Monday, 23 June 2014

Foxes rock the flush

Foxes rock the flush

Foxes is an up and coming singer. She is just starting out and is beginning to get popular. At the moment she is willing to take any exposure that is afforded to her. She appeared on a show called Rock the Look with Miquita Oliver. She wore a bright pink top that was tied off at the waist and a very short pair of bright blue shorts. Her clothes were hideous, but at least they showed off a lot of skin.

The interview went on as planned, as most interviews usually did, with a sort of fashion slant to the proceedings. At the end of the interview, Foxes was presented with something that she had not bargained for. Miquita explained that there was a special new feature on the show this week. She stated that her show had a new tie in with another show, that one being, none other than, Let Her Have it. Foxes eyes widened. She looked down and rolled her eyes. “Have you heard of the show Foxes?,” Miquita asked. “Uh yeah I have,” she replied. “Well, good, you won’t be too shocked then,” Miquita said in her trademark sarcastic way.

“We just thought that you might like to sit on a very special seat. A throne as it were,” she said. “Oh god,” Foxes said. “I don’t know, it is a little something called the giant flush. I don’t know, could be interesting,” she said sarcastically. Foxes just rolled her eyes.  “Yes, Foxes, just for you. The finest of porcelain. The very best toilet roll that money can buy. The perfect seat for you, the giant flush.” A curtain was pulled and the giant flush was revealed. Miquita took Foxes’ hand and lead the reluctant young singer to the device. “It looks so comfy. Just for you. You deserve it, a seat fit for a queen.” Miquita motioned with her hand and the scantily clad singer reluctantly sat her behind down on the small toilet of the giant flush. Her bare legs stretched in front of her. 

“Well Foxes, I hope that nothing you have on is designer or vintage, because it is liable to get pretty dirty very soon,” she teased. “No, I am ok. I should be fine,” the still shocked singer stated. Miquita smiled. “Foxes, our friends at Let her have it want you to have a full flush experience. Isn’t it nice and comfortable on that throne? It comes complete with a toilet brush, lots of toilet roll, everything that you may need.  I have to say that you have taken to that so well. You look lovely sat on there.” “Um, thank you very much,” Foxes said dryly. 

“Well, I think that everyone in here is eagerly awaiting one thing and that is for that big toilet to be flushed.  A courtesy flush is definitely in order I think,” Miquita said. “Foxes, are you read to get flushed?,” she asked. Foxes looked up and then down at her legs. “ As ready as I will ever be,” she said in a half joking, half annoyed voice. What everyone didn’t know is that she had, of course been informed about everything before the show and had agreed. Miquita and her were just acting. Although, getting a giant toilet flushed on her head was not exactly something that she was particularly looking forward to.

“Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Foxes as you have never seen her before. It is definitely time for a flush. Here we go,” Miquita said. Foxes lowered her head. Miquita put her hand on the giant flusher and pushed it downwards. With that the studio was filled with the sounds of a toilet flushing. It was followed by the noises of someone going to the toilet. It was female. There were the sounds of farting etc. Foxes looked up. Next came another sound of a toilet flushing. Foxes’ hands gripped the sides of the toilet bowl. Her bare legs were wrapped around the toilet.

As she looked up, a wave of thick, lumpy brown gunge exploded out of the giant toilet bowl that lay above her head. It splattered everywhere onto her from above. The first wave hit her on the face. She quickly closed her eyes and shut her mouth as the brown gunge poured onto her face. Her head face forward and it poured down onto her dark brown hair and down her shoulders. Lumps of it rolled down her face and stuck to her nose and chin. More poured down her front, overwhelming her small pink top. It was little protection from the thick brown gunge. Before long her shirt was soaked in the brown gunge, leaving stains that may never be able to be removed as it went. The pockets on her shirt were filled with gunge. The gunge flowed inside and outside of her shirt. The shirt was proven to be no match for the gunge whatsoever. It almost disintegrated underneath the shear thickness of the brown muck that covered it.

Foxes’ thighs and hideous blue shorts were also slowly being covered with brown mess. It splashed everywhere, all over the toilet that she sat on and onto the floor. Her pure white, brand new trainers were now permanently stained brown. Thick brown gunge covered her knees and oozed down her calves. She opened her legs a little bit to let some of the gunge fall between them. She then pushed them back together. Her shorts were piled with the plopping brown mess. The gunge poured between her legs. Foxes was showered in the brown mess.  She was quite a thin small person so the gunge had no trouble at all covering her almost completely. Her head spun. Her thoughts raced. She could do nothing but sit where she was. There was too much of the gunge to even attempt to remove any of it or to resist its power in anyway.

