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Stwnsh Miss Britten

I have just posted a new set of Stwnsh pictures on Tellygunge's blog. It is Miss Britten this time. See the below link.


Isn't she gorgeous?

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Theresa McQueen earns some cash (Jorgie Porter)

Theresa McQueen earns some cash (Jorgie Porter)

Theresa McQueen was window shopping in a large shopping mall in the area that she was living. She was wearing a white shirt, a tight fitting pink top and a little white pvc jacket. She was looking at all of the things that she could not afford and thinking to herself about how much it sucked to be broke and how much she would love to have the cash to buy some of the stuff that she saw. At that point she was approached from behind by a man and a woman. They had earpieces in their ears and held clipboards in there hands. “Hello,” they said,” We are from a special show that is taking place in the mall today. We are looking to take part. What’s your name?” “I’m Theresa McQueen,” she said. Her eyes sparkled. “ What would I be doing,” she asked. “Well Theresa, the idea of the whole thing is giving people a chance to earn big cash prizes. It is an “Anything for money” type of idea.” Theresa smiled. She could have jumped for joy. This was a dream come true, potentially, an answer to her prayers. Theresa was very excited already. “ That’s great,” Theresa beamed,” To be honest, I am absolutely scint. I would love to make some money.” She bit her lip and gave a pensive expression, “Oh, but what is involved? What would be doing to earn this money? It isn’t something dodgy is it?.” she said in a slightly worried tone. “What it is, like we said, is anything for money. In your case it would involve a bit of mess. For example, you may be asked to take a pie in the face for £100. It is that type of thing.” Theresa bit her lip again. She stroked her chin. Then she smiled. “You mean like getting gunged or something? Yeah ok, that sounds like great fun,” she laughed,” Anyway, I want to win the money. Getting a bit messy is a small price to pay. I would gladly take a pie in the face for £100. I think that is a pretty good deal actually. Yeah, I am well up for it,” she shrugged her shoulders and smiled. “It will be a little embarrassing, but who the hell cares. I want the cash. Besides, getting gunged and stuff looks like a lot of fun on tv, so I don’t think that I will even mind that that much. Yeah, I reckon that I am well up for it. Bring on the cash,” she laughed, speaking in her expressive way, making facial expressions, moving her hands and head around as she spoke. The people she was speaking to could not believe their luck. Not only was Theresa willing to do this, she seemed genuinely excited to be doing this. They told Theresa where to come and what time. She was genuinely looking forward to this. No matter how embarrassing this could be, the money was going to be well worth it in the end. It was going to be a small price to pay.

Theresa came as instructed. There was a small temporary stage in the centre of the food court. There was a small crowd gathered around to watch the show that was going to happen. Theresa went to the back of the stage area. There were a few others that had been selected as well. Theresa was told that she would be the second person that would be on stage. Theresa was curious to what the others would have to do. Everyone was going to have different stunts to do to earn their money. Theresa was going to be doing the messy one. The contestants were chosen beforehand for the specific set of stunts. The presenter called the first girl up. Theresa wished her good luck. Her stunt was eating disgusting things. She had to eat things like food waste, dog food, bugs etc. Theresa watched on. Laughed and cheered as someone in the audience would have. She thought that the whole thing was really funny. The girl had managed to earn a good deal of money for not doing very much, in Theresa’s eyes. This did not put her off at all. She had a pretty good idea of what was heading her way. The presenter thanked the young woman, gave her all of the money she had earned and she left the stage. When she passed Theresa, Theresa shook her hand,” Well done,” Theresa said, smiling. “It was gross, but I just kept thinking about the money,” the girl said. “Well, you did great,” Theresa said. “You’re turn next. Good luck,” the girl said. “Thanks,” she replied, rolling her eyes and laughing.

“Can we have our next contestant please,” the presenter stated. Theresa smiled and head up the stage, smiling. “Please, welcome her,” he said. The crowd applauded her. She smiled and thanked them. “So, tell us a little about yourself. “I’m Theresa McQueen. I’m 21. I am live locally and am in college at the moment.” “So Theresa, are you ready to earn some major cash with us today?,” he asked. “Oh yes,” she said seriously and then smiled. “ I am well up for earning some cash. I need it and am willing to earn it. I am excited to be honest.” “Well that’s the spirit. You seem well into it and that’s great. We will just explain how our game works. You will be presented with a few challenge. Each one represented a monetary amount that you will earn if you are willing to complete the challenge. You are under no obligation to do any of the challenges, but if you are willing to do the challenge, you will get the money. It is all up to you. It will be your choice weather you want to do the challenges or not.” “Ok,” Theresa said,” I understand. Let’s get it on,” she said smiling.

