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Uzma Yakoob unpopular

Uzma Yakoob unpopular

***Disclaimer: Uzma is my favorite candidate on the Apprentice. It sucks that she was fired. I really do feel like people were aginst her for no reason. That being said, she is also the person taht I would like to see get messy the most.***

On this season of the Apprentice, one contestant seemed to be disliked by just about everyone. That person was Uzma. She did nothing really wrong, but just seemed to rub everyone the wrong way. Unfortunately for her, there was a task set out that involved the candidates voting for the person they most wanted to see punished. She did not believe that she would get the most votes. She had not done anything to make these people dislike her. Others deserved it way more than she did. She was aware that a lot of people were against her, especially the other females. The contestants were not told what the punishment would be. They were only told that they would be wise to avoid it at all costs. Uzma had no idea what it might be. There was speculation, but the guesses were not really close to what the truth really was. There was tons of contestants, so Uzma felt that her shot of getting the most votes was rather small anyway.

Uzma had no idea how embarrassing it might get. She prided herself on being ready for anything and she would have to be. She quite liked the idea of seeing one of the others punished and embarrassed. She thought that it would be a good laugh. Maybe one of the guys or one of her female rivals. Everyone was gathered around at podiums. Everyone was given a piece of paper. They merely had to vote for the person that they wanted to see be punished. The person with the most votes would be the one getting punished. Things started to get tense as everyone wrote their names down. Karren Brady was the one who got to read the results. She slowly opened up each piece of paper and read the votes out.

Uzma smiled when her name was called first. Unfortunately for her, it kept getting called out over and over again. When it got to about five votes for her, she looked around. “Thanks a lot guys,” she said. Time and time again, her name was called. It was clear that she had received a vast majority of the votes. In the end , on two other people received votes. Obviously one of them cast by Uzma herself. Uzma was now looking less confident. She was bricking it, but was putting on a brave face. She began to blush now. “So, it looks like we have a clear cut winner. Uzma has gotten the most votes. That means she will be receiving the punishment,” Karren said. Everyone applauded and looked at Uzma. It did not feel great to her that she had gotten so many votes.

“Now it is time for Uzma to receive her punishment. Let’s bring it out,” Karren said. Everyone looked over to see what it would be. When they saw what it was, everyone laughed and clapped. Uzma gave an incredulous look. “Oh my god, I can’t believe this,” she said. She shook her head and laughed. A large gunge tank was wheeled in and positioned in place. “Uzma, will you please come and take your seat,” Karren said. Everyone looked at Uzma. “Come on Uzma, have a seat. Make yourself comfortable,” they said. “Thanks guys,” she said sarcastically. She blushed and shook her head as she walked over to the gunge tank. She looked down and lowered her bottom onto the seat, taking her place. She began looking up to see what would happen. She wore a grey suit with a pink shirt underneath. Uzma could not really believe that so many of her colleagues had voted for her.

Karren began to speak. “Uzma did not win the challenge and now she must face the consequences. Gentlemen, begin your dumping,” she said. “Oh god, no please,” Uzma said, panicking, her head darting back and forth. “Lentil soup,” Karren Brady said. Before Uzma knew what was happening, lentil soup began to pour down on her from above. Thick brown sloppy lentil soup poured down from above all over Uzma’s layered hair, face and body. In an instant, her entire face was covered in the sloppy lentil filled mess. The brown soup slopped down on her trousers and down her hair. She ran her hands over her face, closing her eyes. The soup made a disgusting plopping sound as it poured onto the make up exec. Uzma was having an up close and personal experience with the lentil soup. It was all over her close and soaked her layered hair. It was thick on her face. Her fellow contestants were beside themselves with laughter witnessing what was happening to Uzma. She tried as best she could but her whole world, at this moment, was lentil soup. Her expensive suit was covered in brown mess.

