Saturday, 28 February 2015

Strictly Come Dancing lesson

Strictly Come Dancing lesson

On Strictly Come Dancing 2014, a lot of rivalries developed. One rivalry was one between the older women, Alison Hammond, Jennifer Gibney and Judy Murray and the young female, Pixie Lott, Frankie Bridge and Caroline Flack. The rivalry developed for obvious reasons. The younger girls were all incredibly attractive and had a real advantage not just because they were younger and more athletic, but also because they had done dancing as part of performing before. The two groups of women were hotly feuding. One day they got into an argument. The younger ladies opened their mouths and stated that they thought the elder women were so past it that they would definitely all be eliminated by the fifth elimination. The elder women bit back though. “Oh yeah, care to make it interesting?,” Alison said. “We’ve got nothing to lose,” the young women said. “Well let’s make it an official bet then, if we are not eliminated by that point then,” the three women conferred, whispering to one another,” Then we will get to gunge the three of you.” The three sexy young women looked at one another. Their eyes widened, they looked a bit nervous now. “Well, ok,” they responded. It is a sure bet anyway. There is now way we can lose, but if you are all eliminated by the fifth elimination then we get to do the same to you instead.” “You’re on,” Alison said. 

The weeks went on and things got more and more tense. The younger women began to get more and more worried about the bet that they had made. Jennifer was eliminated from the competition in round two, so at that point they were still reasonably confident. Unfortunately for them Alison and Judy were not eliminated until the sixth and seventh elimination. Once it got to the fourth elimination and two of them were left, it was clear that the three younger ladies had lost the bet. They knew they had lost and were now squirming. They were hoping that they could find a way to weasel out of the bet, but the other three had told everyone on the show as well as the producers about the bet and they were now going to film the whole thing for the show. There was no way in the world that they would be able to get out of this now. 

The messing was scheduled to take place before the taping of the next show. It would take place in the studio on the dancefloor. The other contestants were all gathered round to watch this happen. There was an audience present as well. The judges and presenters were there as well. Three chairs were set up in the centre of the dancefloor. Tess Daley and Claudia Winkleman announced to everyone what was happening. “As a result of losing a bet, Pixie, Frankie and Caroline are going to be getting messy today,” Tess explained. “Oh no, how embarrassing,” Claudia said, somewhat sarcastically. “It’s time for the girls to get their bums out here now,” Tess said. “No hiding ladies, now,” Claudia said. The three gorgeous young women came out. They all had their eyes on the floor, looking very humbled. 

They walked out to the three chairs and took their seats. All three were famous for wearing hot pants and that is what they had on for this special occasion. Pixie’s were black, Caroline’s were army green and Frankie’s were red. They each sat down looking at one another, somewhat angrily. They all blamed one another for the predicament that they now found themselves. They were now squabbling about it. They took deep breaths. Claudia and Tess then welcome the three older women to the show. They were all beaming. “My, my, my, don’t the ladies look incredible tonight,” Tess said. They really did as well. They looked incredible. They had amazing bodies including incredible legs and backsides. The older women, however, were going to be getting revenge on them. It was a stand for older women everywhere. There were many female viewers in the audience and at home watching as well. Many of them were going to take great satisfaction in seeing these three gorgeous young women humiliated on national television. All of the men were going to enjoy seeing this happen for other reasons.

The three older women smiled as they looked down at the sexy younger women already sat in the hot seats. They were very happy. They almost teased the young women. They were going to get to mess them up in front of the whole world. “This one is for all of the regular, every day women out there,” they said. The young women just rolled their eyes. Their feeling was,” Whatever.” “We are going to get these girls sloppy,” Alison proclaimed. The girls asked themselves what they had let themselves in for. They knew that they were in for a truly embarrassing evening at this point.

The ladies did their best to cower forward, gripping their legs, but they were not going to be able to avoid the mess that was about to come their way. They were about to learn a harsh lesson in humility the hard way. The three older women were handed large buckets and then got to choose who to stand behind. Alison chose Pixie. Jennifer chose Caroline and Judy chose Frankie. The girls could hear the elder women chuckling and snickering behind their backs. All they could do was brace themselves for the inevitable. The buckets were each filled with a different colour gunge. Pixie’s was pink. Frankie’s was red and Caroline’s was orange.

