Sunday, 17 September 2017

New 90210 Annie and mother

New 90210 Annie and mother

Annie was a character on the newer version of Beverly Hills 90210. Her mother was played by Lori Laughlin. Each of them was equally sexy in their own right. They were like opposite sides of the same sexy coin. They looked as though they really could have been mother and daughter. Though, that would have been a whole lot of sexiness in one family. They both were adults in real life and were both beyond gorgeous with tanned bodies and long dark hair. They were, arguably the two most attractive women on the show. Rob Estes played the husband and father to these two. It was at the same time an enviable and frustrating position that he was in on this show. He was spending most of his time with two of the most attractive women that one could hope to be around, but he could not really do anything if he wanted to. It was quite sexually frustrating. He spent most of his days trying to conceal hard on that he was sporting from the close proximity he always was in with these two.  They were also extremely whiny and annoying, especially the younger one. He had to listen to them moan all day every day. 

At one stage, when things got to be a bit much, he had a word with the producers. He asked them if it was possible for them to work a scene in where he got to dump mess on the two. It wasn’t that farfetched. There was one scene where a girl got onto stage in public naked and asked to be pelted with food on the show, so this was not that outlandish. He had quite a good relationship with a few of the producers, so was able to convince them. Also, they knew that this would be hot. The scene was set up so it would in a talk show type of setting, a sort of Jerry Springer Show type of thing. The family went on there to discuss their many dramas and issues. In the scene, the two women were complaining about one another and bickering about trivial nonsense. The husband tried to mediate, but could not get a word in edgewise because of these two. 

They continued to bicker until the host said,” Actually, who thinks that both are wrong?” The audience cheered. “Who thinks that they both deserve to be punished?” Everyone cheered their approval for this. “I think that it is clear that these two are both at fault and this poor man deserves to get revenge on these two. What do you think audience?” They cheered their approval. The husband clapped his hands and nodded his agreement. The two ladies were both dressed in short, but dressy skirts. “That sounds like a yes,” the host exclaimed. The two women were taken by their arms by two of the security guards from the show and lead over to a large chair that looked a bit like a throne. 

The two were told to have a seat. It was a tight fit and they were asked to sit together. They had to sit on one another’s laps on the chair. They were forced to wrap their arms and legs around each other, cuddling close together. Their bodies wrapped around each other. It was then explained that the man was going to get to have his revenge, by slopping both his wife and daughter. (His television wife and daughter of course) The two women looked at each other shocked. Annie’s mouth fell open in shocked. The two women cuddled each other even tighter. Estes was then handed a medium sized silver bucket. It looked like a farm bucket. He was told that he could let them have it. The host shook his hand and said, “My sympathies, you definitely deserve to do this.” He was spurred on by the crowd.

He smiled as he looked down at the two sexy women. He was going to enjoy doing this to them. He aimed the bucket and began to tip it over them both. The ladies were unaware of what the bucket contained. They were hoping it was just water or something like that. It was not, unfortunately for them. They closed their eyes as he began to dump the mess over them. The bucket was filled mainly with baked beans. 

He smiled as he carefully dumped baked beans all over the huddled women. Beans splashed down from above onto them. They fell all over their bodies. The sound that was made by the beans was a disgusting splattering sound. Beans poured onto their heads and then down their bodies. Beans splattered their hair and splashed all over their bare legs. They could be heard shrieking as the beans splashed all over them both. “Oh my gosh, this is disgusting,” Annie could be heard saying. Bean juice and tons of beans continued pouring all over them both. This was embarrassing as it could be. Orange bean sauce soaked their clothes and dripped from their hair.  Estes followed with a second bucket of baked beans. He spread them liberally over his sexy co-stars.

He was then given a bucket filled with spaghetti hoops. He did not hesitate to dump this over the two brunettes either. He happily tipped the bucket over their heads. In an instant a ton of circular spaghetti hoops in a sloppy sauce descended heavily upon the cowering ladies. Spaghetti hoops soon covered their hair and poured down their necks and shoulders. As hard as they tried, they could not completely avoid the deluge of spaghetti hoops that soon covered them. They could feel the hoops and the sauce all over their bodies. More and more fell all over them. 

Next to come was spoiled coleslaw. It was in a similar silver bucket. It was thick and creamy. It smelled terrible. Estes smirked as he looked down first at the bucket contents and then at the two ladies. He then turned it over and allowed the coleslaw to fall from the bucket all over the two women. It fell out, splattering all over them both. The women could feel the sloppy mess all over their bodies. 

When it was finished, they stood up and allowed the mess to fall from their bodies. Coleslaw stuck to their hair. The two looked at each other, dishevelled and covered in sloppy mess. They looked completely humiliated. Later it was revealed to be a dream sequence.

Jade Thirlwall fake

This is a fake messing of Jade Thirlwall.

Saturday, 16 September 2017

Maria Coronation Street Pinata

These are pics from Coronation Street, Maria, Samia Ghadie getting chocolate milk from a pinata. It was a bit farfetched. She has gotten it a few times, but never full on with something great. Still, she is one of the most attractive women in the world.

Sunday, 10 September 2017

Sarah Harding fake gunging

This is a fake of Sarah Harding on CBB as requested.

Tamsin Greenway the player coach

Tamsin Greenway the player  coach

Tamsin Greenway was a player and a coach for Netball Superleague. She was, possibly the highest profile person in the league and one of the most successful. She transitioned seamlessly from player to coach. She was now in a position where she was coaching players whom she had played with and known for many years. They liked her, but she could be quite bossy and mouthy at times. She had strong opinions and could be quite abrupt at times. Although no one resented her and everyone respected her. Some of the players thought that she could do with being brought down to earth just a bit. She also was a guest host and interviewer on many of the broadcasts of the sport. She was often quite critical of other players and coaches, which some saw as quite annoying. She was sometimes seen as a bit abrasive an a little bit full of herself. Some of her players decided that after they won the championship, they would get their own back upon her. That way she could not be overly mad at them. 

