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The Apprentice 2016 part 1: Men strike back

The Apprentice 2016 part 1: Men strike back

The Apprentice 2016 had no share of attractive women on it. Grainne, Francis, Alanna, Rebecca and Jessica were the five most attractive women on the show. Jessica, however, was so attractive and distinctive that she will get her own separate story apart from this one. The women on the show did very well. In fact, out of these five, only Rebecca did not make the final five. Only one male was in the final five. The women seemed to always be getting the one up on the guys. It was about time that that all changed. The guys were going to get a chance to get one over on the ladies for once. It was going to be a very sloppy revenge on them. A few of the more competitive members of the men’s team wanted to get revenge, others just wanted the opportunity to mess up these attractive businesswomen. They decided that they would set up each of the women individually rather than get them all at the same time. 

Grainine was first on the list. She was a very attractive, raven haired Irish woman. She was a makeup artist by trade. She was dressed as she was during the interviews. She wore a black dress that really showed off her sexy, fake tanned legs. She looked much more attractive with her hair down than how she looked with her hair up. She could be forceful or laid back in different situations. She seemed to always be wearing black. She had a secret dirty side to her as well. She had great eyes and a great smile. They decided to ambush her on her way out of the interviews. She had never looked better. She was not going to be expecting what was about to befall her. She would be very distracted and that was when they would strike. 

As she walked out of the building, a few of the men rushed towards her. They carried with them buckets of thick pink and bright green gunge. She shrieked as the guys threw gunge all over the sexy Irish businesswoman. The gunge flew through the air and splashed all over her. It splashed in her face and all down the front of her dress. It splattered in all directions. The pink and green was everywhere. She stopped walking out of surprise and they tipped more buckets of gunge over her head and down onto her sexy legs. “Oh my God, you guys, what do you think you’re playing at?,” she said. The gunge was very smooth and cool down her smooth sexy body. It interlaced with her dark hair. “I am going to kill you lot,” she threatened. They just celebrated and laughed, telling her that they got her good. She could do nothing but shrug her shoulders and shake her head. She had gotten it good. She was the first one down on their list. 

Frances was next. They were going to set her up as she was arriving back at the house after the interviews. All the candidates had left separately. They hid in the bushes by the front door and waited for her arrival. Frances was slim with wavy brown shoulder length hair. She had pronounced cheek bones and a dark skin tone. She was quite argumentative and self-congratulating at times. She was quite opinionated at times. She wore a white blouse and yellow skirt on this day that showed off the shape of her figure. She came home from the interviews looking extremely stoic. She was not too pleased at how they went down. She felt she hadn’t done that great. As she stepped on the door step, some of the guys jumped out on her and splashed her with buckets of orange and red gunge. She screamed and laughed as the gunge flew all over her. It plastered her hair and blouse. “You guys are the worst,” she said. Gunge dripped down her body, down her legs to her heels. She was splattered all over. 

With Frances gunged, Alanna was next to come. She was quite chubby, at least compared to the others. She had gorgeous layered hair and a pear shaped figure. She was crowned the winner, much to the other candidate’s surprise. They never took her very seriously because she was quiet and quite a nice person.  They were a little bit spiteful with this one, because they were all jealous of her. They waited until after she was declared the winner. When she left the office building, they lay in wait. For her they had bright green and purple gunge. She wore a tight fitting business like patterned black and white dress and a jacket on. This time, when they popped out, they shouted, “Congratulations.” The other women had not told her that they had been gunged, so she would not be aware and try to avoid it herself.  They threw the gunge over her, just as they had over the other two women. She squealed and recoiled as thick gunge was thrown all over her. She took it all in her stride though. She laughed and rubbed the gunge around on her dress and gorgeous hair. “You know what, nothing can bring me down today,” she boasted. Gunge dripped from her large nose, cheeks and amazing hair. She danced and played in it. They decided to join her.

