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Jameela Jamil routing them on

****Warning***This story contains nudity and sexual content*****

Jameela Jamil routing them on

Jameela Jamil was a total sycophant. She presented the chart show each week and made out like everything was amazing, no matter how pedestrian or unimaginative it might be. She was a total ass kisser. The network that she was on also tried to push music on people and thought that it could create hits itself. There were always rumours that some of the artists who appeared on the show would sometimes get special “rewards” from Jameela afterwards. It was a known fact in the business that many artists looked forward to having hits because there was a chance that they would appear on the show and might get treated to what Jameela had to offer.

Jameela had been talking endlessly about a new act that was coming out with a single. She was doing all she could to make it a hit. Pretty much solely based on the fact that she found the act attractive. She went on about it so much that the producers of the show decided to make a bet with her. If this act that she loved so much went to number one, she would get to go on a trip and interview them for a special show. However, if they failed to reach number one, Jameela would have to get gunged. 

Jameela was goaded into agreeing to the bet because she was so obsessed with the act that she was backing. She was very into them.  No one ever thought to say that broadcaster and journalists are meant to impartial, or at least give that impression and that the network’s job was to play the charts and the music people wanted, not to try and dictate to people what they should be listening to.
Usually, Jameela would have a pretty good idea who was going to be number one early in the week or at least on Saturday. This time, however, everyone made sure that she did not hear anything until the chart was actually played on Sunday. The tension would grow throughout the show and the bet would be mentioned multiple times throughout. It built further because her act was in the top two, so she would have to wait until the final reveal at the end of the show whether they had made it to number one or not. Jameela was getting more and more nervous as the show went on of course. She kept joking that she wanted hints and wanted to know early. She would not find out until everyone else did, however. As each position was announced, Jameela breathed a sigh of relief that her song still had not charted. When number three was revealed, she had a mini celebration. It would all come down to the final two. Finally the time had come.

“This is Jameela Jamil. We will now all find out together who is our number one for the week. There is my favourite act and another left. As you all know by now, there is a bet on this. My act must get to number one. If they fail to, then I will be paying the consequences. I am praying that my act has done it. I have faith in them though. Hopefully, they will be number one and I will be saved. If not, then I am in deep trouble,” Jameela said. Jameela then welcomed in another presenter. They held the card with the information in it and would be reading it out.  It was now time to reveal who was number one.

“I can now reveal that Jameela’s act, the one that she guaranteed would get to number one, has charted today very highly. It is time to find out where. I am happy to reveal that Jameela’s act this week has charted at….,” he paused for ages. They usually did this every week anyway, but this week it was especially excruciating, especially for Jameela. “Number two, I am so sorry,” said. “Let me see that,” Jameela demanded. “Oh no, number two. They were so close too,” she said,” Well, stay tuned everyone. We will play out last two songs and then I will be getting what is coming to me at the end of the show. I can’t believe this. It’s so unlucky,” she said. “At least everyone else is happy about it.”
The last two songs were played.  Jameela was hoping that they never ended, but of course they were only about three and a half minutes each. She wished that she could somehow delay things, but there really was no way. “There was your number one for the week. Unfortunately for me, because I had made a little side bet, as you are all aware of. Now, it is time for me to get the punishment as a result,” she said. She passed the microphone to her colleague. She was lead over to the side of the studio where a chair had been set up for her. This was being broadcast on the radio, but, unfortunately for her, the show was now being broadcast online as well, so people were actually seeing this as well. Jameela sat down. “I still can’t believe this. It was so close. Surely that counts for something,” she said. “Nope, a bet is a bet,“ they replied. 

In a way, she really deserved this. It really was not right for people who worked in radio to show bias the way people where she worked clearly did. DJ’s should not have been championing acts as they saw fit. Jameela was about to receive her punishment. It was the producers and people who worked on the show who were going to get to do the honours. They really deserved this as well because they worked tirelessly behind the scenes and never really received any recognition. They started out with a sloppy creamy pie. Jameela  sat there smiling.  Before she could react, the pie was flung her way, smashing directly into her awaiting face. The person pushed the pie into her face, holding it there and twisting it a bit in her face. They pulled away revealing that Jameela’s face was coated in creamy pie as was a lot of her jet black, slightly frizzy hair. She laughed. “My hair,” she joked, preening it. Her hands held before her covered in pie as well. Her face was splattered in creamy pie. It decorated her cheeks, sides of her mouth and nose. It stuck all over the front of her hair. She pushed her face into the camera. 

