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Ashlee vs. Jessica Simpson Results

Ashlee vs. Jessica Simpson Results

“Today we have a serious case of sibling rivalry on our show. We have two sisters who have been in competition with each other their whole lives. Today will not be any different. Only today, there is a lot more than bragging right at stake for these two. The winner is going to have the pleasure of pouring mess all over their sibling with half of the country watching. This is a moment that they have been waiting for their entire lives,” Mr. G. said to open the show. “It will be quite interesting to see how the public will have voted on this one. It was a tough decision for anyone to make I am sure. It will be get quite embarrassing tonight I am sure. So, can we welcome our feuding family. Ashlee and Jessica Simpson.

Ashlee and Jessica came out smiling each on either side of the stage. Both had their hair in pony tails. Both wore sweat shirts that were cut off and pulled down one shoulder. Ashlee’s was red, Jessica’s was grey. Both wore cut off jean shorts. They each took their places side by side with Mr. G. in the middle. The crowd cheered them. They could not wait to see what was going to happen that night.

“The Simpsons Sisters everyone,” Mr. G. said,” You could cut the tension in the studio with a knife. Someone is going to be getting their own back on their sibling tonight. It is going to be a night that no one in their family will ever forget. Someone is going to pay the price. So Ashlee what are your feelings about tonight?”

“I am going to love every minute of tonight. I have wanted to do this for years and now I might get my chance. I am always the one who comes second in everything. It is time that Jessica gets taken down a notch or two. I always get dumped on and I think that it should be her turn for once.,” Ashlee said. “How do you reply Jessica?,” Mr. G. asked. “ I don’t know why she is so sure she is going to win. She might get the most votes anyway. I don’t know what she is so mad about anyway. All of what she felt is not my issue anyway,” said Jessica. Jessica was completely oblivious to how her sister really felt about herself and their relationship. She did not really understand how the voting worked anyway and figured that she had more fans than her sister so she would probably be the one being saved. Ashlee just wanted to get her sister so much that she never let the idea that she might lose into her mind.

“So everyone, should we get on to our results?,” Mr. G. asked. The crowd roared their approval. Ashlee and Jess then went all serious. They looked at the ground and concentrated. “Here we go,” Mr. G. said,” The moment we have all been waiting for. The sister with the most votes, receiving 62% of the votes from the public is… Jessica!” Jessica’s face did not move much. She really did not have a clue what she was in for. Ashlee screamed Yes at the top of her lungs. She danced and jumped up and down. She could not contain how happy she felt. “I won, I won,” she said. “I’d like to thank everyone who did not vote for me. Thank you so, so much for giving me this moment. I am going to enjoy this so much. It is going to be the highlight of my year. I am going to get to slime my sister. I have wanted to do this ever since I was a little girl. I just love it. After all of the years of being second best, being treated number two to my big sister I now get to have some payback and I am promise you I am going to love every minute of this.”

“Jessica, you got the most votes so now Ashlee is going to get mess you up. Do you have any last words or thoughts for us,” Mr. G. asked. “This is going to be disgusting isn’t it? I don’t know what to say. I am in shock. I never thought that I would actually lose to Ashlee at something.,” Jessica said. “Just get sit your ass in the hot seat,” Ashlee said. Jessica slowly made and reluctantly made her way to the chair and took her seat. The messy trolley was then wheeled out. Ashlee rubbed her hands together and gave an evil laugh as she looked at the trolley.

“Today we have a special theme to the mess,” Mr. G. said,” We are going to relive some moments from Jessica’s past. The items that we have are in line with that theme. Ok, here we go. Jessica you may remember that once you famously were eating Chicken of the sea and you did not know whether you were eating chicken or fish. Well, today we happen to have a very large amount of Chicken of the sea tuna fish. We think we have a way to ensure that you will never forget if it is chicken or fish again. I assure you Jessica is tuna and it is definitely fish.” Jessica’s eyes widened as she realized what was about to happen. Ashlee grabbed the bucket of disgusting tuna fish. She laughed as she walked over to Jessica. She stood behind her sister. “Is this chicken or fish what I have here,” she said, mocking Jessica. “Oh my god,” Jessica said. Jessica could not have prepared for how revolting the slop actually was. Ashlee lifted the bucket then slowly tipped the tuna on her. It was brown and smelled disgusting. A large lump initially fell out straight onto the top of Jessica’s head. She gagged as it plopped onto her head. Ashlee laughed as she poured more onto Jessica, some landing on her lap and on her legs. Jessica closed her eyes and made a disgusted face. The disgusting tuna fish looked really interesting all over the beautiful girl sitting in the seat. Jessica took handfuls of the tuna and smushed it around. More tuna plopped onto her in giant lumps. Jessica could not believe the odour from the tuna. Ashlee took one of the lumps of tuna in her hand. “It’s fish,” she said to Jessica and then rubbed the handful of tuna around in Jessica’s face. She raised her arms in victory. “By the way Jessica,” Mr. G. said ,”Tuna is fish.” “I got it,” she said sarcastically.

“I would like to take you back again if I may,” Mr. G. said, “ Another famous quote from Jessica if you remember was a time when you believed that buffalo wings were made from buffalo. Well today we will give you a little reminder that buffalo wings are made from chicken. Now wing sauce is too hot and spicy to pour on anyone, but as we know, there is something that tends to go hand in hand with buffalo wings and that is celery and bleu cheese. So today we have some bleu cheese dressing for Jessica. When you are ready Ashlee, let her have it.”

Ashlee took the bucket of bleu cheese dressing over to Jessica. “Bleu cheese and tuna fish. Sounds like a good combination to me. Buffalo wings are not made from buffalo by the way. Buffalo do not have wings,” Ashlee said. Jessica did not try to argue she just closed her eyes and braced herself for what was going to happen. She moaned as the thick gloppy bleu cheese salad dressing was poured down onto her. It poured straight onto her face, down her nose and chin then onto her cheeks. It covered the top of her head and fell onto her shoulders down over and into her sweatshirt onto her bra. Then down her front onto her lap and shorts. The dressing was thick and white and very cold. It smelled just as bad as the tuna did. Jessica gagged and screamed. She tried to clear her eyes and face. She was almost unrecognizable apart from her teeth when she smiled.

“Ok Jessica. We are almost finished with our little trip down memory lane. Finally, another famous quote you made was when you said You love my stinky ass. You are also known for, how do we put this, letting rip at the wrong moments.” The crowd found this hilarious and started laughing and commenting. “ You have never seemed embarrassed about this, but your flatulence is famous. So, as such we thought we would give you something to go along with this theme. We have a very large amount of baked beans. We figured you would enjoy them as then are also famous for certain properties.” “Wow, this is embarrassing,” Jessica said.

Ashlee took the bucket of baked beans. “We love your stinky ass.,” she told her sister. The crowd chanted beans, beans, beans. Ashlee danced around with the bucket. She lifted it held it for a second and then dumped. Jessica looked up as Ashlee poured. The baked beans showered down on Jessica Simpson. Ashlee took her time dumping the beans over Jessica’s head then up her legs, onto her lap and then down her neck and all over her chest. The red from the beans mixed with the white bleu cheese. It also made the beans stick all over Jessica. Jessica tried to clear as much off as she could. Ashlee just celebrated.

“Well, Jessica was a good sport. I think Ashlee may have just done what a lot of Jessica’s ex boyfriends would love to get a chance to do. How are you feeling Jessica,” Mr. G. asked. “Messy! Pretty embarrassed. What can I say. I know Ashlee enjoyed that. It stinks that’s for sure. It was pretty gross,” Jessica replied. “How bout you Ashlee,” Mr. G. asked. “That may have been the best moment of my life. I love my sister but I have had to put up with a lot from her in my life. She really deserved it. I got to get some payback on her. I feel great.”

Jessica allowed herself to be photographed. She gave Ashlee a big hug as the posed for pictures. Ashlee would have one of the photos enlarged and framed. She had it hung on the wall in her house. The picture was of herself and her sister. Her completely clean and Jessica covered in mess from head to toe. She would never let Jessica forget. She also sent copies of the show to her parents and all of Jessica’s friends.

Monday, 30 May 2011

Rachel Nichols vs. Michelle Beadle the Results

Rachel Nichols vs. Michelle Beadle the Results

At ESPN studios in Bristol Connecticut, all of the anchors and workers who worked in the studio gathered around for a very special moment that everyone had waited for excitedly. The whole network had banded together to raise money for charity. All of the money gathered would go towards hurricane victims. As a part of the fundraising two anchors had been nominated to me messed on air on Sportsnation. Everyone was free to donate money in the name of either women. The woman with the most money would be the one getting the mess. People were free to donate as much as they wanted to either woman. The goal was to raise as much money as possible. The two ladies up for the vote were Rachel Nichols and Sportsnation’s Michelle Beadle. It was anyone’s guess who was going to be the one getting the mess. They knew it was going to be very embarrassing for the loser. It was all for charity though. Michelle did really feel like it was going to be her getting the mess, because she was enjoyed teasing the men she worked with in playful way and she felt that maybe they would want to get their own back on her. She thought she was a funny person and liked playing pranks. Rachel felt that it could be her because she was scene as somewhat arrogant and vain by some of her co workers. Others found Rachel incredibly annoying. It was very clear that Michelle would be able to laugh off the situation a lot better than Rachel would.

