Monday, 29 July 2013

Big Brother Hazel gunged part 2 and clean up

Hazel got gunged pretty well. She had the perfect outfit on for it. Then she got cleaned up outside in the shower. It was very good overall. The gunge could have done with being thicker, but she got it pretty good. I do feel a bit bad for her in a way though, but the gunging was enjoyable for sure.

Big Brother Hazel gunged part 1

Monday, 22 July 2013

Charlie Travers messy

Charlie Travers has a baked bean bath. Later she has a nutella fight with Hazel and a shower. She seems such a nice woman. All this and a mess as well. It is quite good. No wonder everyone fancies her.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

The Apprentice: the final

The Apprentice: the final

Luisa and Leah were amazed to be the final to candidates left on the Apprentice. Both of them never really believed that they could actually win the show, but they were the only two left. Leah was a tall blonde and Luisa was a shapely brunette. The ladies knew that they would be competing against one another for the title, but what they did not know was that there was an extra part of the task that had never happened before. This challenge was meant to test their nerve and how they would respond to diversity. It would also be a fun way for the losing candidates to get their own back on the two left. Luisa especially annoyed a lot of the other candidates on the way. She could be pushy, rude and arrogant. Now the other candidates were going to be able to get some payback.

Luisa and Leah were called to a secret location. Lord Sugar appeared and began to speak. “Ok,. Ladies, well done for getting to the final stage of this process. There are a few more tasks that you will be put through. I have brought you here today because you are going to take part in a fete. Basically we are going to have a gunging booth. Both of you will be sat beside one another. People are going to pay to pour mess over your heads. We will see who can raise the most money.” Luisa and Leah’s mouths fell in shock. They gave the shocked faces that they had made so many times in the past. “Oh and by the way, al of the other candidates will be there with lots of money to spend, so prepare to get messy.”

Leah and Luisa were shown in the car going to the venue. “I can not believe that this is happening to us,” Leah said in her thick accent. “But, I don’t want to get dirty,” Luisa said. “This is going to be so embarrassing,” Luisa said. Luisa knew that she would be more of a target as she had annoyed a lot more people than Leah had. A lot of women disliked Luisa. Luisa felt that this was because she was so good looking. She felt that other s were always jealous of her. Leah was very nervous as well. Both of the ladies were very looks orientated. They were not going to be enjoying this very much. “The last thing that I thought would be happening today was for us to end up covered in gunge,” Leah said. “The other candidates are going to think that it is so funny,” Luisa said. The ladies knew that they were going to have to sacrifice some element of pride on this occasion.

Luisa wore a black shirt that barely covered her shapely legs and a slightly ruffled white shirt. Leah wore a tight blue dress. When they stepped out of the car when it finally reached its destination, they found themselves in a large rural field that was made up as a real fete. They were lead over to their booth which was little more than two chairs, two jars and a whole lot containers and buckets full of mess. “You can not be serious,” Leah said. “ I can’t believe this,” Luisa said. They looked at one another and shook their heads, knowing now what was about to come their way. All they could do really was sit back and wait for people to arrive.

The chairs in the booth were set up side by side. People were going to get the choice of who they wanted to mess up. There were going to be a lot of people there that day and the whole thing would be televised, of course, so the potential for massive embarrassment was very high for the ladies. They were in a position now where all they could really do was wait. Things began to get busy and the fete opened. Within a few minutes, much to the dismay of the ladies, a group of the other candidates began to come their way.

They all had big smiles on their faces. “Oh no,” Luisa said, “I can’t believe this.” “They are going to get their moneys worth that is for sure,” Leah said. The two looked at one another and shook their heads. This was really going to happen now. “Well, well, well look what we have here,” Neil said. “Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Luisa said. “This is going to be a dream come true for you guys I am sure, but you are all just jealous.” “Not the thing to be saying to ones who have your fate in their hands,” Jordan said. Leah and Luisa looked at each other. “Please, have mercy on us,” Leah said. She knew that the other candidates were going to be enjoying this immensely. They looked around at the buckets and containers that filled the stall. Each one picked one out and gave some money. Each one then got to chose which one of the ladies they wanted to mess up. They had made sure that they were there early. They did not want to miss any of this. Leah and Luisa knew that they were really in for it now.

Leah pouted her lips. Luisa turned up her nose and blushed. There were 14 other contestants. It was about to get messy. Jason got to go first. He chose Luisa as his target. Luisa had been pretty tough on him in some of the tasks previously. He chose his bucket. Luisa smiled at him as he approached. She tried to make puppy dog eyes at him, but it did not work. She giggled nervously. She closed her eyes and waited for what was about to come to her. She shook her head. Jason lifted his bucket and began to pour its contents all over Luisa. In the bucket was prawn cocktail in a disgusting pinkish orange sauce. Thick lumpy, slimy cold prawns poured down over Luisa’s face. They cascaded down her nose and chin and down over her body. A large stream of it fell onto Luisa’s sexy crossed legs. Her body shuddered and shook. Her face came forward. Her hair was covered in sloppy prawn cocktail. Leah held back a giggle.

