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Poppy Rush Christmas leftovers

Poppy Rush Christmas leftovers

Poppy Rush was a minor soap star and the daughter of fellow soap star Debbie Rush. It was Christmas time in their house and the family was looking for a new and fun way to spend the hours after Christmas dinner. There was also a ton of leftovers left from Christmas dinner. In their house, they played a lot of silly games after Christmas dinner. People had a few drinks and things could get a little bit silly, in a fun way. Someone suggested that it might be fun to put a little forfeit on the next game that was played. Debbie had been complaining that there was a lot of food leftover that would be wasted. One of the family members suggested that this could be solved when they played the next game. The forfeit could be that the loser would get the Christmas dinner leftovers dumped on them. Debbie was always complaining that Poppy never ate leftovers. She also used to complain that she was a dirty person and she was always having to clean up after her. Debbie was really hoping that Poppy would be the loser. Poppy was hoping that it would be anyone but her. She didn’t like to leftovers, let alone wear them. 

Before the game began, Debbie did the honours of putting all of the leftovers into a massive pot. She also scraped everyone’s plates off into it as well. She dumped in everything from pigs in a blanket to sprouts to old parsnips. All of the gravy was dumped in as well. She joked that now none of this would be going to waste. Poppy remarked that it was absolutely minging. She really did not want to be the person who lost. The game was a usual sort of Christmas charades game. Everyone still had on their paper cracker hats.  It was the usual working class sort of UK Christmas afternoon. Poppy was a little bit tipsy and was not doing well in the game. She was not as well read as some of the other members of her family. 

Early in the game Debbie was declared the winner. She would be getting to do the honours. The rest of the game would determine which family member she would be dumping the holiday leftovers upon. She imagined who it was going to be. The game got more and more intense and more and more funny. When it was at its end, Poppy was declared the overall loser. Everyone clapped. She blushed, looking very embarrassed. “It’s leftover time,” Debbie said in a funny voice. Debbie was about to carry out every mother’s secret fantasy. She was going to get to dump leftovers all over her daughter.

A chair was pulled out to the centre of the kitchen and a sheet was laid out on the kitchen floor. Poppy had to get up and sit on the seat in the middle of the room. Her family began to record on their phones. They did not want to miss any of the action. They wanted it to post online for the world to see. Poppy sat her chubby backside on the chair as she begged her mother not to do this. Debbie stated that she had wanted to do this for a very long time. She had been dying to do this to her daughter. She took the pot of mixed up, gravy drenched leftovers and mixed it up with a wooden spoon. Debbie spoke to her daughter. “Sweetie, I know you hate leftovers. You are also a dirty little cow. If you hated them before, you are going to really hate them now. You deserve this. I hope this will teach you a lesson.” She lifted the leftovers in the pot up and got ready to pour them all over her daughter. 

The rest of the family cheered her on as she lifted the pot in the air over her daughter. She then slowly tipped it over her head. Poppy closed her eyes as the leftovers began to rain down upon her. Large slices of turkey, potatoes, parsnips, cabbage, stuffing, bits of Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and sprouts fell down upon her. Everything was covered in sloppy gravy. The whole pot was filled with food slop. It plopped all over Poppy. It rolled down her hair and face. It went all the way down her body. She wore a Christmas jumper, plaid skirt, tights and boots. Her clothes were now stained and covered in blobs of what had been the family’s dinner. “Oh my god,” she screamed. Debbie took her time pouring the remains of the dinner all over her chubby daughter. She stuck her tongue out and gagged, acting like it was the grossest thing imaginable. Bacons stuck to her hair, gravy dripped down her face. She had sprouts in her clothes and in her lap. “This stinks,” she yelled. She was totally covered.

As a bit of a surprise, a container was brought out with some dessert. This included Christmas pudding, cream, yule log, bits of mince pie etc. Debbie brought this out and told her daughter that she knew how much she loved pudding. She then dumped this over Poppy’s head as well. She pushed it up into her face, smushing it around in her face. Everyone laughed.

Poppy shook her head around in disgust. She was covered in the remains of Christmas dinner. It was a Christmas that no one would ever forget.

Miley Cyrus fake slime

This is a fake of Miley Cyrus as requested.

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta Alternate or add on ending

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta Alternate or add on ending

The two ladies had hoped that their ordeal was finally at a conclusion. They were very wrong. They thought that they would be released from the stocks straight away, this did not happen, however, the crowd was dismissed and left the arena, but the ladies, were left in the stocks. The men had other plans for them. There was a secret side bet that one of the women had made that meant that something else was about to happen. 

As the women remained in the stocks, the men walked around to their rear. They smiled at one another, looked down at the already messy women. They then reached down and unzipped their tennis outfits. They pulled them down their bodies, dripping them to their ankles. Their behinds wiggled in the air. The men then unhooked their messy bras, tossing them aside. They then lowered their panties down around their ankles, leaving them nude apart from their trainers and socks. Their two bare backsides stuck out in their air. There was no way to conceal their exposed vagina lips which were visible from behind. Their small breasts dangled downward. Their sweaty, naked, athletic bodies were completely exposed and stretched in the stocks. 

