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Stwnsh Lois Pied

I have posted pics of the pieing of Lois on Stwnsh on Tellygunge's sight. The link is below, along with some preview pictures.


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Coronation Street Cheryl- Rover’s Revenge- Holly Quin-Ankrah

Coronation Street Cheryl- Rover’s Revenge- Holly Quin-Ankrah

Cheryl had treated Lloyd very badly. She had lived under his roof and brought in her ex husband to live with them, when she found out that he had cancer. She then slept with her ex husband and left Lloyd. Although, she was apologetic and felt bad for what she had done, she had behaved disgustingly. Lloyd was crushed. He was heartbroken. He had allowed her to have her ex husband live in a house with them that he owned. He had been sympathetic and kind, only to be treated this way. To top things off, Cheryl’s ex husband had been violent in the past. Also, the truth of his cancer diagnosis was not exactly crystal clear. A lot of the other residents on Coronation Street were appalled by what Cheryl had done. Lloyd’s friend Steve was more angry than most. He hated to see his friend like this. Her cruelty was disgusting.

Steve decided that he would plan a way for Lloyd to get some measure of payback on Cheryl. At the time, he owned the local pub. It was the place where nearly every resident on the street spent most evenings. He knew that Cheryl would be going away with her ex husband. She would be coming to the pub for a final drink before leaving. This would give Steve the opportunity to execute his plan. He was going to set up Cheryl in way where Lloyd would be able to get some revenge on her. This time it would be Cheryl who was going to be getting embarrassed and it would be in front of the entire community. She truly deserved what she was going get after what she had done to Lloyd. No one was going to feel sorry for her. Steve took a lot of time setting up what would be needed that day for the evening. He was going to make sure that Cheryl did not get away with how she had treated Lloyd. Steve did not inform Lloyd of what was happening. It was going to be a surprise.

Early in the evening before Lloyd or Cheryl came to the Rovers, Steve rang a bell and called for everyone’s attention. “Everyone, I need your help with a little something that I am putting together for later on. You are all aware of what Cheryl has done to Lloyd. I know you are all as disgusted as I am with her. Well, I have a little something planned for her later in the evening. If you would all like to cooperate. It is going to be a way to let Lloyd get his own back on Cheryl for what she has done. Basically, I have lots of nice stuff here for us to pour over Sheryl’s head. When she comes in, can someone please make sure the entrance is blocked and then someone can lock the door so there will be no escape for her,” Steve said,” I just hope that the boyfriend isn’t with her, that would make things a lot more tricky.” The regulars were only too happy to oblige. What Cheryl had done did not sit well with anyone in the community. Lloyd had rescued her from an abusive relationship, only to be treated like this. It was appalling. Early in the evening, Lloyd turned up. Everything was going according to plan.

Eventually, Cheryl came into the bar. She was alone, meaning that her boyfriend was not with her, which was a relief. She had just done a shift at Nick’s wine bar, so was all dressed in black, as she usually wore. Her frizzy hair was tied back. She walked in and up to the bar. She looked at Lloyd and tried to give a little friendly smile. Lloyd glared at her. In the meantime, Eileen blocked the exit and Michelle walked over to the door. She took her key and locked the door, closing off Cheryl’s only means of escape. Cheryl walked to the bar and said hi to Steve. Steve said hi back in a sarcastic voice. Cheryl furrowed her brow awkwardly. “Can I just have a beer please,” Cheryl said timidly, not wanting to get into an argument or to make a scene. “Oh sure you can have a beer,” Steve said sarcastically. He poured the beer from the tap, glaring at her. He held the beer out before him on the bar. Cheryl got out her money and tried to pay. “Actually Cheryl, I’ll tell you what, no need to pay, this one’s on me. Actually, more accurately, it’s on you.” Steve took the pint of beer, raised it in the air and dumped it straight over Cheryl’s head. Her mouth fell wide open in shock. The beer dripping from her hair and face. Her shock then turned to anger. A very angry expression appeared on Cheryl’s face. “I can’t believe that you just did that,” she said. “Oh believe it honey,” Steve said,” And it is only the beginning. We have set a little something up for you tonight. A little something to teach you lesson on how to treat people. You must admit that you deserve it,” he said. “This is ridiculous,” she said,” I’m getting out of here.” She stomped towards the door. As she did she walked straight into Eileen, standing in front of the door with her arms crossed. “Get out of my way,” Cheryl screamed, starting to reveal her true colours. “Sorry, darling, but you are not going anywhere,” Eileen said, “ We are not going to let you get away with what you have done that easy. The best thing is to calm down and take your punishment quietly. It will make it easier on yourself. I think you will find that escape is impossible.” Michelle walked out next to Eileen brandishing the key to the only door. “You are not going anyway,” she said.

Cheryl then began to beg and plead. “Please, please, what are you going to do to me?,” she begged. “Well,” Steve said,” We have something special planned for you today. We have a meal planned for you Cheryl. It is going to be delicious. It is going to be going all over you though. Maybe you will learn a lesson then,” he said. “No, please,” she begged. She was now down on her knees, almost in tears. “Please, I am so sorry Lloyd. I didn’t want to hurt you. I tried not to hurt you. Please forgive me. Don’t do this.” Lloyd approached Cheryl. The pathetic two timing woman down on her knees on the floor. He walked towards her. Steve slipped a coconut cream pie into his hand. He now stood in front of her. “Cheryl, I loved you. I gave you everything. I trusted you. You have destroyed me. This is for you,” he said. Cheryl’s eyes darted around, unaware of what was coming. “Let her have it mate,” Steve said. Cheryl’s back arched back as she was unprepared for the pie that was about to hit her. Lloyd smashed the pie into Cheryl’s unsuspecting brown freckly face at close range. He held it in place and then pulled it upwards. Cheryl screamed. Her face and hair a mass of the cream pie that was left. She pulled her neck back and held her pie covered hands out before her and screamed. “No!” Her screech filled the pub. “She is a nasty witch,” someone said. No one in the pub had the slightest inkling of sympathy for Cheryl. Everyone had liked her. She had seemed like a nice person. It was whispered that the only reason that she had done what she did was sexual.

“Please, Lloyd, I am so sorry,” she pleaded. Steve now handed Lloyd a dish of fettuccini alfredo. It contained the thickest, longest strands of spaghetti imaginable in the a thick, gloppy, white coloured sauce. Lloyd stared down at Cheryl and shook his head in a mixture of pain and disgust. He took the plate, held it just above Cheryl’s head and then turned it over. He dumped the fettuccini alfredo straight down onto Cheryl’s frizzy hair. In a second, her curly, frizzy black hair was intermingled with thick spaghetti. It twisted and curled. The spaghetti looking almost like a second layer of hair. The strands dangled down over her face. Her face was covered in the thick white sauce. Strands of spaghetti hung from her nose. Some slithered down her neck and down her shirt. She looked up at Lloyd frowning and pouting, trying to win some sympathy form him. He did still love her deeply, but she really did deserve this. What no one wanted to say is that she had behaved like a total slut, whether her ex husband had cancer or not, if she wanted to be with him, she should have left Lloyd first. She couldn’t have though, because he was providing a roof over her head.