“Ok, the three ladies were a bit arrogant and now they have to pay the price,” Tess said. “Ladies, when you are ready, you may let them have it,” Claudia suggested. The women smirked slyly at each other as they raised their buckets. Then, at the same time, they began to pour. The ladies in the chairs squealed in horror as they felt thick, sloppy gunge pouring down on them from above. The gunge poured over all three of them, side by side. The gunge poured over their heads and faces and then all over their bodies. Gunge poured over their sexy legs, dripping all the way down their calves to their ankles. They pouted and moaned as the older women moved the buckets around, over them, generously pouring layer after layer of sloppy gunge onto them. 

People were roaring with laughter at the site of the ridiculously attractive young celebrities getting covered in messy gunge. They were loving seeing this happen. Everyone had their phone out as well, getting videos of this. Each girl was in her own personal world of misery. They each felt the gunge all over their bodies, over their clothes, getting everywhere. It dripped everywhere. It was thick, sloppy gunge as well rather than the viscous type gunge. They were all mortified with embarrassment. The level of humiliation at this point was off the scale. The older women took their time as well, relishing every second of humiliating these three. The gunge seemed to pour and pour. Every time they thought it was about to stop, it just kept going. When those buckets were empty, they were then given second buckets of gunge, which they continued to pour of the three struggling young women. They kicked their legs slightly, but this only managed to splash some of the gunge around.

They could feel gunge on their bare skin and all over their faces. They tried to clear their eyes, but as they did, another wave of sloppy gunge fell where the last had been pushed away. Underneath the gunge that covered them, the girls were all bright red with embarrassment at their current state. They were livid, but could not complain, because they had put themselves in this position. They had no one to blame but themselves.

“Now, as a special treat for these ladies. They are all looking a bit thin. They look like they could do with a good meal,” Claudia said,” So, the catering department has kindly provided us with some of what was left over from lunch today free of charge.” The girls look at each other. Their eyes widened. “I think you ladies remember what we had for lunch,” Tess said.  By the time they uttered the word, ”Spaghetti”, the three older women were already pouring leftover spaghetti from the catering department over the three of them. They huddled together as spaghetti fell all over the three of them. The older women laughed as they dumped the leftovers all over the three sexy young women. The girls closed their eyes as spaghetti dumped over them. Before long they were covered in spaghetti sauce and clumps of spaghetti. It covered their faces, dangled from their hair and stuck all over their bodies. The feeling of humiliation that swept over them collectively was indescribable. Spaghetti piled on their laps and fell inside of their clothes.

The three women were left trying to pick bits of the spaghetti off of themselves. They looked up and looked at each other shaking their heads as the three older women bowed and laughed, shaking hands and hugging. They pointed at the three sloppy young women sat in front of them. Each of the three in the chairs independently attempted removing as much of they could of the collected mess from their bodies.

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Ruth Jones I can imagine it

**Warning** This story contains sexual content. It is also a work of pure fiction. I have never met Ruth Jones. She may be happily married for all I know. It is just a naughty messy fantasy. Also, she is a larger lady so this might not be to everyone’s taste.**

Ruth Jones I can imagine it

Ruth Jones is on the larger size for famous women, but she is still incredibly attractive. She is quite sexy and can be quite naughty at times in her personal life. I met her one night in a bar and restaurant. I did not even know that she was famous at the time. We both went up to the bar to order our meals. I was just before her. I offered for her to go first but she said,” Nah, go on love, you were here first.” I ordered my meal. She was right there behind me as I ordered. “Mmm that sounds delicious love, I was going to order the same thing. Can you imagine though, if it was on your cock,” she said, half whispering in my ear. I couldn’t believe what I was hearing. I turned around. She was very close to me, her leg touching mine. “Um, excuse me,” I said,” I am not sure that I heard you right.” She looked me up and down and then deep in the eyes. “No, you heard me right, love. I said I would love to eat that off of your cock. Should we get our meals to go and go back to my place,” she asked. I nodded in approval. We got our meals to go and picked up some other bits on the way.

By the time we got inside of her door, we were already passionately kissing. We were all over each other. “I have wanted to get these fucking clothes off since the minute I saw you,” she said. We didn’t even get out of the entrance way before we were tearing each other’s clothes off. She pulled her top off and I followed. We feverishly pulled one another’s jeans down. She reached back and unfastened her bra, exposing her enormous chest. We then quickly removed each other’s underwear. 

