Sunday, 31 March 2013

AO pie day

Soem sorority sisters get pied. they have to bend over and receive their destiny. The way that they are pied is pretty satisfying as well.

Thursday, 28 March 2013

Miss Cath Bufton

Miss Cath Bufton gets gunged for Comic Relief. She gets many, many buckets poured on her by the students. Although the mess isn't the best, it is still a great clip. She is incredibly attractive and everyone seemed to love seeing it happen to her. Overall it was very good.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

vice principal human hot dog

The vice principal gets turned into a human hot dog by the students. This one is good. She is attractive, at elast I think so and everyone enjoys seeing it happen to her. It would eb so embarrassing.

Monday, 18 March 2013

Jerry Springer, human pizza

A lovely chubby woman strips down to her underwear and makes herself into a human pizza.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Coronation Street Kirsty as master Natalie Gumede

***Warning*** This story contains adult themes, nudity and sexual situations. Please do not proceed if you are under age or are offended by this sort of thing.

***Disclaimer** This story is different from any story that I have ever done before. It conatins male WAM. It is a fantasy that I have had before. It is not about Tyrone or any other male on Coronation Street. I am not usually into male WAM at all, as I am a straight male. Usually it is the women in teh story getting the embarrassment and the mess. Sometimes now, I find myself imaginging it happening to myself or myself and a woman together. Oh well, it is something new. Also, I know that the character in the story is an abusive character in the soap opera. I don't want anyone to think that I am encouraging or making light of domestic violence, whether the victim is male or female. That is not the intent. This story really is something that I envisioned happening to myself. It is also a sexual fantasy. It would be done for pleasure. It would never be right to really treat anyone in real life this way. Anyway, maybe people will enjoy reading something different. Maybe some women will enjoy reading it as well more, because it is happening to a guy. Anyway, happy reading, please enjoy.

Coronation Street Kirsty as master Natalie Gumede

I had been dating Kirsty for a little while now. We are clearly very attracted to one another. We wanted each other quite bad. We both seemed reluctant to make the first move to take things into the realm of our fantasies. Although I had been having many fantasies about her, and was to find out that she had been harbouring similar x rated thoughts about myself. Neither of us could imagine that the other was having as kinky and naughty fantasies about the other one as we were having ourselves. It is always difficult breaching that sort of subject with your partner at the beginning of the relationship. You don’t want them to be disgusted or think that you are a freak.

Kirsty must have thought to herself one night,” To hell with it. I want this so bad, I might as well pursue it.” She spent the whole day setting everything up while I was at work. She planned everything perfectly. I came in and was greeted by her at the door. “Hiya,” she said giving me a hug and a kiss. She was already being a lot more tactile than usual. Everything seemed ok though. She looked a bit nervous, looking back on it. We settled in and sat on the sofa. She then said,” I was wondering if you would be interested in a little game of cards. Could be fun.” I did not care for cards, I at the time was sort of hoping that she would be suggesting that we do something a bit more intimate. I could tell she wanted to play cards for some reason really badly. I agreed, mainly to please her.

We played a game and I won. She probably let me win, looking back. “Hey, look, I won,” I said. “I bet you won’t win again,” she blurted out. I was a bit startled. “What do you mean?,” I asked.” I bet you can’t beat me again. In fact why don’t we put a little wager on it,” she said, batting her eyelashes. “Um, what sort of wager?,” I asked. I still did not realize what was happening. “Well, how about we play one more hand,” she said,” Whoever loses will get punished. The loser will have to be the winner’s property for the evening. The loser will be the winner’s slave and will have to do anything the winner makes them do all night long. What do you say?,” she asked looking up at me, half worried that I would walk out. Of course I did not have to think very long. I had been imagining a similar scenario myself. Obviously, Kirtsy was interested, as she had suggested it in the first place. “Ok,” I said, “You are on.” We agreed that their would be some limits, but they were very broad and we more than happy to agree. Our mind raced with ideas of what we could do to the other. Someone was going to be in for it now. We shook hands. She smirked at me.

