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Tointon Sisters 2: Hannah’s revenge

I have decided that I would make a second Tointon story. I hope everyone likes it. It is a bit different.

Tointon Sisters 2: Hannah’s revenge
Hannah Tointon had been humiliated on national television by her sister Kara. She had been covered with mess and her sister had taken great pleasure in seeing that she got nailed. She had loved every minute of her humiliation. Hannah now wanted to get revenge on her sister for what she had done to her. All of their fiends and family had been watching. Kara had made sure that no one had missed a single second of what had happened to Hannah. Hannah now began to hatch a plan in her head on how she could get her sister back for what she had done to her and how much she had enjoyed it. Hannah decided that the best way to set her sister up would be with the help of someone. That someone was going to be Kara’s boyfriend. The two had recently had an argument and Kara had been very vocal during it. Hannah approached Kara’s boyfriend with her plan. He thought it over for a moment, but quickly agreed to take part. Kara would not expect a thing. This way, she would be at her most vulnerable. The two agreed on a time and date. They spent a week setting it up for Kara. They thought of everything. They were going to catch Kara “with her pants down” so to speak.
They waited for an evening when Kara was feeling particularly frisky. It was all a part of the master plan. Kara and her boyfriend began to snog each other passionately. They were all over each other. “Should we go into the bedroom?,” Kara said excitedly. She took him by the hand and lead him to the bedroom. She kissed him and took her shirt off. She threw it to the side. They kissed some more. She then undid her trousers and lowered them down her tanned legs. When they reached her ankles, she kicked them off and to the side. She was left wearing only her purple satin, tight fitting bra and panties. They kissed again. They went to the bed and she laid down, pulling him on top of her. “I have an idea,” he said,” How about we use the hand cuffs.” Her eyes widened and she smiled, “Yeah,” she said, “Why not?” He went to the dresser drawer and pulled them out. He jingled them before her as she winked and smiled.
He took the handcuffs and put them around Kara’s right wrist. He then wrapped the other end around one of the bedposts. He grabbed a second set and attached it to Kara’s left wrist. He then attached it to the opposite bed post. He took a third set and placed it around one of Kara’s ankles. She shivered as he clanked it shut. The cold metal against her already moist skin. He then took the other end of the handcuffs and shackled Kara’s ankle to one of the bottom bedposts. Finally he took the last set of handcuffs and did the same with her other ankle. Kara licked her lips as she lay helpless before him. She was spread eagle in an X shape. “There is no escape,” he said in a kinky voice. “What are you going to do to me,” She joked. He left the room for a second and returned with a blindfold. She giggled and clanked her wrists when she saw it. He took the blindfold and secured it around Kara’s eyes. “No peaking,” he whispered. Her body was already tense. She was spread eagle, handcuffed and now blindfolded.
Kara’s boyfriend left the room and entered a minute later. The first thing he had was feather. He placed it onto Kara’s belly button and defined abs. She shivered, giggled and squirmed when she felt it on her bare stomach. He moved it down her stomach and then up again. She squirmed and screamed as he tickled her. He then moved the feather down her thighs and the backs of her legs, down her calves. He could see the goose bumps on her flesh as she began to moan slightly. Next he grabbed a single bucket of ice water and brought it into the room. He took a single ice cube. He pulled it out with he hand. He held it over her stomach and let a droplet of the ice water fall onto Kara’s awaiting stomach. She moaned with a new intensity. Beads of sweat started to form on her body. He now took the ice cube and placed it onto her stomach. She squealed and her body shuddered at the cold on her bare skin. He moved the ice cube down her stomach, watching as it slowly melted from the heat of Kara’s body. He moved the ice cube up and down her abs until it melted completely. He took a second pressed it onto the outer part of Kara’s thigh. He then moved it down her leg. She bent her knees the little that she could. He moved it down her knee as it melted and down her sexy calf. He took another cube and did the same to her other leg. The next one he pressed onto Kara’s armpit the melting ice mixed with the sweet sweat that started to bead on Kara’s skin. He moved the cubes down her arm. Another he moved over her bra and down the front of Kara’s panties. She could then feel him move away from her slightly. She had no idea what was about to come next.
In the next instant the entire bucket of freezing cold ice water was thrown at the prone Kara Tointon. The ice water washed over her body in a flood, soaking the sheets below her. It was thrown with such force that it knocked the blindfold right off of her. When she opened her eyes she was more than shocked to see her little sister Hannah standing over her laughing. “Surprise!!,” Hannah shouted,” You looked a bit dirty. I thought you could use a shower.” “You witch!,” Kara shouted and struggled to get herself free from the handcuffs. “Sorry, Kara, but you did it to me and it is my time to do it back to you. I need to get my revenge.” “I’ll get you for this,” Kara shouted. All she could do was shout because she knew that her sister now had her in a totally helpless position. She now tried to beg. “Please, Hannah. Don’t do this.” “Sorry,” Hannah replied, “It’s your turn.”
Hannah had a bunch of food that she had collected stored in the kitchen. She went there now and grabbed the first large bucket. It contained a great deal of chocolate mousse. It was in a large plastic contained. It was thick, smooth and brown. It was delicious as well. Hannah first took her finger and stuck it into the container. She pulled out a finger of the mousse. She stood over Kara, pressed her finger to the base of her bra and then moved her finger downward, leaving a trail of brown mess as it went. She then took the container and started emptying the chocolate mousse onto her sister’s prone body. She started dumping it onto Kara’s stomach and underwear. She pulled her panties open and dumped some inside, before snapping them shut. She then poured more all over Kara’s tanned legs. All Kara wanted to do was rub the mousse around, but she couldn’t because she was cuffed, of course she would never admit that to anyone. She could feel the thick, soft mess all over her. She could not describe how it felt, almost like a lovers hands on her skin. The dark brown chocolaty mess looked incredible as it oozed all over Kara’s body parts. Hannah then grabbed an identical container that held in it butterscotch pudding. She took this container and started to pour the light brown pudding over Kara’s head. It stuck to her hair. Hannah poured it all over Kara’s fringe. It oozed in and out of Kara’s heavy, product filled hair. She closed her eyes in a grimace as the pudding started to pour down her face, down her neck and shoulders and all over her breasts. The light brown starting to converge with the dark brown on Kara’s lower body. The pudding was already soaking the wet sheets below Kara. She now sat in a pool of messy that collected beneath her. Kara secretly had the urge to roll around in the mess that surrounded her, but again, she would never admit this to anyone.
Hannah now went to the other room and grabbed a squeeze bottle of brown Dijon mustard. The squeeze bottle gave Hannah complete control over the flow of the mustard. It would squirt out in tightly coiled lines of mustard that were uniform in thickness. Hannah started to squeeze the mustard onto her sister’s fringe and down her face. She moved it back and forth, creating a sort of pile effect on Kara’s head. She then poured more onto Kara’s breasts. She started from one side and squeezed the mustard across over and over again, covering Kara’s bra in the deli mustard. She then brought the bottle to Kara’s underwear. She started at the centre of Kara’s thighs and moved up the centre of her panties towards her belly button. She then moved the bottle back and forth across her underwear. Kara put her legs together as Hannah covered her underwear from her belly button to her knees in mustard. Kara’s boyfriend just stood and watched as Hannah extracted her revenge.
“Lets’ have some fun,” Hannah said. She went to the kitchen and emerged with a cake decorating kit. The kit contained various colours of icing and the means that were usually used by bakers to decorate wedding cakes. Kara could only look on as she realized that her sister was preparing to “decorate” her as if she was a human cake. Hannah attached a nozzle and started decorating her sister’s body with icing. She wrote words in blue, green and pink cream on Kara, such as “Hannah rules”, “Slut” and “Clean me” She also decorated Kara’s face, breasts and underwear. Hannah, of course, found this hilarious. Kara looked dejected.
Finally, Hannah grabbed the final bucket. The final bucket was filled to the brim with tomato and vegetable soup. The soup contained green beans, lima beans, corn, peas, carrots, spiral pasta and small bits of chicken, all in a redish brown soup. Hannah struggled with the bucket as she brought it towards her helpless sister. She teased her with it, as she began to lift it up. Kara closed her eyes. Every muscle in her body tensed up as prepared for what was about to hit her. Hannah lifted it and started dumping it right in her face. The soup washed over her, leaving bits of pasta and vegetables all over her. She spit out a mouthful of the soup. Hannah moved the bucket downwards, slowly dumping the contents over Kara’s body. The soup showered Kara in a flood of food. Again she tried to lift herself from the bed and to stretch her legs and body but there was no use. When the smoke cleared, she lay strapped to the bed covered from head to toe with bits of the soup along with all the mess that had come before.
“Oh yeah,” Hannah said,” I almost forgot.” Hannah went to the closet and pulled something out. What it was Kara could not see. Hannah pulled out what appeared to be a pillow case. She held it in front of Kara. Kara looked puzzled to what was going to happen next. Hannah then tipped the pillow case onto Kara’s head. Feathers fell from it onto Kara’s head, sticking to her sloppy body. In a second her head was covered. Hannah then sprinkled the feathers all over Kara. The slop that engulfed her already made the feathers stick to her. Hannah pointed and laughed. “You look so funny,” she said,” Sorry but you had that coming.” “Ok, ok,” Kara said,” We are even now. Can you uncuff me now.” “Oh wait, we lost the key,” Hannah said. Kara’s eyes widened. “Just kidding,” Hannah said.
Hannah unhooked Kara and helped her to her feet. She took her by both hands so she wouldn’t slip. She then helped her sister walk to the bathroom to have a shower. Hannah was surprised because Kara was not nearly as mad as she had expected her to be. Kara cleaned herself off and thought to herself that it had really been kind of erotic. She would never admit that to anyone else, however.

