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Imogen Thomas may regret cheating

Imogen Thomas may regret cheating

Natasha Giggs hated Imogen Thomas for having an affair with her husband. The whole thing had ended up in the press and was embarrassing for everyone. Natasha put the blame squarely on Imogen. She felt like the Big Brother star was complete slag and that the affair was all her fault. Natasha wanted revenge on Imogen in the worst way. She devised a way to humiliate The Welsh star in public so that the whole world could see. Natasha approached a major television network and asked if they could set something up. They ere too happy to comply. They loved the idea. They approached Imogen about appearing on television. Predictably, Imogen jumped at the chance of being on television. She wasn’t too choosey about what she chose to do in her career. Of course, they did not tell her about Natasha’s involvement or exactly what was going to happen on the show. She had done some pretty crazy things, so would be up for quite a few things, but she probably would not have a agreed to participate if she had known Natasha was involved. As it was, Imogen was just happy for the exposure.

Imogen appeared on the show in a tight black dress that showed off the curves of her body. She was up for just about anything. The host welcomed Imogen to the show. “Nice to have you here, Imogen,” he said. “Nice to be here,” she replied in her sexy Welsh accent. “I suppose you are wondering why you are here and what is going on,” he said. “You could say that,” she said with a giggle. “The theme of our show today is revenge,” he said. The audience gave a groan. “I don’t know if I like the sound of that,” Imogen said. “What we have is a special guest who would like to get revenge on you. What will happen is that you will be given a chance to save yourself. If you lose you will placed into our device behind you and our guest will take their revenge.” “Do I have a choice?,” Imogen asked. “Not really,” the host said. Everyone laughed.

Imogen was then given a game that she could not possibly win. If she won she would saver herself. A basketball hoop was brought out and she was told that she must make five baskets in one minute in order to save herself. Imogen was not very athletic anyway, but she had high heels on. Her attempts to shoot the basketball were greeted by roars of laughter. She could not help but laugh at herself. She was so bad at this. There was no danger of her making even one shot in one minute. When the time was up she shrugged her shoulders. “Oh well,” she said. “That didn’t go to well did it?,” the host said. “Um, no, I really stink,” she replied with a laugh. “Well you failed to save yourself, are you ready for your fate?,” he asked. “I suppose I ‘ll have to be,” she replied. “Would you like to join me,” he asked. Imogen shrugged her shoulders. She knew that she really had no choice.

Imogen followed him to the back of the stage to what looked like a huge wheel with some strapped on it. “Come on Imogen, time to get strapped in,” the host said. Imogen let out a deep sigh and then turned around and pressed her back against the wheel, pushing herself up a bit into place. He instructed her to raise her arms. She complied. She raised her arms above her head. He then secured her wrists in place with the straps. Imogen was then asked to spread her legs apart slightly. She did so. The host then took two more strapped and fastened them around each of Imogen’s ankles. Her dress rode up, exposing even more of her sexy, fake tan covered legs. Imogen was now firmly tied in place. She was totally helpless, strapped to the wheel. She was now totally helpless. She did wonder what was going to happen next at this point. 2Imogen, are you comfy in there?,” the host asked. “Yeah I am just great,” she said.

“Now shall we meet our surprise guest,” he asked. “May as well,” Imogen responded. “It is our old friend, Natasha Giggs.” The crowd cheered. Imogen rolled her eyes and mouthed the words, “ I fucking knew it.” She stuck her tongue to the side of her mouth. Natasha walked in a waived. She pointed at Imogen with both index fingers and laughed. She then wheeled out a trolly of messy substances. She gave Imogen an evil look. “It is time for revenge,” the host said, letting Natasha loose on the prone Imogen. Natasha did not grab any of the messy items yet, instead she sauntered over to Imogen.

She walked over to Imogen and grabbed her by the face. “I am going to enjoy this, you filthy dirty little slut,” she shouted. She then placed her hands on Imogen’s chest and took hold of her dress. She then thrust down and across as hard as she could. She pulled down and ripped Imogen’s dress to shreds. She pulled it down her body until it was off completely. Natasha then took the balled up dress and threw it in Imogen’s face. Imogen was left in only her dark purple bra and panties. Her stomach and the rest of her skin exposed. She was thankful that she wore underwear on this occasion, because she did not always do so wearing dresses like this one. Imogen closed her eyes and did her best not to give any reaction to the venom that was being directed her way.

In the meantime, Natasha had gone to the trolley and grabbed something for the helpless Imogen. She grabbed a huge cream covered cake. She took it in one hand and approached Imogen. Imogen squirmed and tried to get free, but of course there was no use. Natasha slowly sauntered up to Imogen brandishing the creamy cake. It was covered in whipped cream, sprinkles and strawberry. It had custard and jam in the centre. The cream looked like it was at least and inch thick. It looked delicious, but no one was going to be eating this cake. Instead, Natasha walked as close as she could to Imogen. She smirked as she decided where the cake was about to be planted. She then leaned back. Imogen shut her eyes in anticipation. She thought that the cake would be headed straight for her face, but she was wrong. Much to her surprise, as her eyes were closed, she felt a huge splat between her legs. She let out a moan as he felt Natasha’s palm driving the cake into her crotch. Natasha twisted the palm of her hand around, crushing and smashing the sponge in the cake into mush all around Imogen’s midsection. When she finally withdrew her hand, what was left was a gigantic round splatter mark that started at Imogen’s mid thigh and ended around her belly button. The epicentre was between her legs. Imogen could feel the cream and the cake inside of her knickers and all over her womanhood. Already her panties were a little bit more sticky than she would care to admit, and not all of it was from the confectionary concoction that had been splattered all over her nether regions. Natasha stepped back and crossed her arms. She looked on admiring what she had just done. She pointed and laughed.