The day finally arrived. Everyone gathered on the set. Michelle and Rachel were introduced by the anchor. Michelle came out with a smile on her face waiving. She wore a football jersey and a pair of jeans. “I dressed down today,” she said,” Just in case it is going to be me getting the mess today. I come prepared.” Rachel was dressed in a grey suit with a skirt. She looked very nervous. “ I really hope it’s not me ,” she said,” You know it could be. It is impossible to know. I know Michelle feels it will probably be her. In my head, I think it will most likely be me. We’ll just have to wait and see. It’s all for charity anyway. If it is me. I hope they had to pay loads to see me get it.”

“Ok,” the announcer said,” We all know why we are gathered here today. We are doing some fundraising for the hurricane charity. This part is the mess auction. All week we have been donating money in order to help the charity but also to get the chance to see either Rachel Nichols or Michelle Beadle get totally slimed. I have to say thanks to the ladies for putting themselves on the line like this. I can tell you we have raised a ton of money and we do have a winner. It was relatively close, but here we go. The person who most of us have put the money in for is….believe it or not…Rachel Nichols.”

Michelle’s mouth popped open in amazement. Rachel playfully screams no!, blushing and covering her face in her hands. Oh my god she whispered. The other reporters celebrated. “Good result for you, Michelle,” the announcer said. “Thank god,” Michelle said,” I am actually pretty surprised, but thanks for everyone that, well didn’t vote for me. Sorry Rachel, but yeah good result for me.”

“And Rachel, it all went horribly wrong for you,” the announcer said. “I guess so,” Rachel said,” I guess maybe people find me annoying. For whatever reason people want to see me get covered in mess. I trust they won’t be disappointed. This is going to be very embarrassing I have to tell you. Congratulations to Michelle anyway.” “That’s very gracious of you Rachel. It is nearly time for what we have all been waiting for. Have a seat Rachel and make yourself comfortable. This could be a long couple of minutes for you.” “Gee, thanks,” Rachel said as she reluctantly sat down in the seat. The chair was an office chair on wheel so it could be wheeled around the studio.

“Ok Rachel, today, all of your colleagues want to get a chance to mess you up so we have thought of some creative ways to make that happen.” Rachel was wheeled over to a wall that was plastered with the ESPN logo. “ Ok, Rachel, turn your attention to the table on the left.” Everyone turned and looked. The sheet covering it was pulled up. It revealed dozens of different pies. “Rachel, we have devised something that we like to call the pie firing squad. Basically, the entire cast and crew are all going to take a pie. You are going to stand against the wall and then are going to then “fire” on you. You will be pelted with a barrage of pies.” Rachel put on a fake smile. “Lovely,” she said sarcastically. One by one everyone grabbed a pie. One by one the formed two lines. The shorter people in the front. Rachel was wheeled over across from them. “Are you ready Rachel?,” the announcer asked. “No, not really, but as ready as I’ll ever be,” Rachel said.

“Ok everyone, on the count of three. Let her have it,” the announcer said. The anchors were laughing and teasing Rachel and whispering amongst themselves. They were saying things like, I’m going to love this and she’s going to get nailed. “Ok everyone. Here we go,” the announcer said. “Three… two…one.. Nail her.” Rachel closed her eyes tight as pies started firing at her. One hit her square in the face as she flinched. One hit her in the chest and one in the leg. As she winced pie after pie exploded on her for what seemed like ten minutes. When the dust settled, Rachel and the wall behind her were totally covered in cream, pie filling and pie tins. Rachel peeled a tin from her head. She tried picking pie from her hair. “Looking good Rachel,” her colleagues said. “Thanks, that was….interesting,” Rachel said,” This is , well, more than a little embarrassing.”

“I’m sure it is,” the announcer said,” But it is far from over. Yes we have more for you.” Rachel was wheeled over into the next room which contained a huge gunge tank.. Rachel’s jaw dropped as all of her colleagues cheered. She was wheeled into the tank. She looked up and winced as she saw what was suspended above her. “Ok everyone, if we could turn your attention , you will notice a very large amount of slime, suspended over Rachel’s head. You will also notice a chord on the side of the tank. What will happen is someone will get to pull that chord. When the chord is pulled, all of the slime will be released and will fall over Rachel’s head.” Everyone cheered. “Rachel kicked her legs and said,” Nooooo! Please.” and laughed. “I think that our winner, Michelle should be the one to do the honours,” the announcer said. Michelle pointed at herself and mouthed ,”Me.” “Sorry Rachel, I kinda feel bad about this, but I still am going to do it anyway,” Michelle said. “Well, that’s ok,“ Rachel said, “I don’t suppose it can be helped.”

Above Rachel’s head was gallons of pink slime. Everyone sat around trying to get the best view that they could. “Ok, Michelle. On the count of three, please pull the chord and let Rachel have it.” Everyone counted down. 3.…2...1.”Sorry,hun,” Michelle said. She pulled the chord. Rachel looked up as the pink slime poured onto her face. She spit some out and looked forward as her face was covered in slime. The slime poured onto her head and drenched her hair. In a second Rachel’s whole head was covered in slime. The slime then poured over her shoulders and shirt. Then dripped into her lap and down her legs. The slime did not stop it poured and poured for what seemed like ages as everyone cheered. As the slime stopped, Rachel took both hands and cleared her eyes and mouth. Rachel looked like a drowned rat. Her hair was soaking wet in slime as if she had just had a shower. Michelle tried to hold back her laughter but she couldn’t. The rest of the anchors cheered and laughed. “How are you feeling Rachel,” the announcer asked. “A little dirty actually. Slimed is the right word. I feel very slimy, very pink. I really need to shower. It’s a little gross but what can I say. I hope you are all very happy with yourselves.” She made a face and did a fake laugh.

“Ok Rachel, can you read us out please,” the announcer said. “Ok, sure.” “For ESPN, I am Rachel Nichols, covered in slime. Thanks for joining us and thanks for donating. I hope you all enjoyed seeing me get messy. Bye from all of us at ESPN.”

Sunday, 29 May 2011

Serena Williams

Serena Williams

Serena Williams had always watched messy shows on television from the time she was young. When she was growing up shows like, What Would You Do? Were on Nickelodeon nearly every day. She used to watch them and strangely thought, “I wish that could be me.” This was evidenced by an interview that she gave prior to the Kid’s Choice Awards where she basically begged to be slimed. She had actually asked the producers of the show if she could be slimed but was denied. They had thought that she was joking, but she was actually being serious at the time. She really wanted it to happen to her.

Serena figured out a way to make this happen. She arranged a charity tennis match. She got her sister to participate. It was advertised as a winner gets to slime her sister charity match. What the public didn’t know was that Serena had planned all along that she would be the one to lose the match. In fact, that was the only reason that Venus agreed to take part. There was no way that she would have agreed to play in a match like this if there was any real chance that she was going to be publicly humiliated in front of a stadium full of tennis fans. Most of the fans would be routing against Serena anyway, if for no other reason than she was the more attractive of the two sisters.

It was not hard to sell the tickets for the match. More people wanted to attend this match then any tennis match in recent memory and maybe ever. The crowd packed in the stadium and were very excited about what they were about to witness. One of the Williams sisters was going to end up covered in mess. Lots of other players bought tickets themselves to witness this. There were a lot of players in the locker room who did not exactly like the Williams sisters very much.

As the crowd rolled in, Serena and Venus sat in the locker room together. They could hear the rustle of the crowds coming in. Venus looked a bit nervous. Serena noticed this. She turned to her and said, “Hey, don’t worry Sis, I have a funny feeling that this isn’t going to be my night.” She winked. “You don’t mean?,” Venus said. “Yeah, I want to get slimed. I want to get slimed bad. That’s why I arranged this whole thing. I am going to lose on purpose.” Venus laughed. “No way,” she said. “Oh yeah, I am dying to get that mess poured all over my body. So when you when, please don’t have any mercy on me. Really let me have it. Get me good. I’ll be loving it.” Venus laughed.

Venus and Serena were introduced to the crowd. They came out waiving to the crowd. Serena wore an orange and white tennis outfit. The skirt was very short, as always. She wore dark blue underwear, which became visible each time she bent down to receive a serve. Serena and Venus went to their sides of the court to begin the match.

When the match started, it was just like a normal match. Serena was a very good tennis player. She should easily miss a shot or intentionally not hit the ball and make it look natural. Halfway through the first set though, it was obvious that Serena was getting her ass kicked by her sister. The first set ended 6-1. The second set was not even close. Serena simply stunk on this day, or at least that is what everyone thought. No one really realized that she was losing the match on purpose. The second set ended 6-0. Halfway through the set everyone knew what was going to happen. Serena played to the crowd pretending to look nervous. When the final shot dropped and she lost, she fell to her knees and put her hands to her face. She blushed and laughed and screamed. Venus clapped and laughed. The crowd erupted in a huge cheer. Serena and Venus were walked to centre court. Serena was asked how she felt. “Honestly,” Serena said,” Bring it on. Slime me. I actually want this to happen. I hope that everyone enjoys it. I am going to be slimed. Bring it on. Let me have it.” Venus just laughed at her sister. She could not imagine why Serena was so into this, but what the hell, she was going to get to slime her sister, who wouldn’t love the chance to do that, she thought.

