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Rihanna vs. Christina Milian

**Warning Adult Content**
Rihanna vs. Christina Milian the results

In recent months Rihanna had made it well known to the public that she was a very kinky person and was into all sorts of naughty fantasies and kinky fetishes. She was not in the least bit ashamed at admitting how naughty and kinky she could be. She put it in her songs and stage show. She enjoyed that people knew about it. It even turned her on. She had organized a food fight on stage at X Factor for more reasons than she had let on at the time. Rihanna had also remarked in an interview around Christmas time that her wish for Christmas was, “great food and great sex”. Rihanna thought it over and thought of an idea that would take both of these and turn them into something even better, that she would really enjoy.

Money was no object for Rihanna so she set up a whole room in her house for her own amusement. In this room a large banquet table was set up in the centre of the room. On the table were dozens of bowls of Rihanna’s favourite foods along with some of her favourite sex toys. Rihanna was going to spend the whole day in that room fulfilling her pleasures. Rihanna put on a cd of her naughtier songs and entered the room. She began dancing for herself. She jiggled her body and shook her hips, moving her hands up and down her body, up her thighs, between her legs, squeezing her breasts. Her nipples were already hard in anticipation of what she was about to do. She licked her lips and laughed to herself. At the moment she wore only her bra and panties. She spun around. She bent her knees and thrust her pelvis in and out. She unhooked her bra, sliding her arms out. She whirled it around in the air and then threw it across the room. She cupped her breasts in her hands, massaging them with the palms of her hands, pushing them back and forth. She rubs her nipples between her fingers. Next she shook her hips, taking her thong in her thumbs. She slowly slid her panties down her thighs to her knees. She could feel herself becoming wet in anticipation. She dropped her panties to her ankles. She lifted her leg, flipping her underwear in the air. She caught them in her hand and then threw them across the room.

The now fully naked singer walked confidently across the room to the table covered in bowls of food. She smiled to herself. She had never tried this before but knew she was going to love every second of it. The first things that she grabbed was a bottle of squirty cream. She shook it up and tossed the can aside. She aimed the whipped cream onto her breast and squeezed down. She started at her nipples and then swirled the canister around in a swirl motion, covering her breast in the whipped cream. It started to melt on Rihanna’s warm, now sweaty light brown skin. She took her finger and scooped some off. She stuck it her mouth and sucked the cream off of her finger, She then took the cream to her other breast and covered that as well. She then took the next can and placed the nozzle squarely between her legs. The nozzle touching her vagina and slightly inside. She rubbed the nozzle up and down her freshly waxed private parts. Then she pushed the nozzle down. She sprayed the whipped cream up and down her crotch. The feeling of the soft mushy cream between her legs made her moan and gasp. She moved the nozzle back and forth, covering her entire crotch in the mess, as some dripped off. She sat her backside on the table. The feeling over took her. She could not resist. She put her hand into the pile of whipped cream that covered her pussy. She took two fingers and started rubbing the cream all over her crotch. Her pussy dripping with a mixture of the cream and the warm pussy juices that now saturated her pussy. She massaged the cream all over her meaty pussy lips, back and forth. She then inserted her two fingers inside of her pussy. Playing with herself, moving her fingers back and forth . She squealed and moaned closing her eyes and biting her lip. She then removed her fingers, now covered in a mixture of cream and her own female juices. She stuck her fingers into her mouth and sucked the mess right off. Now she bent over the table slightly, taking the third can of whipped cream. Her perfect ass was going to be the next thing that got sprayed. She shook the can up and tossed the lid aside once again. She place the nozzle at the top of her ass crack. She pressed down on the nozzle and started spraying the cream onto her crack. She could feel the nozzle between her butt cheeks as she started to release the cream. She moved the can downwards from the small of her back to her pussy, filling her crack with whipped cream. She then took her hands and squeezed her butt cheeks together, sending the whipped cream squiring out. The sensation of having whipped cream in her butt crack was one that Rihanna could not describe, but pleasurable did not begin to describe it. She the took the whipped cream and sprayed it all over her perfectly toned brown ass cheeks. Covering them in cream. The cream started to melt immediately, dripping down the backs of Rihanna’s amazing legs.

