teachers were sort of semi-famous because of the commercials. Now they would be brought back down to Earth. A few of them fancied themselves as being a bit famous. Some thought they were a very big deal indeed.

There were three in particular that were in for it for sure. Two were from the same commercial. There was Kate who was the head of geography as well as Lauren who was a coordinator of English. The other lady was in a different commercial. She had been seen at the beginning and the end and was the featured teacher in that commercial. The three were exceptionally good looking. They definitely would have been the subject of many a fantasy and would have been top of any list of teachers to get messy.

The new commercial would consist of students taking about why they wanted to see these three teachers messy spliced together with footage of them actually getting to do it, much like the style of the original commercials where it asked teachers why they wanted to teach as well as showing them in action. The truly embarrassing thing for the teachers was that their names and profession was in the commercial so everyone would know and see them getting embarrassed by their students. Mind you, the entire school would be witnessing their comeuppance any way.

The clips were shot in the cafeteria. The teachers thought that they would be discussing school lunch. They would be, but they would also be experiencing school lunch in a totally different way than they ever possibly could have imagined. 

The advert started with the women talking rubbish about how good school lunches were and that they were good food and good value for money. They were just reading off of cue cards really. They had not been told what was going to happen. They were asked by someone if teachers actually ever ate school lunch. This question left the teachers speechless because of course no teacher ever ate school lunch, because the quality was considered so poor. They were told that they were about to get a taste of school lunches. Each of them looked shocked and then looked around in all directions, behind them.

In an instant, some students ran forward and began to dump leftover cafeteria mess over them. They were dressed the same as they were in the previous commercial. Kate was the first to get what was coming to her. Kate’s eyes widened as her students came up from behind her and dumped firstly what appeared to be oatmeal over her head followed by mushy peas. She closed her eyes and raised a leg as her students tossed jugs of leftovers at her.  Someone took a big jug of mixed cafeteria mess and dumped it straight over her head. A mixture of baked beans, rice pudding and creamed cabbage poured down over her face and hair. Someone else poured oatmeal and rice pudding down her neck. It rolled down her neck, down over and into her blouse and down onto her blazer as well. She could feel the thick mess inside of her top. It was hard to tell all of what was mixed into the mess, but there was definitely globs of close slaw and gravy among them. Her white top and trousers were soaked in piles of sloppy mess. She rolled her eyes. She looked very annoyed.

Next to come was Lauren, probably the most attractive and outgoing of the teachers. She was gorgeous with long layered brown hair. She was definitely the object of desire for many. Her mouth widened as did her eyes as students ran towards her and began to dump cafeteria leftovers upon her. First to come was a massive tray of lasagne. It was a doubly thick tray that was filled with noodles, cheese, white and red sauce and meat. The tray was pushed into the top of her head and face. When it collided with her head, the contents disintegrated on top of her. She was instantly covered in all of the elements of the lasagne. Cheese splattered her top. Meat rolled down her neck. Her face was splattered in cheese and sauce. And there was lasagne noodles comically stuck all over her. Some squirted her with burger sauce, ketchup and burger relish. She was also treated to leftovers from last week’s curry that was dumped all over her. She was finished off with mountains of sloppy orange coloured cafeteria mess.

Finally was the teacher from the other commercial. She had a sexy smile and laugh. As her students came towards her, she just laughed. They began to dump leftovers upon her. This started with a giant pot of potato and leek soup, followed shortly after by a pot of vegetable stew. She then got creamed with a pot of cream of mushroom soup. She was instantly covered in mess. Creamed corn and leftover tinned vegetables were dumped upon her. The main leftover was the very unpopular tuna casserole from two days prior. Not many had purchased this and fewer still were brave enough to finish it. It was like slop. It was a mystery to everyone what the full list of ingredients had been the dinner ladies seemed to have just thrown anything into the mix that they had laying around. The result was there was piles of it leftover and it was about to be put to the best possible use. It would be dumped over the famous teacher. Everyone laughed as mounds of the slop was dumped upon her. She was soon covered in piles of the sloppy mess that no one had wanted to eat. She also was finished off with all of the plate scrapings from the week before dumped upon her from a large trash can.

The commercial ended with the three dishevelled teachers saying that this was one thing that teachers could look forward to. Much to their chagrin, the commercial was broadcast and was far more popular than the previous one had been.

Sunday, 22 April 2018

Videos I've been watching

I just thought I'd post some of the videos that I have been looking at recently on youtube. You have probably seen them before, but they are quite good. Not done any stills yet.

Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon

Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon

Nicole Kidman and Reece Witherspoon are co-stars on a popular television show. The two are good friends as well away from the set. Reece had always been slightly annoyed that she had never really ever been featured on any messy sites. She felt slighted, as strange as that might sound. She was slightly annoyed that she had never been the subject of anything messy, not even in stories. This came up in conversation with Nicole one day. Reece told her that she had pretty much never been featured before either. Nicole could actually see why she was annoyed. They were both very famous yet it seemed that no one was imagining them messed. They got to talking and, as strange as it may sound, came to the conclusion that they actually both wanted to experience a messing. They decided that they were famous enough to make it happen for real. They decided to create their own messy clip and post it themselves. 

The two set up duelling seats a few feet away from each other facing each other. The distance was close enough where they could lean over and touch one another. A bunch of things were set up for them to use upon one another. They had gotten to choose what they wanted to use on the other person. They both wore black dresses. 