Next Lloyd was handed a plate with chocolate fudge cake, chocolate sauce and ice cream on it. It was like a whole dessert on one huge plate. It looked delicious and was brimming with chocolaty ness. Lloyd took the plate. This time he smashed it into Cheryl’s chest. He rubbed it round and round, all over her shirt and breasts. Because of the force and the circular motion Lloyd was using in applying the cake, the buttons on her shirt began to pop open and some even came off. Cheryl’s shirt was now wide open, revealing her black bra. Lloyd continued to rub the cake round and round all over Cheryl’s chest. Her bra and breasts within were now coated in chocolate cake, fudge and chocolate syrup. The dark brown stickiness looked great on Cheryl’s slightly lighter brown skin. Some of the other women whistled at Cheryl. “She used to be a stripper, she should be used to it,” Eileen said. Cheryl blushed. She tried to push her shirt closed to herself better, but it proved very difficult.

Lloyd was now handed an oversized bowl. The bowl contained apple and rhubarb crumble complete with a large helping of warm custard. The crumble was sticky and gloppy. When Cheryl caught a glimpse of it she begged. “Oh god, please no, not crumble. Please don’t do this,” she begged. Lloyd found it painful to even look at Cheryl, but he was not going to be taken for a fool by her again. Instead he took the custard and crumble and dumped it down onto Cheryl’s head. Huge clumps of the sticky apples and crumbly bits stuck in enormous sized globs onto Cheryl’s frizzy black her. Lloyd took his hand and pressed it down on Cheryl’s head, ensuring that the her hair was encrusted in crumble. She was going to have spend a good long time in the shower washing her hair tonight. More crumble rolled down her neck and shoulders, pouring down her shapely bosoms. Custard flowed down her face and shoulders. It trickled down Cheryl’s nose and her upper lick. She stuck her tongue out. It could nearly touch the end of her nose. She licked some of the custard from her lip and nose. It actually tasted lovely, but she would never admit that to anyone.

Next, Steve had something very special planned. “Next,” Steve said,” We have taken the time to prepare one of Cheryl’s favourite meals.” Cheryl instantly recognised what it was as soon as she saw it. It was a dish made with rice, lentils, chicken and beans. She knew that this was something that they had prepared to mock her. ”Well Cheryl, you should be thanking us. We took all the time to prepare your favourite meal. We hope that you enjoy it. Be our guest. Bon Appetite,” he said. Cheryl bit her lip in anger and frustration. She looked up and closed her eyes. Lloyd happily took the meal held it above his former lover. He looked at her and then tipped it over. An avalanche of rice and beans and chicken rained down over Cheryl. The yellow rice poured down on her face and chest. Everyone laughing at her. Lloyd took great pleasure in pouring the meal that he used to make for Cheryl down all over her now. Her whole face was covered in rice and beans. It stuck to the mess that was already stuck all over her. Her chest and stomach were also covered. She was totally slathered in her favourite food. “What’s the matter Cheryl. We heard you loved that crap,” Eileen teased. Cheryl looked down at herself, very humbled.

Lloyd was now given a couple of bottles of beer. He shook them up and then popped the tops off. When the tops came off, the beer exploded in a gush. Lloyd aimed them at Cheryl’s body. He sprayed her with the beer, to the roars of everyone’s laughter. Lloyd was then handed the beer hose from behind the bar. He aimed the hose at Cheryl. She wiggled and shook, waiving her hands in front of her as she was sprayed down with the fizzy beer. He aimed it up and down her body first, spraying her chest and stomach down. He then sprayed the beer straight into her face. She closed her eyes and moved her head to try to avoid the spray of the beer. Lloyd just adjusted it. He sprayed her down, some of the mess falling away. Her brown skin shimmering. He sprayed her trousers and her legs with the beer as well, washing her down. Her clothes were now soaking wet. They stunk of beer and clung to her body. The pub was laughing uproariously as she was sprayed down with the beer.

Cheryl was now sat on her backside in a pool of messiness and wetness. “Ok, sling your hook now,” Steve said,” On your bike. Get out and stay out. We never want to see you in here again.” Michelle and Tina lifted Cheryl to her feet. They took her by the arms and led her out of the front door. “None of us ever want to see you again, Cheryl,” Lloyd said. They pushed Cheryl out the door and closed it behind her. “You are no longer welcome,” she was told.

She stood in front of the pub, soaked and covered in mess. She was then faced with walking home in that state. She walked home with her tail between her legs, to the snickers of everyone whom she past. When she arrived home, her partner was not there. She removed her ruined clothing at the front door. “At least it is black. It won’t stain as bad,” she thought to herself. She then went to the shower and cleaned herself. Most of the time was spent trying to get some of the stuff out of her hair. She never told her partner about what happened. They were leaving anyway. He would get angry and cause more problems. Plus it was very embarrassing.

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vidcaps, requests

Hi Everyone,

I was just wondering if there are any clips that people may like me to make vidcaps of. I have done nearly all of the Stwnsh ones now. I will probably do caps of some of the Russian shows, especially since some of teh clips have seemed to disappear from youtube. If there is any interest I will do what I can.

Thanks, JRG

Stwnsh ar y Ffordd blonde teacher

I have posted teh image gallery for this clip on Tellygunge. It is one of the last ones that I have for the last two series. I have one or two more, but they are not that great. I am not sure why there are so few caps for this one.Please see the below link:

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Cash and Trash Episode 207

As I was posting the last post, a new clip was posted. Enjoy.

New Cash and Trash

Here is some stills of the latest episodes of Cash and Trash. For the full clips see Tellygunge's blog. They are pretty good. I might do some stills of the other messy Russian gameshow that I posted clips of if people are interested in that.

Adele Queen of the Music Awards

Adele Queen of the Music Awards

Adele has had a very good couple of months. She has won nearly every award that anyone could possibly imagine and has sold millions of records all around the world. She is arguably the most popular singer in the world right now. She is also quite a positive role model for lots of reasons. She is not a small woman by any measure, but she is still very attractive. She was also very down to earth. She was still just like a normal person in her day to day life. When she was approached about being on a messy television show, she did not have any real problem with it. She was someone who could always laugh at herself. She did not take herself too seriously. She actually thought that the idea of someone going to all of the serious awards ceremonies and winning a load of awards and then getting gunged was quite hilarious. The producers of the show were surprised that she would agree to do something like this. They were very happy to have such a big star on their show as well. Adele had grown up in England and had always watched shows where people were gunged as she was growing up. She used to love to watch it and always wondered what it would be like. She was certainly going to be given the chance to find out on this day. She thought that the whole thing was really funny.

