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Escala: Live and Let Pie, naked

Escala: Live and Let Pie, naked

Escala had fallen on some pretty rough times since their appearance on Britain’s Got Talent. Little by little they found it more and more difficult to find work. They were starting to become desperate. They even began to think about breaking the group up. It was starting to get to the point where they could no longer justify going on any further. That is when they were faced with one of the most difficult decisions of their careers. They were approached with an offer to perform on a national television show. This was the good news. The bad new was there was a catch, and it was a very big catch at that. They could perform on the show, but they would have to perform totally naked. On top of that, it was a mess oriented show, so it went without saying that a good amount of mess was going to be involved as well.

One of the women was the first presented with the offer. She was the one to bring it to the others. They all sat down together and had a group meeting. “Ok girls, we have been given an offer to appear and perform on a late night television show.” “You don’t sound that excited. This is great. It is our first chance to be on television in ages,” one said. “Yeah, well, there is a bit of a catch. Well two catches actually. First of all it is messy show, so we would have to agree to get messy. On top of that, they are demanding that if we will be performing. We will have to perform naked.” The girl’s faces dropped. “You have got to be kidding me. How can we do that,” one said. “Is there any way we can negotiate this?” “No, they are quite insistent. It is probably the only reason that they are interested in having us on. They must know how desperate we are.” “We really do need the money and the exposure,” another said. “They would be paying us double what we would normally get for an appearance like this,” she said. They thought it over for a long time. None of them wanted to be seen naked on national television. A few of them could try to conceal themselves slightly behind their instruments. In the end, they were just so desperate that they had no other choice but to agree to the appearance. The whole group was going to be naked together on national television. It was humiliating to say the least. This was especially the case because Escala had always thought of themselves as quite upmarket and classy. It was not uncommon for people who knew them to describe them as slightly up themselves. This whole situation was going to leave the girls humbled in a major way to say the least. Their pride was going to be sacrificed on this occasion.

After loads of nerves and multiple occasions when members of the group had said that they wanted to pull out, the day finally arrived for the show to be taped. They all showed up in the end. There had been every chance that one or all of them might not turn up or chicken out at the last minute. They all managed to arrive at the studio. The moment arrived when they were all in the dressing room together. “At least we are all in this together,” one of them said. They were all extremely nervous. They did not know whether they should hope that lots of people would watch or to hope that no one would see ever see this. Total embarrassment was what was headed their way. They were used to showing a lot of leg and stuff, but this was going to take things to a whole new level. On this occasion, people were going to get to see a lot more than their legs. The tension built as the time for the show to start edged achingly closer. As it got closer, everyone got more and more nervous. Finally, the moment arrived when they were told it was five minutes until show time. They caught their breath and looked at one another. It was difficult to look one another in the eye now.

The four Escala girls now stood up. It was the moment of truth. All together, they started to undo their dresses. They slowly unzipped them and pulled their dressed down their sleek, smooth tanned bodies. They each put their dresses aside, now in their underwear. One by one they all now unhooked their bras and pulled them off, piling them in with their dresses. Now, not looking at one another, each member of Escala slowly pulled down her panties. They pulled them down their sexy legs. They lifted their legs, removing their panties. They then placed their panties together with their clothes. Now, in that dressing room, in a relatively small area, all four Escala girls stood butt naked. All of them were freshly waxed for the occasion. The musky smell of their sweat, asses and sweet vaginas filled the room. They still wore their high heeled pumps. Each girl, placed her hands strategically over herself to conceal what she could. Before they had time to really even think, they were escorted out the door of the dressing room and out towards the studio. The stage hand made no mention of the fact that they were now naked, he just hurried them through to the back stage area. They huddled close together in a line, all four of them stark naked. They figured they could conceal more if they stuck together closely. They were all blushing. They now stood huddled together backstage awaiting their cue. Each one gulped as they readied themselves.

The host came out and announced them, to the applause of the audience. They applauded even louder when it was explained that they would be performing naked and would be having things chucked at them as they were performing. The mostly male audience was very excited about this. “This will give classical music a whole new audience,” the host joked. He welcomed them to the stage. When they entered, much to their dismay, they were not allowed to come out all at once, all cuddled together. They had to each walk out individually. They had to walk across the stage to the performing area where their instruments waited for them. They had no choice but to do this. They each began to make the walk of shame. They closed their eyes and looked up into the air. They tried their best to keep their hands over their pussies and breasts as they marched across the stage. Of course that left their asses totally exposed. All they could do was try to walk over as fast as they could. One by one they walked over, everyone gocking at their naked bodies. They strutted across in order.Tasya Hodges, Izzy Johnston, Chantal Leverton and Victoria Lyon walked across the stage naked. None of them smiled. They all looked very serious. Chantal was first followed by Victoria, then Izzy and finally Tasya. The four women had exquisite bodies. Absolutely everything was on show. The girls tried to look dignified, though they were dying with embarrassment. They had hoped for credibility, but this was not the way to get it.

The ladies walked over to their instruments and grabbed them. It was difficult to avoid bending over to pick them up. This was maybe the only time that the girls regretted picking the type of instrument that they did. For those who don’t know, Escala use futuristic looking metal instruments with lots of open areas in them. Even the cello was not going to cover much. At this point they wished that they had chosen the large wooden instruments. They now realized that the instruments were going to provide very little covering for their bodies. Playing the instruments also was going to require some body movement, so covering up was not going to be an option. They almost wished that they played the drums, or the piano. There was going to be nowhere to hide. The girls each took their instrument and got into place. As they lifted their instruments, the audience received their first full on glance at all four of the girl’s pussies. All four were freshly waxed, so the view that everyone got happened to be totally unobstructed. They ladies’ intimate dimensions were on show now.

