Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Jo Joyner, Tanya Branning gunge fake

This is a fake of Jo Joyner or Tanya Branning from Eastenders. She is really hot. It is a close call as to who is hotter, her or her tv daughter on the show, Lauren. Here she is covered in thick blue and orange gunge.

Cameron Diaz makes it happen

Cameron Diaz makes it happen

Cameron Diaz had been in many situations in past Kid’s Choice Awards where she came close to being slimed. She really wanted it to happen in a way, but for some reason they never pulled the trigger on it. She had made it known that she was willing to take a messing and would not mind if it was broadcast, but she was denied. She was a bit disappointed to be truthful. One day something amazing dawned on her,” Wait, what I do I need them for? I can make it happen myself. I don’t need anyone to do it for me. I can just do it myself.” She was a bit nervous about this, but in the end she thought,” What the hell? I literally have nothing to lose.” She decided to go through with it. 

She decided to speak to the producers of the film she was making. It was a sequel to the Bad Teacher films. It was a comedy and Cameron had to do some self-effacing things in it so she thought that a scene where her students got their own back on her would be a great idea for the film. It would fit in perfectly. It would not be out of place. The scene that she proposed was that her students and some of the other teachers would get their own back upon her character for her ways, in a fun sort of way. The producers liked the idea quite a bit and agreed that they would make the scene a focal point in the film. 

In the scene, she was sat at her desk, nearly falling asleep while a film strip played. She was just about nodding off. The students whispered to each other. They all then got up and crept forward as quietly as they could. A few went out and told some of the other teachers and staff what was going on. They all had small containers with them that they had stowed away secretly in their desks in order to use at a time such as this. Everyone got into position all around her. They formed a circle around her. She was wearing a very short black skirt and a silver blouse. It really showed off her sexy figure, which did not go unnoticed by the male students in her class. 

When everyone was in place, they all silently signalled to one another that the time was now. They all then began to toss the contents of their containers all over the still asleep teacher. The first wave splashed her in the face, waking her up. She stumbled slightly. “Hey, what the hell is going on here,” she said, still slightly groggy. Her mouth fell open as a pie flew through the air and collided with her beautiful face with a thud. Her mouth fell wide open. She ended up with pie all over her famous facial features and even inside of her mouth.

They all continued to throw mess at her. A lot of the mess looked like slime. It was green and pink in colour. A huge amount of the green stuff splashed right into her face. “Hey, wait, stop you freaks,” she shouted. Some of the teachers poured slime down the back of her neck and down her blouse. Some of her students took her high heels off and poured slime into them before placing them back onto her feet. 

They then poured larger containers of slime over her head and all over her shapely body. She squealed, “No, no, no, don’t,” but was laughing uncontrollably the entire time. The gunge got everywhere, all over her body. It soaked her clothes and stained her blouse. She could feel it inside of her clothes. It was a delicious, enticing feeling, but she could not admit that.

One of the teachers then slammed another pie right into her face. His hand was on the back of her head as he pushed her face into the pie. She theatrically waved her hands and shook her head. When he let go, she stood up and looked around. “I won’t forget this,” she said angrily, pointing her finger at them. She then angrily stomped down the hall, dripping slime along the way as she went. There was also toilet paper stuck to her heel for some reason. She acted like she was in a strop. She pretended to go to the principal’s office to tell on them.

In reality, she was not mad at all. Instead she went to her dressing room and into her bathroom. She looked at herself in her full length mirror. “Damn, I look hot,” she said to herself. She then ran her hands all over her body. She was very aroused by what had just happened. She posed in the mirror. She did not clean herself off for a long time. She just enjoyed touching herself in the slimy mess.

Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Velvet Skye velvet slimed

Velvet Skye velvet slimed

Velvet Skye had pretty much not been any messy situations during her time in the wrestling business. There was one time when the Beautiful People had some manure like stuff dumped over them, but it was pretty lame overall. They were clad in special outfits and it missed pretty badly as well. This did beg the question, “Why bother doing it at all?,” but I digress. Velvet was a good spirited and fun person, so she was not, in any way opposed to getting messy if it was needed. She would probably be the first person to volunteer for something like that, truth be known.