Natasha then grabbed a chocolate cream pie. It was a delicious mixture of chocolate pudding and whipped cream. She held it with one hand and again approached Imogen. She licked her lips. She placed her hand on Imogen’s hip. She looked her in the eyes and said,” I hope you like chocolate you little tramp.” “Oh God,“ Imogen said to herself. She then took the pie, in her other hand and smashed it into Imogen’s face. She twisted it round and round, enjoying every second of getting one over on her love rival. “Oh yeah, I bet you like that don’t you? How does that taste you slut?,” Natasha taunted. Imogen could only gasp for air as Natasha held the pie tin in place for a moment. When she finally, let go, she revealed Imogen’s face dripping with whipped cream, chocolate pudding and pie crust. Some of the crust fell from her face down her body and onto the floor. Some of the excess pie rolled down Imogen’s chest and down her sexy body. Her eyes were wide as she came up for air. Her face slathered in pie. Imogen attempted to move her face around to allow some of the pie to fall, put it did little good.

Natasha now returned to the trolley and grabbed two bottles of ketchup. She took one in each hand and removed the lids. She then took a place about two yards from Imogen. She pointed the ketchup bottles at her and took aim. She then squeezed down with both hands on the bottles at the same time. Natasha squeezed as hard as she could. The ketchup flew through the air and both streams of it landed on Imogen’s tanned stomach. Natasha moved the bottles around slightly as she squeezed sending it all over Imogen’s stomach in dripping red lines all over her abs. Imogen’s body fidgeted slightly but she was barely able to move. Natasha then raised the bottles and sprayed some more ketchup all over Imogen’s breasts. Natasha took direct aim this time. The ketchup criss crossed all over Imogen’s now perky breasts and all over her dark coloured bra. Imogen’s eyes widened. Natasha then raised her aim even higher and sprayed ketchup all over Imogen’s face. Imogen spit and sputtered. Imogen’s body fidgeted as she was sprayed in the ketchup. Imogen screwed up her face as Natasha mercilessly sprayed her with the ketchup.

Natasha then went over to see what would be next for the defenceless Welsh glamour model. What she discovered was some large mounds of luncheon products. They sat in blobs on the table. They included ham salad, chicken salad, prawn salad and tuna salad. They looked and smelled disgusting. Natasha grabbed the chicken salad first. The size of the blobs fit perfectly into her hand. They were slightly more than one handful of the stuff each. She walked over to Imogen and looked her up and down, deciding where she was going to place the mess that she held in her hand. She tapped her chin with her finger, pretending to be in deep thought about it. She then took her hand and grabbed Imogen’s panties at the waist. She pulled them outwards and then placed her hand at the zenith. She then opened her hand and let the chicken salad fall into Imogen’s underwear. She then quickly let go of the panties with her other hand. They snapped back into place. Imogen now had underwear filled with chicken salad. Her panties were tiny and tight as it was, but now they bulged with chicken salad. Some hung out between her legs and at her waist. It was all packed tightly against her private parts. She could feel the chicken salad all over her vagina and even against her butt crack. The feeling of the sloppy chicken salad pressed against her most intimate regions was a strange sensation.

Meanwhile, Natasha grabbed the ham salad from its spot on the tray. She approached her half naked rival, who was already dripping in various messy substances. She decided that the ham salad would be best placed on Imogen’s stomach. Natasha took her hand and pressed the ham salad against Imogen’s stomach. She could feel the sloppy warmth of Imogen’s flesh as she pushed the sloppy ham mess onto her body. She twisted it around a bit, squashing it against Imogen’s taut body, so that it would stick in place on her. The substance itself was totally disgusting. It was slimy and rotten. The feel of it against her sexy body was not something that Imogen was enjoying very much. Natasha pushed it in. She then stepped away, leaving the ham salad stuck all over Imogen’s body. Some of it fell off of her, some of it stuck in place.

The rotten tuna salad was next to come. Natasha grabbed that and with an enormous smile approached Imogen again. Natasha decided that this time, Imogen’s massive bosoms would be her target. These had seemed to increase dramatically in size over the years. Natasha took her aim as she walked towards Imogen. She took her hand and plopped the disgusting tuna salad down onto her breasts. She took both hands and spread the tuna fish all over both of her breasts. Her bra becoming filled with the tuna. Natasha took both hands and rubbed the tuna fish all over Imogen’s heaving bosoms. “Oh yeah, they are definitely fake,” Natasha remarked as she walked back to the trolley, leaving Imogen’s heaving mounds smothered in tuna salad. The smell of which was atrocious. Imogen felt as if she wanted to gag from the stench of the nasty tuna fish.

Natasha then walked over and grabbed the final ball of mess. This time it was the prawn salad. She took it in one hand and then pranced over to Imogen. She pulled herself up and put her hand to the top of Imogen’s head. She then smacked her hand down on the top of Imogen’s head. She smashed the ball of prawn salad straight onto Imogen’s head. She then lifted her hand. She had a bit of difficulty removing her hand at that point. She wiggled her fingers as the prawn salad and her hand was stick to Imogen’s brown hair. In a moment, she was able to dislodge her hand, leaving a mountain of prawn salad on top of Imogen’s head. It began to fall apart and ooze down the sides of Imogen’s face. She gave a disgusted look at the prawn salad slowly fell down her face. It looked like some kind of bizarre helmet on her head. Prawns fell and dangled everywhere.