Rihanna was already turned on beyond belief and she had only used the first messy item on the table. She now cleared a space on the table. She sat her backside on it and lifted her legs up onto it. She now sat fully naked on the table, surrounded by bowls of her most favourite food. Bowls sat everywhere around her. She grabbed two trifles next. The first she placed between her legs. She lifted her ass up and lowered it into the bowl of whipped cream, custard and jello. She jiggled her bottom around in it. She then took it in her hand and raised it. And mushed it into her pussy. She thrust her crotch into the trifle, back and forth as the it was a lover. She then took her hand and scooped out the remainder of the trifle that had not already smeared her ass and pussy. She took it in her hand and rubbed it around and around between her legs, sending jello and custard flying all over the place and she massaged it into her pussy lips. Rihanna then took the second trifle and lifted it above her. She quickly tipped it and plopped it on top of her head as though it was a hat. She squeezed it down, causing the trifle to ooze down her beautiful read hair and down her tattoo covered neck. She left the bowl on her head for a moment and laughed, almost posing for herself.

The next thing she grabbed was a blueberry cream pie. The pie was full of yummy blueberry pie filling and loads of thick whipped cream. This is going to be so delicious she though to herself. She took the pie and thrust it into her own face. The pie was so thick that the mess covered her face, but also oozed down her body, down her chest and onto her abs. The thick pie filling rolled down her lovely skin. Her face dripped with purple pie filling and white cream. She took her hands and massaged her breasts in the pie filling that had covered them. She squeezed her breasts back and forth, her nipples erect and covered in the blueberry mess.

The next item that Rihanna grabbed was one of her absolute favourite foods ever. It was something that she had always had when she was growing up. This food was candied sweet potatoes. Lovely orange mushy potato made with cinnamon and sugar. She now had access to a huge bowl of the stuff, but this time she was going to be using them in a whole different way. She stuck her hands into the bowl of sweet potatoes and grabbed two handfuls. She placed her hands on her knees. The potatoes were soft enough that when pressed onto her skin they mushed into a mash. She bent her knees as she massaged the yams onto her knees and down her calves. She took another handful and did the same. She rubbed the yams onto her legs as though she was applying cream. She then opened her legs. She placed more of the yams onto her incredible thighs. She then mashed them down, covering, what might very well be the sexiest pair of legs in the world in orange slop. She sat, legs open, rubbing the yams on her muscular inner thighs, coating them in mess. She then thrust her legs together obliterating the yams even more. She then placed some yams carefully on the backs of her knees and then moved her legs together, causing the yams to smush all over the backs of her knees.

She then took a bowl of regular mashed potatoes. She decided to do something different with these. She got up on her knees and took the bucket of mashed potatoes. She took her hand and emptied the potatoes onto the top of the table. She spread it around as evenly as she could. This part of the table had already been covered in mess that had fallen from Rihanna’s body, so she mixed it in. She then lie on the table. She then rolled back and forth, over and over again, covering herself in the mashed potatoes. She then squatted in the pile of collected mess. She took handfuls and rubbed them all over herself. She then took a jug of gravy and started pouring it all over the potatoes and herself. She tipped the jug down her neck and shoulders, all over her chest and stomach, down her legs. It trickled down her. She then took the rest and poured it over her shoulder, down her sexily tattooed back and down to her back side. She took handfuls of the mess and flicked them everywhere. She thrust her pelvis forward in the collected pile of mess that lay before her.

Next she grabbed a big bowl of rice pudding. She lay back down on her back now. She closed her eyes as she poured the thick pudding down onto her head and then down her body. She sat up and poured some on her feet. She could feel it between her toes. She moved her feet back and forth in the rice pudding. She wiggled her toes about. The feeling of the rice pudding between her toes was a fantastic one. She could not resist taking her fingers and scooping up some of the rice pudding that lie between her toes. She scraped it off and dropped it into her mouth. The table was now completely covered in muck. It started to drip onto the floor.

The last item that Rihanna had left was a gigantic pot of stew. The stew was filled with beef, tomatoes, green beans, corn, peas, potatoes and carrots. It was all covered in a brownish red gravy. It was one of Rihanna’s favourite dishes. She had it specially made and brought here to this place for a very special purpose. She eyed the pot and smiled. She lifted the heavy pot up over herself. She closed her eyes. She coughed and sputtered as the first, watery bits of the stew fell from the pot, washing over her. She pushed a bit harder, which caused the stew to pour out quickly onto her head. The meat and vegetables stuck to Rihanna’s face. She then moved it forward pouring some onto her stomach and chest and then onto her crotch and thighs. Rihanna then lie on her back and tipped the rest straight onto her body. She opened her legs and poured the final bit into her crotch. She had never thought in her wildest dreams that she would have beef stew all over her pussy or that it would feel this good, but now she lie there covered from head to toe in sloppy food. She took her hands again and started rubbing the stew onto her legs, ass and pussy. She rolled around some more in the mess.