We played the game. The cards were dealt by Kirsty. I had three jacks, which was pretty good. I knew it would be hard for her to beat that. The tension was now growing in the room. The stakes really could not be any higher. One of us would be at the other’s mercy. It came time to show our cards. I showed my three jacks first. Kirsty looked at her cards seriously. She then laid them down,” Three kings ,” she said. She pumped hr fist,” Yes! Come on!,” she said. I looked at her with an embarrassed smile. She smiled at me. “Well, well, well, it appears that I am the winner and you are the loser. You know what that means,” she said in a patronizing, sarcastic voice. “Oh, yeah, it means that ass is mine. All night long. It is going to be a long night. I have waited for this for a long long time. Now you are mine. Stand up,” she said. I just blushed and smiled nervously. “I’m going to get the camera out now, because this is a night we will want to relive over and over again,” she said. She grabbed the camera and took some pictures of me. “There we go, but you are going to look very different in a few minutes. Don’t get used to those clothes,” she said.

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. She had me stand in front of her. “Ok, take your shirt off ,” she ordered. I reached down and reluctantly grabbed my shirt and slowly pulled it up over my head. She smiled. I handed my shirt to her. She rolled it up in a ball and pushed her face into it, sniffing it. “Now take off your pants, nice and slowly.” I unbuttoned my trousers and unzipped them. I then slowly pulled them down my legs. I walked over and handed them to Kirsty. She crumpled them up. She took photos of me in all stages of undress. I now stood in front of her in only my blue underwear. The bulge in them clearly visible from Kirsty’s point of view. The rest of my body visible to her. She ordered me to turn around. I obliged, allowing her to see me from behind. “Ok, now for the moment of truth, the moment that I have waited so long for,” she said, “Lower those underwear,” she said. I looked at her and then looked down. I closed my eyes and lowered my underwear down around my ankles. I lifted my leg pulling them down as Kirsty eagerly looked on. I walked over and handed them to her. She held them in the air examining them. She then pushed her face in them , giving them a sniff. I returned to my spot. I was now cupping my genitals out of embarrassment and habit. I was blushing and sweating. My naked body was bright red.

“Hand at your sides,” she ordered. I did as I was told, revealing myself to her. “Nice cock,” she said. “This is going to make a lovely photo. Facebook here you come,” she said, teasing. I stood fully naked in front of her. She then told me to turn around. I did as she requested. “Take a look at that fat chubby ass,” she teased,” It’s gonna get a workout tonight. The girls at the factory are going to love this,” she said. “Bend over and touch your toes,” she ordered. I bent over as she instructed, giving her an enhanced view of my rear end. “Now spread your cheeks, “ she said,” Let’s see that asshole,” she said. I took a deep breath. No woman had ever seen what Kirsty was about to. I reached over and spread my cheeks for her viewing pleasure. She had an amazing view now. I knew that she would be taking all sorts of photos including close ups. I just prayed that she was not going to seriously show her co workers at the factory or post them anywhere.

“Ok, now down on your knees,” she ordered. I complied again. Now crawl over here like the dog that you are,” she ordered. I crawled on all fours over to her. She raised one foot. She wore long stiletto heels. She put her foot and heel in my face. “Lick my shoes and feet,” she ordered,” I think that I may have stepped in dog shit. Lick it clean.” I leaned in and started to lick. It did not really have what she said it die on it. She waived her foot in my face as I licked and sucked her shoe and foot clean. She closed her eyes and enjoyed how it felt. She then positioned me on all fours in front of her. She then put her feet up on my back. She crossed her legs and put her hands behind her head. She used me as a human footstool. “This is the life,” she said. She then leaned back and photographed us in that position. “This will make a great Christmas card,” she teased, “ I have been wanting to do this for a long time, ever since we met.”