The group began to play their song. The song they were playing was “Live and Let Die”, but it was announced that it was “Live and Let Pie”. Escala, much to their dismay was now playing their music on television completely naked. As they played, a group of stage hands were gathering across from them off stage. They were bringing out various items. Escala had to focus on their performance now. They could not think about the fact that they were naked or about what was about to hit them at the hands of the stage crew. As they played, they just went for it. As a result, their bodies jiggled, their legs lifted and their breasts wiggled as they played. It was a symphony of skin.

For half of the song Escala’s bare bodies were admired. At this point the stage hands were given their cue. As the music changed, pies began to fly through the air at the naked foursome. It seemed like a dozen pies were launched simultaneously. Most of them hit their targets, smashing into the girl’s face and off their bodies. The girls tried to continue playing as the barrage of pies were fired in their direction. Each girl felt pie hit them on their boobs, on their thighs and right between their legs. A variety of cream, pie filling, a fruity puree flew threw the air. The pies each landed with smack on the girl’s body. They moaned as the felt the feel of the pie smashing against their taunt nakedness. Next the stage hands began to throw a variety of creamy cakes at the ladies. The soft cakes coming through the air irregularly and landing all over the ladies and their instruments. Bits of cake stuck to the hips of the ladies. It became difficult to focus on the playing as they were hit by what seemed like dozens of cakes. Icing and sponge sticking all over four sets of incredible legs.

Next the stage hands were armed with what appeared to be large hoses. The hoses were filled with cream like foam. There seemed to be at least four or five of these set up, all aimed in the directions of the four naked young ladies standing on the stage. The signal was given and the hoses were switched on. The stage hands were instantly almost blown backwards by the force. The creamy foam burst forth at the Escala ladies. They nearly fell back as well as each one was hit full on with the impact of the hoses. The stage hands aimed the flow directly at the ladies. The cream instantly splattered the bodies of the ladies. The stage hands moved the hoses up and down. The girls tried to hold their hands out and lift their legs to block the flow a bit, but it had little effect. Meanwhile, the stage hands were taking great pleasure at hosing down the beautiful young naked women with the hoses. They moved the hoses around, aiming the flow at particular areas of the ladies bodies. One of the girls took a huge blast between her legs. Another had took a huge blast all over her breasts. It was as if they were being hosed down in the shower.

Next the stage hands were given bowls of rotten vegetables to throw. The stage hands waited for their cue. They got ready to launch the rotten produce at the ladies. The girls could not help but flinch as rotten eggplants, beetroot, cabbage, swede and tomatoes came their way. They did not throw the produce hard, because it was so disgustingly rotten, that it exploded upon impact when it hit the girls on their body. It also smelled atrocious. The feeling of rotten cabbage on your bottom was something that the Escala girls were never going to forget. The vegetables flew threw the air, smashing on the girls and their instruments. Seeds, skin and pulp were everywhere. Running all over the mass of naked female flesh on the stage. The girls could feel the slimy slither of the vegetables as they made their way down their bodies, down their naked legs.

The girls had done a more than admirable job of continuing to play the song throughout the entire ordeal, which was far from easy. Now the song was nearing its conclusion. As the final resounding note was struck, a cord was pulled and from above, a torrent of gunge fell onto the girls from above, as a sort of grand finale. They had no idea it was coming. As the song ended the gunge rained down all at once, covering the entire stage. Not an inch of the girl’s bodies was left uncovered. The crowd responded by giving them a loud cheer. Escala was left standing on the stage covered in mess, totally naked. They all just looked down at their feet totally humiliated by what had just happened to them. They did not feel like talking to the host or anyone else. They just made their way back to the dressing room to hopefully clean up. Unfortunately, there was only one shower, so there quite an argument about this. Four slimy, dirty naked women fighting over one shower.

Unfortunately for the ladies, this was not forgotten about. They would be asked about it for years to come. They did get a lot of offers after this, but the wrong kind of offers.

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Hi everyone,

Am just posting some more clips. These came from a different site so I am unable to edit them at all. but some of the women in them are very attractive.

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Maria Kanellis loses a match

This one is a request. It is a bit different from the other stories. It's a but shorter, but I hope everyone likes it.

Maria Kanellis loses a match

Maria Kanellis wrestled in the WWE for a long time. She had been in some bad situations but never any as bad as this. She found herself in the ring with a much larger opponent. This opponent wanted nothing more than to humiliate Maria. Maria was giving up a lot in size but also in skill. She was not exactly a ring general. She really had nothing to combat her opponent with. This larger woman was crushing her. She was getting her backside beaten up and down the ring. It was becoming less of a match and more of a beat down. Maria was now helpless at the hands of this woman.

The woman asked for the microphone. “Maria, I am going to make you squeal and beg,” she said. The woman took off her belt. Maria was flat on her face on the mat. The woman took her belt and whipped Maria on her back. Maria flailed and screamed in agony as she was whipped by her opponent. The woman whipped Maria on her back again and again, as she winced and flailed in agony. She then stood over Maria, straddling her. She lifted her head up, moving hr body into a camel clutch like position. She then wrapped her belt around Maria’s neck and face, like a muzzle. The larger wrestler leaned back, pulling the belt across Maria’s face. She screamed in agony. She eventually let Maria go, pushing her face down into the mat. She then grabbed Maria’s shirt from behind and ripped it off, tearing it to shreds, revealing her red bra underneath. She threw the ripped up shirt down onto Maria. It was clear that she didn’t just want to beat Maria, she wanted to publicly humiliate her.

