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Jesy Nelson the butt of the joke

Jesy Nelson the butt of the joke

Jesy Nelson had always been the black sheep of Little Mix. She was a total nerd. She was chubby and had been the victim of bullying in her past. Her bandmates were her mates, but she was always the one that would be picked on. The band was put together by the powers that be at X Factor. The bandmates did not choose to be in a group with one another. The other members of Little Mix could be mischievous as well. They decided to play a prank on Jesy.

Jesy was getting ready before a gig. She was in her dressing room. She went to the bathroom. At this stage she had just had a bath. She was completely undressed. As she used the facilities, her bandmates creeped into her dressing room and locked the door. When she was finished in the bathroom she opened the door, unaware that her bandmates lay in wait outside.  When she opened the door, she was shocked to see her bandmates standing in front of her. She then realized that she was naked and quickly rushed to cover herself with her hands. “Well, well, well, look at what we have here,” Jade said. “Oh my god Jesy, don’t you look cute.” Leigh-Anne snapped a photograph. “Uh, girls, what are you doing here?,” Jesy asked, trying to cover private parts. They laughed. “Well, Jesy, we are here with a big surprise for you,” Jade said. “You might think that because you lost some weight and you got a tattoo and stuff, that you are really cool, but we want to remind you where you are in this group. You will always be a nerd. Look at you now, letting it all hang out are we?” Jesy could not even respond.

Her bandmates dragged her over to a chair where Perrie was sat. They pushed Jessy down over her bandmate’s knee. Jade produced a paddle. “ Let’s give that big ass a paddle shall we?” She handed the paddle to Perrie. Perrie quickly began to whack Jesy’s naked backside with the paddle. Jesy yelped in pain and shock as her bandmate paddled her naked posterior. Meanwhile, Leigh-Anne was using her phone to record the whole thing. Perrie paddled Jesy’s ass over and over. The other two then took turns to do the same. As they did, the three heckled her. “Yeah, go on, spank that ass. Jesy has been a naughty girl. You don’t look so cool now.”

When they were through with the paddle they then began to grab pies. Perrie took the first pie. She leaned back and smashed the pie straight into Jesy’s bare ass. She pushed it around, smearing the creamy pie all over Jesy’s ass. Jesy could feel the cream all over her behind and all along her crack. She could feel it dripping backwards along her pussy. Jade then took a second pie and drilled it into Jesy’s face. “Oh, you like that don’t you? Oh yeah, we know what a dirty slut you are really.”

They then pushed her down onto the ground. Jesy sat naked with her mouth wide open. Her breasts dangling and her knees bent. Leigh-Anne and Perrie then took a gigantic bowl of strawberry angel delight and poured it down over Jesy. It poured down her curled, soft, dark hair and down her face. It poured all over her body. It poured down her chest and onto her back and legs. It was thick and lumpy. It looked like it was hastily made. It was uneven and lumpy. The softy pink, sloppy mess poured down the curvy, tanned figure of the singer. The ladies laughed and joked as they hastily dumped the sloppy dessert on their bandmate. Jesy could feel it all over her naked body. It felt cool and soft on her naked skin. It covered her in an irregular pattern.

More angel delight was to follow. Banana flavoured was next on the menu for Jesy. Her bandmates, once again tipped a second mixing bowl over her head. The banana angel delight was a soft yellow colour. It felt cooler and made the naked singer shiver. There she was sat naked on the floor in her dressing room getting trashed with messy. “Oh you love this shit don’t you Jesy? Now you can wear it,” Perrie mocked. Referencing Jesy’s love for desserts. The yellow mess joined the pink as it slowly plopped down onto Jesy. It coated her knees and covered her chest almost totally. 

Butterscotch angel delight was next to come. This one was a beige colour. The girls laughed as they put the bowl onto Jesy’s head, as if it were some kind of silly hat. The butterscotch mess dislodged and plopped down her body. Jesy could only frown and pout a bit. There were three of them. She would have no way to fight back. 

Next to come was a massive black forest cake. It was about six inches deep. It was chocolaty cake with whipped cream, creamy icing and cherry pie filling. It was soft and mushy. It looked delicious. “This looks so good , I think we will have two,” Jade said. A second one was produced. Leigh- Anne pushed Jesy’s legs open as Perrie thrust one of the cakes straight up into Jesy’s vagina. The cake was enormous. It was so big, she used both hands to smear the cake around all over Jesy’s private parts. Jesy had been blessed with quite thick pussy lips as well. They were incredibly sexy, but she now found herself having a gateau being pushed and smeared around, directly onto her pussy lips. She could not help but moan as the cake was pushed around all over her crotch.