She then walked to the kitchen and grabbed something before returning. What she had was a dog collar and a leash. She walked up to me and put the collar on me and took the leash in her hands. “Oh good, it fits. What do you know?,” she said. “You are my pet dog now, so it is time for a walk,” she said. She began to walk around the house. I followed on the leash. “Bark, like the dog you are,” she ordered. I barked as she requested. “ Louder,” she shouted. I complied. I crawled on all fours as she paraded me around the house. She took a number of photos the entire time. “Now it is time for some real fun,” she said.

She led me to the kitchen. In the kitchen their were restraints attached to the floor and ceiling. It was obvious what she had in mind. She ordered me to stand up. I stood up in the spot she requested. She cuffed my leg into place and then my arm. She then went to the other side. I spread my legs as she requested. She secured my other leg in place. She then reached up and secured my other wrist in place. My body was secured and stretched. My muscles pulsating. I was now totally helpless to any whim that Kirsty might fancy. She leaned back and admired what she had done. I was spread eagle for her now. I wondered what she would do with me now.

Kirsty now turned her attention to my body. She crouched down behind me. “Tell me that I own you.” she ordered. “I am your slave, Kirsty, you own me,” I said. She grabbed my ass cheeks with her hands. She smiled, her eyes glowed as she handled my backside for the first time. She squeezed my cheeks, digging her fingers in. She fondled my rear in, opening my crack as she went. She then leaned back and spanked my naked bottom. I moaned slightly. My body bent over as Kirsty repeatedly spanked my ass. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, how does that feel. That fat ass is mine now,” she said. She then fondled my ass and the backs of my legs.

She then came around the front of me. She placed her hands on my chubby tummy. She placed her hands on it, digging her nails in it, rubbing her hands all over my chest and stomach. She then put her face inches from mine. I could smell her breath. She looked me square in the eye. She grabbed my face with one hand. “How does it feel to be owned be me,” she asked. “It feels great Kirsty, I am your willing slave.” “Good,“ she said. She then reached down and grabbed my penis with her other hand. “That, cock is getting hard already, you must be enjoying this,” she said. She helped herself to my penis. She held it firmly in her hands, squeezing it. She stroked it hard. “This cock is mine from now on, don’t you forget it,” she said. She masturbated my penis as she looked me in the face. She tickled my cock and balls. “You filthy pig, you want this as much as I do,” she said. She was very , very aroused already. She ran her fingers down my chest. She then dipped down, she stuck out her tongue and ran it down my chest, stomach , down to my waist. She wiggled her tongue along my penis, teasing it. She took it in her hands and played with it as if it were a joystick.

“I have a surprise,” she said,” Don’t go anywhere,” she teased. She went into the fridge, out of my line of vision and took something out. She carried a large creamy pie in one hand. “I got you some pudding. I hope you like it,” she said. She walked up to me with the pie. She smiled smugly. She then put her hand on my shoulder. I closed my eyes. She reached back and then thrust the pie straight into my face. The pie exploded in my face. She twisted it around in my face. She pied me with much zeal. She rubbed it into my face. She then let the tin drop down my stomach. She then stood back and looked. I stand there restrained, stark naked, my face covered in creamy pie. Unable to clear my eyes. She clapped her hands and laughed. “Oh my god, this is so funny,” she said,” Look at you, you’re totally pied. I love it. Everyone should do this to their boyfriends. This is going to be my wallpaper now. You never looked better,” she said laughing.

“This gives me an idea,” she said. She rushed to the cupboard. She grabbed a bottle. I winced as I saw what she had grabbed. It was a bottle of honey. She smiled and laughed. She bent down, coming close to my genitals. She took my penis and balls in her hand. She the took the honey bottle in her other hand. She aimed the nozzle at the top of my penis, at my pubic hair. She began to squeeze. She squeezed the sticky honey out onto my cock and balls. She watched it drip slowly downwards. It soaked my pubic hair and dripped down my penis and balls. She then opened her mouth wide. She took my manhood in her mouth. She started to lick and suck the honey from by erect penis and scrotum. I felt the warmth of Kirsty’s mouth and the stickiness of the honey covering my manhood fully. She ran her tongue along the head of my penis and then licked up and down the shaft. When she came up, her mouth was surrounded by a circle of honey. She wiped her mouth on her sleeve.