A lounge chair was brought to the centre of the court. Various buckets were brought out as well. Serena took the long walk of shame. She lowered her enormous backside into the chair. Her skirt rode up even more as her thick, muscular legs bent in front of her. She faced forward and made herself comfortable. She held her knees together and adjusted her skirt. She smiled and eagerly waited for what was about to happen to her. She felt very excited. The anticipation tickled her. She was becoming highly aroused by the anticipation. She was already sweaty from the tennis match but began to sweat even more. Her clothes were already soaked in sweat. She could feel her nipples getting harder and her panties becoming wetter as she waited for the mess. She had imagined this moment so many times in her mind and pictured what it would be like. She was dying to put her hand between her legs, but she could not as she was sitting in front of hundreds of spectators. Serena knew she would be getting it good. She would not be easy to miss. She had an amazing pair of legs and an enormous sexy backside. Venus was already planning what she would be doing to her. The crowd began chanting,” Slime her, slime her!” Serena laughed. She was incredibly hot now and could hardly wait for the mess to happen.

Serena smiled and laughed. Chills ran up and down her spine. She stuck her head forward. Venus grabbed a bucket and walked up behind her awaiting sister. The first bucket was going to contain the classic green slime that Serena was expecting, but the buckets that would come later would have special surprises that she would not be expecting. Venus came from behind. Serena looked forward. She did not close her eyes or try to avoid what was going to happen in any way. Venus raised the bucket as the crowd chanted for the slime. Venus smiled as she tipped the bucket over her sister’s head. Serena smiled a huge smile as the slime hit her on the head. It started to coat the top of her head and bowed at the top at first, washing down the sides of her head and then her cheeks. Venus adjusted the bucket slightly and directed the slime over Serena’s face. She closed her eyes and extended her neck as the slime now began to run down her face. She was soon washed in slimed. It poured over her cheeks, nose and mouth. The slime seemed to pour for minutes. It was like having a slime shower. Venus did not need to move the bucket around to much because there was so much slime in the bucket that it directed itself all over Serena’s body. The slim soaked and stained Serena’s shirt. It’s viscous consistency soaked her enormous breasts. Tons poured into her lap. Venus brought the bucket forward and dumped more slime all over her sister’s thick brown legs. She poured it over her white socks and shoes and then all over her dark brown calves, all over her knees and onto her thighs. It felt better than even Serena had dared to imagine. The feel the smooth green slime all over her body was extremely sensual. She opened her legs as Venus poured. She moved them in and out. She moaned in ecstasy. She then took her hands and rubbed the slime all over legs and arms, as if she were cleaning her body with the slime. Again , she fought the urge to place her hand into her now slimy underwear.

She now stood up and bent over the chair. She spread her legs slightly and bent her knees. Venus took a second bucket of slime now. Serena’s amazing, famous large backside was now bent to the audience. She did not really care at this point. She knew that people discussed it and stared at it all the time. It made her a bit self conscious normally. It is a very strange feeling to have half the world talking about your rear end. Venus lifted the bucket over Serena’s back first. She started to dump the slime. The force of gravity began to direct the slime downwards down Serena’s body. Venus then lifted her sister’s skirt even further. She began to pour the slime all over her sister’s backside. Serena squealed and moaned as the cold slime began to pour over her protruding ass cheeks and over her butt crack. Her panties soaked in layers of the slime. The slime poured down the backs of her incredible legs, dripping down her calves to her ankles. Venus then pulled Serena’s panties open fully from the waist band. She took the remainder of what was in the bucket and poured it inside of Serena’s underwear. When she was done she snapped them shut. Serena stood forward, walking awkwardly with a large bulge in her underwear. The crowd laughed at her. She then adjusted her skirt. Her panties were now almost collapsing from the weight of the slime. They could, almost not hold the load that they were carrying. The slime oozed between her thighs and all over her private parts. “What the hell,” Serena said to herself. When she sat down again, she discreetly slid her panties off and hid them. She then made sure to place her knees together when she sat. The slime was now finished but there was much more in store for Miss Williams on this day.

Venus now grabbed a huge bucket that contained macaroni and cheese. It was the cheap famous brand kind with thin pasta tubes in a yellowy cheese sauce. This substance was perfect for pouring over someone. “What is it?,” Serena asked. When Venus replied Serena laughed. “Ok,” she said,” I can handle that. A little macaroni and cheese never hurt anyone. Bring it on.” Serena laughed as her sister started pouring the tick macaroni and cheese on her head. She smiled and laughed as she felt the mess fall with a plop onto her head. In a second tons of pasta covered in cheese sauce was pouring over her. The yellow cheesy mess poured onto her face. Venus laughed as she directed the cheesy pasta over her sister’s face. The crowd were abuzz as they watched Serena Williams get macaroni and cheese poured over her. Loads of individual bits of pasta stuck to the top of her head and to her face. More poured down on her breasts and then down into her lap and onto her legs. It piled on her shoulders and collected on her lap. The yellowy cheese sauce streaked her clothes all over. Huge torrents of it flowed in streams down her body. The pasta collected on her shoulders, lap and head. Bits stuck to her face and clothes unevenly. She hugged her arms around herself as the flow of mess stopped. She then looked at the crowd and laughed hysterically. “This macaroni and cheese. It’s definitely the cheesiest,” she said, quoting a famous catch phrase. She wondered how much more they had in store for her. She didn’t really care much. She was quite enjoying this. This was turning out to be everything she had always imagined and more. She was actually loving it.

The next thing that Venus grabbed was a heaping helping of collard greens. These are a spinach like substance. They are a dark green colour and smell absolutely revolting. At least the ones that awaited Serena did. When Serena was told what was in the next bucket she responded,” Greens, really? I must be the first person ever in the history of the world who has been covered in collard greens. I hope you are enjoying this everybody.” She laughed. Venus took the bucket and started pouring the thick green mess onto Serena’s awaiting legs. Serena moaned as the watery green mess was piled into her lap and onto her legs. She rubbed her hands in lumps of the greens and massaged it on her thighs. Venus then poured more onto Serena’s head. A gigantic lump fell onto her head. It stuck and oozed down the side of her head. Stands and leaves of the green mess hung from her bangs down in her face. Bits trickled down her nose and chin. More fell onto her gigantic cleavage. She could feel bits down the back of her neck. The green sludge piled on top of the mess that covered her already. She was now covered in a mixture of yellowy orange macaroni and cheese and dark green.

The final bucket was filled with sweet potatoes. Venus took it and showed it to everyone including Serena. She took a large wooden spoon and stirred it up, playing to the crowd. “Just get on with it,” Serena said. Venus just laughed and took her time. The sweet potatoes were bright orange and very soft. They had been mixed with milk and butter. Serena scrunched up her nose as she awaited the onslaught of orange mess. She cringed slightly as she felt Venus heading behind her. She closed her eyes. Venus turned the bucket over onto her sister. The mess did not come quickly. It was suspended in the air for a second before falling in a heap onto Serena’s face. Serena looked about at the exact second. The orange slop fell directly in her face. Some fell in her mouth. She jerked her head forward. She closed her mouth and let the excess mash roll out of her mouth and down her chin. She ate the remainder. It tasted quite nice, if very cold. She took her hand and wiped her eyes. Her face smeared in orange mess. In the mean time, more potatoes were falling on her from above. Venus poured more down her front and all down over lap and legs. She put her hand on her sister’s back, signalling her to lean forward. Serena did so, at the edge of her seat. Venus then lifted Serena’s skirt and poured the remainder of the sweet potatoes onto her awaiting rear end. Serena leaned forward even more. She could feel the thick orange glop pouring onto her backside. She felt it ooze between her cheeks, straight down her butt crack. She moved her bottom about, wiggling it and contracting the muscles in her backside. Venus lowered her skirt when the bucket was empty.

Serena leaned her head forward pretending to be annoyed. The crowd enthusiastically cheered and applauded her for being such a good sport. Venus helped her to her feet. She stood up, in a puddle of collected mess. She took the microphone. “Thank you to everyone for being here today. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I have. That was so much fun. I would highly recommend it.” She smiled and waived to the crowd. She then retired to her private locker room. She did not head to the shower immediately. She sat down on the bench in the locker room and enjoyed the feeling of the slop on her skin. “It was as good as sex,” she thought to herself. She then started to rub herself with the mess. She closed her eyes and laughed to herself.

Hollyoaks vs. Coronation Street

****Below is the original Coronation Street vs. Hollyoaks story. As some of you may already know. I am now going to be doing individual stories for all of the losers, because they deserve it. The Samia Ghadie and Tina O'Brien stories are already posted. The Jenny Platt, Michelle Keegan, Ashley Davis, Loui Batley, Emma Rigby and Nikki Sanderson ones are to follow.****

Hollyoaks vs. Coronation Street

Before the show a clip package was shown. The package showed scenes from both Hollyoaks and Coronation Street and gave a brief description of each and who was representing who on the evening. There have been eight votes. We have eight buckets of gunge. Eight ladies will receive a messing. At the end of the night one soap will win the majority of the votes and that team will not only get bragging rights over the losers, but will also enact a special over all penalty to the losing soap. We will keep a running total of wins and losses up on this special score board. The score board was shown. It was now Hollyoaks zero and Coronation Street zero. The show then returned to the studio. In the centre of the stage was Mr. G. and the hot seat. To his left stood in a row was each Coronation Street actress. On the right were all eight Hollyoaks actresses. At the back of the stage was a table with eight buckets of different coloured gunge in them.