“Vegetarian chilli,” Karren then said. Uzma looked up and was greeted with a face full of quorn mince, pinto beans and tomato sauce. The quorn gave the chilli a different feel. It was more course of a feel. The imitation meat and beans poured onto Uzma’s head and shoulders. She held her hands out, catching some of the chilli. Her head thrust forward. It splattered everywhere. For a second there was a hushed awe at what everyone was witnessing. Chilli covered her hair. The top of her head was covered in chilli. She felt it all down her neck. It felt cold and clammy against her skin. She rubbed her neck, scooped up some of the chilli and tossing it away. Chilli ran straight down the front of her face, down her nose, over her nose ring. The chilli kept coming. Uzma was actually struggling to handle the amount of mess that was coming her way. Her clothes were already covered and the mess was piling up on the floor and on the seat. Uzma made a disgusted face.

“Cheese tortellini,” Karren said next. “Ah yes, tortellini,” one of the contestants said in a mock Italian accent. With that, tons of the round pasta parcels poured onto Uzma from above. All in a tomato sauce with bits of mushroom, onion and parmesan cheese in it. They toppled down on her with some force. The sauce and cheese covered everything. The cheese had a ripe odour to it. Lots of the pasta stuck all over Uzma’s face and dangled from her hair. Some the tortellini broke open, sending more cheese onto Uzma. Because they were relatively large, they felt heavy when they fell onto Uzma. She could feel them inside of her clothes. Her mouth was wide open as the tortellini rolled down her face. Her reactions were priceless. She looked as if someone poured ice cold water down her back.

“Lamb Rogan Josh,” Karren said. Uzma’s head lurched forward as she felt the brown and red Indian dish pour down from above her. It had thick chunks of lamb along with sliced onions and peppers. Uzma closed one eyes and looked upwards with the other as the curry poured onto her head. Everyone was clapping and laughing. Uzma was confronted with what seemed like gallons of the thick curry. The pieces of lamb were very large and meaty. It was not warm either. It was room temperature. Onion and peppers dangled from her face and clothes. Her clothing was all stained brown. She was totally over.

“Sag Paneer,” Karren said next. Uzma held her hands out in defeat, looked up and closed her eyes. Blobs of green spinach and cottage cheese fell from above. They landed on Uzma’s face and down her body. The first bit, falling right on her face. She moved her head forward, the spinach continued falling down onto her head. It poured on her hair and face. Soon her face was almost unrecognizable underneath the spinach and cheese. Her whole lap and shirt were totally covered in the mess. The mess on the floor of the booth nearly came up to Uzma’s waist. Everyone gave a polite round of applause and then exited.

“Thanks guys, don’t offer to help me clean up or anything,” Uzma joked behind a mask of spinach and lamb. She stood up and brushed some of the food off her clothes. She pulled some of the bits from her beautifully done hair. When she stood up, the mess level in the tank rose. The door was opened and she stepped out. Her clothes were totally covered in mess. There were patches of dark brown and green everywhere. She wiped off what she could. She shook her head. “Well, not a bad day at the office then,” she joked. She was embarrassed and dejected at what had happened, but it was an unwritten rule of the show that you always had to act like things were fantastic no matter what. No one wanted to talk to her when she arrived back at the house the candidates lived at. No one really offered any form of condolence.

Stwnsh Sadwrn May 2013 Mother

Stwnsh Sadwrn is back and messier than ever. This is a clip of a mom losing a game and getting some mess dumped on her by her family. She is not the best looking, she has goggles on and it cuts away, but overall it is pretty good and a good sign of things to come. There was another good messy game, but it was all males taking part. It is a good omen for sure. The desk was getting old and the gunge was thin and sort of clear.

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Katy (Georgia May Foote) her true nature

This story contains nudity and sexual situations. It contains explicit content. Please do not proceed if you are underage or are easily offended by this sort of material.***

Katy (Georgia May Foote) her true nature

Katy went out to a club in town to try to take her mind off her love life. Her partner, Chesney had broken up with her because she had been kissing another man, namely, Ryan. Ryan had wanted this to happen and had basically sabotaged the whole thing for his own selfish reasons. Katy was going out now to have a few drinks and to try and unwind. The whole thing had been very stressful. She also knew that she was partially in the wrong as well. Ryan was not really a nice person but was attractive and exciting. The sort of guy who could easily trick gullible young women like Katy into bed. He did not love her. He just wanted to get into her pants. Katy went to the club to forget about both of them for a little while.