Next, she grabbed the vibrator that lay under the pile of mess around her. She took the filthy sex toy and placed it on her lips. She licked the mess from it. She closed her eyes as she sucked on the filthy sex toy. Her other hand was now firmly between her legs as she masturbated in the mess. She rubbed her ass as well. Her hand filthy in the slop as she rubbed her throbbing, dripping wet clitoris. The sounds of Rihanna’s pleasure now echoed through the room. She did not restrain herself at all. She did not care if the whole world could here her. She fondled her legs in the mess as well as her breasts. Rihanna then switched hands. She opened her legs wide and spread her pussy lips, inserting the vibrator deep inside herself. She was so turned on by the events of the evening, she really did not need the vibrator to bring her to a climax. She rubbed her body in the mess with one hand and moved the sex toy in and out of herself with the other. She thrust her hips in and out and moved her legs in and out, wiggling her body, simulating a sex act. She moved the toy in and out, her screams and moans getting louder and louder. She bit her lip and closed her eye as the moment of pleasure arrived. She quickly removed the sex toy, replacing it with her hand as the moment of orgasm arrived. Rihanna lay naked, covered in mess as her body erupted in orgasm. Her muscles pulsated involuntarily as her pussy exploded over her hand and down her legs. She closed her eyes and lie in exhaustion and pleasure in the mess. The room covered in the food and her sexy juices. “I’m going to need a shower,” she thought to herself.

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Drew Barrymore vs. Christina Applegate Results

Drew Barrymore vs. Christina Applegate the Results

Drew Barrymore and Christina Applegate were best friends. They had known each other for years and had worked together in the past. One day Drew presented Christina with a naughty idea for them to take part in during an upcoming Hollywood party. “Hey, Christina,” Drew said,” I just had a wicked idea for something we could do at the party tomorrow night.” “What’s that?,” Christina said feigning interest. “How bout someone gets slimed?”, Drew said. “We could have everyone vote and person who gets the most votes between the two of us will get all covered in slime. Come on it will be a blast.” Christina looked down and though to herself, did she really want to do this? “Ok,” Christina said,” It could be fun, if only to see you get slimed.” “You never know. It could be either of us getting it. Anyway, we have done naughty things like this before. Strip poker, truth or dare, twister. You know what we are like when we have been drinking. Don‘t worry it‘s going to be great.” Christina could tell that Drew had something up her sleeve. She knew that there was more to this than Drew was saying. Could her friend be setting her up? Why was she so keen? The problem was when Drew had her mind set on something, she always tended to get things her way. Christina knew resistance was futile.

At the beginning of the party, Drew stood up and called for everyone’s attention. “Hi everybody,” she said,” I want to make a very special announcement. Today we are going to have a special treat at the party. People are going to be anonymously for either Christina or myself. The person who gets the most votes is going to have to pay a little forfeit. What’s that you may ask. Well, the girl with the most votes will be getting completely covered in lovely slime.” everyone cheered. “So guys, get voting. It is very important to Christina and myself. So have fun and the results will be counted at midnight.”

When midnight finally arrived and all of the votes were put in, Drew and Christina came forward. One of their friends was elected to count the results. As he counted, Drew and Christina stood and watched. Christina looked nervous. Drew whispered in her ear,” Hey, don’t worry. I’ve got a funny feeling that you will be safe. I think my vote will be the winner.” “What do you mean?,” Christina asked. “Well, to be honest, I voted for myself.” “what?”, “Yeah, I want to lose. I have wanted this for a long time. It’s going to be so naughty.” Christina laughed.” You are something else, Drew.”

“Ok,” their friend said,” We have our results. Christina…..Drew….let’s have the results. It was a very close call. Only one vote separated the two.” Drew looked completely shocked. She had expected to win easily. Christina began to look nervous again when she heard this. “So anyway, the moment of truth,” she said,” The person with most votes is… Drew Barrymore.” Drew actually jumped up and down shouting yes. The whole party cheered. Drew stepped forward. “I have a confession to make. I have always wanted to get slimed ever since I was a little girl. I have watched people getting slimed and pied for years and years and have always wished that it was me getting it. I want it so bad. Bring it on. I am dying to be slimed. I want to feel that mess all over me. Let me have it. I could not be happier. It is going to be great.” She spurred the crowd on chanting Slime, slime, slime. She opened her mouth wide and screamed.

A chair was brought forward. All the guests gathered round in a semi circle around Drew. She licked her lips. She turned her head as the buckets of mess were brought in. As it turned out, Drew’s vote for herself is what caused her to get the mess. Christina just laughed and shook her head at Drew’s antics. “Make sure you get the video camera out and record every second of this,” Drew said,” Those of you with camera phones, this would be the time to get them out. It’s about time for me to get dirty. I am a dirty, dirty girl as some of you may already know.”