Finally, Natasha returned with the final item. It was an enormous bucket, filled with manure. Natasha brought the bucket over and stood slightly away from Imogen. She said,” This is perfect for a dirty little cow like you.” She swung the bucket with both hands several times. On the third swing, she launched the manure straight at the helpless Imogen. The manure flew through the air and landed with a splatter all over Imogen. Lumps of manure landed on her face and splattered all over her body. The manure was real. It was runny and smelly. It was thick, brown and very lumpy. Imogen could feel the thick manure all over her. Natasha took a bow and then turned and looked at what she had done. She pointed and laughed at Imogen. “You should be used to situations like this,” Natasha said.

Then, before Imogen even realized what was happening, Natasha undid the straps that had secured her. She grabbed her by the back of the neck and pulled her with her to the back door of the studio. She pushed her out and then slammed the door. “See you later, Imogen,” she said. Imogen found herself in the middle of a public street in a busy city, wearing very little, totally covered in mess. She banged on the door. “Hey, what are you doing, someone let me back in,” she shouted. She got no response. No one was going to help her now, it appeared. “I’m covered in manure,” she shouted.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

Celebrity Big Brother Gunge

This was the majority rules task. Rihan and Danica were gunged. The gunge was pretty good considering. It was a lucky break as well that the two hottest women got gunged. Plus they really deserved it as well. They seemed to take it really well. See the full gallery on Tellygunge.

Sunday, 19 August 2012

Louise Redknapp football wager

Louise Redknapp football wager

Louise Redknapp is married to footballer Jamie Redknapp. Louise was involved in children’s television quite a bit while Jamie was off playing football matches. At one point Louise was appearing on a Saturday morning children’s show at the same time that Jamie was on the pitch for his team. Louise was always talking to her colleagues about Jamie’s team and how good they were. Her husband’s exploits on the football pitch was one of Louise’s favourite topics. She used to discuss it incessantly. It became a bit of a running joke on the show. The banter about this led to a bit of an on air bet. It was decided that since Louise’s husband had a match the following week during the taping of the show, that a bet should be made on the results of that match. If Jamie’s team happened to lose the match, Louise agreed to get gunged. She was nervous, but had a lot of fate in her husband.

The show began and Louise came out. She was dressed in her husband’s football kit. She wore his white jersey and a pair of blue shorts. They were in her size but slightly larger, as she was not the largest woman. She walked out and gave a little wave. He had a nervous looking smile on her face. She was interviewed at the beginning of the show. “So Louise, if your husband’s team does not win their match today you will have to pay the ultimate price. What are your thoughts about that?,” one of her fellow presenters asked her. “Well, I feel confident. I have faith in my husband and his team mates. They won’t let me down. I just know it,” she replied. “Come on guys,” she said, cheering them on.

Throughout the show, updates on the match were read out along with Louise’s reactions. The match was very close. There was no score for most of the match. Louise became more and more worried as the time passed. She did not want to end up covered in mess. She felt that she was the one with the most riding on the match. The players might have disagreed with her on this point. Everyone knew that the match was nearing its conclusion. Everyone was eager to see what the latest update would be. The show went over to Louise and her fellow presenter. “Now for our latest update,” the other presenter said,” I can tell you, will five minutes left in the match, it was all tied up at no goals for both sides. At that point the opposite team smashed in a goal, making the game one to nothing with less than five minutes to go.” Louise screamed, “Noooo! Dam,” with her mouth falling wide open. She knew that her chances of escaping clean were now slim to none. She had to pray that her husband’s team could manage an equaliser in such a short amount of time. She would have to sweat it out.

She was not allowed to watch the match so was kept in the dark the whole time. Finally the end of the show came. “Ok everyone,” the other presenter said,” I know what is on all our mind is the results of the football match earlier. I can now reveal that Louise’s husband’s team….did not manage to come back. The final score was one to nothing.” Louise laughed and shook her head. “I can’t believe it,” she said. “That, brings us to a little matter of the bet,” the presenter said. “And what bet would that be?,” Louise asked. “I don’t recall any bet being made,” she said. “Well the gunge tank behind you might serve to give you a little clue,” the other presenter said. “Oh that bet, you know, it completely slipped my mind. I don’t think anyone really wants to see that do they,” she said comically. “I don’t know. What do you think guys?,” they asked the audience. The audience cheered its approval and started to chant, “gunge her, gunge her” “Does that answer your question?,” the presenter asked. Louise just giggled.

Louise was accompanied over to the tank. She sat down and the door was closed behind her. She smiled and wrinkled up her nose. She took both hands and smoothed out the ends of her hair. The presenter stepped out and took his place. “Louise, your husband’s team did not win and now you have to pay the consequences.” “I know, I will get him later for this,” she joked,” He is going to love this. I am sure that he always has wanted to do this. I am not easy to live with,” she teased. “I suspect that you will be even worse to live with for the next few weeks after this,” the presenter said. “You got that right,” Louise laughed.

“Ok then, here we go everybody. This is going to be fun.” Louise tapped her hands on the door of the tank and begged,” Please, don’t do this.” The presenter looked at her and then said simply, “Sorry”. The tank was a large one, but it was calibrated to set off a chain reaction of messiness when the release button was pushed. Louise did not really know what to expect, but she knew that it would soon be all over. She knew that she was about to get covered.