Mr. G. then took the microphone. “A warm hello to everyone. Tonight on let her have it, it is a very special night. Tonight we have Hollyoaks vs. Coronation Street. We have eight of the best actresses from each soap here tonight. The have pitted themselves in votes against their counter parts from the opposing soap. No one knows how the votes went. And on top of all of that we have a special surprise awaiting the team that loses the majority of the votes tonight. By the way, I think everyone who has ever appeared on either soap is watching the show tonight. I am sure that they got out and voted for their colleagues. We are going to see eight gungings tonight, so we have a very full show for you. I am a very lucky guy to have sixteen of the most attractive women ever to appear on television here in the studio tonight. I am sure that the ladies are all very nervous about what is going to happen in only a few minutes. The votes were all relatively close. I must stress that in general they do not have anything against each other. Some of them have never even met. Mind you, there might be some professional jealousy between some of them I don’t know. So what will happen is very simple. There are two lines on stage. The women up for each vote are standing in the same line position as the woman they are up against. For example the two young ladies up for the first vote now stand either side of me. What will happen is I will announce the results. The person voted to take the mess will take her seat in this chair. The winner will select their favourite coloured gunge bucket and proceed to gunge the loser with it. Then the line will move forward and the other two will take spots at the end of the line. The scoreboard will keep track of how we are doing. Finally at the end of the night we will see who has been gunged the most. So here we go, Hollyoaks vs. Coronation Street.”

“Ok, here we go. I hope that everyone is ready because here we go. Let’s start with vote number one. Representing Coronation Street we have Lucy Jo Hudson. Lucy Jo played Katie on Coronation Street.” Lucy smiled and waived. “Representing Hollyoaks we have Emma Rigby. Emma famously played Hannah Ashworth.” Emma waived and gave a smile as well, although hers seemed much more forced.

“Ok everyone here are our results. The person with the most votes, in a landslide victory is… Emma Rigby.” Lucy Jo looked relieved. The Coronation Street girls looked happy. The Hollyoaks team couldn’t help but chuckle. Emma looked incredibly annoyed. She gave a sarcastic look. She was led to the chair where she sat folding her arms and flaring her nostrils. She kept repeating I can’t believe this. “So Lucy Jo,” Mr. G. said,” Now you get to choose your colour.” Lucy Jo looked at the colours available and chose a turquoise type colour for Emma. Emma meanwhile looked like she was almost hyperventilating, scrunching up her nose and generally looking pissed off. “So vote one goes to Hollyoaks,” Mr. G said. As he did the board was updated. “So, Lucy Jo Hudson, let her have it,” Mr. G. said. Emma scrunched up her face and closed her eyes as she prepared herself for the blue green mess. Lucy Jo stood behind her. She teased pouring the gunge a few times before finally tipping it. Emma screeched as the gunge poured down her beautiful facial feature. It poured over her ponytail and down her neck. Lucy Jo continued pouring it as the gunge poured over Emma’s front and legs. Everyone in both lines laughed at what they were witnessing. “Don’t laugh,” Mr. G. said, “because you could be next.” Emma wiped some of the gunge from her eyes. She was covered in gunge. Most over her face engulfed in mess. Mr. G. helped her to her feet. She couldn’t help but smile a little at what had happened. Lucy Jo and Emma returned to the end of the line as the contestants for vote two moved forward. Emma walked past her team mates. They chuckled. “Hey, it might happen to you too you know,” she said. She took her place at the end of the line still dripping in gunge. She realized that she would have to spend the rest of the show like this. She really wished she had not been the first one gunged. If she was the last she at least could get cleaned up straight away.

“So it is one nothing to Hollyoaks. We have a very messy Emma, but who will be joining her. Time for vote number two. Ok for vote two we have Samia Ghadie who plays Maria on Corrie against Carley Stenson who plays Steph on Hollyoaks.” Carley looked very nervous already making funny faces and almost begging not to be the one. Samia was smiling and almost laughing. “Do we want to hear the results and see more gunge,”Mr. G. asked. The crowd cheered. No, Carley said sheepishly as Samia said Nah. “I can now reveal the results of vote number two. The winner by quite a way again actually is… Samia Ghadie.” Samia started laughing. Oh my God she uttered. Carely screamed in relief. She looked incredibly relieved and very happy. Samia looked at the hot seat crosswise. She walked over and took her seat. She pointed to her Corrie friends as they laughed. Carley then got to go over and select the gunge of her choice. She chose orange for Samia. Samia just looked forward. She couldn’t help but laughing. Carley walked over to her. “I feel so bad,” she said,” Sorry.” “Don’t worry,” Samia said,”It’s fine honestly. It’s just a bit of fun at the end of the day.” Carley made faces as she lifted the bucket. She then slowly poured the orange slop over Samia, who just squealed in laughter. The gunge poured down over her face. Then covered her beautiful hair. It flowed down her bare tanned arms and top. Globs of gunge stuck all over Samia’s face. She rubbed her arms as the gunge fell down her top and trousers and onto her legs. The orange gunge looking great against her tan skin. As it stopped Samia made a funny face, but just kept on laughing. Carley apologized again as she helped Samia to her feet. They ten took their places at the end of the line. Samia stood next to Lucy Jo. “You got lucky,” Samia joked. As she stood plastered in thick orange gunge. The scoreboard was then updated. Hollyoaks 1 Coronation Street 1.

“Moving right along,” Mr. G. said,” It is time for vote three. I can tell you this one was a bit closer. Representing Coronation Street we have Jenny Platt. Jenny played Violet on Corrie. Her opponent in the vote was Nathalie Emmanuel. You may know her better as Sasha Valentine for Hollyoaks. One of these two is about to get very dirty indeed. It’s actually a shame that only one will be getting messy. I don’t know how the voters chose in some of these votes. It must have been a tough decision. Nathalie was keeping her eyes on the ground and her fingers crossed. Jenny just looked blankly ahead. “I can now reveal the results of vote number three. Our winner in a close one is…Jenny Platt.” Jenny looked dejected. Nathalie jumped up and down celebrating and laughing. She high-fived some of her team mates. Jenny just had a wtf look on her face. Mr. G. led Jenny to her seat while Nathalie gleefully had a look at the gunge buckets. “I think I will choose purple for you. You did play a character called Violet.” “How thoughtful,” Jenny said sarcastically. Nathalie played to the crowd teasing Jenny with the bucket. Jenny grimaced as Nathalie told her that she was about to get nailed. Jenny closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She scrunched up her nose as the soft purple mess poured directly onto her face. She could feel the thick mess slowly moving down her down her face. It quickly engulfed her head. She put her hands on her face trying to resist the gunge but it overpowered her. It poured down her shoulders and arms. She could feel the slimy mess against her skin. She gagged more poured on her face. The gunge poured right down the front of her shirt and all over her breasts. The gunge was all inside of her close. She opened her shirt a little so some of the gunge would fall out. It fell onto her lap and thighs. She ran her hands over her jeans to try to clean some off. As Nathalie finished, she pumped her fist and said oh yeah. She went and took her place next to Carley. Jenny stood up looking like she had been in a purple shower. She had to clear handfuls of gunge from her top and jeans as they felt so heavy. She staggered along and took her place in the line next to Samia. The board was updated Hollyoaks-1 Coronation Street-2.

“Can our next two contestants come forward please,” Mr. G. asked, “ Next, representing Coronation Street we have Emma Edmondson who played Mel. Representing Hollyoaks we have Loui Batley who played the late Sarah Barnes. Emma looked stressed out, clasping her hands together. Loui played with her hair nervously as she squirmed. She kept taking seep breaths. “Ok,” Mr. G said,” I can now reveal our results. I can tell you that this was the most lopsided poll. So the person with the most votes and go to bed tonight with the knowledge that a lot of people want to see them get messy. We are going to give them exactly what the want. The winner of vote number 4 is.. With nearly 87 percent of the vote… Loui Batley.” Loui’s mouth fell wide open. She put her hand to her chest as if to say, what me. She reluctantly walked over and took her seat. “Well, Loui for whatever reason, a lot of people want to see you get gunged. I guess you can take that as a compliment of sorts,” Mr. G. said. Thanks a lot Loui said sarcastically. She crossed her legs and looked over to see what bucket Emma selected. Unfortunately for Loui, Emma had chosen the brown gunge. Loui put her hands on her thighs and closed her eyes. Emma started pouring the brown gunge all over Loui’s bare legs. She poured the thick brown gunge all over them then poured more up Loui’s body. Loui then braced herself as Emma then started pouring the thick brown sludge down onto her face. Loui looked up as the gunge hit her in the face. Her team mates could be heard saying, yuck that’s gross. Loui looked as though she had been covered in something more disgusting then just gunge. It stunk as well. Loui did not make much of an attempt to clean the gunge of her face. She just smiled politely. “Well, I hope everyone that voted for me is satisfied. I am just lost for words,” Loui said. Loui had to be careful that her dress did not fall off under the weight and sloppiness of the gunge. Loui stumbled back to join her line. Nathalie could not hide how funny she thought it was that Loui and Emma, to of her best friends on the show were a total mess and she had won her vote and escaped totally clean. The scoreboard was updated. Halfway through and we have a tie score.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” We are halfway through and we half a tie. It is neck and neck now. Let’s have our next to contestants. From Coronation Street we have Georgia Taylor who used to play Toyah Battersby and from Hollyaoks we have Ashley Davies who play Amy Barnes.” Georgia was blushing a bit. She had no idea how the vote would go, but compared to some of the other actresses she was quite a quiet person. Ashley on the other hand was giggling. She looked anxious but not at all unhappy to be there. She didn’t seem to mind the possibility of gunge as much as some of the others had. “Ok, ladies,” Mr. G. said,” We won’t drag this one out and leave you in suspense. The winner of vote five is….Ashley Davies of Hollyoaks.” Ashley clapped her hands busted out laughing. “I can’t believe I won,” she said,” It should be pretty funny.” Georgia just looked relieved. She considered herself more of a serious actress. She was quite nervous about even gunging Ashley. Ashley walked over to her seat. She made funny faces and laughed. Georgia went over and had to select which bucket Ashley would get. She asked Ashley which one she would like. “Ah, go with the pink one. I look good in pink, ”Ashley joked. Georgia grabbed the bucket as Ashley said nail me. She stuck out her tongue and acted like she was teasing Georgia. She screamed when Georgia dumped the gunge onto her short dirty blonde hair. The lumpy pink gunge poured on Ashley’s face and neck as she shivered and made faces. She was howling with laughter as the gunge covered her. As it stop Ashley made a face and then she struck some poses for the camera like a model would do. “It looks like both Barnes sisters have gotten it tonight,” Mr. G. said. Ashley waived and laughed. “Hi Mum!”, she said and walked back to her place in line. She joked with Loui as she returned. The scoreboard was updated. Coronation Street-2 Hollyoaks-3.