Adele wore a black top with sparkles on it and a pair of tight dark blue jeans. She wore her hair back but highly styled, as she usually did for awards ceremonies and shows like that. She did not know what to wear. What is appropriate attire to wear while being gunged? There were no airs and graces about Adele. She did not consider herself to be a star and certainly did not consider herself to be attractive in any way. She did not assume anything and always conducted herself like a normal person. She was a little bit nervous about the mess to come, but it was more of a giddy excitement. A mixture of excitement and embarrassment rushed through her body. She chewed gum as a way to overcome the nerves that she did have. Let Her Have It was the show that she was going to be appearing on. It was advertised as a sort of music awards season special. Adele, of course was going to be the guest of honour.

The set was made up to look like an awards stage. There was a podium and gigantic models of various awards. The set was all done up with golds and blues. When the show started, Mr. G. and Adele were announced. A voice came on the loud speaker, the way that it would at an awards show. The man’s voice filled the air. “Please welcome our presenters. Our esteemed host, he has done all sorts of messy things to lots of great people. He is the one and only everybody’s favourite, Mr. G.,” he said in a comical fashion. “ And joining him, one of the biggest recording artists in the world. With millions of records sold all over the world. Certainly the biggest artist of the year, the one and only, Adele.” Everyone clapped and cheered. Mr. G. and Adele came out together arm and arm through the centre of the stage. Mr. G. was dressed in a tuxedo with a top hat. They tried to look serious, but ended up laughing as they walked up to the podium together. The stayed in character for a minute, Mr. G. holding an envelope.

“I like what you have done to the place,” Adele said. “Why thank you. I am glad you like it. Most of it is for your benefit. Because you have won every award known to man on planet earth, we thought it only fitting. We thought it would make you feel more at home,” he said. “Well, I have to say, I feel more comfortable here than at most other awards shows. They are all so stuffy and formal,” she said. “Well, we have never been accused of that. At any rate, we are so pleased and privileged to have you here with us today. You look lovely as well,” he said. “Oh it is my pleasure,” she said,” And you are being to kind. I don’t look that good,” she said. “That is nonsense , you are a beautiful woman,” Mr. G. said. She blushed and shook her hand. “Well I am hardly a size zero am I?,” she said. “Well Adele, I for one think that you are beautiful both inside and outside,” he responded. “Anyway, I heard that you prejudge people sometimes as well. I saw an interview once where you said that you didn’t like us short guys,” Mr. G. said. Adele blushed and laughed. “I didn’t mean it, there is nothing wrong with short guys. Sometimes nice things come in small packages,” she laughed,” That did not come out right at all.” They both laughed. “Moving swiftly on,” she joked.

“So anyway, welcome to Let Her Have It, Adele, tonight is our music awards special and you are the guest of honour. In my hand, I hold this envelope. Inside the envelope lies the name of our winner for messy musician of the year,” he said. “It’s Jessie J isn’t it?,” Adele joked, knowing, of course that it would be her name in the envelope. “Well I think it should be. I think she deserves it. Imagine Jessie dripping with gunge. Wouldn’t that be great?,” she joked. “No it’s not Jessie J, funnily enough,” Mr. G. said. “Damn,” she laughed, “She deserves this more than me though,” Adele protested in a fake pleading voice. “Well, I can reveal that the winner of the award is.,” he opened the envelope and gave a dramatic pause, although everyone already knew what the card was going to say. “The winner is.. You… Adele,” he said. “Oh gosh, I am so shocked,” Adele said sarcastically. She laughed. He pulled out an award. It was gold, it looked like a Grammy but slightly altered. He held his hand out and walked to the side slightly. He advised her to make her acceptance speech. She giggled.

“I am so grateful to receive this prestigious award, you have no idea. Of all the awards I have received this one is definitely the dearest to my heart. It will hold pride of place in my home,” she gave the speech in a serious tone of voice. “It will be there for everyone to see. I can brag to everyone. Lots of people have won Grammys and Oscars. As far as I know I am the only one to win this award. This one means a lot. I have never been more proud in my life. This is my finest hour. This is awesome. I have never been so proud,” she pretended to get teary eyed and emotional. “You like me, you really like me,” she said sarcastically. Although she was being over the top and sarcastic, she actually did feel honoured to receive the award.

Adele continued to speak, as her speech was nearing its conclusion, she lifted the award in the air. As she lifted the award, green gunge exploded out of the top of the award. It exploded straight up Into the air and straight into Adele’s face and all over her hair. Adele laughed and screamed as the gunge flew straight into her face. “Oh god,” she screamed and gave out her huge distinctive laugh. She flapped her hands about, but her face and hair were already completely splattered in the green gunge. The flow of the gunge was like a geyser in her face. It didn’t last that long but it was relatively strong. It soon stopped, Adele placed her fingers along the sides of her hair, gunge dripping from the ends. She continued laughing. She held her stomach, it started to hurt she was laughing so hard. “This is hilarious,” she said, in a laughing, gunge muffled voice. “AAAGGH!,” she sputtered. When it was all over, she placed her hands on her hips and shook her head, laughing. “Can I say, that was not planned,” she added, speaking at the podium.

When Adele returned to the podium, quite unexpectedly, the podium began to shoot forth with pink gunge. Adele flapped her hands, almost swimming in the onslaught of gunge the flew at her from the podium. Then top of the podium jerked backwards, this sent a flow of foamy cream upwards and back, all over Adele. She wiggled and danced as the gunge and cream flew at her. She raised her hands to try and block some of the flow. She lifted her leg as her whole body was sprayed in the foamy cream. She screamed and squealed, laughing the whole time. The gunge and the foam came from both sides, the back and the top of the podium. It must have been fitted with hoses or jets. Adele was, essentially, being hosed down with creamy foam and gunge. She put one hand over her mouth in embarrassment. Her eyes widened. When the flow finally stopped, Adele had to put her arm on the podium to catch her breath for a minute. She was short of breath at this point. The cream and gunge poured down her face. She was covered in a combination of green, pink and white. She continued to laugh uproariously. She slapped her knee, her mouth wide open. “Isn’t this better than the Brit Awards?,” Mr. G. joked. “You have no idea,” Adele responded. She ran her hand over her forehead, clearing some of the mess away.