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Tointon sisters

Due to demand, Below is an earlier story about the Tointon sisters. I may do one in teh future with the sister who won the poll. It is one of my earlier stories, so it is probably a shorter one but I hope everyone like it.

Tointon sisters Results:

The Tointon sisters allowed themselves to be put up for public vote to face the mess, because they both could not resist the idea of getting to pour disgusting mess all over their sister. They both decided not to see each other for a week before the show in order to build the suspense. They only were allowed to text. Text they did, taunting each other back and forth. Both did not even consider the possibility that they might not be the winner.Hannah totally believed that it would definately be Kara getting it because she was much more famous then Hannah was. Kara believed that she was safe for the same reason. She thought that her fans would vote for Hannah in order to same her. Both knew that all of their friends and family would be watching. The winner would have bragging rights over her sister forever. The tape would be kept and replayed over and over again. Both dressed up for the occasion. Kara wore a short green dress with silver trim. Hannah wore a strappy yellow top and jean shorts.

The show began and both sisters were introduced. Kara was introduced first, mentioning her part on Eastenders. Then Hannah was introduced, explaining that she had acted on Hollyoaks. "Ok everyone," the host said," let's have a word from both girls to see how they are feeling about tonight. Ok, Kara how are you feeling?" "Well, I have to say that I well looking forward to pouring slop all over my little sister, " she said. "Yeah, but Kara, you might lose. I am sure there are plenty of people out there who would like to see you covered in mess as well." "Nah, I'm not worried. It's gonna be her for sure," she said. "Hannah, how do you feel about that?" the host asked. " It's just gonna make it that much sweeter when I get to do the honours. She is so conceited, " Hannah replied.

"Ok, everyone," the host said, "I think it is finally time for us to have the all important results, because one thing is for sure, one of these two sisters is going to get trashed and one is going to get the honour of dumping the mess all over her sister. It is going to be very sloppy for someone and very sweet for someone else. Are you ready girls?" "Yes," they said shyly. The lights were dimmed. "The loser with nearly 62% of the vote is..... Hannah." Hannah's jaw dropped and stayed open. Kara piointed at her and laughed uncontrollably. "I can't beleive it," she muttered. Kara jumped up and down "Oh yeah," she said. "What do you have to say Kara? You won, covincingly," the host said. " Was there ever any doubt?" she said, " I'm gonna gunge my sister, I'm gonna gunge my sister. You know I have always wanted to do this. She is gonna get trashed."

" And Hannah? You lost, fair and square," the host asked. "She is going to love doing this to me, and showing everyone. I'm so embarassed."

The hot seat and a cart were brought out to the centre of the stage. Hannah was lead to the chair and sat down. She crossed her legs and ran her fingers through her hair. She was visably turning red with embarassment. Kara walked over to the cart and pulled the sheet away revealing the contents of the cart. "Oh yes!," Kara celebrated, "This is going to be so sweet. I am going to enjoy doing this so much." "Ok Kara, on the count of three, you can do your worst. You can take the time to pour that slop all over your sister's body in anyway you see fit, " the host said. 3....2....1...Let her have it.