She had no place to laugh however because before the prawns had fully gotten a chance to settle, Zee was already dumping rancid potato salad over Leah’s head. Leah’s face recoiled in disgust as the foul smelling lumpy yellow mess dumped over her stringy blonde hair. Leah struggled as the stinky potato salad made its way slowly down her face. Much to Leah’s disgust, it was a full sensory experience. She could see, touch, smell and taste the potato salad as oozed down her person. Zee laughed and gloated as he directed the revolting mess over this highly professional woman. It oozed down her dress leaving a trail of sloppy white glop behind as it went down her body. All Leah could think about at this time was potato salad. Leah grimaced and shook her head.

Next it was Alex’s turn. He picked Luisa as well. He picked up a bucket of alphabet soup. He wiggled his eyebrows and smiled. Luisa looked back up at him. She shook her head. “I won’t forget this,” she said angrily. “I know, and neither will any of us,” Alex replied. Luisa raised her shoulders as Alex slowly tipped the alphabet soup onto her. She shrieked with a high pitched squeal as she felt the mess pour down over her head. The red sauce poured down over the top of her head and all over her face. Soon, Luisa’s face was totally submerged in the sloppy alphabet soup. Hundreds of small letter shaped pasta pieces covered Luisa’s face. Her entire head was covered. He then moved the bucket downwards, aiming it at her bare legs and skirt. He poured the soup directly onto her shapely legs. She could feel the mess all over her body. Her face was totally covered in the letter. Letters hung from Luisa’s nose, lips and chin. She gave an embarrassed laugh. She ran her hands across her face and then stretched her neck out as she let out a squeal of frustration.

Rebecca was next to pour. Rebecca had some issues with the other women in the process and felt that they were in cahoots. She was now going to get the opportunity to get her own back on Leah. Rebecca grabbed a bucket filled with split pea and ham soup. “You should enjoy this,” she teased sharply, referring loosely to Leah’s Irish origins. She lifted the bucket and began to pour the thick green muck over Leah. Leah’s entire face tensed up as the pea soup fell onto her head. She let out a low moan as the thick green mess was poured down over her head and face. It was filled with ham, potatoes and carrots. Leah made a disgusted look as the soup poured down onto her. It was difficult not laugh at seeing the sloppy green substance splashing downwards all over Leah. It covered her cheeks and bridge of her nose. It poured down her front, all over her chest and down her body. Bits of carrot and ham stuck to her face and hair. She wiggled her hands and shook her head. She could hear people making comments about peas and ham.

Next was Jordan. He was going to get to mess Luisa up. He took a big bucket of burger relish. It was the red kind. It was clumpy and sloppy. It was a dark red colour. “Ugh, this is disgusting,” Leah said in disgust. Jordan turned the bucket over. At first nothing happened, the relish was so thick that it would not fall. Jordan then pushed the bucket downwards onto the top of Luisa’s head. He then pressed on the bottom of the bucket. The bucket covered about half of her head when it was pushed down. Her face submerged down to her upper lip. He twisted it slightly on Luisa’s head. When he pulled it off, bits of the relish fell everywhere. Luisa’s head was unevenly covered with bits of relish. Large bits of it collected on her nose and nostrils, on her cheek, on top of her eyes and on her forehead. Bits of it fell from Luisa’s face. Some fell onto her neck and chest. Luisa smiled politely.

Next to come was Natalie. Natalie was a bit grateful herself to not be sat where Leah and Luisa were at this particular moment in time. Natalie had chocolate and caramel syrup ready for Leah. She had two bottles of them, one in each hand. She smiled and looked down at Leah. “Sorry, Leah,” she said. “That’s quite alright,” Leah responded. Leah looked upwards at Natalie as she turned the bottles over. She Natalie began to spray the brown coloured sauces straight over Leah’s face. She moved the bottles back and forth over Leah’s face, sending light and dark brown mess down across Leah’s face. Leah moved her head forward, revealing that her face was now covered in the brown mess. Natalie then moved the bottles down Leah’s body, making sure to cover her thoroughly. She sprayed the sauces across her chest and stomach and then over her lap and legs. Leah’s expensive dress now directly covered in layer upon layer of sundae toppings.