They had just won the championship. It all took place in the locker room during the celebrations. Slightly after them, actually.  Sarah Dunn and Hannah Reid were the locker room leaders, they had known Tamsin for many, many years. When they got up together and spoke, they talked about the victory and then began to thank the coach. “None of this would be possible if not for our fabulous coach, Tamsin Greenway. We thank her from the bottom of our hearts. However, we have a little present for her as well.” Tamsin was stood beside them. She smiled. Her hair was back in a ponytail. “Come on girls, let’s get her.”

The whole team rushed forward and grabbed the coach. They lifted her by her legs and armpits as she laughed and protested. They dragged her to the shower. They carried her as a team into the shower. They sat her on one of the benches and proceeded to remove all of her clothes from her body. She laughed. She could not put up much resistance. Soon she was fully nude and trying to conceal her modesty as everyone laughed and cheered. They then brought her into the shower. They turned on the cold water and began to whip her bottom with towels. They laughed as she jumped and squealed.
They then all grabbed creamy pies and began hurling them at their naked coach as she cowered in the shower. They flung pie after pie at her. One after another colliding with her wet, naked, tanned flesh. 

She grunted every time another one hit her body, splattering pie all over her. All she could really do was raise her hands. Her knees were bent as she crouched. This did little to shield her body from the barrage of pies that were thrown at her. Soon she was covered from head to toe in sloppy pie filling.
They then began to spray her all over with whipped cream and chocolate syrup. They circled around her, covering her in the mess, laughing and cheering as they sprayed the sweet mess all over her. It went all over her back and onto her blonde hair. Everyone was whistling and cheering as she got covered. She was very embarrassed. She was quite a vain and serious sort of person overall. Being in this position was something that she did not find humorous. Part of the goal of this was to try to remind her to lighten up a little bit and to remember to have fun. 

To finish her off, two or three of the players came in carrying a massive trash can that was filled with blue green coloured gunge. They lifted it over their naked, crouching coach and dumped it all over her body. There was audible gasps as everyone watched Tasmin getting gunged. The gunge poured all over her from above, coating her head and naked body in smooth, sloppy gunge. They then all slapped hands and celebrated. Tamsin crouched on the floor covered in sloppy gunge. “I’ll get you all for this,” she shouted,” Just you wait, you will all be doing some many push ups and wind sprints in training next year.”

She was in the right place at least, because she was able to get right in the shower and clean herself from head to toe. The water was still pretty cold, but she had a lot of scrubbing to do on this day. The whole team agreed it was the best memory they had of the season. It was very enjoyable. No one would ever forget the image of Tamsin angrily flaring her nostrils while covered in slime and pie.

Monday, 4 September 2017

Claire Danes fake messing

This is a fake messing of Claire Danes. She is one of my all time favourites.

Sunday, 3 September 2017

Calista Flockhart Ally McSlopped

Calista Flockhart Ally McSlopped

Calista Flockhart had played Ally McBeal in the nineties. She was renowned for her short skirts and sexy long legs. She always seemed to be wearing skirt suits and they were always very flattering to her sexy body. She usually played lawyers, politicians or office workers. Any excuse to have her in a sexy skirt suit. She was good in both serious and comedic roles as well. She could be quite funny and had a really sexy smile. Her skirt suits had been the object of many a messy fantasy. There were quite a few who had dreamt of seeing mess all over her. 

Calista was very popular at one stage. She became the number one most wanted messed celebrity at the time, especially in her skirts. She did not think that she was very popular. She underestimated her popularity a lot. She had agreed that if she was voted number one in the poll, she would allow herself to get messed. She never believed that she would be number one.  Of course, she proved more popular than she could have ever imagined and won the poll. When the results came out, she reluctantly agreed to go through with her promise, as much as she did not want to. She would dress as Ally McBeal and climb into a messy tank. Above it were the words, “Ally McSlop.” Many men were over the moon to see this incredibly gorgeous, sexy woman get covered in mess. Although she enjoyed being the object of desire, she felt that this situation was more than a little embarrassing. She put on her sexy grey skirt suit and marched out to the tank. She sat in the seat and crossed her legs. She frowned and had a very serious expression upon her face. She knew that people were going to be taking great pleasure in seeing this happen to her. 

A voice came over the loudspeaker saying that it was time for Ally Mcslop. Lights flashed and a buzzer sounded. Just as she closed her eyes, thick yellow slop poured down over Calista. She was looked up at the time, so it poured straight down onto her face and then down her hair. She closed her eyes and moved her head forward as the smelly slop poured over her face and hair. She shook her head. It began to pour down her blazer, staining it irrevocably all over. It oozed down the lapels as well as down her neck. 

More poured down her back as she squirmed. More poured onto her skirt and then straight on top of her legs. It poured all over her thighs and all the way down her calves. The slop was thick and creamy like custard or rice pudding. It smelled disgusting and looked disgusting as well. She closed her eyes and made funny faces. She then ran her hands through her hair, as the slop continued pouring over her from above. She squealed a bit as it continued dumping all over her body. It was as if she was in the shower getting slopped instead of cleaned. The camera panned up and down her body from her ankles to her head. She was soaked in slop from head to toe.

As the scene closed, she shook her slop covered hair and wiggled her body. She frowned as the voice on the loudspeaker said that she had been Ally Mclopped.