Rebecca was the last besides Jessica left to gunge. She had been eliminated earlier, so they had to wait until the spin off show, You’re Hired to set her up. She wore a black dress with pink trim. Her sexy arms were bare as were her legs. They thought that they had become too predictable, so they decided to change things up slightly. She had just gone up to receive a silly award from the host and went backstage. As she crossed the back of the stage and went to the dressing room to put the award away, she was surprised as she opened the door. A bucket of thick chocolate syrup poured down onto her from above. It was triggered when she opened the door. She laughed hilariously. The men then came out. They thrust a pie into her face and sprayed her with whipped cream. She transitioned from her laughing face to her mortified face and back again. Gunge and mess cascaded down her long sexy pale body. It soaked her clothing. She was covered from head to toe. She shook her body and laughed, giving an exasperated look. They told her that she had never looked better in her entire life. She had to spend the rest of the show covered in the mess. Jessica would be next on their list.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

Caroline Flack fake gunging

I know she got messed before, but it was never that great. Here are fakes of Caroline Flack getting gunged. It looks great on her hot pants and sexy legs as well as her gorgeous hair.

Tuesday, 27 December 2016

20 Most Messable Hollyoaks actresses

A disclaimer: I couldn't include everyone, so some are not on here. Also, I haven't watched the show regularly in a while so some newer actresses may not be on here that may be expected.
20 Most Messable Hollyoaks actresses

20. Anna Passey- Anna plays a really prissy and bitchy character who sometimes does extreme and silly things. Her character is someone that quite a few of the other characters would, quite rightly want to humiliate, possibly in a messy way. She almost always wears a skirt that shows off her sexy legs. She has a very sexy annoyed face as well as a sexy devious face. She is a villain on the show and would be well suited for a messing for sure.

19. Roxanne McKee- She has not been on the show in many years, but she was a major character on the show. I think that she did a few other things including modelling. She was a favourite of men’s magazines. She has a lovely olive skin tone and silky dark hair. She looks amazing in a bikini and/or underwear. She probably is the sort that would be up for a messy glamour photo shoot. I can imagine her chuckling as a thick, dark substance comes her way.

18. Jennifer Biddall- Jennifer played a character called Claire. She was a spoiled rich college girl sort of character. She sometimes had a sort of high and mighty attitude about her, but came down to earth after a while. She had sexy piercing eyes and a gorgeous figure. I can imagine mess raining down upon her. I can imagine it happening from someone who is jealous or annoyed with her spoiled ways.

17. Rachel Shenton- Rachel’s legs are very famous. At least I believe they are because she wears a skirt or dress the vast majority of the time that she is on air. They are definitely where the eye is drawn to, whether that is by design or not. She has good body and an unusual sort of look. She would look great getting dunked in gunk or covered in something sloppy such as chocolate syrup. She has very expressive eyes and throws a strop very well.

16. Stephanie Waring- She has been featured quite often on the site. Many of them having her messing someone else. She is a bit of a kinky and nasty person who would take pleasure in messing and humiliating others. She would look good herself. She is very kinky, at least that is how I imagine her to be. I imagine her having filthy fantasies and living them out. With her it would be very sexual. She is slightly older than some of the others. She seems to be more experienced with kinky things. I imagine that she would love it. Humiliation would play a part in the situation, I think.

15. Carley Stenson- Carley is pretty adorable. She always played a nice person. She was bubbly, happy and cheeky. Sloppy mess dripping down her blonde fringe would look great. I remember a scene where she had to strip. That was pretty sexy. Her character also wanted to be a star at one stage. I can imagine her allowing herself to get messy to get attention. She has a great body, which is standard. Great legs, great behind, great chest, great everything. I can imagine her laughing and thinking that the situation was really funny. She was really good at doing serious acting as well.

14. Nikki Sanderson- Nikki would probably be higher if she was not listed on the Coronation Street list as well. Her character on Hollyoaks is a more mature own. She has had serious issues to deal with on Hollyoaks. She is slightly curvier as well, in my estimation. She still has that sexy smile and dimples. She would look amazing in any messy scenario.