“Ok then, It seems that we have a willing participant here,” the presenter said. “So Theresa, you’re theme is going to be getting messy if that is ok with you.” “I’m fine with it,” she said. “Ok, so here we go, Theresa. Challenge one.” He went over to the side of the stage and pulled out two very large drinks containers that looked like they were from a fast food restaurant. “Ok, so here is your challenge, we have here two very large, very pink strawberry milkshakes. The challenge could not be more simple, Theresa. All you have to do is pour these two milkshakes over your head and you will earn £100.” The crowd applauded. Theresa blushed and laughed. She smiled. “So, Theresa, the choice is yours. What will it be? Will you pour the milkshakes over yourself?” Theresa bit her lip and gave an expression that she was thinking things over. She then smiled. “Are you kidding,” she said,” Four £100. It’s almost too easy. I’ll pour that over myself all day for £100. I am well up for it.” The crowd cheered on her enthusiasm. “Well then, here you go. In your own time. Have at it.” Theresa was handed one of the milkshakes. She looked at it, shrugged her shoulders and giggled. She bit her lip and shut her eyes tightly. She lifted the cup over her head. She slowly tipped it over, directing the milkshake straight down onto her head. The milkshake plopped down on the top of her head, all over her platinum blonde hair. It coated the top of her head and crested around the sided of her head. Her hair was coated in the bright pink mess. It was freezing cold, but very soft and quite lovely actually. It covered the top of her head. Some poured and dripped down her forehead and the front of her face. Theresa closed her eyes and s moved the cup forward slightly allowing the pink mess to pour onto the front of her face. It felt very cold against her warm, tanned face. She totally embraced the way the milkshake felt on her face. It was like being covered in pleasure to Theresa. It also tasted delicious, so she stuck out her tongue and let the last few drops of the milkshake fall onto her tongue. She then licked her lips. Theresa’s face was thick with make up and fake tan. It was now dripping in the milkshake. It melted as it went along from the heat of her body. She took her hand and wiped her eyes. She beamed with an ear to ear grin and drops of milkshake fell from her nose and fringe. “That wasn’t so bad. It was quite nice actually. It tasted gorgeous,” she said. “Not too bad then?,” the presenter said. Theresa winked her eye and swung her arm. “nah, it was a snap. Can I have the other milkshake please.” Theresa was coated it the bright pink of the first milkshake. “The pink matches my top,” she said. She was now handed the second milkshake. This one was chocolate. “Chocolate, every girl’s favourite,” Theresa said in cheeky voice, wiggling her eyebrows and then posing with the milkshake in her hand. Theresa loved to pose for pictures and in the mirror as if she was a model. She struck a few poses before raising the chocolate milkshake over her head. She raised it and started dumping the light brown mess directly onto her own head. She did not close her eyes or back away at all this time. She just smiled as the chocolate ice cream like mess gently fell onto her head and down her face. Her soft blonde hair was now covered in brown and pink mess. She aimed the milkshake at her face. It poured down onto her face. Some now dropped down her body, whereas the first had only really covered head, the second fell down into her breasts and onto her neck and arms. Theresa loved the way the cold milkshake felt against her hot heaving boobs. She liked it so much that she took what was left of the chocolate milkshake and directed it squarely onto her boobs. She moved the cup across horizontally across the top of her breasts, pouring the milkshake over them as she went along. The crowd cheered for her. She giggled and gave a thumbs up. She placed her hands outwards with her palms upward. She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. She then brushed her fringe back with her hand, some milkshake splattering from her hair. “Well done Theresa. You’ve done great so far. And, as promised. Here is your £100,” the presenter said. Theresa patted her hair as a model would do. “It was so worth it,” she laughed.

“So that is part one done Theresa. Are you ready for part two,” the presenter asked. Theresa put her finger in her ear, removing some milkshake. “Yeah, I reckon so,” she said. “Ok then. Next, we have some lovely pies. Don’t they look delicious. Now do you have any idea what these pies could be for Theresa?” “Possibly to go in my face?,” she responded. “You are so right,” he said. Theresa giggled. She moved her head around,” Of course,” she joked. “So, again, it is very simple. If you hit yourself with these pies you will win £200.” the crowd gave an impressed ooh noise. “So, Theresa, what will it be?” “I’ll take the pies please,” she laughed,” Why not,” she said softly as the crowd applauded. Theresa walked over to the small table where the pies laid. She brushed her slimy fringe back as she bent over to choose which one she was going to grab first. She picked up a simple creamy pie. “MMM looks so creamy,” she said in and alluring voice, licking her lips. She puckered her lips and closed her eyes. She turned towards the crowd and raised the pie. She lifted it and slammed it into her own face. Everyone cheered on the moment of impact. She held the pie in place for a second before removing the tin. The crowd cheered again as her messy face was revealed. She bent her knees and held her hands out in front of her and started laughing. Her face was smeared with thick white cream. She licked her lips. She laughed uproariously at her own situation. She now took a second pie this one was a chocolate cream pie. It was filled with graham cracker crust, chocolate pie filling and whipped cream. It was also decorated with slivers of chocolate shavings. Her eyes sparkled and she smiled as she lifted it in her hands. She could smell the chocolaty pie and it smelled absolutely delicious. “It smells lovely,” Theresa said,” I think I might actually enjoy this, believe it or not,” she said. She smiled and stuck her tongue out. She lifted the pie in her hands. She closed her eyes as she raised the pie and pushed it into her own face. It was much thicker than the first pie. When she pushed it into her face, pie oozed out from the sides of the tin in all directions, almost covering Theresa’s head entirely. She held the pie in place. She actually opened her mouth and stuck her tongue out, licking some of the chocolate pie. When she let go, the pie collapsed into a mountain of mess. The crust on the outside fell apart and oozed off of Theresa’s face, down her chest, large amounts sticking to her breasts and stomach. Her face was completely covered if the squishy brown and white mess. It flowed down her body as well. The pie dripped from the parts of her hair that was not tied back. She smiled and stood still letting the pie naturally take its course and drop down her body. She smiled and took in the moment for a second. She then approached the final pie on the table. The last pie was a banana cream pie. It was similar to the last pie but with banana pie filling that contained chunks of bananas inside of it. Theresa picked the pie up and walked to the centre of the stage again. She lifted the pie and held her breath. This time she put the pie a little bit higher, to the top of her head. She softly pushed the pie into place on her forehead and then moved the pie upwards to the top of her head, smearing the mess as she went. She pushed it upward until the pie was at the top of her head like a hat. She left it in place for a bit. The rest of the pie pushed its way down Theresa’s face. It left a trail of thick yellow and white glop down her face, neck and chest as it went. Theresa was covered in the soft yellow and white glop from her chest upwards. Her hair dripped with pie crust. She stood on stage and posed. She put her hand on her hip and puckered her lips. She moved her body around and struck numerous poses. She laughed at herself. “Very well done,” the presenter said,” You look great, and here is your money, as promised.” He handed her the money. She stuffed it in her bra for safe keeping.