“Ok everyone, on the count of three, Louise is going to receive her punishment. Everyone help me out,” the presenter said. Everyone started to count. “ Three….two…one!” The presenter pressed the button. A loud buzzer sound went off in the studio and some flashing lights started beaming around the studio. It sounded like someone had pushed a self destruct button. Louise closed her eyes and contorted her neck, waiting for what was about to happen. With that a few, boing, noises were heard and, from somewhere inside the tank, pies flew through the air at Louise. She could not put her hands in front of her fast enough. The first one slammed into the side of her face. It stuck in place for a moment, leaving a trail of sticky white cream on Louise’s hair and her cheek on that side of her face. It only really covered the back and side of her head at this point. She screamed and laughed. Another flew through the air and smashed onto her chest. It bounced into her breasts and then slowly fell down her football jersey, leaving a trail of chocolate and cream as it went, finally landing on her lap and then, finally on the floor beneath her.

In quick succession more pies were fired at Louise. Then next one flew through the air and hit her full on it the face. It almost knocked the wind from her for a moment. She had to catch her breath. The pie tin stuck to her face. It knocked the previous tin loose though. It stuck in place for a moment, before falling when the next pie smashed into Louise. This time it landed square between her legs. As she was in the tank and no one could really see below her waist, she had not crossed her legs, not expecting to be nailed with a pie. The pie collided with her shorts. It covered her shorts and her tummy in cream. When the last pie fell from her face, it revealed that her hair was matted across her face. Her face was covered in thick yellow custard and white whipped cream. She stuck her chin up and licked her lips giving a little smiled.

Just when the pies seemed to stop coming, Louise heard a bubbling sound from her sides and beneath her. She looked around to see where the noise was coming from. Her head darted around in all directions. Unfortunately, she could not see very well that this moment in time, because her vision was slightly, momentarily impaired by the cream and custard that covered her face and hair. The bubbling sound began to get louder. Then all of a sudden, from below and from the sides, jets, like those in some kind of jacuzzi exploded in her direction with a spray of multicoloured foamy mess. The substance was somewhere between silly string and foam from a foam party at a nightclub. Jets fired the substance from Louise at either side of her. They sprayed between her arms, all over her chest and across part of her face. Another jet fired straight up in the air. It seemed to be aimed at her crotch and stomach. The stream of foamy mess fired irregularly at Louise in all directions. She laughed, screamed and squealed. She waived her hands about in an effort to try to deflect some of the foamy mess that was coming her way. It did very little good, because even when she managed to deflect some of the mess, it had nowhere to go because of the tank that she was in so, it just splattered all over another area of the tank and her body. The mess was also coming from all directions so there was very little that could be done to avoid its force.

If this wasn’t enough, the foamy mess that was on the bottom of the tank seemed to be getting higher all the time. It soon became apparent that the tank was filling with mess from the bottom up. Louise looked down and saw that the foamy mess had already risen to a level that just about reached her knees. She splashed around in it and stomped her feet. Eventually it stopped filling when it was about one quarter of the way up the tank. Soon another loud buzzer went off the same as the one that had gone off previously.

Louise laughed and raised her shoulders. She closed her eyes and looked up in the air. When she looked up, she was greeted with an enormous blob of pink gunge that fell straight down on her from above. In a moment her face was splashed with pink gunge. She shook her head and tried to look forward. The gunge did not cease there. The first bit was just the beginning. The gung poured down on her for what seemed like ages. It continued to pour and pour. Her blonde hair and face were soon totally covered in gunge. She closed her eyes and gave a pained look as the gunge poured down over her. It seemed like it would pour forever. The gunge soon soaked her football jersey, turning it pink, perhaps to stay that way forever. Her jersey was totally soaking in gunge. Gunge poured down her back and all over her shorts. Her lap was soon filled with tons of gunge. The gunge also made the level of the mess in the tank rise even more. It was now almost to Louise’s bellybutton. She shook her head. She was overwhelmed the amount of mess that was now piled in the tank all around her. When the gunge finally trickled to a stop, she was out of breath from laughing so hard. She screamed and laughed as the gunge trickled to its end.

Louise ran her hands over her face and then up through her hair. She pushed some of the layers of gunge off, pushing her fingers through her hair. She pushed the gunge away, clearing her eyes and her forehead. She laughed again, but then gave some sad, puppy dog eyes. Everyone gave her a round of applause. She bowed and gave a courteous little waive. She smiled as the slime continues to drip down her face from above. She wiggled her hands and rubbed her knees. She bowed as everyone gave her a round of applause.

“I am going to kill my husband when I get back home. He better not laugh at me, that is all I am saying. He did this to me. Jamie honey, if you are watching, you are going to get it. Don’t be surprised if you hear from my lawyer. Not really, it isn’t his fault at all. They did all they could and I am proud of him and his team. He just better not enjoy this too much,” she said, pointing at the camera.

The show then ended as Louise waived a messy goodbye, still inside the tank.

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

Big Brother Pies in the face

A little while ago there were a few pies in the faceon Big Brother. Deana, Ashleigh and Becky got pied. It was quite good considering. There has been a lot of mess on teh show this year, if you think about it. There were gunge tanks, Ashleigh got gunged and there were laods of pies on Bit on the side and the main show. It was a good year as well on the show. I am a big fan.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

Caroline Flack in Gunge Court

Caroline Flack in Gunge Court

Rebecca Ferguson and Caroline Flack had a disagreement in the press. It all centred around Caroline’s relationship with a member of One Direction who was much younger than she was. Rebecca had expressed her distaste for the relationship because of the age difference. This, to many seemed a little hypocritical, as Rebecca herself had also dated a member of One Direction who also happened to be much younger than she was as well. Why Rebecca had chosen to make a comment about this at all was a mystery in itself. It really had nothing to do with her at all. Caroline had not really said anything as a rebuttal to this. Caroline had taken a lot of heat and abuse because of her relationship with the young man. She was despised by immature fans of the group because she dare be seen in public with the star that they fancied.

