Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Lucy Jo Hudson fake gunge

This is a fake of Lucy Jo Hudson covered in gunge. She looks ammazing. The look on her face is great too.

Sunday, 26 February 2017

Jenni Falconer fake gunge

These are fakes of Jenni Falconer. She is super hot and really deserves this. Check out the story about her I wrote to see some of the reasons why. Those legs are something else. Her face and body are supersexy for sure.

Saturday, 25 February 2017

Natalie Casey short story

Natalie Casey short story

Natalie Casey was an extremely annoying human being. She was annoying in almost every way. This shown through in most of her performances. She could get on anyone’s nerves, no matter how patient they were. She was pretty arrogant as well. This caused her to do well in obnoxious juvenile comedy roles on television. It rubbed quite a few people the wrong way though. It was not annoying in an endearing way either. Most people loathed her. She was not an easy person to be around. She was the sort of person who that she was funny, but really was not. Most of her jokes were at the expense of other people. She was working on the sometimes lousy sitcom, Two Pints of Lager and a Packet of Crisps. It was a pretty immature cast, but she was too obnoxious even for them to stand. One day, the cast decided that they had enough of her and were going to get their own back upon her once and for all. They decided that they were going to take out their frustrations by dumping mess all over her.
They decided that they would ambush her right before she was shooting a scene sat on the couch. 

Most of the scenes in the show seemed to be filmed on this set. This was not an elaborate or well-planned venture. They literally were just going to run at her and dump stuff over her. They all grabbed various items. They waited until she was alone on the couch. It was a scene in an episode where her character was embracing being a nudist. She was not wearing anything. (Yes, I know, she was almost certainly never actually naked shooting these scenes in real life, but let’s pretend she actually was for this story.) She was not expecting anything to happen. She was taken completely off guard when her fellow cast members came running full speed in her direction.

They began to dump things over her. They hurled various items as well as insults at her. They told her that she deserved this. The first wave included tuna fish, spaghetti, ketchup and coleslaw as well as rotten eggs. She screamed and shouted in her most annoying voice,” Oi, stop it, what are you doing?,” she moaned. She was instantly covered in a ton of mess. Her curly hair was now strewn in sloppy mess. Mess was all over her face and body. Everyone ran away and then ran back. This time they had barbecue sauce, fruit salad, baked beans and porridge. “What are you doing? What is this shit that you are pouring on me? You bastards,” she complained. She was covered in so much mess now that it was unbelievable.

They then all stepped back and told her,” This is for being the most annoying, obnoxious person that we ever had the displeasure to work with.” As she rolled her eyes and laughed, she said,” Ahh, well, you will change your mind I’m sure,” shrugging it all off. The group looked at each other. They angrily shrugged their shoulders and then stomped off. She really was insufferable.

Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Saira Choudhry PC Tegan Thompson

***WARNING*** The following contains nudity and sexual situation.***

Saira Choudhry PC Tegan Thompson

Saira Choudhry had been on Hollyoaks, but was now playing the role of PC Tegan Thompson. She looked good in her uniform as well. Her character found herself in all sorts of odd situations. The story is for the character that she plays. 

PC Thompson was on duty by herself. She pulled over a car because of the trunk was starting to come open. When she stopped the car, she found that there were two young women who looked a bit like models in the car. She also found that the boot and back seat was completely full of all sorts of different types of food. She was perplexed at what the purpose of this could be. It was too much for a shopping order and it contained large quantities of certain unusual items. At first, she wondered if they had robbed a cash and carry or something. She was obliged to ask. She was very curious about what these two could be up to. “Ladies, what is the purpose of all of this food that you have. It is very unusual. I trust you can produce a receipt.” They did just that, proving they had purchased all of this stuff themselves. They were a bit reticent to explain what it was all for though. She pressed them. 

“Ladies, what is the purpose of these item?” They took a deep breath and began to explain. “Ok,” the girl behind the wheel said,” It is really embarrassing though. It is not illegal or anything. Basically, we are on our way to a photoshoot. We have gotten a deal where we will get covered in all this sort of messy stuff. It is a sort of fetish video.” Tegan looked bemused. “Ok , I see. Why would you want to do that sort of thing though? I understand why people would want to watch that sort of thing or even partake of such things in private, but why do you girls want to be recorded doing that stuff?” “Well, there are a lot of upsides to it. It is super easy work and we get paid a small fortune to do these things. I mean several grand for a few minutes work is pretty good going. There are much worse ways to make a living.” Tegan looked at them pensively. “Well, to each his own. I better let you to get on to your shoot and I better get back to work.” She stopped and thought about things again. “You know. 
They are always looking for new girls. You could come along. Think about it, you could make as much in a few minutes as you would normally make in a month.” She twittered her fingers. She was very tempted. That money sounded very appealing. Could she afford not to do this? Apart from that, looking at the collected food. The idea sounded quite sexy to her as well. “You know what? Ok,” she blurted out. “I think you will be the star of the show. Don’t worry, it is a fun environment. They don’t make you do anything. It’s really easy going,” one of the ladies said. Saira’s character hopped in her car and followed them to shoot. 