“Ok then, we have one more challenge for you Theresa, if you are willing to accept it,” the presenter said. “I am pretty sure that I will accept it. I mean look at me already. I am already a very dirty girl aren’t I,” she said seductively. “This challenge is for £500,” he said. “MMM nice. I want that money,” she joked. “This one involves ice cream, basically you will be making yourself into a human ice cream sundae. We have provided all of the ingredients.” Theresa smiled. “I love ice cream sundaes. I am willing to become one for that money,” she giggled. “Ok then, let’s hear it for Theresa. She has been an amazing contestant and so much fun.” The crowd applauded her and she bowed. She walked over to the table, which now had all sorts of sundae toppings on it. She was first handed a tub of neapolitan ice cream and an ice cream scoop. She carried it with her. She started to scoop out scoops of the vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream. The first scoop she took out and placed directly onto the top of her head. She pushed it down so it would stick there in place. She took a second scoop of ice cream and did the same. The heat from her body immediately made the ice cream slowly start to melt and trickle down her face. Next, she took a scoop of ice cream in the ice cream scoop. She took the scoop and place it down her shirt between her breasts. She stuffed the ice cream into place. She then took more scoops of ice cream. This time she raised her arms and placed each scoop in her arm pits. She then lowered her arms causing the ice cream to squish and melt in her arm pit and down her arm and body. Next she took two more scoops. She turned her back to the audience. She raised her legs in turn. She placed scoops of ice cream in the backs of her knees. She then raised her leg so that it would stick and melt all over her legs. The final scoops of the ice cream, Theresa took in her hands and smushed against her skirt and up her skirt onto her underwear. She rubbed the ice cream in. She closed her eyes and bit her lip as she rubbed the ice cream around on her clothes.

Theresa then went of to the table to get some of the sundae toppings that were available. The first thing that caught her eye was the chocolate syrup. She grabbed it without hesitation. She took the bottle and tossed the cap aside. She took the bottle and started to aim it at her arms. She started at the top of her arm and made her way down. She squeezed the thick brown chocolate down the length of one arm and then the other. She then aimed the nozzle to her thighs. She started to squeeze out the chocolate sauce onto her legs. She moved the bottle downwards, covering her leg in chocolate mess. She sprayed more onto the backs of her legs as well. She then raised the bottle and poured chocolate sauce all over her boobs, coating the lovely tanned mounds of hot flesh in thick brown goo. She then took what was left and poured it over her head, dripping the chocolate sauce over her platinum hair and beautiful face. She was now focussed on covering herself.

Theresa now grabbed some strawberry sundae topping. It was strawberry sauce filled with strawberry puree. There were thick lumps of strawberries inside. It was in a container that was like a jug. She took the jug and raised it. She poured the topping down onto her boobs and down her belly. Her top filled with the thick gooey red goo. She then raised it and poured it over her face and her head. Strawberries flowed down over her face. She then opened the side of her skirt and poured the rest of the strawberry sauce inside. It fell down her hip and all over her underwear. More fell all over her ass and down her legs.

Next Theresa took a similar jug with peach topping it. It looked absolutely delicious. She had to admit to herself that she wanted this on her. She held the jug over her body and poured it all over herself. She moved it back and forth, letting the peach mess fall down the front of her. She took her hands and rubbed and squeezed her breasts in the peaches. She then took her hands and rubbed them over her face. Next she grabbed a bottle of shipped cream in an aerosol container. She shook it up and flung the cap aside. She thought of how yummy she must be at this moment. She took the whipped cream and aimed it on top of her head. She sprayed the cream back and forth over her head, decorating herself. She then sprayed more onto her heaving chest and down her tummy. She took a second can sprayed it down the length of her legs. The whipped cream continually melted and fell away because of Theresa’s body heat. Even so, she was able to almost completely cover herself in the squirt cream. It felt amazing, like being on a cloud of messiness. Theresa cuddled herself in the whipped cream that she had decorated herself in. She was now totally creamy and sticky.

Finally, what was left was a bucket filled with chopped nut sand sprinkles. She took the bucket and walked to centre stage. She smiled and laughed as the crowd applauded. She raised the bucket. “Shall I?,” she asked. She was greeted with cheers of encouragement. She closed her eyes and raised the bucket over herself. She tipped it over. The sprinkles and nuts poured down onto her head and body. The sprinkles fell down and stuck the sticky mess that already covered Theresa. Her head, especially was covered in sprinkles. They also stuck to her breasts. It was like being tarred and feathered. The multi coloured sprinkles stuck all over Theresa. She spit some out of her mouth and caught her breath, but did not try to wipe any of the mess away. There was no way to remove the sprinkles anyway, except for a warm shower and some scrubbing. Theresa giggled and shrugged her shoulders. She bit her lip and waived.

The presenter came out. “Well done Theresa. You did great. And here is your £500. Thanks for taking part and being such a great contestant.” “Thank you. I really enjoyed it. It was so worth it. Thanks everyone,” she said. She waived and was escorted off stage. Theresa walked off stage past the other contestants. “Good luck,“ she told them. She was escorted off by staff through the mall to a bathroom were she was allowed to have a shower and to clean up. She was given a new set of clothes. She was overjoyed, because she had nearly £1,000 to buy whatever she liked. Overall, she was so glad that she had chosen to be on the show.

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Latest Stwnsh

Below are a few pictures from teh most recent Stwnsh episode. I have many still but will post them later on. The catapult did not work at all this time for some reason, so they had to place the plates of gunge directly in the teacher's face. I don't know why it didn't work, last week it worked prefectly when it was a guy getting the gunge.

Miss Davis Stwnsh

All of the pictures of the Miss Davis gunging have been added on Tellygunge's blog. See the link below:

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Images hosted on Tellygunge

stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Farrell

stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Davis

stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Britten

stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Astley

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Jones

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Old vs. young

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Rhys

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Armstrong

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Miss Owen

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Miss Metcalfe

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Miss Beynon

Tool Academy Gunge Tanks

Stwnsh Sadwrn Miss Wales and Lois

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Mrs. Matthews

Stwnsh Sadwrn episode 30

Stwnsh Sadwrn episode 31

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Mrs. Williams

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Mrs Gvord

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd Blonde Teacher

Stwnsh Lois pied

Ani on Stwnsh x3

Stwnsh Lois and Mari Lovgreen

Stwnsh Sadwrn episode 45, 2 scenes

Stwnsh Lois and Elen Roberts

Stwnsh Sadwrn Lois April 7th

Elin Fflur on Stwnsh

Stwnsh Sadwrn episode 50

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 2

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 3

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 4

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 5

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 6

Stwnsh Sadwrn June 2, 2012

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 8

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 9

Celebrity Big Brother Gunge 2012

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 13

Stwnsh ar y fforff 2012 episode 14

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 15

Celebrity Big Brother Gunge 2013

KPIC reporters pied

Big Brother Brazil pie game 2013

Stwnsh sadwrn 8/6/13 sexy mum gets messed good, blonde woman gunged

Stwnsh Ani and teacher custard 

Stwnsh teacher oatmeal 

Stwnsh teacher September 2013 

Dr. Oz slime sisters 

Holly Willoughby gunged on Celeb Juice 

UCB gunging

Celebrity Juice Christmas 

Helen Flanagan fake reaction

are you the one

VH1 pies 

Meteorologist Heather Sophia pied 

Stwnsh sadwrn episode 50 Anni and Lois 

Jamelia celebrity driving academy 1 

Celebrity driving academy pies 

Celebrity Juice Million point drop 

The Slammer episodes 1 and 2 

BT host Jody pied 

Big Brother endurance 

Stwnsh Sadwrn Ani and Lois 2 

Naomi Wilkinson mud bath 

Sports Illustrated pies 

Belgian Mom brown snot 

Natalya gets pumpkin pie and whipped cream 

Sing lose then pie best one 

Lindsey from Hollyoaks pink gunge 

Miss Dunne Swipe tv 

Ms Daly Swipe tv 

Ketnet Kingsize 1- attractive brunette 

Ketnet Kingsize 2- dark haired olive skinned woman 

Swipe TV Miss Campbell 

Swipe Tv Ms Corkery gunged 

Swipe TV Ms Pyburn 

Ketnet Kingsize 3- Blonde number 1 

Swipe Tv Ms. O'Donovan gunged 

Ketnet Kingsize 4- Slightly chubby blonde 

Zappduel part 1

Zappduel part 2

Celebrity Big Brother 2015 slop buckets 

Swipe TV Miss McGarvey 

Swipe TV Miss Meanaman 

Swipe TV Olwyn 

Masterchef Junior 

Swipe TV Shauna 

Brain and Body 1

Brain and Body 2

Swipe TV Ms. Gilmore 

Master Chef Junior dip 

Swipe TV Ms. Caulfield 

Dog Ate My Homework 5 

Dog ate my Homework 6 

Swipe Tv Yolanda Rodriguez 

Swipe TV Ms Murphy 

Dog ate my Homework Ms. Aitken 

Swipe tv Ms. Flynn 

Dog Ate My Homework two blondes 

Ketnet Kingsize 5 Older Blonde 

Ketnet Kingsize 6 curly haired brunette 

Brain and Buddy Chantal 

Ketnet Kingsize 7 bob red hair

Wild Things episode 2 

Wild Things episode 3 

Ketnet Kingsize 8 shorthaired brunettte 

Ketnet Kingsize 9 and 10 

Swipe TV Neasa 

the rest of Ketnet Kingsize thus far 

New Ketnet Kingsize 2016 

Ketnet Kingsize 13 curvy mother 

Dog ate  my homework episode 1 2016 Miss McCall

Dog ate my Homework episode 3 Nov 2016 Miss O'Hora 

Care worker beaned for Comic Relief 

Ketnet Kingsize two mothers 

Ketnet Kingsize plain lady 

Ketnet Kingsize good gunging 

Dog ate my homework series 4 episode 7 

Ketnet Kingsize beautiful blonde mother 

Ketnet Kingsize Celine's Mom 

Dog Ate My Homework episode 9 season 4 pie 

Bianca Gascoigne getting porridge

APO Duck Race pie stills  

Dog ate my homework episodes 10 and 11 

Ketnet Kingsize Kathleen 

Ketnet Kingsize older lady with yellow gunge 

Ketnet Kingsize purple gunge

Scrambled gunging 2  

Ketnet Kingsize Audrey 

Ketnet Kingsize Mom and star 

Ketnet Kingsize Astrid 

Ketnet Kingsize couple 

Ketnetkingsize woman with freckles 

Hamilton's F1 Ink Tank Challenge 

Lois Heart FM North Wales tomatoes 

Dog Ate my Homework Ms. Hardy 

Stwnsh Sadwrn 2018 

Vicky Pattison messed on I'm a Celeb 

Ketnet Kingsize Live pop star 2018 

Amelia Gething pied

Picture posting/Tellygunge

Hi Everyone,

Just to let everyone know Tellygunge has kindly allowed me to upload some of my many pictures onto his blog. I thank him for that. The first ones I posted were from stwnsh ar y ffordd. They are the Miss Farrell gunging. It is one of my favorite ones. I will probably be posting many more soon. Below is the link. I will probably put a link page at the top of the blog. I hope everyone enjoys.


Best Wishes, JRG

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Erin Andrews makes a bet

Erin Andrews makes a bet

Erin Andrews is always a very professional sports anchor. She never shows any bias towards anyone. Erin enjoys her job working for ESPN on their college football shows. She is a big fan of the game and loves the atmosphere surrounding the sport. Although she is a pro, she did attend the University of Florida. She can not help but route for her alma mater. She is a huge Gators fan. On this occasion, Florida had made it back to the SEC championship game. They would be playing Alabama this time. During the week before the game Erin and some of the alumni from Alabama engaged in some banter around who would win the game. Erin was sure that her team would be the ones coming out on top. “I just think Florida is going to win guys,” she said. “Well, Erin,” her fellow anchor said,” If you are so sure, maybe you would like to wager something on it.” ”What did you have in mind?”, Erin asked, in a sexy voice. “how about, if Florida loses the game, you will get slimed on next week’s show.” Erin bit her lip and furrowed her brow. “I don’t know,” she said. “Oh come on, don’t chicken out. You believe in your school don’t you,” he egged her on. “Oh ok then, I agree. If the Gators lose the game, then I will get slimed next week. I hope they don’t lose,” she laughed. “I think that the whole country, outside of Gainsville will be routing for the Gators to lose now.” Florida was ranked number one at the time and had won the national title the year before. Erin was confident that the Gators would win, even though Alabama was highly ranked as well.