She then went over to the refrigerator and grabbed a bottle of mustard. She giggled, her eyes lighting up. She held the mustard in front of me. “Time to get messy,” she said. She aimed the mustard at the top of my head first, spraying lines of mustard back and forth over my hair. She then lowered the bottle spraying mustard down my chest and stomach. She then aimed more on my penis and down my legs. When the mustard was finished, she took her hands and placed them on my body. She rubbed them around, smearing my body in the mustard. She rubbed it all over my chest, stomach, legs and penis.

She then took out a Tupperware container filled with leftover spaghetti that we had for dinner earlier in the week. She popped the lid off. Her head recoiled because it smelled awful. “Well, waste not want not,” she said. She turned the entire container of leftover spaghetti onto me. The disgusting spaghetti almost orange in its sauce poured down over me. Kirsty took untold pleasure in this. Getting to pour these leftovers over me was something that she enjoyed to no end. It was incredibly gross. I helplessly let her pour the spaghetti onto me. She stood back and enjoyed the view, getting as many photos as she possibly could. Spaghetti was all over my ass and legs as well. She smirked.

She walked over to the refrigerator again. She smiled. She pulled another item out. “Now, I know how you hate coleslaw, but today, you are going to get a whole lot of it,” she said. She knew that I find the stuff nauseating. She pulled out a jumbo tub of it and popped the top. She came over and grabbed my penis. She then shoved it straight down into the coleslaw. She firmly placed my penis and my genitals into the coleslaw. My whole manhood was now filled the coleslaw tub. She squished them down, causing some of the coleslaw to squish out. She rubbed my manhood around in the disgusting slop. She then pulled it away. My entire manhood was caked in coleslaw. It dripped from my penis and balls. What was left of the coleslaw she poured over the top of my head. She then leaned over and kissed me.

She then smiled and peeled her dress off her body. She then unhooked her bra and tossed it away. She then lowered her underwear. She took her dark panties and walked over to me. “Give them a taste,” she said. She pushed her dirty, soiled underwear in my face. They appeared to be filthy from my vantage point. She pushed them in my face. She ordered me to stick my tongue out. I did as asked as she rubbed her knickers around in my face and my mouth.

She then loosened the restraints slightly, so I could bend down a bit. She then turned around and bent over. She shoved her ass in my face. She grabbed the back of my head with one of her hands, thrusting my face up her ass. I stuck my tongue out and began licking Kirsty’s backside. “Give it a good lick. I know you want to,” she said. She pushed her body periodically backwards. She began to moan. She bit her lip. I knew now for sure the sexuality that she harboured within her. “Oh yeah, baby,” she said. She fondled her own breast as I licked away at her anus. I could taste her backside in all of its glory as she writhe in pleasure.

She then turned around and got on her back, after dropping the restraints more. She arched her back and pushed her pussy into my face. I came face to face with her trimmed bush. “Give my minge a right good seeing to,” she said. She knew that the more vulgar that she spoke the sexier it was. I pushed my face down into her vagina. She spread her own lips with her fingers. I pushed my face into it. I licked her trimmed pubic hair and the outside of her vagina, before plunging my tongue as deep as I could into her soaking wet love hole. She let out a loud guttural sound and gritted her teeth as she felt my mouth all over her womanhood and my tongue inside of her private parts. I licked back and forth, lapping up her pussy juice as I went. My tongue in and out of her trimmed pussy. Her pussy juice trickled down my chin. She moaned and squealed, thrusting her hips.