Adele had no idea what to expect next or where from. She thought that maybe that would be the end of it, but it was not. Just then, she heard a sort of creaking noise coming from above her. It was very faint and almost not even noticeable. Unfortunately for Adele, as she looked up in the air, a banana cream pie came falling from the sky. It fell from above and landed straight down into Adele’s face as she was looking upwards. It plummeted down at her. Before she could react in anyway at all, it hit her in the face. It landed with a splat on her face. When the creamy yellow and white pie hit her face, the impact caused it to explode, sending cream, pie filling and bits of banana in all directions. The distance that the pie had fallen and the angle caused it to completely cover Adele from the neck up in the pie. Bits of banana slices stuck to her face. Her face was now covered in a mask of white whipped cream and yellow banana pie filling. Her mouth just stayed wide open. She could barely move or speak because of the shock. She just took her index finger and stuck it in her mouth, tasting some of the decidedly yummy banana cream pie. Her breasts were now decorated in the pie filling as well. Adele’s clothes were wet and soggy by now with mess. The began to become restrictive, clinging to her ample, juicy frame. She was now plastered with pie as well. The sight of the award winning singer totally plastered with creamy pie was some to be seen. She licked her lips and stood transfixed on the spot.

She just stood there for a minute. Then she heard a creaking sound just like before only much louder now. She looked up in the air, almost shell shocked. As she looked up in the air, again she could barely react. This time a veritable rain storm of pies fell down, one after another. She cringed and shrugged her shoulders. She closed her eyes and screamed. With that, what must have been half a dozen pies fell down from the air. Each one fell down and landed on their targeted area of Adele’s ample body. Pies hit her breasts, her belly, her legs and her backside, sending pie filling everywhere, all over her body. One would hit her body and send her staggering and then another would hot her. She began laughing and screeching again as she was bombarded by the assault of the pies from above. When the onslaught ceased, Adele was pretty much covered in various types of pie from her head to her feet. There appeared to be coconut, chocolate, strawberry and even pumpkin in the mix. She staggered around, laughing, trying to push off some of the excess pie that covered her clothes and body. When she finally caught her breath, Adele muttered, “Well that was educational.” She clapped her hands and laughed.

She felt like surely this was it. What more could be done. “Adele,” Mr. G. said,” We have one last honour for you. We know that you are a lady of the people and would like to give our audience a treat.” “Oh of course, be my guest. I’m all yours,” she responded sarcastically. “So, we thought we would bring something special out. Bring it out boys,” Mr. G. said. With that, four stage hands wheeled out a pillory. “Oh my God,” Adele said. She laughed and pointed at it. “No way,” she said. “Well, Adele, what we were proposing to do was to put you into the stocks and let some of our lovely audience members pelt you with some food. What do you say?,” he said in a jovial voice. Adele shook her head waived her hands. The crowd cheered for her to accept. “Go on then,” she muttered sheepishly. This was about as embarrassing as It could get. Adele never in her wildest dreams ever expected to be put into a pillory, but it was about to happen to her. She was already plastered with pie. She took Mr. G.’s hand and walked over to the pillory. “Be gentle with me,” she said. He lifted the top of the stocks so Adele could get in. She bent over and placed her wrists and neck in the stocks. He asked if she was ready and she confirmed that she was. He lowered the top of the stocks down onto Adele. It was quite a tight fit, but he was able to pull the bar down and secure it around Adele’s neck. She was locked in very tightly. Her messy head and hands protruding from the front of the stocks. “I bet you love getting me in this position. And no staring at my bum,” she joked. She was bent over in the stocks. She smiled and moved the muscles in her face around, awaiting what was going to be coming at her next. Mr. G. then went up the audience to pick some volunteers. There was no shortage of people willing to do this. He selected about half a dozen or so people who were dying to mess up Adele. While he did that a cart full of rotten vegetables and leftover food was brought out and places about six feet across from the pillory. Mr. G. led the group from the audience down to the cart and got them into position.

“Ok,” he said,” It could not be more simple. We will count down from three. When we get to the end, everybody can grab what they want from the trays and can just let Adele have it.” The audience members celebrated. He then walked up to Adele and put the microphone down to her mouth. “How are you feeling Adele?,” he asked. “Well, I am a bit tied up at the moment. Please be gentle with me guys. “ She stuck her tongue out. “Ugh, please,” she winged,” Don’t you laugh either,” she said pointing to Mr. G. She then gave a huge sarcastic smile. “Oh my god, please don’t do this. I’ll be really, really good,” she joked. The cart was filled with rotten pumpkins, tomatoes, eggplants, baked beans, shepherd’s pie and even some bits of jellied eels, squid and octopus. The audience members looked down and chose what they wanted to begin with. They got ready to nail her. “Ok everyone, remember on the count of three, it is time to nail Adele.” “Noooo,” she screamed and squealed, kicking her feet.

“Ok everyone, here we go. Three… two… one…nail her,” Mr. G. said. When he said that Adele’s song Rolling In the Deep started playing and the mess began to fly. Adele closed her eyes and blushed as the mess flew threw the air. The people began to pelt her with the contents of the cart. She squealed as the food hit her in the face. Bits like tomatoes bounced off, but other bits stuck all over Adele and the pillory. Her head was the major target. An eggplant hit her on the head and stuck to the side of her face, busting open, covering her in the contents. Bits of squid of all things smacked her in the face. She was then hit by a barrage of the various foods. Beans hit her and rolled down her face. Shepherd’s pie was hurled at her. Large chunks sticking to her face and hair. She could not resist. She could only move her lips and try to blow some of the mess off of her face. She stuck out her tongue as jellied eels were thrown at her. The tentacles dangling from her face. Collected mess dripping down her chin onto the floor. Adele in this situation like some sort of bizarre medieval ritual. The people were almost fighting for items to throw. The onslaught seemed to go on for minutes.

When it was nearly over, someone took a whole hollowed out pumpkin and brought it over to Adele. “It matches my hair,” she joked. The person stuck their hand into the pumpkin and pulled out all of the insides including the seeds. They teased Adele with it. “MMM, looks yummy doesn’t it,” they teased in a sarcastic voice. They stuck their hand in and pulled out a huge handful of the disgusting innards of the pumpkin. It almost looked like someone had blown their nose. They pulled their hand out and then thrust the contents into Adele’s face. She squealed as the person’s hand pushed the messy pumpkin insides into her face. They twisted it in Adele’s face, messing up her styled hair. They then pulled their hand away, the bulk of the messiness stuck to Adele’s face. The person cheered as the walked away. Adele’s face was now a mixture of slimy gook, pumpkin seeds and pumpkin flesh all over Adele’s overly exaggerated frowny face. She pretended like she was going to cry, pouting in an exaggerated way. The camera zoomed in up close. Adele gave an exaggerated pained look and smile into the camera. It was quite a site seeing the queen of awards season locked in a pillory dripping with mess.

