Sunday, 23 March 2014

Camilla Arfwedson Secret Escapes

Camilla Arfwedson Secret Escapes

This was a secret escapes advert like no other. Camilla had been doing the adverts for awhile, but never expected there to be one like this. It was for a sort of specialist resort package holiday. Camilla had no choice but to take part. Who knew, it may even prove to be fun. Either way, she would have to do it.
The advert came on television with Camilla’s face filling most of the screen. “There is a new kind of secret escapes, for those into things a little more saucy,” she whispered. With that a pie flew her way. It smashed into one side of her head. It hit her on one side of her head towards the top of her head. It stuck in place three quarters of the way on the side of her head. She smiled as the camera focused on her.

The scene then changed. She was now walking along outdoors near a pool. “The new secret escapes holidays cater to those with messy tastes,” she said, raising her eyebrows. At that point, what appeared to be a bucket of green gunged poured down over her head. She closed her eyes as the gunge poured over her head. It eventually stopped. She moved the muscles in her face. Her face and body were covered in gunge. It was very sloppy. She was not to react though.

The scene changed again. Camilla was shown in a restaurant. She was sat at a table. “Your stay will include The finest in dining money can buy,” she said raised her eyebrows. In an instant what appeared to be a pot of gruel flew her way, splashing across her face and chest. It was whitish grey  and sloppy. It splashed all over the table, the plates and the food that was on the table. She took two of her fingers and pushed some of the gruel away from eyes. She took a deep breath. “Bon appetite,” she said.

The scene then switched again. Now she was laying across a lounge chair by the pool in a huge hat, as she had done in one of the other commercials. Her legs were out in front of her. “These are the hottest secret escapes that have ever been put together,” she said. She looked up and a large amount of strawberry milkshake poured down on her from above. She kept as still as she could, but the force of the milkshake nearly pushed her over. It poured all over her legs then up her body and over her head. It seemed to pour for ages. She squealed because the strawberry milkshake was freezing cold.  She managed to keep her composure. When it finally stopped, the milkshake covered most of her body. She wiggled out her arms and legs.  “We hope to see you there,” she said.

The scene changed again. Now she was in her bedroom in a black nightie, as in one of the other adverts. She sat on her bed and looked up. “Well ,at  Messy secret escapes, there is mess everywhere, but at the end of the day, you may retire to the bedroom for even more messy fun.” She looked to the side. She was then hit with a barrage of leftovers. Eggs, macaroni salad, tuna, baked beans, ketchup and ham fell down on her. It fell for awhile. It covered her bed, clothes and body. She was soon covered in the leftover food. 

This time she gave a s lightly annoyed, bemused look as food dropped from her head. “New messy secret escapes. See you there,” she said,” And when we say secret, we mean it this time. It will be our secret,” she said. She winked at the camera as if she were actually speaking to the viewer.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Carley Stenson an unusual request

Carley Stenson an unusual request

Carley Stenson had been a major part of Hollyoaks for years, but her character was killed off and After that she had a lot of trouble finding acting jobs. The offers dried up after awhile and she was left desperately searching for jobs to pay the bills. She began to consider things she never would have before. Her standards dropped substantially as time went on. That’s when she received an offer that was quite out of the ordinary. The money was substantial. It was a massive amount of money, but what she would have to do to earn it was way out of her comfort zone. It was so much that it would prove difficult to refuse. It was going to cost her a lot of pride, but she decided that she would have to go through with it.

She knew that she might regret it, but the offer was impossible to refuse. How far she had fallen. She was hired to work at a party run by some very rich men. She was going to be the entertainment for them. They had certain leanings and loved the idea of having a minor celebrity as their plaything for the evening.

There was a stage set up and a group of men were all sat around on chairs forming an audience area. The man running the party came out on the stage. “Everyone, thank you for coming. We have a special treat. Tonight, for our viewing pleasure, we have Carley Stenson from Hollyoaks. She walked out on stage to the Hollyoaks theme. She wore black hotpants and white silk shirt with a black bra underneath.

There was a pole in the centre of the stage. She began to dance around it to the cheers of the men. She was not here to act. She bent her knees and wiggled her hips. She ran her hands up and down her body. She then began to slowly unbutton her shirt. One by one she slowly undid them. She then opened her shirt and pulled her arms out, tossing it to the men watching. It revealed a lacy pink bra underneath. It was silky and held in her lovely breasts. She continued to dance.