13. Nathalie Emmanuel- Nathalie had a sexy afro. She had a sexy demeanour. Her voice was very sexy. She was luscious. There was a minor messy scene with her on Hollyoaks. It looked pretty good with her mouth agape as she laughed. I think she is on a really big show now. I seem to remember her in a nude scene. I like the idea of her talking dirty. Imagining her saying that she wants to give a blow job. Wondering how gunge would affect her large afro is fun as well. How it would look is an interesting thing to think about. She has a really sexy tongue and mouth as well. She has a really sexy laugh.

12. Claire Cooper- Claire played one of the McQueen sisters. She played a kinky, naughty chav type character. There were many scenes of her in her underwear. She had some scenes where she talked dirty. I can imagine gunge rolling up and down her slim body. Ii can imagine her looking embarrassed while it happened. She could be quite mouthy and self-assured. It would be fun to see her put in her place. I can imagine her shouting and screaming. The look on her face would be priceless. I would love to see her bathed in mess, rolling down her sexy slim body.

11. Tamaryn Payne- She may not be that well known, but she is another actress who had very famous legs. She seemed to also wear a skirt or short dress pretty much all the time except when she was jogging. She has a smooth caramel coloured skin tone. She was very prissy, but could also be athletic at times. She had amazing, thin long legs. Everything on her is tight and sexy. It’s easy to imagine all the great ways and places to pour mess upon her body. I think that she was a bit of a neat freak as well. She never smiled much.

10. Hannah Tointon- Hannah is Kara’s little sister. She looked incredible in Hollyoaks. I don’t think she ever looked as good on other shows that she was on. Her body and face really speak for themselves. Every part of her was sexy. I can imagine a back and forth between her and her sister. She also played someone’s sister on the show. She has a near perfect, smooth, tanned sexy body. Pouring mess all over her sexy body would be an incredible thing to witness.

9. Saira Choudhry- I really liked her and her character, Anita. I always remember that her mother would do things to embarrass her. There was on ridiculous set up where she had to take off her dress and run home in her underwear. I always imagined the progression of that a bit further. She would be someone who would be worried about getting messy and would probably not want it to happen, but it would look great.

8. Stephanie Davis- She may be number one on some people’s list. She became a decent sized star. Her character, Sinead, was heavily featured. I think the best part of her is her accent. It is very distinctive. It’s fun to imagine her talking dirty in that accent. Her character was very dirty at times. She was a bit of a slag at times, truth be told. I can imagine her taking part in messy things to get money or attention. Her career hasn’t gone well lately either. I really liked her on Celebrity Big Brother, apart from her falling for a pretty shallow guy on there. She might find a messing quite amusing.

7. Emma Rigby- It’s amazing to have a list and Emma is not in the top five. She was gorgeous. She was attractive in a not so obvious way. My favourite scene with her is one where she makes a bet, because she is a good girl. She bets that she can be naughty. She dresses in hot pants and a tank top. She then gets a guy to up to her bedroom with her. She says some very filthy things, saying she wants to go upstairs with him. She has a very distinctive look. She is really cute. She is kind of adorable. She would look lovely covered in any sort of sloppy mess. She looks really good when she gets angry as well.

6. Loui Batley- Loui played Sarah Barnes. She looked very sexy. She was slim with brown hair. She had long legs and an attractive figure. She had quite an unusual face that could be really expressive. I imagine her on the Giant Flush or taking an embarrassing messing where it goes all over her face and body. She is a regular girl next door type. She would look good covered in anything, but I think brown might be her messy colour. I can imagine her saying it was smelly and gross or actually wanting it to happen. I could go either way. 

5. Jorgi Porter- Jorgi is obviously very, very attractive. She is attractive from head to toe. I remember a scene when she was playing an exercise video game. I enjoyed seeing her getting all sweaty. She plays a character that was sort of half naughty and half na├»ve. Every part of her is gorgeous. I can imagine her being talked into a messing in the correct situation. She would look great covered in mess all over her sexy body. She is stacked for sure. 