“Well, well, well, how was that?,” Mr. G. asked, holding the microphone to Adele’s messy mouth. “It was fantastic,” Adele said sarcastically,” I will never forget it, let’s put it that way. Can you let me out of here now please. I am not in the best of shape and my neck and back are beginning to ache,” she thought she would play on everyone’s sympathy. Mr. G. walked over and opened the stocks. When he did it dislodged a lot of excess mess which fell down Adele’s back and down her body. Adele lifted her body out of the device and stood up. She wiped some of the mess from her face and closes. She stretched her legs and back. She then, unexpectedly grabbed Mr. G. and hugged him, wrapping herself around him. “ I knew you wanted to get in on this,” she joked. “Are you still happy for the award, Adele,” he asked, trapped in her arms. “ Oh yes and the pies and the pumpkin and the gunge. I enjoyed it all. Hey, it was a laugh. I’m not letting go by the way ,” she teased.

“Well ok then, thanks to everyone for joining us and to our lovely guest Adele. She was such a good sport.” “Thanks to everyone for my award” “So that is goodnight from me and goodnight from Adele.” “Goodnight everyone,” she said. Still refusing to let go of Mr. G. The camera came closer and she smiled into it, still gripping him tightly.

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Some amazing clips

Hi Everyone,

I found some pretty nice clips here. I think anyway. I hope you all like them.

best regards, JRG

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Gabby Logan Never make bets

Gabby Logan Never make bets

Gabby Logan is a very attractive woman. Gabby also works in the sports broadcasting field which is very male dominated. Although she is respected and thought highly of in all circles, there were more than a few male athletes and broadcasters that could not help but admire her looks. She was so wrapped up in herself and her work that she barely noticed the glances that she would get on a regular basis. She could also be perceived as arrogant at times. For all these reasons, some of her fellow sportscasters somehow got the idea that it would be fantastic to see Gabby covered in disgusting mess. They knew how she would react and they thought that it would be hilarious to make it happen. The only question was how they would carry it out. How should they set her up?

They decided that what they would do was make a bet with Gabby around the results of some of the rugby tournaments that she was covering with the team. If she could get 75% of the results correct she would win. However, she got less than 75% correct, she would lose and face a forfeit of the other broadcaster’s choice. It was to be filmed and broadcasted as part of the telecast. They approached Gabby with this on air. She did not know that they were going to be asking her about this, so she was taken aback slightly by it. As she was on air though, she could not really refuse so she accepted the terms. When she sat down and thought about it, she began to worry a bit about what this forfeit might be, if she was to lose. It was going to be on television though during the daytime, so it couldn’t have been anything that bad.

The bet certainly added more to the drama of the event. Gabby kept a close eye on the results. She would try from time to time to sneak some information from some of her colleagues about what they had planned for her if she was to lose. Their responses were always in the form of mild teasing. They would say things such as,” Oh it is going to be a lot of fun. You won’t believe it” They never gave her much indication about any of the details. The way the results played out was that the whole bet came down to the last day’s results. If the team Gabby picked to win won, she would have won the bet. If they lost, then she too would have lost her bet. Unfortunately for her team, and for Gabby, they lost a relatively close match. In the end, the opposing team pulled away. Gabby could not believe her eyes. Her reaction was not as strong as it would have been if she knew what the forfeit was that they had chosen for her.

When the game was over, the broadcast returned to the studio. Gabby was shown laughing and turning red with embarrassment. She wore a short black skirt, some boots and a colourful printed button down top. Everyone in the studio clapped and cheered. “Well Gabby, commiserations, as we all know you had to pick 75% of the tournament correct in order to win. I can now reveal that with the final result calculated in, you got…..50% of your picks correct. That means you will have to do the forfeit of our choosing.” Gabby laughed, “ Do I really have to? I have a feeling whatever it is will be really nasty.”

“Yes Gabby, you agreed. Do you have any idea at all what the forfeit might be?,” he asked. She shook her head sexily. “Not a clue,” she responded. “Would you like to find out?,” he asked. “Not especially,” she joked with a big laugh. “Well too bad,” he said jubilantly. “Let’s bring it out.”

Gabby’s mouth dropped wide open as she saw, what she recognised to be containers of messy substances being brought out. “Bring on the slop,” the other broadcaster said. “Now Gabby we have all this lovely slop here specially prepared for today. Do you have any idea what we are going to be doing with it?,” he asked. “I have no idea,” she said. Of course, she knew now exactly what was going to happen, but thought if she played dumb maybe she could wriggle her way out of this somehow. “ Well, Gabby, we are going to take of this messiness and we are going to be pouring it over your head. How does that sound?” he asked. She laughed. “ It sounds absolutely vile,” she said in a snotty, posh sounding accent. “My husband is going to love it, I am sure,” she said. “Well, I can tell you, everyone here has wanted to do this for a long, long time. It is now about to really happen,” he said.

Gabby’s butt was now squeaking in her seat. She crossed and uncrossed her legs, rearranging her skirt several times. Her beautiful, sexy, muscular battle hardened legs were going to be a major target. She was not fully aware of how attractive men found her lower body or the effect that it had when she would uncross her legs or play with her skirt, but her legs were about to get very messy along with the rest of her beautiful body. She used to be an athlete herself and spent a lot of time in the gym. She didn’t really realize the effect that a woman as attractive as she was being around an environment with dozens of men could have males. Right now, there was nowhere to run from the humiliation that was about to be heaped on her by her male colleagues. Gabby tried to compose herself for what was about to happen. She began to perspire and to blush. Her cheeks starting to turn red in embarrassment. Gabby could not believe that this was really happening. She did not particularly like the idea of what was going to happen, but at this point, there was really nothing she could do about it. They were already getting ready with the messy substances for her.

“So Gabby, you didn’t win the bet and now it is time to pay the consequences.” Gabby gripped the couch beneath her tightly with her fingers. She closed her eyes and scrunched her face up, bracing for what might hit her. She shook her head and opened her mouth, letting out a nervous scream. Her eyes darted around. She then shut them again as tightly as she could.

