Thursday, 29 October 2015

Brain and Body 2

These are stills I made of the brain and body clips from Germany. They take place at music festivals. The young ladies involved are, for the most part, very attractive. The gunge is not always the best, but some of the clips are exeptional. The honey and feather ones are very good.These are spread over two posts.

Brain and Body part 1

Monday, 26 October 2015

Jacqueline Jossa last day

Jacqueline Jossa last day

Jacqueline Jossa had been on Eastenders for many years. She played Lauren Branning. She was a well liked member of the cast. She was also the most attractive female member of the cast, by far at this point. She was considered as one of the most attractive women in all of British soaps by many. She had decided to take some time off from the show. This was not good news for the show or for the viewers. She would be sorely missed. As she was such a well thought of member of the cast, her fellow actors decided to do something in honour of her, as a way of saying goodbye to her. She was the type of person who was always having a laugh, making jokes and playing small pranks. Her fellow cast members decided to give her a send off that she would never forget. 

On her last day, everyone sat down and had a special lunch in Miss Jossa’s honour. She wore her red velvet dress and black boots. After the meal was over, the actor who played her Dad, Max, on the show, got up and said a few words in her honour. “Well, what can I say? It has been a pleasure to work with you. You have been a very positive person to be around and you will be sorely missed. You have seen fit though to leave us all behind though,” he said jokingly,” We are all very, very upset to see you go. It is a hard pill to swallow. We are all very annoyed with you about this, so we have decided to get our own back on you. We have decided to punish you for leaving us all behind,” he said. Jacqueline shrugged her shoulders and laughed. Before she could react, he took each of her hands and handcuffed them to the chair behind her back. This rendered her helpless. 

He then picked up bowl that was filled with custard. He tipped it over the top of his television daughter’s head. Thick, yellow custard tipped over the top of her head. He told her that this was just for her. The custard covered three quarters of the top of her head. The custard slathered the top of her head. Jacqueline made funny faces. She stuck her tongue out and then made a funny face biting her lip. She pretended to shudder.

He then took a massive jug of gravy and began to pour it all over her. He poured it down her shoulders and all over her sexy neck. He then dumped more of the brown mess all over her bare legs and down her boots. More soaked her velvet dress, leaving huge stains. The remained her let pour over her face. Gravy dripped from her nose and cheeks. She wiggled her head and body humorously.
He then took a banana cream pie and plopped it straight down onto her head. It landed with a smush on top of her head. The cream squirted out around the sides of her head. It splattered over her hair and across the sides of her face. It stayed in place on top of her head, as if it was some kind of hat. She raised her leg in the air and laughed uncontrollably. She attempted to give a thumbs up and to wink. She knew that everyone was taking pictures and they would be flooding social media at this point.

It was then the girl who played her younger sister Abby’s turn to mess Miss Jossa up. The two had acted together for many years. They were very close. They were almost as close as real sisters. This being said, it was a fantasy of many younger sisters to get messy revenge on their elder sister. She smiled from ear to ear as she approached carrying a huge plate of potato salad. She grinned as she approached the girl who played her big sister. She pushed the plate into her face. Her mouth popped open as the disgusting potato salad collided with her face. Her face was left covered in a mask of lump yellow, foul smelling potato salad. Lumps of it slowly tumbled down her face, landing on her chest and lap. Lumps of it stuck to her face.

Her younger television sister then followed up with egg salad. It was just as disgusting as the potato salad. If anything, it smelled and looked even more disgusting. She dumped this out onto Jacqueline’s bare legs and down the back of her dress. She felt it roll down her neck and cleavage and into her dress. She could feel the slimy slop as it made contact with her calves and thighs, rolling down to her boots.  Jacqueline raised one leg and laughed as the sloppy mess rolled down her body.

Next to come was the young man who played her on again off again boyfriend, Peter Beale on the show. His first contribution was split pea and ham soup.  He smiled and waved at Jacqueline as he approached. He then tipped the green mess over her. It was very uneven in consistency. Some of it was watery and thin, other parts were lumpy and thick. When he poured it onto her, the thinner bits poured out first, soaking her dress in foul smelling soap. The thicker bits collected on top of her head and in her lap. These were mainly made up of ham, potato, carrots and bits of peas. They piled onto top of her head. 

Keeping with the theme, he added beef stew next. In contrast, the beef stew was very thick. It was the consistency of chocolate cake batter. It also had lumps of beef, potato and vegetables inside of it, but it was barely identifiable because the brown stew was so thick and gloppy. She closed her eyes as it poured onto her. It coated her from head to toe. Most of her face disappeared underneath it. She was totally engulfed in the stuff. It was not the sort of mess that was just going to fall off, It stuck to her face and body. 

Shona McGarty was next to have a go. She started with a pale of East end seafood. This was a mixture of squid, pickled herring, whelks and jellied eels. Shona grinned from ear to ear. She was going to enjoy dumping this onto her long time friend. The two had worked together for years. They were very close friends, but Shona could not help but be a bit jealous at her friend’s beauty and popularity. She now laughed as she was about to dump sloppy fish parts over her. She stuck her tongue out and motioned with her hand over her friend, before thrusting the bucket downwards. The mess fell out over the sexy actress. She was instantly covered in all manner of fish parts. Tentacles and suction cups dangled from her nose and mouth. She was also soaked in the brine that the bits were covered in.

Shona then produced a tray of eggplant parmesan. It had a sloppy constancy that only eggplant could provide. Jacqueline was about to experience it first hand. It was a sloppy, gooey consistency. It was also mixed with cheese and sauce. The eggplant was black, purple, clear and green all at the same time. It had seeds everywhere inside as well. Jacqueline knew she was in trouble when she felt it pouring on her head. It rolled right down her face. She crinkled her nose and made funny motions with her mouth as one of the most disgusting looking substances that anyone had ever seen rolled downwards over her face. Everyone made sure to get pictures of this. It was a very memorable moment. Everyone fell quiet because of the sheer gag factor of the eggplant that was now all over Jacqueline’s face. It rolled over her. The slushy eggplant with its seeds stuck all over her face and neck. Shona delighted in making sure that her friend experienced the full brunt of the eggplant. 
“Aubergine!?!,” she muttered to herself, disbelievingly. It poured over her facial features. The cheese and sauce only added to the disgustingness of the eggplant. It was sloppy and greasy as well. When it had finished dumping, one large square chunk remained stuck to the bottom of the dish. Shona took this in her hand and smushed it directly into Jacqueline’s face. She twisted and rubbed it around in her friend’s face. Jacqueline’s legs rose in the air. The chair nearly toppled over. Shona twisted the sloppy mess in her face and rubbed it over her hair.

The rest of the cast then got their opportunity. As a group, they grabbed the table in front of Jacqueline and pushed it over onto her. This caused all of the leftover food to fall over onto her. This included; sausage rolls, pork pies, discarded bits of sandwiches, cakes and even slices of pizza. They all poured onto the already messy actress. This food stuck all over her body. 

She was then uncuffed. She posed for pictures and laughed. She gave two thumbs up and stuck her tongue out. She made funny faces with her mouth and eyes. She just told everyone,” Gee, thanks for that.” When she stood up, some of the mess rolled off of her body. She did not seem to be all that bothered. She posted some of the photos on social media herself.