TNA was looking for someone to represent the company at a Hollywood event. It was an awards show that involved the kid’s network. They had proposed that one of their wrestlers could be on the show and could get slimed. They knew that this was the best way to get publicity. Whoever the unlucky person was would have their face plastered all over the place, covered in slime. When Velvet heard about this, she enthusiastically volunteered to be the one to do it. The company representatives were not sure at first, but she was so enthusiastic about the whole thing that they could choose no one else. She saw it as a no lose situation. She would be on television. She would get lots of publicity. She would be attending a big time Hollywood event. She would probably meet bigger celebrities than she ever would have before. She would also get to be the centre of attention. Also, she had watched this network since she was a child herself and had always wanted to get slimed. She didn’t see that there was anything bad about it. It just looked like a lot of fun to her. It might be a little embarrassing, but half of the things she was asked to do for TNA were quite embarrassing as well. 

She came up on stage wearing a midriff top and a little skirt that had a t back as well. Her sexy tanned abs, legs and breasts all were featured prominently in her attire. She came out with a co presenter. The other presenter was a big name Hollywood actor. He was someone similar to a George Clooney or Will Smith in stature. She was very excited just to meet him. She quite fancied him and he was a hugely famous star. She was thrilled to be on stage with him. Although, a lot of the people there and watching may not have been familiar with who she was, it was clear that she was very attractive. This did not go unnoticed by the male celebrities in attendance. She really did shine. She was having an amazing time as well.

When they came out on stage, they began to read some prewritten lines. Her co presenter began to speak to her. “Velvet, being at the awards must be very different from your normal career in the ring,” he enquired. “Well, in some ways, yes, but there are a lot of similarities as well, when you really think about it.” “What sort of similarities,” he asked. “Well, there are a lot of beautiful people. It is very competitive. Everyone has their game faces on, but most of all anything can happen. There are always a lot of surprises. It can get very messy at a moment’s notice, so you have to be prepared at all times.”

With that, on cue, green slime began to pour all over Velvet Skye from all directions. It was the slimy viscous type of slime. Slime poured down over her head from above and squirted from the podium all over her as well. She closed her eyes and smiled as she was showered in sloppy green slime. Unlike other people on the show, the slime was right on the money this time. Slime dispersed all over Velvet’s body for what seemed like ages. It coated her sexy, tanned, toned body. It dripped everywhere all over her. She was covered in it.

The other presenter had stepped off to the side. The slime missed him entirely. Finally the slime ceased. The two then went back to their places. “See, I am used to this sort of thing. A lot of people would have been shocked by that, but it is just an average day at the office in our business.” He put his hand upon her shoulder. “I commend you,” he told her. They then announced the nominees for the award that they were giving out.

Velvet then went back stage and did some interviews while still covered in the slime. She told the press that she did not mind at all and that it was a lot of fun. She was very happy to be there. The night was a resounding success for her. There were pictures and stories about her sliming all over the place the next day. She had a great time. She met loads of Hollywood stars. Some of the male celebrities actually flirted with her and tried to get her number. They told her she looked amazing covered in slime. She ended up getting a lot of attention from some pretty big name male celebrities. She loved every minute of it. It also helped TNA and her career as well in the process. They did an angle where they referenced the sliming where the other knockouts teased her and slimed her again. The whole thing was a massive success in every way.

Monday, 29 August 2016

Rachel Nichols ESPN gunged fake

This is a fake of the incredible Rachel Nichols gunged. She looks incredible, I have to say.

Top Ten ESPN Reporters I would like to see get messy

Top Ten ESPN Reporters I would like to see get messy

10. Cari Champion- Cari is probably best known for first take. She looks good most of the time. She always tends to look very serious. She has to deal with two of the more annoying personalities in sports broadcasting. She has a pretty attractive face. When she does smile and laugh she looks amazing. It would be enjoyable to see her smile and laugh as gunge poured down over her head. Hopefully, she would be laughing, but the chances are that she would look more annoyed. I can picture her scowling with her arms crossed.  She is very slim though, which I don’t like that much.

9. Sarah Spain- Sarah is on Around the Horn quite a lot now. She has a good sense of humour. She can be quite funny, or at least attempts to be. I could picture her being someone who would be up for a charity gunging or something like a bucket challenge. She has dark hair and eyes and an olive skin tone. I have only ever seen her from the chest up, but I imagine that she must have a very shapely, sexy body. She would look good covered in green or pink slime. I could imagine her getting a pie in the face as well. She is quite close with some of the other female sports casters so that may come into play as well. 