The next two contestants then came forward. “Time for vote six,” Mr. G. said,” From Coronation Street we have Tina O’brien. You may know her better as Sarah Platt. Her competition tonight, from Hollyoaks is Saira Coudhry. Saira currently plays Anita on Hollyoaks.” Saira looked incredibley nervous. She was almost shaking and was sweating profusely. Tina tried to look cool, but she was clearly nervous as well. She stood with her arms crossed and looked annoyed at the world. She wanted to get this over with as quickly as possible. “I can now reveal our results,” Mr. G. said,” I can tell you that the lady who won this round had more votes then anyone else.” “Oh great,” Tina and Saira said almost simultaneously. “ The winner of this round, by quite a few votes is… Tina O’Brien.” Saira exhaled looking very relieved. Tina’s face dropped and went instantly red. “Oh, my God,” she said. She walked dumfounded to her seat. She was in shock. Saira now smiled a devilish smile. She went to the buckets and selected the blue one. “It looks creamy,” Saira said. “Haha, you’re turn now Tina,” Samia said. Tina just shook her head, looking very annoyed at the results. Both teams started chanting gunge her, gunge her and spurred the audience to do the same. Tina cracked a smile. Saira smiled. She had really thought she could be the one in the hot seat so was quite happy. Everyone chanted until Saira poured then everyone started cheering. Tina screamed as she felt the gunge tip on her. In an instant her entire head was drenched in blue gunge. She moaned as gravity took the gunge all over her body landing everywhere. The gunge stuck to all of her clothing as well as her hair. The camera pulled in for a close up. It captured a close up of Tina’s face covered in gunge as she gave a decidedly pissed off face. Saira returned to her line. She was given high fives and pats on the back from everyone. Tina folded her arms and stomped back to her position in the line.

The scoreboard was adjusted again. We now had a tie again 3-3. A recap was given of the show so far. It said,” We have two votes left and right now we have a tie. So far we have seen Emma, Loui and Ashley gunged from Hollyoaks and Samia, Jenny and Tina gunged from Coronation Street. Who will be next and which team will win the most votes overall?”

Mr. G. then called the next two ladies forward,” Our next vote pits Michelle Keegan, Tina from Coronation Street against Jennifer Biddall who played Jess on Hollyoaks. As we go along the votes get more and more crucial. So who will it be?” Michelle was seen waiving her hands saying no, no and pointing at Jennifer saying vote for her. Jennifer was doing the same. The both ended up laughing and returning to their spots. They then got more serious as the vote was about to be announced. “The winner of vote seven. Giving their team the lead is… Michelle Keegan,” Mr. G. said. Michelle shook her head, ran her fingers through her hair and covered her face in her hands. She turned even more red than usual. Jennifer did a bow and twirl saying thank you, thank you to everyone. Michelle took her seat looking at the floor shaking her head and muttering to herself. “I think I’ll pick the red gunge bucket,” Jennifer said. Michelle bit her lip and then scrunched her face up in anticipation. The red gunge was very lumpy and runny in spots. Michelle tried to push her head forward a bit as Jennifer aimed the bucket. Michelle yelped and screamed as she felt the cold red muck trickle all over her tanned face and neck. For what seemed like five minutes Jennifer mercilessly poured the red gunge all over Michelle. Michelle kept trying to hold her breath but it was just to long of a gunging. “The red goes with all the fake tan,” Jennifer teased. Michelle flared her nostrils sending bits of gunge outwards. Jennifer returned to her place. Michelle stood up and walked back to her place in the line next to an equally messy Tina O’brien. The scoreboard was updated. It read Coronation Street-4 Hollyoaks-3.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” It all comes down to this now. The final vote. If Hollyoaks wins we will have a tie. If Coronation Street wins, they will be the have won 5 to 3. But the winners of the votes are the losers on the show, as we all know. If Coronation Street wins this vote, it means that they will be receiving the secret surprise prize and that prize is nothing that anyone wants. So our Coronation Street team better hope that Hollyoaks wins this last vote.”

“Up for the final vote are Nikki Sanderson who played Candice on Coronation Street against Roxanne Mckee who played Loiuse on Hollyoaks. This was one of the tighter votes. Nikki what are your thoughts,” Mr. G. said. “Well, I know that Roxanne has won a lot of awards and things for most desirable female so I think that might give me somewhat of an advantage, but maybe that is just wishful thinking,” Nikki said. “And you Roxanne?,” Mr. G. asked. “ I hope that I don’t win for the team, if that makes sense, plus avoiding the gunge would be really nice too,” she joked. Roxanne and Nikki stood close together holding hands and crossing fingers. “Ok here we go, “ Mr. G. said, “Keeping in mind the overall scores. Here are our results and they might come as a bit of surprise. The actress with the most votes is…. Nikki Sanderson.” Roxanne’s jaw dropped. Then she celebrated. She couldn’t believe it. Nikki’s jaw dropped as well for a different reason. She put her hands over her mouth. She knew what was about to happen. She smiled and shook her head. The Hollyoaks team celebrated. The Coronation Street team all looked embarrassed. Mr. G. lead Nikki to the hotseat. She sat down and slicked her hair back behind her ears getting ready for the mess. Roxanne grabbed the last bucket of gunge. The last bucket contained yellow gunge. Roxanne walked sexily over to Nikki. Nikki looked up and smiled. “Please, don’t ,” she said. “Oh yes,” Roxanne said. She then took the mic and said,” I would just like to say, come on Hollyoaks. I am going to enjoy our victory by pouring gunge right over Nikki’s head.” She lifted the bucket and dumped the mess it contained all over Nikki Sanderson. Nikki laughed as the yellow mess poured onto her face. It dumped on her head. Straight down her cheeks, over her forehead and nose, pouring down her chin. “Feels great,” Nikki said sarcastically. Roxanne then poured the gunge down her shoulders, arms and top. She poured the rest over Nikki’s skirt and legs. When she was finished Nikki was streaked head to toe in yellow gunge. She smiled and waived. “Can I say hi to my family and friends watching at home?,” Nikki joked. Nikki waived to the crowd and bowed. She and Roxanne returned to their places in the line.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said.” The final score is Coronation Street 5 Hollyoaks 3. Coronation Street have lost. The Hollyoaks girls celebrated. Emma, Loui and Ashley were slightly less happy but celebrated with their friends. The Coronation Street team looked dejected. The camera showed both teams. “So we promised that there would be a special punishment for the losing team.,” Mr. G. said. The Coronation Street team turned and waited to hear what would happen. 5 out of the 8 of them were already a mess. They were very concerned about what was going to happen to them. The Hollyoaks team looked happy that the losers may get more punishment. “The special punishment will be this,” Mr. G. said,” The Coronation Street team will have to go to the next shooting of Hollyoaks, wearing t-shirts that say loser printed on them and, as a team receive a group messing from the entire cast of Hollyoaks. The Hollyoaks team celebrated.

The next day the eight members of the Coronation Street arrived at the Hollyoaks set wearing their special t-shirts. Mr. G. attended as well. The whole cast of Hollyoaks were all gathered. “As you all know, last week on our show the Coronation Street team competed against the Hollyoaks team and lost. So they are here today to pay their forfeit,” Mr. G, said. He then announced each member of the team. “Ok, so here is what is going to happen. If you look behind you, you’ll see a dumpster. That dumpster is filled with leftovers from the Hollyoaks catering team. What will happen is the cast of Hollyoaks is going to push this button. It will cause the dumpster to raise and will drop it all over the ladies from Coronation Street.” The cast went over to the button. “So, everyone. Lucy Jo Hudson, Samia Ghadie, Jenny Platt, Emma Edmondson, Georgia Taylor, Tina O’Brien, Michelle Keegan and Nikki Sanderson, you are the losers and here is your reward.” The eight girls cuddled together and braced themselves. The Hollyoaks cast pushed the button. The dumpster released and dumped a mountain of leftover food over the Coronation Street team. They screamed as the slop poured over their heads. The Hollyoaks cast watched on and laughed. They brought out a big banner saying Hollyoaks rules. They took loads of pictures with the Coronation Street team. After the mess there was no hard feelings, although the women who got the gunge were always reminded of it whenever they met anyone from the other soap.

Saturday, 28 May 2011

Ali Bastian Vs. Sarah Dunn results

Ali Bastian Vs. Sarah Dunn results

“This time on Let her have it, we have a competition between two friends who used to act on Hollyoaks. They have known each other for along time now. Today one is going to get messy. Who will it be? We will see very shortly,” Mr. G. said to open the program. “Let’s welcome Ali Bastian and Sarah Dunn..” Ali and Sarah walked onto the stage together both giving half hearted smiles. Each wore a pink striped button down shirt and a short grey skirt. “And today, there is a special added stipulation. The ladies have agreed that the loser will have to receive the mess wearing only their underwear. So we are going to get to see a bit of skin as an added bonus. So the stakes are high today. I am sure neither Ali or Sarah wants to be the one with the most votes. Let’s go to the ladies and get their thoughts. Sarah?”