They looked at one another and smiled, giving each other a thumbs up. They were filled with excited anticipation for what they were about to do.  They signalled to each other that they were ready. AT this point each one picked up a large chocolate cream pie. They looked at one another. They let out excited gasps as they pushed the pies into one another’s faces. They smashed and splattered cream all over their faces and beyond. 

Nicole’s face was splatted with a layer of fresh cream across her bangs and the top of her head. Reece’s dimpled cheeks were covered in layers of cream. They both laughed. They splatted the pie tins down onto one another’s laps, smearing pie down their chests and laps in the process. They pointed and laughed at each other.

Nicole took out two tubes of tooth paste and aimed them at Reece. “You need these for those big buck teeth of yours,” she teased.  Reece took bottles of ketchup and mustard and aimed them at Nicole. The two women aimed and fired at each other. They closed their eyes as they were each doused with the spray from the other lady. They laughed uproariously as they sprayed each other in slimy mess. Nicole getting covered in ketchup and mustard and Reece getting covered in thick aqua coloured toothpaste.  Their faces were completely splattered in the mess. Reece’s face was covered in toothpaste and it dripped from her bangs. Nicole’s legs and face were covered in red and yellow mess. 

They then each grabbed a super soaker. They were filled with green slimed. They pumped them and said,” Ready, aim, fire.” They took aim at each other spraying each other with blasts of sloppy green slime. They laughed loudly as they were both sprayed in slime. Their hair was covered in slime.
They then each grabbed a cord. They looked at each other and laughed. They each pulled the cords which released pink gunge from above down upon one another. The gunge fell from above all over the two now middle aged actresses. It fell everywhere covering each of them almost completely in layers of sloppy gunge. 

The ladies enjoyed the experience so much that they posted the clip online for everyone to see and comment upon.

Emma Watson 4

This is a fourth of Emma Watson. I ccan't seem to get enough. lol

Saturday, 21 April 2018

Emma Watson fake messings 2 and 3

These are two more fakes of Emma Watson. I really like these ones. She is the best.

Sunday, 15 April 2018

Ruby Riot fake messes

These are three fakes of Ruby Riot. I really fancy her at the moment. I reckon that she is the kind of lady that might even like this sort of thing. I can imagine her liking getting a bit messy. That tongue is something else.

Mel B and Co

Mel B and Co

Mel B had a very attractive daughter. She was now all grown up and over 19. She looked similar to her mother. Both had similar body shapes. They were seen on the red carpet together wearing matching silver dresses.  Mel had been slimed a little bit at the Kid’s Choice Awards, but it was not anything very special. The sight of this, however, got those around the two interested in the idea of seeing the both of them get gunged together.

The two women looked amazing together on the red carpet for a different event that came directly following the Kid’s Choice Awards. It was set up that they would receive a special messing at this event. The two were being interviewed by a reporter on the red carpet. They began to discuss Mel’s daughter, her coming of age and how good they looked. The sliming was then mentioned. Mel B laughed and said that it had all been in good fun. The reporter said that they were glad that she had said that because something very special was planned for that evening.

“We saw that sliming and thought it would be very cool to see mother and daughter getting messed together.” The two looked at one another. The younger’s mouth dropped in shock. “Oh my God, I don’t know about that,” she said. “Oh, go on then,” Mel blurted out. Her daughter looked at her with very wide eyes and her mouth open, not believing what she had just said. She mock punched her in the arm. “Shut up,” she joked. 

The reported then told them to follow him. Mel dragged her reluctant daughter by the hand along to what was a gunge tank that looked very much like a shower cubicle in almost every respect. “Is this for real? What about our dresses. They cost a fortune. We can’t get anything messy on them. “Well I guess you will just have to take them off then. In fact, I think that is a great idea.” The two women looked at one another in disbelief. They reluctantly had no choice but to agree. The two of them shimmied their way out of their expensive party dresses. Underneath they only had on skimpy black thongs and not much else. They kept their heels on. 

The reporter opened the door for them. They both climbed in. It was a very tight fit. They found that they would have to push themselves in very close to one another in order to fit with any amount of room. They could still barely fit. They had to face each other. They wrapped their arms around each other. Their legs were intertwined. The mother and daughter had no other option but to cuddle close together as the door was shut and they were locked safely in. Their hands were placed on one another’s hips. Their dresses were folded neatly and placed at the side of the tank waiting for them. They cowered as they awaited the mess that was about to be showered on them.

“Ok ladies, I hope you are ready for your slime shower, because here it comes,” the reporter said. He pulled a lever and aqua blue slime began to shower down from above them. Both ladies could be heard squealing and shrieking as the slimy mess dumped upon them. It really looked as though they were in the shower except with slime replacing the water. The slime was runny and slimy and poured down upon their expensively styled hair and down their faces. It began to run down their lovely caramel coloured bodies. It poured onto their backsides and down their sexy legs. 

Mel B playfully rubbed slime around on her daughter’s face and hair. She was enjoying it a lot more than her daughter was. They could feel the warm slime rolling between them on their warm skin. It made them slippery and slimy. They were coated from head to toe in layers of messy slime. 

Finally, the slime ceased and they were let out of the tank. The two laughed. Their expensively styled hair was matted down with slime in various areas. Slimed rolled down their bodies down to their feet and their high heels. The two playfully splattered each other with handfuls of the slime as they scoops slime from their bodies.