Much to her chagrin, Ryan happened to be at the same club. He came up to her and started talking to her. “Ryan, I am not being funny, but I just want to have a good night. I don’t want to even think about blokes.” “Ok, ok,” Ryan said with a smirk. As the two were talking , one of the staff from the club approached them. He asked if they would like to participate in a little game. Before Katy could even say anything, Ryan had agreed to it for the both of them. When the staff member left, Katy pushed Ryan,” Aww, Ryan, why did you do that? You didn’t even ask me,” she said. “Relax, what’s the worst that could happen?,” he replied with a calm smile. Katy shook her head angrily. She would soon find out how bad it would get for her.

Eventually Ryan and Katy were welcomed to the stage, to the loud applause and whistles of the crowd. Katy still had no idea what the consequences of this game would be. The game was darts, which was very much in Ryan’s favour. Ryan beat Katy at the darts game pretty easily. Katy was a bit annoyed but not that bothered. That would not last long. “Ok, Ryan, you are our winner. That means that you have a big decision to make. You can either have free drinks for the evening or we can punish our loser here. If you choose, our loser her will lose her clothes and you will then get to punish her.” Katy’s jaw dropped. Katy, though very attractive was a very conservative girl. Only Chesney had ever seen her naked before and she barely let him. She did not want this to happen. She looked at Ryan with pleading eyes. He just smiled back with a cold expression. Ryan had wanted to see Katy naked for a long time. He had destroyed a family just so he could sleep with her and it still didn’t get him what he wanted. He not accustomed to being turned down. He was annoyed with Katy. This was a win win situation for him. He was a very self serving person so had no qualms about this whatsoever. She looked at him with pleading eyes. All the guys in the club were encouraging Ryan as well. “So Ryan, what will it be??” “Well,” he paused,” I think I want to see some skin,” he said. Everyone cheered. Katy threw a childish strop. “Ugh, Ryan, I can’t believe you,” she said. “Sorry, Katy,” the club worker said.

Katy was lead to the centre of the stage and a spotlight was on her. She tried to resist and protest, but she was in a no win situation. Everyone began chanting,” Take it off.” Katy took a deep breath. She could not believe this. She shyly pulled down the straps of her dress. She slowly pulled her dress down her body, revealing her near perfect form. She dropped her dress to her ankles, revealing her tight fitting, burgundy underwear. At this moment she wished that she was back at home snuggling up with her ex on the couch. She wanted danger and excitement and that was exactly what she was getting. She was learning the hard way that the grass is always greener on the other side. The whole club was seeing her underwear and she was now being ordered to remove her bra. She reluctantly reached behind her and unhooked her bra. She removed it, keeping her arm stretched across her breasts in an effort to cover them up. She was then ordered to lower her panties. She looked out at the sea of cheering faces. In a way, she deserved this. She took a deep breath and quickly dropped her panties. She lifted her leg and pulled them off. She placed her hand between her legs, trying to shield her womanhood from view. Everyone stared at Katy’s near perfect naked body. She was mortified. Ryan approached her and gave her a smack on her shapely ass. This made her jump, temporarily removing her hands. Katy’s most intimate secrets being revealed to all. Ryan leaned back and took a good long look. “Nice ass,” he said. “Shut up,” she replied. Katy knew people had their camera phones out taking all sorts of photos.