Gabby sat on the couch and awaited what was going to be her fate. Before she could really react, a large chocolate cream pie came straight at her into her face. The pie was absolutely lovely it was filled with lovely chocolate pie filling, topped with smushy cool whip type cream. It was even decorated with chocolate shaving and sprinkles. It hit her square in the face and seemed to come out of nowhere. It made a resounding thud when it made contact with Gabby’s beautiful face. There was no need to push it in too much, because it was so thick with lovely cream and pie, it pretty much engulfed Gabby’s entire head in one go. She was instantly covered in the mess all the way back to behind her ears. The pie tin stuck in place as if it was some kind of mask. Gabby’s face was instantly packed with the brown and white mushy mess. She wiggled her fingers a bit, because somehow they got some pie on them in the process. The pie tin itself was relatively thin, but it had been covered in four or five inches deep of yummy pie. When Gabby finally peeled away the metallic pie tin, some of the cool whip stuck to it and came off of her nose in a dollop. It was as if it had been stuck to her face, using the pie as adhesive. She had to sort of peel it away. Her entire face was now a brown and white creamy mess. There was not one inch of her face that wasn’t an inch deep in the creamy pie. She caught her breath. She then took both of her index fingers and carefully removed pie from both of her eyes. Pie fell down her face on its own accord as well. Pie emerged from her nose and mouth as well. Pie hung from the tip of her nose and was pushed out from her nostrils. Pie rolled out of her mouth down her chin. Her neck and part of her shoulders also had some pie covering them. Her lovely blonde hair was streaked with brown and white creamy pie. She flared her nostrils and shook her head. Now this was truly embarrassing. Gabby then took both hands and rubbed them over her messy face. She threw off some of the excess pie, most of it landed on her legs though.

As Gabby was doing this, another one of her colleagues was approaching her from behind carrying and enormous bucket. They did not tell her what was in the bucket at first. She would find out when whatever it was hit her. The bucket was filled with thick, utterly disgusting brown gunge. Gabby’s vision was already altered by pie so she was barely aware that this mess was about to be poured over her head. The man stepped behind her quietly and began to dump the gunge onto her. When the coldness of the gunge hit her, she jumped up and forward, wiggling around at the slimy cold feeling. Nevertheless, the thick, lumpy brown gunge poured down onto Gabby Logan’s head. In a minute her blonde hair was brown and lumpy with thick brown gunge. It poured down her face. Brown gunge poured down the sides of her cheeks and then down her nose, finally covering her entire face. It poured down her neck and then down her top. She could feel it trickling down inside of her clothes. It poured onto her breasts and down her shirt. Soaking her plain white bra that lay beneath in its filth. The reactions on her face were comical. She gave a rang of pained and disgusted looks as the gunge continued to be poured over her. The man then moved the bucket downwards and directed the gunge down onto Gabby’s skirt and then down onto her bare legs. Gabby closed her eyes as he gleefully poured the brown filthy mess straight down onto her sexy legs. The thick brown liquid poured straight onto Gabby’s slightly pale white skin. It was poured onto her knees and onto her thighs. Her muscular calves were targeted with the brown sludge. The man took his time and enjoyed directing the gunge all over Gabby’s body. Every curve and muscle in her legs was now dripping in brown gunge. Down her ankles, dripping from Gabby’s high heeled pumps. She realized that her ultra expensive clothes had probably just been totally ruined beyond all cleaning measures. The studio was filled with howling laughter. As the last of the gunge was poured, Gabby took her hands and ran them threw her now brown hair, sticking out her tongue, closing one eyes and giving a funny look. She then ran her hands over her skirt and down her legs. Massaging herself, almost in the gunge.

It wasn’t long until someone else came forward. In his hand, he carried several containers that had on them the famous logo that everyone knew stood for spam. One of the tins was held up on display for Gabby and the camera to see. When Gabby saw what it was, she pointed and laughed. “You can’t be serious,” she said, knowing that what was going to happen was inevitable. “Oh yes,” he said. “Yummy spam. And it’s all for you Gabby,” he teased. “Lovely,” she blurted out sarcastically. The man took the first tin and held it above Gabby’s head. He pushed it into place on the top of her head. She squinted and looked upwards as he did it. He held it there and then tapped the bottom of it with his hand. The spam slid out of the container. He was very careful to ensure that it did not fall off straight away. He slowly removed the tin and moved his hands away. The cube shaped spam stuck in place for a moment on the top of Gabby’s head. After a moment, it crumbled away, falling down her face, leaving a trail of the putrid meat as it went. A large lump still stuck to the top of her head. He then took a second tin. He walked up to Gabby and gently pulled the top of her shirt away from her body slightly. He then took the tin and placed the top of it at the top of Gabby’s shirt. He smacked the tin, this caused the entire contents of the tin to fall out and down Gabby’s top. “Yack,” she said. He then put her shirt back in place. He pressed his hand against her chest softly, causing the spam to smush all over Gabby’s stomach and chest, filling her shirt with spam. The feeling of the disgusting, slightly slimy meat pressed up against her skin was a slightly cringe worthy one. With the next tin, the man aimed for Gabby’s legs. This time he placed the tin onto Gabby’s lap, about halfway on her skirt and halfway on her thighs. Again he pushed down. The spam was pushed down onto and between Gabby’s legs. She could feel it between her thighs and pushing up inside of her skirt. It was also all over her knees. Some of the spam poured down onto her naked calves. She moved her legs in and out. She took a handful of the collected mess that lay between her thighs and lifted it out, actually sprinkling it over herself. The last of the spam was emptied onto the discarded pie tin from earlier. It was carefully arranged evenly across the pie plate. It was then brought over to Gabby. She looked around, as she did not really know what to expect next. The man pushed the spam filled pie plate into Gabby’s face. He was almost “feeding” her the spam. Embarrassingly, he rubbed it round and round in her face. He mercilessly ensured that she got a full face full of the truly disgusting meat substitute. Gabby would not normally have touched spam with a barge pole. She would have turned her nose up at it. Now she was getting covered in it. She was getting a real face full of it now. When the pie tin was removed, she coughed and choked, spam fell from her face and mouth. The reddish brown mess stuck all over Gabby’s face. There was nothing dignified about what was being done to her on this day.