She was introduced to the producers. They discussed what was involved and the money. She made them agree that they could not use her name, but she would wear her police uniform. No one could find out about this, because it could harm her credibility as an officer. They agreed to her terms. She was extremely nervous. She was pretty straight laced and serious about most things. She was kind of prudish. She had not been with anyone in a very long time. She was usually really reserved, but this was going to give her a chance to let loose and relax. She could be as wild as she wanted. It was decided that in the hastily thrown together messy scene that they were shooting, the PC would be handcuffed and messed by two criminals. The criminals were played by the two ladies that she had stopped earlier in the car but with comedy robbers masks on. The PC would start out in her uniform. 

The two came in and handcuffed the PC’s hands behind her back. There was not much in the way of dialogue. PC chose not to say anything at all in the scene. The women just said, as pretend criminals,” Oi, this one stopped our car. She shouldn’t mess with us. Now we will teach this copper a lesson that she will never forget. Let’s have fun with her.” PC was biting her lip and looking very turned on by the whole thing. No one had told her to do this. This was just a natural impulse for her. She really was getting aroused by what was going on. She was finding this whole thing more erotic than she would ever let on. “Let’s mess her up. Let’s trash her and teach her a lesson.” PC gave puppy dog pleading eyes as they went over and grabbed some items to use upon her. She thought back to all of the stuff that she saw in the car. She wondered if that would all be just for her. 

They first started with a container of custard. It was normal everyday custard, but she was about to experience it in a way she could have never imagined. It came in a very large box. They began by aiming it on one trouser leg of her trousers. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the first touch of custard on her body through her trousers. Even through the fabric, it felt like the most sensual sensation that she had ever experienced. They poured it up her leg and then down the other, soaking the trousers in thick custard. The other then poured more all over her white shirt. She closed her eyes as she felt it plopping all over the freshly ironed shirt. The thick custard plopped down the front of her shirt and then around her collar and shoulders. The constancy was such that it overwhelmed the fabric in the shirt, causing it go see through almost immediately. Her black bra was totally visible now through her shirt. They then poured more down the back of her trousers. She could feel it oozing down her behind and down the backs of her legs. She gave out a moan as she felt the custard inside her clothing and soaking her panties for the first time. This was a sexual sensation like she had never experienced in her life. This was one of the most pleasurable things she had ever experienced in her life. They then removed her hat and poured the remainder of the custard over her dark hair which was in a ponytail.  It oozed down her hair and down the sides and front of her face. She closed her eyes as it slipped down her head.

They then took her police hat and filled it with pasta salad. They emptied an entire container into the hat. The stuff was disgusting. It smelled even worse than it looked. They turned it over and placed it onto her head. The disgusting pasta mess slowly poured out down her hair and face. Some stayed on her head in place in the hat. They ended up tossing her hat aside as well. 

They then began to dump baked beans all over her. They had small jugs in each hands and emptied them over her. The bean juice soaked her shirt a bright orange. Beans fell all over her. They then tore her shirt open. The buttons burst, flying off in all directions. They then pulled undid her trousers and dropped them down to her ankles. They pulled open the back of her knickers and dumped some beans in there as well. They snapped them shut, leaving a large bulge in the front. Beans ran down her thin bare legs down to her socks. Her trousers remained at her ankles. They then unhooked her bra and tossed it aside and lowered her panties to her ankles. Her clothes remained on her body but pulled down. Her tight vagina with trimmed pubic hair and tight behind were revealed. It was clear that she worked out way more than anyone would have suspected. She was now completely exposed and completely turned on.

They finished her off with cheap ready meal bargain basement curry. It was all in a thick brown sauce. It was not authentic curry, but the sort of curry sauce that fish and chips shops used on chips. There was a ton of it as well. It was slightly medium temperature. The fake criminals mocked her as they began to dump the curry all over from above. She just about orgasmed when she felt the lumpy, sloppy curry plopping all over her naked body. Chunks of cheap chicken in the sauce rolled down her face and her body. It almost felt like a lover’s touch on her body. She could feel it rolling down her body, down her stomach, behind, legs and right against her vagina. She bit her lip as she began to squirt a little bit. She was coated from head to toe in the sloppy sauce. The fake criminals then walked off saying that they were going to leave her like that.