4. Jennifer Metcalfe- I do not know why she is not a bigger star beyond Hollyoaks. She is an equal to any woman in the world. Her character is basically a nymphomaniac. She seemed to be addicted to sex at times. She always wears tight fitting dresses that show off her body. She is sassy, talks dirty and uses her body to get what she wants at times. Her character initially seemed to be a Girls Aloud reference. She has an amazing accent as well. She is as sexy as they come. I don’t think I have to elaborate on why she would look good covered in mess. It would look so good on her it’s incredible.

3. Ali Bastian- Ali played a teacher on the show. She had an affair with a student. She was humiliated many times. She looked great in a button down shirt and skirt. She also had numerous scenes in her underwear. Her body is as hot as anything I have ever seen. She is tanned and toned. Seeing that body covered in mess would be a dream come true. It would be a good punishment. I can imagine her looking very embarrassed as it happened.

2. Sarah Dunn- Sarah is one of the hottest women I think I have ever seen in my life. Her hair, face and body are on another level. Every part of her is incredible. She looks so athletic. On the show, we have witnessed her in her underwear many times in the past. Those scenes were incredible. The only thing that could make her look better would be getting covered in thick gunge or sloppy food. She is similar to Ali Bastian in ways, but I’ll give her the slight edge.

1. Ashley Davies- This one is just my personal preference. I don’t know why Ii fancy Amy Barnes so much. She is not my usual type. I know that the four behind her, at least are more attractive, but I just fancy her more. I think it must be her personality on the show. I find her super attractive. I love her voice. She has had many hairstyles over the years and looks just as good with long or short hair. There were a couple of times that she talked dirty on the show as well, which I will always remember. She has sexy long legs and an amazing face. Overall she would be my number one to get messy. I can imagine her rolling her eyes and looking annoyed. I can imagine how it would look all over her.

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Celebrity Juice Christmas request

Celebrity Juice Christmas request

This Christmas, Celebrity Juice put on a Christmas Special. It pitted members of Little Mix against members of the Saturdays. Representing Little Mix was Perrie Edwards and Jesy Nelson. Representing the Saturdays was Rochelle Humes and Frankie Bridge. The games were all very close and a lot fun and laughs were had by all. The final game was the fire place gunge tank game called Coming Down your Chimney. It was similar to one they had used on a previous holiday episode a few years back. Each would get to sit in the tank twice, once in a dress and secondly in a bikini. If they got their question wrong, they would get the mess dumped upon them. 

Starting out was Perrie. She wore a lacy white dress, almost like a gown. Her hair was pulled back, but had little curls down the sides of her face. She was asked a very difficult question about the origins of Christmas. She tried to think of a good answer, but messed up thoroughly. Keith Lemon told her that she was absolutely incorrect. He explained that it was Christmas themed mess. He told her not to look now, but she was about to get some brandy butter. She did look up however and thick sloppy white brandy butter poured down onto her head. It was warm and viscous. It looked a lot like extra thick cum had been dumped over her head. She flapped her hands and took a deep breath, soaked in the sloppy fluid.

Next to come was Frankie. She wore a short tight black dress with skin coloured lines across it. It was very tight and low cut. Frankie smiled. She looked a bit calmer then her counterpart had. She was asked a very specific question about the number of turkeys that were consumed each year at Christmas. All she could do was take a stab in the dark. She was incorrect of course. Keith announced that as she got the turkey question wrong she would get another part of the holiday meal instead. It would be mashed potatoes and gravy. Frankie’s eyes widened in the split second very mounds of mash and gravy plopped down on top of her from above. They landed upon her short brown hair, down her front and on her face. She smeared some around on her lap. 