As Maria struggled to get to her feet, her opponent went outside the ring and pulled a few buckets from under the ring apron. She placed them on the ring before re-entering the ring. Maria had only gotten to her knees by this point. Her opponent was now playing to the crowd. She pointed at Maria and said that she was not a real wrestler and did not deserve to be a wrestler. She said that she was going to teach her a lesson and make it so she would never ever want to wrestle ever again. She walked over to Maria as she got to her feet. She kicked her in the stomach and the power bombed her with devastating effect into the canvass, knocking her out almost completely. She took Maria over to the corner and tied the now unconscious beauty to the ring posts. She was now totally helpless and would not be able to escape no matter how much she struggled to. Her opponent lifted Maria’s head with one hand and then slapped her across the face.

The woman then walked to the other side of the ring. She grabbed a large bucket. She pulled it across the ring over to Maria Kanellis, still trapped in the ropes. The bucket was filled with green slime. She displayed the bucket to the crowd and told them that Maria was going to get it. She approached Maria carrying the bucket. She smiled and pointed at her. She lifted the bucket up in front of Maria. She slapped Maria across the face again. She lifted the bucket and slowly poured the slime down over onto Maria’s tanned body. She poured the slime over her abs and over her breasts. The thick green slime poured over Maria’s smooth, toned, tanned skin. She raised the bucket higher, pouring slime all over Maria’s face and dark brown hair. Maria frowned and gave a sad puppy dog look as slime was poured down onto her face. Trails of slime dripped from her pointy nose. Slime dripped down her legs. Her opponent now slowly poured the rest of the slime over Maria as she whimpered, moaned and begged. The slime dripped from Maria. She was trapped covered in slime.

Maria’s opponent then walked over and grabbed another bucket. This bucket was filled with pig slop. It was in a metal slop bucket. The woman lifted the bucket and walked towards Maria. She badmouthed her as she approached. She stopped when she was about a two yards away. She grabbed the bucket with both hands and swung it three time in the air. On the third pass, she followed through, tossing the slop from the bucket at Maria. It flew through the air and splattered all over Maria. The smelly, sloppy, yellow pig slop instantly covered her, dripping everywhere. It oozed down her face and body. Maria gave a sickened look as the slop fell from her face. Her hair was completely doused in the dripping slop. The bits of vegetables held within the slop stuck to Maria. The irregular slop that poured on Maria’s body contrasted her smooth skin and physique. Although the crowd were booing, loads of flashbulbs could be seen going off as Maria was messed.

Next Maria’s opponent grabbed a yellow mop bucket on wheels. The water in the bucket looked like it was authentic. It looked as though it had been used to wash some pretty filthy floors. It was almost black in colour. There were alls sorts of things floating in the water including bits of lint and hair. It looked like the bathrooms and kitchens had been mopped with the water. There was even a fly or two circling it. The wrestler rolled the bucket on it’s wheels over to Maria. She grabbed the mop and pulled it out first. It dripped with undefined filth. The woman picked it up and shoved the end of it into Maria’s face. Maria coughed and gagged as she received a face full of the filthy mop head. She laughed as Maria wiggled and gagged. She then tossed the mop aside. She picked up the heavy, scummy bucket and tossed the contents at Maria. Maria screamed as the filthy dirty water hit her. Most of it hit dead on into her face. The almost black water dripped from her as bits of the collected filthy stuck to her. One particularly disgusting bit of collected hair like filth stick to her face against her nose and mouth. She stuck her tongue out making a face of repulsion.

Finally, Maria’s opponent grabbed two garbage bags. She lifted them up and displayed them for the crowd to see. She then walked up to Maria, carrying the garbage bags. When she arrived in front of Maria, she ripped the black sacks open. “You are piece of trash, just like what’s in these bags,” her opponent screamed at her. Maria gagged, visibly, as she smelled the garbage from the trash bags. She could not hold back her repulsion at the smell of the trash in the bags. Her opponent then took the bags and held them over Maria. She then turned them over and shook them, the garbage dumped from the bags down onto Maria. Every manner of rubbish imaginable poured onto her. Banana peels, food waste, bits of slime, grease and mould and bits of paper and other household waste such as wrappers for products also were in the bags. Her opponent took her time pouring the contents of the garbage all over Maria. The bits of rubbish stuck to all of the mess that was already covering Maria’s body. Maria gave an exaggerated frown and fluttered her eyelashes and pouted. Her opponent held her hands aloft in victory. She exited the ring leaving Maria there to rot.

The referees would have to come to the ring to free her. She had two walk back to the dressing room completely covered in the mess. Later on shots were shown of her backstage, walking to the locker room, pouting, still covered in most of the mess that had been poured on her.

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Emma Edmondson: Mel Morton’s plan backfires

Emma Edmondson: Mel Morton’s plan backfires

To say that Mel Morton and her mother did not get along would be an understatement. Mel and the rest of her family had been badly let down by her mother her whole life. She was a selfish, greedy, nasty woman. Mel resented her mother. She knew that she was a very manipulative person who was always after something. She had put Mel through terrible things throughout her childhood right up to the present day. Mel hated her mother for what she had done. She did not like the fact that her father was now allowing her mother to live in the house again. She could not stand being around her and living under the same roof was driving her nuts. This was not an irrational feeling that Mel had towards her mother, by any means. Her feelings were more than justified.