Next it was going to be an enormous quantity of baked beans that were about to come Gabby’s way. “Time for some beans,” someone said. This was going to be a dream come true for everyone in the studio that day. Pouring beaked beans on Gabby Logan was something that all of them had thought about doing at one point or another. Although she did not really know it, Gabby oozed sexuality. When she walked into a room her sexuality could almost be felt and smelled. She drove all of the men that she worked with nuts. They were now about to cover her in baked beans. Gabby gripped her knees with her hands. She was about to get hit with a gigantic wave of baked beans. Gabby shook her head. Another one of her colleagues approached, carrying the enormous bucket of baked beans. These were just as disgusting as the spam, but that would be a matter of opinion. He raised the bucket behind Gabby and posed for a minute, before he began to let Gabby have it. He raised the bucket and aimed the contents straight down onto Gabby’s face and head. She gasped and yelped as the beans made their way out of the huge bucket and straight down over her face. Gabby’s beautiful face soon was being covered in a torrent of disgusting baked beans. They rolled in their putrid orange sauce down her face. Before she knew it Gabby’s whole face was covered in baked beans. She opened her mouth for a second, which proved a grave mistake, as she was greeted with a mouthful of beans. She quickly shut her mouth tightly again, after letting the beans spew from her mouth down her face. The beans did not seem to cease they just kept pouring and pouring. Her whole world was beans for this moment in time. The beans also rolled down her front and back. Gravity was taking the excess beans down from her face all over the rest of her body. Her skin was tinged in the orange sauce. Baked beans stuck everywhere. Gabby could feel beans down her neck and top. Beans went down her back, her shirt becoming more and more filled. It was almost near bursting point now. Beans poured on her skirt and all over her sexy legs. She repositioned herself a few times. She was really feeling the embarrassment now. She leaned forward a bit now. When she did, the man pouring the beans came behind her and grabbed the back of her skirt and the waist band of her knickers. Before she could protest, the man had already poured a portion of baked beans down the back of her skirt and down into her underwear. Her plain white panties were no longer white. He let go, leaving her underwear packed full of baked beans. She yelped as she felt exactly what beaked beans felt like right up against one’s backside and private parts. They oozed out around the waist band and at the crotch of her knickers. Beans collected in her lap and between her legs. She made an eek sound when she felt the beans all over her nether regions. As the beans slowed to a stop, Gabby sat there and let the excess beans fall off of her body. She shook her arms and then her head. She ran her fingers through her hair, removing some of the beans that stuck to it. Beans stuck all over her face. Beans dripped from her nose and chin. Her body was covered in hundreds of beans in their sauce. She swept her hand through her now soaked hair, flicking some of the beans away. She gave an awkward smile. The whole studio celebrated . Laughing at Gabby’s embarrassment. This was as embarrassing as things could possibly get. Beans dripped down her calves and off of her high heels. Close ups were shown of the baked beans stuck all over Gabby’s shapely thighs and calves. She stuck her hand down her top and pulled out a handful of beans and spam. She tossed it in the direction of her colleagues. A closeup was shown of Gabby’s bean drenched face.

“So Gabby, how are you feeling. You lost the bet fair and square?”, her fellow broadcaster asked. “This is so embarrassing,” she stated. “I can’t believe you actually did this to me. It is all over me. I’ll get you all back for this. You really got me. I will never make another bet again. I will tell you that. There are beans everywhere. This is so embarrassing.” She laughed and waived into the camera as a gigantic glob of baked beans fell from her nose.

Her clothes were ruined not even her underwear was salvageable. Luckily for her there were showers in the dressing rooms in the studios. Removing her clothes afterwards in the dressing room and seeing and feeling all of the collected mess come out of her clothes as they were removed was something that she would never forget. Watching baked beans fall from her panties as she removed them as well as from her bra when she removed that was something that she would never forget. Scrubbing the mess from her filthy body in the shower was also very memorable.

Friday, 10 February 2012

Lady Gaga the new single

This one was by special request. I wrote it in a slightly different way than usual but I hope that I did it justice. I hope it lives up to what the person was asking for.

Lady Gaga the new single

As everyone knows, Lady Gaga is known for her outrageous outfits and crazy videos. Her behaviour on stage and in public at times could be seen as wild. She certainly lives a wild lifestyle both on and off stage. She is also a fearless performer. She has always prided herself on her honesty and is someone who is never ashamed of who she is. She has worn dresses made from raw meat and all sorts of other outrageous items in the past. Sexuality, of course, is also a huge overriding concept that is threaded throughout all of her work. Her involvement in a variety of fetishes is something that she has not attempted to try to hide for anyone. She feels no shame or embarrassment whatsoever. Freedom of choice and freedom of expression are concepts that Lady Gaga has always championed.

WAM was one area that was a natural extension of the art that Lady Gaga has created. When she wrote a new album, one of the tracks on it contained WAM subject matter. The song was entitled “Suck in the muck”. Much to the shock of the record label, she decided to release this song as one of the singles. She loved the idea of the world hearing it, plus she new that it would be slightly controversial and would challenge people’s perceptions on certain things. It was part of her artistic vision to inspire people to place a mirror on themselves and to look inwards into themselves. She was not ashamed to open up herself in this way and hoped it would inspire others to do likewise. She now was going to make the video for the song. Needless to say, it was going to be an over the top spectacle, to be sure. Lady Gaga was going to be living out all of her messiest fantasies with upwards of thirty scantily clad dancers in toe. It is good to be famous. Most artists would not be given this sort of freedom by the record company, but Lady Gaga is an artist who has a unique vision. She also has been very successful, so the record company allows her a greater freedom of expression than they would normally afford and artist. Lady Gaga designed all of the costumes and all of the sets for the video. It was going to be outrageous, but it was going to be fantastic.

When the final product was ready and cut together it produced quite a stir at the record company, but it would certainly get people talking, and that was never a bad thing. The video was pretty typical in its format, Lady Gaga and her dancers in various costumes on various sets cut together in time with the music. The video went something like this:

It started off with a close up of Lady Gaga’s face. She spoke into the camera the words, “I want to suck in the muck baby, yeah.” With that, she was hit full on in the face with a huge creamy pie. It was quickly pulled away and she winked at the camera. The music then started in. Lady Gaga was now shown wearing a dress that looked like and ice cream sundae. She stood half engulfed in an enormous mountain of ice cream. The dancers danced around. The mountain was a mixture of plastic construct and real ice cream, whipped cream and topping. He head was covered in ice cream and strawberry and chocolate sauce poured down her face. It looked like makeup but it was real. Ice cream melted down her body. It was hard to distinguish which bits were the fabric of her clothes and which were sweet desserts. She moved her hands about and danced hypnotically. She began to sing some of the lyrics. “ I make no secret, I’m a dirty girl. I get as filthy as anyone you know. I like to feel the slime all over me. I like it to cover me from my head to my toes.” The dancers danced provocatively. As they danced and Lady Gaga sang, she dropped bits of ice cream from her fingers onto their heads. They spun around as they were covered in the melting ice cream. “There’s nothing wrong with getting dirty. It’s enjoyment that everyone should give a try. It can get fun when sex gets messy. Come on and get me dirty baby. Step right up and don‘t be shy”

Lady Gaga was now shown on another set. This time she was lying down in a gigantic rotating bowl of spaghetti and meatballs. Her outfit looked like it had plastic spaghetti attached. She rolled around in the giant amount of spaghetti, writing around in it. She looked at the camera and looked up. As she looked up, a deluge of spaghetti sauce fell from the ceiling onto Lady Gaga and the contents of the enormous bowl. She arched her back as the sauce poured from the ceiling straight down onto her awaiting body. “There’s nothing baby to be shy about. Everyone loves a bit of muck. Look into your heart and you will love it too. So come baby and we can really start to suck,” she sang.

