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Paula Lane (Kyley from Coronation Street) Becky’s revenge

Paula Lane (Kyley from Coronation Street) Becky’s revenge

Kyley and Becky were sisters but that had been at each others throats. Kyley had, basically sold her son Max to Becky. She left Coronation Street, but later returned with her new husband David Platt. Becky was not happy to see Kyley. Later, Max was taken away from Becky by social services when they found out about what had happened. Becky, partially, blamed Kyley for this. Kyley had always been the lucky one, in Becky’s eyes. Becky felt that Kyley did not appreciate the things that she had. Becky could not have children and Kyley has a lovely son, whom she neglected and left behind. Becky was very angry with Kyley. She hatched a plan to get back at her sister. She was going to get to totally humiliate her sister and she was going to love each and every second of it. Kyley, for her part, was actually trying to improve her relationship with Becky. She was tired of fighting all the time.

Becky texted Kyley one afternoon and asked if she could come to Rovers so they could have a talk and maybe try to work things out a bit. Kyley agreed that she would come over. She felt that she had nothing to lose and hoped that Becky had realized that Kyley had not been the person who informed social services about what had happened. Kyley wore her pink tank top, with her white bra and a pair of very short white shorts. She had her hair back in a ponytail as she had it on a lot of days. She had no idea what was going to happen when she got to the pub.

She walked over and let herself inside. Becky was there waiting for her when she arrived. “Hi, Kyley,” Becky said,” I’m so glad that you could make it.” ”Well,” Kyley said,” I was hoping we could put all of the crap that has happened behind us and look forward.” “Well, that is really what today is all about isn’t it,” Becky said. “Have a seat,” Becky said,” Make yourself comfortable. What can I get you to drink, on the house?,” Becky asked. “ Vodka and lemonade,” Kyley respond. Becky went behind the bar and mixed Kyley’s drink for her. She got one for herself as well. She fiddled under the counter for a minute while she prepared the drinks. “I’m glad you decided to come,” Becky said. “ thought you might not be interested.” “Well, we need to start from somewhere,” Kyley said. Becky walked over and placed the drinks on the table in front of Kyley. Kyley reached for her glass with one hand. Becky walked behind her. Before Kyley knew what was happening, Becky pulled out a pair of handcuffs and cuffed Kyley’s wrist behind her to the chair. Kyley put her drink down and looked back to see what was happening. Becky grabbed her other arm, clasped her wrist in the handcuff and cuffed that one to the chair as well.

“What are you doing? You crazy bitch. What is this?,” Kyley said. “I’ll tell you what this is you little cow. This is revenge. I am going to get my own back on you, once and for all.” Kyley tried to scream for David or anyone to help her. “No use screaming,” Becky said, “ No one is around to hear you. Even if they were, the doors are all locked and I have the keys. You are at my mercy. All you can do now is beg me,” Becky said. “What are you going to do to me?,” Kyley asked. “Don’t worry, I am not going to hurt you. I am just going to get some revenge for all of the things that you have done. You don’t really care, but you will be sorry by the time today is over, you can rest assured of that.” “Please, Becky, let me go. This won’t solve anything.” “Yeah it will. I am going to get the satisfaction of humiliating you the way you have spent your life humiliating me. Who knows maybe you’ll like this. You are a filthy little slut any way, so you might like getting dirty.” “Dirty, what do you mean?,” Kyley asked nervously. “Oh you will see,” Becky replied.

“First, I think we need to get some of these clothes off, we wouldn’t want them to get dirty now would we,” Becky said. Beckey walked up to Kyley. She grabbed her tank top at the belly and quickly tugged it off. Kyley yelped and tried to kicked her legs. She bounced her bottom on the chair trying to get it to move. Becky then went behind and unhooked Kyley’s bra. She then tossed the top and bra aside. Kyley’s hands were cuffed so she could do nothing to conceal her modesty except squirm around in her seat. Becky then went around the front and unzipped Kyley’s shorts. In one motion, she yanked them down her legs and pulled them off, tossing them aside as well. She then put her hands on Kyley’s hips as Kyley begged her to stop. She grabbed the sides of Kyley’s panties with her fingers and pulled them off. Kyley tried to push her knees tightly together, as best she could. “Surely you won’t be needing these,” Becky said twirling her sister‘s underwear on her index finger,” I am surprised that you even wear knickers, knowing what you get up to. Mind you, they are as dirty as one would imagine.” “They are not,” Kyley protested. “You are a filthy, dirty bitch,” Becky said,” You’ve probably had these on for weeks.” “You’re just trying to embarrass me,” Kyley said. “Oh yes I am, love, you have no idea. I‘d be nice to me if I were you. You are completely at my mercy. I can do anything that I want.” Becky teased her sister a bit, circling her like a cat. She stroked her hair. “I am going to really, really take pleasure in this,” she whispered in Kyley’s ear. “Please, Becky, I’ll do anything you say,” she whimpered. “Oh, I know you will love. You have no choice,” Becky replied,” Time to get dirty,” she said.

Becky disappeared into the back for a minute before returning to her naked, handcuffed sister. Becky emerged carrying a strawberry cream cake in her hands. It had strawberries, strawberry sauce, sponge, custard and whipped cream. It was thick and cream. “What are you doing with that,” Kyley squealed. “ I am going to cream you, good and proper,” Becket replied. Kyley tried to kick her legs and free her hands. All this caused was the cuffs to clank on the bars of the chair. She tried to scrunch her body up as best she could. Becky moved the cake around her hands, taunting her sister. “You are going to enjoy this, you filthy little slut.” She pulled back and pushed the cake into Kyley’s face. She was face to face with the sponge. So much so that it squashed her nose a bit. The soft gooey strawberries and creamy mess covered her face. Becky then lifted the cake and placed it onto of Kyley’s head, as if it were some sort of hat. Kyley gasped for air as the cake was released. Sticky strawberries fell from her mouth. Her face was covered in a mixture of strawberries, custard and whipped cream. It was a bright red mixed with soft white and yellow. It oozed down her nose. The cake stuff to her head. She could do nothing about removing it. Becky then grabbed a second, identical creamy cake. “Where will this go,” she teased,” Oh I know the perfect place,” she said. She walked up to Kyley. She grabbed her by one knee and forced her to open her legs. She then carefully placed the cake between Kyley’s legs. This time, rather then hitting her hard with the cake, she just pushed it in gently. Kyley closed her eyes and moaned as her sister took the palm of her hand and massaged the creamy cake into her gaping crotch. Kyley had to admit to herself that the wetness that she was feeling was due to more than just the whipped cream. In an instant, her lower torso was splattered in creamy mess. She could feel it on her chair, below her and on her ass. She squirmed in her seat, just wiggling about in the squishy cake.

Becky then went behind the bar. She grabbed one of the hoses behind the bar. “This beer has gone stale,” she said,” Oh well, better not let it go to waist.” She took the hose nozzle and pointed it at Kyley. She pushed the lever down and began to spray her sister down in a torrent of stale beer. She took another hose in the other hand and did both at once. Kyley closed her eyes as her sister hosed her down in beer. She aimed it all over Kyley, as if she was washing a car. Becky laughed at her as she sprayed her down in the smelly beer. The brown liquid cascaded down Kyley’s body. She tried to cover herself by lifting her leg over herself, but it was no use. She was slipping and sliding, almost falling and taking the chair with her. “You looked like you needed a good wash,” Becky said sarcastically.

“Hey, Kyley. I have a special treat for you here. We all know that everybody loves betty’s hot pot. Well, I have just found a wonderful new use for it.” Becky walked up to her sister carrying a huge casserole dish filled with the hot pot that she had mentioned. Kyley looked at it and turned up her nose in disgust. The hot pot contained in it sliced potatoes, carrots, peas, cabbage and meat all soaked in a brown, decidedly gravy like sauce. “A free meal, Kyley, on the house. Can’t say better than that,” Becky said. Kyley glared at her with a pissed off look on her face. Becky went behind her sister and began to empty the hot pot on her. Kyley cringed as she felt the thick, lumpy hot pot pour over her head. The thick brown mess slowly fell over her forehead and down her face. In a moment thick brown slop fell in waived down her nose and cheeks. She licked her lips to try to flick some of it off. Her whole face was nearly all brown now with mess. Chunky vegetables stuck all over Kyley. More plopped down her breasts and all over her front. Tons fell into her lap and onto her legs. Tons pooled in her crotch and under her bottom. When Kyley leaned forward slightly, more fell down her back and down onto her backside. Kyley gritted her teeth and stuck her tongue out. The feeling of the potatoes, carrots and cabbage chunks on her bare body felt totally unusual. It felt like fingers all over body. “This is disgusting!!,” she shouted. “By the way,” Becky said,” My camera phone is on over there in recording. So say hello to the internet. This will be online for the world to see in a matter of hours.” “You are a spiteful cow, you are,” Kyley said. “Wanna give a waive to all of your friends who will be seeing this?,” Becky taunted.