Mel never thought that there would be a way to get her own back, but one day, she finally found what she saw as a good chance to teach her mother a lesson. Mel was looking through the local paper one morning, when she saw an interesting ad. The ad said that there was going to be a game show that was being filmed in the area. It was a kind of get your own back type show that would pit family members against each other. They were looking for contestants. There was a phone number at the bottom of the advert. Of course, what sprung to Mel’s mind instantly was that this would be a great way to get back at her mother. The advert read,” Have you ever wanted to get back at a family member? This could be your chance to get revenge. Someone will get covered in mess. Have you ever wanted to gunge a family member? Someone will win big prizes, someone else will leave messy” Mel laughed to herself at the prospect of getting her mother covered in mess. She wanted to humiliate her the way that she had humiliated Mel so many times in the past. Her mother had always gotten the better of her and managed to embarrass her every chance she got. She seemed to enjoy it. Why her mother loved to embarrass her she had no idea. This would be her chance to finally come out on top. She wanted to humiliate her mother in front of everyone. She knew that it was a game and that there was a chance that she could come out on the losing end of things. There was a risk that she could be the one who would be getting the mess. To be honest, Mel figured that she was in much better shape than her mother was, so she could beat her at any physical game. She also thought that she was much smarter than her mother was, so she would be able to beat her at any kind of quiz or anything along those lines. She called the number in the paper. She explained who she was and that she wanted to come on the show. The person from the show said that they would be perfect. They made all the arrangements. She was told the date and time of the show. She was then warned, “We have to warn you, there is no guarantee that you will be the one who wins. There is always the chance that you will be the loser on the day.” “Don’t worry, I am aware,” she said,” But I will win, don’t worry about that.” Mel approached her mother with the angle that there was the opportunity to win big prizes on this show. Her mother agreed to go n it, without that much convincing. Mel thought that she had the prefect plan. Unfortunately, the potential for the whole thing to backfire was always there as well. The thought that she could lose did pop into her mind a few times. When she thought about the total humiliation that she would suffer again, it made her blood run cold. She had to take that chance though. She wanted to get the better of her mother this time and teach her a lesson once and for all.

The day finally arrived when the show was going to be taped. Mel and her mother journeyed to the location together. All Mel could think about on the walk there was how wonderful it was going to be to finally get her mother back. She pictured herself dumping messy slop all over her mother. She could hardly wait to get to do it. She smiled to herself. She had not really mentioned to her mother the potential for messiness. She would just have to find this out when the time came. Mel wore a light blue tank top and jeans. Her clothes fit as tight as usual. Mel smiled to herself as her mother rambled on and on about how she was looking forward to this and that she knew that she was going to win a huge prize. Mel thought to herself that she could just keep on talking because she was going to be the one who ended up covered in disgusting mess. When Mel and her mother, Teresa, arrived at the studio they were given seats in the audience on one of the aisles. They were instructed that when the time came they would be chosen and would come up on stage. They agreed. Over the next few minutes the rest of the audience was ushered in. All of the seats were filled. Eventually, all went quiet and the show started. The presenter came out and announced the beginning of the show. It was the first episode being taped. There were other pairs of family members in the audience who would be appearing on the show later on.

“Ok, everyone,” the presenter said,” Let’s get started. As everyone may or not know, the show is very simple. We have family members or friends competing against one another. One will win a huge prize, one will face the consequences. It is now time for us to get our first contestants. Let’s go for a walk.” He walked up the stairs in the middle of the audience until he came to the row where Mel and her mother were seated. “ You two, would you like to be on the show? Are you two together?,” he asked. “Yes we are. Yeah we would like to be on the show,” Mel said. “Ok then, come on down,” he said. Mel and Teresa stood up and made their way down onto the stage, following the presenter. They stood side by side. “Now, can you please introduce yourself to everyone,” he said. “I am Mel Morton, I live on Coronation Street and this is my mum.” “Now Mel, I am sure that you have always wanted to get revenge on your mum Haven’t you?,” he asked. “Well, yes I have. She has been very embarrassing in the past and I think it is time that she gets some of her own medicine.” “Well, that may or may not happen today. We have a game to play first. As we all know, you two will compete in the game and the winner is going to get to make the loser pay the consequences. Now Teresa, did Mel here mention what those consequences might be?” “No, she did not,” Teresa said. “Well the winner, is going to get a chance to totally gunge their family member. How does that sound?” Teresa looked at Mel and rolled her eyes. Mel laughed. “Mel, I don’t know why you are laughing, you could just as easily lose,” the presenter said. “Maybe that is true, but I am confident that I can beat her at anything,” Mel said. “Well, we’ll see about that,” Teresa said. Teresa was interestingly quiet so far. She usually had a really big mouth, but today was keeping quiet for some reason. Perhaps, she knew that Mel’s overconfidence would be her undoing in the end. The stakes really did not get any higher than this. Mel had also made sure that she told her whole family and everyone on Coronation Street about the appearance. She wanted to embarrass her mother as much as she possibly could.

The presenter then showed them what the game they were playing was going to be. It was going to be an egg and spoon race. The person to get the egg over the line at the other of the stage would be the winner. It was a simple enough game, but tension and pressure were high because of what was at stake. Each was given an egg and spoon. They were given a moment to steady the egg and to test for themselves. They then got Into position side by side. The presenter said,” Ready, Set, Go.” Right before go was said, Teresa took off. She jumped off to a lead. Mel threw her hand up, “She’s cheating that’s not fair,” she said. By this time Teresa had a big lead. She was told by the presenter to carry on. She realized that they were going to allow this, so she had to try to make up time. Her arguing had cost her time as well. She ran and tried to make up for the distance, but of course when she tried going to fast, the egg fell off of her spoon. She scrambled to place it back on. In the mean time her mother was chugging along building an even greater lead. Mel picked up her egg and got going again. She was now losing her concentration. She dropped the egg again. She quickly picked it up and tried to run again, as she tried to run she heard a buzzer. Her mother had crossed the finish line. Teresa jumped up and down and celebrated. “get in there,” she shouted. Mel stuck her hands out and flared her nostrils in rage. “That wasn’t fair that. She cheated,” Mel exclaimed. “Sorry Mel, but we do not have any instant replay. Judges decisions are final,” the presenter responded. “This is crap,” she said angrily, turning red with rage. “Oh don’t be a sore loser love,” her mother said sarcastically. “Shut up!,” she shouted.

