Sunday, 27 November 2011

Going on holiday

Hi everyone,

I am going to be on holiday for a few weeks, visiting my family, abroad. I may or may not be able to get onto the computer while I am away. I may not be able to post anything for that time. Who knows though. Anyway, I will back before long. Thanks to everybody for your support. See everyone soon. Who knows I may be able to post while I am away anyway, but if I don't post anything for a bit or am slow to reply, you will know why. As you know, I always try to respond straight away. Thanks everyone.

----JRG- 27/11/11

Caroline Flack

I am a bit enamoured with Caroline Flack at the moment. I think she is absolutely gorgeous. She looks amazing on X Tra Factor, as she has always done. The way she dresses is amazing as well. Her legs look incredible in those hotpants. She has also been gunged before. I have placed teh videos on the post as well. She was a really good sport. She seems like a nice person as well. Also, I just want to say that I think it is disgusting the way some pathetic little girls have sent her death threats, because she was seen out with a member of of One Direction. It is very sad.  I think that some people must be delusional. I mean I find Caroline attractive, but I don't imagine that she would want to be with me or even talk to me. These girls seem to believe that the boys in the band are going to marry them or something.  Anyway, it is none of our business who celebrities are dating.  I believe strongly in freedom of the press, but celebrities do deserve privacy as well.

Miss Wales Stwnsh

Hello eevryone,

I have posted some pics on Tellygunge's site from yesterday's Stwnsh Sadwrn, starring Lois and Miss Wales. It is the  Thank you desk type format again. I hope everyone likes them. The link is below along with some preview images.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

Louisa Brownfield League Promotion

***The lady in this story is not very well known. Maybe this story will get her more publicity, who knows. Anyway, you may not know who she is, but I find her very attractive and have always wanted to do a story about her. I hope people like it anyway.***

Louisa Brownfield League Promotion

Louisa Brownfield is a world class netball player. She plays for England’s women’s team and for Hertfordshire Mavericks of the Superleague. Unfortunately, the sport is not real well known or watched that much. The league began to try to think out of the box and attempted to come up with some ideas to get the league more exposure. This usually came in the way of personal appearances. The league began to think of new ways to generate publicity. They had a good product, but they had very little exposure. They knew that if they could get the word out that people would watch. They also hoped to get men to watch as well, as their viewers at the time were mostly young women. It was time for the championship game to be played. The league wanted to promote it as best they could. Their dream scenario was to get a player or coach onto a mainstream television show. They ended up getting their wish. As it turned out Mr. G. happened to be a fan of the league. The league offices could not be happier when they received the phone call. The proposed idea that a player from the team who lost in the championship game would come on Let Her Have It the following day and face a forfeit. The matchup was Mavericks vs. Team Bath. The league representative allowed Mr. G. and the show select what players would be putting themselves on the line. Louisa Brownfield was chosen as representative for Mavericks. When her coach approached her and told her about it, she was not exactly thrilled. The possibility of getting covered in gunge on national television was not exactly her idea of a good time. She liked the idea of being on a nationally televised show like this, and promoting the league, but she wished that it was not in these circumstances. In the end though, she knew that it would get the league a lot more exposure then it ever had before. It would broaden the audience quite a bit. She knew that it would benefit the league so she had to go along with it. Also, her team had every chance to win the championship. They were just as good as their opponents.

All week leading up to the game, Let her have it promoted the game and advertised that there was going to be consequences for one player on the losing team. The stakes were high. It was built up that there was a lot on the line. Louisa tried to put the whole thing out of her mind and focus on the game. It was very difficult though. She was going to be facing total public embarrassment, possibly. If her team lost, not only would she face the agony of defeat, but she would be facing a total gunging. Everyone from every team in the league would be watching. Truth be known, in locker room discussions, her team mates wanted to win the championship, but if they did happen to lose, seeing their team mate getting gunged would be a consolation. They would not be sorry to see her getting gunged one bit. They were going to enjoy it if it happened. They even teased her about it a bit.