Unfortunately for Erin Andrews, Florida was beaten 32 to 13 in a route. Alabama would go on to win the national title. Even more unfortunate for Erin was that she was assigned to cover the game for college game day. She was there on the sidelines to witness the whole thing. Throughout the game, shots were given of Erin’s reactions to scores, turnovers and penalties. When the final whistle blew, Erin had almost forgotten the bet that she had made. She was called from her colleagues in the commentary booth. “Erin, the game didn’t go the way that you hoped it would, we see,” the anchor said. Erin smiled and blushed. “No, no it certainly did not,” she responded. She laughed and shook her head. “Florida didn’t win did they Erin?” ”No, they did not,,” she replied. “You know what that means?,” he said. “Yeah, I know,” she said burying her head in her hands, lowering her head in shame. “What Erin does not know, is that slime that was promised is in the stadium right now. In a few short minutes, Erin will have to pay the consequences of losing that bet. It will all happen at the fifty yard line in front of this stadium full of hundreds of people.” Erin’s mouth fell open. She was really shocked by this. She was not prepared for this to happen today. “I thought it would be next week,” she protested,” I am not dressed for it.” she wore a white sleeveless blouse and a beige skirt. Her hair looked amazing as always. It was mostly straight, but with her famous, flowing curls at the bottom. She looked lovely. The station went to a break. During the break a chair was set up on the fifty yard line and Erin was quickly rushed over and asked to sit on it. She was told that some of the players from the winning team would be the ones getting the opportunity to slime her.

She walked out to the center of the field and was met with some of the Alabama players. “So guys, you’re going to get to slime me hen are you?,” she joked. “That’s the idea,” one of them said. “Don’t worry I can take it, but don’t you feel bad about doing this to a woman like myself?,” she asked. “Not at all. Go tide,” one of them said. “Thanks a lot,” she joked. She was shown her seat and sat down. Everything was getting made ready. The crowd was encouraged not to leave their seats because there was going to be a special surprise that they were not going to want to miss coming up.

The commercial break ended and the coverage started up again with Erin sitting at mid field. Her colleague had the microphone and began to speak. “As our audience at home may know, Erin here made a little bet before the game this week that Florida would win this game. If they did not win, she agreed to pay the consequences. Obviously, the Gators came up a little short and as a result, Erin has to pay the price for it. That price is going to be a sliming. What does everyone think of that?,” The crowd cheered. “Nooooo!,” Erin whined. She pointed at the other players gathered around,” Don’t you laugh either,” she said. “Erin, your team didn’t win. What do you have to say,” he asked. “Well, they gave their all. I really thought they would win. Hey, does anyone want to switch seats with me? I’ll make it worth your while,” she joked. “Slimed! Gosh, this is going to be embarrassing, but as some of you will know, I have had some pretty embarrassing moments in the past, so this will be a piece of cake compared to that.” Erin had been secretly videotaped in a hotel room at one point while she was changing clothes. She had been seen naked by thousands as a result. Her privacy had been breached in an unforgivable and illegal way. On top of that, it was difficult enough for women to be taken seriously in the world of men’s sports journalism at the best of times. She had to spend her whole life working with men, some of whom were sexist at the best of times. The fact that she had had that happen to her made things even worse. She had handled the whole thing with dignity though and had overcome it. After experiencing something like that, getting slimed in front of the whole world seemed like a breeze to her.

The players were now introduced from the winning team. They smiled and waived. “Well guys, Erin here bet against you guys. I guess you can take this as a victory for your school. Do you have any reservations doing this to Miss Andrews here?,” the anchor asked. “Absolutely not,” one of them responded. All three laughed as did Erin. “Nothing against Miss Andrews, but we still are going to enjoy sliming her very, very much. It is going to be very funny,” he said. Erin looked back at them. She made puppy dog eyes, begging them please. She then shook her fist and said ,” Darn. Well, it was worth a try. I t looks like I am stuck. Go Gators!,” she shouted. She then laughed nervously. Erin clutched at her skirt and knees nervously as the players went over to collect their buckets. There were four buckets of gunge. Each bucket contained one of each teams colours. That being red and white for Alabama and blue and orange for Florida.

The players all went to the side and grabbed their buckets. They gunge was thick and gloppy. They all got themselves all ready. “Who wants to see some slime,” the anchor asked. The whole crowd cheered its approval. Erin waived her hands around. She moved her hand across her neck. “Please no,” she begged and then laughed. “Let’s nail her,” the anchor said. Erin smiled. She wrapped her arms around herself and lowered her head. She closed her eyes and scrunched her nose up. The first player came forward. He had the bucket of bright blue gunge. He pumped his biceps and twirled his finger over the top of Erin’s head as the crowd cheered him on. Erin braced herself as the young player lifted the bucket up above her. He poured the blue gunge down onto her head. The thick gunge slopped down over the top of her head. It fell down her beautiful nose and down her forehead. It poured down the front of her face and dripped down from her nose. She grimaced. She took both of her hands to clear her eyes as the gunge was still pouring over her. The crowd laughed, cheered and hooted as she was slimed. The gunge poured down the front of her top and down her body. She opened her mouth and screamed. She ran her hands through her hair, slicking it back in the gunge and flicking some of it aside. “My hair!,” Erin shouted. She pointed and shook her head. “I can’t believe this,” she said. The gunge was soft and smushy.

The next player came forward now. He had the orange gunge. The idea was that Erin would slimed with the Florida colours first and then the Alabama colours. The player showed the bucket to the crowd. He opened his mouth wide and screamed, “Yeah!!” Erin pointed and laughed at him. “You’re enjoying this way too much,” she said. Erin gave an exaggerated half frown/ half smile. She raised her shoulders as he approached with the second bucket of gunge. He gave a thumbs up to the crowd. He mimed as if he was asking himself whether he should do this or not. He then winked and nodded. He picked up the bucket and aimed it straight at Erin. The crowd cheered as the orange slop poured down the front of her face, engulfing her face. It poured down onto her tanned skin. Gunge poured onto her legs and top. Her whole neck was crowned in the gunge. She placed her hands in front of her. She opened her mouth wide and shook her head around. The orange streaked down her face. She was covered in a mixture of blue and orange. She itched her cheek and then stuck her tongue out. She put her thumbs to her ears and made a funny face. She took her hands and pushed some of the thick gunge away.