Christina grabbed a pie. Drew stuck her tongue out. “Yum,” she said. Christina took the pie and posed with it in front of Drew as everyone took photos. Drew stuck her tongue out and licked some of the pie. Christina took both hands and trusted the pie directly into Drew’s face as she screamed. She rubbed the pie in Drew’s face as Drew moaned. She let go and dropped the pie. Drew put her hands to the sides of her face and laughed. Drew’s face encrusted in cream pie. It had stuck all over her face. She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips. She grabbed the tin and rubbed it around on her chest and legs. “That was wonderful. I love pie. It was everything I thought that it would be and more. I am totally pied. It is hot. Slime me, Christina. I want to be a filthy bitch.”

Christina grabbed a bucket of slime. It was covered with double thick television style green slime. Drew shook her ass on the chair and stomped her legs up and down as she sat awaiting the slime of a lifetime. Christina showed her the bucket and its contents. Drew made a funny face sticking her tongue out of the corner of her mouth and widening her eyes. Christina lifted the bucket slowly. She raised it as Drew pointed to herself as if to say,” For me?” Christina tipped the slime onto Drew. The slime poured down onto Drew’s beautiful brownish blonde hair. It flowed down her face. Drew closed her eyes and seemed to be relishing the moment. The slime trickled slowly down Drew’s face. It flowed slowly at first, before completely covering Drew’s face entirely. The slime covered her whole body slowly. Gravity allowed the slime make it’s way all the way down Drew’s body. Drew rubbed her arms and legs in the slime. She moaned as Christina moved the bucket forward and directed the slime all over the front of Drew’s body, in her lap and all down her legs. Drew moved her legs in and out as the slime flew off of her. All of the party guests cheered as the bucket finally was emptied. When the slime stopped, Drew rubbed her hands over her face. She cleared her eyes and ran her fingers threw her hair. “I’ve been slimed,” Drew said, “How embarrassing. That was delicious. I feel so sexy. I just love it.” Drew never looked better. She was covered from head to toe in slime. She did not try to hide the fact that she was quite turned on. “I can’t describe how it feels. It feels great though. I have slime all over my body. It is everywhere.”

“For a grand finale,” Drew said,” We got together a very special bucket. Basically, we took the contents of the fridge and poured them all into one bucket. In that bucket there is spaghetti, mashed potatoes and gravy, Spanish rice, chicken chow mein and eggplant parmesan. So, dinner is going to be served for me in a few seconds. This is going to be interesting.” The bucket was brought out. The crowd was shown the bucket. Some of the girls in the crowd commented. Oh my god, that is disgusting. Others just laughed. Christina gagged when she smelled the bucket of leftover food. Drew jokingly held her nose and waived her hand in front of her face, giving a grossed out look. She closed her eyes and braced herself as Christina slowly tipped the heavy bucket down over Drew’s head. In a second the combined slop slid from the bucket and dropped onto the top of Drew’s head. The mess flowed irregularly down Drew as it was lumpy and thick in some parts and watery and slimy in others. The food washed down her face and fell down her body. Bits of noodles, rice, vegetables and meat stuck to Drew’s face. Noodles draping her ears and falling down her forehead. The food stuck to the slime that already covered Drew’s body. Drew’s shirt came undone, revealing her burgundy bra. She skin covered in layers of disgusting mess. When the mess stopped, Drew laughed and laughed. She took handfuls of the leftover food and threw them towards the audience. She looked at Christina. “Thanks for that Christina. I have never looked better. It is quite a feeling.” Noodles still falling from her forehead. “I want to thank Christina and everyone who made this possible,” Drew said,” This has been a dream come true in a weird way. Maybe I am a bit weird. I will never forget this night. I would recommend anyone to try this. I think I will be doing this more often.” What no one knew was that as the mess flowed, Drew felt a warm wetness between her legs. The wetness that had gathered between her legs was not visible under the layers of mess that covered her.

Drew stood up and waived at everyone. She decided that she would stay messy for awhile. Later on she went and had a shower. As she cleaned her body she was overcome by the feelings of what had happened to her. She cleaned her body and touched herself building to climax. Later she watched the video tape of herself being messed and played with herself. It was truly a day that she would never forget.

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Sophie and Sian get caught by Sally

Sian and Sophie get caught in bed

Sally opened the door and was shocked by what she saw. In bed were her daughter Sophie with her girlfriend Sian. They were both completely naked. It was obvious what they had been doing. They sat up in shock as Sally entered the bedroom. Sophie tried to explain but her excuse did not hold much water. “I thought I could trust you,” Sally said. She stormed off downstairs. Sophie and Sian looked at each other. They shook their heads.