Next came Neil. Neil had really liked Luisa, but that was not going to stop him from doing this. He carried a bucket of baked beans. Luisa bit her lip. Neil gave a big confident smile. She shrugged her shoulders as the beans began to be poured over her head. In an instant they began to flow. Beans poured down over Luisa’s face. She closed her eyes as he face began to be submerged in baked beans. They poured down her body and across her body. More poured onto her shapely legs. Luisa closed her eyes as she experienced the beans. The flow continued quicker and quicker Luisa was beaned. She shook her body. She was soaked in the beans. She shook her head, sending baked beans flying. “This is so groos,” she said.

Next Miles got his turn. He chose Leah. This time Miles served up some potato and corn chowder. Leah turned up her nose. Leah turned up her nose as she smelled the soup. Before she could really react, Miles began to pour. “Oh my god,” she said as the thick white soup poured down onto her head. She closed her eyes as the soup poured down her shoulders and dress. More soaked her hair and poured on her face and neck. Potatoes and corn poured onto Leah. Bits stuck all over her face. Her entire head was covered in thick white soup. She flung her head, sending mess flying from her hair.

The others carried over large buckets of discarded food. They approached at once. They came forward and began to pour the mess over both Leah and Luisa at once. The buckets contained scrambled eggs, coleslaw, fruit salad, applesauce, ham, bits of meat, noodles and fish. Leah and Luisa huddled together as the food was dumped over them. They giggled and laughed as bits of every kind of food covered them both. The stall around them was, by this time, filled with food as well. The mess seemed to pour for ages. When the buckets were empty, the ladies emerged, covered in food from head to toe. They looked up and laughed. “I can not believe I am covered in soup,” Leah said. “You guys just loved that,” Luisa said.

As they looked up, Lord Sugar appeared. He told them that there was no winner of this round. “As you can see, you both look like losers at the moment.” He then turned and walked away. It was all a way to teach the ladies a lesson in humility. Plus Lord Sugar enjoyed using his power to see this happen to two attractive young business women.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Leah’s Mcfall

Leah’s Mcfall

Leah was the best singer and most talented singer on the Voice. Despite this, she finished in second place. Really, she deserved to be the winner, but it just did not happen. Unfortunately, for Leah, this also lead to an unexpected consequence. Leah was asked to appear on Let Her Have It. Leah was a major fan of the show. She had an offbeat and unusual personality. As a consequence, she had always wanted to get gunged. She agreed to appear on the show knowing what it would mean for her. She was going to get her wish in a major way. Leah had some filthy fantasies and filthy was what she was about to become in a major way. She imagined what it would feel like on her body. Leah had harboured lots of fantasies that others might consider out of the ordinary. She was a very individualistic person and followed her heart. She was very excited to appear on the show. She was looking forward to it as much as any celebrity had been before.

On the day, Leah wore a pink button down shirt and black hot pants. The outfit was very similar to one that she had worn on the final of the Voice. Mr. G. started the show and welcomed Leah. She entered the studio with a big nervous smile. She walked in, waiving and smiling. She walked across the studio and gave Mr. G. a big hug as the met at centre stage. They then walked down hand in hand to the couches for a chat. Leah sat down across from Mr. G.. She lowered her bottom down, her shorts riding even higher up her pale bare legs.

“So, Leah, welcome to the show. We are so glad to have you here today,” Mr. G. said. “I am so happy to be here. I am a big fan of the show. I am a big gunge fan in general,” she said. “Really, how surprising. Well, you’ve come to the right place, that’s for sure,” Mr. G. said. “I kind of figured,” Leah responded. “I have to say, I have always wanted to be gunged. Especially on this wee, show,” Leah said in her distinctive accent. “Well, we can definitely make your dream come true,” Mr. G. said. “ I have to say, I was routing for you to win the Voice, but I think we can make another of your wishes come true.” “Well, I must say, getting messy at your hands has definitely been something I have dreamt about a long time, I must confess.” “I must say, that I am very flattered Leah. Who am I do stand in the way of your dream?,” he joked. Leah laughed and shrugged her shoulders. By now Leah was eagerly anticipating what was planned for her. She had imagine all sorts of things in the days leading up to the show. “ I know I am going to end up with mess all over my wee body. I am eagerly looking forward to it. I am quite a weird girl, some might say,” she joked. “Leah, you are a fantastic singer. You look absolutely incredible tonight as well.” “Why thank you. You look pretty good yourself,” Leah flirted. “So, you really have always wanted to get messy?,” Mr. G. asked. “Yeah, I don’t know. I have watched it happen to other people and it looks like so much fun. I know that I am a bit eccentric. I like to get dirty though. I have always imagined getting mess poured all over my body. I would love to feel it all over.” “Well, I have to say, your body will make a lovely target.” “Thanks,” Leah replied with a smile. “Tonight, the world is going to see you get completely dirty. Are you ready?,” he asked. “Absolutely,” Leah replied.