“Now, I know how you love a fry up, Kyley. So I have been very nice and made you one. All in a bucket. Beans, eggs, bacon, tomatoes, mushrooms, black pudding, tinned tomatoes, sausages, bubble and squeak, fried potatoes, I think there is even a slice of toast in there for good measure,” Becky said. Kyley gave a grossed out look. “That is mingin’,” she said. “Come on now, no need to be polite. You love a greasy fried breakfast. I’ve seen you at Roy’s and this one is on me. Well, actually, it is on you. Literally.” “Ok, I like a fry up, but not like this. Not over my head,” Kyley said. “Oh, but you are going to get it. Like the little chav that you are,” Becky said. Kyley tried to beg her off saying “Please, please.” Kyley closed here eyes, still dripping with brown hot pot. Becky raised the giant bucket. She then tipped it down onto Kyley. Bits of the various foods instantly rained down onto Kyley. Bacon and sausage, runny egg, mushrooms, tomatoes all fell onto her, sticking to her face and body. Baked beans and black pudding falling all over. All mixed together in a loose conglomeration of mess. Bacon stuck to Kyley’s head. Bits of bubble fell onto her hair and stuck to her breasts. Baked beans were everywhere. An egg oozed down her cheek. Black pudding on her nose, lips and crotch. When the bucket was empty Kyley looked like the picture contents of a local cafĂ©. Bits of food stuck all over Kyley now.

Becky next grabbed a bucket of oat meal. “I forgot the oatmeal, for your breakfast, my apologies,” Becky said. She took a jar of raspberry jam and emptied it into the bucket of oatmeal just for fun. She then took the bucket and stood in front of Kyley. She swung the bucket a few times, as if she was going to toss it at Kyley. She watched Kyley flinch. The fifth time however, she did toss the oatmeal at her. It flew through the air and landed on Kyley. It went right on her face and all over her body. The beige, thick slop fell all over Kyley. It was very thick and very mucky. It was cold and sticky, oozing down her.

As Kyley recoiled in disgust, Becky went out back and grabbed the garbage can. “Here comes the trash, Kyley. It is trash just like you are. So, this is fitting.” Kyley sighed as Becky approached. She knew that protesting would not help anything at this point. She just wanted this over with. Becky took the garbage can and lifted it. Bits fell out, but she quickly thrust it over Kyley. She left it over her. Kyley shuddered and shook as her world went black, as she was waist up covered in the garbage can and its contents. The garbage can was a real one with real trash in it. It included banana peels, rotting vegetables and even some worms in the bottom. Becky left the can where it was for several minutes before returning. She lifted it up, releasing the rest of the trash. Kyley emerged dripping in garbage water and trash. “Groooooss!,” Kyley said. “It is time to take the trash out,” Becky said.

Becky quickly uncuffed Kyley and, almost instantly, pushed her out of the door. “See ya later,” she said sarcastically. She slammed the door and locked it. “Becky, please,” Kyley said. She pounded on the door. “Let me in.” Kyley then realised that she was out in the street in broad daylight, stark naked, covered in mess. “Oh my god,” she thought. She thought for a minute. What could she do? She would have to try to make her way home, and pray that no one was around to see her like this. She placed her hands over her breasts and pussy and started try to run back to the house, leaving a messy trail as she went. She looked down and tried to get home. She turned the corner and Norris was standing there. “Oh my god, what do you think you are doing, young lady?,” he said, feigning disgust. “Oh shut up,” she said and ran towards her house down the road. Much to her dismay, Tina saw her,” Hey Kyley, looking good,” she shouted and laughed. “Shut up,” Kyley said. As she made her way down the road, some of the local boys saw her. “Hey, Kyley,” Gary said. They whistled at her. She stomped in a huff to the house. She pounded on the door. “David, let me in,” she shouted. David, his mother Gail and grandmother Audrey answered the door. “What the hell, happened to you?,” he asked. “Becky!,” she shouted. “Don’t let her into my house like that,” Gail said,” Get her out back, She’ll ruin the carpet.” David took Kyley out back to the yard. She stomped back there. He then grabbed the garden hose and hosed her down with cold water. Kyley shivered and cleaned the mess from her body. Gail and Audrey watched from inside and chuckled about what had happened to her.

Miss Farrell Stwnsh

Above is a clip from stwnsh ar y ffordd of Miss Farrell getting gunged. I have a better quality version of it, but it is larger, and it will not save on here easily. I don't know how to reduce the size. I also don't know how to save from streaming video. So this is a video that I made. I have loads of pices of this and nearly all of the gungings from this show, but there are too many to post on here. I need to find another place to post them. This is probably my favorite clip from that show. Although a number of them are very good, in my opinion. I think all the others are online in one place or another apart from trhe Miss Glesni one. Sorry about the not so good quality of the clip. If anyone knows any IT secrets please let me know.

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Loui Batley gets chosen

Loui Batley gets chosen

Loui Batley had played Sarah Barnes on Hollyoaks for years. She done some pretty embarrassing storylines during her time there including her mother having sex with her boyfriend, her boyfriend choosing a man over her, pictures of her being posted in a magazine, sleeping with dozens of guys and becoming a lesbian. The time had come for her to leave Hollyoaks. She had become relatively famous and was hoping to get roles in bigger shows, soaps and maybe movies. Unfortunately for Loui, the acting jobs were few and far between. After awhile, she found herself struggling to find work. She could never come back to Hollyoaks, because her character had died in a skydiving accident. There would be no way to come back from that.

The months went on and Loui still had no real offers of jobs. Even she was surprised when she got a phone call from her agent. “Hi, Loui,” he said “Hi,” she replied. “ I have an offer for you, but before you get too excited there is a catch.” “Ok,” she said,” What kind of catch, I am happy to get an offer at this point. What is it all about?” “Well, it is a show that you may have heard of before called let her have it.” “Oh yeah,” she laughed,” That show with all the gunge. Yeah I know what you are talking about.” “Well, they would like to know if you would like to be a guest on the show. Of course, I have to warn you, you would be getting messy. It’s best that you know up front.” Loui thought it over to herself for a minute. 2Well, it is a job on tv. I haven’t been on tv in awhile. Besides, I can’t afford to be choosey right now, they way things are going. I’ve seen the show before, I know what to expect. Fine I’ll do it.” Loui did not really want to get messy on national television, but it would be a good chance for her to get herself seen again. Also, she quite fancied Mr. G., although she would not have admitted that to her agent or to anyone else. She had seen the show before and knew how messy it could get. She knew that it would probably get very embarrassing for her, but she was sort of curious about what it would actually be like. She sort of wanted to try it. She thought that it was a bit naughty. She was actually a big fan of the show and began to get more and more excited about the thought of being on it. She planned what she would wear and spent hours getting ready. She knew it was crazy because she was going to end up dripping in filthy mess, but she could not help it. She texted all of her friends and told them about it. She told them it was going to be embarrassing, but she wanted everyone to tune in. She told all of her friends from Hollyoaks. She still saw a lot of them regularly. They were going to really enjoy watching the show and seeing what was going to happen to her. The anticipation built within her. Part of her was dreading what was going to happen, part of her was very excited. ”I’m going to get gunged!”, she texted her friends.

Loui spent ages trying to decide what she was going to wear on the show. In the end she chose a pair of very short, tight white shorts and a pink and purple top. The shorts were very tight and showed off her sexy legs, that she was always showing off during her days on Hollyoaks. At this point, she was trying to look sexy to grab some attention for herself. For some reason, she had always found herself wearing very little clothing on Hollyoaks. It was part of what she had to do for her role. Although, her character Sarah, was not portrayed as a slut, she had been with too many partners to even count and always wore short dresses and skirts. Loui’s legs were amazing, however , and they definitely were worth showcasing. She looked amazing that night as always. Her friends thought that she was crazy, but encouraged her to be on the show, because they wanted to watch her getting messy. Loui got herself ready and headed down to the studio.