Simultaneously, Jade pushed the second one down onto the top of Jesy’s head. She then began to smear it around over the entirety of Jesy’s head, from her chin to the back of her head. Her entire head was transformed into a mismatched mass of cherries, cake and cream. Jesy’s face was packed in the sloppy mess. 

Finally, two more classic desserts were produced. There was an apple crumble complete with custard along was a chocolate marble cheesecake.  They held them out in front of Jesy. “Oh my God Jesy, doesn’t that smell good?,” Perrie teased,” Be careful though, a moment on the lips a lifetime on the hips.” Leigh-Anne then pushed the cheesecake directly into Jesy’s awaiting crotch. She took her hands and rubbed it around. She had to push hard to get it to crumble over Jessy. Jesy was experiencing cheesecake all over her vagina. It was a unique experience. In the Meantime, the other two dumped the crumble all over Jesy. It slid down her hair and face and then covered her flopping breasts and tummy. Most of it collecting on her upper half. The remains of the cheesecake was placed between Jesy’s legs. Her legs were then pushed together, squashing the cake in between. 

The ladies then  dragged Jesy to her feet. They handcuffed her wrists to the wall. They then proceeded to walk out. “See you later Jesy. We have a few hours until the performance. We are going to go have a drink. We’ll come to unlock you before the show.” They jingled the key in her face. They then slammed the door, leaving Jesy Nelson naked and covered in mess, handcuffed to the wall of her dressing room.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2015 slop buckets

This is a pretty good scene, except for the editting. They cut away too fast from certain things, which is a bit frustrating. The idea of Jenna Jameson dumping mess on Natasha Hamiliton really is a dream come true. The full gallery is at:

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Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Heather Dinich takes it like a pro

Heather Dinich takes it like a pro

Heather Dinich worked in the male dominated world of sports reporting. She was a writer and reporter for ESPN. Her main focus was college football. This world was more testosterone based than typical, for sure. She was also a quite attractive younger female. It was not an easy environment to work in. It took a lot for her to gain respect in the industry, but she managed to over time. Many of the more macho, chauvinistic men around her still would make rude comments behind her back. She was not really aware of any of this. She was definitely the object of a lot of sexual fantasy among the ranks of the reporters, coaches and players in college football. 

The team at ESPN decided to create a situation where Heather would be subject to some embarrassment. The set up was before a college football game outside the stadium.  There was no real reason given for why it was set up. Everyone was just told that the public would be voting for which ESPN college football personality they wanted to see be put in the stocks. Heather really did not want to be the one that this was going to happen to. She was quite shy and a little geeky. Public embarrassment was not something that she wanted to be facing. She felt very awkward about the whole situation. She was very nervous. She never thought that it was going to be her who would be the one. She was one of the only people, however, who did not think that it was going to be her. Everyone had an equal chance, but the deck was stacked against Heather without her even knowing it. 

Before the game began, on college gameday, the stocks were set up outside the stadium. It was teased that right before the game, one ESPN personality would be placed in the stocks. Heather wondered why the others were not more nervous. “It could be you going in there. I wouldn’t be so confident,” she would warn them. They knew that they had nothing to worry about, but they were not going to let her know that. Heather wore her green dress that she had worn on air before.

The end of the show arrived. Everyone gathered around the stocks. “Ok everyone, the big moment has finally arrived. Someone is going in those stocks over there. It is time for everyone to find out who it will be. I think someone needs to be very nervous. Someone is going to get messy. It is time to find out who,” the announcer said,” Is everyone ready?” The gathered crowd cheered. The college crowd was raucous. They really wanted to see an ESPN anchor getting messy. “Ok, everyone, the person going in the stocks and receiving the mess will be….” Everyone looked nervous. Heather closed her eyes and crossed her fingers. Everyone was yelling out names. “Heather, Heather Dinich.” Heather’s jaw fell open. She pointed at herself. “Me, you are kidding,” she said. She shook her head. The other anchors laughed and shook hands. She tried to play it cool, but she was shitting herself at this point. 