The argument between the two never really went away. As silly as it was, the feud had never really died. It was decided that a good way to settle the whole thing would be a trial in the forum of the gunge court. Rebecca and Caroline both agreed to have their case heard in this forum. Both would get to present their case. The jury would then deliberate and return with a decision. The person who lost the case would then face getting messed by the winner as punishment for losing the case. It was going to be a lot of fun. Both women were firm in their belief that they were in the right.

Rebecca and Caroline walked into the court room and took their places in the plaintiff and defendant spots. Rebecca wore a smart white sleeveless blouse with a black bow and black striped hot pants. Caroline wore a dark red blouse and her infamous black hot pants. There was a crowd in the gallery. The jury was made up of One Direction fans. This did not bode that well for Caroline. Most of her boyfriend’s fans hated her. The judge then walked in and everyone was told to rise. Of course it was not a real judge. It happened to be Caroline’s X tra Factor co host Olly Murs dressed up as judge. He sat down and said that everyone may be seated. He used his gavel.

“We will not hear the case of Ferguson vs. Flack. You will each be given ninety seconds to state your case. The jury with ten have five minutes to decide their verdict. You have both agreed to adhere to whatever their verdict may be. The loser of the verdict will then brought to the witness stand to receive their sentence. Miss Ferguson when you are ready,” Olly said.

Rebecca stood up. She started off in her famous, sexy accent. “…I just think that what she was doin’ was wrong. She is like fifteen years older than her boyfriend. I think that’s disgustin’. It’s embarrassin’. What’s she want with someone that age. It ain’t right. He must just be usin’ her for sex or sumtin. She must be a slut. I just think it is wrong. It is as simple as that,” she concluded.

“Miss Flack, it is your turn now,” Olly said. Caroline stood up and looked over at Rebecca. “I think it is totally our of order that Miss Ferguson here and quite a lot of other people seem to think that they have the right to discuss and judge my personal, private life. It is none of her business who I have sex with. It is none of her business. Besides, I did nothing wrong. The two of us just fancied each other, it is as simple as that. The relationship is finished now anyway. It was just a bit of fun. It was no big deal at all. I think the whole thing is just ridiculous.” Caroline caught her breath and sat back down in her seat. She pulled her chair forwards.

“Now, both sides have had their chance to convince our jury, but who will they said with. The jury will get to go away in private to discuss the case. Please return in five minutes with your verdict,” judge Olly said. The jury stood up and took their leave. Caroline and Rebecca did their best not to make eye contact for those five minutes. They both looked nervous. Caroline was particularly nervous. She knew that a lot of young women, in particular did not like her through jealousy or through other reasons.

Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the jury returned. They went back to their places. “Ok jury, do you have a verdict,” Olly said. “Yes we do,” the head juror stated. “Please read your verdict for the court room,” Olly said. “We the members of the jury,” the juror said,” Find in favour of…” He then paused. Everyone held their breath. The tension could have been cut with a knife. “We find in favour of the plaintiff in this case.” Rebecca’s faced beamed with a smile. She smiled from ear to ear. Caroline’s face went bright red. Her eyes widened. She buried her face in her hands, her hair covering her face. The gallery applauded the verdict. Caroline shook her head in disbelief. She blushed and covered her face with one hand.

“Caroline, you have lost the case. Will you please step forward and receive your punishment,” Olly said. “But, I don’t want to,” Caroline said with a bit of a pout. “Oh no, you lost fair and square and you must obey the judgement of this court room.” The bailiffs were given a motion. They both walked forward towards Caroline. When she saw them coming, she stood up. “Ok, ok,” she said,” I am coming.” Caroline began the walk of shame. The gorgeous presenter with the beautiful brown hair was curiously forward towards the witness stand. When she passed Rebecca, she pointed at her and said,” I will get you for this.” Rebecca just laughed and applauded. Caroline walked forward and lowered her sexy backside into the witness booth. She crossed her sexy legs, causing her hot pants to ride up even more, thus revealing even more of her legs than before. She ran her fingers through hair and took a deep breath.

Everything about Caroline looked amazing. Her beautiful face, her amazing body and even her hair. Her layered brown hair even looked sexy. She was the perfect target for the mess and she was about to get covered in it. Young women all over the country were rejoicing at this moment. Caroline Flack was about to get dirty. Caroline was about to face total humiliation in front of the whole country. The bailiffs now pushed out a large gunge tank. They pushed it into place around the witness stand. The whole witness stand now being turned into a giant gunge tank, essentially. The device above was clear. It was a bit like the gunge tank in Basil’s Swap Shop combined with the bucket dump on Wild Animal Games.

“Caroline Flack you have been found guilty. You punishment will be receiving leftovers from the studio cafeteria…all over your head.” Caroline looked at him and laughed. “Thanks a lot Olly, we are meant to be partners,” she said with a laugh. She looked up. “Oh my god, that smells disgusting,” she said. She gave a half worried half disgusted look. “Rebecca you will get to do the honours. Can you please step forward,” Olly asked. Rebecca stood up and walked forward. She could not hide the enormous smile on her face. She was going to love doing this. She was going to get to teach Caroline Flack a real lesson. She rubbed her hands together as she walked forward. She was instructed where to stand adjacent to the witness box. She looked at the gunge box above Caroline’s head and smiled. She was shown a cord. “Ok, Rebecca, what will happen is you will get to do the honours of pulling that cord in your hand. That will release the contents of the tank all over Caroline. Then, when the tank is empty, you will get to refill it with more buckets, releasing it all over Miss Flack,” Olly said.