She walked in with smile and was advised about how the show would go. It was no surprise to her, as she had seen the show before. No one on the show could believe how excited Loui was to meet Mr. G.. No one was ever that excited to meet him before. She did not get to meet Mr. G. before the show. She would get to meet him during her appearance on the show. She was a bit nervous, but got herself already backstage and awaited her cue.

Mr. G. came onto the stage to open the show. “Tonight,” he said,” Our special guest is the one and only Loui Batley. Some of you will know her better has Sarah Barnes from Hollyoaks.” The audience cheered. Loui came onto the stage, smiling and waiving to the crowd. She walked to Mr. G. and shook his hand. They greeted each other warmly and sat down on couches opposite each other. Loui sat down, crossing her legs. “Hello, Loui.” he said. “Hello, yourself,” she said,” It is s so good to meet you. I am so happy to be here.” “It’s great to have you here on Let Her Have It. I have to say, I may speak for a lot of the men out there when I say that we miss seeing you on Hollyoaks quite a bit, actually.” “Gosh, thanks,” she replied. “Sometimes it is just time for a change.” “Well, we all really enjoyed seeing you on our televisions on a daily basis,” he said. “I enjoy watching this show as well, I must admit. I was embarrassed to admit it until I was given the chance to appear.” ”Well, you’ve seen the show, so you should have a bit of an idea what we have in store for you today,” he said. “I am guessing that it involves me, getting covered in something messy and gross. All over my body.” “Pretty much,” he said. They both laughed and she put her hand on his arm. “be gentle with me. Is it going to be really gross?,” she have whispered. “I think so,” he said. “Thanks,” she laughed. “I feel like getting dirty,” she said,” Are you going to help clean me up afterwards, backstage after the show” she flirted. They both laughed.

“I think that the best place for us to begin would have to be a little something that we know as… the giant flush.” The crowd cheered. Loui blushed laughing and jokingly saying,” NOOO!” She shook her head blushing. “Have you seen the giant flush before, Loui?” “yeah, I have. I have to sit on a toilet while it gets flushed on me,” she laughed,” I hope you have brought enough toilet paper.” “Well, it is just brown gunge, but, yes it will be flushed all over you.” “Well, getting a toilet flushed on me is not something I have thought about before, but for you, I will do it,” she teased. With that, the curtains were pulled back and the giant flush was revealed. The crowd cheered its approval. Loui’s mouth fell open. She pointed and laughed. The studio filled with fake fart noises. “My friends at Hollyoaks are going to love this,” Loui said. “I think that a lot of people are going to enjoy seeing this, to be honest,” Mr. G. said. “You are dying to see me on that toilet aren’t you,” Loui laughed. “I think that goes without saying,” he replied. She blushed. “It’s time for me to take the walk of shame I think,” Loui said. She stood up and arranged her hair around her ears. Mr. G. stood up an accompanied her. She walked over to the giant flush. She lowered her bottom onto the toilet and stretched her legs out. She then positioned herself on the toilet correctly. More farting noises came from the giant flush, as if Loui was making them. Loui was going to be the prefect target. She looked above her and laughed. “I am going to get the giant flush am I?,” she asked. “Well, I don’t mind Mr. G. flush that toilet on me if you must.” She erupted in laughter. “You got me on the throne,” she said. “Ok, Loui, any last words?,” Mr. G. said. She laughed. “It’s toilet time,” she replied and laughed out loud. The crowd started chanting flush, flush, flush.” “You might as well let me have it,” she said. She pointed upwards with her index finger. She couldn’t help but laugh in spite of herself.

Mr. G. went over to the enormous flusher. Loui braced herself, her famous bare legs wrapped around the porcelain toilet bowl beneath her. “Ok everyone,” Mr. G. said,” It is time to flush the toilet on Loui Batley, ie Sarah Barnes.” She smiled and laughed. “Toilet time,” he said. He pulled down on the flusher. Loui gave a worried look and then looked up. “I think she need this,” he said. As Loui looked up farting noises began. They were followed by the sounds of someone going to the toilet. Then a flushing noise. Loui giggled. She looked up just as the flood of thick, sloppy brown gunge poured through the giant toilet seat above her. She moved her neck forward so the gunge would not pour straight into her mouth. In that second the gunge poured. The brown, poo like slop poured down onto Loui’s face. Before she knew it she closed her eyes and the lumpy brown muck poured over her entire face. The brown glop poured onto her hair and endlessly poured down her face. It poured down onto her bare thighs, covering her legs in splatters of thick brown mess. It splattered her knees and down her calves, trickling down to her ankles. The gunge splattered and stained her clothes. Her white shorts were now filthy brown. She made a funny face and then laughed again. She could feel the sloppy gunge all over her legs. She moved her legs in and out as they were covered in brown mess. She wiggled her mouth and nose about as the gunge poured and poured. Eventually the gunge stopped. She rubbed her arms and wiped her nostrils and eyes. She looked and pointed at Mr. G. She was one hundred percent covered in brown muck. “If you wanted to have me go to the bathroom, you only had to ask. I look like I am covered in shit,” she laughed. “I am so dirty,” she said.,” I hope you enjoyed that. This is so embarrassing.” She sat on the toilet, trying to clear some of the muck from her underarms and between her legs. “ I can feel it all over my body. This is so embarrassing.” The brown glop dripped everywhere from her sexy body and beautiful face. She was bathed in the stuff.

“Is that it then?,” she asked. “Actually, Loui, it isn’t there is more mess planned for you.” “Ok,” she replied. “I think my clothes are ruined though. I don’t think brown stained like that are going to come out.” Mr. G. walked over to Loui and helped her to her feet. He then walked over with her to another part of the stage, where she sat down on another chair, leaving a trail of brown mess behind her as she walked.

“Ok, Loui, you have experienced the flush, but we have even more planned for you today,” Mr. G. said. “You’re so good to me,” she joked. “I already look like I am covered in poo, what more could happen to me?” “Well, I have took the time and prepared a special meal for you,” Mr. G. said. “Sounds romantic. Well, it would be if it wasn’t going to be poured over my head,” she replied. Mr. G. showed her a bucket. “In this bucket, Loui, is an entire shepherd’s pie. Lamb, onions, gravy, carrots, peas, mashed potatoes and cheese, all mushed together in a giant bucket, just for you.” “I think you should join me,” she said suggestively. “Oh, I couldn’t do that,” he said,” It is a sort of gift, just for you.” “You’re so generous,” she joked,” Well, you might as well get on with it. I’m filthy anyway.” He carried the bucket over and let her look at it. “For those of you, who don’t have a good view, I can confirm that the contents of that bucket are completely disgusting.” Loui closed her eyes, but not as tightly as before. She was already a total mess. Mr. G. stood up with the bucket. It was very heavy as he hoisted it up. He turned it over. Nothing came out for a second. Time seemed to stand still. After what seemed like ages, a gigantic amount of rotten mashed potatoes fell from the bucket, through the air and landed on the top of Loui’s head. It stuck and started to make it’s way down her head. She was plastered in mash from her eyes upward. More fell down onto her lap. She squealed when she felt the thick lumpy mash hit hr bare thighs. It felt different from the gunge. It was almost a solid, lumpy and gross. She plopped her hands in it. Then the gravy, mince and vegetables began to fall out down her face. Peas and carrots fell down her cheeks and chin. It all mixed with the potato in a giant disgusting conglomerations. More of the mess fell down onto her shorts and legs. Loui’s mouth was wide open. She seemed to talk the whole way though saying,” My God, I can’t believe this.” The crowd laughing loudly at her. Her body was now covered in a mixture of the contents of the shepherd pie bucket. Mr. G., jokingly took some of the mashed potato and smeared it across her face. She licked her lips and then breathed a deep sigh. “I hope you are enjoying yourself, Mr. G., at my expense. She opened her legs and took a handful of the thick potato that lay between them. She closed her legs again. She plopped the potato down with her hands and rubbed it on her shorts and thighs. She could feel bits of potato, mince and vegetables inside of her clothes. She wiggled her bottom around.

“Don’t worry Loui, we only have one more surprise in store for you this evening. You look pretty dirty already.” “Yeah, I am dirty alright. Is this how you treat all the girls that you meet?,” she asked. “Well…pretty much,” he responded. She laughed out loud pointing at him. “A tip for all you guys out there. If you want to impress a girl, pouring shepherd’s pie over her head is not always the best way to go,” Loui joked, “Not most girl’s idea of a romantic evening.”