It was now Rochelle’s turn. She wore a stunning red and green velvety Christmas dress. It was elegant and extenuated her long sexy figure. Her question was the easiest one yet, about the names of Santa’s reindeer. Unfortunately for her, she could not remember the name of the final reindeer and got the question wrong. Keith revealed that her mess would be parsnip soup. As she started to say,” What the...,” the soup rained down upon the sexy singer. It was thick and sloppy. It was a strange yellowy white colour. It splashed in all directions. It covered the top of her head and forehead all the way down to her eyes. It poured down her dress, leaving a trail of marks down the front.

Jesy was the next to have a go. Jesy wore an elf dress. It was red with white fluff on it. She wore red and green striped knee socks as well. She looked adorable and really sexy. Her question was a specific one about how mince pies were made. She had no clue whatsoever and her guess was way off. She wondered what her mess was going to be. Keith said that it was last year’s leftovers. Jesy puffed up her cheeks and held her breath as a flurry of Brussel sprouts, turkey, stuffing and Christmas pudding dumped all over her. It was all over her. She laughed and blushed. She rolled her eyes and said. “Can’t let the leftovers go to waste.”

The next round started after the commercial break. This round, the ladies were all in matching red and green candy cane bikinis. It would be red gunge for Little Mix, green for the Saturdays this time. The order was the same. It was a much quicker round this time. The ladies had to think on their feet. Perrie was first again. Her question was about the twelve days of Christmas. She got it wrong and the gunge rained down upon her. She kicked her legs as she was doused in thick red gunge from head to toe. It dumped onto her blonde hair and all over her slim body. It was all over her chest, stomach and legs. 

Frankie was next. Her question was about the nativity. She was not that religious so got this one wrong as well. Before she could react, green gunge plummeted down She was soon plastered in the thick green mess from head to toe. Her sexy tanned body was soon dripping in it. It covered her entire head. She was overwhelmed by the volume of it all over her body.

Rochelle was next. Her question was about a Christmas song from the 50’s that she had scarcely heard of. “Oh come on, really?,” she said. She closed her eyes as gunge poured down her dark hair and covered her face before cascading down all over her sexy luxurious bodies. She leaned back and let it pour down her body, kicking her feet playfully. 

Finally, it was Jesy’s turn. Her question was about the Queen’s speech. She got it very wrong of course and a tidal wave of thick red gunge poured all over her curvy body. She shivered and looked hugely uncomfortable as she was not as confident with her body as the others were. She wiggled her sexy body around in the gunge, squirming as she felt it all over her round body. 

Keith then told them that because they were all so rubbish, no one was the winner today. As a result, they all would have to squeeze into the tank together and get a special holiday gunging. The four of them all squeezed together. They were already slimy and slippery with gunge all over their bodies. They were clothed only in bikinis, so they could feel one another’s bodies very close together. They hugged each other tightly. Keith then gave the signal. With that, special white, silver and gold gunge poured onto the four of them. It was sparkly and glittery. They laughed and cuddled and smeared it around as it poured all over the four of them, leaving them all looking like a bizarre Christmas tree. Keith then threw tinsel and bobbles onto them. The lot were totally covered. They waved and said Merry Christmas as the show ended. 

After the show, the Little Mix girls marched angrily back stage. They searched out and found their manager. She was called Sam. She was 27 and had black hair. They were very annoyed with her because she promised them that there would be no mess involved on the show. When they finally found her she tried to lie and say that she had no idea that it was going to happen. In reality, she had wanted to see the girls get messy and decided that she would set them up for it. Now, she denied everything. The girls did not believe her. She had already been tweeting out how funny it was that they got messed so thoroughly.

Perrie grabbed Sam and Jesy grabbed some extra gunge buckets. Sam wore a purple button down top and black skirt. The gunge was green and white. Jesy began to wildly toss the gunge all over Sam. Sam screamed and begged in protest as the gunge poured down her clothes and body. Jesy then tipped more gunge over Sam’s head. It poured down her dark hair and down her face and body. Gunge was everywhere. Some of the gunge that covered the two Little Mix girls got onto her as well. Jesy then pushed the bucket down over Sam’s head. She took a bow and placed it on top of the bucket. They told her Merry Christmas and stomped off.