“Well, what can I say,” Sarah said,” I am pretty nervous. I think that there is a pretty decent chance that I could end the evening in my underwear covered in mess, so all I can do is keep my fingers crossed that the viewers have chosen in their infinite wisdom to save me, but I am prepared for the worst.”

“And Ali, you’ve been on Hollyoaks in your underwear half a dozen times. I guess that won’t bother you,” Mr. G. said. “ Well, it’s a bit different, ”Ali said,” It would be a bit more embarrassing for some reason in this situation. I just know that the loser is going to get absolutely trashed. I think it could go either way. I love Sarah as a friend, but unfortunately it is either me or her, so I would rather it be her. I’m sure that there are a lot of people out there that would want to see me covered in mess though. So, I could easily be the one getting it tonight.”

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” The you can feel the tension in the studio tonight. Can we dim the lights so that we can announce the results please? I can now reveal that the person who will be getting the mess this evening, with nearly 63 percent of the votes…” Ali And Sarah were shown. They closed their eyes and crossed their fingers. They seemed to be whispering please to themselves. “The person with the most votes is… Ali Bastian.” Ali grimaced and laughed. “Ugh,” she said, looking down at her shoes. Sarah just looked relieved. “Thank god,” she said. She ran her hand over her forehead pretending to wipe the sweat away. The crowded cheered and laughed.

“So, Sarah. You won. How do you feel,” Mr. G. asked. “Relieved more than anything. I feel bad for Ali but I am just so glad that it is not going to be me,” Sarah replied. “Ali, you lost. How are you feeling.” Mr. G. asked. “She kicked my butt. I have a feeling this is going to be really dirty and disgusting. I don’t know what to say. Be gentle with me.”

The famous chair and cart where then brought out. “Ok, everyone, as we all know there was a special stipulation for tonight. That stipulation was underwear. I am sure that all of the guys out there in the audience are going to enjoy this and some of the women as well. This might be the time to press record on your VCRs ladies and gentlemen. As a part of the vote, Ali now has to strip down to her bra an panties.”

Ali was lead by the hand to the centre of the stage. She was asked to comply. Ali slowly unbuttoned her top, almost trying to stall for time. She undid each button and then pulled her arms from her shirt. She folded it up and handed it to Sarah. It revealed that Ali was wearing a tight black bra. She then kicked of her shoes. She stood at the centre of the stage and started to undo her skirt from behind. She undid the bottom and then slid her skirt down her tanned legs. She lifted her leg and removed her skirt. She folded her skirt and handed it to Sarah. Ali wore a matching pair of black panties. She stood in the centre of the stage with a half hearted smile and waived to the crowd. The camera did a shot starting at her ankles, panning up her body giving a full screen view of her legs, panties, bra and then her face. She was then lead to the hot seat where she sat down, crossing her legs. “It’s kind of chilly in hear,” Ali joked. Sarah placed Ali’s clothes safely on the trolley and prepared to do the honours. Ali was a lot more worried about the mess then she was being seen in her underwear. She had been on television wearing less dozens of times in the past.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” Ali is all set up and waiting to go. Sarah, when you are ready it is time to let Ali have.” Sarah eyed up the items that she had been given to use. “Gross,” she said, ”Sorry in advance Ali babe.” Ali tried to grin and bear it.

The first item was five large banana milk shakes. The lids had been removed. “This might be a bit cold, “Sarah said. Sarah took the first two and started at Ali’s ankles. Ali squealed and jumped in her seat, cringing at the feeling of the cold shake on her skin. Sarah poured the yellow banana shake up Ali’s calves and up onto her thighs. The thick yellow looking very good on Ali’s tanned muscular legs. The next two Sarah poured over Ali’s head. Ali closed her eyes as Sarah tipped the shake onto her head. It fell over her ponytail and all over her face. She screamed and scrunched her face up as the second shake slowly poured onto her face, travelling down her body, slowly melting all the way down her. She shook her head and cleared her eyes. The last shake Sarah tipped onto Ali’s breasts and stomach. It coated her bra and poured onto her stomach and down onto her lap and underwear. Ali could not describe how the shake felted on her half naked body. She started rubbing her arms and legs in the shake.

The next bucket that Sarah picked up was full to the brim with spaghetti O’s. Ali sat in her chair, now resolved to her fate. Sarah took the heavy bucket with both hands and dragged it over to Ali. She struggled as she lifted it. Everyone could tell that the bucket was loaded with slop because of how heavy it was. Sarah lifted it up and poured the spaghetti O’s down over Ali. The mess landed on her head covering it in noodles and sauce. There was so much in the bucket that Sarah was able to just keep on pouring. The spaghetti O’s did the work for her. They poured onto every area of Ali’s body, sticking everywhere. Ali could feel the slop all over her body as poured everywhere. “Oh my god Ali.” Sarah said, “Sorry”. Sarah slightly laughed. “It’s ok, really,” Ali said.

The last bucket contained something truly revolting. Sarah went over to it and said,” Eww, this stuff really stinks.” The bucket contained slurry. When it was revealed Ali just gave a look that seemed to say, all of this happened to me already, it won’t be that much worse. Sarah held her nose with one hand as she brought the bucket over. Ali held her legs together and held her breath. She closed her eyes and tried not to breath. Sarah then lifted the bucket and slowly poured the disgusting slurry all over her friend. The mess engulfed Ali as it poured. It stuck to the slop that was already covering her body. The slurry managed to get everywhere as Sarah poured it. Ali cleared her eyes and tried to get as much slurry as she could from her mouth and nose. She picked some from her hair. She then stood up and let the slop that had collected in her lap and on the chair fall. She stood in the large puddle of mess on the floor. She moved her bare feet up and down in the ankle deep mess. She could feel it between her toes and on her ankle bracelet. She smiled and waived politely.

“So Sarah, that was an amazing mess for Ali. Have you any comments?,” Mr. G. asked. “Sorry, Ali. That was really disgusting. I am still glad it wasn’t me but it’s so sad for Ali,” Sarah said. “Ali, you were a really, really good sport today. The slop was particularly vile today,” Mr. G. said. “Yeah, I guess you could say that. It is kind of a surreal moment. I have to say I never thought I’d be sitting in my bra and knickers while my friend poured every manner of slop over me. It was an experience though, I have to say. I hope everyone at home isn’t watching this. I’ll never live it down.”

“For Ali and Sarah and everyone here, let’s watch that again,” Mr. G. said. Highlights of the gunging were shown in slow motion as Mr. G. did play by play. Ali cringed and laughed as she saw herself being covered in slurry and spaghetti O’s, still dripping in mess. Mr. G. then thanked Sarah and especially Ali for allowing today to happen. Everyone cheered their appreciation for Ali.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

Jill Halfpenny vs. Kim Medcalf Results

Jill Halfpenny vs. Kim Medcalf Results

“Today on Let her have it we have two actresses who used to work together on Eastenders. Both have also been on celebrity reality tv shows in the past. Today is going to get very real for one of them and really messy,” Mr. G. said, “So, let’s have a big round of applause for Jill Halfpenny and Kim Medcalf.” Jill and Kim walked into the studio waiving and smiling. Jill and Kim both wore pink, striped, button down shirts and suit trousers. “So ladies, how are you feeling about today.” “I’m not worrying too much,” Jill said,” I figure that it is a fifty fifty chance that it will be me. There is nothing I can really do, but wait for the results. I may panic then though, if it does end up being me who is going to get it,” Jill said. “Speak for yourself,” Kim said, “ I am very nervous I really would prefer if it was not me who has gotten the most votes. Apart from that, Jill and I have known each other for years. I really do not want her to get a chance to mess me up and spend the rest of our lives gloating about it.” “That is the name of the game, “ Mr. G. said,” It is always going to be messy and embarrassing for at least one of our guests.”

“So, who will it be, Jill or Kim? Just so you ladies know your colleagues, friends and relatives are all watching at home and are dying to see who it is going to be“ Mr. G. said,” So I think it is about time that we reveal our results. Only seven votes separated you two. So, it was relatively close going. One person did emerge as our winner though. The person that the public wants to see covered in mess is… Jill Halfpenny.” Kim smiled and breathed a sigh of relief. Jill started laughing and turning red. “How embarrassing,” Jill blushed,” Be gentle with me,” she joked. “I am just so glad it wasn’t me,” Kim said,” Sorry, Jill, but better you than me for sure.”

The hot seat was brought out to the centre of the stage and Jill took her seat. The trolley off mess was then wheeled out and revealed. The crowd clapped. Jill was still laughing. Kim walked over to the trolley to see what there was for Jill. She smiled to her self as she took it all in. “Ok Kim,” Mr. G. said,” You are today’s winner. Jill is our loser. So, when you are ready. Let her have it.”

The first item Kim grabbed was a tray of lasagne. She walked over to Jill and moved it back and forth in her hands. She let Jill have a look. “Gross,” she said, but continued laughing. Kim held the tray in front of Jill and then pulled it up smushing it in her face as if it was a pie. She pushed it upwards dropping the rest of the top of Jill’s head. Jill screamed as the noodles, cheese, beef and sauce stuck to her face and hair. The excess falling all over her. Bits of cheese and sauce stuck to her cheeks and chin. Beef and noodles clung to her hair and neck. Jill was still blushing and laughing. She took her right hand and ran it through her hair loosening some of the mess. Kim then dumped another tray of lasagne onto Jill’s lap. The whole lasagne fell into her lap. Jill then opened her legs slightly which caused the lasagne to fall apart, sending the pieces all over.