“So, we have our winner and have our loser. It is now time to talk about the prizes and the consequences,” the presenter said. Mel and her mother now stood on either side of him. Mel now realized that her plan had completely backfired on her. She had managed to lose and now her mother was going to get one over on her yet again. “So, Teresa, you have won an all expenses trip to the Bahamas. “ They played a video package describing the holiday. Teresa jumped up and down in excitement. It was better than she had hoped. “On top of that Teresa, as the winner, you are going to get the chance to pour some of the most disgusting mess that we could find all over your lovely daughter here.” She smiled,” Oh yeah,” she exclaimed. Mel glared at her. “Your daughter brought you on here so she could totally humiliate you in public, but it has all blown up in her face. Now it will be Mel paying the consequences. Teresa we will give you one last chance for a sort of bonus prize. You will be given a choice. We will give you an extra £500 spending money to use on your trip. We will also give you one last opportunity to save your daughter. If you accept the £500 then Mel will receive the punishment. On the other hand, you can save your daughter by refusing the money. Think it over carefully.” Mel closed her eyes and prayed that her mother would actually chose her over her own gain for once. The crowd were encouraging her the punish her daughter. “So Teresa what will it be?” “I think she can take it. Gunge her. I want the money,” she said and then started laughing. The crowd laughed and cheered, jeering Mel. Mel looked at her mother, angry and dejected. She flared her nostrils in anger. She literally saw red at this moment. Her mother had won again and she was now going to have to face the consequences. She was going to be facing total humiliation now. Mel was now led to a chair where she was made to take her seat. She was seething, but she knew what was about to come her way. Mel crossed her arms and wallowed in anger and disgust. She knew that her mother was going to relish doing this to her. Her mother had very little tact or couth about herself either. She would not be holding back on her daughter even the smallest amount. The whole thing was going to be like all the years of humiliation that she had experienced condensed in to one incredibly embarrassing experience. Her mother was already in the corner eying up what she was going to pour on her.

She began to sweat and to tap her foot with nervousness. Her mother’s eyes twinkled as she grabbed a chocolate cream pied. The pie case was filled over the top with chocolate pudding, whipped cream and pie crust. The top had lashings of chocolate sauce and chocolate shavings on it as decorations. It actually smelled scrumptious. The older, weather beaten woman took the pie in her callous wrinkled hands. She widened her eyes and smiled. She pointed at Mel and mouthed the words,” You are going to get it”. Teresa, for her part, had always felt that Mel had given her a hard time and that it was a bit unfair. More than anything, she just enjoyed the idea of doing this to her attractive young daughter. She felt like this was a way to put her into her place. Mel just looked down at her feet and closed her eyes as her mother approached carrying the creamy chocolate pie. She slowly crept towards Mel at first, but then ran the last few steps straight at her with the pie perched on one hand. She ran at her and smashed the pie into her daughter’s face using the full force her whole body. It landed with a thud. Pie flew in various directions. Her hand, almost bouncing off of Mel’s face. She pulled away in an instant, revealing Mel’s face covered in brown and white creamy pie. Her nostrils and facial features were covered in small mounds of cream. Pie crust stuck to the side of Mel’s face before falling away. The other bit of pie crust, landing on her jeans. The crowd erupted in laughter at Mel’s abject embarrassment. The older woman pieing her much younger daughter was something that everyone really enjoyed seeing. Mel had short brown hair that was little match for the pie. Her entire head was a mixture of white and various shades of brown creamy mess. Mel looked up at her mother with a glare, pie emerging from her nostrils as breathed angrily.

Her mother now grabbed an oversized gravy boat. It was filled, of course, with thick brown gravy. Teresa took the gravy boat and brought it around behind her daughter. She raised the gravy boat and aimed the flow onto her daughter’s face. Mel wiggled and squealed as the gravy poured over her forehead and down onto her pale white face. The brown gravy poured down onto Mel’s face, onto her nose and cheeks. “It matches your hair,” Teresa said. Mel’s neck leant forward sending gravy down onto her back and over her neck. Mel let out a sort of moan as she felt the cool gravy covering her face. Her mother now coated her breasts in the gravy, before pouring the final bit across her legs. Mel could feel the gravy against her bare arms and her skin. It was a strange cool slimy feeling. The brown gravy was now all over her pale white skin, matching her brown hair. Gravy spilled from her face and nose. Gravy was all over her underarms. Gravy circled Mel’s eyes. Gravy ran down her jeans, down her slim legs. She could feel it inside her clothes now. The brown gravy now covered parts of her entire body.

Next Teresa grabbed a bucket of spaghetti hoops. She struggled to carry it over to Mel, as it was very heavy. She dragged it up to Mel. She placed the bucket behind her. She raised it up in the air. Mel looked down as the bucket lifted. She looked forward as the bucket was tipped. In an instant, the disgusting red sauce gushed down onto Mel’s face and neck. She let out a loud shriek as she felt the hoops in the sauce pour down over her face. In an instant, all she could see was spaghetti hoops. She stuck her tongue out and gagged a bit as she was hit by a deluge of spaghetti hoops. Spaghetti hoops covered her head and her body. Her perky breasts were awash in them. The sauce soaked her jeans. It flowed down her back. She could feel it pour into the space in the back of her jeans. She could hear her mother cackling laughing at her as she mercilessly covered her daughter in spaghetti hoops. When the spaghetti hoops finally stopped, Teresa took her hand and grabbed the top of Mel’s head, wiggling it about. Mel pulled away. She pushed her neck forward and placed her hands on her face, moving them upwards, the spaghetti hoops oozed out around her fingers and she ran her hands upwards, clearing some of it from her face and hair. She itched her neck. She then rubbed her hands on her thighs and arms, rubbing herself in the spaghetti hoops that were all over her body.