It was now time for the white gunge, representing Alabama colours. Erin was going to now be adorned in the colours of the winning team. The Alabama fans were finding this especially hilarious. The white gunge had a slight resemblance to something a bird might leave behind on a car. Erin itched her face. She was still reeling a little bit from what had already been poured on her by the previous players. She looked up this time, just as the white mess fell from the bucket. It landed on Erin’s face. She closed her eyes and jerked her head forward, sending some of the excess gunge flying. The gunge poured down onto her beautiful blonde hair. She shook her head and rubbed her hand across her eyes. She rubbed her arms in the mess. More of the gunge fell and landed on Erin’s sexy tanned legs. She ran her fingers through her hair, trying to clean herself off a bit. She took her fingers and grabbed her top around her breast area. She moved the shirt about, airing out some of the gunge. “Ya, got me,” she said, laughing.

Finally the last player approached. He was carrying the bucket of red gunge, representing the Crimson Tide of Alabama. The Alabama fans were now all chanting. “Erin is going to be adorned with Alabama red, so she will never forget that Alabama were the winners today. Let’s hear it guys,” the analyst said. Erin just shrugged her shoulders and shook her head. The player raised the bucket to an immense cheer. The entire stadium then counted down from three. “3...2...1” He lifted the bucket. He then quickly lifted it and pushed it down. He pushed the bucket down hard onto Erin’s head. She kicked her legs and wriggled in the chair, almost falling over. She waived her arms. The player steadied the chair for her. She was left wearing the bucket over her head. She calmed down after a minute. She caught her breath. She then threw the bucket off, revealing that she was covered from her waist up in thick, crimson tide coloured gunge. She frowned and shook her fist as the whole crowd cheered and laughed at her. She tried to scoop some of the collected mess from her skirt. She rubbed the gunge down her thighs, trying to clear some away. She looked hilarious, totally covered in the mess. “I hope you are happy. I look like a drowned rat!,” she shouted,” Well, a slimed rat anyway.”

She was given a round of applause. She bowed courteously for the crowd. “So, Erin how are you feeling after that?,” her colleague asked. “ I feel very dirty and quite slimy actually, believe it or not. I hope that there are showers working somewhere that I can use here, or I will be in big trouble. Congratulations to the Tide. We’ll get them next year though. Go Gators,” she said.

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Lucy Beale (Melissa Suffield)

Just a word. I am a huge fan of Melissa Suffield and Lucy Beale. What happened to her at Eastenders was disgusting. She was treated ridiculously bad by them, in my opinion. She deserved better. I miss her on Eastenders and wish she was still there. They were crazy to get rid of her and how they did it was not fair, in my opinion. She is over 18 in case anyone is wondering, as well.
Lucy Beale (Melissa Suffield)

Lucy Beale had spent her time on Albert Square causing trouble and pissing people off. She had always gotten a kick out of causing trouble for everyone around her, including her family. Everyone had finally had enough of her antics and decided that it was finally time to give her a taste of her own medicine. The whole square lead by her father and her stepmother, along with her twin brother Peter decided that they would set Lucy up. Lucy would be facing public humiliation on a grand scale. Everyone wanted to see Lucy get embarrassed. She richly deserved it for all of the things that she had done. This time she was going to really get it. She loved to play nasty tricks on people, but this time the joke was going to be on her.

The plan was that Lucy was going to be coming to the café that afternoon, as she usually did, most afternoons. When she arrived, everyone would act normal. Someone would then lock the door and then the mess would commence. Pouring disgusting slop over Lucy Beale was a fantasy that more than one resident of Albert Square had thought of over the years. There was going to be no escape for Lucy from her fate. No one was going to feel sorry for her in the slightest. Lucy would be eating humble pie on this day.

Lucy walked down the street, into the café. She was wearing a short black pleaded skirt and a light pink button down shirt with tie. The skirt was hiked up high. It looked like it was two sizes two small for her. She looked like she was about to bust out of it. She was, intentionally showing a lot of leg. Her shirt was also as tight as it could be. The first few buttons were unbuttoned, leaving part of her bust line exposed. It was debateable whether she was wearing anything underneath her outer clothing. She walked down the sidewalk, jiggling her curves and flaunting her sexuality. She had her cheeky Lucy Beale smile on her face. She knew that every man that she passed was looking in her direction.

She walked into the café, meeting her brother at one of the tables.” How do I look,” she asked, raising her eyebrows and smiling excitedly. “Like a tart,” he replied. “Perfect then, just the look that I was going for,” she said dismissively. She sat down and seductively crossed her legs. “If you got it, flaunt it,” she said winking her eyes. “These other girls wish that they had an ass like this. I can’t help it. They know I look hot.” Peter just rolled his eyes. He was used to his sister by now. Although she was very attractive, the men were just not very interested in her. The ones who were, were interested for all the wrong reasons. Peter chuckled to himself. Lucy was about to get put in her place.

Lucy now was busy reading a text on her phone and bragging. She was so wrapped up in herself, she did not notice that the door was locked and everyone had started staring at her and some had stood up around her. “Ahh Peter,” she said, looking down, texting on her phone,” You are just a little jealous, because I can get some any time I want and you are single.” “Whatever you say, Lucy,” he responded. By this time, Lucy’s other family members were all gathered around, standing around the table, with their arms crossed, looking stern. Finally, Lucy looked up from her phone. She saw everyone gathered around her table, staring at her with cross faces. “Hi everyone,” she said,” What’s going on? Why are you all looking at me like that?”

“Well, Lucy,” her stepmother Jane said,” You have been a pain in all of our asses for years now. You have caused all sorts of trouble for all sorts of people. Now, we have decided to get some revenge. It is payback time now. You deserve to be embarrassed for once.” “Embarrassed? What do you mean by that,” Lucy asked incredulously. She began to get a bit nervous about what was happening here, but she was trying her best not to let that show. “Oh you will see,” her father, Ian told her. Lucy now looked pissed off. “What is that supposed to mean,” she said sarcastically,” Why don’t you just tell me,” she said. “Oh we will do better than that, we will show you,” Ian replied.