The next item that Kim picked up was a large salad bowl. “You love salad don’t you Jill,” Kim said. “Yeah, it helps me watch my figure,” Jill said. In the bowl was a salad of slimy half rotten vegetables. Old lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and other vegetables filled the bowl. The salad was a least a week out of date. Kim walked over to Jill and tossed the salad over her. The salad rained on Jill as she shut her eyes. She opened them to find the bits of rotten, stinky vegetables stuck all over her body. Kim then took a bottle of thousand island salad dressing and slowly poured on the salad and on Jill, whom the salad was stuck too. Jill grimaces as a thick stream of the orange salad dressing poured straight onto her face. Kim then poured another bottle Jill’s top and trousers. The salad dressing covered various parts of Jill’s clothes and bodies. She pulled her shirt forward a bit so some of the salad dressing trickled off of it. Kim had turned Jill into a human salad.

Kim then went over and took the final bucket. The bucket was very large. It was filled with parsnip soup. It was a light beige yellowy colour. It was smooth and velvety. Jill braced herself, she screwed up her face as Kim started pouring the soup on her. Jill laughed and screamed as the soup totally engulfed her face and poured down her body. The soup completely covered the mess that was already stick all over Jill. Kim took her time as she completely finished Jill off. Jill smiled and laughed trying to clear her eyes and mouth.

“So Kim, how did you enjoy that,” Mr. G. asked. “It was a great deal of fun. I actually feel a bit bad for poor Jill. She does look hilarious though. To think that could have been me in there,” Kim replied. “So, Jill,” Mr. G. asked,” How are we feeling?” “Never better,” She joked,” Never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine Kim Medcalf dumping lasagne over my head. I suppose I can see the funny side of it though. The people back at home have got to be loving this. I must look pretty ridiculous. It wasn’t that bad though, considering.”

A before and after shot was then shown on screen. “Looks great,” Jill joked. Kim helped Jill to her feet. Jill gave Kim a big messy hug, smearing mess on Kim’s arms. They both waived goodbye, smiling and laughing.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Big Brother 8 Results

Big Brother 8 Results

Mr. G. welcomed everyone to this edicition of the let Her Have It."Today, we have a vote involving two ladies from Big Brother 8. These two ladies do not like each other at all, even now. So it is going to be ultra humiliating for the loser today. Both women are dying to get the chance to embarass the other. Both is sure they won't lose. One will get a suprise. So, I think we better introduce them to you. We have Charlie Uchea and Chanelle Hayes," Everyone cheered as they walked out from opposite sides of the stage. Both looking smug waiving to the fans. Both wore shorts and tank tops. They were asked why they weren't dressed uup and they responded that they would not want to get their expensive clothes ruined. A replica of the Big Brother diary room chair sat ominously in the centre of the stage.

"So, Charlie," Mr. G. said," Any thoughts on today?" "Oh yeah, " she said," When I kick that little cow's ass, I am going to love getting to trash her so much. I'm going to do it as slowly and as embarassing as I can. I am going to love every second of it. I have waited a long time to do this." "And you Chanelle," Mr. G, asked. "When I win, by the way, I am going to teach that gobby cow a lesson. She is going to be eating humble pie today. She deserves this so much and I will enjoy giving it o her," Chanelle said. Whatever, Charlie mouthed.

"Ok ladies," Mr. G. said, "I sense some hostillity. That should make things interesting, but I think that we should straight to our results and see who will be taking the hotseat. One of thee two will be getting covered in slop. I can now reveal the results. It was a landslide by the way. The "winner" had nearly 87% of the total votes. The public really want to see this person covered in mess. So, the person with the most votes is... Chanelle Hayes." Chanelle's eyes widened like saucers and her mouth hung open. She put her hands up to her face and started blushing. She started sweating profusly. Charlie laughed and shouted. "Oh yeah, time to get dirty you cow. I'm going to treat you like the dirty pig you are. Your ass is mine Chanelle," Charlie said. "Well Chanelle, ya lost," Mr. G. said. "Yeah, sounds like she kicked my ass. I am speechless. She is going to love this. This is so embarassing."

Chanelle was lead over to the diary room chair. She sat down and pulled her legs up cradling them in her hands. the slop trolley was wheeled out and Charlie had a look, giving a slay smile and rubbing her hands together. Chanelle looked over but couldn't see what was on the trolley. She could smell it however and could tell that was going to be disgusting. She knew that there was no use begging and that she could do nothing but sit there and await the inevitable. " So," Mr. G. said," Chanelle Hayes, you have lost the vote and now it is time to receive your fate. Charlie, you are our victor. Chanelle is the loser and we know what happens to the loser. So, when you are ready Charlie, it is time to let Chanelle have it. I have a feeling this is going to be a messy one." Chanelle kept saying,"Please,no, please. I'll do anything." "Get ready to get dirty," Charlie said, "This is all for you loser."

Charlie lifted the first item and walked over to Chanelle. The first item was a large bucket of baked beans. "Careful, Chanelle,"Charlie said,"These are known to cause people to fart. Oh I forgot, from what I can smell you already have that problem." Chanelle's mouth fell open. Charlie walked up behind her. "All for you," She said. Chanelle squealed as Charlie poured the beans over her head. They washed over her face as she tried hugging her legs to stop the mess, but it was no use. Charlie moved the bucket forward, dumping beans all over Chanelle's bare legs.Chanelle could feel the disgusting beans running all over her thighes and calves. She could not believe how the beans felt on her. Charlie poured the rest of the beans back and forth over Chanelle untill the bucket was empty. Chanelle sat in her seat making funny noises as she tried to clear some of the beans away. A lot were collecting in a pool in her lap and below her. Chanelle stunk now from the smell of the beans. Charlie pointed and laughed. "Looking good," she scoffed.

The next item was a very large amount of banana pudding complete with bits of banana in it. It was very thick and very messy. Charlie took the bucket and stood behind Chanelle. As Chanelle looked up Charlie poured the pudding straight into her face. She scramed and yelped at how cold the pudding felt on her. She closed her eyes because all she could see now was yellow. The flow seemed to go on forever. Charlie took her time, making sure that she relished every moment of pouring the banana pudding over Chanelle. She poured layer after layer over every part of Chanelle's tanned body. Chanelle squealed as she felt the thick banana pudding plop onto her legs and down onto her bottom. She could feel it collecting everywhere. She shook herself and shivered as it felt so cold.

Finally Charlie grabbed the last bucket. It was a very special suprise for Chanelle.Charlie explained that it came directly from the local farm. It was genuine pig slop. It was made of mainly corn. It had a yellowy color and smelled absoluetley disgusting. Charlie announced that it would be her pleasure to slop Chanelle."No, please," Chanelle begged. She knew it would be in vain however. Charlie motioned to the crowd to cheer. She danced with the bucket teasing Chanelle with it. She stood behind her and poured the slop over her face, over her head, neck and shoulders. Chanelle laughed and squealed as it poured. Gravity moved the slop downwards over Chanelle's top and breasts.More poured onto her shorts. Charlie poured more all over Chanelle's legs and between them. Chanelle moved her legs in and out to let the slop fall. When Charlie was finished she stood back and aadmired her work.Chanelle was covered from head to toe in disgusting slop. "Looks like I've got a new wallpaper and screensaver for my computer at home, "Charlie said, "You really have never looked so good. Think of it as sort of a makeover."

Mr. G. walked up to Chanelle as she stood up dripping in slop. "So, Chanelle. How was that for you?,"he asked. She laughed,"Embarassing, wet, smelly.I must look so funny though. I can tell the viewers at home, that was definately real pig slop. they weren't kidding. I can't really describe how that felt. I must look a state. I must stink as well."

"So everyone, that's it for today," Mr. G. said," We hope you enjoyed tonight. I know we did. I don't think anyone will ever forget the night Chanelle Hayes got slopped on national tv. See you next time. Thanks for watching (reading).

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

The Websters Results

The Websters Results

Today was going to be a big day for the Webster family. One family member was going to get mess poured all of her in front of teh entire town. Either Sally or Rosie was going to get completely trashed. Everyone on the street had been looking forward to this day since the voting began. One member of the Webster family was in for a day of very public humiliation. Neither lady believed that they would be the one to get the mess. One was very sadly mistaken and she was going to have a day that she would never forget. The whole town gathered.

Ken Barlow got to be the announcer. He welcomed everyone and thanked them for showing up for the big day. Each person also brought their own messes that they were going to get to pour over the loser. The hot seat was placed in the middle of a stage that was set up in front of Underworld. The staff from Underworld were some of teh most excited ones there. Some had issues with Sally and some with Rosie. Ken introduced the two Websters. Sally and Rosie both wore red skirts and white tops. Rosie's was much shorter than Sally's and much tighter. When introduced, Rosie blew kisses to the crowd and showed off. Even though she was jeered. They both took their places on either side of Ken. Ken asked Sally for her thoughts. "I just hope to God it's not me. Sorry Rosie. I love you but better you than me, at the end of the day." He then asked Rosie. " I think it will be a right laugh to see Mum dripping in gungey mess. It would be so funny, " she said. "You know it could be either of you," Ken said. " It'll be her don't worry," Rosie said. Then Kevin was asked how he felt. Kevin said," Well, it will be a good laugh. I love them both, but frankly, they both deserve it," he joked.

