Monday, 31 October 2011

Stwnsh ar y ffordd Miss Owen

I have posted the pictures for the Miss Owen gunging. It was an amazing gunging I thought. The link is below for the Tellygunge post.

Ingie and the Pie Pendulum

Hi everyone,

I have mentioned the pie pendulum in stories before. For those who do not know what it is, I have posted a clip. In this clip a woman named Ingie gets pied by her husband after losing a game. It was on What Would You Do?. I don't know why but I find her strangely attractive. I probably shouldn't, but I think she has a great body for someone her age. I really enjoyed seeing this happen to her. The way her husband cranks her down into the pie is very good as well. Sorry Ingie.

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Sasha Valentine (Nathalie Emmanuel) X rated Mess

**Warning:** This story contains adult situation and sexualized behaviour. It is not for young people to read. It is also a bit of a different type of story, so it may not be to everyone's taste. Please be warned.

Sasha Valentine (Nathalie Emmanuel) X rated Mess.

Sasha Valentine had only met each other a few weeks earlier, but the attraction between the two of us was instant. The heat between us was very evident from the start. We both knew it, but neither of us said anything about it. She was incredibly hot and very sexual. On this occasion, we found ourselves on a football pitch together with a football. We started to kick the ball around and Sasha was getting quite competitive. “I’m pretty athletic,” she said,” I bet I can get more balls past you than you could get past me,” she said. “I don’t know about that Sasha,” I said. “ Well, if you are so confident, why don’t we make things a little more interesting?.” she said in an increasingly suggestive tone of voice. “What did you have in mind?,” I replied, hoping that she was meaning what she was seemingly implying. “Well, we could have a little completion. We could play in rounds, there could be a forfeit for each round,” she said. “And what sort of forfeits are you suggesting then?,” I asked her, pretending that I had no idea what she may be implying. “Well, how about for the first round we play strip football. If I win you have to take off all of your clothes and if you win, I will take off all of my clothes,” she said, winking at me. “But, this is a public field,” I said,” I know it is late and dark and no one is around, but people could turn up at any minutes,” I advised her. “Well, I am game if you are. It will be fun. Unless of course you are scared to lose. Come on, I want to play. I want to win and get you totally naked,” she said,” It will be a sight to behold.” “Ok then, but if I agree, don’t try to back out if you lose,” I replied. “Well, once one of us ends up undressed, they will have to do other forfeits of the winner’s choosing. How does that sound?,” she asked. “Well, I am a gentlemen, so I never would have suggested anything like this, but seeing as you are so keen, it will be a pleasure to see you completely naked. I reckon that there will be some good forfeits as well.” “It’s a deal then,” she smiled. We shook hands and sealed the deal. It was going to be an interesting evening. I really hoped that I would not lose, but I was very happy that things had gone the way that they had so far. At least I now knew for certain that Sasha was definitely attracted to me and that at least one of us would be naked by the end of the evening, which could only be a good thing overall.

We decided that we would take turns taking shots . Truth be known, we were both pretty terrible. We were both a bit nervous as well, so that had an effect as well on things. We both missed the first three shots that we took badly. At first we teased each other, but things got more and more tense because neither of us seemed able to get a goal in the net. Finally, I managed to get one past her. She dived, but could not get there in time. “Yes,” I said, jumping up and down, half relieved to finally get one in. She gave a muted smile and got to her feet, brushing herself off. It was now her turn. She had to make this shot to tie things up. If she missed, she would be the loser and would be facing the consequences. The tension was not at a fever pitch. She was really nervous and sweating. I was nervous myself, as I stood in goal, hoping that I could make the save. We looked into each other’s eyes as she started to dribble the ball a bit. She took a deep breath and got ready to kick. She kicked the ball as hard as she could into the air. It went high in the air. I looked up, hoping that it would not go past me. She looked up as well. In an instant the ball fell and bounced off my chest and out. I had made the save. Sasha had lost.

We just looked at each other. “You lost Sasha,” I said in a very calm voice. “Yes, I know,” she replied, putting her hand to her mouth, blushing and laughing. “I made the bet and now I have to pay the price.” she said. “It is only fair. Don’t rub it in though,” she said pointing at me. “You’re going to get to see me totally naked. I hope you enjoy it ,” she said. She looked down at her feet and stepped out of her shoes. She then pulled down the straps of her tight pink dress. She pulled them down, shook her body and pulled her dress down her body. She dropped it to her ankles and then stepped out of it. She was left standing in her black and glittery silver bra and panties. I stood across from her and watched as this gorgeous young woman slowly stripped for me. She then started to dance around sensually. She wiggled her hips. She gyrated her hips and ran her hands over herself, almost simulating sex. She bent her knees and wiggled her waist as if she was doing a pole dance. She then reached around behind and unhooked her bra. She pulled her arms up and removed it. She held it in the air, above her head and twirled it around, before throwing it at me. Sasha then stood in front of me. She placed her fingers at the side of her waist, taking the sides of her thong in her fingers. She then bent over and pulled her panties down. She lifted each leg and stepped out of her underwear. She then picked up her thong and walked towards me. With a sexy look in her eyes and a sly smile on her face she approached. She coyly handed me her knickers. “I believe these belong to you,” she said in a sexy voice. She then walked back to where she was before.

She stood in front of the goal one hundred percent naked. She made no attempt to conceal anything. She stood in her birthday suit. She did not seem to mind that I could see every body part in full detail. She took her hands, put them behind her back and squeezed her own rear end. Even though it was outdoors, I could smell Sasha’s perspiration and the sweet smell of the moisture between her legs form where I was. Even from several feet away, I could tell that Sasha was as aroused by what was happening as I was. Her private parts were already getting very damp and her nipples were erect already. She shivered slightly in the night air. It was all I could do to stop myself from pursuing her right then and there. The sight of her in her naked state made my mouth water. I wanted to taste her, but I knew that would come later.