“Ok, Leah, may I turn your attention to the far end of the stage,” Mr. G. said. Leah turned her head. The curtain opened revealing one of the famous Voice revolving chairs. The chair turned around as everyone clapped and cheered. “So, today Leah, we thought that it would be nice for you to be in the coach’s chair rather than the other side,” Mr. G. said. “Well, I have always wanted to sit in one of those chairs, so bring it on,” Leah said. “That is great Leah. If you would come with me.” Leah stood up and followed Mr. G. over to the chair. She looked at it and then sat down on it. She gave a nervous smile. She stretched her legs as she took her place. “So Leah, today, as you may well have guessed, the chair has been converted to a messy chair. It will rotate as usual, but as it does, mess will be pouring all over you.” “Sounds grand,” Leah said. Mr. G. then buckled a seatbelt around Leah’s waste. “Just to keep you safe,” he explained. “Hopefully, this will live up to your expectations. We are about to see you get very messy.” “Brilliant. I am so ready,” Leah replied.

Mr. G. stepped back. Leah smiled and gave a thumbs up. There was a slight delay. The chair then began to rotate around. It was similar to how the chair in the pie wash rotated. Leah smiled as she rotated. She held her hands out in front of her. As the chair turned, multiple streams of ketchup and mustard began to squirt over her. Red and yellow condiments poured across her in lines. A line of ketchup smeared across her face. A line of mustard smeared across her chest. Ketchup and mustard criss crossed Leah’s body as her chair rotated. They crossed her body, shorts and legs. Leah was splattered with ketchup and mustard. It looked almost tartan. Leah then held her hands out as pickled relish fell onto her. It was green and lumpy. Some of it fell onto her hands. She playfully and seductively rubbed it on her arms and cheeks.

Next, baked beans began to fall onto Leah as she rotated. The rotation ensured that the beans got absolutely everywhere. Leah was relatively small as well, so she was really getting it good. Beans poured down all over her body. She could feel it on her skin and clothes. Disgusting beans in putrid orange coloured juice poured onto Leah. The beans splattered her legs. They poured straight onto her knees and down her calves. The feeling of sloppy slimy beans on naked legs was a unique one for Leah. The beans looked totally disgusting and they were all over her body. Leah laughed and squealed in delight. It was obvious that Leah was experiencing a lot of pleasure from this experience. She knew that people would be watching this and laughing at her expense.

Spaghetti was next to pour on Leah. Leah laughed as a giant slab of leftover soggy spaghetti was thrown into her body. More poured down onto her head. A close up was shown of spaghetti slowly oozing down the top of Leah’s head and over the sides of her face. Her fringe covered in spaghetti. She laughed as more and more spaghetti was tossed at her. It dripped from her face and body, A large bit collected, draping over her right knee.

Next Irish stew fell down on Leah. It was filled with meat, carrots, potatoes, peas and even dumplings. The stew itself was thick and brown like gravy. It was sloppy and very lumpy. In an instant the stew began to pour form every direction. Most of the stew fell onto Leah’s head and squarely between her legs. Leah moved her legs apart and let her crotch get covered in Irish stew. Her behind wiggled in the seat as the brown muck poured onto her. Her crotch was soon filled with vegetables and meat. She took her hands and scooped handfuls from between her legs and rubbed it onto herself cheekily. She could feel the huge chunks between her legs. Her hair and tip were covered in stew.

When the stew ceased, Leah was then slowly covered in strawberry banana smoothie. The mixture was ice cold, soft and smooth. It poured upwards and sideways at Leah. Squirting her in the face and body like a hose pipe. Leah giggled as she was sprayed down. The smoothie was incredibly delicious. Pink liquid coated Leah from head to toe. As the chair finally came to a stop, Leah took her hand and tasted some of the smoothie. Despite the tinge of spaghetti , beef stew and other substances, it was still delicious. “Yummy,” Leah said , batting her eyelashes.

Mr. G. came over to Leah. She reached out to him with her smoothie covered hand. “Want a taste? It is so yummy,” she said. “Maybe after the show,” Mr. G. replied. “Oh yeah, sounds like more fun,” Leah replied.  “Anyway, how was it?,” Mr. G. asked. ”Oh, everything that I imagined and more,” Leah replied. “I am such a dirty girl. I love it. It is all over my body. It is everywhere. It feels so good. So right. It feels like…having sex,” she said. “Well, on that note, it is time to say goodbye for now. Well done to Leah.” Everyone applauded. Leah blew kisses. Mr. G. helped the filthy young singer from the judge’s chair. Sloppy food fell from her body everywhere as she stood up.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

stwnsh, mom clip

Here is the clip of that amazing gunging on Stwnsh Sadwrn. Let's hope it is not the last.

some pie clips

TNA knockouts. Tara pied and dunktank

Jenny slo mo test lab pied and gunged

Two sexy women pie on another