Kara started with a banana cream pie. She wiggled her way over to her sister, playing with the pie, twirling it in her hand. "Oh yes," she teased. "Please, have mercy," Hannah joked. "This is gonna look so good on you," Kara said. She pulled her hand back. Hannah squeezed her eyes shut. Kara smashed the pie in her sisters face, twisiting it around and around over and over again. She let the pan drop, leaving Hannah totally creamed. Hannah put her hands on her cheeks, taking huge handfuls as she laughed and screamed.

Next Kara took out a huge bucket of rice pudding. She went behind her sister. She played to the audience mouthing, Oh Yeah. She put a thumb out and the put it down, as the crowd cheered. Hannah tried covering her face in her hands but it was no use. Hannah tipped the bucket over her head. The rice pudding flowed everywhere in all directions. Washing down over her face and hair, all over her back. Loads more washing down all over her bare legs. Kara showed no mercy as the rice pudding poured everywhere. The crowd roaring in laughter. Hannah put her head up. "Oh my god," she said. "Gross" she screamed. She opened her legs as lumps of rice pudding had collected and she pushed it away.

Kara then collected the last the bucket for her sister. In it was a ton of bright orange gunge. Kara carried the bucket over to Hannah showing her how much was in it. "Oh no," Hannah whined. Kara then went behind her sister. She tipped the bucket over. Hannah grimaced and cringed as the gunge slowly poured over her head, dripping from her hair. The gunge poured down her face as she shut her eyes. The gunge poured faster down over Hannah's body. She shivered as she felt the cold slime all over front. It poured on her thighes and down her calves. Kara made sure that every inch over Hannah was covered. As the flow stopped, Kara hit the bottom of the bucket, making sure every bit was used. She put the bucket on her head like a hat. Hannah sat trying in vain to clear her eyes and clean her legs. She laughed in the end. "Yuck, " she said.

"Kara," the host said," How was that for you?" "Better than I could ever imagine. I loved that, best night of my life," she said. "And you, Hannah?," he asked. " I'm never gonna hear the end of this. It feels so gross, all over me. Look at me, it's everywhere."

"Can I get a copy of the tape please to bring home, " Kara said. "I wana relive this over and over whenever I want."

"Ok, everyone," the host said, " lets have a big round of applause for Hannah our loser. I think she deserves it after that. We'll see you again next time."

The show ended with a shot of Kara laughing and pointing at her messy sister as Hannah waived, while turning red with embarassment.

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More Jenni

Presenters 3 Jenni Falconer

Presenters Poll Part 3 Jenni Falconer

Jenni Falconer had done some pretty mean things in her life. She was pretty stuck up person and was not always that shy about it. However, on this day, she was about to get a taste of her own medicine. She truly deserved what she was going to get. She seemed to believe that because she was attractive and famous that it somehow separated her from regular people. This was the case even though she was only a television presenter at the end of the day and not exactly a Hollywood A lister. On this day Jenni was joining to be taught a lesson in humility. She was really going to be put in her place.

Jenni was hired, as she always was, to do some presenting work for one of the usual television shows that she worked on regularly. She believed that it would just be a normal day’s work. She was quite used to getting asked to jobs like this, so she didn’t think that there was anything out of the ordinary about it. She came into the studio and had her hair and makeup done as always. She was told that she was going to be doing a piece bullying and women who believe that looks are everything.

Jenni a short black dress that stopped at her shoulders and ended at the top of her thighs. Her shoulders and legs were, basically bare. Jenni started the piece and interviewed some women who were dressed as tarts with short dresses, fake tan, fake nails and lots of makeup on the subject. The next part of the show Jenni interviewed two men, one was slightly overweight and the other had glasses. They explained that although, they were not bad looking guys, they always had trouble meeting women because a lot of women their age were shallow and only wanted to be with certain types of men. The guy with the glasses went into detail about his experience. “That’s awful,” Jenni said,” I can imagine how horrible that must feel.” “Well, Jenni,” the man said to her,” I know that you have some first hand experience with this kind of thing.” She looked surprised. “How do you mean?,” she asked. “Well, I remember, years ago, before you were famous, you were on a little show called blind date.” “Yeah I was, but how does that relate,” she asked. “Well, if I can take all of us back to that show for a moment, we will all see just what I mean. Can you play the VT please.” The video of Jenni’s appearance on Blind Date played on the screen behind her. It showed that the person that she had won a date with was a larger gentlemen. When she saw him, she laughed at him and looked embarrassed. The video stopped. “So, Jenni,” the man with the glasses said,” You thought it was hilarious that you would ever go on date with someone, because they were over weight. You clearly thought that you were too good for that man. Well, he is a human being and has feelings as well. He is probably a much nicer and more intelligent person than you are. You clearly thought that it was beneath you to ever consider going out with someone like him. How dare you think that you are better than anyone. How do you think he must have felt. You humiliated him on national television.” “I don’t know what to say,” Jenni said. She looked annoyed to be shown up like this. She couldn’t believe what was happening. She turned bright red and was becoming very hot and sweaty. “Well, Miss Falconer, we have quite a surprise for you today. You know that man that you humiliated all those years ago? Well let’s welcome him to the show.” The large man walked in and waived, taking a seat next to the man with glasses. Jenni glared at them. “Well, Miss Falconer, we have another surprise for you. Since you think that it is great fun to embarrass people on national television, we all think that it is only right that today you get to have a taste of what it feels like to be humiliated. It is the least you can do, I think. After all, people like us are treated like crap our whole lives by people like you, so a few minutes of embarrassment is actually nothing compare to what we get treated like on a daily basis. Also, I think this poor bloke deserves the chance to get some kind of revenge on you for what you did to him.” Jenni’s voice got low and serious,” What are you going to do to me?” “Well, Jenni, I’m so glad that you asked. What we have for you is quite a large amount of messy food, which you will be wearing, with the help of my friend here.” “You’re going to gunge me then,” she replied. “Pretty much,” he replied. She blew some air from her mouth. She was still red as a beet all over her body and sweating like a pig.