Katy was hoping that this would be the end of it. She stood on stage desperately clutching her body. She looked at the club worker. “Is that it? Can I get my clothes and go now?,” she asked. “Unfortunately, the answer is a no. You lost the game and now you will be punished. We are going to see how dirty you really are,” he said. Katy looked at him incredulously. She knew that she was in serious trouble now and Ryan would not be the one to help her get out of it. “I think to start with, Katy should get down on her knees like the slut that she is,” he said. “Excuse me,” she said. She looked at Ryan. There was no assistance coming from there. She did as she was told and got on her knees, still trying to cover her modesty as best she could. This was going to be humiliating on so many levels.

“Now not people know this, but Katy has been dying to suck Ryan’s cock for some time now,” the club worker said. Katy’s mouth fell open. “ I do not,” she protested. “Oh come on Katy, you may say no, but those eyes and that look on your face says differently,” he said. “Everyone can tell that you really, really want this.” Katy could not say anything. In truth, deep down, she knew that he was right. She tried to deny herself what her true feelings were. She was ashamed of herself, but she had secretly wanted this for a long time in her deepest fantasies. She had been trying to deny what she really truly wanted.

Katy got down on her knees as requested to everyone’s cheers and whistles in front of Ryan. She undid his trousers and pulled his penis out. She took it in her hands. It was already hard from what had gone on previously. She looked down at Ryan’s penis. She took a deep breath. The crowd began to chant,” Suck, suck, suck”. “I am about to suck Ryan’s cock in front of everyone,” she thought to herself. She had been trying all this time to deny her true nature. Chesney was a fantastic loyal guy. Ryan was a cheap scumbag. But he was a bad boy who women found more attractive. She knew that to be more attracted to him and to destroy her family over it meant that she was a slut. She knew enough to know that Ryan did not care about her. That he only wanted her for sex and would cheat on her at the first opportunity if they were together. Why did she want to be treated badly? She must be a real slag to even consider a guy like Ryan. Nonetheless, she grabbed his cock and licked her lips, quickly pushing it into her mouth. She wrapped her lips around the head of Ryan’s penis. It was now deep in Katy’s mouth. She rubbed it back and forth with her hands. She licked it back and forth, flicking it with her tongue. She licked it hungrily as if she were licking a lollipop. She ran her tongue around the edge of the penis head and ran her hands up and down the shaft. Although, she was very inexperienced sexually, her desire and lust made her suck cock like a seasoned professional. She could feel his penis deep in her mouth as she sucked him off. It was getting harder and harder. Ryan just leaned back and smiled, feeling satisfied with himself, finally getting what he had wanted for so long.

When he knew he was about to cum, he pulled his penis out of Katy’s mouth. He then aimed the tip of his penis for underneath her nose. He then exploded in cum. The cum sprayed directly on Katy’s face. She screamed as the cum sprayed on her nose, cheeks, down her mouth and chin. Ryan decorated Katy’s face in his sticky white cum. She licked her lips and closed her eyes. He then made her turn to the audience so they could see her cum covered face. He then allowed her to take his penis in her mouth again. She licked the dripping cum from his penis. Her teeth were covered in sticky cum.

As this was happening, Ryan was given a bowl of custard. As she was still giving him head, he tipped the custard down over her. The thick yellow mess poured down over Katy’s face and on Ryan’s penis in the process. It dripped down over her face and over her beautiful brown hair. It was all over her hands and his penis. This did not deter Katy. She began to lick the custard off of Ryan’s penis. She sucked it off. She tasted a combination of penis and custard. This was a combined taste that she could not deny that she found delicious. She ran her tongue up and down his penis, licking and sucking the custard off of it. She licked it clean.