“Loui, what we have for you is a mixed bag really. Almost literally. We have an enormous bucket, the size of a garbage can. That bucket contains applesauce, spam, spaghetti, creamed corn, cottage cheese and lots of other assorted rubbish. It’s all mixed together. It is really delightful.” “That sounds truly disgusting ,” she replied, “I actually find the idea that you come up with this stuff fascinating. Who thinks of that? Well, I guess I will have to grin and bare it. You are going to have to do the cleaning up though later. You made the mess.. You can clean it up.” “Loui, here we go,” he said. She closed her eyes and tried to brace herself. She laughed when he lugged the garbage can out. The audience chanted, ”Trash her, trash her.” He lifted the can and said, ”Here we go.” He jostled the bucket up and began to pour it over her. The slop was every shade of orange, red, beige, green and brown. It poured down over her head. In a second layers of vegetables, meat, noodles, cheese and assorted slop poured onto Loui Batley’s face. The slop was so gross that even audience members were heard saying things like,” Yuck, gross, Oh my god look at her” Loui gave a defeated moan as the conglomerated rubbish made it’s way over her.. Layer after layer heaped over . Mr. G. poured it every where on her body. She then got off the chair and lay on the ground, spread eagle. She closed her eyes and lay motionless, apart from her wiggling toes and legs as Mr. G. sensually poured the layers of disgusting leftovers all over her entire body. She bent her knees as he poured some on her legs. She lay in a heaped pile of mess. The feeling of the slimy food all over body was something like Loui had never experienced before. She closed her eyes and could almost feel a sense of pleasure coming over her. She lay in the mess until the garbage can was emptied. She then sat up, bending her knees, letting the mess fall down her legs and crotch. She gave a half smile. “Loui Batley, everyone,” Mr. G. said,” Let’s here it for her. She really, really took it well.” He leaned over and sincerely thanked her. “Don’t mention it,” she replied with a wink.

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Hi everyone. I have just posted the long awaited Lucinda Dryzek story. I hope everyone likes it. The Loui Batley story is nearly ready as well. Lauren Branning will probably be coming soon as well. I have hundreds of messy pictures and lots of pictures of Lucinda Dryzek as well. There are too many to post here, so I will try to look for some kind of website to do that on. If anyone has any ideas please let me know. Also, please have a look at the polls I have put up if you haven't before.

Again, if anyone would like have a story written about them or someone they know please let me know. Everything is free here. Again, if there are any celebrities or anyone who has gotten messy before on teleivision or anything who reads the stories please let me know. It would all be anonymous. It would be really cool if that were the case. Again my email is I would love to hear from you.

Lucinda Dryzek vs. Caroline Quentin results

Lucinda Dryzek vs. Caroline Quentin results

Lucinda Dryzek has been acting on the sitcom Life of Riley for several years now. She plays Caroline Quentin’s stepdaughter, Katie on the show. The show is really a vehicle for comedienne Caroline more than anything else. Everyone on the show gets on well and have really comes to get to know one another well. On the set, everyone was always playing pranks on one another and having a laugh. One day Lucinda saw someone getting messy on the television. When she saw this she hatched a plan. “I have got to get Caroline on that show and get her messy. That would be hilarious. Lucinda thought about it and decided that she had to do it. She worked for the same company, so she could easily contact the show and see if they could get something sorted. She made a few phone calls and met with some people from the show. They were delighted at Lucinda’s interest and thought that it would be amazing to have the stars of Life of Riley on their show. They explained to Lucinda that they would have to be fair. They could set up the show, but the way the show was formatted was such that there would have to be a vote. If Lucinda wanted to put Caroline up for the vote that would be fine. That could be a surprise for Caroline, but Lucinda would have to put herself up for the vote as well and it could not be rigged. Lucinda did not hesitate. She knew that Caroline was more famous than she was. Caroline had been in show business for years, Lucinda was still relatively unknown, so she felt that she would not lose a vote like this. She agreed that she could be put up for public vote against her tv mom. She had it all worked out in her head what would happen. She would invite Caroline to another part of the studio after shooting of an episode of Life of Riley and spring the surprise on her about the vote. Before Caroline knew what was happening she would already be covered in mess. Lucinda thought that she had it all worked out. She wanted to set Caroline up so bad that she was blinded to the possibility that there was every chance that the tables could be turned and she could end up being the one covered in mess in front of the world. It was up to the public to decide who would be the one to get it. It was really out of her hands. In her mind though, it was a done deal. She was very excited about the whole thing. Everyone would be congratulating her and teasing Caroline when they saw what she had set up. Lucinda took great care in not tipping her hand to Caroline about what was set up to happen.

The big day finally arrived. Lucinda spoke to Caroline during the filming of their show. She told her not to make any plans for after the show because she had a little surprise for her. Caroline agreed, without much convincing. Everything appeared to be going according to Lucinda’s plan. She was very pleased with herself and was still convinced that she had thought of everything. Lucinda wore a purple top and beige trousers. After the filming of their episode was completed, Lucinda met up with Caroline. “Don’t worry,” Lucinda told her,” It’s not far. They walked together to the other side of the studio. Caroline could see that another show was being filmed. She got a pretty good idea that the surprise was that they were going to be on some kind of talk show or game show. “It’s not Jeremy Kyle is it?,” she joked,” You aren’t sleeping with my husband or anything are you, Lucinda?” “No, don’t worry. It’s nothing like that. You’ll see soon enough. It’s a surprise,” Lucinda said, widening her eyes and giving a huge cheeky smile.

Lucinda heard their cue and she motioned for Caroline to follow her. They walked onto stage and in front of the audience. “Hi,” the host said. “Hello,” Caroline and Lucinda responded. “Now, we understand that Lucinda here came to us and set this whole thing up.” “That’s right,” Lucinda said, smiling coyly. “We also understand that Caroline has not been told anything about the reason why you two are here today.” “No, I was told nothing,” Caroline confirmed. “It looks like this one has been very sneaky and arranged something. I wouldn’t have thought that she could keep a secret this well.” “I am full of surprises. I am quite proud of myself for not letting it slip, actually,” Lucinda said, curling her nose up with a smile. “So, Caroline, I bet that you are curious to know what this is all about,” the host said. “Yeah, you could say that,” Caroline said. “Well, we won’t keep you in the dark any longer,” he replied. “ You see, on our show we have votes. Votes by the public. In these votes it pits one person against another. And do you know what happens to the loser of these votes, Caroline?,” “No, I do not,” she replied. “Well, what happens is, we bring out some gunge or messy food, and do you know what happens to it?” “No I don’t,” she said. “Well Caroline, it is very interesting, because the winner gets to take all of that stuff and pour it over the loser’s head.” Lucinda smiled patiently looking at Caroline, eagerly awaiting her reaction. The crowd applauded. Lucinda pointed her fingers at Caroline and laughed sarcastically. Caroline looked puzzled and laughed. “So who is up for the vote?,” Caroline asked, already half knowing the answer. “Well, thanks to Lucinda here. It will be the two of you. She contacted us and set this whole thing up.” Lucinda brushed her shoulder and motioned at herself saying it was me. “You can fire her if you want after the show,” the host joked. “Got ya!,” Lucinda said. “Well done Lucy,” Caroline said,” You did a great job. I never suspected a thing, honestly.” “Were you surprised?,” Lucinda asked. “Definitely,” Caroline responded. “Yess,” Lucinda celebrated. She had never managed to get one over on Caroline before, but this had all gone so well.

“The thing is everyone. As confident and happy as Lucinda looks. Let’s not forget that there was still a little matter of the vote. Both of you were put up for the vote and it was not rigged in anyway. It is very possible that Caroline might get the last laugh here. It was up to the public to decide. Will they have sided with Lucinda and made her set up complete, or will it all backfire?” “Ha..haha,” Caroline said,” Don’t be too smug, you haven’t won yet. I am very nervous though I must say.” Due to the circumstances, Caroline had a feeling that the set up would be complete. Lucinda still did not look worried. This was so much fun. She was loving it. “I can not wait to get you all messy,” she said, “It is going to be so funny.” “Lucinda, can you tell us a bit why you contacted the show,” the host asked. “ Well, Caroline is my co star. She plays my step mum on the show. On the set there is constantly pranks being played. Mainly by Caroline on us young people. I thought that this would be the ultimate prank. It will be just hilarious to pour gunge all over her. This stuff is so much fun. I thought it would be really funny. Anyway, Caroline is a comedienne. I know she will see the funny side of things and is up for a laugh.”