Everyone was cheering. Heather had a shocked and very concerned look on her face. She was escorted to the stocks. The top of the stocks was raised. Heather had to walk over. She looked at it. She reluctantly leaned over into places. She stroked her hair. Her sexy neck was put into place. She looked very worried. Her colleagues looked very excited. The top of the stocks were lowered down onto Heather and she was locked into place. Heather realised that she was in deep trouble now. She could hear everyone wolf whistling and cheering. She turned her head as best she could, seeing some of the male college students hauling in buckets from the cafeteria. She could not tell what was in them but she could tell that they were heavy and very smelly. Her eyes widened. “Oh my God,” she said to herself. She could see her colleagues celebrating and laughing. Heather was about to get it. Thoughts ran through her head about how it disgusted she was for this to be happening in front of a bunch of drunken college students. It was downright humiliating.

It was going to be a group of drunken frat boys who were going to be administering the mess to Heather. Two beefy young college lads came over, eyeing her up. They then each leaned over and smiled at one another. They reached down and grabbed the top of Heather’s dress. They then pulled it down and off of her. She shrieked as they dropped her dress to the ground. This left her bent over in only her matching white bra and panties. She knew people would be photographing this. She was bent over in a very vulnerable position in only her underwear. A necklace dangled around her neck and she still had her shoes on as well. The camera panned up her body as the show went to commercial. They forced Heather to wait helplessly in the position that she was in during the break. Prolonging her humiliation. It was agony to wait. She wiggled her legs and frowned as she waited.

The show, finally returned from break. The burly lads then came over carrying one massive bucket. It was gigantic. “Ok, everyone. You all voted to see this, Heather is going to get trashed,” the host said. On this occasion, all the mess was in one bucket. It was not really a bucket, but more like a garbage can. It was not filled with trash, but with layers of sloppy mess from the college cafeteria. The young men lifted the trash can over the prone reporter. The actual can was larger than she was. She could not lie, the thought of athletic young muscle bound college guys dominating her like this was something that was actually sending tinges of excitement up and down her spine.

The guys lifted the container in the air. She smiled as they began to tip it over the half-naked sports caster. The words,” Oh my god,” were echoed as the mess began to pour out of the bucket over Heather. Out of the bucket initially came a layer of thick white mess.  It appeared to be some sort of chowder or soup. It was smooth and creamy and totally sloppy. Everyone held their breath as it fell and landed with a splash onto Heather’s sexy body. Everyone erupted in laughter, but everyone was a little bit shocked at what they were witnessing, it was that gross. The mess poured all over Heather’s back and then down her body and over her head. Heather was overwhelmed by embarrassment and repulsion. She could barely realize the shear grossness of the mess that was being dumped onto her. The thick creamy soup slowly making its way all over the curves of her body.

This mess was very unique as well. It was layered and changed as it poured. The white soup changed a purple colour. What appeared to be red cabbage poured down onto her.  It was dumped onto her head and over her back, piling onto her body. It then changed to porridge. It was thick and gloppy as it plopped its way down her sexy body. Her entire body tightened up as the mess poured all over her. It made its way down her face and body. The young men moved the trash can back and forth over the half-naked reporter, dumping mess down the entirety of her body as they went. Oatmeal rolled down her backside and legs and down her chest. The mess then changed to what appeared to be bits of stuffed peppers, completed with sloppy spaghetti sauce. The bits were all mushed up but included the rice and meat mixture as well as bits of peppers and sauce.

Next to come in the trash can was rice pudding. Heather could only close her eyes. Her body tensed up all over as she felt the sloppy mess all over her body. She could feel it against her body, all over her skin. Staining her white underwear forever. The mess seemed to pour for ages.  Next was barbeque chicken. It was covered in thick barbecue sauce and in slices and chunks. It just came out as a brownish red, sloppy, lumpy mess. It was smooth and sloppy as it poured down onto her. It was followed by sloppy joes. This was thick ground beef filled with onions and peppers in a chilli sauce. Everyone collectively cringed as they witnessed the sloppy substance poured up and down Heather Dinich. Heather felt this mess all over her body. The cold sloppy mess everywhere on her body. The final layer of mess was potato salad. This was the crowning glory. It smelled hideous and looked just as bad. It made its way from the trash can all over Heather. It landed in lumps, tumbling all over her head and body. The crowd cheering and screaming, laughing at the humiliated sports caster.

The camera took a roving shot up and down Heather, showing her messy body in a panoramic view. It settled, finally on her face. She gave a half cringe, half smile as her face filled the screen. She looked utterly defeated and embarrassed. She was finally let loose from the pillory. The college coeds, lifting the top for her. She slid her body out, this allowing some of the mess to roll off of her. She then stood in front of the camera and everyone gathered. She rolled her eyes. She gave a half-hearted wave and sighed.