Finally, Mel’s mother grabbed the final bucket. The bucket was filled with cottage cheese. It was as disgusting and as foul smelling as just about anything that could have been selected. It smelled awful. Like it had curdled. Teresa gave out a yuck when she smelled it. She held her nose as she carried it over to her already mess covered daughter. This time Teresa took the bucket and began to pour its contents onto Mel’s calves. The thick white gloppy slop poured down over Mel’s jeans as her mother moved the bucket up her legs, pouring cottage cheese up hr calves and thighs. She moved the bucket up over Mel’s lap and then poured cottage cheese onto her top. The cottage cheese being poured in a trail over her breasts and then up her shoulders and neck. Mel’s hands were on her knees. Her mother now raised the bucket over Mel’s head. She arched her back and leaned over, her neck outstretched. Her mother then took her time dumping the rest of the cottage cheese onto Mel’s head. The squishy cottage cheese layered over Mel’s head. It then collapsed and covered Mel’s head and neck. Her brown hair splattered in the soft cheese. It was revolting for Mel. The feeling that Teresa had as she had complete control over messing her daughter was indescribable. She could do whatever she wanted now. Mel was in her control. She gleefully poured the last of the cottage cheese over Mel’s head. When she was done she left the bucket over Mel’s head as an extra form of humiliation. She then took a bow as the crowd applauded her for what she had just done to her daughter. Mel removed the bucket from her head. She stuck out her hand and shook her head in disgust. She looked utterly defeated.

“So, Teresa, you look like you really enjoyed that,” the presenter said. “I loved it. That one was for all the mums out there. Mums always want to do this to their kids. It was great.” “And Mel, well, what can we say.” Mel looked up with an utterly defeated face, like she was going to scream or cry. “What can I say?,” she said. “Total humiliation,” she said wiping a spaghetti hoop from her upper lip. The sexy. Slim Mel was now covered from head to toe in masses of disgusting mess. Her entire body splattered in mess. The sloppy mess covering each and every curve of her tight body. The camera pulled in and got a close up of Mel’s face. “So, this is what happens when you do not win on our show. A special thanks to Mel and Teresa. Give them a hand,” the presenter

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Грязные деньги 7 выпуск

Episode seven is all female so I have put the whole clip on. The blonde girl in the first part is lovely. I also really like both of the women in part three. Check them out.

Грязные деньги 5 выпуск

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Грязные деньги 11 выпуск

Грязные деньги 9 выпуск

Due to request I am posting the editted clips for Грязные деньги.
I have editted them down as much as I can. I hope people like them. These are from episode 9. I will try to do all of the episodes that I can. I hope you like them.

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Georgia Taylor gets the vote

Georgia Taylor gets the vote

Georgia Taylor is not someone who considers herself to be attractive at all. In fact, Georgia has always considered herself plain and even ugly. She hated the way she looked. She honestly considered herself as ordinary. The reason that she had allowed herself to be put up for a messy vote was because she figured that she was the least attractive and least popular person who was up for the vote, so she would not be in any danger. She was very surprised when she got a call saying that she received the second most votes and therefore would be getting messy. “There must be some mistake,” she said,” Are you sure that you counted them correctly?” she asked, half jokingly, half serious. She was told that the votes were all correct. She reluctantly agreed to go forward with the whole thing. She wasn’t exactly excited about the whole thing. She was now faced with the fact that she was going to get covered in tons of disgusting mess on television for the entire world to see. It was going to be ultra embarrassing.

Georgia mentally tried to prepare herself for what was going to be heading her way. She had seen what had happened to some of her former co workers and friends, especially her former colleagues from Coronation Street. Of course, she enjoyed seeing it happen to them, but having it actually happening to her was another matter entirely. She thought to herself that maybe it would not be so bad. In her case, it was not the mess that bothered her the most about what was going to happen, it was more about being centre stage and her lack of confidence in her own appearance. It was going to be humiliation on a grand scale. She was very nervous about the whole thing, but managed to get herself up and ready and to the show. She decided to wear a pair of tight fitting pair of grey trousers and a grey, sleeveless dressy shirt with red and black patterns on it. She wore a black bra and white panties with a floral pattern beneath. All she could think about all day was, “What are they going to pour on me?” As she waited to be called onstage, she sweated and shivered. When she thought about it, she did not know why she had chosen to wear new clothes to be on the show. They were probably going to get wrecked anyway. Maybe she would ask for them to buy her new clothes.

Mr. G. opened the show as always. He introduced Georgia. He explained that she was best known for her roles on Coronation Street and Casualty. She was greeted by a warm round of applause. She entered the studio and waived and gave a muted smile as she entered. She shook Mr. G.’s hand and was invited to take a seat for a chat. “So Georgia, how are you today?,” he asked, half sarcastically. “ I’m actually quite shocked that anyone voted for me. Are you sure that there wasn’t a mistake?,” she asked, half jokingly. “What makes you say that Georgia?,” he asked. “Well, who would vote for me. I am quite ugly really?,” she said. “ Georgia, that is really not true. I mean, I for one find you very attractive. For what that’s worth.” She blushed. “Thanks, that is sweet,” she said. “And anyway, you got enough votes to be here with us today, so there must be quite a few people out there who agree with me.” “I never thought of it like that before,” she said. “I mean way back when you wee on Coronation Street, I always found you attractive. Not everyone has to be a size zero, bleached blonde, super skinny with fake breasts. I think you look natural, like a real woman and that is sexy in itself. You don’t need makeup or anything. Just because you aren’t conventionally beautiful and don’t fit into the Hollywood mould, doesn’t mean that you are not attractive.” “It is just the business that I am in as well, looks are considered paramount. They always want you to look a certain way and I just don’t fit in with that.” “Yeah, I for one think it is horrible how, in show business in particular, but just in day to day life the way that we are told that certain “ideals” are what is attractive and what everyone should be. Unfortunately, even the stars don’t look that way all the time. People come in all shapes and sizes. Everyone is attractive in their own way. Anyway, most of us guys don’t like super skinny bleached blonde types of women anyway. That is just the media telling us what we should like. A lot of people make a lot of money by trying to make people feel bad about themselves. They then try to sell useless products with the message that we must have these things and be a certain way in order to be happy. Makeup, weight loss products, anti aging products, they all benefit by trying to tell us that we should not be happy looking the way that we do. It is all wrong though. Georgia you are a very attractive woman. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad about yourself.” The audience applauded what Mr. G. has said. Georgia had tears in her eyes and was beaming with a smile. “Sorry about that everyone,” Mr. G. said,” Now that being said, we are going to cover you in mess today.” Everyone laughed. “Ok then, lead the way,” she said submissively.