“Should we get to the results?,” the host asked. The audience cheered its approval. Lucinda said,” Oh yeah.” The lights were lowered in the studio. “Ok everyone, here we go,” the host said. Lucinda looked forward beaming with a huge smile, trying to enjoy every minute of her perceived victory. Caroline crossed her fingers and gave a worried look. She pretended to bite her nails in expectation. “Ok, the stars of Life of Riley, Caroline and Lucinda. This was all Lucinda’s doing, I remind everyone. I can tell you that we have a landslide victory. The loser had a whopping 93 percent of the votes.” Caroline’s jaw dropped. “yes, I knew it,” Lucinda pumped her fist. “Our loser with 93 percent is.. Lucinda Dryzek.” Lucinda’s jaw fell wide open her eyes widened like saucers. She looked like a deer in headlights. “What,” she said incredulously. The audience erupted in applause and laughter. Caroline patted her on the shoulder and pretended to console her,” Never mind,” she said. “I can’t believe this,” Lucinda said, still in shock from the results.

“Well, Lucinda. You contacted the show and set this all up,” the host said. “I know,” she replied, still shocked. “You really did bring this on yourself.” “Shut up,” she said in a low understated voice. “Lucinda, you know what this means don’t you?” “She is going to get to take gunge and messy food and pour it over my head,” Lucinda replied. “Yes, indeed. Let this be a lesson to all of you youngsters at home. Do not try to set people up or pay tricks. Lucinda here is going to be learning the hard way.” “Sorry, dear,” Caroline said. She then turned to the host,” Is it going to be really messy and disgusting?,” she asked. Everyone laughed. Lucinda, still wide eyed and shocked was placed in a chair, which she passively fell into, crossing her arms. She really did not know what hit her. The slop buckets were then brought out. “Is this really going to happen?,” Lucinda asked. “Yes,” the host said,” Unfortunately for you, Lucinda, it is going to happen.” “Oh yeah,” Caroline said in a funny voice. “You’re gonna get it good.” When Lucinda saw the buckets being brought out, her eyes widened even more. “Oh my gosh,” she said. “I don’t think I want to play anymore,” she said. She knew that she could not really protest, because this whole thing was her idea and, really, she was getting what was coming to her. She had told everyone involved with Life of Riley about this. Now they would be laughing at her, not Caroline. Meanwhile, Caroline was dancing around and chuckling.

Caroline grabbed the first bucket,” So, finally we arrive at this long awaited moment. Lucinda Dryzek, time to get messy,” the host said. The first bucket that Caroline picked up contained disgusting egg salad. It was white and yellow in s disgust sort of mayo type substance. It was thick and smelled atrocious. “What do we have to start off with?,” the host asked. “A little egg salad to start,” Caroline said. “Egg salad!,” Lucinda said,” You’re not serious.” Lucinda shut her eyes and scrunched her face up in anticipation for what was about to hit her. Caroline stood behind her tv daughter smiling. She shook her up and down in an exaggerated way as the crowd cheered her on. She took both hands and lifted the bucket slightly above Lucinda’s head, aiming the egg salad at the middle of her head and down her face. She slowly began to pour. The eggy mess began to slither and slide out of the bucket toward Lucinda’s face. It was much less clumpy and more creamy than Caroline expected. It started pouring out. The first bit landed on Lucinda’s head. It started pouring a bit quicker and started to ooze down Lucinda’s face. Lucinda was not really prepared for how the mess would feel on her face and body. The egg salad started to pour over her beautiful face. It was completely covering her in drippy whitish yellow sludge. When it hit her face the coldness as well as the smell instantly caused her eyes to open up and widen. Her mouth opened with a scream. Shivers went down her spine. She nearly jumped out of her chair. She wiggled her body, almost involuntarily. Lifting her leg slightly. Lucinda squirmed in her seat. Her bottom almost bouncing up and down. In the meantime, Caroline continued to pour indiscriminately. She took a broader aim, pouring the stinky egg salad all over Lucinda’s body. Lucinda almost gagged as she was covered. When the bucket was empty, Lucinda had egg salad everywhere. She shook her arms and let some drip off. Tons stuck all over her body. Large amounts collected on her shoulders and lap. The whole top part her head was covered in the yellow, rotten mess. She gave a pseudo sad face. She took her hand swept it over her forehead and fringe, wiping away some of the collected mess that was stuck to her hair and face. Bits of egg fell from her mouth. Gooey bits dripped from Lucinda’s nose. She looked pissed off to say the least. “Isn’t my tv daughter beautiful,” Caroline said. The sight of Lucinda Dryzek covered in egg salad was enjoyable to say the least.

“Caroline, what do we have next for Lucinda here?,” the host asked. “ Here come the cole slaw,” Caroline said in a funny voice. “I think she did order slaw with that,” the host said. Lucinda slapped her hands on her thighs and looked at them as if to say,” I can not believe this is happening.” Caroline grabbed the slop bucket filled with cole slaw. The crowd began chanting,” Slaw, slaw, slaw” “Here it comes,” Caroline said. She lifted the cole slaw packed bucket over her tv daughter and started to pour. She herself could hardly believe that she was standing there pouring cole slaw over the head of this young woman. The disgusting cole slaw plummeted from the bucket and landed on Lucinda’s head and lap. The creamy, sloppy white messy plopped down on Lucinda in chunks at first, landing on her body. Her gorgeous brown hair now covered tinged in sloppy white cole slaw. The smell caused Lucinda to gag. After that, the cole slaw got creamier. The putrid, rancid white mess poured down over Lucinda’s face. She could taste the cole slaw, as hard as she tried not to. Caroline let it pour straight over Lucinda’s face and neck. Gravity took some of the cole slaw and allowed it to pour down the rest of Lucinda’s body. She could feel it suck to and down her top and all over her legs. Lucinda tried to catch her breath, blowing air from her mouth and expelling some cole slaw when the flow stopped. Caroline then looked in the bucket and noticed that there was a large congealed blob at the bottom. She took her hand, reached in and grabbed the last blob of cole slaw. She went around to Lucinda’s front. Before Lucinda knew what was happening, Caroline took her and pushed it into Lucinda’s face. Caroline rubbed the cole slaw around in Lucinda’s face, literally. It came with such force that it knocked Lucinda over onto her backside. She quickly sat up and took her place back on the chair.

Caroline, meanwhile already grabbed the next bucket of messy food. This bucket contained gravy. “This one is for all the mums,” Caroline said. “It is time we got our own back on the younger generation. I bet there are loads of mums out there who have always wanted to do this to their daughters.” There was really nothing that Lucinda could say or do. Caroline took the bucket of incredibly thick, light brown turkey gravy and approached Lucinda. “Sorry, honey,” she whispered. Lucinda bit her lip as the gravy came pouring down onto her. All she could do was close her eyes. She was already filthy. The gravy poured down onto her face, soaking her hair, plopping on her ponytail, mixing with the mess that already stuck all over her. Caroline showered her tv daughter with the gravy. She poured it down her neck and down her chest. She then poured some down her back and down the back of Lucinda’s trousers. She then poured more over Lucinda’s calves, thighs and lap. Then even over her feet. She moved the bucket around this time, making sure that the gravy got to flow over every part of Lucinda’s body. Lucinda took both hand and wiped the gravy from her eyes, flicking it in both directions. She then itched her nose with her hand. She looked like she had been in a gravy rain storm.

There was only one more bucket left to go. Lucinda had been a really good sport about all of this. Of course, she had very little choice in the matter. Caroline made her way over to grab the final bucket. The crowd’s cheering began to build. Caroline had a peek in the bucket and then looked at the crowd. “Spaghetti,” she shouted. Lucinda put her fist to her chin as if to say,” Let’s get this over with, please.” Caroline took the spaghetti and got ready to let Lucinda have it. The bucket was enormous and was heavy to carry. It was like a small garbage can. She motioned for the crowd to count down. 3...2.…1. She had to use her knee to hoist the bucket up for the first pour. It fell forward, pouring some onto Lucinda’s back. She then pushed it upwards with all her strength allowing some spaghetti to fall out down onto Lucinda’s head. Lucinda’s eyes widened and her mouth opened with a scream as she felt the spaghetti coming down onto her head. It was thick with sauce and cheese. The orangey red mess poured down on her face. Her face was now covered in bits of the spaghetti. It was very heavy and fell, splashing down onto her body. Her legs and lap collecting spaghetti. She could feel it on her neck and back. Her shirt was no defence against the mess as the spaghetti fell into it, some coming out the bottom onto her lap. Her shirt had gone almost see through by now, her black bra now visible from the back. The experience of sitting there having spaghetti poured over her head was surreal to say the least. Her fringe dripped with spaghetti. She did not even really try to clear away any of the spaghetti, because she was so messy already there was no point. She just let the spaghetti drip from her body in its own time. “She hates leftovers,” Caroline said. Lucinda looked at her and gave an annoyed fake laugh.