Katy was then told to have a seat on a chair that was brought out. By this time, she was incredibly horny. Ryan went over and was given some more messy items. Katy was whispered to. She could not help it though, she was very turned only. She took her hands and massaged her own body. She squeezed and fondled her own breast with one hand. The other hand went straight between her legs. She began to finger her pussy. By this time, she had all but forgotten where she was or that there were dozens of people watching her. She began masturbating. She bit her lip as she rubbed her pussy lips quickly. She moaned, “Oh yeah,” as she played with herself. Ryan now had a bowl of chocolate custard ready. As Katy played with herself, he approached her. He tipped the chocolate custard over her head. She barely noticed as it poured down her silky brown hair and down her face. It poured down her near perfect tanned body. Chocolate custard rolled down her breasts and over her tummy. It poured down her back and onto her butt. He then poured more down onto her legs. It was smooth, cool and creamy, it felt lovely on her. She now had it on her hands. She moved her hands all over her body, rubbing the chocolate custard around on herself as it poured. She massaged and fondled herself in the tasty custard. This was one of the hottest things that anyone had ever seen. A lot of the guys in the crowd could barely contain themselves. The lovely custard on the gorgeous body on Katy was incredible. There would have been no lack of volunteers if they had asked if anyone wanted to help clean up.

Ryan then took a container of squirty cream. He popped the lid and shook it up. He aimed it at Katy’s ankle and then worked his way upwards, slowly spraying her in the whipped cream, as she continued to play with herself. He aimed large amounts on her breasts, face and vagina. The palm of her hand moved back and forth on her vagina as the entire area was slowly sprayed with squirty cream. Katy’s ass began to bounce and she began to moan harder. She took her fingers from between her legs and pushed them into her mouth. They were covered with a combination of custard, whipped cream and cum. She sensually stuck her fingers in her mouth and sucked the mess off of it. This was one of the sexiest moments anyone could ever remember seeing. Her fingers were warm from being inside of her own private parts.

Ryan was then given a tub of ice cream and an ice cream scoop. He stuck the scoop in and began to drop scoops of ice cream onto areas of Katy’s body. He plopped two onto the top of her head, one on each breast, two on her pussy, one on her shapely ass, and three on each thigh. The ice cream was brown and pink. It instantly began to melt when it touched Katy’s warm skin. He then took sliced bananas and dropped them over Katy. He took a whole banana placed it sideways in Katy’s mouth, making her look funny. He then placed another whole banana between her butt cheeks. He then made her lower her body down, smushing it on her butt crack. The final one, he placed between her legs. She moved it back and forth along her pussy.

The club worker then asked for everyone to give Katy a round of applause. She had been a really good sport. Everyone cheered and whistled for her. Katy and Ryan then went back stage to a bathroom where she could get cleaned up. Katy was silent. Ryan laid her down in the shower and spread her legs. He began to screw her right there. She did not make a sound until she started to cum.

In the days that followed, Ryan tried like always to get Katy on side. Katy would not even acknowledge that anything had happened. She just went along as before, still denying her real feelings. She was disgusted with herself. She had hurt people that she had loved and had acted like a slapper just for a brief moment of pleasure. Sure it was fun for the five minutes that it lasted, but that was a very small part of life. What happened when it was over? Also, Ryan had been very disappointing when they had been intimate. It turned out that he was all talk. He may have talked a big game, but did not deliver the goods, so to speak. She knew now that some things are better left as fantasies. Sometimes, reality does not match up the fantasies that we have. She also realized that sometimes people, especially young women only want things so much, because they can not have them.

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Big Brother Brazil pies

These are pics from a pie game in Big Brother Brazil. It seems if someone gets pied twice, they are eliminated. Some of the women don't get pied which sucks, but the pieings are pretty good overall.

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Hooters waitress humiliated

Hooters waitress gets covered in desserts. She has to go out in public. She gets totally humiliated. It looks genuine. It looks humiliating.

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Jeannie Bueller (Jennifer Grey)

Jeannie Bueller (Jennifer Grey)