Jenni was taken by the arm. As she was, she whispered in the man with the glasses ear, “Is there anyway out of this? Although I didn’t fancy him, you are quite cute.“ “Sorry,” he whispered, “You really deserve this, but if you are telling the truth, we can talk after the show.“ He didn’t believe that she was telling the truth. He figured she was just trying to sneak her way out of the situation. He would have never trusted her anyway. They were too strong for her to resist and brought over to a chair. She sat down, crossing her legs. In the mean time the mess was brought out. As she looked at the mess being wheeled in her eyes widened and her mouth dropped. When her attention was diverted, the man with the glasses grabbed a set of handcuffs and cuffed Jenni’s wrists together, behind her back to the chair. She pulled her arms forward. “Hey,” she said, “You didn’t need to do that. I can’t get away anyway.” “Just making sure,” he said,” There is no escape. Ok,” he said,” I am going to let the big man here do the honours. He really deserves this. I hope he enjoys every second of this. Take your time and have fun. This is your moment for revenge. Revenge on Jenni Falconer ladies and gentlemen.”

Jenni tried kicking her legs and stomping her feet. “Oh yeah, let’s get that dress off,” the man with the glasses said, “We wouldn’t want to ruin it.” “No, please,” Jenni said,” I’m not wearing any underwear.” Her blind date then walked up to her and grabbed the top of the dress at her arm pits. He placed his thumbs inside and pulled down. In one swoop, he pulled the dress down to her knees. It fell to the floor, he grabbed it and held it above his head. He then threw it aside. Being handcuffed, Jenni could only wriggle about in an effort to cover her modesty. However, everybody got a great view of Jenni’s thin tanned, muscular body. She cowered in her chair and tried to keep her famous legs as close together as possible to hide her private parts from everyone’s view.

The big man now went over to the table and looked at the messy items available to him. His eyes widened and he smiled and laughed. “It’s time for Jenni to get dirty,” the man with the glasses said. The man grabbed a bucket that was filled with lovely dark blue gunge. He walked over to Jenni with it. Jenni begged and pleaded with him. She tried to bargain, but he just shook his head. She continued begging as he started to pour. Her mouth open as he started to pour the blue gunge over Jenni’s short blonde hair. It poured down her face as she screamed and then screwed her face up. The gunge poured down her bare shoulders as it covered her face. She tried catching her breath. The gunge slithered down her body, over her breasts, down her chest. Some fell and collected in Jenni’s lap and then trickled over her thighs and knees. Her whole top half was completely covered in the tick gunge. It was very soft and smooth and slightly cold. As the flow stopped, it dripped from her nose and nostril. She sniffed and tried to blow some of the gunge from her face. As she was handcuffed, she was powerless to clean any of the mess from anywhere on her face or body. She had to just sit there and take it.

Next the big man grabbed a large bucket of custard. It was very thick, yellow custard with lots of lovely lumps in it. Before Jenni knew it was coming, it was already pouring over her face. She could taste it and smell it as globs of custard poured onto her head and face. He then raised the bucket and brought it to her front. He tipped it onto her knees. The yellow mess directly on Jenni’s sexy legs. She moaned slightly as it dripped down her calves to her ankles. He moved it backwards, pouring custard lashings onto Jenni’s thighs. He then took his hands and opened Jenni’s legs. She did not resist as he poured the rest of the custard directly between Jenni’s legs. Jenni’s eyes widened as she felt the custard directly poured all over her private parts. She closed her eyes as the bucket finished, heaping custard onto her shaved pussy. When it was done, she closed her legs. This caused the custard to ooze out upward with a squirt. She could also feel it oozing it’s way between her butt cheeks.

The next thing that was chosen was a bucket of baked beans. Up to this point, the gunge and the custard were relatively pleasant. The beans were downright disgusting. He took the bucket and went behind Jenni. She gritted her teeth and closed her eyes. She squealed as he started to pour the beans down her back. They poured down her back and down all over her ass. She instinctively leant forward, which allowed the beans to fall down her back and completely cover her ass. The feeling of baked beans on naked skin was something that she could not describe. She then leaned back again as he started to pour the baked beans over her head. They fell down her hair and all over her face. The beans in their disgusting sauce stuck all over her face. Some stuck to her nose and inside it. She tried to sniff again to blow some aside. More beans poured down over her front. He poured some on her arms and arm pits. He then poured some directly onto her breasts. She could not hide the fact that she was started to feel aroused by what was happening to her at his hands. Her nipples were now, clearly erect to anyone who saw them.

The next thing that the man grabbed for Jenni was a bucket of mushy peas. The bucket was gigantic and contained loads of thick, bright green slop. She took the bucket to Jenni and started to sprinkle some over her. He took his time and relished slowly pouring the green mess onto various parts of Jenni’s body. He poured some on her knees, then her breasts, her ass, her crotch, her legs and then all over her head. Jenni was now covered from head to toe in large circles of mushy peas on various body parts. The rest of the bucket he poured over her head. The peas oozed down her body until she was covered from head to toe in the stuff. Only her eyes, teeth and nostrils were visible under the pile of slop. Even her teeth were tinged with green mess.

“Ok, Jenni, we have another special surprise for you,” the man with the glasses said. “Since you are Scottish we have something very special for you. I know that you are going to just love it. We hope you like haggis. We have for you a whole meal of haggis, mashed potato and mashed suede all together in one delicious pot. Doesn’t that sound delicious.” “Well, being Scottish, I do like haggis, but I certainly never thought that I would have it poured all over me. It will definitely be something different.” It would be different indeed. Jenni might have been the first person ever in the world to have haggis poured on them.

Jenni’s match from blind date was now handed the pot. Everyone started chanting, “Haggis, haggis!” mocking Jenni. By this time, all she could do was laugh at herself. He took the pot and walked over to her. He started to pour the contents all over Jenni. The mashed potato came out first. It was thick, white and gloppy. It plopped on the top of her head and on her lap. It was followed by the mashed suede a second later. It was softer, more watery and more smooth, but a similar texture. She looked up as the bright orange suede fell into her face. She shook her head and split some out. Finally, layers of thick brownish black haggis started to pour onto Jenni. This disgusting meat slowly fell from the bottom of the pot and landed directly in Jenni’s face. It stuck to the top of her head. More bits of the sheep guts fell all over Jenni’s already covered body. The smell of the haggis filled the room. Murmurs of,” That’s disgusting,” were heard throughout the studio. When the bucket was empty the men celebrated and shook hands. Jenni just sat there, her head hanging down covered in slop.