She now reached down  to her stomach and undid the button at the top of her shorts. She flung it opened. She moved her hips in motion as she slowly unzipped her shorts, pulling the zipper down to its bottom. She then put her hands on her hips and took hold of either end of her shorts. She then shook her hips as she slowly lowered her shorts down her legs. Down to her knees. She then wiggled her waist and they dropped to her ankles. She then stepped out with one leg, leaving them on one foot. She then lifted her other leg in the air, her shorts on the end of her shoe. She raised it with the shorts on it. She grabbed it and tossed it in the air to the shouts of appreciation from the men watching her keenly. She was now in her bra and panties. The former soap star danced on stage. Her perfectly tanned body wiggled and grinded. She swung herself around on a pole that was on the stage. She then moved her hips back and forth, simulating pelvic thrusts. Although she put on a brave face, it was very clear to anyone who wished to notice, that she would have preferred to be anywhere else but there. She was totally humiliated by what was happening to her. She knew that these scumbags would soon be seeing much more of her than she would have liked.

She continued dancing. She tried to delay things, hoping for a reprieve, but of course it never came. She was signalled and then unhooked her bra. She reached back and pulled it from her arms. She put her hands over her tender young breasts, before tossing her bra aside. She knew it was silly to try and cover herself, because  everyone would see it all in a moment anyway, but it was a natural instinct to try to cover herself. She reluctantly continued to dance.

The inevitable moment now began to draw near. She became more flush and red as it approached. She danced her way to the centre of the stage. She looked out into the sea of excited men. She took a deep breath and then bent down. She then slowly lowered her panties to the applause of the crowd. She tenderly pulled them down her legs to her ankles and pulled them off. She looked as if she may break down but just tossed them away. She put her hands on her waist and stood so everyone got a good view. She then turned around and let everyone see her ass for a moment. She bent down slightly, enhancing their view. Everyone applauded and she bowed.

The man throwing the party then stepped forward. “ Isn’t this wonderful. Carley Stenson, naked for our viewing pleasure. As we all know though, that is just the beginning. There is much more to come.” Carley gave a nervous fake smile. She then heard a clink. She noticed that some ropes had been lowered from above and there were some on the ground as well. They were on either side of her. The man whispered for her to move her arm. She did as was asked. He then took one of the ropes from the ceiling and cuffed it to her wrist. He then clamped her ankle down in the same way. She then was asked to do the same with the other arm. He attached her other ankle and wrist just the same. She was now spread eagle. Her arms and legs spread wide in an x position. The muscles in her sexy body slightly stretched. On display now, helpless to their whims. Her body stretched. Her ass and pussy were completely exposed. The men peered upwards at her pussy. It was almost fully waxed apart from some soft fuzzy blonde hairs along her clitoris. They all stared at her quivering naked flesh, on display before their very eyes. Many of them would have watched her on television and had fantasised about her. Carley was more than a little nervous now. She worried that they might do things that were not agreed in her contract. She clenched her butt cheeks.

The man who was running the proceeding pointed at her and everyone laughed. Then without a word, he pulled out an electric tooth brush. He waived it for the crowd to see. They all responded enthusiastically. Carley was not as enthusiastic. Her eyes widened and her mouth opened as she saw it. She gave her famous grimace as she saw it, only imaging what it was going to be used for. She doubted that they were going to brush her teeth with it. He bent over and switched it on. He began to rub it up her calf. As he did, she began to wiggle and shake. She realised how much it tickled. She began to laugh and wiggle as he moved it around on her leg. He moved it around on her, up her stomach. He then went around and moved it around on her pert backside. Her boy wriggled and shook, still shackled in place. He pushed it against her cheeks and then pushed it up into her butt crack. She let out a shriek as she felt the toothbrush up against her anus. He moved it up and down along her ass crack. She could only close her eyes and bite her lip. He then moved it forward and pushed it against her pussy lips. They were already getting wet from what had already transpired, now her body was going crazy as he used the electric tooth brush as if it was a vibrator on her vagina. “Oh no, please,” she meekly said. Her hips began to shake as became more and more stimulated. She tried not to show how she was feeling, but her pussy betrayed her. Her nipples were rock hard by now as well. She was dripping in sweat as well. Her pussy was dripping wet now as she could no longer conceal her moans of pleasure.