Jeannie had the unenviable position of being Ferris Bueller’s sister. He was the most popular, well liked and lucky person in the town. He always seemed to get his own way and to come up on top no matter what the situation or what the odds were against him. This drove Jeannie nuts. She was insanely jealous of him. He always got things his own way. Things were not the same for her. He also got more attention from his parents as well. She wanted to teach him a lesson in the worst possible way. She had thought for months about a way to get back at her brother. One day she saw something on television that gave her a way to get her own back on her brother. There was a television show that was looking for contestants. The way it worked was that people would write in with grievances against people in their life. The two would appear on the show. It was in a sort of court format. They would present their case and then the other would present their defence against the charges. The audience would act as a jury. They would get to vote on who they felt was right. The person who lost would then receive a messy punishment as their sentence. Jeannie thought that this was perfect. If she could humiliate and mess up her brother on national television it would make everything so much better. She firmly believed that she was right, so did not think that the jury would find against her. They would have to be fair. Jeannie told everyone at the school, in town and her whole family about it. She wanted to make sure that as many people as possible would be watching her humiliate her brother. Most of the Chicago land area would be watching. She was hoping Ferris would be annoyed with her about the whole thing, but he was very cool about the whole thing. He just told her whatever will be will be. This wound Jeannie up even more. She was really looking forward to this. She never considered that her plan could backfire on her. It might all blow up in her face.

The two siblings were prepared in separate dressing rooms for the show. Eventually, it was their turn. Jeannie was announced in the court room. She entered the court as the court was told that she was the plaintiff and the crux of her case was described. She entered and took her place. Her brother was then announced. He entered looking calm and cool. He smiled and waived at everyone. Jeannie glared at him. She felt he was incredibly cocky. She shook her head in discussed. Ferris smiled and offered her his hand to shake. She angrily refused. He shrugged his shoulders and went to his designated area. The judge entered and told everyone they could be seated. “We will now be hearing the case of Jeannie Bueller vs. Ferris Bueller. Miss Bueller if you will begin please,” he requested.

“Miss Bueller, you may present your case,” he said. “Well your honour, my brother here seems to get special treatment from everyone. He gets away with everything. Everyone treats him like he is something special. I don’t think it is fair at all. He gets all the attention all of the time. He seems to be able to do anything he wants and it is ok. If I was to do half of that , I would be in so much trouble. Teachers, parents, other students, he has everyone fooled. Everyone just loves him. I mean what about me? It makes me so mad,” she explained. “Ok, Miss Bueller, I think we understand what your case is. Mr. Bueller it is your turn to defend yourself,” the judge said.

“Well your honour, I don’t think Jeannie is being fair. I have never done anything to her. I can not help the way I am treated by other people. I am just an average guy like everyone else. I don’t think that I am treated specially at all. Plus, I happen to love my sister very much. I am so hurt and surprised at how she feels about me,” he said. “Uggggh! He is doing it again. Can’t you see what he is doing?!,” Jeannie blurted out. “Order in the court room, I will not have you interrupting young lady,” the judge scolded Jeannie. “But…but,” she tried to reply. “If you can not be quiet I will be forced to hold you in contempt.” “Sorry, your honour,” she said sarcastically. She stuck her tongue out at her brother. “Mr. Bueller, you may continue.” “As I was saying, I don’t think that I have done anything to deserve being here today. If I have done anything I am truly sorry.” “Miss Bueller, has your brother ever done anything directly to you?,” the judge asked. “Well, not exactly but…,” Jeannie tried to reply. “Shhh, Miss Bueller, you have answered the question sufficiently.” Jeannie put her tongue to the side of her mouth and shook her head. She was fuming.

“Ok, I think both sides have had ample opportunity to make their case. It is time for the jury to vote. If everyone takes out their voting controllers. Press the button for the person you think has the best case. Ok, time to vote…now.” Jeannie and Ferris waited patiently. Ferris smiled at Jeannie. Jeanne growled at him. The wait was not a long one. Everyone had put their votes in and everything was ready.

“Alright everyone, we have our verdict.” Jeannie took a deep breath. She smiled confidently. “In a verdict that is a landslide. One of the most lopsided votes ever on this show, with 98 percent of the vote. The jury find Mr. Bueller, not guilty of the charges brought against him.” Ferris clapped quietly. Jeannie screamed, “Uggghhhhh!!,” she shouted, “ I can not believe this. This is so unfair,” Jeannie murmured. “Young lady, I am not prepared to have the integrity of this court called into question,” the judge said,” The jury felt that you were holding a grudge against your brother. They feel that he had done nothing wrong. Whatever he has done, is not to you so you should really mind your own business. They feel that you should grow up and get a life.” Jeannie shook her head, totally unwilling to accept what the jury had said. “This is bullshit,” she thought to herself.