“So,” she said,” What are my forfeits going to be,” she asked. She did not seem worried or embarrassed at all. She was dying to do whatever forfeits I had in mind. “Well, let me think,” I said. “I could give you a blowjob,” she said. I could not believe what I was hearing. She smiled, she was being one hundred percent serious. “Well, that will come later. I think I have another idea. Just let me run to the corner shop.” I ran there and back as fast as I could. I returned with a few shopping bags full of goodies. Sasha’s eyes sparkled with excitement as I returned. “I knew you would have some good ideas for me,” she smiled.

I then had Sasha lay down on the slightly damp grass on her back. She spread her legs apart slightly. Ii was going to tie her down, but I then thought that her hands would come in useful later on. Anyway, there was little danger that she would resist anything that was going to happen. It was clear now that she wanted this just as badly as I did. I kneeled down next to the beautiful, naked, spread eagle Sasha. It was amazing that her beautiful body was all mine to do whatever I wanted to with. Sasha was a bit curious what I had purchased at the store. “Well, to start out with,” I said removing a bottle from the one of the bags,” We have some lovely chocolate syrup.” “MMM, yummy,” she replied,” Don’t forget to put some on my pussy,” she said. I could not believe what I was hearing from the mouth of this unassuming young woman. She was dirty girl, so I knew that I could now just let her have it and she would absolutely love it. “The dirtier the better,” she said.

I flipped off the top of the chocolate syrup bottle. I started at Sasha’s ankle. I started squeezing the sweet, dark brown chocolate up her calves and then up her sexy thigh. I sprayed lines of the chocolate sauce up her leg, leaving an irregular pattern. I then did the same to her other leg. I then sprayed more onto Sasha’s stomach. I moved the bottle in a zig zag pattern across her tummy leaving a trail of chocolate as I went along across her mocha brown skin. She closed her eyes and moaned as she felt the slightly sticky chocolate sauce on her body. I then swirled more onto her breasts. I made a circle of chocolate around her rock hard nipple I then did the same to the other. Sasha then bent her knees as I gently pressed the nozzle of the bottle against her, now soaking wet vagina. She shrieked in ecstasy as I rubbed it against her pussy lips. I then poured some chocolate sauce all over Sasha’s already soaking wet womanhood. She had no problem with spreading for me. She bit her lip in ecstasy as I poured chocolate sauce all over her private parts. It mixed with her natural pussy juices and dripped everywhere. The fresh grass beneath her was left with a patch of chocolate sauce mixed with Sasha’s sexual fluids. The young lady was already in ecstasy. She could not help herself. She took her hand and placed it between her legs. In a second, she was feverishly rubbing her own private parts. It was almost an involuntary response. The pleasure in her face was a sight to behold. She squeezed one of her breasts with her other hand. She jiggled her hips back and forth as she played with herself. She moaned and squealed as she touched herself. She closed her eyes and bit her lip. As she did this, I took more chocolate syrup and directed it across her face, up her cheeks and onto her nose and mouth. She stuck her tongue out and wiggled it about. I poured chocolate sauce directly onto her tongue. She lapped it up like a thirsty dog would lap up water from a water dish. She could not get enough. I then sprayed some chocolate sauce onto her hair. Her hair, like usual was an afro type hairstyle. I delighted in pouring the chocolate sauce into her frizzy hair. The gooey chocolate covered her hair and caused it to collapse a bit. Her afro was totally overwhelmed the chocolaty mess.

Next I grabbed a bottle of squirty cream. “Oh yeah ,” she said,” Give it to me,” as she fingered herself in pleasure. I took the whipped cream and started to decorate Sasha’s exposed body with it. I shook it up and removed the cap. I began to spray the soft, sensual cream up and down the length of Sasha’s body. I went up and down the full length of her body with it, from her toes to her afro. She wiggled her toes as I covered her feet in whipped cream. I then poured more onto her breasts, covering each nipple. Her body heat caused the whipped cream to melt and fall. Any pattern fell as it got everywhere. The feeling of the soft mushy whipped cream on her body parts was incredible. I then sprayed some all over her face and onto her afro. I took my hand and rubbed it into her afro, causing her afro to smush in the messiness. I sprayed whipped cream in a mountain onto Sasha’s tummy. It stayed in place for an instant before falling apart and oozing down her body, leaving a trail, mostly on her crotch. Finally, I place the nozzle in between Sasha’s legs. I smiled to myself as I released the whipped cream. Much to her pleasure, I covered her vagina in a huge pile of whipped cream. The first bit covered her hand, which was still between her legs. She removed her hand and stuck it in her mouth. She licked the collected contents of chocolate syrup, whipped cream and pussy juice from her hand. I continued spraying her pussy with the whipped cream. Then I took my hand and smushed it down between her legs. I then rubbed the pile of chocolate and cream around on her pussy. She moaned and squealed in pleasure.