Ian and Lucy’s uncle Christian walked out back. Lucy moved her head around to see what they were doing. After what seemed like ages, they returned, dragging something along with them. When Lucy saw what it was she did not really know what the object was or what it was used for. It was a sort of catapult, the type that they use on Stwnsh ar y ffordd on the teachers. Lucy pointed at it. “What the hell is that thing?,” she exclaimed. “This my dear is what we are calling the food catapult. We will be using it to launch plates of leftover food onto you.” “What are you talking about. You must be joking. You are not doing that to me,” she said, “Do you expect me to just sit there and take it. No way. I am leaving.” “Oh you will sit there and take it. You have very little choice. Boys the straps.” Lucy shook and tried to stand up. Her uncle Christian and his partner Syed grabbed her arms and placed her wrists in some straps. They pulled the straps around the back of the chair and strapped her to the chair. She struggled the whole time, but they were too strong for her. Already her hair was messed up and she was sweating. She kicked her legs and tried wiggling her body. “You won’t get away with this,” she shouted,” I will get you all back for this.” She calmed down. She shook her head and gave her famous Lucy Beale look. “You are all going to pay for this,” she said in her calmest, angriest voice. “No, Lucy, today it is your turn to pay for all of the things that you have done,” Jane said,” Sorry love, but you deserve this.” “Oh please,” Lucy begged, now pretending to be sweet and innocent,” I didn’t mean to do those things. It wasn’t my fault.” “Tough luck Lucy, we all are dying to do this. We have wanted to do this for a long time,” Christian said, laughing. Lucy scowled.

“Ok, everyone,” Ian said, happily,” We have loads of leftovers here, so everyone is going to get the chance to launch them at Lucy.” Everyone cheered. He then started up a chant. They all started chanting “Launch at Lucy.“ She glared at them. Lucy continued to struggle. It hadn’t even dawned don her what was going to be coming her way. When she saw the first tin of food being brought out and placed on the catapult her eyes widened. “Oh my god, really? Seriously?” She whimpered, begged and whined. “I would like everyone to note that all of the food that we are using today comes directly from the café and from the chip shop. The food has all gone off or has been discarded. Nothing will go to waste today,” Ian announced. “Ok everyone, here we go,” he said.

The first tin was brought out. It was filled with tartar sauce from the fish and chip shop. Ian showed the tin to the crowd and then placed it on the catapult across from Lucy. “Allow me to demonstrate,” he said. Everyone chanted. He positioned the tin perfectly. He then went around the side and placed his hand above the release for the catapult. Lucy closed her eyes and tried to guard her body the best she could, but she was a wide open target. Ian pushed down on the release mechanism. The tin of tartar sauce flew threw the air at a pretty good pace and smashed into Lucy’s face, covering it in tartar sauce. The tin then flew down her body leaving a trail of tartar sauce down her as it went. It fell from her face to her legs where more tartar sauce was left behind. The cheers and laughter that echoed through the café upon the moment of impact was deafening. It was like one giant release of energy all at once. Lucy was splattered in the white tartar sauce. It was filled with tiny green bits as well. It dripped down her face. Her eyes widened and her mouth still remained wide open from the shock of the impact of the tartar sauce. It felt slippery and slimy splattered all over her body. The tartar sauce had splattered her skirt and legs as well as it had fallen. She began to wish that she had worn more clothes today. Her shirt was very thin and she had chosen to forgo wearing underwear today. Everyone knew that there was so much more to come, but everyone was so overjoyed at the first bit of mess on Lucy that they all stopped and took in the moment. Everyone took a turn getting a picture taken with her in that state. Lucy could not help but laugh to herself. She kind of liked how the tartar sauce felt on her body, but of course she would not admit that to anyone.

Ian then loaded the second tin of food to be launched at his daughter onto the catapult. It was Jane’s turn and this time the tin was filled with beef stew. It was thick and brown and filled with meat and vegetables. It was almost green in spaces. It stunk so bad that Lucy could smell it from where she was. “Yuck, that smells mingin’,” she exclaimed. Everyone started to chant again, as Jane got into position. She smiled a huge grin and waived to Lucy. She steadied her hand on the other end of the catapult. She looked at Lucy and then slammed her hand down. The tin went flying through the air. It landed on Lucy’s neck, splattering the thick stew everywhere in all directions. It covered her shirt in the thick brown mess. Her face and legs were also splattered. She screamed when it hit her. She turned her nose up and gave a disgusted look, as if she just smelled something that was incredibly disgusting, which really, she had. The stew ran down her body. The beef and vegetables within the stew stuck all over her Lucy’s body. She could feel some of the heavy chunks falling and collecting in the space between her legs. She moved her legs in and out to try to dislodge some of the mess, but it just sort of smushed under her body.

Next it was her brother, Peter’s turn to have a go. The next tin was filled with baked beans. He pointed and waived at his twin sister as she squirmed in her seat. The thought of flinging baked beans at his twin sister made Peter feel very happy. “Please, Peter,” Lucy begged,” You wouldn’t do this to me would you? Remember that you have to live with me,” she threatened. “Don’t remind me,” he kidded. He waived his hands in the air and urged everyone to start chanting again. Peter took the tin of baked beans and carefully placed it in position on the catapult. Peter was going to enjoy this immensely. He looked at his sister. She begged him not to do this. He looked at her then at everyone else. He gave a plaintive look, shook his head, as if he was contemplating what he was going to do, but he was just teasing. He laughed and then slammed his hands down onto the catapult. This sent the tin of baked beans through the air towards his sister. The tin tumbled through the air. Everyone exploded with a cheer on the moment of impact. The beans landed directly on Lucy’s bare legs with a thud. The beans hit her on her legs and splattered everywhere. In a moment, Lucy’s sexy legs were dripping in the disgusting baked beans. Lucy screwed up her face in disgust, as if she was going to scream or cry. Peter gave a thumbs up and high fived some of his mates. “That was brilliant,” he said. Lucy was left dripping with beans. Each individual bean could almost be seen slowly falling down Lucy’s calves. Her thighs were soaked in the beans. She now uncrossed her legs and moved them about as the beans fell down them, collecting at her feet.