Louisa prepared for the game. She put her uniform on. She had so much riding on this game. The game was close, but Mavericks lost in the end 51 to 44. Louisa looked down at her feet in defeat. She knew what was going to be in store for her. As the teams shook hands, Louisa was told over and over again,” Can’t wait to see you tomorrow. We’ll be watching and bad luck.” She was very nervous. She hadn’t even given very many interviews in the past. This was going to be a whole new thing though. Hopefully, it would get the league the publicity that it had been seeking. She was going to have to sacrifice herself for the sake of everyone associated with the league. As Louisa took her shower in the locker room after the game she wondered what was going to happen to her on the show. She knew that it was going to be messy and embarrassing. She wished that she could somehow back out of it, but there was no way that she could. Everyone was sort of relying on her.

She showed up to the studio where Let her have it was filmed. She was very nervous. She was told to wear her uniform on the stage, but to make it an old one, because it was going to be getting very dirty and may not be able to be cleaned afterwards. She waited in her dressing room and backstage as the show began. Everyone was really nice to her. No one told her exactly what was happening, but it was obvious what the basics would be. She would be interviewed and then she would be getting the messy forfeit.

Mr G. began to speak, Louisa listened from back stage. “As some of you may know, I am a huge fan of netball super league. It is a fantastic league. I think that more people should watch it. I guarantee if you watch it, you will become a fan. The women in it are fantastic athletes. Earlier this week the championship game was played between Mavericks and Team Bath.” Some of the highlights were shown. “It was a great game, but in the end, Team Bath triumphed. Mavericks came up just a little bit short. What people may not know is that there was a little bet that was made on the game. We will talk more about that in a minute. Today on the show we have one of the best players for Mavericks and one of the most attractive women in the league, Louisa Brownfield.” The audience applauded as Louisa walked on stage. Her hair back in a ponytail and her uniform on as if she was getting ready to play a game. She smiled politely as she and Mr. G. walked towards each other. They shook hands and even hugged. He then showed her to the interview area and they sat opposite each other on the couches.

“Welcome to the show Louisa Brownfield. I must say I am a huge fan of yourself and the league,” Mr. G. said. “Well, thank you, that’s very kind. Thanks for having me on the show. No one from the league has ever been on a show like this before. It is a great chance for the league. We all want to thank you for this opportunity.” ”It’s my pleasure. You are a good sport for agreeing to this as well,” he said. “Yeah, I know. You can thank me later,” she joked. “Well, let’s talk about netball super league first. Tell everyone a bit about it, because people out there may just not be aware of it,” he said. Louisa then talked about the league, where the teams played, the schedule, when it was on television etc. “Is it a very competitive environment out there?,” he asked. “Oh definitely, we all want to win and it gets heated out there. It is quite a tough league one of the best in the world,” she replied. “ It must be a great experience travelling around the country with the girls on the team, playing games.” ”Yeah, it is a lot of fun. It can get tiring, because most of us have day jobs that we do as well, but I love it.” ”It must be quite a gruelling schedule as well. You tend to play a lot of games in a short period of time. Now, let’s learn a little bit more about you then,” Mr. G. said,” What is your most embarrassing moment?” Louisa laughed. “Oh don’t make me. I guess it would have been at a match last year. I must have eaten something funny, because I playing in the match and I felt something brewing, but you can’t really take breaks or call a lot of time outs. The ball came to me and I went up to take a shot…and…I just farted,” she laughed.,” Luckily, the arena was loud, so no one heard it, but some of the other players could definitely smell it, but it wasn’t too bad, because no one really knew it was me.” ”That is interesting. What does happen if a player has to use the toilet in the middle of the game?,” Mr. G. asked. “We usually just have to wait and hold it until there is a stoppage in play.”