Mr. G. and Georgia made their way over to the other side of the stage. Waiting for them there was a pillory underneath a blue blanket. When they arrived at the pillory, Mr. G. yanked the blanket away and revealed the pillory beneath. Georgia’s mouth fell wide open in shock. She put her hands over her mouth. “Oh my gosh,” she mouthed to herself. “Is that for me?” she teased, giving a fake incredulous look, but knowing exactly what her fait was going to be. Mr. G. raised the top of the pillory. He motioned with his arm, almost bowing. “Be my guest,” he said. Georgia rolled her eyes. She puffed up her cheeks and blew from her mouth. She walked over. She carefully stepped over, looking at the stocks, seeing where her wrists and neck were to be placed. She leaned over and placed her neck and wrists into the correct position. She leaned over and stroked her hair so it was positioned ok. Mr. G. then carefully lowered the top of the pillory down over the prone actress. He secured the latches, latching her in place. She was bent over, her backside was now high in the air and her back was arched. From the front of the stocks all that could be seen was Georgia’s large head sticking out of its hole and her hands. She held her mouth wide open and screamed. Her face was bright red with embarrassment. She wiggled her hands about. “Are you comfortable in there?,” Mr. G. asked. “Oh yes, a perfect fit I think,” she responded with a laugh.

“Oh before I forget,” Mr. G. said,” We have a special guest from your past here to help us out. It is Vicky Entwistle who played Janice Battersby on Coronation Street.” “Oh no,” Georgia said with a laugh. With that the very funny, older woman entered, smiling and waiving. She walked up to Georgia and bent down right in front of her face, waiving in a comic fashion. “So Vicky, we are thrilled to have you here,” Mr. G. said. “I am more than thrilled to be here, especially knowing what I am going to get to do.” “Yes, you are here for one reason and one reason only and that is to help us mess up Georgia.” “That’s for sure this is going to be brilliant.” Georgia could only laugh and blush. “I never thought I would locked in a pillory while Vicky poured disgusting mess on me that’s for sure,” she said. “Yes, I have known Georgia for a long time, so I am really going to enjoy doing this.” It was very clear that the older, Vicky was going to get a lot of pleasure from messing up the much young Georgia. Meanwhile, all the buckets and containers were all being brought out for Georgia. Vicky posed for some photos standing next to Georgia, trapped in the pillory.

Vicky was handed a giant creamy pie. It looked like it was a bit off. The cream looked yellow and quite chunky and the pie itself was relatively heavy for a pie. Vicky took the pie and laughed. She gave an evil, witch like cackle. She brought the pie over to the helpless Georgia. She held it in front of her face, so she could get a full view of what she was about to get. “All for you,” Vicky teased, letting Georgia get a good look. Georgia screwed up her face. It was clear that Vicky was not going to take it easy on her one bit. “Please,” Georgia said. In that split second, Vicky had already pulled her arm back, taking aim at Georgia’s face. Georgia barely had time to shut her eyes before the pie smashed in her face. Every muscle in her body tensed up with anticipation of what was going to happen. Yellow cream went flying in all directions as the pie hit square on target in Georgia’s face with a resounding thud. There was no give in the pillory either, as Georgia was hit by the full force of the pie. There was almost no need for twisting, because the pie had such a great impact into Georgia’s face, it hit her, exploded and the tin fell of in one fluid motion, leaving Georgia’s red face irregularly covered in yellowish cream. The crowd exploded into a frenzy of laughter at what they had just saw. Georgia’s facial features were encased in cream. All she could do in an effort to remove some of it was to wiggle her lips and tongue. She wildly wiggled her lips around, making some of the funniest faces anyone had ever seen. She looked like she was trying to swallow her own face. She could barely even see from the pie that covered her face. Vicky offered no assistance to Georgia. She just pointed and was almost doubled over in laughter at the sight of Georgia in the position that she was. This was about as embarrassing as it could get. Getting pied at the hands of the former Janice Battersby. “Oh, you look just great love,” she said in a condescending tone of voice. Georgia tried to wiggle her nose around, but it was just no use.

“I’m sorry, we just have to see that on replay in slow mo,” Mr. G. said. On the big screen a close up of Georgia’s face was shown. Then the pie hit was played in slow motion. It was rewound and shown over and over. The moment of impact shown. Then the moment just before the pie hit was paused, followed by the after shot.

By now Vicky had grabbed a second pie tin. This tin had cream on the top but it was a beef and ale pie underneath. It was filled with beef, vegetables and gravy. “Some nice pub grub,” Vicky teased. This time Vicky took the pie tin, filled with thick crust and placed it in front of Georgia. She lifted it and pushed it into Georgia’s face. She then pushed it upwards so that more got onto her hair and forehead as well. When she let go, the pie stayed in place for a minute before falling away. Georgia’s face was covered in thick brown gravy. Bits of pastry and crust fell from her face. Large hunks of fatty meat clung to her face. One large bit in particular stuck to her fringe, down her nose and across her mouth. The chunks were visible under the gravy and pastry. Bits clung on and dangled from her face as other strands fell from her face to the floor below. Georgia screamed in disgust. Of course, everyone found the whole thing hilarious.