Just when she thought that she could not take anymore, he pulled away and said,” It’s time to get messy.” He started by picking up a pie. He showed it to her. She let out a frustrated sigh. He held the pie out in front of her so that everyone could see. He then pushed it up and forward into her face. She made a funny face as the pie came upwards and smashed into her face. He twisted it around comically. When he pulled away, he left her face covered in creamy pie. The tin stuck in place for a brief moment before tumbling down her chest to the floor below. She made a funny face that could be seen only just through the pie that covered her face. He then took another pie. He stood beside her and twisted his arm around, pushing it into her backside this time. Her body pushed forward as the pie hit her on the butt. She squealed as it her butt. He gently pushed it around on her rear end. He pulled away, leaving her sweaty behind covered in cream. She could feel some of the cream squelching in her butt crack.

He then pulled out a cake decorating kit. It was filled with blue, green and pink icing in decorating tubes. He pulled the first out and started decorating her body. He started making icing lines on her thighs and then up her belly. He started to write on her. He wrote, messy slave across her chest. He drew flowers and a picture of a penis on her in the icing. He then drew on her face. He put it around her eyes to look like eyebrows and glasses and then drew a moustache and clown nose on her. He then decorated her breasts and made a huge line down her butt crack. He finally drew three lines up and down her pussy. As he drew, some stuck, some fell off. Almost half of her was decorated in the end.

He then got out a few large containers of yoghurt. The first was strawberry. He raised it over her head and began to pour it over her strawberry blonde hair. It stuck and matted to her hair and then slowly ran down her face and body. It was light pink and luscious with chunks of strawberry inside as well. It rolled down her breasts and back. She wiggled her legs slightly as it continued to pour over her. She had to admit that it did feel sensual. It was smooth, soft, cool against her skin. She felt it coating her all over. She felt it against her ass and pussylips. She bit her lip and moaned. It felt incredible all over her most intimate regions. It looked amazing too, all over her prone body. It poured down her legs as well, dripping to her ankles.

He followed it up with black cherry. It was dark purple with cherry chunks in it. He lifted it and poured it down over her head. It poured slowly over her. He took his time slowly dumping it on the naked former Hollyoaks star. At this moment, although she would never admit it, what she would have liked to do more than anything would have been to place her fingers on her pussy lips and fondle herself. She was very wet now. Her pussy juices, although they could not be seen was mixing with yoghurt that dripped down her legs.

He then finished her off with some apricot yoghurt. It was orange in colour and just as luscious as the other yoghurts. This time he stuck his hand in and used it to plop the yoghurt all over body. He plopped some against her breasts and ass. He then used his hands to rub it around and massage it all over Carley’s anatomy. He then used his hand and slopped it all over her vagina. She squealed in pleasure. He then used the palm of his hand to massage her yoghurt soaked pussy. Her hips rocked. Her knees buckled as she spread her legs even wider for him. She could not disguise how pleasurable this actually was.

He finally grabbed two containers of chocolate and toffee sundae toppings. They were dark and light brown. He kneeled down and began to pour them up Carley’s legs, up her calves and then her thighs. He poured it all over her stomach and then her breasts. He liberally squeezed the sauces all over her body, down her back, down her ass and the backs of her legs. The sticky, thick brown mess poured on top of her already messy body. The men in the audience applauded. They had certainly seen what they had come for. Carley stood in place as the mess dripped down her body. Puddles forming beneath her body. There was mess everywhere. Her blonde hair was soaked in mess.

The host pointed to her and asked for everyone to give her a hand. She had been a great sport. Seeing this happen to a minor celebrity was a real dream come true. She was afraid that they would violate her but they didn’t. They sincerely thanked her and were actually quite gentlemen like towards her.
They unhooked her ankles and wrists. She stretched her body and rubbed some of the excess mess off. She shook people’s hands and chatted for awhile, staying as she was, covered in mess. She was actually pleasantly surprised by them. It was not as bad as she had feared and it was worth doing. She was then allowed to go to the large bathroom and get cleaned and changed. Although it was not too bad, she definitely did not want anyone she knew or members of the public to ever find out about what had happened. It was extremely embarrassing. Of course the men who attended did not want it to get out either. Their partners may not have been too happy with them either if they ever found out.

Saturday, 15 March 2014

VH1 Pies

Some pretty good pies on VH1. See the full gallery at:

Mindy Project cake scene

Pretty good cake in the face scene.