“So, Louisa, it has been great talking to you and getting to know you a bit, but now we have to talk about the championship game and the results,” Mr. G. said. “Do we have to?,” Louisa said, and then laughed. “ I am afraid so,” Mr. G. responded. “It was a great game and you played really well. Mavericks nearly did it, but in the end your team lost.” “Don’t remind me,” Louisa said. “ On top of that, there was a little wager on the result of that match wasn’t there?,” “I can’t quite recall,” Louisa joked. “Ok, yeah there was,” she said. “ Louisa, you agreed that if your team lost the match, that you would appear on the show and face the messy consequences.” “I have a feeling that I am going to regret those words aren’t I?,” she joked. “I won’t back out. I agreed, I made the bet and now I am going to have to pay the price aren’t I?” “Well, yes, you can say that. You know how it works on our show, someone always ends up getting messy.” “The other girls are going to be loving this. I am going to be a laughing stock. The whole league will be watching. I don’t know who is going to enjoy this more, the players on Team Bath or my own team mates. This is going to be so embarrassing.” “For what it’s worth, you would have been my number one choice to appear on the show of all of the players in the league,” Mr. G. said. “Thanks a lot. I would probably be the number one choice of my team mates to be on hear as well. They will love to see me get embarrassed. They will think it is a riot. It will be interesting when I step back into the locker room again.” “So Louisa, should we have a look at what we have planned for you today?,” Mr. G. asked. “Why not? It is inevitable now isn’t it, anyway,” she responded. “Ok then, let’s have a look.”

The curtain at the middle of the stage opened as Louisa and Mr. G. turned and looked at it. When the curtain opened, what was revealed was the Giant Flush. The audience cheered, laughed and whistled as the Giant Flush was revealed. Louisa’s mouth fell open. “Oh my god,” she said, blushing and giving an embarrassed laugh. She put her hands over her face and laughed. She was now bright red. This was going to be more embarrassing that she ever could have dreamed of. “Are you serious?,” she said laughing and pointing at the toilet that she was going to have to sit on. “Oh yes, we have a nice comfortable seat there for you to sit on. You can make yourself comfortable. It is made of the finest porcelain. It’s a special seat that we prepared just for you. I bet you never thought that you would be sitting on the toilet on national television.” “No, I could never have imagined. I had no idea. THIS IS SO EMBARASSING!,” she screamed, stomping her feet. “We thought that you looked like you could use a little bathroom break anyway, Louisa. Just in case you needed to use the toilet at all. Shall we take the walk of shame. Let me show you to your throne.” She shook her head. “You are such a gentleman,” she said.

Mr. G. took Louisa’s hand. She stood up and adjusted her skirt. She dragged her feet in an animated overly exaggerated way as they walked together over to the Giant Flush. Louisa looked at it. “Do I just sit down on the toilet?,” she whispered. “Yeah just sit straight down,” he replied. Louisa looked backwards as she lowered her backside onto the toilet seat. When she sat down, her skirt rode up even more. Her uniform was very short as it was. She had incredible legs, which were always on display in her uniform. She moved the skirt around as best she could. Her bare legs surrounding the toilet. She looked upwards and squealed as she could see where the mess was going to be coming from, down onto her. “We thought that because your name is Brownfield that giving you something brown would be appropriate.” “I see, and obviously, what comes from the toilet is going to be brown. I see what you did there. Very clever.” She pointed at him with a sarcastic look on her face. “You can’t fool me, you have wanted to flush the toilet on me for years. Well, here I am flush away to your heart’s content,” Louisa said. “Louisa, do you have anything to say to your team mates?” “yeah,” she said, pointing into the camera with a semi angry face,” It is not my fault we lost. I bet you all lost on purpose just to see this happen to me. I shouldn’t be the one sat here. Oh well, I will be the most famous netball player in the world after this, even if it is for all the wrong reasons,” she joked. “So Louisa Brownfield, are you ready to get flushed?,” Mr. G. asked. “Not really, but go ahead anyway,” she joked.

Louisa prepared herself she held her breath. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Every muscle in her body tensed up as she sat perched on the toilet seat below her. The audience was now getting more and more excited. Mr. G. walked over to the giant toilet flusher and got ready to flush the toilet on Louisa. “Louisa Brownfield, world class netball player, your team did not win the game yesterday and now it is time for you to pay your forfeit. Louisa Brownfield, it is time to get flushed,” he said. The audience cheered loudly.