“So there you have it,” the man with the glasses said,” What a great day. Jenni Falconer, covered in haggis. It doesn’t get much better than that. Revenge is sweet. Hopefully, she has learned her lesson.” He turned to Jenni. She said,” I’m sorry for what I have done.” Whether she meant it or not was a different story. Jenni was then uncuffed. She cleared her eyes and scraped some of the mess from her face and body. The segment ended with a close up of Jenni’s face, smiling, haggis falling from her nose.
Footage from Blind Date

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Lilith Fair

This time up for vote is some of the 1990's era singers who appeared in Lilth Fair.

Sheryl Crow, Fiona Apple, Jewel and Joan Osborne

Cat Deeley

Presenters Poll Part 2

Cat Deeley had spent years on children’s Saturday morning television. She spent years on SMTV Live. Strangely enough, she was one of the few presenters that had appeared on a Saturday morning children’s show that had managed to escape from getting messy. This had not gone unnoticed and Cat’s good luck was just about to run out.

Cat had now made a name for herself on American television and was now doing incredibly well for herself. Cat was about to make her first appearance on UK television in some years. Little did she know what was in store for her. She had been set up. She was unaware that a vote had been going on and that she was one of the leaders.

Cat had of course seen what had happened to people like Holly Willoughby, Konnie Huq and Fearne Cotton on similar shows to the ones she had been on. It even surprised her that nothing like that had ever happened to her, as her shows were very similar. She had never said that she would not take part in anything messy, it had just never been suggested or even thought about by the people who ran her show.

On this day, Cat entered the studio to be interviewed. She wore a peach coloured blouse and a tight fitting black skirt. She was introduced, waived and then sat down on the couch, crossing her legs. The host said that Cat had been in America doing television for sometime, but had gotten her start on UK television doing Saturday morning kid’s shows. He said that he wanted to welcome Cat back to the UK and give her a welcome back gift that would remind her of her days doing children’s shows. This would entail a nice gunging. “Actually,” Cat said,” I never actually really got messy in my days on Saturday morning television.” “Well, all the more reason. That isn’t very fair is it. I think that you are long over do,” the host said,” It think that it is only fair. What do the audience think?” They all cheered there approval. Cat put her hands over her mouth and giggled. She smiled and turned red. “Are you joking?” she asked. He shook his head. “Ok,” she said,” I’ll do it.” Little did she know that she really did not have that much of a choice, but the fact that she was willing to allow this to happen made everyone cheer. She adjusted her skirt and laughed. She opened her mouth wide and shook her face in the camera, making a funny face. She turned her head and widened her eyes as she saw the cart of potential messes being wheeled in for her benefit. “I am ready,” she joked,” I have been waiting for this moment for years. I couldn’t escape forever could I?” She laughed and made funny faces. She tried to look over to see what she was about to get covered in but it was no use trying. At the end of the day, she would find out soon enough anyway, when it was poured all over her. “Are you ready for this Cat?,” the host asked. “Oh yeah! Of course, bring in on,” Cat replied sarcastically.

The first thing that the host grabbed was a large bottle of thousand island salad dressing. Cat tried lowering her shoulders and burying her head, but it did not work. The host started to pour the bright orange salad dressing onto the top of Cat’s head. Her jaw dropped and her eyes went to the back of her head as she felt it over her head. It dripped down her beautiful streaked hair in lashes of orange. It then started to fall onto her face. Layers of thick orange salad dressing made their way down her forehead and down her face. She screwed her lips up and tried to blow the salad dressing from her face before it reached her face, but it didn’t work. The host brought the bottle forward. She squealed and contracted her muscles as the salad dressing was poured down her face. It dripped from her eye brow. It fell onto her mouth and down her nose and cheeks. Large amounts of salad dressing covered her face, while some of her tanned smooth skin was still visible beneath. More fell from her face down her body. It plopped onto her delicately lacy top and fell in blobs onto her skirt and legs. She opened her legs slightly as the salad dressing fell between her legs with a plop. More went on her sexy knees. When the bottle was empty Cat laughed and squealed, her mouth still wide open. She looked ridiculous covered in the smooth orange mess that covered her.

The next thing that the host grabbed was two strawberry milkshakes. He picked them up, grabbed the lids and toss them aside. He then walked up to Cat. “Oh no,” she said when she saw what was heading for her. He lifted one up behind Cat and started to pour it over her head and down the back of her neck. She screamed and nearly jumped out of her seat because of how freezing cold the milkshakes were. She clenched her teeth as he brought the shake forward and dumped the rest over her awaiting head. She closer her eyes as the thick pink mess fell onto her face and down her body. He took the second shake and started pouring it onto Cat’s black socks and shoes. She extended her legs as he proceeded to pour the ice cold shake up her calves and all the way up her thighs. The rest he poured onto her skirt. Cat took her fingers and wiped her eyes. She put her hands on her skirt. The mess was already so thick that she was able to take two handfuls of the mess and toss them to the side. Cat was now already covered in a mixture of orange and pink mess. It streaked and covered her beautiful hair and sexy tanned body. Her shirt already getting heavy from the mess that engulfed it.

The next thing that was taken was several trays of lasagne. There were two large trays each the size of a sheet cake, but nearly twice as deep. The trays were filled with mince, strips of noodles ,cheese and white sauce. The conglomeration of the lasagne would make for a very interesting item to pour onto Cat. Cat screamed,” Lasagne!! Oh my god!!” He took the first tray in both hands. He positioned it in front of Cat. “You wouldn’t dare,” she said jokingly. He then thrust the tray of lasagne forward towards cat. He smushed it against her, causing the contents to fall out all over her. He pushed the tray against her body. He then lifted it, revealing Cat, now covered in saucy bits of meat, noodles and cheese. Large chunks of the lasagne stuck to her face and body. She took her hands and tried to remove some of the larger chunks from her armpits, lap and hair. The host then took the second tray. This one was cut up into squares that were serving sizes. He brought the tray closer to Cat and then started to grab handfuls. He took the first and plopped it on top of Cat’s head. The next, he dropped down the back of her top. She could feel it slide down her back to the small of her back. He took his hand and smushed it around. She could feel it smush against her bra strap. The next he placed in her arm pits. He gently lifted her arms, one at a time, he placed the lasagne under her arm and then lowered it. He placed the next bit on her thighs. The next he forced down the back of Cat’s skirt and inside the back of her underwear. Finally, he took the last two handfuls of lasagne, one in each hand. He walked forward and thrust the lasagne into Cat’s face. She choked slightly as he twisted the disgusting pasta around in her face. She spit out mouthfuls, as he mercilessness twisted the leftover lasagne in her face.