“Mmm, I have an idea,” Sasha said wickedly, wiggling her eyebrows and licking her lips. She sat up and unzipped my trousers. She took her hand and rubbed my penis, she then, carefully, popped it out of my trousers. It was already hard and throbbing, but the tender touch of Sasha’s already messy hands against it almost made it erupt instantly. Sasha then grabbed a can of the whipped cream and discharged a large amount of it up and down my erect penis. She then threw the tin aside and took another bottle of chocolate sauce, again she slowly discharged chocolate sauce up and down my erect member. She held my messy privates in her lovely hand. “Mmmm, I have been craving this for along time,” she smiled. She took both hands and pushed my messy penis into her mouth. I could feel the wet warmth of her mouth and she wrapped her lips around my throbbing penis. She licked the end with her tongue, tasting the creamy mess that she had placed all over it. She filled her mouth with all of it. She slurped and moaned as she hungrily licked and nibbled at the creamy mess and the erect penis that it contained. She laps up the chocolate and whipped cream, moving my penis in and out of her mouth. She greedily licked and sucked on it. She could not seem to get enough of the taste of what she was tasting. She later confessed that she had imagined it many times in private moments. I could feel the suction of her lips engulfing my private parts. My penis grew ever larger, filling her mouth as she licked and sucked. She closed her eyes as she could feel that it was ready to explode. I closed my eyes as it erupted in orgasm. It exploded over Sasha’s face and mouth. She hungrily licked as my thick white cum covered her teeth and dripping on her tongue. It rolled down her chin. It also sprayed onto her already messy face. It dripped from her nose. She licked her lips, loving the taste. She then lay back down on the ground, grinning from ear to ear.

I know grabbed a tasty chocolate cream pie. I brought it over and held it over her face. She closed her eyes and I plopped the pie straight onto her face. I left it there for a second and let it roll down her face. I then removed the tin. Her face was piled with cream, graham cracker crust and chocolate pie filling. Her afro was matted with bits of crust and pie filling. She licked her lips again. The final thing that I grabbed was a can full of spaghetti hoops. I grabbed the can and showed it to Sasha. “Spaghetti hoops, um, please no,” she joked, pointing at herself. In that instant, I took the can and tossed them in her face. She shook her head from side to side as the spaghetti hoops trickled down her messy afro and down the front of her face. I then gently poured the rest over her head. Her frizzy hair was now contrasted with hundreds of O shaped spaghetti pieces in sauce. It poured down her nose and cheeks and then down her front. I then tossed the can aside. She walked towards me and wrapped her arms around me. She then stuck her tongue down my throat and we shared a messy kiss.

It was time to go home, but first we had to clean up a bit. Luckily, there was a garden hose near by that had water running from it. Sasha agreed to stand still while I sprayed her messy body down with the hose. I helped her scrub herself down with my hands. The mess that covered her just fell away from her body with little effort at all. The water and mess slid down her body and legs. She cleaned the mess from her hair with her hands. She was left cold, but clean and glistening in the water. We left the mess where it was and made no attempt to clean it. It would have been interesting to see what the groundskeeper thought when he discovered it the next day. We then went home together to have some more fun back at my place. “You know I lost on purpose, right,” Sasha said sarcastically. “Oh of course,” I joked. We then kissed again as we made our way back home.

Saturday, 29 October 2011

Stwnsh Sadwrn Today

Hi Everyone,
Another great episode of Stwnsh today. Below are some pictures. I will post the full set at some point later on. Lois was dressed as a cat for Halloween. It was a pretty good clip overall I thought.

Stwnsh Sadwrn October 22nd 2011

below is the link to the post of last week's Stwnsh Sadwrn pics. I have teh pics ready for this week's as well. I will do a preview post soon. The link is below.

Sunday, 23 October 2011


This one is by request. It is a combination of the only way is essex and get your won back. I hope everyone likes it. Enjoy.


On this day , there was a very special episode of Get your Own Back. This episode was an Only Way is Essex Special, starring two of the young ladies who star on that particular show. The two contestants who were up for the gunging were Maria Fowler and Lauren Pope. The two were close friends. Neither wanted to end up covered in gunge and both were dying to dunk there best mate into the gunge, so the competition was going to be pretty intense. All of their Essex mates were watching the show and routing for one of them to be gunged. They both knew that whoever lost was going to have their pictures and the video clip of the show all over Essex and all over the internet. Both ladies were definitely into the way they looked and spent hours getting ready every morning. Both tended to spend loads on fake nails, fakes tans, grooming and all sorts of unnecessary things like this. They were both vein to say the least, so they both did not want to be the one who would be getting dunked. The only thing that caused them to agree to appear on the show was the chance to gunge their best friend on national television. By the time the show was set to be taped, the word had gotten around. Everyone was going to be tuning in to see what was about to go down.

The big day finally arrived. Maria and Lauren found themselves sitting on opposite sides of each other, suspended over a gigantic vat of gunk. Lauren wore a yellow Get Your Own Back t shirt and Maria wore a blue one. They both wore shorts. There sexy legs were bent before them. Their bare feet and toes dangling just above the surface of the gunge pool. The segment began and the two contestants were asked to introduce themselves. “Hi, I am Lauren, from the Only Way is Essex and I am here because I want to gunge my best mate Maria. She really deserves it. She has big mouth and talks too much,” Lauren said. It was then Maria’s turn. “Hi, I am Maria Fowler from the Only Way Is Essex and I am here because I would like to see my mate Lauren get the gunge. She is too flirty with the boys and really deserves this.”

“Ok then ladies,” the host said,” You both know how the games is going to work today. We will be asking questions. You both have the chance to buzz in. If you get the answer correct, your opponent will be cranked up one level, but be careful. If you get the question incorrect, you will be getting cranked up one level. The first person to the top will be the person going into the gunk dunk. The other will be our winner and will be getting their own back, by dunking their best mate on national television. The stakes are high. Also, I understand that they arranged a special screening party back in Essex, so everyone back home is watching this as we speak. So, you do not want to be our loser.” The girls both nodded. They pointed at each other saying that the other would be the loser today.