Next it was Uncle Christian’s turn to have a go. He played up to everyone, teasing Lucy. He loved his niece, but he still was going to enjoy this. Christian was a very fun loving person and was really enjoying what was happening. Christian loaded a tin of coleslaw onto the catapult. The coleslaw was way past its sell by date and completely rancid. Christian took his hand and waived it in front of his nose, indicating how bad the coleslaw smelled. Christian was very strong so he was going to use the catapult with great gusto. “It’s about to get filthy,” he said in a funny voice. Everyone cheered and applauded. He ensured that the tin was in the correct place. He gave a thumbs up. He aimed and then pushed the catapult down. The tin flew through the air and in a split second, hit Lucy with full forth straight in the face. Lucy cringed as the tin fell away, the rancid coleslaw fell from her face. Her face was plastered in the white slop. She opened one eye, because she could not wipe her eyes. Excess coleslaw splattered all over the place. Lucy gave a sickened look. She was helpless to try to remove any of the coleslaw from her face. Coleslaw fell down her neck and shirt. She was now completely trashed. The combination of all the mess was all over her body.

It was now Syed’s turn to have a go. The next tin was filled with spaghetti. Taking this kind of embarrassing messing from all of the people in her life was not something that Lucy was enjoying. She could not believe that now Syed was going to get the chance to do this to her. She knew that all she could do was try to get through this. Syed placed the tray of spaghetti onto the catapult. He looked at Christian and smiled. Lucy had been a thorn in his side as well. It was now spaghetti time for Lucy Beale. Syed placed his palm on the catapult. He raised it and then pushed it down. The tin of spaghetti was launched through the air at Lucy. The tin hit her with full force, splattering spaghetti all over Lucy. The tin tumbled down her body and left loads more spaghetti all over her legs. The disgusting strands of the spaghetti in its sauce fell from Lucy’s hair and face. It slithered down her shirt, staining it beyond recognition. Spaghetti splattered all over her pleaded skirt. She lifted her legs as chunks of the spaghetti stuck to her knee and calves. She closed her eyes. She wanted to remove some of the mess from herself, but she had no chance to do this.

Lucy’s best friend Lauren Branning now got her chance. “Hey, Lucy,” she said,” It happened to me. Now it is your turn. I know you love it as much as I did.” “Shut up,” Lucy replied. “I got some jellied eels for you here, Lucy,” Lauren teased. “Jellied Eels?! No way, Lauren, you can’t do this. That is gross.” “MMM, yummy, all for you Lucy.” Lauren loaded the disgusting jellied eels onto the catapult. Lucy could not believe that this was really going to happen. Everyone was now chanting “Eels, eels, eels.” Lauren gave a cheeky smile and waived at Lucy. She pushed down on the catapult. The jellied eels went flying at Lucy. They fell on over her. Some fell onto her lap. Some fell onto her head. The slimy jelly was all over her. The huge chunks of disgusting eel was flung everywhere. When the tray flew threw the air, the eels exploded in all directions all over Lucy. A gigantic bit of the eel hung onto Lucy’s head, draped over her forehead.

Next to come was one of Lucy’s rivals Zsa Zsa. “Not her!,” Lucy shouted. “Oh yes,” Zsa Zsa said. “I am going to love this. Zsa Zsa walked sexily over to her tin and brought it over. It was loaded with mushy peas. The tin was brimming with soft, puke green mushy peas. Lucy tried to brace herself for the coming impact of the mushy peas. Zsa Zsa asked the crowd to count down with her. Everyone started counting down,” Three…two….one!” Zsa Zsa pushed down the catapult. The mushy peas flew through the air and nailed Lucy. The thick green mess smashed onto her. The green slop covered Lucy’s face and fell down onto her body. The tin fell and landed onto Lucy’s thighs. Her sexy legs dripped with green. Everyone applauded.

That was the last tin that was prepared. Zsa Zsa took one of the tins from the floor and scraped some of the excess slop that had collected on the floor into the tin. This created a dark brown conglomeration of all of the mess. The tin was now full of the leftovers. Zsa Zsa walked up to Lucy. She taunted her. “Humble pie, Lucy,” she said. She stood over Lucy. “You bitch, you wouldn’t dare,” Lucy snapped. “Bon apatite,” Zsa Zsa said. She pushed the tin into Lucy’s face, twisting it around. Everyone cheered.

Finally, Ian, Syed, Peter and Christian grabbed Lucy in her chair and lifted her up. They carried her out back. In the back of the café was a dumpster where all of the garbage and food waste from the café was usually thrown. They untied Lucy and carried her over to the dumpster. They lifted her up together and placed her in the dumpster. She fell over into the garbage. She disappeared for a minute under the garbage. Then her head emerged from the top of the dumpster. Her nostrils flared as she glared out of the dumpster at all of the people in her life. A banana peel stuck to her head. “Sorry Lucy,” everyone said in unison.

A salute to Stwnsh

At the moment, I am really loving the Stwnsh show on Welsh television. I don't know why but I love everything about these scenes. Below are before and afters on all of the female teachers that have been gunged thus far. If their team loses the teacher gets the gunge. I think I like seeing things like this because it is more real. It is different than seeing models getting gunged because it is 100 percent natural. Also, the majority of these teachers are actually pretty attractive, at least I find them attractive. I have loads of stills of all of these, but I can't seem to find a place where I can post them online. Again, if anyone has ideas, please let me know. Blogs would not allow that kind of space. Thanks--JRG

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Emmerdale vs. Eastenders Poll

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Eastenders vs. Emmerdale

Eastenders vs. Emmerdale
By Request:

This is the start of the Eastenders vs. Emmerdale poll. There will be eight matchups. I will create the polls later as I do not have time now, but votes can also come through emails of comments on this one. I will try it out this way to see how it works, maybe, at first. Melissa Suffield is not in the poll because she will be in a different upcoming story. People like Sammy Winward and Suzanne Shaw are not the poll because they have been gunged already. I could probably post some pics and clips if people so desire. I also did not include actresses who have been in other stories on the website such as Jo Joyner, Kara Tointon, Rita Simons etc.  The actresses that I included are some of my favourates. I know that I will have forgotten some that others will have wanted to see in the poll. Anyway, have a think about these matchups. I will post the polls soon, unless I get a good response beforehand. Take care. Thanks for visiting---JRG