“Ok Cat,” the host said,” We have another little surprise for you. Today we have some guests from your past that would like to say hello.” Cat scratched her head and gave a confused look. The audience chattered amongst themselves about who it might be. “Well, it won’t be that much of a shocker, but of course, your old mates Ant and Dec are here. They are not just here for pleasantries either. They are here to finish the job. I am sure they have wanted to do this for years. Everybody, let’s all welcome Ant and Dec.” Ant and Dec came into the studio to the audiences applause. “Looking good Cat,” Ant said. “ Thanks,” Cat replied,” Hi boys,” she said in a fake sexy voice. “So, guys, as you can see, Cat is a little dirty right now, but we need something to finish her off and we thought you two would be the perfect people to do the honours.” “Well, we would be delighted to,” Dec said,” And yes, we have wanted to do this for years, but never had the chance. She really deserves it.” Everyone laughed including Cat. “Bring it on,” Cat said and raised her arms, pumping her fists.

“Ok, guys, we have something a bit special planned for Cat today. Our friends at Let her Have it have been kind enough lend us a brand new device that they are debuting. Let’s reveal it now.” The curtains opened and a device known as the giant flush was revealed. What was revealed was a normal, slightly dirty looking toilet. Next to it was a plunger, a toilet brush and a roll of toilet paper. Above the small toilet was a large toilet. The bowl was positioned directly over the small toilet. There was a tank and a giant chain flusher. “Ok,” the host said, “This is what is known as the giant flush. This is how it works. The victim, Cat in this case is going to take a seat on the throne. She will sit on the toilet. Then, Ant and Dec will get to flush the large toilet. That will send the contents of the giant flush through the bowl and all over Cat. You will be flushing the toilet on Cat. The contents is brown, very lumpy gunge.” Cat’s jaw dropped again. Ant and Dec and the whole audience laughed and cheered. Before she could process what was happening, Cat was lead over to the giant flush. She positioned herself on the toilet and looked up. “I can’t believe I am sitting on the toilet on national television,” she laughed. “Ok guys, when you are ready, flush the toilet on your former colleague.” “Leave us for America will you,” Ant joked. In a second the pulled the enormous flusher. With that the studio was filled with the noise of a toilet flushing, followed by other noises associated with the toilet. Cat looked up just as a large amount of brown gunge poured through the large toilet seat above her and straight onto her face. She closed her eyes and jerked her head forward. The thick brown gunge now piled onto her head. It covered her bare legs in thick yet runny brown gunge. The crowd as well as Ant and Dec went wild pointing and laughing at Cat. The last thickest bit of gunge then fell from above and right onto the top of Cat’s head leaving a small collection on the top of her head. Cat sat on the toilet laughing. “Thanks for that,” she said sarcastically,” I never knew what I was missing. To think I could have had this every week. I am so glad to be back in England.”

Saturday, 9 April 2011

This is part 1 of the results for the presenters poll. This part is involving Christine Bleakely, as she got the most votes. The second part involves Cat Deeley who came in second.

Presenters Poll Part 1

Christine Bleakley had been doing shows on mainstream television for several years. She had always somehow managed to escape from all situations completely clean. Her co host Adrian Childs always seemed to be the one put in embarrassing situations, but on this day it was all going to change. Everyone who worked on the show with her was keen to see her get her just desserts. Christine had no idea that it was coming either. She didn’t realize that everyone she worked with was dying to see her get embarrassed. They were going to teach her a lesson. Everyone who worked on the show had set this up for weeks. At the end of the show on this particular Friday the joke, and mess, would be on Christine.
At the end of the show, Christine sat on the couch and was about to say goodbye to the viewers. She was interrupted and was told that there was a surprise in store for her. Christine was truly surprised. She had not expected that anything special would happen today. For a second she really thought it might be something good. Christine wore a yellow blouse and a very short, tight fitting black skirt. She sat crossing her tanned legs and had her hair in a ponytail.
“What’s this surprise then?”, Christine asked with a smile. Christine did not even see it coming when a buckets came pouring at her. She had no time to react before the substance inside splashed all over her. She screamed as she could feel and smell a revolting substance all over her body. She lifted her leg as some of it fell. In a second she knew what it was, tuna salad. It stuck to her hair and fell down her top and all over her legs. Bits went up her skirt on her bare thighs. She could feel it on her body already, clumps of stinking smelly fish mixed with mayo, sweet corn and god know what else.
Before she could even react, more food was being thrown onto her. In an instant a large bowl of cheesy broccoli soup was thrown on her. It splashed in her face, all over her top and onto her bare legs. The light green and white soup dripped from Christine’s tanned body, down her legs, down her calves to her ankles. She wiped her face taking two handfuls and throwing some soup sideways. She started laughing.
The next thing that was flung in Christine’s direction was a gigantic, oversized bowl of salsa. Straight into her face and body was thrown a gigantic amount of the salsa. Bits of tomato, garlic and peppers in the tomato sauce hit Christine in the face. She spit out bits as the watery sauce trickled down her face and body. The crew, of course thought that this was the funniest thing that they had ever seen. Christine crossed her arms and gave an annoyed look before laughing again and then squealing. She rubbed her salsa covered hands on her skirt and top, trying to clear some of the collected mess away.
Adrian now grabbed a heavy bucket of oatmeal. Christine begged no as he approached. He gave an evil sounding laugh and then tipped the bucket over her. The disgusting thick oatmeal slowly fell and landed with a thud on Christine’s head. She closed her eyes as it fell. It stuck to the top of her head and dripped from her fringe. A blob fell from her head and landed on her crossed legs. As it did, oatmeal flew off of her in all directions. It now dripped from her nose. She shivered as it made it’s way down her back and down to her bottom.
Finally, Adrian was handed a large can of a well known brand of dog food. He showed it to Christine. She shook her head and just laughed. She jokingly made a woofing noise. Adrian then raised the tin and positioned it over Christine. He then turned it over. He hit the bottom of the tin with his hand, this caused the dog food to fall out onto the awaiting head of Christine. The dog food slowly poured down Chrstine Bleakley’s face. She hunched her shoulders and gagged as dog food poured onto her entire face, leaving thick brown mess all over. More poured into her lap and all over her legs.
When it had stopped, Adrian took his spot next to Christine. He started to speak to the audience to close the show. “So, thank you at home for joining us. I’m Adrian Chiles.” “And I’m Christine Bleakley.” Christine said, wiping some dog food from her mouth. “See you next time,” they said together. The show went off the air as Christine sat, covered in mess, trying to compose herself.