“Miss Bueller, you have lost this case. Please come forward for punishment.” Jeannie pointed at herself, “Me? Are you kidding?,” she said incredulously. The bailiffs came to her and she had no other choice but to follow them up, approaching the bench. She stood there in front of the judge. “ Miss Bueller, you were found guilty in this case. Your sentence is for the defendant to take revenge on you by means of mess. Take her away.” “But, this is all wrong, no, I will get you for this Ferris,” she screamed as she was dragged away to the location where the messing would take place. This was not very far, as the chamber next to the judge’s bench was also a gunge booth. She struggled slightly as she was brought there. The bailiff’s were ordered to handcuff her as she was getting rambunctious. She kicked her legs a bit as her wrists were shackled. It was about this time that she remembered that she had made sure that everyone she knew would be watching. They would not be witnessing her getting revenge on her brother, but would be seeing her brother get to mess her up. She glared and shook her head.

“Mr. Bueller, you may come forward. Miss Bueller has lost the case. It is time for her to receive her punishment. Mr. Bueller will get to enact the punishment upon his sister.” Ferris walked forward. “Sorry, sis,” he said disingenuously. He was brought over to the side of the questioning box. Jeannie shook her head. “I can’t believe this,” she muttered to herself. “This can’t be happening,” she thought to herself. Ferris climbed a little set of stairs to the back of the booth. He took his position, slightly elevated behind Jeannie. She gave a sarcastic fake laugh. “Hahaha, very funny. Laugh it up,” she said. She then got serious. “Please, Ferris, don’t do this to me,” she asked. “I’m sorry Jeannie, but this is the only way that you will learn. It is for your own good, at the end of the day,” he said patronisingly.

Ferris started off, strangely, with a big bowl of super noodles. They were the sort of noodles that you would buy five packets for a dollar in the store. They were ultra cheap. They were not the messiest, but they did match the curls in Jeannie’s hair perfectly. They were in a large silver, concave bowl. Ferris stuck his fingers in the bowl, took out about a handful and held his hand over his sister’s head. He then let go, dropping the noodles onto her head. He then picked up another handful, made a funny face and dropped it again onto Jeannie’s head. She stomped her feet and screamed. Her hair was covered in twisting noodles. They hung from her head, dangling over her face. Ferris then tipped the rest of the noodles and all of the noodle juice over Jeannie’s head. She closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. Her face comically came forward in one motion. Her face looked distorted. Her face twisted as if she was going to throw up. Her hair was matted in noodles. Noodle juice soaked the top of her head and poured down the sides of her face and the back of her neck. Her parents were at home laughing their heads off about this. Watching this happen to their daughter.

Ferris then took a plastic contained full of egg fried rice and proceeded to dump it over his sister’s head. The rice was bright yellow with bits of egg, peas and meat inside it. It poured out of the container in one go, dropping on Jeannie. A good portion of it stuck to her head, but some dropped down her front and back, down her body. She did her best to wipe her arms. Small bits stuck to Jeannie’s face. She lowered her head, took her hand and cleared some of the rice away from her fringe.

Next it was spiral pasta. Ferris smiled at the jury. Jeannie’s eyes were closed. She had no idea that the pasta was coming. She felt a huge heavy weight of mess hit her. She opened her eyes to see it was spiral pasta. She shrieked and whined. The thick pasta in thick red sloppy pasta sauce poured onto Jeannie’s hair. The spirals again matching the spirals of her hair. The top of her head was soon covered in pasta. Blobs of it fell down her face. She gave a pained expression as pasta rained down over her. Ferris playfully made funny faces and gestures as he poured the sloppy pasta onto his sister’s head. Jeannie spun her head, sending some of the pasta falling down her body. Her front was now dripping in pasta and sauce. “Ugh, it is so gross,” she said. She ran her fingers through her messy hair. She licked her lips as more of the pasta tumbled down her head. She slammed down her hands and kicked her feet like a brat. “This is so gross!!,” she screamed again comically.