8. Molly McGrath- Molly McGrath is involved mainly in college football. I believe that she was once a cheerleader. She looks like a model. She is quite sexy. She has golden hair and golden skin. Her sexy legs are a highlight of the shows that she is on. It’s usually two burly men and her in the middle. One’s eye is drawn straight to her, especially is she is wearing a skirt. Enough can’t be said about her legs. She would look amazing covered in any kind of mess. She seems like the sort of person that her colleagues would love to see that happen to as well. They must all have naughty thoughts about her. She is very sexy.

7. Samantha Ponder- I wasn’t really into her at first. Possibly this was because she replaced Erin Andrews and she does not hold a candle to her. Then again, who does? Erin Andrews is literally one of the most attractive women in the entire world, in my opinion. She is an equal to anyone in Hollywood when it comes to looks, so Samantha was put in a tough spot. She is also very loud. She seems to shout everything she says. Also, the other sports casters don’t seem to really respect her that much. They repeatedly just speak over her, especially on College Football Live. It’s actually really disrespectful. All that being said, I actually really like her. She has a sort of dirty personality. She has a bit of dirty laugh. She tries her best to be funny. She does not always succeed, but she gets a really sexy look on her face when she is trying to be humorous. Truthfully, she seems a lot of fun to be around. She would look amazing covered in messiness. She would definitely react well. I can picture the look upon her face. She would definitely take it in good humour. It would look great on her as well.

6. Kate Fagan- There is something really attractive about Kate’s short hairstyle. She is clearly a talented journalist. It is clear that she is intelligent and passionate about things. She is really cute as well. She would look amazing getting a pie in the face. She is on Around the Horn a lot and is quite competitive. This would provide a good platform. A lost bet on the outcome of the show would be the perfect situation for her to get messed. I think that she would do it for charity as well if asked. She seems to be someone with a really good level of social consciousness.

5. Ramona Shelburne- People will not agree with this. People will not find her attractive because of her weight. I do find her attractive though. I like the fact that she chubby. I like chubby women though. In truth I like all sizes of women. Being on the heavy side does not bother me. Ramona is sexy. She has a really quirky way of talking and thinking which I like. She would look amazing covered in mess. I can imagine her laughing. Her laugh is amazing. It is hard to describe. She seems like someone who maybe is a bit of an outsider. She seems a bit different. She is not a super thin, tanned blonde like some of the others. She looks like a normal woman. She seems like a fun person as well. I can picture her colleagues messing her up, having a laugh at her expense. 

4. Heather Dinich- Heather is adorable, she is sexy, she is intelligent. I don’t think that I have to go into a very detailed description of why I would love to see her getting messy. I can imagine her cringing and laughing as it went all over her. She looks great in a skirt as well. She has a really expressive face and would have really good reactions as well.

3. Michelle Beadle- I really don’t know why Michelle Beadle is as awesome as she is. She is nothing like a Hollywood star or pop singer. Her looks might be described as average, but, somehow that makes her more attractive. She is down to earth. She likes sports, football, pro wrestling and probably would like horror films and video games. She really cool. She would look amazing covered in mess. Her reactions would be amazing. I can imagine her either laughing and thinking it was hilarious or being like, what the hell is this? I can imagine her making funny faces.

2. Rachel Nichols- Everything about Rachel Nichols is amazing. She is at a level where even her hair is somehow sexy. Again, she does not look like a model, she looks like a real woman. She is gorgeous, both inside and out. She is intelligent and seems sweet and caring as well. Even if she has that funny, Dick Schapp style of speaking when she id reporting something. She has been on the screen since I was a kid, it seems like. She looks just as good now as she did then. She is someone whose beauty comes from inside. She is someone I could actually imagine agreeing to get messy in the right situation. Imaging her covered in mess is a lot of fun.

1. Erin Andrews- Erin Andrews is one of the most attractive women in the world. What happened to her was terrible. It was really disgusting. It is terrible how it has effected her as well. That being said, there are very few women in the world that I could list as being more attractive than she is. Her face, her body, her hair. Everything about her is amazing. The only way that she could look better would be covered in mess. To be ranked ahead of Rachel Nichols in anything is no small feat. I just can’t put her anywhere but in the top spot. She is on a level of attractiveness that very few women are. I can imagine that her beauty is literally breath taking in person.