She then stood up again. She worked the restraints and put me back to the original position. She then grabbed my throbbing penis in her hands. She scraped off some of the coleslaw off of it. She then opened her own pussy lips with her other hand. She then slid my erect penis into her waiting pussy. She grabbed my shoulders with her hands and lifted one leg, still in her heels. He started thrusting our hips back and forth. She pressed her beautiful black body against me. We were both messy now. Her frizzy tied back black hair covered in the mess that she had poured on me. We both aroused to a level that we never had been before. We had both imagined something like this for so long. The fantasy was coming true. It was a night of multiple orgasms. We pushed our hips back and forth, my penis deep inside of her vagina. She held my head against her, cuddling me now. We humped back and forth. She was very loud. Our love making noises must have woke up half the street. We sounded like a pair of wild animals. She now revealed just how wild she really wanted to be in bed. Her grunts and screamed echoched. “Oh yeah, oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder,” she said. “Oh yes, oh fuck yes. Oh fuck,” she said as we built toward climax. We screwed harder and harder, holding on, delaying it as long as we could. We finally both knew that the moment had arrived. We closed our eyes, unable to hold back anymore. In that moment we leaned back, we exploded in orgasm. The muscles in our bodies spasming uncontrollably. She gripped my hair and skin. Her legs wrapped around me. Thick white cum exploded from our genitals all over our lower bodies. A moment of unequalled pleasure.

She quickly released me and we fell together in exhaustion and pleasure on the floor cuddling one another, stark naked. We lay together silent for a bit. She looked over at me, “Sorry, if I was too harsh,” she said,” It was all a game for our pleasure. You are not really my slave in real life. It is just fun sexually. I have been having the fantasy for awhile. I was afraid to mention it, in case it scared you off.” “No it was fine, I have been having a similar fantasy. Now we can be totally honest, live out our fantasies and have amazing sex. Maybe next time it will be your turn,” I said. “I wouldn’t mind. Either way, this was amazing.”

It was probably the sexiest night of either of our lives. Kirsty really was in her element.

Het snode snotspel met Silke mother gets snot slimed

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Brandi Passante was wrong on this one

Brandi Passante was wrong on this one

Brandi and Jarrod are a couple. They star in Storage Wars. When buying lockers, they often argue. Brandi is always criticising Jarrod. She calls him names and criticises the lockers he buys and how much he pays for them. She is always nagging him. It seemed to go on forever. Jarrod was getting a little sick of it. It was not just at work, but they were a couple, so he had to hear it all the time at home as well. One day, Jarrod purchased a locker. As per usual, Brandi said it was bunch of junk and he paid too much for it. Jarrod was sure that the locker would make a profit. Brandi said that their was no way.

“Brandi, don’t worry, I guarantee you we will make money on this.” “Jarrod, there is no way.” “I tell you what, do you want to make a bet?” “Yeah ok, I know that we are going to lose either way,” Brandi said. “Ok then, if you are so sure, how about if the locker makes a profit I get to pour leftovers all over you. If it doesn’t you can do it to me,” Jarrod said. “You are crazy, but you know what, if you want to risk it fine. Messing you up will be some consolation when we lose money on this locker,” Brandi said. “Just don’t be too upset when you lose and I get to embarrass you in front of everyone,” Brandi said.

Brandi was very confident. She always felt that she knew best. Although she was right a lot of the time, she was not right all of the time. This time it really mattered. This was all going to be filmed for the show. The other buyers would be watching including Barry, Dave Hester and Darrell Sheets. Getting messed up and losing would be a lot more embarrassing for Jarrod in this situation, because of everyone who was watching. Also Brandi really liked to emasculate him any time she could. She tried to wear the pants in the relationship. She could be very moody and very bossy. When she got into a strop it was no good for anyone. He knew that if she lost she would be pissed off, but she was always pissed off about something anyway so he was beyond caring at this point. It would be well worth it.