“Ok then, time to begin,” the host announced. The questions were very hard going. They were not hard questions, but the two girls could not seem to an answer right between them. The first question was asked was who was the first president of the United States. Maria buzzed in and guessed George Bush. She was buzzed wrong. Lauren laughed at her. “Maria you are wrong so that means you get pumped up one level. Crank her up,” he shouted. Maria whinced as she was moved up one level. She wiggled her feet and toes above the gunge pool as she was pushed up. She laughed. Lauren pointed and laughed at her. The second question was what is 5 times 5 times five. This time Lauren buzzed in and said 15. “Unfortunately, that is incorrect,” the host said. Lauren gave a disappointed look. “Damn,” she said. “So you got it wrong, so that means it is time to crank her up.” Lauren looked downward with a petrified look as she was pumped up another level, even with Maria now. The third question was to name a number one song by Rihanna. Maria buzzed in and guessed S and M. “Well, although that was a Rihanna song, it never made it to number one. So we all know what that means. CRANK HER UP!” the crowd joined in. Maria stuck her tongue out and looked in all directions as she was pumped up another level.

The next question was how many championships did Hulk Hogan win in the WWE. Maria buzzed in again. Ten, she guessed. “Maria, that is wrong again. Maybe you shouldn’t keep on buzzing in,” the host joked. “Anyway, you know what that means. It’s time to crank her up again.” Lauren looked at her and stuck her tongue out. “Na,na,na,na,na,” she teased. Maria pointed at her. “You, shut up. It’s not over yet,” Maria said. She was now beginning to worry. The fourth question was to name a major ingredient in an enchilada. This time Lauren buzzed in and guessed eggs. “Lauren, eggs are not an ingredient. So you know what that means.” “Yeah I know,” she replied. Maria but her thumb to her nose and mocked Lauren as she was pumped up. Lauren stretched her legs and dangled her toes over the abyss below her, swinging her legs back and forth. The next question was what is the capital of the USA. Maria buzzed in and guessed New York. “Well, Maria, if that were several hundred years ago, for a brief period of tiem you would have been correct, Unfortunately, this is 2011 and the answer is Washington DC.” “Even I knew that,” Lauren chimed in. Maria shook her fist at her. She screamed as she was pumped up even higher. She looked down below her. “Did I mention I am afraid of heights,” she said. Everyone knew that there was one more level to go for Maria. There was no room for error.

The next question was then asked. The tension began to fill the air. The question was, what is the capital of Finland. This time Lauren buzzed in. Everyone expected her to get it wrong. No one was more shocked than Maria when she guessed Helsinki. The host looked around, looking very surprised. “That is absolutely correct.” Lauren erupted in excitement and laughter. “I can’t believe it!,” she said,” This is so great. Yes, yes, yes,” she pumped her fist and did a little dance in her seat, moving her arms about singing, ”ooh, ooh.” When Maria heard the word correct, her face went from a confident grin to a picture of shock. Her eyes went as wide as saucers and her mouth fell wide open. She put her hands, fake finger nail and all to her face. She blushed bright red with embarrassment. “So, it is time to crank her up one more time to the top level,” the host said. Maria squealed as the lever was pulled and she was pumped up all the way to the top. The buzzer and lights went off, indicating that Maria was at the very top. “Well, we all know what that sound means and what it means for Maria in particular. Maria is going to be the one to get it. So, Lauren congratulations for that. You won fair and square.” “Well, thank you. I am so happy. Getting to send her in is going to be fantastic. I am going to love it so much. Maria is going to be the star of our show. Sorry, babe. So glad it is you and not me. Have a nice trip.” Maria fumed with anger. She shook her fist at Lauren. “Well, Maria. You lost fair and square anything to say for yourself?,” the host asked. “I will get her back for this. I can promise you that. She is going to get it when we get home for doing this to me.”

“So, everyone back in Essex, this is the point you will want to set your video recorders for. Press record now, because Maria is about to go for a ride into the gunk dunk,” the host said. Maria gave a pained look, shutting her eyes tightly as she awaited her fait. “ She looked down and made a sacred face as she nervously swung her legs and wiggled her toes in the air above the messy pool of multicolour gunge below. “So Lauren, when you are ready, pull that lever and get your own back at Maria. Lauren put her hand on the lever. She looked over at Maria. She shook her head, smiled and waived, bye bye to her friend. She pulled the lever and a buzzer sounded. Maria shut her eyes and scrunched up her nose as she was abruptly sent down the ramp at a very quick speed. Before she knew it, she hit the end of the ramp and the chair gave way, sending her face first into the pool of multicoloured gunged. She fell into it completely. She was totally submerged beneath the surface. Lauren pointed and laughed. In a minute, Maria glop covered head emerged from the pool of gunge with a flourish. She swung her head around, sending gunge flying through the air. She took both hands and cleared her eyes. She looked like she had taken a bath in yellow, pink and orange gunge. It dripped from her nose and chin. Her hair was soaking wet as if she had been in a gunge shower. As she looked up, blue gunge poured over her head from above. Lauren was doubled over in laughter pointing at her friend. Maria glared over at her. She looked angry. She took her hands and smashed them against the gunge. She then tried to throw some gunge at Lauren, to little avail. She blew kisses to Lauren.

“Any final words, Maria,” the host asked. “This is so embarrassing. Can we burn the tape please,” She joked. Maria sat up to her armpits in the pool of gunge as the show went off the air. Lauren danced and partied to the theme song, celebrating her victory and the gunging of her mate Maria.