“So, Caroline, what did you think of that,” the host asked. “That was great. I want to thank Lucinda for setting this all up. It was very thoughtful of her. I certainly never thought that I would be pouring spaghetti over Lucinda’s head, but it was a good surprise, I must say,” “Lucinda, that kind of backfired on you a little bit there didn’t it?” “Oh yeah, I guess you could say that. I think I have learned my lesson.” “Do the cast and crew back at Life of Riley know about today?,” he asked “Yes,” she said dejectedly,” I told everyone. I am going to be a laughing stock. I am sure they are all going to enjoy this.” “So, Lucinda Dryzek everyone. Let’s hear it for her. She was good sport. We thank her for contacting the show and arranging all of this. We will see you next time.” As the show went off the air the camera zoomed in on Caroline she was smiling and clapping. She pointed to her right. The camera moved right and zoomed in on a very messy Lucinda. She gave a muted smile and waived to everyone.

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Ladies who did not win

Up for the vote this time is a selection of women who have been in the polls before, but managed to stay clean. I think some of us would like to see that change. They are up for teh vote again.

Alexa Chung 
 Gabby Logan
 Julia Roberts
     Salma Hayek
Tianna Benjamin

To be honest they all deserve it, but who will it be.

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Rachael White vs. Emma Willis the results

Rachael White vs. Emma Willis the results

There had been a lot of crazy times on Big Brother’s Little Brother over the years. Emma Willis had always been a huge fan of Big Brother, so when she found out that she had gotten the job co hosting Big Brother’s Little Brother she was over the moon. She knew there could be some crazy times ahead. Rachael White, of course was the first person to be voted off of Big Brother. She felt as though she was hated, especially by other women. Rachel wanted to make the most of her short lived fame so she appeared on BBLB as much as she possibly could.

The crew and everyone else involved in BBLB one week decided that there should be a week long vote. It would be Emma Willis vs. Rachael White. The loser would end up getting messy on national television. Neither of the two wanted to get messy at all, but both agreed to it because of their desire to be on television and to get publicity at any cost. One of them was going to be getting embarrassed on a grand scale.

Rachael thought that there was no way that she could avoid the mess. She felt that people really hated her and would want to see her get messy. She knew people thought of her as conceited and vein. She thought that she was gorgeous and that people would be jealous and want to see her get nailed. Emma sort of believed that Rachael would be the one getting messy, because she was voted off of Big Brother. The public did not seem to like her. Plus, Emma saw herself as just a presenter and not a star or someone that the audience would really think about too much.

The audience was given the whole week to vote. The gunging to come on Friday’s show. Rachael and Emma tried all week to see if they could get an inkling to how the vote was going . Everyone made sure to not give anything away. Everyone on set pretty much were all hoping that it would be Emma getting the mess. No one knew for sure what was going to happen.

Friday’s show finally started. At the beginning of the show, as a teaser, Emma and Rachael were shown sitting on the couch. The voice over said,” Coming up on BBLB, Emma vs. Rachel a gunge vote. Someone will be getting messy on our show today. Who will it be? You decide.” Emma and Rachael both begged the audience not to vote for them.

Emma wore a pair of tight fitting blue jeans and a brown blouse with beige speckles. Rachael wore a short silver dress. In the middle of the show the presenter sat down on the couch and spoke to Rachael and Emma. “So, Emma, how are you feeling?,” he asked. “Terrified,” she replied with a nervous laugh,” I am very nervous. There may be a great deal of sloppy mess in my very near future. I do not want this to happen.” “Rachael, what are your thoughts,” he asked. “I don’t think Emma has anything to worry about. The public hate me. They will definitely be voting for me. Everyone thinks I am a self absorbed selfish bitch. I think it will definitely be me on the receiving end today,” she replied. “You don’t know that,” he replied,” You might be surprised. No one knows the results yet.” ”My voluptuous body, covered in gunge? Who could resist that?,” she said. “Well, one thing is for sure, someone will be getting messy. There is still time to vote. You at home will make the choice. It will all be revealed at the end of the show.”

The show went on as usual, apart from the tension in the room. Rachael had tried to prepare herself mentally. She attempted to focus her mind on something else. Hopefully she would get a modelling contract and maybe make lots of money at the end of all of this. She was convinced it would be her. As for Emma, Rachael almost had her convinced as well. She did not think that she would be the one getting the mess, but it could happen.

At the end of the show, the presenter returned to the couch. Rachael and Emma sat on opposite sides. 2so, here we go,” he said,” The moment we have all been waiting for. Our results. Emma Willis vs. Rachael White. Someone’s going to get it, but who will it be?” Emma grimaced closing her eyes, her hands in a praying motion. Rachael biting her nails. “I have the duty to report that it was a landslide victory,” he said. “See, Rachael,” said,” It’s me.” “With nearly 80% of the votes. Our winner, the recipient of all of the mess is…. Emma Willis.” Emma’s mouth fell open. She squealed and buried her face in her hands. Turning red in embarrassment. “Noooo,” she screamed. The camera close up on her face. Rachael was truly shocked. Her mouth fell open and she looked around. “My God, really? I can’t believe it. This is brilliant. I actually won, somehow. Sorry Emma.” “Thanks a lot,” Emma replied.

“So Emma, 80% of the vote, ”he said. “I know, why? Why me?” “I guess a lot of people just think that you would look better covered in mess than Rachael would.” “Evidently, yes. Is this really going to happen?,” Emma joked. “Oh yeah, it is definitely going to happen and we are going to love it.”

With that a bathtub was rolled out to the centre of the stage. Emma pointed and laughed. “I suppose I have to get in there now, do I?,” she said. Emma walked over to the bath tub. She placed her hand on the tub and put one leg in. She turned her back to the camera, bending over as she raised her other leg. She then lowered herself into the tub. She bent her knees, sitting up in the bathtub. Emma positioned herself as the mess was prepared for her. “Make yourself comfortable,” the presenter said. “Thanks a lot,” Emma replied,” I am as comfortable as I can be, knowing what is coming.” Emma stretched her legs in the bath tub and bent her knees. She looked incredibly anxious, looking in all directions. She really had no idea what they had in store for her, they had kept the secret quite well all week. “Emma, do you have anything to say to the viewers at home,” the presenter asked. “Thanks to everyone at home for voting. I will choose to take this as a compliment. Why people voted for me I will never know.”

“Ok, then, it is time for Emma Willis to get messy. We are going to be filling that tub. We think Emma deserves a nice long bath. Unfortunately it will not be water that she will be getting covered in.” Emma put her hand above her head and moved it around as if she was defending herself. She scrunched up her body as well. She was blushing and sweating. Her co presenter disappeared back stage for a second and returned with an enormous creamy pie. Emma waived him off, begging no, no. She tried to put her hands in front of her face. “No cheating,” he said,” Arms at your side, or it will be worse for you. We can do it the easy way or the hard way.” She shrugged her shoulders in awkward acceptance. She laughed and begged still, asking him please not to pie her. “What was that?,” he teased. “Please don’t pie me,” she said in a loud clear voice. The crew cheered. She put her hands at her side, ”How rude,” she commented. He came forward with the pie. Emma continued to blush, giggle and beg him off. He took one hand and placed it behind her head. He then pushed the pie with some force into Emma’s face with a thud, sending some pie flying. She moaned as it hit her. He held it in place and pushed it deep into Emma’s face, relishing every second of pieing his colleague. He rubbed it in her face. He finally let go, letting the tin fall into her lap. Her mouth fell wide open in shock. It stayed that way for several seconds, her eyes wide. Her face 90 percent plastered in creamy pie. She took her hands and pulled a large blob of the pie from her fringe. She then swung her arms, trying to toss some of the pie away. It was very thick though and did not go every far. “I’m pied!,” Emma said. Her messy hands in front of her, laughing. She wiped her hands on her jeans. Emma looked amazing, a blob of cream sticking to the tip of her nose.