When it finally stopped pouring, Foxes was almost unrecognisable beneath the mountain of gunge that had enveloped her. “Look on the bright side,” Miquita joked,” It matches your hair.” Foxes put her hand on her hip and looked at her. She stood up and turned around, wiping some of the gunge off of her shorts and thighs. “Um, I don’t think that stain is going to come out,” Miquita joked. “Don’t laugh, next time you will be sat there,” Foxes said. “Who’s laughing, I think you look fabulous,” Miquita said. “This is so embarrassing. Style indeed, I am covered in this stuff. My friends in the industry better not see this.” 

Miquita looked at her and then quickly changed the subject. “Thanks to all of our friends at Let her have it. Maybe we should make this a regular things. See you next time on Rock the look. In the meantime, Foxes I going to have a very long shower ahead of her. See you soon.”

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Georgie Thompson and Natalie Pinkham in gunge court

Georgie Thompson and Natalie Pinkham in gunge court

Natalie Pinkham decided to challenge her friend Georgie Thompson to a date in the gunge court. The case that she presented was due to the fact that whenever the two went out together, Natalie always seemed to be the one who ended up paying for all of the drinks. Natalie had become a bit annoyed about this.  On the day, both were dressed in smart, sexy looking grey business skirt suits. Natalie was annoyed by the situation with the drinks, but what she really wanted was to see Georgie get covered in gunge.

The judge called the case to order. “The case of Pinkham vs. Thompson. Miss Pinkham, you may present your case,” he said. Natalie was the first to present her case. “Well, what can I say? Georgie and I go out all the time and she never pays for any of the drinks. I have evidence. I have receipts to show that I have paid for drink after drink after drink. I don’t think it is fair. I think that she takes a bit of advantage of me and I think she deserves to lose the case and get the gunge,” Natalie said. She looked over at Georgie and they both laughed a little.

“Ok, Miss Thompson you may offer your rebuttal to the charges against you,” the judge said. “Well, ok, maybe Natalie ends up paying for most of the drinks, but hey, that’s what friends do. I don’t think I have done anything wrong. We are close friends. I just don’t see why she is making a big deal about it,” Georgie said.

“Ok,” the judge said,” Jury, audience, you may use your keypads to vote for who you think has won. Is Miss Thompson guilty or innocent? We will return with our verdict.” The show went to a commercial break while the jury voted. Georgie and Natalie looked nervous now, one of them was going to be getting the gunge in the seat next to the bench.

The show returned from the break. The bailiff was asked to approach the bench, carrying with him the verdict that the jury had decided on. The judge would be reading it out. “I call this court room to order. Our verdict is now in. In the case of Pinkham vs. Thompson, our jury finds Miss Thompson…” He paused. The camera showing the expectant faces of the two women anxiously waiting to hear the verdict. “Guilty as charged.” Natalie jumped up and down in victory. She celebrated and pointed at Georgie. “Oh yeah, in your face,” she said. Georgie laughed and buried her face in her hands. She could not believe it, although she had had a pretty good idea what the verdict may be.

“Miss Thompson, please approach the bench,” the judge said. Georgie came forward. She walked past Natalie. Natalie stuck her tongue out and laughed. The judge then directed Georgie to sit in the witness box. She came forward and took her seat, sitting her sexy body in the box, crossing her long sexy legs as she took her seat. “Miss Pinkham, please approach the lever,” the judge said. Natalie, overjoyed, stepped forward and took her place next to the lever. 

“Miss Thompson, you have been found guilty. Miss Pinkham will now carry out your punishment as per the arrangements of the court. Miss Pinkham when you are ready,” he said. Natalie looked over at Georgie she smiled and laughed. Georgie shook her head and begged her not to do this to her. Natalie gave a cool look, blowing on her finger nails as if they were wet and posed. She then waved at her friend and pulled down as hard as she possibly could on the lever. Georgie crossed her arms across her chest and lowered her head in anticipation.

From above her head, into the booth poured an ocean of dark green gunge. It poured straight down onto her. She shrieked as she felt it hitting her. She tried to keep her head down but there was just too much gunge. She was forced to raise her head as the green muck covered the sides of her face, before engulfing the entirety of her head. It poured in streams, dumping gunge over her head, onto her back and all over her legs. It poured down, filling the box as if it were a gunge tank. Gunge splashed everywhere. The cool green sloppy mess of the gunge was everywhere all over her fake tanned body. 

She could feel the cold touch of gunge on her smooth golden tanned skin. Her hands waived as she tried to move about to escape or deflect some of the gunge, but there was no use, because as her head went away from one area of gunge, it passed into another. Natalie kept pulling on the lever, releasing more and more gunge onto her friend. She could not take her eyes away. She was relishing every second of this.

