Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Anna Passey gets her just desserts

Anna Passey gets her just desserts

Anna Passey plays Sienna on Hollyoaks. The character that she plays is not a very sympathetic one. She was the sort of character that people loved to hate. She was the sort of character that everyone would love to see get their just desserts.  In fact, as a part of the British Soap Awards, a vote had taken place to see what soap character people would most like to see get their comeuppance. There were some strong contenders, but Anna managed to come out on top of the voting. The result meant that Anna was going to be punished live on awards night. 

She wore one of her trademark short dresses. It was red and hung high above her knee. She did not need to act to keep the frown on her face on this occasion, that she normally wore as a part of her character. She usually looked uncomfortable and highly strung. Public humiliation was not exactly her favourite thing in the world. 

It was arranged that at the start of the show, Anna would receive her “Just Desserts”. Of course, the cast and crew of Hollyoaks found the whole situation terribly amusing. Seeing their co-star embarrassed on national television was something that nearly everyone could enjoy. Everyone with the exception of Anna herself of course. 

Anna was sat in a tank outside the arena, where the awards ceremony would be taking place. She, reluctantly was placed into her seat and prepared for the beginning of the show. She looked very uncomfortable. It was explained that at the beginning of the broadcast, a voice over would explain that she was voted the person that the fans wanted to see get their just desserts more than anyone else and then she would receive her punishment. She was not very happy about the situation, but she did not have much of a choice in the matter. She had agreed to take part. She did know that a lot of people would be enjoying what they would see, so she didn’t have a lot of choice. The only way out of it would be to stay at home and miss the entire soap awards. The soap awards were the biggest night of the year and one of the only truly glamorous events that soap actors in the UK attended. There was no way in the world she was going to miss it. 

She sat in the tank nervously awaiting her fate. The announcement suddenly came on. “Soap fans around the country have been voting and their voices have been heard. Anna Passey was voted the person that fans most wanted to see get their comeuppance, so here it goes. She is going to get her just desserts.” She scowled into the camera in an annoyed face, befitting the character that she portrayed. She shook her hands and waived her hands saying,” No, don’t do this.”

A group of preselected fans then pushed a button on the side of the tank. Before Anna could react, she was plunged downwards into pink gunge. She fell beneath the surface, becoming totally submerged beneath the gunge. The gunge splashed upwards as she disappeared. A second passed before her head flung upwards out of the gunge into the air. She shook her head, splashing gunge as she tried to clear her eyes and face. She was covered from head to toe in gunge. The sloppy substance covered her clothes, body and hair. She was soaked in gunge. She struggled to catch her breath.

As she struggled and flailed, the fans then pulled a cord. When they did, brown gunge was released from above. It was thick and sloppy. It was filled with thick brown lumps. It fell with a thud from above, plummeting down on the slopped up actress. It poured down her face and hair. She screamed as it plopped down onto her.

More fans were then revealed to be standing in front of the tank. Before Anna could recover from the gunge, these fans began tossing pies at her. They flew through the air with some force, landing on her. Most, hit her directly in the face, but others collided with her body as well. One after another, in quick succession, the pies hit the unsuspecting actress. The fans took no mercy on her, throwing the pies as hard as they possibly could at her. She screamed and raised her hands as pie after pie smashed on her. Cream exploded everywhere. Before long, she was covered in white and light brown creamy pie. 

“At the Soap Awards, we give the fans just what they want. Anna Passey definitely got what was coming to her. We hope you enjoyed that,” the voice over said. Anna was then shown pointing and scowling into the camera. She also whined and screamed into it as well in a comic fashion, still playing the role of the witch. Her hair soaked in gunge, her body covered in pies. “Look at me, I’m a mess,” she screeched as the shoe started.