Jessica Alba strapped in

Jessica Alba strapped in

Jessica Alba is one of the most attractive women in the world. She is a huge Hollywood star and is famous the world over. She also has an incredible tanned, toned muscular body. Every inch of her oozes sexiness. That is why many people were so pleased that she had agreed to appear on Let Her Have It. Everyone knew that they could expect mountains of mess to be plastered all over Jessica’s near perfect body.

Mr. G. came out on stage and announced her. She was, actually, not that familiar with the show, but was briefed by her agent what she could expect. A lot of people were shocked that she agreed to take part in something that could be potentially so embarrassing. For whatever reason, she did agree to take part. She walked out on stage wearing a pair of denim hot pants and a light blue button down shirt. She looked amazing. She came out on stage smiling. She shook Mr. G.’s hand. “Jessica Alba, thanks for being on the show. Do you have any idea what we have in store for you today?,” he asked. “Sort of,” she said biting her lip and waiving her hand. She then giggled. “Well, I will just cut to the chase. Each week we welcome of celebrity to the show and each week a celebrity leaves the show covered in mess.” The audience applauded. “Ok,” Jessica said,” I am at your command,” she said.

“Today, Jessica, we are debuting a new messy device. It has never been used on anyone before, so you will be the first.” “I’m honoured,” she joked. “Let’s bring it out,” Mr. G. said. The device was a sort of long board shaped object with straps on it. It was mechanized at the back. Mr. G. showed everyone how it worked. “A person will lie down on here. Their ankles and wrists will be strapped in. Then, as you can see the board can move into almost any position.” Mr. G. demonstrated that the device could move sideways in either direction. It could lift and cause the person to face the ground at an angle. It could also be moved flat so the person’s body on it would be completely horizontal, as if they were laying down on there back. He demonstrated how the device could be moved and adjusted. It was almost like an adjustable bed, in theory. “So, Jessica here will be strapped in. She will then be 100 percent helpless to the deluge that will come at her. Her body will be moved in all sorts of directions.” Jessica just gave a polite smile.

“I think I had better remove some of these clothes first, don’t ya think?,” Jessica said, “I wouldn’t want my clothes to get messy.” “Well if you have to, you have to,” Mr. G. joked. Jessica began to slowly unbutton the buttons on her shirt. She went to work undoing each of them in succession. When she was done, she pulled her arms from the shirt and pushed it aside. Revealing a sleek black bra and her amazing abs. She then undid her shorts. She slowly dropped them down her sexy legs to her ankles. She then stepped out of them. Jessica now stood wearing only a very small, tight set of black bra and panties. Her incredible body shown off for the whole world to see. Her sexy abs, beautiful legs and sexy golden brown skin on display. She just smiled and laughed. She did not seem to realize that she possessed one of the sexiest bodies on the face of the earth. To her it was no different then walking around in a bikini on the beach. She was not self conscious in the least. She put her arms in the air, wiggled her hips and shouted,” Wooo!”

Mr. G. now welcomed Jessica to climb aboard the latest messy device. She followed him as he requested. He showed Jessica where to get onto the device. She climbed up and laid down on her back on the board. She lay still and looked up at the ceiling. Mr. G. carefully strapped the half naked celebrity’s wrists and ankles to the board. He made sure that she was secured. She complied with what he asked her and was now helpless. He stepped away and pushed the device forward, moving Jessica face to face with the audience. He showed the audience how Jessica could be moved in all directions and angles. Jessica cringed. “Are you comfortable in there Miss Alba?,” he asked. “I am not sure how to answer that,” she replied. “So, we have Jessica Alba, one of the most attractive women in the world, with one of the sexiest bodies in the world all strapped into our device. We can not let that go to waste, so, in a moment we will bring on the mess. We are very fortunate. Are you ready Jessica?,” he asked. “Well, I don’t know,” she joked. “ Yeah, I am fine. I am ready for anything. Let me have it,” she said with a smile. Mr. G. adjusted the device and put Jessica into place.

Mr. G. then grabbed the microphone. “I think today we are going to let some members of our audience have a go. Is there anyone out there who would like the chance to mess Jessica Alba?” Immediately, most of the audience’s hands shot up. “Well, it looks like there are no shortage of volunteers. Let’s see. How about you two?,” he said, approaching two young women. “What are you names?,” he asked. “Gemma and Sally. We’re from Croydon,” they responded. “Do you really want to do this?,” he asked. “Oh yes, we really do,” they replied. “May I ask why?” “Well, Jessica is a top Hollywood star. The stars on tv and movies make us regular girls feel self conscious about our looks. I mean look at her, she is gorgeous and so well put together. We would like to teach her a lesson.” “Fair enough,” he said. He invited them to come down. They were each given bottles of ketchup and mustard. They took one in each hand. They were instructed to stand on a mark, about five feet from Jessica. Jessica closed her eyes and squirmed as the two ladies took aim at her near perfect body with the condiments. “Ok guys, on the count of three, let her have it,” Mr. G. said. The whole audience counted down. Jessica bit her lip and closed one eye as she was counted down. 3...2..1 everyone said. The two women aimed their ketchup and mustard at Jessica and started to squeeze their bottles. In a moment Jessica was greeted with a face full of ketchup. She screamed as her face was covered in it. More ketchup was sprayed and splattered across her chest and down her stomach. It criss crossed across her abs in an irregular pattern and sprayed on her panties and down her thighs. The red condiment rolled down her glistening brown body. Mustard was sprayed onto her as well, back and forth over her body. Mr. G. then moved the device around in various directions as ketchup and mustard hit Jessica in all direction. This created a kind of tie dye effect with the red and yellow of the ketchup and mustard. Jessica emitted a high pitched moan as she was sprayed with the sauces. She was completely strapped in an helpless as these two strangers sprayed her body with ketchup and mustard. Her bra and panties were already stained.