The three streams of gunge then all changes colour to white, yellow and orange. They all poured at the same time, covering Georgie in a rainbow of sloppy gunge. Her whole body was covered. Her hands splashed about in the gunge. It dripped down her calves and ankles. She was nearly knee deep in it. She could feel it inside of her suit, oozing into every crack and crevice. It totally covered her. When it finally stopped, she looked up and straight ahead. Her face a mask of rainbow coloured gunge. Her eyes were about the only area on her that was not covered. She shook her arms. She wiggled her lips. Gunge even covered her teeth when she smiled. Natalie laughed and clapped, loving what she had just done.

Much to her dismay, however, the judge interrupted her gloating. “Miss Pinkham, we have just received some information about yourself. It seems that you recently pulled out of a charity event that was to benefit children with cancer. This is not acceptable Miss Pinkham. In fact, this court is disgusted with you and rules that you deserve to be punished as well.” “Yeah, that’s right get her,” a gunged Georgie said. “But I.. I didn’t… I was ill you see… I couldn’t,” Natalie tried to protest. “No buts, Miss Pinkham, the court rules that you are to be tarred and feathered.” “Wait, but, nooo!,” she protested. 

The bailiff came forward. He handcuffed Natalie’s hands behind her back. He then produced several squirt containers of honey shaped like teddy bears. He began to pour the honey over Natalie. She pouted and frowned, looking totally defeated. This was quite a stark change, seeing as she was just on a high from defeating and gunging her friend Georgie. The bailiff emotionlessly poured honey up and down the body of Miss Pinkham.  He poured it over her head, down her shoulders and all over her suit, turning it a much darker shade of grey than it had originally been. He applied it over her back, on her bottom and directly onto the fronts and backs of her legs, it flowed down her body to her shoes and soaked her hair. She frowned deeply.

He then took what looked like a pillow case and began to place feathers all over her body. He dumped the first one over her head, causing the feathers to stick all over her. He then slapped handfuls of feathers onto her clothes, her behind and onto her legs. He stuffed feathers down the front of her top and down the back of her skirt. The pushed his hand against her body, pressing the feathers in. She scowled and frowned, looking into the camera. Georgie clapped and laughed. Natalie felt ridiculous. She flapped her arms at the request of the judge. 

“Let that be a lesson to you Miss Pinkham, justice is always served in gunge court. If you have done wrong, we will find out and you will be punished.” Natalie was uncuffed and Georgie was allowed out of the testimony box. The two hugged one another. Natalie playfully trying to put some feathers onto Georgie. Both were in desperate need of a cleaning.

Little Mix Salute the mess

Little Mix Salute the mess

Little Mix were offered the opportunity to appear on Let Her Have It. There were mixed opinions in the group. A few of them were quite eager and willing to appear on the show, some of the others really did not want to end up covered in mess. They discussed the situation as a group and the majority ruled. The consensus was that they would appear on the show. They were told that there may be an opportunity for one or more of them to escape mess free, so this was an incentive as well. They agreed to appear on the show. They were told that they would be taking part in a game involving some of their fans. They were happy with this. They loved their fans and were quite appreciative of them and their support of the group. 

The idea of the game that they were to be taking part in was that each member of the group would be sat in her own booth type of area. Above them would be substances. Their fans would be getting to do the dumping on their heads. It would be a game where the first person would have to name an animal whose name began with A. The next person would have to repeat it and add one beginning with a B. If someone forgot something, couldn’t think of one or took too long, the mess would be dumped. If the girls had a good memory, they may be able to remain clean, but that was a big if. It was going to be fast moving though, so the odds were definitely stacked against them. The ladies were loaded into their booths before the segment started. Their fans took their places above. The Ladies were dressed in shorts and skirts. They were cute but sexy at the same time, as they usually dressed. They usually dressed this way to perform and in public. They all were showing a lot of leg. Their clothes were designed, but they would not escape the evening unscathed. Their bodies were placed perfectly in the booths so that whatever may be poured would hit their bodies perfectly.

Mr. G. did the lead in to the segment. He explained that the members of Little Mix were already in position and ready to play. He then explained how the game worked. Perrie, Jade, Jesy and Leigh-Anne were all introduced. They smiled and waved. “So, I hope you guys have a good memory. You are going to need it,” said. Perrie then said,” We all think that you should be joining us in here, especially Jesy,” she said suggestively. Jesy blushed, turning red. “Well, maybe we will see after the show,” Jade said. Everyone laughed and smiled. Jesy looked very embarrassed. The game started out with Leigh-Anne.