“Ok then, Caroline Flack, this court has found that you are guilty. It is time for your punishment to be handed out. Rebecca Ferguson you have won your case. You get the reward of dishing out the punishment on Miss Flack. I want to also assure everyone that all of the food in that tank is no longer edible. It has all long gone off by the smell of it.” “Oh my god,” Caroline said. “Rebecca you have one the case, you may do the honours,” Olly said.

Caroline nervously tapped her fingers as she awaited her fait. She nervously looked around. Rebecca grabbed the cord. She gave a sarcastic smile as she looked at Caroline. She had waited for and dreamed of this moment for a long time. Rebecca gave a sigh as she gently, but firmly pulled down on the cord. As she pulled it the bottom gave way on the tank that hovered inches above Caroline’s head. Caroline heard the sound of it pulling away. She clutched the sides of the witness box and shut her eyes tightly. She gave a half nervous laugh. The next sound that she heard was a disgusting plopping sound from above her. Her instincts told her to look up, but she knew what she would see if she did. It was only an instant later that she felt to leftovers falling onto her face.

The mess that was filling the chamber above her head was a mixture of food waste. It contained spaghetti, baked beans, beef stew, shepherd’s pie, gravy, mushy peas and various vegetables among other things. It was all mixed together in a mountain of disgusting, foul smelling slop. Caroline flinched as the first bits of it dripped down onto her nose and forehead. It appeared to be something akin to oatmeal in colour and texture, but Caroline did not have time to think about it, because streams of various foods were soon making there way downwards and onto her body. She felt a spurt of something on one of her legs. She looked down and saw what appeared to be rice pudding splatter across her naked thigh. It looked absolutely revolting. The look she gave was only passing though because as she looked down her hair was hit by what must have been something like coleslaw. It landed with a thud on the side of her head. By now streams of what looked like soup and/or curry were pouring onto her face and all over the front of her blouse. She cringed but the food was really pouring down her now. She could feel it soaking her top. It began to pour down over her face now. The whole time it was making a revolting plopping sound. Next a wave of rice, vegetables, peas and beans poured from above. She held her knees together as the foods poured down over face and body. Everything seems to be covered in a greasy sort of film, parts of the food were almost mouldy. The rice and peas stuck all over her body. Her legs were covered in sweet corn, peas, rice and beans all plastered in their collective slop. Rebecca could not help but giggle at what was happening to the X tra Factor presenter. Olly just leaned back and laughed.

Caroline was now being covered in a steady stream of baked beans. It appeared that some of the food was loaded in the tank in layers. Caroline’s beautiful thick brown hair was now being layered in baked beans in their disgusting sauce. She closed her eyes as her face was being covered in their rancidness. She tried as hard as she possibly could to keep her mouth shut tightly. She did not want to taste what was now being poured on her. The baked beans covered her hot pants. Her clothes were stained and would appear to be almost wet by this time. Now it seemed that spaghetti was on the menu for Caroline. The beans had been replaced now by a wave of leftover spaghetti. It poured onto the top of Caroline’s head. Her hair becoming tangled in spaghetti. It fell down her face. More poured all over her shorts and all over her legs. Caroline took her hands and stretched the spaghetti out. Blobs of food were everywhere. Caroline had no idea what to expect next. She did not even really realize what was hitting her most of the time because she was being covered in it. She tried to keep her head down as much as she possibly could.

By this time, Rebecca was allowed to climb to the top of the tank with a bucket and was told that she could start pouring it through the tank down onto Caroline. The buckets that Rebecca were given were full of garbage and more food waste. There was everything from French fries to pizza crusts to banana peels and egg shells in the buckets. Rebecca laughed to herself and waived as she started to empty the buckets onto Caroline. Rebecca tipped the first bucket. The greasy sloppy mess rolled out of the bucket and plummeted down onto Caroline in a huge mass of sloppy food waste. It almost looked as if someone had vomited on her. Blobs of it rolled down her face. A huge slab of it fell onto her lap, collecting in her crotch. Rebecca showed no mercy whatsoever. She just continued taking bucket after bucket in succession and dumping them on Caroline. When she was finished, Caroline was covered from head to toe in mess.

Rebecca walked back to her seat. She gave Caroline a glance over one shoulder and shrugged her shoulders, as if to say,” Tough luck, you deserve it.” Caroline was left wallowing in the mess. She opened her eyes. She made a funny face, pushing some of the mess from her face. She threw off a banana peel and an egg shell from her clothes. She then opened her legs and took both hands, rubbing away some of the mess. Olly looked over at her and laughed. “Don’t you dare start,” she said. “You absolutely stink,” he said. “yeah, I can see that,” she responded. Everyone else then left the court room. Olly ran out as well. Caroline was left there on her own. “Wait, you can’t just leave me her like this,” she called out.