Next, the crew pulled out a bucket filled with chicken byriani. This type of curry was in a vegetable sauce with rice. It was all different colours. It looked atrocious. As they prepared to dump it on her, Jameela realised that she was going to have to try very hard to hold onto her dress. It was very small. It had no shoulders and was short on the legs, even having a slit in it. She had nothing on underneath it anyway. She was hoping against hope that the dress would hold its integrity.  They came to her side and began to dump the leftover curry over her. She squealed as it poured onto her, over head and down on her shoulders. She was hit with a landslide of chicken, rice and vegetables all in a thick sloppy curry sauce. It must have been leftovers and must have been sitting around for quite a while because the aroma was pungent. It poured down the front of Jameela’s face. A large bit of chicken rolled down her nose and into her cleavage. Her shoulders were covered. It soon covered the top of her head. More poured down her back and then down onto her breasts, down her body and onto her legs. “It smells like shit!,” she shouted. She was trying to deal with the onslaught of the curry while at the same time desperately tried to hold her dress up. It was already experiencing the stress and strain of the mess that was all over and inside of it. The top was already sagging. She knew if she stood up, it would most likely drop to the floor.

Next, they had a bucket filled with a vegetable side dish that was made with lentils and chick peas. It was a light brown colour. It looked sloppy and disgusting. Jameela was about to get a very large helping of it. In the instant that it hit her, her dress fell down to the floor. The incredibly thin presenter, instantly placed her hands over her breasts and private parts. She could tell that there was no use in trying to lift the dress up, as it had basically burst at the seams.  She desperately clutched at her body, attempting to conceal what she could. The lentil dish, however, continued to pour. The sloppy mess poured down Jameela’s face and body. She could feel it everywhere. She laughed and squealed as she saw it pour down her face.  Her hair was now soaked in the sloppy sauce.  “I can’t believe this. This stuff reeks,” she said. By this point she looked as if she had fallen into a mud puddle or a pile of manure or something. The side dish dripped down her body and legs. She could feel it all over her skin. The floor was a mix of residual mess with her ruined dress in the centre for good measure.

“Now Jameela, we have a big surprise for you.” She dreaded to think what this could be. “We have your favourite act and he is here just to see you.” “Wait, what?,” she did not know whether to be excited, embarrassed or afraid. In walked the wannabe gangster singer that she had been backing. He was smiling and laughing. “Now, Jameela, we know why you really are into his music so we are going to give you just what you really want.” Jameela looked up at him. He smiled arrogantly. Out of instinct, she dropped to her knees. He unzipped his zipper and pulled out his already erect penis. Jameela instantly took it in her hands. She had been in this situation many times and knew what to do. She was a bit of an expert in fact at this. She took his throbbing penis in her hands. Meanwhile, he pulled out squeeze bottles of ketchup and mustard. She pushed his penis into her mouth and began to go down on him. She could not deny that this really was something that she had thought about. She now began to hungrily suck this guy’s cock. As she did, he sprayed the ketchup and mustard both over her face and on his penis. She closed her eyes as it poured on her face and all over his penis. She could taste is condiment covered wiener as she ran her tongue over the shaft and head. “Oh man, it is massive,” she thought to herself. She was enjoying the taste.  She nibbled on his penis. For his part, he was a misogynistic, womanising megalomaniac who thought he was something special. He didn’t even fancy her. He just wanted to have her do it. She was a bit embarrassed, but everyone knew what she was really like anyway. His penis got longer and harder until it was about to explode. At this point, he pulled it out and aimed it at her face. Thick sloppy white cum started to explode from his member all over Jameela Jamil.

His thick warm cum sprayed across her face, over the corners of her mouth, onto her lips and all over her teeth. He then made sure to spray some into her witch like black hair. She smiled and licked her lips. Her hands at her waist. She was covered from head to toe now in a combination of food and cum. She sat up.

“This is Jameela Jamil. I will see all next week on the chart show. Bye for now,” she said, as if nothing had happened at all.

Stwnsh final gunge clip

Here is the clip of the last stwnsh gunging. This person also has the celebrity driving academy clips, but there are some children in it so I won't post them at the moment.

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Celebrity Driving Academy pies

Jamelia and Debra Stephenson got pied on Celebrity Driving Academy. There were issues with how the scenes were edited, but overall they were a dream come true. There was no shower caps or goggles. They didn't try to duck or deflect the pies. They seemed to even make funny comments afterwards, although it could not be heard what they were saying in some instances. They were shown fully pied. They are both massively attractive in their own way so I think it was a win. The full set is at:

Nina Nesbitt raise my profile

Nina Nesbitt raise my profile

Nina Nesbitt was a rising star on the pop scene, She had some very minor success on the charts but was waiting to break through. She was always looking for ways to raise her profile and to increase her fame. When she was offered the chance to appear on a Saturday morning children’s show, she jumped at the chance. This would give her quite a bit more exposure than she ever would have had before. This would be a major turning point in her career, but it would come at a cost though. It was going to involve some measure of embarrassment. Nina knew this going in, but she was willing to go through with it because it would be very good for her career.

The show was a very silly one. Part of it was that groups of the teens competed and the winners got a prize. The games were silly and the prize was never revealed until the end. Nina and the presenter helped with the games throughout. She. Being the special guest. The team of girls ended up winning. When they won they were given a choice, they could either take the prize of a laptop or they could turn Nina into a human jacket potato. When Nina heard this, she gave a very worried look, pretending to bite her fingernails. The girls huddled together briefly and made their decision. In unison, they shouted,” The potato.” Nina made a muted worried face and pretended to pout.