Rachael then came forward, “Sorry, about this,” she said. “Sorry!,” Emma said,” This could have been you. I am the one covered in pie. Rachael carried with her a bucket containing peach slices in custard. Rachael did not say much. She looked at Emma as if to say,” Better you than me.” Rachael had never been so pleasantly surprised and relieved in her life and now she was going to enjoy it, even if it was at Emma’s expense. Rachael stood behind Emma, holding up the bucket. Emma tried looking behind her, but she could not move around that much in the bath tub. Rachael raised the bucket and began to pour. The peach juice fell onto Emma first. Emma scrunched her face and shoulders as the spoiled peach juice showered down onto her, washing over her hair and soaking her blouse and falling onto her jeans. The peaches and custard then began to fall over her in a waive of goo. She closed her eyes as it poured down across her face. Lots of it slid down her body and onto her legs and lap, all over her jeans and down into the bottom of the tub. She held her hands out as peach slices fell onto her. The largest amount of custard came last, as it had settled at the bottom of the bucket. It made it’s way out of the bucket, it had conformed to the shape of the bucket itself. Rachael hit the bottom of the bucket and the last bit fell out. It land on top of Emma’s head. It then stared to collapse and ooze downward, completely engulfing the whole of Emma’s head down to her lips. She licked her lips. Her Face totally covered in a congealed glob of custard and peaches. Emma pushed out her shirt, letting more of the mess fall down her. She could now feel the tub starting to fill a bit with mess, below her ass. Of course the crew was now howling with laugher. Rachael put her finger to her lips, posed and gave an innocent look. “You bitch,” Emma joked,” How could you do this to me?” “Easily,” Rachael joked back.

Emma’s co presenter then came out again. He returned with an enormous casserole dish filled with shepherd’s pie. It had lamb mince with onion and peas and carrots in gravy, topped with cheese and mashed potato. Emma peered around the corner,” Oh god,” she said when she saw what he had. The thought of him pouring shepherd’s pie on her was just so revolting and embarrassing that it sent a chill up her spine. Emma looked forward and bent her knees again, almost hugging her legs. She gritted her teeth. He tipped the bucket and let the cold, gross, sloppy mess down onto her head. In a moment bits of carrot, lamb and peas rolled down Emma Willis’ face. She made audible moaning noises as the gravy covered food poured down her face. She gritted her teeth as the meaty brown mess rolling down her face. More poured onto her calves and thighs and down onto the rest of Emma’s body. Then a large proportion of the cheesy mashed potato fell from the casserole onto and between Emma’s legs, all over her jeans, onto her crotch and all over her blouse. He poured more onto her neck and head. She took her hands and moved some of the mess off of herself and into the tub. She stretched her legs out, allowing the mashed potato to fall between them into the bottom of the tub. She wiped some from her brow and cleared some mince from her face. “This is so gross,” she said,” Shepherd’s pie. I really never would have suspected this, I have to say.”

Rachael returned again, this time with a big bucket of baked beans. The tub was starting to fill up now. The contents were now over Emma’s legs if she stretched them out, almost above her waist. She moved her legs in and out, almost splashing in the slop. Rachael took the bucket of baked beans and held them in front of Emma’s face. Emma’s eyes widened. Rachael then thrust the bucket into Emma’s face, almost submerging her face in the baked beans. Emma screamed and shook her head as her face was dipped in the beans. Rachel then pulled the bucket forward, pouring more onto Emma’s head. Baked beans falling and streaming down Emma Willis’s face. Beans stuck to her beautiful bob haircut, they fell down her neck and blouse. Rachael then lifted the buckets and moved it back and forth over Emma’s body, covering her from head to toe in baked beans and filling up the tub even more. Emma was now armpit deep in the mess. As disgusting as the mess was when it fell, it was doubly as disgusting as it mixed together in the bathtub, on and around Emma’s body. Emma tried to flick some of the beans from her nose onto Rachael, but it did not really work for her.

Next Rachael and the other presenter emerged with trays of lasagne. They were small trays, but there were loads of them. Rachael took one and squashed it in Emma’s face as the presenter took another and plopped it on top of Emma’s head. Her head spun because she did not know where it was coming from next. She spit out a mouthful of pasta strip as the lasagne stuck to her hair and face. Cheese, sauce, pasta and beef were everywhere. The two of them then ran back and forth, grabbing trays of lasagne bring them over to Emma and emptying them onto her. They emptied more onto her legs and midsection. One whole lasagne went down her neck and into her blouse. The lasagne was not the best quality and did not smell very good to say the least. Before Emma could blink, half the tub was filled with lasagne. She was not smiling as she picked pasta and beef from her hair and nose. She was now neck deep in slop. Her chin was just on the surface of the slop that now filled the tub.

Four of the ex house mates from Big Brother were then welcomed out. Nathan, Shabby, Ife and Jovan all came out. They held containers of ketchup, mayo, mustard and tomato relish. They all came forward together. In unison, they all started to pour their condiments over Emma and the whole bathtub. They went back and forth over the whole tub. Emma shook her head and begged as the yellow, red and white lines of mess quickly covered her in criss crosses of goo. They all smiled and waived as they walked off, putting the finishing touches on Emma. Only her face stuck out from the tub. Yellow, white and red, dripping from her face and hair. “I think you needed that,” the presenter said,” You have needed a good bath for a long time. You were getting a bit dirty, I think.” “I am dirty now!,” she responded. “This is surreal. I can’t believe that this is happening to me. I am a mess. I hope you are all satisfied. I took a messy bath for sure.”

“Emma Willis, everyone,” he said. “ Oh yeah, one last surprise. Since it is such a lovely day, we thought that we would take you for a little ride” “What do you mean,” she said in shock. “Well, the tub is on wheels, so we are going to go outside for awhile.” “Please, don’t do this to me. There will be people out there.” she tried to stand up but slipped and fell on her backside. Rachael and the other contestants came out and started to pull the bathtub off the set and out the back of the studio. Emma pleaded with them. They wheeled her through the back parking lot and out the gates of the studio to the street. “Oh my god,” Emma exclaimed. Lines full of people as well as random passers by started by her, looking and laughing. The Big Brother contestants then walked away, leaving her there. ”Bye, Emma,” they said. She was stunned. Before she knew it, they were gone and she was left alone on the sidewalk in a bathtub covered in mess. Members of the public snapped photos of her. Eventually, a young man was nice enough to give her a hand to get to her feet. She had to trudge back to the studio, dripping mess as she went. When she got to the door everyone was there waiting for her clapping. “You are assholes,” she said angrily.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

Michelle Beadle makes a bet

Michelle Beadle makes a bet

Sportsnation’s Michelle Beadle is a huge fan of the New York Jets. She has routed for them for years. She was incredibly happy when the Jets made it to the AFC Championship game for the second year in a row. She also couldn’t help but gloat and tease her co host on Sports Colin Cowherd, because the Jets had beaten his favourite team, the New England Patriots to get there. She teased him all week that his team were a bunch of losers and told everyone how great the Jets were. The discussion was had on Friday’s show. “The Jets may have one, but they will never get to the Superbowl,” Colin said,” They will not beat the Steelers this week.” “I think, you are just jealous. I think they will win and go on to win it all,” Michelle said,” In fact a guarantee that they will win. I have no doubt.” “Oh really,” Colin replied,” If you are so sure that they will win then maybe you would like to put something at stake.” “I wouldn’t care,” she replied,” I have faith in my team. I am confident that they will get the job done.” “Well, then,” Colin said,” In that case, how about this, if the Jets do not win the game, I get to slime and pie you on Monday’s show,” Colin said. Michelle fell silent and looked pensive. She stuttered and acted like she was speechless. “Ok,” she said,” You know what, my team won’t let me down. If they lose, I am willing to take one for the team.” She crossed her fingers and looked at the camera. “Please, guys don’t let me down. I have a lot riding on this now, but I know you can do it,” she pointed at the camera. “I can’t believe that I really agreed to this. This is really going to happen isn’t it. I’m going to keep positive though. We will win and it will be fine. Please guys, I am counting on you.” Of course, the crew was very excited about the whole thing. Colin was usually the one who ended up getting teased or embarrassed so everyone felt that Michelle had this coming to her a little bit. Everyone who worked at ESPN was routing for the Steelers that weekend, everyone who wasn’t a diehard Jets fan anyway.