At first it was relatively easy. Leigh-Anne, Jesy and Jade all got theirs correct as did Perrie. Things then began to speed up. There were also lights, noises and other distractions that were produced in order to make it more difficult to remember. Their song Salute was playing in the background as well as the game went on. The cycle went through now in the other direction. Perrie was ok, but Jade fumbled her words and the buzzer went off. She screamed. She looked up, opening one eye. The dumper smiled. Mr. G. gave the signal and they began to dump the contents of their bucket into Jade’s booth. In the bucket was lasagne. The lasagne dropped from the bucket in one large mass. It fell from the sky and landed on Jade’s head with an umph. It bounced off the top of her head one time before settling on top of her head. She gave a cringing look and held her hands out as sauce, cheese and beef fell down her face and body. Part of the lasagne sheets fell down and landed on her lap. The other girls looked over and laughed at her. She shook her head and screamed. The game continued. 

The next few were able to get everything correct but the pressure was building, as was the speed. It was becoming more and more difficult to get everything correct. Finally it was Perrie’s turn. Perrie was able to remember the full list but was unable to add to it on time. A buzzer went. Perrie shut her eyes tightly and held her clenched fists in front of her. The fan above her smiled and dumped her bucket onto Perrie. This time, the bucket was filled with marshmallow fluff. It was thick, sloppy and pure white. It poured down onto Perrie’s head. It soon covered her blonde hair as well as the majority of her face. She squealed. She took her hands to her head and attempted to push away some of the thick marshmallow fluff. More fell onto her chest and body. She wiped some onto her skirt. The game continued.

The next couple went ok until it landed on Leigh-Anne. She stumbled over her words and was unable to complete the list. She closed her eyes as the buzzer sounded. She laughed and tried to protest, but before she could really say much, a bucket of mashed suede and carrot was dumped over her head. It was filled with butter. She rolled her eyes to the back of her head and stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth in a comical fashion as the orange mess plopped onto her frizzy black afro. It made a disgusting plopping sound. It landed in the middle of her head weighing her thick hair down in the middle before overwhelming it completely and pouring onto her face and body.

Jesy was so busy laughing that she was distracted and was unable to complete her turn correctly. Before she even knew what was happening the buzzer sounded and baked beans descended on her. She was totally unprepared. The beans poured into the tank and splashed in all directions against the sides and back of the tank, splashing back on Jesy from all directions. Beans poured over her face and straight onto her shapely thighs.  Her hands splashed in it. Her face was covered in beans. She could feel them down her back. 

The mess now came in quick succession because the girls could not remember the full list because of all of the distractions. Perrie now next to get dumped on. She was treated to a large amount of blue gunge. She shut her eyes and screamed as the gunge poured down on her. It splashed and splattered in all directions. She laughed as it covered her face and poured down her body. She through her hands in the air in disbelief. Jade was next. She got a heaping helping of chicken korma and rice. Her bandmates roared in laughter as the yellow curry plopped down onto Jade.  It dumped over her legs and over her head. Chunks of chicken fell out and rolled over her. Her hair was covered in thick, cheap curry. It was gloppy and yellow. Jade held her hands out and pouted.

It was then time for Jesy again. She was greeted with a huge amount of shepherd’s pie.  It looked nauseating. It was not really a real shepherd’s pie but one made in a container in layers. It came down on her in reverse order; gravy, cheese, mashed potato, vegetables, mince. The container must have been about a foot deep.  The layers poured down onto Jesy. Three layers of mash fell out onto her face, chest and legs. She laid out her hand to deal with some of it, but all that managed to do was smear it over her clothes even more. She was then greeted to the vegetables and beef all covered in thick brown gravy. Her sloppy bandmates watch Jesy get nailed. She could feel it all over her body. It was all over the booth as well. The potato smeared everywhere.

Next one to get was Leigh-Anne again. This time she was given a fruit salad trifle. She pointed to her chest as if to say, ”Who me?” She gave a fake nonplussed look as the thick trifle plopped down onto her head. Most of it stuck in place on the top of her head. It stayed there until she moved her head. Then some of it fell downwards onto her body. She then stuck her hands into the jelly part off the trifle and grabbed a few handfuls. She licked her lips and gave a mischievous and naughty look. She rubbed the handfuls all over her chest and skirt.

Finally, Perrie was the unfortunate one to get the final one wrong. The final container was filled with manure. Perrie squealed as the manure was dumped onto her. She had no idea what it was going to be until it hit her face. She was then greeted to the full sight and smell of the thick manure. It was sloppy and brown. It stained everything in its path. It covered her blonde hair and face. Her face was a mask of a cow pat at this point. Her booth was filled with mess. Not a lot was even visible inside of her tank. Brown manure was stuck to everything.

The Little Mix ladies were now allowed out of the booths, all of them in various dishevelled messy states. They all posed together, trying to look cool while still covered in mess. The ladies pushed Jesy towards Mr. G. causing the two to embrace in a messy hug. The others joined in as well in a giant messy group hug.

The ladies then did a performance of Salute while still covered in mess. The world watched their sloppy bodies dance and perform. It was suggested that they do a new messy version of the song. They said that they would think about it. After the show, they all returned to their dressing room all sloppy together.