Monday, 4 April 2011

Ultra Girls or Project A

Miss Frank vs. Project A the results

“Today on our show, we have two groups from the X Factor,” Mr. G. said,” Quite frankly, they are both desperate to get back on the tv. So desperate in fact that they agreed to take part in the gunge vote. So, we have Project A, who were eliminated at the judge’s houses stage and Miss Frank who were eliminated later on. One of these two groups is going to face to humiliation at the hands of the other on national television. Both groups have been out of the limelight for some time and are really hoping tonight will help their career. Getting to trash the other group on national tv will be a bonus as well.”

The girls from Project A knew that they were at a disadvantage, because there was more of them, but they knew that they had to do this to help their careers. To be honest they were very grateful to be getting this opportunity. Even if they ended up covered in mess, it would be a good way to get some publicity. They were fun girls and were up for a laugh. Whatever was to happen it would be worth it for them. Their career could really use the boost.

“So,” Mr. G. said,” Let’s welcome our celebrities. Miss Frank and Project A.” The two girl bands entered, smiling and waiving at either end of the stage. Lucy from Project A was handed the microphone. She announced, “Actually, I would like to tell everyone that doesn’t already know, we are now known as the Ultra Girls and Project A. Although we might be ultra messy by the end of the evening, who knows.”

Miss Frank were dressed all in black for the occasion. The Ultra Girls were dressed in an array of pink and black skirts and dresses. All were tight fitting and low cut. Everyone was very tense and nervous. One group would be getting totally humiliated by the other on national tv. It would be doubly embarrassing for the Ultra Girls as they had lost out on X Factor to Miss Frank. A loss today would be even more humiliating of course. They agreed to go on the show for exposure, even if it would be embarrassing for them, they still would be getting their name in television. Miss Frank were probably the more serious group and would find getting messy beneath them, but, like the Ultra Girls, their success since being on X Factor had been limited at best. They knew that being on this show would give them some publicity. They also were relatively confident that they would win the vote.

“So.” Mr. G. said,” I think that we are all anxious to see how the vote goes and what surprises we have in store for our losers, so I think we should get on to the results as soon as possible. It will leave more time for the mess after all.” The lights were lowered. Each group wished the other good luck. They lowered there heads, crossed their fingers and looked at the floor. “Ok, everyone, here we go,” Mr. G. said,” The group with the most votes…the group that will be covered in mess for the whole world will be….the Ultra Girls.” The crowd cheered. Miss Frank jumped up and down. They grabbed arms and shook hands. The Ultra Girls mouths fell open in unison. They looked at each other in shock and embarrassment. The members of Miss Frank pointed and laughed at them. “This is going to be sweet,” the members of Miss Frank said, relieved that it would not be them receiving the mess,” They are going to be getting ultra messy.”

“So, Laura, Lauren, Amy and Lucy. Four of you and a whole lot of mess. What we need right now is for the Ultra Girls make a decision together and come up with one group member that will be at the forefront today.” The girls looked at each other and in unison, Amy, Laura and Lauren said, ”Lucy.” Lucy started laughing. She pointed at herself and said, ”Me?”

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” Can the Ultra Girls please stand in a line. Lauren, Laura, Amy and then Lucy.” The girls stood in a line as instructed, about a yard apart. “Ok, now Miss Frank. You have to now pick a partner for the day. If you chose and stand directly across from that girl. Graziella chose Lauren and stood across from her. Shar chose Amy and Shanice chose Laura. They stood across from them as they were instructed to. “As you see Lucy does not have a partner. Lucy will be getting extra special punishment. We will get to that later.,” Mr. G. said,” Now, Ultra Girls, can you please get down on your knees and put your hands behind your backs.” The Ultra Girls gave an annoyed look, but knew that there was not much they could say because they had agreed to this. One after the other they reluctantly kneeled down and put their arms behind their backs. The members of Miss Frank giggled and rubbed there hands together as they stood directly across from their chosen member of the Ultra Girls. They now knew that they were going to get the chance to embarrass that member of the group that day. “Oh by the way , I bet everyone is wondering what is going to happen to Lucy.” “I’ll stay clean.” she burst in with. “Not quite,” Mr. G. said,” Actually, Lucy. Whatever happens to the other members of your group, you will get three times as much mess.” Lucy widened her eyes and looked annoyed. Everyone else, including her band mates cheered and laughed. “She deserves it the most,” Lauren said. Lucy shook her head and screamed, ”no!!”

With that some pies were brought out. When everyone saw them the crowd cheered. Miss Frank laughed and celebrated. The members of the Ultra Girls yelled no in protest and then laughed. The three members of Miss Frank were then handed a pie each. Lucy looked on in interest. Lauren, Laura and Amy begged Miss Frank to have mercy on them. The members of Miss Frank teased them and wiggled the pies in front of their faces. “Ok,” Mr. G. said,” It is very simple. We will count down from three and then, Miss Frank, you will let them have it.” The crowd laughed because they were about to see the members of the Ultra Girls pied in unison. “Ok, everyone. On the count of three, let them have it.” 3...2.…1. At the same time, Graziella, Shanice and Shar thrust their pies forward into Laura, Lauren and Amy’s faces. They took great pleasure in rubbing the pies around in their chosen girl’s face. The site of three Ultra Girls being pied at once filled the audience with excitement. Nowhere knew where to look. It was a feast for the eyes. Amy, Laura and Lauren now were on their knees with their faces completely covered in cream. They licked their lips. They looked at each other and laughed. Lucy chuckled a bit, but tried not to laugh too much, as she knew that she was in for worse. With that three more pies were brought out. The members of Miss Frank were then instructed to take one pie each and line up in front of Lucy. The pied Ultra Girls laughed and cheered. Lucy blushed and cringed as Miss Frank walked towards her. She waived her and hands begging for mercy, before being told to put her hands behind her back. She closed her eyes as Shanice came forward with the first pie and thrust it in Lucy’s face. She smashed it in her face, creaming her. Creamy pie smushed all over her short brown hair. Shanice let the tin drop and Shar came forward, standing over Lucy. She talked trash before smashing the pie in Lucy’s face. She brought the tin down, spreading cream all over Lucy’s breasts as well. Finally Graziella came forward, tossing her pie at Lucy. It exploded in cream all over Lucy. Lucy’s mouth hang open. She tried clearing some cream from her ear and eyes. She licked her lips and took her hands, attempting to get some of the mess from her hair. Her bandmates laughed at her, as they kneeled side by side creamed with pie. The members of Miss Frank then returned to their places across from Laura, Lauren and Amy. More mess was brought out for the Ultra Girls.