We fumbled our way in the bedroom and went onto the floor, dragging the bags of food with us. Before I knew it, she had my penis in her hand. She grabbed a baguette filled with tuna salad, mayonnaise and salad. She shoved my penis into the soft roll. My penis now, suddenly smeared in the tuna, inside the roll. She then opened her mouth. She began to simultaneously suck my cock and eat the hoagie at the same time. Licking the tuna sensuously off of my penis as it began to get even harder than it had been initially. She ate the hoagie as she went along, enjoying the taste of the special ingredient that lay inside. Her hunger for the food was matched only by her hunger for my penis. 

“I’m fucking starving,” she said with a wink. Her hands grasping both my penis and the roll within them. She sucked more from my balls as she held the roll higher. As she was nearing the end of the roll, I knew I was about to let go. “Let me have it hun,” she said. I leaned back, closed my eyes and exploded in orgasm. Thick, warm cum exploded from my penis. It sprayed into her face, onto her hair and into her mouth. It got all over the remains of the hoagie. She was undeterred though, she licked her lips and then ate the rest of the hoagie along with most of the cum that was now sloppily all over her.

“Mmmm, food and sex, together in such a nice way. It doesn’t get much better than that,” She said. She now laid on her back. I lowered my head between her sexy, chubby legs. She opened wide, exposing her vagina in full. She then took a coronation chicken baguette. She opened it up and pushed it downwards straight into her crotch, sloppy side down. She rubbed it around with the palm of her hand. Some of it getting on my face in the process. I leaned over and began to lick her sloppy vagina. It was now covered in mounds of the yellow coronation chicken and the remains of the roll that had held it. I could taste the flavour of it along with the taste of Ruth’s private parts. She was already very wet. I licked her back and forth. She leaned back and began to moan. I ran my tongue along her pussy lips and then pushed it deeper inside of her sexy love hole. She began to scream her approval as my tongue penetrated deeper inside of her womanhood. Coronation chicken was now everywhere on us both. She closed her eyes and leaned backwards. “Yes, fucking eat me baby,” she screamed. She bit her lip and then her body exploded in pleasure. Her muscles writhed in pleasure. Her pussy exploded, it juices squirting everywhere. Her sex noises filled the room.

She then sat up. She took two pies in her hands and gave them to me. She closed her eyes. I smashed one pie into her face and one between her legs. She then handed me two more. I smashed the first into her heaving chest, rubbing it around on her massive breasts as she writhed and moaned in pleasure. Her hand was firmly between her legs, playing with herself and rubbing the pie around on her pussy lips. I then motioned her to bend over. She got on her knees and bent over, exposing her massive rea rend. “Yes, pie my ass,” she said in her sexiest Welsh accent. I leaned back and pushed the pie, with all mu might, squarely into her massive posterior. It was the sexiest site I had ever seen. I rubbed the pie around on her large butt cheeks. Some emerging into her ample butt crack along the way. She let out a yelp of satisfaction as she felt her behind getting creamed. I then leaned forward and began to run my tongue up and down her creamy backside, over her cheeks, along her crack and down the back of her thighs. 

It was a bit odd, thinking back. We had only just met and we were already naked, covering one another in messy food and performing sexual acts upon one another. Next we took a large chocolate gateau. We got up onto our knees. We faced one another and placed the cake between our bodies. We then hugged each other, pushing our nude bodies together. This squashed the cake between us, smushing it all over Ruth. It mainly stuck to her breasts and stomach. We looked one another in the eyes and kissed again.

We then took a cardboard container filled with custard that we had cut at the top and raised it in the air together. We tipped it over and custard slowly began to plop down onto Ruth’s head and then all over her large body. It plopped on her breasts and down her back onto her ass. She put her hands on her enormous breasts and began to fondle them, squeezing and rubbing the custard around on her own huge breasts. She licked her lips and flicked her tongue in a movement that was absolutely filthy. I then grabbed a second container, this one containing chocolate custard. I slowly poured it onto her head and then over her body, down onto her belly, crotch and thighs. She then placed one hand firmly between her legs. She began to finger her own pussy in the custardy mess. She feverishly massaged her pussy lips. She started off slow and then began to go faster and faster. She closed her eyes, moaning in pleasure.