Next the ladies were given bottles of mayonnaise and burger sauce. Jessica laughed and begged them not to do this to her. This time the two ladies came up closer to the prone superstar. They each took their bottles and placed them on one of Jessica’s ankles each. She could feel the plastic top against her leg. They each started to spray the orange and white sauces up Jessica’s calves and then up her thighs. Each was covering one side of her body. The orange and white mess slowly was poured over her legs and then up her stomach and breasts. The poured some down onto her shoulders. It covered her shoulders and fell down her body. Bits collapsed down her chest and fell from her body. They, finally, in unison, poured the rest of the mayo and burger sauce onto the top of Jessica’s head. She closed her eyes and squirmed as the pushed the top of the bottle onto her head and then into her face. Finally they came close to the helpless celebrity, pushing their bottles in her face. They carefully sprayed mayo across her mouth and onto her nose in a pattern. Burger sauce was poured onto her neck and forehead. She squealed. Her whole body tensed up. She tried to avoid the mess, but her body movement was very limited, as she was strapped into place. “You deserve this,” one of the women whispered into her ear, delighting in the complete control they had over the shackled celebrity.

Mr. G. thanked the two women and then selected two male friends from the audience. “We are Ben and Ted from Slough. We are dying to have our way with Miss Alba,” they joked. They were welcomed to the stage. Mr. G. then adjusted the device so Jessica was now on her back, staring up at the ceiling. The two men now joined Mr. G. standing over her. She could do nothing but lie there and await whatever they had planned for her next. She was already filthy. She was dripping with slop. The mess was now pouring from her sweaty body. Two plastic buckets were now produced and handed to the two young men. The two young men could not believe their good fortune. Not too many people in world had access to an underwear clad celebrity spread eagle and totally helpless.

The buckets contained baked beans and spaghetti. Each of the men grabbed one of the buckets. “Please be gentle,” Jessica asked. Her whole half naked body lay stretched out before them. They could pour as they pleased. They started by slowly pouring the baked beans onto Jessica’s bare abs. She squirmed and shook her body about as she felt the rancid cold beans touch her tender, partially clothed flesh. She closed her eyes as these strange men poured baked beans up and down her body. She could feel them on her stomach and breasts and all over her panties and then down her legs. She could feel the beans collecting below her body as well. She could feel then against her ass. One of the men took his hand and rubbed the beans all over her bare stomach and legs. She moaned as he laughed, rubbing the mess on her skin.

The next bucket contained the spaghetti. It smelled totally gross. “We know, you love spaghetti Jessica,” Mr. G. said. One of the men took the bucket and slowly emptied it down onto Jessica’s face. Because of the position she was in, the spaghetti stayed where it was, piled onto top of her face. She almost gagged because of the smell. They then poured more spaghetti straight onto Jessica’s stomach. The long, gross noodles in spaghetti sauce piled on top of Jessica’s body. From her crotch to her shoulders, she was piled with spaghetti. The two men celebrated and went back to their seats. Jessica was left as she was for a few minutes, as her body twitched and jittered. She was unable to move. Mr. G. finally walked over and adjusted the device, putting Jessica upright again. As he did this, the spaghetti and beans were taken by gravity and slowly made there way down Jessica’s body and down to the floor. A good deal of it stayed in place, on her body though. Strands of spaghetti dripped off of her face and hair.

Finally, Mr. G. went to the audience and selected six individuals. These included and old lady, an old man, a youngish girl, a middle aged woman, a man with glasses and a larger woman. Each was handed a pie. They were all lined up in a row across from Jessica. Jessica grimaced because she knew what was about to hit her without having to be told. The group held there pies. They pointed and laughed at Jessica as they got ready to let her have it. Mr. G. spurred the crowd to count down. “3...2.…1” With that, everyone began to throw there pies at the prone Miss Alba. The first hit her on the thigh, the second in the chest. The third pie hit her on the right side of her face. The fourth smashed against her hip. The fifth hit her breasts and the last smashed into the other side of her face. Some of the pie tins stuck in place on her body, others fell away. As the sixth one hit, it knocked some of the others lose. After the barrage of pies, Jessica was left, still strapped in, smeared with creamy pie over 90 percent of her body. The crowd cheered and laughed. Try as she may, Jessica was unable to dislodge the pie from her face. The audience members were thanked and then returned to their seats.

Mr. G. walked up to Jessica and peeled the pie from her face, tossing the tin away. She laughed and licked her lips. Mr. G. lowered the device so that Jessica was on her back again. He unstrapped her arms and legs from the board. Jessica shook her body and slowly sat up. She cleared her eyes first and then got to her feet. She stood in front of the audience. She was covered in mess. She stretched her legs and tried to wipe some of the extra mess off of her body. “Oh my,” she uttered. She raised her hand as the crowd applauded her. “So Jessica. We hope you enjoyed that as much as the rest of us did,” Mr. G. said. “I don’t know what to say about how I feel. They certainly did not hold anything back on me. This is so embarrassing. I never thought that I would have to spend an afternoon picking spaghetti from my underwear, let’s put it that way. Actually, I was slimed once in a film so it really was not that bad for me. I think spaghetti and baked beans are good for your skin, I read that somewhere I think,” she joked. “As long as I can have a nice long , hot shower, I should be fine.” “Well, Jessica was a really good sport. We would like to thank her and thank you at home for watching,” Mr. G. said.