Next Vicky grabbed a container filled with prawn cocktail. It was bright pink, almost orange. Huge king prawns in a salad sauce. It smelled down right terrible, as if it had gone off or something. This time she went around to Georgia’s protruding backside. Georgia was bent over and totally vulnerable. Her rear end was high in the air and made a great target. Vicky walked up behind her. Georgia could barely see from the beef pie in her face. Vicky pulled open the back of Georgia’s trousers as wide as she could and tipped the prawn cocktail straight down onto Georgia’s patterned underwear. The slimy prawn cocktail slithered down onto Georgia’s backside and down her legs. She moaned as she felt the cold prawn cocktail both inside and outside of her now stained filthy underwear. Saucy prawns sticking to the backs of Georgia’s pale white legs. Vicky closed Georgia’s trousers, squishing the mess along. Bulges came everywhere and some of prawns fell out at her ankles. She fidgeted her legs around the little that she could.

Vicky now grabbed some small containers for Georgia. The containers contained some spoiled salads from the grocery store. Each container held its own brand of disgustingness. There was potato salad, egg salad, macaroni salad, tuna and sweet corn, coleslaw etc. Judging by the dates on the salads, they were at least a week past their sell by date and the smell proved it. Vicky popped the tops. She took two containers in each hand and approached the prone Georgia. She stood beside her and tipped the containers. The slop poured out of the buckets landing all over Georgia Taylor. Vicky moved the containers about, leaving a trail of sloppy expired food up and down Georgia’s body. She then took two more handfuls of containers and did the same again. Georgia could only shut her eyes as the sloppy, slimy, foul smelling salads fell onto her body. She looked like she had fallen into a trash compactor or a compost heap. Bits of potato, tuna, macaroni, egg etc all in disgusting slimy sauces piles on her and stuck to her face. Macaroni dangled from her face. There was a huge blob of potato salad stuck to her face below her nose. She gagged from the atrocious stench of the rotting food that covered her body. She could feel it in her clothes and on her pale white skin. It was a slimy feeling to have it against all body parts. Vicky had made sure some had gone down her shirt. Her top was now see through. Her black bra totally visible through it. Her shirt was also now bulging with the food that filled it. Georgia’s hair was covered.

Finally, Vicky grabbed the final bucket that was ready for Georgia. It was filled with baked beans. Vicky carried the bucket over to Georgia. She wiggled her eyebrows, teasing Georgia. She was about to be beaned. Vicky lifted the bucket up over Georgia’s back. She poured the first of the beans down onto her back. Gravity pulled the beans downward, down Georgia’s body. They dripped down her breasts and down her back. Loads came down her backside. She wiggled her bottom as beans ran down inside of her trousers. She could feel them all over her already filthy underwear. When they fell the made a nauseating plopping sound. Georgia stuck her tongue out. Vicky took the rest of the beans and aimed them onto Georgia’s face. Georgia closed her eyes as a wave of baked beans poured straight onto her exposed face. When the dust cleared, Georgia was left with baked beans still dripping of her face. The sauce covered her face. Beans were all over her nose, cheeks, chin and lips. Georgia was never going to look at beans the same way again. She stuck her tongue out and again tried to wiggle her nose and mouth. Everyone cheered and applauded.

Mr. G. then walked up to the stocks and opened them up. He raised the bar and allowed Georgia to come out. She stretched herself as stepped out of the pillory. She took her hand and wiped some of the mess from her hair. She then wiped her eyes, pushing some of the baked beans away from her face. She threw some of the mess in Vicky’s direction. “So Georgia, how are you feeling?,” Mr. G. asked. She looked at him with a sarcastic look as if to say,” Are you kidding me?” “I am a bit wet,” she said., “Oh my god. This stuff is so disgusting, it is everywhere. I’m glad that everyone is enjoying themselves. This is so embarrassing. “She pulled a handful of beans from her shirt. Her clothes were completely covered. Vicky Entwistle pointed and laughed at her. “Say hi to everyone watching at home,” Mr. g. teased. “Hi everyone,” Georgia waived.

Cash and Trash episode 14

Episode 14 contestant 1:

Episode 14 contestant 2:

Episode 14 contestant 3:

Episode 14 contestant 4:

Cash and Trash episode 15

Episdode 15 clip 1:

Episode 15 clip 2:

Cash and trash episodes 13, 16 and 19

Episode 13:

Episode 16:

Episode 19:

Cash and Trash episodes 11 and 12

Episode 11 clip 1:

Episode 11 clip 2:

Episode 12 clip 1:

Episode 12 clip 2:

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Cash and Trash episodes 8 and 9

Episode 8:

Episode 9 clip 1:

Episode 9 clip 2:

Cash and Trash part 2 episodes 6 and 7

Below are three more clips. I think I will post the clips in three's or four's. Some of these are definately worth a look.

Episode 6 number 1:

Episode 6 number 2:

Episode 7:

Cash and Trash

It turns out that there are loads of these clips. It is a show called Cash and trash. It seems to be Russian. the format seems to be someone comes out and performs and the audience votes. If they get a mostly negative response, they get messy. I like that. there are some very attractive young women in these clips as well. The whole shows are online but I will post all the condensed clips on here. I don't know if they are new or not but I like them a I will include there performances, there messings and teh aftershots. I will do them in chunks, there are multiple ones on someof teh shows that are good. Below are the first few episodes. There are twenty episodes thus far.

Episode 1:

Episode 2:

Episode 5:

MTV pie Света Яковлева

This young lady looks like a bit of a chav. Still, I think I'm in love.LoL Plus she gets pied.

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Demi Moore vs. Halle Berry

Hi everyone. I have not done a poll in a long time. So I have made one. It is on ECgunge. I usually do not do polls much anymore, but thought I would do one for a change. Enjoy.

Demi Moore

Halle Berry