Unfortunately, before they could even react, Sally returned to the room. She was still very angry. “I was just calling you for your dinner,” she said,” But, I can see that you are preoccupied up here doing things that are much more important , so I just thought I would bring dinner to you!” Sally brandished a pot of creamy mushroom soup in her hand. “No, mum, please don’t!,” Sophie shouted. Sally swung the pot sending the soup splashing down onto Sophie and Sian, soaking the sheets in yellowy white soup. It splashed on Sophie and Sian’s faces. They cuddled together as the sheet loosened, their legs intertwined, trying too cover up from the mess Sally tossed at them.

Sally quickly ran downstairs and rushed back in an instant. She returned with a large bowl in her hand. She had two bottles of red wine in her hands. “You two want to be grown ups, have some wine!,” she shouted. She tipped the bottle and started pouring the wine over Sophie and Sian’s heads. They closed their eyes in shock as Sally poured the wine over their heads. Sally showered them in it, as they coughed. “Have some of that Sian. How’s that taste?,” Sally said mocking Sian. She then pulled the bottles forwards dumping the wine generously all over the sheets. Sophie and Sian pulled their heads backed sending wine all over. The sheets were soaked clear through now.

Sally went back downstairs. In an instant she returned with several bowls of food. She quickly laid them on the floor and went over to the bed. She grabbed the sheets and pulled them off of the shocked girls. She threw the sheets aside. Sophie and Sian cuddled together, their bodies wrapped together, now totally naked. Sophie begged, “Please, Mum stop. We’re sorry.” “I would have thought you two wouldn’t mind. You have no problem doing all manner of things together in this bed. I would have thought you would have enjoyed this,” Sally replied.

“You to look a little hungry, so I am going to give you some dinner in bed. You like salad for starters don’t you?” Sally picked up a bowl of salad that contained lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber, beetroot and carrots. “Here you go,” Sally said. She tossed the contents of the bowl onto Sophie and Sian’s naked bodies. Their sweat caused the salad to stick to them all over. Sally took handfuls and sprinkled them up and down Sophie and Sian. “You’ve got to have salad dressing on that,” Sally shouted. “Let’s see Italian or French. I know. Why not have both!” Sally took two bottles of salad dressing and took the lids off, tossing them aside. She stood over the two undressed girls and started pouring the salad dressing up and down their bodies. They cowered and cuddled as Sally poured the dressing over them. She criss crossed their bodies back and forth as the girls moaned. As she poured , she mocked the girls. “How does that taste? I bet you love that girls!,” she shouted.

“Time for the main course, “she yelled. She took plates heaped with Sian and Sophie’s dinners in her hands. The plates were heaped with spaghetti and meat sauce. “Dinner is served,” Sally said. She came to the girls and then slowly tipped the plates over both Sian and Sophie’s heads. The long noodles, sauce, mince and cheese plopped on their heads and slowly fell down their bodies. Spaghetti and meat stuck to their heads and fell down their faces. Gravity then took some of it down the bed over and between Sian and Sophie. They could feel the mess slither between them as they attempted to cuddle together to shield one another from the onslaught of mess that Sally was bringing. All they could do is lay there in the bed until it was over. They tried to brush some of the food from each other’s faces and bodies. They looked into each other’s eyes and kissed as they lay there hoping for it to all be over.

“Sorry you two,” Sally said,” I know I am interrupting. Sorry I interrupted the wild sex you two were having. It’s time for pudding though. You love pudding after a good meal don’t you Sophie?” “Mum, please,” Sophie said again. Sally grabbed two containers of chocolate mousse. “Bon appetite!,” she said sarcastically. She took the containers and lifted them over the girls. She started dumping them over their heads and down their bodies. She poured it down their chests, bottoms and legs. The thick, soft, brown dessert plopping on their naked skin. They cuddled together, almost rubbing the mousse on each other as Sally let them have it. She then took an aerosol bottle of squirty cream and shook it up. She took the cap and tossed it aside. She then pressed the button on top and directed the flow in all directions all over the cowering naked girls in the bed. She sprayed it back and forth over their intertwined legs and up their bodies and then back again. The final bit she squirted in their faces. When the bottle was empty she tossed it aside.

Sophie and Sian looked up in disbelief, hands on each other to cover their modesty. “And to think, not even a thanks you. I served you lovely dinner in bed and this is the thanks I get,” Sally said as she left the room. She slammed the door behind her as she left. Sian and Sophie sat up and looked at each other. The lovers were no naked and covered in their dinner. Their mouths still hung open with shock. “I guess my Mum was mad at us,” Sophie said as the Coronation Street music played and the credits started.