She was lead over to brown blanket on the floor, meant to represent the skin of the potato. She sat down and crossed her legs inside of it. She wore black shorts, black trainers, a white shirt, white socks and suspenders. Three buckets were brought out and given to each of the three girls. “These are buckets of the three favourite jacket potato toppings in the country. You each may choose which one you would like,” the presenter said. They looked down and each selected their favourite.  Nina was about to find out first hand what a jacket potato felt like.

The first girl approached. “What have you chosen?,” the presenter asked. “Tuna,” the girl said. Nina looked up and rolled her eyes. She put her hand over her eyes and shook her head laughing. The girl approached carrying a bucket that was filled with tuna fish. From the wafting odour that was emanating from the bucket, it clearly was genuinely tuna. The smell was unmistakable. Nina gave a disgusted look and waived her hand in front of her face. The girl looked delighted. She raised the bucket over the budding pop star’s head. The tuna was very thick and did not fall from the bucket straight away. The girl had to shake the bucket around for a little bit to help the tuna along its way. Finally, a gigantic blob of the most disgusting looking tuna anyone had ever seen fell from the bucket. It hit Nina on the head and then tumbled down her body, the majority of it landing in her lap and all over her crossed legs. There ended up being a giant blob of it right on top of her legs. In the meantime more tuna fish fell from the bucket landing on Nina’s face and body. There was a good amount that stuck to her shoulders and on her suspenders. Her hair and face were covered in residual tuna. The presenter picked up some of the massive blob of tuna and pushed it into Nina’s face, rubbing it around. Nina was experiencing an intimate knowledge of tuna that she had never wished to experience. She laughed.

The second girl came forward. “Now what do you have to add to our human jacket potato here?,” she asked. “Coleslaw,” the girl responded. “Super,” the presenter said,” Of course, you got to have coleslaw on your jacket potato. It definitely needs to go on there. Sorry Nina,” she whispered. The contestant walked forward giggling and smiling. She aimed the bucket and began to pour the coleslaw down over the minor celebrity. The coleslaw also did not have the most pleasant of aromas. The girl carefully aimed the mess at Nina. The coleslaw slowly made its way down out of the bucket. The initial bits dumping down on Nina’s forehead and then down her face. All she could do was close her eyes, because her whole face was soon being covered in a seemingly endless supply of sloppy coleslaw. She could feel it all over her face then over her blonde hair. It then poured down her front. Coleslaw slowly made its way down her shirt and suspenders and finally down between her legs and onto her calves and thighs. It also poured down her back and over her backside. She was quite a tiny girl and there was quite a lot of coleslaw, coupled with the tuna, Nina’s body began to become overwhelmed and to disappear underneath the mountain of mess that had been created. Finally the slow stopped. Nine ran her index fingers across her eyes, clearing some of it away so she was able to see. Her face was covered in the smelly coleslaw. Her blonde hair was soaked in it. She shook her arms and gave a look like,” Very funny, this is so sloppy.”

“Now it is time for our third bucket. Now, what do you have there for us,” the presenter asked the next girl. “Baked beans of course,” she said. “Oh of course, you are right, baked beans are essential. You must have baked beans on your jacket potato. They definitely need to be added on top,” she said. Nina looked down and then looked up, shaking her head. This was getting very messy. The girl did not hesitate to come forward and begin dumping copious amounts of sloppy baked beans over the singer’s head. Nina laughed and closed her eyes as the beans tumbled out of the bucket and down upon her. They rained over her. Beans fell onto her face and onto her bare legs first. She could feel them dropping on her. They were cold and sloppy. The sloppy beans plopped down onto her irregularly. They began to mix with the messy slop that was already all over her body forming an even more disgusting substance. There was sloppy mess all over her calves and thighs all over her socks and shoes even. Her clothes were soaked through and through. Her shirt stained forever. She could feel the beans pouring down her back. She could feel them down the back of her shirt, on her back and the back of her bra. She was seated waist deep in mess now. Her blonde hair matted with beans. Beans poured down over her face. They made a disgusting plopping noise as the fell onto her. Nina shook her head and laughed as the beans poured and poured. The presenter then came over and emptied a small bag of grated cheese over Nina as a final topper. The slop that was now all over Nina Nesbitt looked totally disgusting, as if it was partially eaten.  It was all over her body. She was nearly up to her neck in it.

The winning team celebrated. “Well, there we are, a human jacket potato. Doesn’t it look scrumptious?,” she joked. Nina looked up and giggled. She was allowed to stand up. She stretched her legs. She stood up and turned around, letting every get a view from all angles. She picked some tuna from her hair. Mess fell everywhere as she stood up. She looked into the camera and smiled. “Well, we are nearly out of time, so we would like to give a special thanks to our special guest Nina Nesbitt. She has been great. Be sure to buy or download her new single which is out this week. Thanks so much Nina.” “It’s been a pleasure,” she said, shrugging her shoulders and fluffing her hair. She then laughed. They then all waived goodbye to the viewers at home.