The chorus then started in as yet another set was revealed. This time Lady Gaga and some of her dancers were all sitting in a gigantic replica martini glass. She was dressed like an umbrella that would be placed in a martini glass, complete with a special little hat that was strapped to her head. They danced about in the glass as she sang the chorus. “Come on baby, let’s suck, suck suck in the muck, muck, muck tonight” She repeated it three times, repeating the dance steps three times. On the third time she looked up. As she did, a s giant wave of brightly coloured green slime fell from the ceiling onto her and the dancers. They slipped and slid around the now slippery interior of the martini glass. The slime rained from the ceiling for what seemed like ages. It poured and poured until the glass was totally filled to the top with green slime. Lady Gaga and her dancers rolled around in the slime, that now covered them up to their necks. Lady Gaga then stuck her head out of the martini glass. Winking she sang, “I wanna suck in the muck.” She winked suggestively into the camera.

The video then started with a new scene as the next verse began as well. As absurd as it was, Lady Gaga was now shown on an enormous set that was made to look like a 50’s diner. In the middle of it was an enormous, human sized hot dog bun. She sat in it, her body in the bun. Her head and neck sticking out. She wore a hat that resembled a beaded lamp shade made entirely out of real hot dogs. She looked up and started to sing again. Meanwhile, the dancers, now dressed in 50’s waitress outfits complete with paper hats poured industrial sized containers of ketchup, mustard and pickled relish over her body. “Don’t be ashamed to embrace the mess. It is something that you will grow to embrace. I will be happy to just lie right back. I don’t mind if you put a pie in my face,” she sang. She wiggled her hands dancing and moved her knees back and forth as the dancers slowly poured the hot dog condiments over her body and the oversized bun that she was sat in. “You can have me anyway you want me. A bit of messiness can be oh so nice. Just pour it on me any way you like. It feels so nice I say please slime me twice,” she sang.

The video then switched to another set. This set and everything in it looked like it was made out of candy floss. The floors the bits of extended set and Lady Gaga’s clothes were all bright pink and fluffy as if it was all cotton candy. Even the walls were covered. Her head was surrounded by what looked like a cotton candy bonnet. She began to sing again. “You can see how much fun we could have. You and me all covered in the mess. Don’t have to rush it, it can take all night. Can do it whether we are clothed or undressed.” She was on all fours dancing around. Some areas of the pink floor seems to sink when stepped in. Some of the areas were pink slime. Lady Gaga slid on the floor and wound up in a pool of the pink slime. The whole set was bit of a rounded incline. “I love it mess. Getting dirty is the best. I love to get so messy with you. I hope you like what my desires are. I hope you wanna get dirty with me too.” As she finished her line, a wave of pink gunge poured down the incline, hitting Lady Gaga and her candy floss clothed dancers. The writhed and danced as the gunge continued pouring in. The pink gunge covered them all.

After that another set was shown. Lady Gaga began to sing the chorus again. This set was made to look like an alley. Lady Gaga was wearing dress made entirely out of bin liners. They were puffed out with air and looked pretty amazing considering. She danced in the alley way in front of a skip. This was inter cut with close ups of her in the skip and surrounded by garbage bags which may or may not have been filled with rubbish. As she sang, she put her hand to her mouth and looked up. When she looked up, brown gunge poured from above down on her and the garbage bags. She closed her eyes as she was hit with the gunge. Then she was shown dancing, covered in the brown gunge.

As the song neared its conclusion, Lady Gaga was shown in closeup one more time. Her face already dripping in gunge. The music ended and she looked into the camera seductively, saying in her sexiest voice,” yeah, come on and get me messy baby.” One second later, another massive pie came out of nowhere and smashed straight into her face. The pie exploded everywhere. The camera was now filled with Lady Gaga’s pied face. She looked into the camera and licked her lips. She gave a cheeky smile and then winked.

The camera cut away for a minute and then back again. Lady Gaga said,” Extreme remix.” At the end of the video Lady Gaga was on yet another set It looked like and S and M chamber. She was dressed in black leather and chains. She danced around and then began to pull out items herself, pouring them on herself as she danced. She first took out a bucket that was filled with manure. She took out huge clumps with her hands. She showed it to the camera and then pushed her hands to her head, putting manure on her hair. She then took two more handfuls and plopped them onto her chest. She rubbed the manure all over herself massaging it into her clothes and body, massaging herself sensually with her filthy hands.

She then took a bucket of molasses and tipped it down her front. She took her hands and rubbed it in all over her clothes and body. They were black and sticky as if they were tar. She placed her hands together and then pulled them apart, demonstrating how sticky they were. Following that, she took a bucket of feathers and dumped them over herself. They rained on her and stuck in place where the molasses were. She rubbed her sticky hands on hr face and backside. Feathers were stuck everywhere. She flapped her arms in the air. She was almost doing some kind of bizarre chicken impersonation because of the feathers.

Strangely, she took a box of itching powder and displayed it for the whole word too see. She looked deeply into the camera and then rambunctiously poured the itching powder all over herself. She then began to roll around and write in the mess in a bizarre irregular dance. The sensuality and eroticism of what she was going could not be denied.

She then took a large trash can filled with rotten vegetables and tipped that over herself as well. She lay on her back and rolled around on the floor. She took some of the larger vegetables in her hands and displayed them, posing with them as if they were props. She then took her hands and tore apart heads of lettuce and cabbages. She shredded them with her long pointy nails. She dispatched them sending their shredded remains all over herself and all over the stage. She ripped apart eggplants and pumpkins, sending skins and seeds everywhere. When it was over she was clad in the remains of the destroyed vegetables.

The video stopped taping, but she stayed there for awhile, rolling around and playing in the collected mess. The others thought she was crazy, but the feeling that she got was amazing and she did not care what anyone else thought. The video and the single were smashes, of course, like everything she has ever released. Once again, when you are true to yourself, you can never go wrong.

Monday, 6 February 2012

Poll and interaction

I thought that I would start an old poll back up as the amount of people viewing the site has increased.

Also, I know I have asked before but I will ask again. If there are any celebrities out there who read the blog and enjoy it or who would like to be featured, please get in touch with me. Also I would love to hear from any of the celebrities featured on the site so far. I would also love to hear from people who have gotten messy before, especially on television such as Stwnsh, What would you do, Wild Animal Games, Family Challenge etc. I love the idea that those sort of people are out there reading this blog. I would love to do an interview or something as well. It can all be annonymous. I will not even post any of the infroamtion if teh person does not want me to. My email is  wammojrg@hotmail.co.uk Please feel free to contact me at any time.
best wishes, JRG

Mrs. Gvord video

Hi everyone. This is the Mrs. Gvord video. I think all of the vids are up and online now with one exception.

Melissa Suffield total wipeout

I am including this clip not because it is a great messy clup, but because it is Melissa Suffield. She is one of my all time favorites for sure.