I then took another, similar container that was filled with rice pudding and began to pour it onto the chubby, naked actress. She now got onto all fours with her rear end in the air. She continued touching herself as I poured the sloppy pudding up and down her body. It poured over her back and dripped down her enormous breasts and behind. She then looked back and said, “Fuck me.”

She opened herself wide, spreading her legs for me as I slid my penis into her vagina from behind. We started to make love doggy style. We began to hump back and forth as she moaned and screamed in pleasure. All the while, I had tins of baked beans in either hand, dumping them over her while we had sex. “Oh God, Oh my God, yes, fuck yes,” she squealed. She began making loud animal like sex noises as she felt my erect penis moving back and forth inside of her sloppy private parts. The feeling of the food all over her coupled with the feeling of having sex was doubly pleasurable. I also placed a ripe peach in her mouth as we were having sex. She dug her teeth in, releasing the sweet natural juices of the fruit into her mouth. It dribbled down her chin as she was about to explode in orgasm.

She closed her eyes and clenched her teeth as she let go in a release of cathartic ecstasy. Her body erupted in orgasm. Her body jerked back and forth, every muscle spasming simultaneously in pleasure. Her sex noises filling the air. We then fell onto each other in exhaustion and ecstasy. “That was fucking amazing love,” she said looking into my eyes. “It doesn’t really get any better than that.”

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Lana a short story

Lana a short story

Lana is known as the ravishing Russian. She accompanies Rusev to the ring in the WWE. The two have the act of regularly insulting America in order to garner heat from the crowds. This was their gimmick and it worked well for them. They made a name for themselves in the WWE over time. As a culmination of one of their storylines, it was arranged that one of their rivals would get revenge upon them. Upon Lana, specifically.

It was arranged that in an in ring segment, Lana would be spouting off about how great Russia and Rusev were when she would get a little surprise. Lana went to the ring in one of her famous skirt suits, showing off plenty of leg. This one was a white one. She climbed into the ring and began to go off about how stupid the fans were and about how great Russia and Rusev were. She began to badmouth Rusev’s latest opponent. She said how they were weak and not the man that her man was, the usual thing that was said during wrestling feuds.

As she was spouting off, the opponent’s music hit. Lana screamed vehemently about being interrupted. The music kept playing, but strangely, the wrestler did not emerge. Lana looked around puzzled, trying to see where he was. She scratched her head and yelled,” Where are you? I demand you show yourself.” With that a noise came from above. Lana looked upwards towards the ceiling to see what the noise was. 

As she looked up, she screamed when she realized what was happening. Three separate streams of gunge poured down onto her from above. They were in the colours of red, white and blue. They poured from above. She had just enough to shake her head in disbelief before the gunge hit her. The entire arena erupted in laughter and applause as the gunge hit the sexy Russian. The mess hit her perfectly in her face.

Her head thrust forward. The multi-coloured gunge poured down onto her, slowly covering her tied black, platinum blonde hair. She comically waived her arms about as the gunge poured over her. It covered her in lines of coloured mess. It poured over her head, then her shoulders and down her body, down her front and back. She scowled and let out a high pitched bellow as the gunge continued to pour, streaking down her sexy body. It poured down her suit, down her skirt and down her perfect tanned legs. The thick mess glop slowly dripped down the curves of Lana’s sexy body. The texture of the mess looked amazing on her smooth tanned skin.

Lana slipped and fell to her knees. She slapped her hands on the ground. She comically slipped and slid around in the gunge as it continued to pour down on her. She shook her head in rage and screamed, slammed her hands down in the mess. She frowned and cohered in the pool of sloppy mess that was gathered all around her in the middle of the ring. She had never been so humiliated in her whole life. The crowd was loving every minute of it. They cheered and tried to snap photos.
The wrestler then came out. “Hey Lana, you look great. I just thought I would give you a little welcome American style,” he quipped. She shouted at him. He saluted her and then, his music hit again. He laughed and walked off. Lana sat in the ring, covered from head to toe in gunge. She kicked her sexy legs about and shouted. “This is an outrage!,” she shouted.

She then exited the ring and stomped back to the dressing room angrily. In the storyline, this enraged Rusev even more. He cut a promo later on saying how he would get revenge for what his opponent had done to Lana.