Next Ferris grabbed a bucket of applesauce. He raised it in the air and began to dump it liberally onto his sister. It poured down on her, covering her face and soaking her clothes and hair. She closed her eyes as it showered down over her face. It was as if she was having an applesauce shower. It was freezing cold as well. She wiggled and shivered in the messiness. She shook her head angrily as applesauce poured down her distinctive nose, dripping off of the tip of it. She looked like a drowned wet. The applesauce was all over her neck and on her leggings.

Next Ferris brought out a catering sized tin of something. He hid it with his hands at first but then turned it around revealing what it was. “Spam,” he said in a funny voice. “Spam?! Spam?! Are you fucking kidding me,” Jeannie said. She let out a loud whiney shriek. Ferris took the container and turned it over The funny coloured, foul smelling, sloppy meat like substance fell onto Jeannie’s head and rolled down her face. More poured onto her shoulders and chest. One of the most disgusting foods known to man was all over Jeannie. She wiggled to try to avoid the spam, but it was no use. It was everywhere. Even the bits that she managed to avoid just fell down onto other parts of her body. Jeannie put her finger to her mouth and gagged a bit, pretending that she was about to be sick. The more she did stuff like this, the funnier everyone found it. They also could see more and more that she really did deserve this.

Finally, everyone’s attention was directed above Jeannie. Above her was what appeared to be a gunge tank, only it was not filled with gunge. Instead it was filled with dog food. “Dog food,” Ferris said, pointing at the tank. Jeannie could not believe that the tank was full of dog food, or that she would soon be covered in it. All she could do was cross her arms. Ferris went and grabbed the cord, standing off to the side. Ferris bowed as he pulled to cord that released the dog food onto his sister. At first nothing happened. There was a slight delay. Jeannie had braced herself for the impact, but when it did not come when she expected it to, she opened her eyes and looked upwards. This would prove to be a massive error in judgement. As Jeannie looked up, what she saw was tons of dog food plummeting at a good rate of speed at her face. The first wave of dog food landed straight in Jeannie’s face. She received a huge mouthful. When the dog food hit her, Jeannie instinctively threw her head forward. She gagged slightly as she spit out a mouthful of dog food. It was not a good taste. People were howling with laughter. Dog food continued to fall onto Jeannie for what seemed like ages. It was truly vile. Big chunks of thick, disgusting, brown dog food poured all over Jeannie as she wriggled and shrieked. She could attest that the dog food was one hundred percent authentic. She would never forget the smell or the taste as long as she lived. Jeannie was going to have to live with the knowledge that everyone that she knew had just witnessed her get covered in dog food. She would be teased for years to come about this. People mentioning the word dog in front of her would get a good tongue lashing. Right now Jeannie was dealing with the task of trying to remove as much dog food from her person as she possibly could. In this moment her whole world revolved around dog food.

The judge then said that the court room was dismissed. The bailiffs undid Jeannie’s shackles and led her away. Normally she would have tried to flirt with them, but she was in no fit state to do that. She thought of all the guys that would be watching at home. They would have seen this happening to her and would be laughing at her. Getting a date would be even harder, she thought. She was taken out of the courtroom. “I will get you back for this Ferris, if it is the last thing I ever do,” she screamed.

Everyone had watched the show and it only caused Jeannie to get more pissed off with her brother. She felt like it was all his fault even more. She did not see that the whole thing was her fault. She had tried to set her brother up and it backfired on her. It should have taught here a lesson, but she learned nothing. She certainly would never forget it. Her parents thought it was very funny as well and played the tape for the extended family and guests any chance that they got.

  Check out this amazing clip of Jennifer Grey talking about the movie. There is something very sexy about it. She is incredibly flirty.