Saturday, 22 October 2011

Stwnsh Sadwrn Today

Hi Everyone,

Attached are some preview stills from a good scene that happened today on Stwnsh Sadwrn. The two girls were foamed, watered and pied. It was quite good to see Lois finally get it. I hope people like the stills.I will try to post all of them shortly.

Best reagrds, JRG

Keira Knightley vs. Natalie Portman results

Keira Knightley vs. Natalie Portman results

Keira Knightley and Natalie Portman are two pretty big Hollywood stars. It was a surprise that they agreed to appear on Let Her Have It. They also allowed themselves to be put up for the vote. Part of the reason that this happened was that both women were not that familiar with the show. Natalie hadn’t even heard of the show before. The two were serious actresses and were oblivious to a lot of what was going on outside their own little worlds. When they did find out what the show was all about, it was too late to back out. They both just hoped that the events of the show would not get back to Hollywood. Both had worked long and hard to earn reputations as serious actresses, getting trashed with gunge and food would not do much to enhance their reputations in the thespian world.

Keira and Natalie, for some reason, dressed up for the show. Keira wore a strapless grey dress and Natalie wore a brown dress. Keira’s hair was back. Natalie wore hers down. The two got to talking before the show. “Keira, they put us up for a vote, one of us is going to get slimed,” Natalie whispered. “Yeah I know, we’re British though. We love a bit of gunge. I don’t think you have anything to worry about, actually. I think that it will definitely be getting it this evening,” “No offence, but I hope you are right,” Natalie said. “Gee, thanks,” Keira kidded and laughed.

Mr. G. opened the show in the usual manner and welcomed the two actresses onto the show. They each entered from opposite sides and took seats on sofas each side of the set. Mr. G. sat on one in the centre. It was set up like a talk show set, like on Jonathan Ross’s show. They all sat down and had a chat. “So, welcome to the show,” Mr. G. said. “Thanks for having us,” Keira said. “So, we all know what the show is about,” Mr. g. asked. “We do now,” Natalie blurted out. “I had no idea,” she said. “So you two now know what is on the line here?,” Mr. G. asked. “Oooooh yeah!,” Keira exclaimed. “A whole lot of mess and gunge and all that good stuff,” Keira said. The crowd cheered. “Yes that is right, for one of you ladies. People have been voting for who they want to see getting messy between you two. Any thoughts?” “Well, what can I say,” Keira said,” I just have a funny feeling it’s going to end up being me. I don’t know why.” “I hope she is right. I really do not want to be the unlucky one,” Natalie said. “This would be all my agent’s fault if things go wrong,” she joked. “Well, it is going to become an all too real reality for one of you two in only a few short minutes. Who will be the unlucky one? We will all find out together, after the break,” Mr. G. said.

When the show returned from break, everyone was sat where they were before. Everyone applauded, including Keira. “So, does everyone want to know who got the most votes and who will be safe?,” Mr. G. asked. The crowd cheered yes. Keira and Natalie sheepishly pleaded no. “Can we stall for time,” Keira asked. “Um, that would be a no,” Mr. G. said. “Damn,” she said and laughed. “Well, the audience want the results and I am sure our viewers do and beside, we only have so much time, so I am afraid it is results time ladies. Here we go.” The lights were dropped and there was near silence in the studio. Keira put her hands together and scrunched up her face, almost begging audibly for it not to be her. Natalie closed her eyes and stared at her feet. “Ok everyone,” Mr. G. said,” Our results. Our winner with…63 percent of our votes is…” He paused for effect and to build tension. Keira as sweating almost hyperventilating. She closed her eyes tightly. “ The woman who will face the mess this evening is…Keira Knightley.” The crowd cheered its approval. Natalie just breathed a sigh of relief. Keira blushed and laughed with embarrassment. Her nose scrunched up and her mouth open. She screamed “Noooo!” She was turning bright red. “So, Keira,” Mr. G. said calmly. “How are we feeling.” Keira nodded and licked her lips. “I’m disappointed, only 63 percent. Come on guys, I thought I would get more than that. You guys are slackers. No, seriously, this is going to be so embarrassing. I can only imagine what you must have planned for me. Ii don’t suppose there is anything I can say or do to get out of this.” “No, begging won’t work.” “I’m down on my knees. Please, please, please,” Keira said. “I don’t suppose we could make a deal. I can make it worth your while,” she kidded. “Sorry, Keira, but I, like everyone else here, want to see you get messy.” “Well, I guess I can’t let everyone down. Fine then I will take whatever you can dish out. It’s fine really I am ok with it now.” She pointed at Natalie. “I told you that you had nothing to worry about,” Keira said with a laugh, stroking her legs. “This is going to be an embarrassing evening for miss Keira Knightley. Join us after the break to witness this. You are not going to want to miss this. Trust me,” Mr. G. said. The break started while everything was set up for Keira.

The show returned from break to find everyone still sat where they were before. “Before the break, we learned that the person with the most votes and the one who will be receiving the mess will be none other than the lovely Keira Knightley,” Mr. G. explained. The crowd cheered and Keira bowed and laughed. “So, I think we are all ready. Are you ready Keira?,” he asked. She made a funny face and shook her head, no. She waived her hands comically. “Oh, ok,” she said. “I’m as ready as I will ever be, I suppose,” she replied. Mr. G. stood up and extended his hands to Keira. She took his hands, but instead of letting herself be pulled up, she stood firm, almost pulling him down with her. She laughed, but eventually gave in. She stood up and followed him. “Natalie, you can come too. You can help us administer the punishment on Keira,” he said. Natalie Portman stood up and followed the two over to the other side of the stage.

