Sunday, 18 February 2018

Melissa Benoist pied for charity

Melissa Benoist pied for charity

Melissa Benoist played the role of Supergirl on television. She was a very sexy Supergirl. She had an incredibly sexy smile. She did have an all American sort of look about her. She was quite a fun person as well. She was thoroughly enjoying her role and the fame that it had given her. She saw herself as sort of a role model because of the role that she was playing. She spent a lot of time doing charity work and helping those in need. 

She found out through a charity that she worked with that there was a disadvantaged young man whose ultimate fantasy was to pie Supergirl. Much to everyone’s surprise, she agreed to make this happen straight away, without any hesitation whatsoever. She said that facing a brief moment of humiliation was a small price to pay to make someone’s day. Unfortunately for her, she had pictured a little boy, but the person turned out to be a grown man.

The event was taped and presented on one of the early morning daily talk shows. She was dressed in her Supergirl outfit, but a sexier version of it that was tighter and showed off more skin than the normal one did. She had been hoping that the person would go easy on her, but she realised now that was not to be. She was going to make his fantasy come true.

They met, shook hands and took some pictures before the festivities began. She could tell that he was really enjoying this. He was, perhaps, enjoying it a little bit too much for her liking. They were then moved into position. She was made to get down upon her knees and to put her hands behind her back. He was handed what appeared to be one of the largest pies that anyone had ever seen in their lives.

He grinned from ear to ear as he looked at Melissa and then at the pie. He was going to get to live out his ultimate fantasy right here, right now. He sized her up and took aim. She smiled and laughed as she awaited the pie. She feigned a worried look. She begged him to be nice. He was then given the signal.

He looked down at her. He placed a hand upon her shoulder and then pulled the other one back as far as he could. He then thrust forward as she closed her eyes, thrusting the pie straight into her face. It landed with a muffled thud into her face. The breeze created blew her hair back a little. He twisted the pie around in her face, creaming her. When he pulled away, the pie tin was left stuck to her face. It stayed there for a moment, until she peeled it away. As she did, some of the remaining pie crust fell down off of her face down onto her chest and lap. 

Her face was completely covered in sloppy cream pie. She laughed loudly and smiled. The young man looked very pleased with himself at what he had just down. Melissa’s face looked amazing covered in creamy pie. She had never looked better. She waved and took a bow. 

Pictures and videos of the pieing were soon everywhere. She could not live it down. She thought that it was fun and a bit funny, but after a little while, she became very, very bored by the whole thing. The image of her covered in pie was one that she would have to see over and over again for years to come.

Thursday, 15 February 2018

Hilarie Burton fake mess

This is a fake of Hilarie Burton getting gunged. She is still one of the most attractive women ever I think.

Sunday, 11 February 2018

By request Ariana Grande and Little Mix Adult

By request Ariana Grande and Little Mix Adult

Ariana Grande was on tour with Little Mix. They all began to get to know each other quite well. They would sometimes have deinks together. Ariana began to take quite liking to Jessy Nelson. She found her very charming indeed. The two began to hang out a lot. At some point, Ariana had seen a clip of an interview where she had said that she was disappointed that she had not been slimed when the opportunity had presented itself at a kid’s awards show. This was something that really got Ariana’s mind wandering. She decided that eventually she would find a way to bring this up in conversation while the two were alone together. One thing lead to another and the conversation lead both to the conclusion that Ariana should set up a special private messing. Jessy loved the idea and agreed to it. Ariana hinted that it could get quite naughty, but Jessy was up for that as well. Ariana was very pleased, so she went ahead and set the whole thing up.

Much to her surprise, when Jessy turned up on the day, her Little Mix bandmates were there alongside her. Jessy apologised, but explained that they had gotten a hold of her phone and saw some of the messages and stated that they had to be there to take part in this. At first Ariana was not too sure, but she agreed in the end, as it would mean more messy individuals. 

The first thing that Ariana did was grab Jessy and pull her close to her, kissing her wildly. Ariana was dressed in only her underwear when she opened the door. She pulled Jessy in and welcomed the others. She led Jessy by the hand and showed her a table full of pies, a homemade gunge tank, buckets of slime, handcuffs, a paddle, some ropes and a vibrator or two. She threw Jessy down on the bed and continued kissing her. The two began to remove one another’s clothes. Jessy’s bandmates helped the two strip off before everyone undressed them as well. In a few short minutes, the entire group was fully nude with Ariana Grande. 

Ariana would get it herself soon, but she wanted to give it Jessy first. She made Jessy bend over the bed. She handcuffed her ankles and wrists. Her big breasts dangled down. Her legs were spread and her big behind stuck out in the air. Jessy was naked and spread eagle. Ariana had been imagining getting her into this position for a long time. She looked down at Jessy’s quivering, jiggly naked flesh. She reared back and began to spank her bare behind. Jessy winced as Ariana nearly mounted her as she spanked and squeezed her jiggly backside. Jessy was not very experienced and had not done anything like this, especially, not with a girl. She jumped as Ariana palmed and fingered her thick pussy lips from behind. She continued spanking her with the other hand. She then pulled her back by her hair and slammed a pie into her face. She then took a second pie and jammed it into her rear end, smearing it all over her ass and pussy. Ariana then smashed a pie into her own vagina. She got up and pushed her crotch into Jessy’s face, ordering her to lick it clean. The others cheered as they witnessed their bandmate licking creamy pie off of Ariana’s smooth pussy lips. They then began to dump slime all over Jessy’s naked body. 