She stood up and walked out of the court room. She walked out the back door. She looked ridiculous. She was still covered in spaghetti, baked beans, rice, peas and all sorts of other food. She was quite a site to behold. She could feel the sloppiness of the mess rolling down her bare legs. She could feel the filth all over her body. She needed a shower like she never needed one before. The smell from her body was horrendous as well. She had to walk to the other side of the studio to the dressing rooms to clean off. Of course, you can imagine the looks and the chuckles that she received from those who happened to see her on her way.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Pippa Middleton helps someone in need

Pippa Middleton helps someone in need

Pippa Middleton was going to have to be brave. She had to remind herself that this was a good cause. What she was doing was nothing compare to what others had suffered through. Pippa did loads of work for charities. One of the charities that she worked for approached her with a proposition. The charity worked with people suffering with cancer. Part of what it did was grant wishes to people who had the disease. One of their clients had made quite an unusual request, but it was a request that only Pippa could make come true. It came from a young man in his twenties. It seems that his dream was to get to spank and to gunge Pippa Middleton. It was an unusual request, but it was one that could be made to come true. The charity organisers did not believe that Pippa would really agree to something like this. They gave her a call anyway. They carefully mentioned to Pippa what the young man had requested. The response that they got on the other end of the phone was totally unexpected. There was a pause for a second. For a minutes they thought that Pippa had slammed the phone down. The next word that they heard was most unexpected indeed. “Ok, I’ll do it,” Pippa responded. They could not believe their ears. “Yeah, this person is sick. If he wants to pour some mess on me, if that brightens up his day, then I will do it. It’s fine.” The organisers could not believe that Pippa was so humble and so down to earth. God knows, she did not have to do this.

When the young man was visited and was told that his request was going to become reality, he was overjoyed, to say the least. This young man was going to get the privilege of pouring mess all over one of the Royal family. In particular Pippa’s world famous, luscious backside. Pippa kind of thought it was sort of sweet that the young man had made the request. She was kind of getting a kick out of making his day. It would be something most people would enjoy. He could hardly believe that Pippa actually had agreed to this. He was going to have the time of his life. The way Pippa looked at it, it was a very small sacrifice to make, to make someone’s life a little better. She was going to do everything she could to put a smile on this guy’s face, she decided.

When the day arrived Pippa walked into the building wearing an expensive looking dark blue coat that went just above her knees. She wore high heels. She wiggled her way down the hallway and into the young man’s room with the charity organisers. She walked up into the room with a big smile and was introduced. “Hi, I’m Pippa,” she said,” It is lovely to meet you.” She reached out and shook his hand. He was grinning from ear to ear. She looked amazing. She looked even better in person than she did on television or in magazines. Pippa smiled. “I have a surprise for you,” she said. She then undid the belt around her coat. She unbuttoned it and then pulled it open, revealing that she had nothing on underneath except for a very small white bikini. The man’s eyes almost popped out of his head at the sight that he was witnessing. Pippa opened her mouth wide and wiggled her eyebrows. “Make sure you get lots of pictures,” she told the charity organizers. She then hoped up on the bed and gave the young man a hug, posing for a photo.

In the meantime, some buckets were brought in along with a paddle. The paddle was brought over. Pippa rolled her eyes and laughed. “Be gentle with me,” she teased the young man, touching his arm. Pippa and the young man stood up. Pippa turned around. She pulled her hair over one shoulder. She then bent over the bed, sticking her famous, juicy backside high in the air. The young man was handed the paddle. “There you are,” Pippa said. “ Have at it.” He tapped the paddle on his hand. Pippa bit her lip. “Oh god, I am going to be sore tomorrow,” she joked. He stood up and twirled the paddle around. He stood behind Pippa as she bent over, giving him a perfect view of her infamous posterior.

He was a little nervous at first, he had never done anything quite like this before. “Don’t be shy,” she teased, trying to set his mind at ease. He pulled the paddle back gently and then pushed it against Pippa’s waiting rear end. He did not hit it very hard. The paddle bounced off of her bottom. “Come on you can do a bit better than that,” she said. He leaned back with the paddle and then smacked Pippa’s backside with it a second time. She let out a moan. She closed her eyes and smiled. “That’s better,” she said. He leaned back again and paddled her bottom. Pippa wiggled her bottom up and down, showing off the target for the paddle. He leaned back and paddled her again. He then paddled her backside five times in quick succession.

“Shall we do ten more whacks?,” Pippa asked. “We can count them down.” Everyone agreed. The young man leaned back and spanked Pippa with the paddle. “One” then again, “Two” and again “Three”. He spanked her again in succession. “Four, five, six, seven.” Pippa opened her legs wider and arched her back. “Eight, nine.” He paused for a minute. Pippa closed her eyes, awaiting the tenth. When it didn’t come, she opened her eyes and looked behind her. The young man waived to her and then tapped her backside with the paddle. “Ten,” he said. Pippa took a deep breath. She stood up and rubbed her bottom with her hands. It stung a bit, but it did not really hurt. “Well that was fun,” Pippa said. “I guess it is time to get messy then. I suppose it is time for me to receive my fait.”

Pippa pulled up a chair and took a seat In the middle of the room. “Ok then, if I must, I must. Enjoy yourself. I am a big girl. I can take it. Just go nuts. Don’t worry,” she said. The young man laughed. He thought about how nice Pippa was being to him. He was quite grateful, and was truly enjoying the day. He walked over to the buckets and grabbed one. It was filled with lumpy light green gunge. It was gloppy and looked a bit like mushy peas. The gunge had a similar texture.