Mr. G. pulled down on the flusher. Louisa braced herself. Noises filled the studio of farting and what it would sound like if someone was using the toilet. Louisa busted out laughing. She pointed upward. The disgusting noises continued. “Louisa, control yourself,” Mr. G. said, pretending that it was Louisa herself that was making the noises. “Sounds like she really did need a bathroom break,” he joked. Following these noises were the sounds of a toilet flushing. It went on for several seconds. Louisa readied herself. Directly after the toilet flushing noises began blobs of brown gunge began to pour down through the gigantic toilet bowl above Louisa’s head. Louisa gripped the sides of the toilet seat with her hands as the brown gunge began to pour down from above. The first wave of gunge poured down onto the front of Louisa’s face. It splattered over her mouth, nose and eyes as she closed her eyes. The front of her face was greeted with the first droppings of gunge. Then a larger amount poured down onto the top of her head, covering more of her head and face and splattering as it went. It was thick, brown and lumpy. After that, more brown gunge poured down onto her knees and then her thighs. Her bare legs now getting splattered with brown gunge. A splatter of brown gunk collected all over Louisa’s thighs. Now more poured down onto her sexy calves and onto her clean white socks. She had trickles of brown muck slithering down her legs. More now poured down onto her lap and over her uniform. Her breasts and stomach were the next target. She sat nearly motionless as the disgusting brown slop poured on her. She hunched her shoulders and wiggled her mouth. The whole top of her head and face was caked in the brown gunge. Louisa’s face dripped in the disgusting brown mess. It fell from her forehead and nose. The toilet below her also dripped in brown messiness. She was bathed in the brown gunge. Her thick, muscular legs were covered in brown disgustingness. Some sections of her pale white skin were still visible around the collection of dark brown mess that covered them. Her uniform was caked in the gunge as well. She wiggled her hands and shook her head about. Her eyes and mouth were still visible, but the majority of her face was covered in brown gunge.

As the last of the gunge emptied over Louisa, Mr. G. approached her. “That’s what I get for losing.” she said,” Did you enjoy that Mr. G.? Flushing the toilet on me? It smells like it looks you know. I must stink.” ”Well, maybe a bit, but you look incredible. I think you are a fantastic representative of your sport.” “I am covered in what looks like excrement,” she joked,” I just had a giant toilet flushed on me. I am so proud. My fellow players are going to be so impressed,” she laughed, “Actually, it was a lot of fun. You know what, you can flush the toilet on me anytime.” Louisa blushed. The beautiful brown haired netball player sat on the toilet covered in brown gunge. “You have been a great sport. This is what happens when someone loses a wager thought. I want to encourage everyone to watch Netball Super league.” “Actually, yeah, thanks to you for having me on the show. It means a lot to myself, the team and the league. Plus they all got to see me get gunged, which everyone is going to be over the moon about.” Mr. G. helped Louisa up off of the toilet. The show went off the air as the two were shown talking together.

The promotion worked just like everyone had hoped. Loads more viewers came to the arenas and watched the matches on television. Louisa became much more famous. Unfortunately for her, most of her team mates and players throughout the league teased her quite a bit. She was called poo girl by her team mates. Also, a large picture of her sitting in the giant flush covered in gunge was displayed in the locker room for all to see for some time after that.

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Tool Academy gunge

Hi Everyone,
I have posted caps from yesterday's Tool Academy on Tellygunge. It is a huge post with many pictures. I was very suprised because the scene is actually very good in some sections. When the guys got a question wrong, more gunge went into the tank. They had to try to stop the gunge from falling. Most of the girls are pretty attractive, as far as I am concerned. Some of the reactions were very good as well. Some of the gunge missed, but some hit well. The link is below.

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Cruel Winter pillory

Cruel Winter was a show that I really loved at the time and not just for the messy content I was a huge fan. I have found a compliation clip of the different times they used the pillory. The best part is seeing Charlotte Atkinson get it. She is theone I found the most attractive. She is the one who gest the manure. Janelle gets hit with the tomatoes and Kirsty gets the gravy. I really love the last scene. Charlotte's reaction is lovely as well. Charlotte is a pretty good actress as well. It would be great if she was in more things. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys it.

Irish Teachers

One of my favorate set of clips is of these Irish teachers on this gameshow. Below are before and after stills of the six that were gunged. All of them are very attractive. At some point, maybe I will load clips and/ or still galleries for them, if there is a demand. These are just previews. The only bad bit is that the gunge misses in quite a few of the cases, but they are all still pretty good anyway.