“Ok everyone, we have a brand new device today all set up. Keira will have the honour of being the first one to have been in it,” Mr. G. said. “Oh, I am so honoured,” Keira joked. Mr. G. revealed the device and then began to explain how it worked. “Keira will be seated in this lovely chair here. It is slightly elevated as you can see and is a very special adjustable seat. The seat adjustment is controlled by this device over here. When used it will moved the seat. Just in front of the seat is this rather large vat which contains a disgusting multicoloured gunge and probably some other various items, floating around in it. When adjusted, the seat will slowly inch the person sitting on it closer and closer to the vat, eventually dropping them into it. If that was not enough you will notice that there is another lever as well. This lever controls a vat that is stationed high in the air. When the right lever is pulled the vat will come forward and tip. There are also several other buttons and levers here that will set off some other surprises,” Mr. G explained. The whole thing looked like a gigantic complex machine or something out of a mad scientist’s laboratory. Keira just looked at it pensively. “All this high tech technology. Couldn’t she just pour a bucket of gunge over my head and be done with it?,” Keira giggled. Mr. G. took her hand and helped her into place. She took her seat, slightly elevated. It was a bit of a strange feeling because the machine was going to be messing her. She pulled a fake frightened face as she looked down at the vat just below her.

Mr. G. joined Natalie. He explained to her what buttons and levers to use at what time. Natalie got herself ready. Keira waived to everyone and laughed. “Ok everyone, here we go,” Mr. G. said. Lights and buzzers suddenly went off. There was lots of fake noises that made it sound like the machine was doing all sorts of things. Parts in the background started turning and moving and spinning. Keira tried to hold onto the seat. She screwed up her face as she awaited what was going to happen. “Ok Natalie, pump her up,” Mr. G. said. Natalie started pushing one of the levers. As she pushed it, the chair that Keira sat in clicked as it moved forward. Keira squealed and tightened her muscles as she felt it pump forward. Natalie pushed the lever again, moving Keira closer to the vat of gunge. Natalie pumped it again. The chair was turning at an angle. It was clear the soon it would be horizontal and Keira would be pushed forward straight into the gunge. Natalie pushed again. The angle of the chair was now very severe. The tension rose. Keira could barely hang on. Every muscle in her body was tense. Her butt cheeks were clenched trying to cling on to the seat as best she could. She was quite literally on the edge of her seat. Her face was a picture. She clutched the arms of the chair, barely hanging on. She knew that at any moment she would lose grip and be sent forward into the vat. The crowd’s anticipation grew. Natalie cranked down firmly on the lever. Keira was pushed with a slight jolt off the chair forward into the vat of gunge. She disappeared into it. She fell face first into the face. After a second, her head pushed it’s way out of the vat. It was dripping in brown gunge completely. She wiped her face with her hand and spit out a mouthful of the gunge. She laughed at herself. Her face was bathed in brown slop. She sat on her bottom in the vat . The gunge covered her about up to her breasts. Her dress was all but knocked off. There was very little holding it on in the first place. She now swam in a vat of gunge.

Mr. G. instructed Natalie to start pulling the next lever. As she did, another vat that was in the air, that looked like part of a dump truck began to crack itself forward. It made a loud construction type sound and as it moved forward and then started tipping. Natalie continued to crank it, now laughing and beginning to really enjoy what she was doing to her fellow actress. She gave the lever one last push. When she did it finally tipped. The contents of the vat rolled out and fell directly into the vat that Keira sat in. Piles of household waste fell from the air and rained over Keira. She shut her eyes as giant amounts of the mess fell onto her. It filled the vat even more. It was explained that the machine was all perfectly tuned to perfectly cover the person who was subjected to it. Keira laughed but took her hands and cleared some of the mess from her face and tried to throw it in Natalie’s direction, but missed terribly.

Natalie was now allowed to push some of the other buttons. She pushed one and a pie was sent from a mechanical arm straight into Keira’s face. The arm was spring loaded and hurled the pie at her. Natalie laughed and quickly pushed the other buttons. Keira barely had time to react, as Natalie pushed the buttons one after another. Each time she pushed one, another pie was hurled through the air from a mechanical arm straight at Keira. Not all of them hit her head on, but she bombarded with a barrage of pies in quick succession.

Keira had barely recovered from this when Natalie was shown another group of buttons. Natalie pushed the first one. This time a plate of gunge was sent from a catapult through the air and landed on Keira’s head with some velocity. Natalie pushed three more and the same thing happened from other catapults. Keira could only sit there as the plates collided with her, sending gunge everywhere. She could barely see what was happening now.

Next Natalie was shown a sort of wheel to turn. Natalie turned it. As she did, four hoses emerged from behind Keira. As Natalie turned the wheel again, the hoses sprayed foamy cream all over Keira, covering her in foamy glop. It poured onto her head and down her back. The hoses also spun around, criss crossing Keira in creamy mess.

Natalie then pushed down on a plunger. With that, confetti and feathers rained down from another vat in the top of the machine. It fell onto Keira sticking everywhere. Celebratory music played and lights flashed as it rained down over her and the vat. Finally everything stopped. Keira took her hand and cleared her eyes. Mr. G. walked over to her with the microphone. She was out of breath and covered from head to toe in the mess that had come at her. “Well,” Keira said with a pause,” That was interesting,” she laughed. “I don’t know if I enjoyed that or not. It was kind of fun though. You certainly let me have it. Thanks to everyone who voted. I don’t know what to say.” Mr. G. shook Keira’s hand. She smiled and waived as she was applauded.