"So," Ken said," Are we ready to reveal the "winner"?, " he asked. the crowd cheered. "I can now reveal," Ken said," This was a landslide I have to say. It was not even close. In fact our "winner" received 100% of the vote believe it or not." Rosie pointed at her mother and laughed. "The person who was voted for and who will get the mess with all the votes is.... Rosie Webster." Rosie's eyes widened and her mouth dropped open. She pointed at herself as if to say who me? The rest of her family celebrated. The crowd came unglued. They were all very pleased with the results and with what was going to happen shortly. Rosie's face was a picture. Ken asked, "How do you feel Rosie? You got all the votes." "I'm speachless. All of these losers are going to see me get messy. It is going to be disgusting. My clothes are going to get all messed up. This is so embarassing. I can't believe this is going to happen Please spare me." Everyone just laughed. Sally and Kevin smiled and laughed as well. Rosie had done a lot of bad things and now people were going to get a small measure of revenge on her. "Take your seat, Rosie, " Ken said. Rosie protested. "No, no please," she squealed as she was walked to her seat. She reluctantly sat down and had a strop. She crossed her legs and arms. At this point Rosie wished she had not chosen to wear such a short skirt for today, because as she sat down, it got even shorter and it became difficult to hide her panties from everyone's view.She put an annoyed look on her face. She would have tried to resist but she knew that it was pointless. All she could do was scream. Everyone just laughed at her, because she was making a show of herself. "This is going to be so gross!", she squealed.

The que started forming down the side of the stage. Her family were right at the front. It was going to bea long day for Rosie because anyone who wanted to get the chance to mess her would get the chance to. She had no shortage of enemies and they all got the chance to bring whatever they wanted to pour on Rosie. Noone could believe that she was so arrogant that she never thought she would be the one getting messed. Instead everyone she knew was going to get the chance to pour whatever they liked on her and there was nothing she could do about it.

Sally, as the winner got the chance to be the first to let Rosie have it. Before each person messed Rosie they would get to say a few words and tell everyone what item they had chosen to pour on Rosie. Sally stepped up first. "I'd like to say sorry Rosie. I hate so say it, but I am so glad that it is you in the hot seat and not me. Maybe you will learn your lesson now. I have chosen one of Rosie's favorate dishes. Shepherd's pie. It is a little bit on the old side, but oh well, " Sally said. "Shepherd's pie!," Rosie screamed, "you are actually going to pour shepherd's pie on me?" Rosie had relly not suspected what she had in for her and was genuinely shocked at what Sally was about to do. Sally held out the tray so the audience could get a look. "Sorry, Rosie," she said, "It does smell a bit, I have to admit." "Great, thanks Mum," Rosie scoffed. Sally stood behind her daughter. She held out the shepherd's pie and then in an instant dropped it onto Rosie. The look on Rosie's face was revolting. She screwed up her face as the mashed potato, gravy and lamb mince plopped onto her head. The potato fell all around her, onto her shirt and skirt. The bits of meat and gravy rained down on her as she screamed and made faces of disgust. She was covered in a layer of potato followed by the dark brown meat. There were also small bits of vegtables such as carrots, garlic and peas in the pie. The feeling of the messy pie on her skin caused her to gasp. She could not describe how gooey and messy it felt on her body. As Sally finished and celebrated, Rosie began to realize that this was only the beginning for her.

Next came the rest of Rosie's family including her father Kevin. They came forward and waived to the crowd. "Sorry, Rosie, but we can't pretend that we aren't enjoying this.We love ya, but this is the most fun we've had in years. Anyway today we have for Rosie chocolate syrup. It is nice and warm for her." Each member of her family took a bottle of chocolate syrup each. "Sorry Rosie!" they all said. Rosie crossed her arms looking very angry. Rosie's father, sister and grandfather all began pouring the chocolate sauce all over her. Her sister pouring it on her head. Her grandfather on her middle and her father on her legs. She could nothing but close her eyes and take it as it came. They were able to control where the chocolate sauce went as they squeezed on her. Poured it on her facea and over her top and skirt and all over her bare legs. She sat there as her family poured it all over her body. When they were doen they stepped away and revealed her to the audience. They all eruptted in fits of laughter. Her clothes and body covered from head to toe in streaks of brown chocolate. The chocolate did not cover her completely. Parts of her white top, red skirt and peach skin were still visiable. Rosie could not help thinking to herself, I have chocolate sauce all over my body, all over my legs. She tried to air her top and wipe away some of teh excess mess as she prepared for what the next person would do to her.

Next in the line was Fizz. Everyone knew what Rosie had done to Fizz and everyone knew that she deserved the chance to get some measure of revenge on Rosie. Normally she would be to nice to do anything, but this was the perfect opportunity for her. Fizz stepped forward. " Hi everyone.I think we all know what Rosie has done in the past. I won't get into the details here, but she definately deserves this. I am going to enjoy this very much. I have wanted to do this for years. What I have chosen is a little unorthadox, but fitting I feel. Because Rosie is such a B****, I thought that she would feel right at home if I was to pour dog food on her." The crowd roared. Rosie's eyes widened. "Oh my god," she said, "You can't be serious. Dog food." Fizz opened the cans of very cheap dog food. "It's good enough for our pet dog, it's good enough for you," Fizz said. She held the first can out in front of Rosie, so she could smell it. Rosie gagged at the disgusting odour. Fizz then tipped the can directly onto Rosie's head. The disgusting dog food plopped onto her head and fell onto her body as she squealed and threw her head back. Fizz tok the next can and poured the dog food directly between Rosie's thighes and on top of them. She could feel the dog food on her legs and up her skirt. Fizz then took the last can, poured it in her hand and then rubbed it around in Rosie's face. Rosie screamed and gagged. Fizz walked away in victory as Rosie spit out a bit of dog food.

Next in line was Janice from Underworld. Rosie had sort of been her boss at the factory at one point. Janice was a very cutting sarcasic person and she was enjoying the day so far very much. "Hi everyone," Janice said," Isn't this great. Rosie, you never looked better, really sweetheart. You have been a total cow for years. I hope you will learn your lesson now, but I doubt it. What I have brought for you is some nice applesauce. I hope you like it, love," Janice said sarcastically. She walked up to Rosie, teasing her. She went behend her and held out a very large jug of applesauce. She held it over Rosie and slowly poured. The applesauce was very thin and slimey. Rosie closed her eyes as she was showered with it. It was almost translusent and as it made it's way down Rosie's body, covering her completely in the applesauce. She cleared her eyes with her fingers and tried to clear some of it from her face. She opened her legs and pushed away the pile of collected mess that had gathered between her legs so far.

Next in line was Carla Conner, Rosie's former boss, who had a sly smile on her face as she walked up. "Lookin' good Rosie. I have to say working with you all those hours in the factory office, I always did wonder what you would look like covered in dog food and applesauce. In years to come you will look back on today and laugh. Well, we all certainly will anyway. I have brought some strawberry icecream for you. I know how much you love it. Well, today you will get all the ice cream you want and little bit more, " Carla said. Carla showed the crowd a large container of icecream from the shop and an ice cream scoop. She twirled it around in her hand. She took out a scoop of icecream and stuck it on Rosie's head. It started to melt from the warmth of her body heat. She took the next scoop and dropped it down the back of Rosie's shirt. Rosie squealed and jirated in her seat as the cold icecream hit her back. Carla then took two more scoops and dropped them down the front of Rosie's shirt. Rosie gave a similar reaction. Carla then took her hand and smushed Rosie's shirt inwards, making the icecream stick to Rosie's chest and stomach as well as smushing it around. The next scoops went into Rosie's lap. She moaned at the feeling of icecream on her legs. It started to melt immediatley. Carla then lifted Rosie's skirt a bit put the icecream scoop up a bit leaving icecream up her skirt. the last scoop she forced down the back of Rosie's skirt. The icecream on her head was now half melted sending streaks of pink melted icecream trickiling down her face.

Finally John Stape came forward. "Rosie," he said," I actually have no hard feelings against you. I tried to do the right thing by you and you destroyed my life. I hope we have put it all behind us. Anyway, that being said. I am going to enjoy this as much as anyone here. What I have chosen for Rosie today is a nice leftover pasta bake. It is all in this bucket." The bucket was filled with a combination of pasta, cheese, sauce and bits of meat. It was all leftovers and smelled revolting. John approached Rosie as she begged in vain once again. She screamed no, as he started to dump it on her. The pasta bake hit her square in the face as she looked up. Bits of pasta, cheese and meat stuck everywhere, as the sauce poured all over her. She gagged at the stench of the leftover pasta. There was so much of it, it seemed to go on forever. Eventually it stopped. John smacked the bottom of the bucket with his hand to get the last bit that was stuck to the bottom in a big lump out. It fell onto Rosie and landed on her lap.

Ken walked up to Rosie," How was that?," he asked. "Oh just wonderful," she said sarcastically," I'm so glad everyone else is enjoying themselves. They were certainly creative. I can't believe what they picked to pour on me. This is so embarassing. I need a shower. Yuck. I stink. Ha haha very funny, you lot." "Ok then, Rosie, you are free to go then," Ken said. Rosie stood up. When she did loads of the mess poured out from her skirt out onto the chair and floor. She tried to clear out some of teh cheese and pasta from her hair and clothes and then she started walking home in a strop. As she walked home she greeted with a chorus of catcalls and whistles. As she walked she left a trail of leftover mess behind her, all the way back to her parents' house.