Jarrod had paid $800 for this storage locker. It was time to look through and see what they had. Right off the bat they found some furniture. It was worth at least $300. They found some household items that were worth about $250. They then found an antique cane that was found to be worth $150.They were up to $700 now. There was one more box left, it would come down to this. What would be inside? They were both feeling very nervous at this point. Jarrod took the box and brought it out. This was the moment of truth. He opened the box, as Brandi crowded him. In the box was scuba diving gear. It would be worth at least $300. “Yes,” Jarrod said. Brandi looked at him embarrassingly. She blushed and licked her lips. “Hey, Brandi, remember a little bet that we had?,” he teased. “A bet, I can’t really recall. I don’t know what you mean,” she returned. “Well, we have the chair all ready for you Brandi. Maybe you should go over and have a seat, get comfortable,” he teased. Brandi shook her head and glared at him as she walked over.

In her heart she knew that she deserved this. She was always giving Jarrod a hard time. Now she was going to pay the price. She reluctantly walked over to the plastic chair that was sat out in the middle of the storage centre. She sat down. She was wearing a shoulder less orange and green dress, she would wear this type of thing quite often. It showed off her large breasts. She shook her head and licked her lips. The other buyers and auctioneers came out now to watch this happen to Brandi. They all came in pointing and laughing at her. She pointed at them and scowled,” Don’t you dare even say a word,” she said. The messy buckets were now brought out for her. Everyone clapped and whistled. “I am going to get you back for this. That is a promise,” she said, threatening Jarrod. Jarrod smiled and laughed. This was going to be cathartic for him for sure. Brandi took a deep breath. She knew that whatever she tried to do,. She would not put Jarrod off doing this.

It was finally time for Brandi to receive her comeuppance. Jarrod walked over and took the first bucket into his hands. He smiled and looked at his wife with a wide mischievous grin. He chuckled. She looked back at him. “You bastard, you will regret this,” she said. He walked behind her carrying the heavy bucket in his hands. She closed her eyes, scrunching up her face. Jarrod looked up and smiled at his cheering colleagues and rivals. He then looked down at his partner. He enjoyed this moment. It was a moment he would remember forever. He was going to love this. The bucket was filled with mashed potatoes and gravy. It was very heavy and sludgy. He aimed it on Brandi’s head and tipped it over onto her. It was very slow to emerge from the bucket. Some of the gravy fell out first, dribbling onto the top of Brandi’s head and down her blonde hair. He had to push the bucket down onto the top of her head as if it was a hat. He had to push hard to loose the gloppy mashed potatoes from the bucket. As he pushed, some began to tumble out down her face and onto her large protruding breasts. The potatoes were thick and stodgy. Brandi made a gagging face and everyone cheered as the blobs of the mash fell down on her. Most of it was soaked in thick lumpy brown gravy. The gravy poured down Brandi’s nose and soaked the top of her dress and shoulders. The men in the crowd cheered and wolf whistled.

Jarrod next took a bucket filled with strawberry jam. It was red and sloshy. He lifted it over Brandi and started pouring onto her. The blobs of jam fell down over her face and down her body. Some of the blobs rolled down her while others stuck in places. Jam stuck to her forehead and cheeks. Some hung from her nose across her mouth. A blobs stick to the top of her head. Bits of strawberry and seeds were plastered to her shoulders and her arms.

He quickly picked up the next bucket. It was filled with oatmeal. It was much sloppier than what had gone before. Brandi laughed and shook her head in disbelief. Jarrod quickly started to dump the disgusting slop over his partner. It was a disgusting grayish yellowy colour. Brandi stuck her tongue out as the glop fell onto her head. She closed her eyes and soon her entire head disappeared under a torrent of thick oatmeal. All she could do was close her eyes. Her entire face was covered. She could hear people commenting. They were saying things like, “Oh my god, look at that,” and “Ick, that looks disgusting”. The oatmeal seemed to pour for ages. It poured down her neck and back as well as over her shoulders and all over her breasts. Her dress was getting heavy now. She could feel the oatmeal weighing it down. She had to be careful because she was not wearing a bra. Already her breasts were on the verge of popping out for the whole world to see. She quickly took her arm and firmly crossed it across her chest. She clutched at her dress, in a desperate attempt to keep it up. She shook her oatmeal covered head. Jarrod looked down and laughed. Brandi’s hair was soaked in oatmeal. “Looking good Brandi,” Jarrod teased. She glared up at him.