Three buckets of gunge were brought out next. One was handed to each of the members of Miss Frank. They each took a bucket. The Ultra Girls craned their necks to see what was happening. Their hearts collectively sunk when they saw the buckets. “Ok,” Mr. G. said,” Once again, we will count down from three and then the members of Miss Frank will empty the contents of their buckets over their chosen member of the Ultra Girls.” This time they stood behind the girls. They made funny faces and gave thumbs down as the count down start. “Ok then, on the count of three,” Mr. G. said, “Three, two, one.” The audience began to chant, Gunge, gunge, gunge. The three women raised their buckets and then each started to pour. The Ultra Girls were told to keep their hands behind their back for this. Then, in an instant, the buckets were lifted and Miss Frank started to pour thick, blue gunge all over Laura, Lauren and Amy. They kneeled side by side as the members of Miss Frank slowly poured the gunge all over the three of them. Each was very careful to ensure that her girl got covered perfectly in the gunge. When the gunge stopped, all three were covered completely, dripping in mess from head to toe. Again, as much as Lucy wanted to laugh and enjoy what was happening to her bandmates, she couldn’t because she knew that the three buckets of gung that remained wee going to for her in just a few minutes. When the members of Miss Frank were done with the first three members of the Ultra Girls, each one of them grabbed a bucket of the remaining gunge and headed over to Lucy. This time they all stood around her at different angles. One behind her, one in the front and one at the side. They smiled to each other and all let Lucy have it at the same time. The first bucket was slowly poured over her head while one was thrown straight at her, all over her body. The third came from the side. Gunge splashed and flew in all directions. Lucy shut her eyes and immediately was spitting our mouthfuls of the gunge. She was slathered in the slime from head to toe. She looked like she had taken a shower in slime. When the gunging ceased and Miss Frank walked away from her, Lucy ran her fingers through her hair. She shivered and rubbed her arms. She wondered what they had in store for her next.

Next six buckets of various foods were brought out. It was explained that the members of Miss Frank would get to choose what they what like to pour on their selected girl. The remaining three buckets would then be poured over Lucy. A bucket of macaroni and cheese was selected for Laura. Ketchup and mustard for Amy and Split pea and ham soup for Lauren. The members of Miss Frank brought the their items forward and showed them to their chosen girl. The Ultra Girls turned up their noses when they saw what awaited them. Again they were counted down from three. On three, the members of Miss Frank started to pour. In a moment sloppy, thick macaroni and cheese poured all over Laura, slopping all over her, noodles in cheesy sauce. A revolted Lauren was drenched in disgusting thick green pea soup. Amy was splattered from head to toe in bright red ketchup and bright yellow mustard. The three remaining buckets were taken by the members of Miss Frank and brought over to Lucy. Shanice was first, she tipped a bucket of thick gloppy tapioca pudding all over Lucy. Lucy cringed as the thick gooey slop was poure onto her head and down her body. Large lumps stuck every, all over her body, down her cleavage and back. She shivered as she felt it down the back of her spine. The blobs dotted her body. Next Graziella took a bucket of tartar sauce. She went behind Lucy and started to slowly pour the white sauce with little green lumps down onto Lucy’s lovely short brown hair. It streaked her hair and started to fall down her cheeks and nose. More fell down her neck and shoulders and then down her chest. It started to collect in her lap and on her legs. Bits dripped from Lucy’s nose and chin. Finally Shar took an enormous bucket of dark brown gravy. Lucy pretended to hold her nose as the mess was about to hit her. It hit her square in the face. She gasped and gagged spitting out some gravy. In a second, her beautiful was coated in brown gravy. It was thick and lumpy, soft and brown. She squinched up her face as it covered her. It fell down her arms and oozed down her legs. When the gravy was finished, Lucy sat there looking forward. She giggled and laughed. She could feel it all over her body including inside her clothes and underwear. “You look great,” Shar said,” Very cute.” Lucy laughed and said,” Oh my God.” She put her hands out and front of her and giggled.

“Ok, now,” Mr. G. said,” We have one final surprise for the evening.” He pointed to the back of the stage. There sat an enormous dumpster. “Can the Ultra Girls please walk over and stand in the yellow box on the floor in front of the dumpster?” They stood up and walked over, dripping with slop leaving a trail of goo behind them. They went to the yellow box and gathered around. It was a tight fit so they had to squeeze together. They almost had to cuddle each other in order to fit. Lucy in the middle. Mr. G. lead the members of Miss Frank over to a button. “Ok,” he said,” What will happen is very simple. Miss Frank will push this button. The dumpster will then raise and tip, sending all of the garbage in it all over the contents of the yellow box. That means all of the trash will be poured all over the Ultra Girls. OK, do your worst.” The Ultra Girls cuddled together, hugging one another. Miss Frank gleefully jammed their hands on the button. The dumpster then slowly raised in the air until it was over and just behind the Ultra Girls. Then it tipped slightly forward. This sent the trash that it contained hurdling forward and then down. The Ultra Girls squealed and tried to cover up as they were about to get covered in garbage. Then, the crowd erupted in laughter as the garbage rained down on the Ultra Girls. The garbage was not fake either it was real. Rotting food, banana peels, and every other type of rubbish poured all over them. Garbage water flowed. The garbage stuck all over their already slimy bodies. Other people’s garbage and partially eaten food now poured onto them as the hugged each other. Their bodies intertwined. Try as they may they could not avoid the mountain of trash. When the flow stopped they stood together, trying to clean their faces and hair of the trash that stuck to them. Miss Frank and the audience, of course howled with laughter. As Mr. G. announced them again, they gave half hearted smiles and waived. Miss Frank posed for some pictures with them.

Miss Frank was allowed to sing a song to celebrate their victory. As they sang the cameras went back and forth from their performance to the filthy Ultra Girls. They were good sports and danced together, trying not to slip over on the messy floor. As the show went off the air a before and after shot was shown for all to see.