Pippa was wiggling her toes and moving her legs up and down. She squinted and curled her nose. The young man walked up behind Pippa and took his position. Pippa closed her eyes and crossed her arms in front of her chest. She had no idea how it was going to feel to be gunged. She had never been through anything like this in her life. She put on a brave face but was quite nervous. She scrunched up her adorable little nose. She closed her eyes as the bucket was lifted. She laughed and squealed as she could sense it was being lifted and aimed at her. The gunge fell inches through the air and landed on top of Pippa’s beautiful brown hair. It poured on the top of her head and then down her forehead. Streaks of the gunge then poured down Pippa’s face. Green gunge rolled down her nose and her upper lip. It dripped from the top of her lip and then down her chin. Gunge then poured down the sides of her cheek in green lines of mess. The gunge then poured down her hair. It slopped and matted her hair, overwhelming and soaking it in green mess. Gunge poured down the ends of her hair. Gunge plopped down onto her breasts and onto her shoulders. Gunge then completely covered her face. She closed her eyes and stuck her neck out, allowing the gunge to cover her face completely. Gunge trickled down the curves and muscles in her neck. She moves her hands to her sides. Gunge poured down her front, all over her white bikini top, soaking her breasts in gunge. Her bikini top did not go totally see through, but the outline of Pippa’s nipples could be seen plainly through the white fabric. Pippa then proceeded to place her hands on her chest. She was a bit worried that her bikini straps would not withstand the onslaught of gunge that they were currently being met with. Gunge poured down her tanned, flat muscular tummy. The green gunge oozing down her smooth, dry, supple skin. The green gunge continued to pour down over Pippa’s legs now. She moved her knees in and out as her knees and thighs received the gunge directly. Gunge poured onto her bikini bottoms and over and between her thighs. Green gunge trickled down her calves to her ankles. Her feet and toes splashed and wiggled in a pool of gunge that had collected under Pippa’s chair. The young man smiled as he emptied the last of the gunge onto Pippa and placed the bucket on the ground. Pippa shrieked as she placed her hands on her face and pushed them upwards removing streaks of the gunge from her face. Her mouth was wide open. Her teeth the only part of her face that had avoided the green gunge. She pushed some of the mess from her face with her hands and pushed it aside. She cleared her eyes and giggled.

The young man then grabbed a second bucket of gunge. This time the gunge was bright orange. It was going to look fabulous along side the green that was already all over Pippa’s body. This time the young man began pouring the gunge in the opposite direction. He started at the base of Pippa’s calves this time. He tipped the bucket forward, aiming the orange gunge at Pippa’s calves and ankles. She moved her legs up and down as the gunge poured down over both calves. He then moved the bucket upwards, pouring the soft orange mess as he went along. He poured the gunge up over her knees and up her sexy thighs. He then took aim at her lap. He poured the gunge straight down over Pippa’s bikini bottoms. She could feel it up over her bikini bottoms and over her belly. She could feel the soft sensual feel of the messy gunge all over her belly button ring. She took both hands and rubebd the lovely orange gunge around on her belly and continued as the gunge was dumped onto her breasts. Pippa took her gunge filled hands and massaged the gunge all over her stomach and chest. She fondled her breasts in the gunge. She could feel her nipples becoming rock hard. The young man then poured the gunge up over her neck and then all over Pippa’s face. He held the bucket in place over her head and let the thickest, sloppiest gunge that lay at the very bottom of the gunge bucket dump out onto Pippa’s face. Pippa looked up and closed her eyes and let the gunge fall straight down onto her face.

The young man then dropped the gunge bucket leaving Pippa wallowing in the mountains of orange gunned that covered her entire body. He then walked over and grabbed yet another bucket of gunge. This time the bucket contained pink gunge. The young man looked down at Pippa. “Would you be able to stand up and turn around, please,” he asked her, sheepishly. Pippa knew what his meaning was without further explanation. She stood up and turned around. She placed her hands on the seat of the chair and bent over. She stuck her internationally renowned backside up in the air and spread her legs apart slightly, bending her knees. Her back arched. She knew that her rear end was going to be the next target for the gunge bucket. It was still relatively clean compared to the rest of her body. The young man approached Pippa and looked her over, thinking of where he was going to begin. He decided that he would take the bucket and aim the gunge squarely at the small of Pippa’s back, that way the force of gravity would take the gunge in the desired direction and do a lot of the work for him. He slowly and carefully tipped the bucket, making sure to aim it exactly where he wanted it to go. He began to pour. The first drop of pink gunge fell and splattered on Pippa’s back. She wiggled and shivered from the coldness of the gunge. He then tipped the bucket even more. The gunge fell from the bucket and rippled down over her back. It cascaded down over her body. Gunge poured down her back and the followed down all over her ample posterior. She wiggled her sexy bottom as the gunge slowly covered it. Her bottom was the focus. Waves of pink gunge poured all over it. She could feel her bikini bottoms being covered in gunge. Her bottoms were filled with gunge on the inside now as well. Gunge poured all the way down the back of her legs as well. Her bottom and thighs were covered in it by now. The young man poured more down the backs of Pippa’s knees and down her calves. He then stood there and held the messy bucket over her and let the rest of it just fall on her. He took his time soaking up every moment of enjoyment that he could.

When it was done Pippa turned around. She lurched towards him and with wide eyes, gave him a huge sloppy hug. She rubbed some of the gunge on him. He tried to pull away. They both laughed. They then posed for some pictures together, Pippa messy, him clean. She shook his hand and gave a thumbs up. She sat down and caught her breath. She pushed some of the gunge off of herself.

“Hey, I hate to be a bother but would be able to trouble you for the use of your shower,” she asked politely. “Um, let me think about that,” he joked,” Of course, be my guest,” he said. He showed her where it was. She went and cleaned off in the shower. She scrubbed the lovely feeling gunge off of herself. It took longer than she expected. When she was done she dried off and returned in her bikini. She then put hr coat back on and tied up the belt around her waist. She shook the young man’s hand and gave him a hug. He thanked her and she replied that the pleasure was all hers. She left that evening. The young man had to pinch himself. He thought to himself,” did that really just happen?” Of course he had all of the photos as proof.