Brandi knew that her clothes could not take much more of this, but she also knew that there were more buckets for her. She was very annoyed now. Jarrod now had the next bucket ready. It was gigantic and filled with baked beans. He held it over her. He waited a second though. He did not pour right away. She did not get it when she expected. He waited until she let her guard down. The second that she did, he then started to pour the baked beans on her. They fell onto her face. Because she was looking up at the time, her mouth was open slightly. The result was, she ended up with a mouth full of baked beans. She flung her head forward, spitting a mouthful of the vile baked beans out. This also made her let her guard down. At the same instant her arm came away from her dress. The beans were now pouring quicker than before. Her body flung forward and the top part of her dress fell downward, overwhelmed by the beans. Her breasts were fully visible for all to see, although the beans that now were all over them obscured them slightly. She slipped and slid and struggled to cover herself in the still falling beans. She tried to pull her dress up, but this was not working and only caused her boobs to be thrust forward even more. She was falling all over herself everywhere, much to the delight of those watching. She couldn’t really see what she was doing because there was beans and oatmeal everywhere. She comically trashed around in the messy with her arms and legs. She looked as though she was trying to swim. She was a total laughing stock now. People were doubled over in laughter watching her struggle in the mess. She almost fell from her seat.

Unfortunately for Brandi, Jarrod now had a bucket of creamed corn. He began to dump it on her. She had no chance of holding her dress up now. Thick yellow creamed corn was pouring down on her. She continued to wiggle and fidget. In the end, she had to give up and just let the creamed corn get her. She shrugged her shoulders as she was slopped with the creamed corn. The top of her dress fell down completely as she was covered in thick yellow sloppy creamed corn. She gagged. The creamed corn covered her face. Bits of corn fell from her hair and nose. “I can’t believe this,” she said. Though her words were muffled with creamed corn.

Jarrod then grabbed the last bucket. It was filled with coleslaw. It was slimy and disgusting. It smelled awful. It looked as though it must have been rancid. Jarrod held it out in front of Brandi’s face. She stuck out her tongue and visibly gagged when she smelled it. “All for you,” Dave said. “Want some slaw with that,” Barry said. “He is going to get the cold shoulder tonight,” Darrell said. Brandi glared at them. She resisted the urge to scream. She did not enjoy being publicly humiliated like this. She knew that this would be on television as well. They might blur out her breasts, but everyone she knew was going to be watching it. She was now about to get slawed. Jarrod took the bucket. I looked up at the crowd and gave a cheeky smile. He laughed as he turned the bucket over on Brandi’s head. Everyone gasped as the disgusting, foul smelled, gone off coleslaw plopped down onto Brandi’s head. The top of her head was instantly covered in coleslaw. It began to drip down her face. She looked up and gave a sardonic look. She laughed sarcastically. “Ha, ha, ha, very funny. This is a riot,” she said. She gave a sickened look, sticking her tongue out of the side of her mouth. Coleslaw covered her cheeks and nose. It totally stunk. More fell onto her breasts and thighs. She used both hands and ran them through the pile of coleslaw and other assorted mess that had collected on her lap. She pushed it off as best she could. Jarrod pumped his fist and took a bow. Everyone else applauded and cheered.

Brandi looked at them with an angry expression. She tried throwing handfuls of coleslaw at them, but she was too far away. She stood up and looked angrily at Jarrod. She had already managed to pull her top up and hold it in place with her hand. She stomped off to the bathroom still covered in coleslaw, clutching her chest. She shook her fist at Jarrod and stomped off to the bathroom. Everyone continued laughing at her.