Ariana then got up and grabbed a double sided dildo. She ordered Leigh Anne and Perrie to get on the bed facing each other. The two did as they were asked, opening their legs. Ariana then had them part their lips as the dildo was inserted. The two bandmates began to hump back and forth. She then splatted pies all over them and dumped a bucket of slime over the pair. 

She then placed Jade close to Jessy. She made Jade push her ass and pussy into Jessy’s face and made Jessy lick Jade. Jessy’s tongue was soon all over Jade’s lovely vagina and butthole. She then turned Jade around and forced her face into Jessy’s ass making her lick and taste. Ariana then dumped slime over Jade. She then paddled her bottom with the paddle. Jade’s arms wrapped around and clenched Jessy’s shapely thighs as she was paddled by Ariana. 

Ariana then took a vibrator and began to play with herself. She had Jade wrap herself around her and pour more gunge over them both as Ariana fingered and played with herself. 

Jessy was released, but still was handcuffed with her hands behind her back. Perrie was allowed to slam a pie into her face and to dump slime all over her. Jessy big body was dripping in gunge. She got revenge by placing Perrie in a homemade gunge tank and pulling the cord on her, dumping slime all over bandmate. 

They then took Leigh and Ariana and made them get down on their knees back to back. They then slammed pies into their faces and poured more slime all over them. Their bodies slapping together. When this was done, Perrie and Jessy swapped places and the same was done to them. Then Jade was made to lay spread eagle on the floor, while the others poured slime all over her naked body. She laughed as she was covered. Ariana then crouched over her face and rubbed her messy vagina into her face. 

Everyone then formed a line, with vaginas in each other’s faces. They all began to eat each other out. Sloppy slime and pie dripped all over them. One by one, there was a chain reaction of orgasms. Each of them came wildly.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

Sunday, 4 February 2018

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Kylie and Kendall Jenner

Kylie and Kendall Jenner were incredibly attractive and quite stuck up and self-absorbed members of the Kardashian/ Jenner family. They were obsessed with image and social media to the point that it was quite obnoxious. They had a lot of Hollywood friends that were dying to see them get taken down a peg or two. Among these were Gigi Hadid and Emilia Clarke. They all agreed that the pair should receive their just desserts. There was no doubt that they deserved this. They decided to surprise the two with a double messing of epic proportions. It would take place at one of the big parties that the celebrities and beautiful people in their circle had ever so often. 

The party was a big time, fancy Beverly Hills kind of affair. Everyone there was very rich and very conceded as well. It was the sort of environment where people pretended to like one another, while secretly loathing each other underneath. There was a lot of backstabbing and infighting in this crowd. They were the idle rich who had not a lot better to do with their time. They were all terrible gossips as well. Emilia was the host of the party. About half way through, she got up and called everyone’s attention over to her. 

“Thanks to everyone for coming. It has been a great night. We have a very special surprise for everyone, for two of our lovely ladies in particular.  We have two of our most special friends here today. They can be a bit annoying at times. To that end, we have a very special surprise for them today. I am talking about two lovely sisters. Kylie and Kendall please get your asses up here.” The two women looked shocked as they made their way forward. They looked happy though. They assumed that it was something good, because not much bad had really ever happened to them.

“So you two, you have a tendency to be a bit bossy and annoying so, today we are all going to get back at you in some small way once and for all.” The two looked at each other and laughed. “We have something very special planned for you two. It is something that we call the human taco.” The two women looked at each other blushing and laughing, wondering what was in store for them. “Come on girls. Follow me,” she said. Everyone applauded as they followed her out onto the terraced deck of the building, near where the swimming pool and hot tub were. 

Awaiting them outside was a giant fake taco shell. It was made of a soft, pillow like material. “Climb in ladies,” she told them. The ladies were both in very small black dresses. Their dressed were very expensive. They protested about this. As a result, they were told that the best thing to do was to remove them. They reluctantly obliged. They pulled their dresses off leaving each in just their underwear. They then climbed inside the taco shell. The elder first. She sat down inside. Her sister then climbed in. She climbed in and sat in her lap. The other’s legs wrapped around the other’s body. She also wrapped her arms around her sister’s body. There they sat, half naked, bodies pressed together. They looked down and closed their eyes. They pouted a bit, but they had no choice but to comply.

The guests gathered around while others began to make the human taco. This was the process of simply dumping taco filling items all over the ladies. They started with Mexican ground beef and then refried beans. They were all mushed up. The ladies shrieked as the thick reddish mess was dumped all over them. They cuddled together closely as they mess plopped all over and around them. Guacamole, salsa and sour cream were to come next. The girls complained as the soft, sloppy mess plopped all over their olive skin and silky black hair. Cheese sauce was next to come. They screamed about how disgusting this all was as everyone else laughed uproariously at them. The pourers to ok their time, dumping the mess all over their bodies. 

Added to the mix as then grated cheese, shredded lettuce and tomatoes. This was also being broadcast on social media as it happened. All of their other sisters and family members were watching this and commenting. They were enjoying seeing these two made into a two person human taco. 

Emilia then leaned over and said,” Thank you ladies. I hope you both enjoyed that as much as the rest of us did. That was excellent, thank you.”