He guys each took a pie and slammed it into their bare bottoms, smearing the pie all over their butt cheeks and down their nude legs. They could feel it all over their cracks and vagina lips as well. Cream plopped from their crotches onto the tennis court. A mixture of sweat and cream rolled down their legs. 

The women were mortified by what was happening to them. The men then produced two large buckets filled with tapioca pudding. They held them over the women’s bodies and then slowly dumped the tapioca back and forth all over their bodies. The men took great pleasure in slowly distributing the mess all over the two naked women. It dripped all over their bodies. They were covered from head to toe.

When they were finally released, they went back to the showers to clean off. They had planned on trying to get the guys back, but they had no energy to try. They spent the next half and hour washing their filthy bodies.

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Laura Robson and Johanna Konta

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta

Laura Robson and Johanna Konta were tennis players who played in doubles together for a very long time and were very successful. They were so good that they prompted the attention of the men’s doubles champions. They were very annoyed because all they ever heard was how good the women’s champions were and that some felt that they would beat them in a head to head match up. This began to come up more and more. It started to be brought up in interviews and on social media. Before long there was a bit of a social media teasing match going on. The ladies stated that they would definitely win a head to head match up and it would not even be close. The men became very annoyed. So annoyed that they challenged the ladies to a match. Not only did the ladies accept, but they suggested raising the stakes so there would be a forfeit for the losing team. A messy forfeit was suggested. The men allowed the ladies to choose it. This made them very excited. “Not only will be beat your asses, but we will then cover them in mess as well,” the responded. 

The ladies were looking forward to this. They took great pleasure in choosing a particularly humiliating messy punishment that they imagined they would be carrying out on the guys. There was a match to play, however. The match was quite close throughout. It was very unclear how it would finish until the last set. When the final ball dropped, it was clear that the ladies had fallen short and the men were victorious. The two ladies looked at one another with wide eyes as they knew that what they had planned for the guys was now about to happen to them. The crowd erupted in wild cheering.
One of the broadcasters who called the match came down and spoke. “Well, that was a hard fought match, but the men are our winners today. We all know what that means. The losers are now going to have to face the forfeit. It is a forfeit that they have chosen. Bring it out if you will.” The crowd cheered and laughed as two pillories were wheeled out to centre court along with a cart filled with pies and other containers containing messy substances. The ladies lowered their eyes, knowing how messy and embarrassing this was going to be. “Ball boys, raise the tops for the ladies.” 

Two ball boys opened the tops of the stocks as the two women sheepishly walked over. They were told to get into position. They lowered their necks and wrists into the holes in the pillory. They looked at one another as the tops were lowered and they were both locked into positions. Their backs were bent. Their behinds were high in the air. Their skirts hitched up as a result of their positions. Their head and hands stuck out. The guys were lead to the cart and handed a creamy pie each.

The men approached and held the pies inches from the girls’ helpless faces. They looked down and teased them. They blushed and looked very embarrassed as they awaited the splat that was about to come. They grimaced and looked very annoyed as the guys wound up and smashed the pies into their faces in unison. The arena erupted as the pies smashed into their faces. Creamy pie splatted everywhere as the pies smushed into their faces. They twisted the pies around in their faces, smearing pie around all over their faces. As the pulled away, pie crust sank down from their faces onto the green tennis court below, landing with a splat.  Pie dripped down their faces. They shook their heads as much as they could. 

The men then took two more pies. This time, they went around the other side of the pillory and lifted the ladies’ skirts. They then slammed the pies into the women’s backsides. The women bounced in shock as the pies collided with their rear ends. Pie rolled down the backs of their legs. 

The men then went and grabbed buckets that were filled with spaghetti hoops. The women looked up and them and begged them not to do this. The guys teased them. They held the buckets over their prone bodies. They looked at one another as they tipped the buckets over each of the ladies. Spaghetti hoops fell with a plop all over them. It poured down their backs, dripping from their chests. More poured down onto their heads and over their faces. More spaghetti hoops poured down the backs of their legs. Spaghetti sauce soaked their clothing and hoop pasta stuck all over their bodies. It poured down their legs and dripped from their chests. 

Next the men took big heavy buckets of rice pudding. They lifted them and then began to pour it all over the ladies. They closed their eyes as they felt mountains of sloppy rice pudding plopping all over them. It fell from the air and landed with a splash all over the ladies. They could feel the thick sloppy mess plopping all over their bodies. 

The guys then finished them off by taking trays of tuna salad and pushing them into the women’s faces, dumping lumps of sloppy tuna, mayonnaise, pasta and sweetcorn all over their heads. They shook hands and pointed at the mess covered women still in the stocks. They could do nothing but stand there hunched over, secured in the stocks covered in mess.