Luckily for the PC, no one from her work ever saw the videos of photos. She on the other hand, kept copies and looked at them regularly. It was the hottest day of her life. And she made a good amount of money from it.

Monday, 20 February 2017

Ketnet Kingsize older lady yellow gunge

This week was a bit of a mixed bag. The gunging was pretty good, but the person gunged was not really the best. Still, at least the female got it. She got it pretty well. It got all over her. It was yellow colour. I don't get why they turn the lights off. I suppose it's because of the glowing in the dark, but who really cares about that? The full gallery is at:


Saturday, 18 February 2017

Roxy Shahidi some people are so nosey

Roxy Shahidi some people are so nosey

Roxy Shahidi played Leyla on Hollyoaks. She was pretty vivacious and sexy all around. Both she as a person and the character that she played reflected that fact. He usually dressed quite sexy, but almost always had a serious look upon her face at most times. She always tried to look a bit dignified. There would be a day where this would come back to haunt her. The idea of seeing her getting humiliated and put into her place was quite an attractive one. On this occasion, it was simply written into the show. That way both Roxy and her character would be getting it at the same time. It would be amusing for everyone. It was put into the script late. Roxy was just an actress on Emmerdale and she had no control over what happened to her character. When she read the script, she was annoyed and worried, but she had no right to complain or to try and get it changed. 

The story on the show was that her character was being sneaky and doing some plotting. The scene took place behind some shops in an alley way. She was snooping around and spying on someone. In order to not be caught, she squatted down behind a dumpster to remain undetected. She was wearing one of her typically loud printed skirts and a paisley shirt with a little grey jean jacket. She was in heels so squatting was difficult. In the story, the people who were talking realised that she was listening in that she was hiding behind the dumpster. They pointed and whispered. They had a fake conversation that would give her all the wrong information. One of the characters then said,” You know what, as we are out here, it’s reminded me that I really need to take out the trash.” Roxy’s character’s eyes widened. She looked very worried. The other characters were going to dump stuff over her and she could not complain or even make a sound because she was not meant to be hiding behind the dumpsters in the first place. One of them quickly ran inside while the other stayed in the alley so she could not have any means of escape. She was trapped. She hoped that any rubbish they had would go into the dumpster and not splash out of it and over onto her. Of course, she did not realise that they were on to her and were going to be doing just that on purpose. 

He quickly returned carrying some trash bags. They were filled with all sorts of rubbish. They were slimy and stinky. “We better be careful. These ones have holes in them.” “Oh no,” she mouthed. The two men tossed the bags, which were actually not tied and wide open over into the dumpster. Well, in this case, they flew right over. As they flew threw they air, the contents fell loose and landed all over Leyla. She bit her lip and tried not to scream as garbage and garbage water rained down over her. It stuck all over her clothes and hair. She was soaked in garbage water. “What a mess,” one of the men said,” There is some rubbish from the kitchen that I have to get rid of as well. I’ll be right back.”

He went off for a few seconds and returned carrying huge saucepans of substances. “No point using bags, this stuff can go right in the skip.” The first pot contained creamed corn. Of course, the pots were comically oversized for effect. He pushed the pan in the direction of the skip, splashing Leyla with the creamed corn, splattering it all over. She looked shocked as it coated her hair and rolled down her face and jacket. The next pot contained mushy peas. He repeated the same action, splashing green mess all over her. He repeated it again with porridge. Leyla gasped as the sloppy leftover mess splattered all over her. Beans were the next to come. She was covered in a cacophony of kitchen waste. The last pot contained leftover spaghetti and meatballs. When this splattered, it fell right on top of her head. Strands dangled from her face and hair. She looked ridiculous. 

After the pots were emptied upon her, the man said,” You know what. That dumpster is smelling disgusting. There is something filthy stinking it out. I better get the hose and give it a quick rinse down.” Leyla could be seen miming the word no and motioning silently with her hands. He got the hose and of course, he didn’t aim directly in the dumpster, but over it, soaking Leyla with the hose. She was no cleaner. She was still covered in slop and filthy garbage. Now her clothes and hair were soaking wet as well. “Well, that is a bit better. Something still stinks back there though. Oh well,” the man said.

The men then went in and went about their business. The next shot was a close up of Leyla’s furious face followed by a shot of her traipsing up the street covered in mess. Someone tried to ask her what happened to her, but she just snapped back at them,” I don’t want to talk about it ok?”” Some people are so nosey”, she thought to herself.