Michelle spent all weekend getting texts and tweets from everyone she knew asking if the bet was legit and expressing their genuine hope that the Jets would not win the game. Michelle stayed at home and watched the game by herself. She was a true fan and her reactions during the game were as animated as they come. Cheering, booing, arguing calls and cursing at the television. It was a very good game and was close right down to the end. In the end, however, the Jets lost. Michelle looked at the television in silence. “Oh my god,” she said to herself,” I’m going to get slimed.” She shook her head. As soon as the game ended, she started getting dozens of texts, tweets and emails. She switched off her phone and did not go on the internet that evening. She did not want to think about it. She also knew that she could not back on the bet. She thought of calling in sick on Monday, but then the mess would be waiting for her on Tuesday. In the end, she thought,” No, I made the bet, I stand by my team, I have to go in there and take what is coming to me. It is my own fault for opening my big mouth like that.”

Finally Monday arrived. Michelle arrived to the studio with her hair in a ponytail. She wore a red frilly blouse and a black skirt. When she arrived at the studio and walked in the door, the entire crew was waiting for her. They all cheered and clapped for her when she entered. She smiled and waived,” Thank you, thank you,” she said. Colin came forward,” Well, Beadle, they lost,” he said. “Yeah, I know,” she replied,” It was a good game though, they came close,” she said. “Close, but no cigar, ”he said,” You know what that means?,” he said. “No Colin,” what does that mean,” she said facisously and then laughed. “Oh you know, we had a little bet,” he said teasing her. “Bet, I don’t remember any bet,” she said,” Yeah, ok, I remember, how could I ever forget. I made the bet and now I have to pay the consequences.” “I am glad you aren’t trying to back out,” he said. “Nah, I am a woman of my word. I just regret the words that I chose to say when I made the bet that’s all,” she laughed,” I’m really going to get it aren’t I/ This is going to be so embarrassing.”

The show opened and of course one of the first stories was the NFL games over the weekend. Some short highlights of the Jets Steelers game was shown. “And the Jets, lost,” Colin said,” Just to refresh everyone’s memory, let’s look at a little clip from Friday’s show.” The clip was shown where Michelle agreed to get messy if the Jets did not win. The camera then cut back to a very embarrassed looking Michelle Beadle. She was laughing embarrassingly and shaking her head. She was turning red. “So, Michelle,” Colin said,” The Jets did not win did they?” “No, no they didn’t,” Michelle said in a funny voice. “So, you know what that will mean?,” he asked. “Oh yes,” she replied,” I know exactly what that means. They came so close though. I can’t believe they lost. You let me down guys. If you are watching, I hope that you are grateful. You lose and I have to take one for the team.” “So, everyone, at the end of today’s show, Michelle Beadle here will be paying up. She is going to be getting messy. Set your vcr’s and tivo’s. I think we are going to have a you tube hit. Just think Michelle, the videos of this are going to be all over the internet within minutes I am sure.” “Can I say, I had people coming out of the woodwork. Friends I never knew I had. I received so many texts and emails this weekend that I had to just stop reading them. It seems a lot of people are excited about this for some reason. There’s no accounting for taste. It seems this is something people really want to see.”

The show went on as normal, but on the bottom of the screen, where is shows what is going to be on later in the show, it had a tab saying “Michelle gets slimed”. She tried to put it out of her mind, but it was difficult to forget about. At every ad break it was mentioned. Before the final ad break it was announced that after the break Michelle would be doing her messy forfeit. “Yes stay tuned, if you want to see me get messy,” she said,” Who would want to see that ,” she joked,” The whole country it would appear.”

The show came back after the break. “Welcome, back to Sportsnation,” Michelle said,” It is time for what everyone has been waiting for. Everyone but me of course. I lost the bet so now I have to get messy. Colin and everyone else are enjoying this so much, I can not tell you.” Michelle walked out the studio to a chair that was set up in back of the building. She sat down, shaking her head. Colin was there waiting for her with the crew. She sat down,” Is this really going to happen?,” she asked,” I was hoping that this was all just a joke. I guess I was wrong. Well, this one is for all you Jets fans out there. I hope you appreciate this everyone.”

“I have worked with Michelle for two years,” Colin said,” We work together every day. I finally now get a chance at payback. She teases me. I am the one who always has to do the embarrassing stuff and now I finally get to have my revenge. Nation this is going to be fun. Finally.” Michelle crossed her arms and just laughed. She looked over,” Is this going to be really messy?,” she asked.

Colin grabbed a gigantic creamy pie and approached Michelle. She begged him off,” No, Colin, please don’t do this. We can make other arrangements. I’ll do anything,” she begged laughingly waiving her hands. Raised one hand as he approached her with three fingers. The whole crew started counting down. 3...2...1. Michelle laughed and shut her eyes tightly. Colin pulled his arm back. He put his other hand on Michelle’s arm to steady himself. He then took the pie in his other hand and pushed it into Michelle’s face. He planted it into her face, holding it tightly there for a second. He then pushed the pie upward to the top of her head, smearing cream over her face, forehead and hair. She could not scream or make any noise, because her face was packed with whipped cream. Colin then left the tin on top of Michielle’s head as if it were a hat. The crew had erupted in cheers and laughter when the pie hit her. When Colin released the pie, Michelle’s mouth shot open, She puckered her lips and blew some of the cream away. Her mouth wide open, laughing in shock. Some cream blew from her nostrils as well. Michelle was totally creamed. He had been dead on target with the pie. Michelle’s face was plastered in the thick cream. She stuck her tongue out licking her lips. She pulled some cream from the side of her hair with her hand and tasted it. “Pretty good,” she said. Michelle’s face looked amazing covered in pie. “You never looked better,” Colin said. “I feel great,” she said, half jokingly. “I have to say, hitting you with that pie was on e of the most enjoyable things I have ever done,” Colin said.

Colin then grabbed a bucket of slime. It was thick, dark green slime. It was Jets colour. “Hey, green and white, Michelle, you will look just like your team,” Colin said. “You know what good. I will stick by my team. I am a team player,” She said. He took the slime bucket and walked over to Michelle. She closed her eyes and scrunched up her face, bracing for the impact of the slime. He tipped the bucket, relishing every single second of it. He aimed the slime as he poured it onto his co host. She whimpered as it poured down onto the top of her head and then the front of her already pie covered face. Suddenly, all she could see was green. She tried to squint her eyes as the slime poured down over her face. She held her hands in front of her palms up as she was slimed. The slime poured down her neck and shoulders. It poured in a stream down the front of her top and down into her lap. He grabbed a second bucket. He poured more onto Michelle’s back. She hunched forwards as she poured the slime over her back. She then sat back up. He poured more gunge onto her skirt and down onto her legs, down her calves. Most of Michelle was now totally slimed. It dripped everywhere. She shook her arms and then tried to wipe some of the slime from her legs. She put the side of her hand to her fringe and wiped some of the slime off. Her eyes were now clear and she could see but slime was dripping everywhere. Her clothes were saturated and feeling heavy on her body. She felt slimy and gooey all over. She shuddered comicly. “Having fun?,” she said and started to laugh.

Colin next took two bottles of chocolate syrup. He took one in each hand and approached Michelle. He held them over her. She looked up to see what was happening. When she did, Colin started squeezing the chocolate sauce onto her. It hit her in the face. This caused her to involuntarily shut her eyes quickly and jerk her head forward. He took the two bottles and crisscrossed them back and forth over Michelle’s face, making patterns of chocolate syrup over her. He moved the bottles forward as he continued in the crisscross motion over the rest of her body, leaving lines and x’s of the brown chocolate all over her body. Michelle looked forward, licking her lips. “That stuff actually smells quite good,” she said.

Finally Colin grabbed an aerosol can of squirty cream. He shook it up and tossed the cap aside. Michelle closed one eye, while peering up with the other. Colin took the can and aimed the nozzle to the middle of Michelle’s head. He then moved it in a circle motion like a corkscrew. He moved it around over and over squiring cream onto her head in the way you would do to a sundae. He moved it round and round and slightly upwards, The result was a pile of whipped cream on Michelle’s head in, more or less a cone shape. It stayed there in place for a second before collapsing, sending the whipped cream all over her. He then put the nozzle directly into Michelle’s face. He moved it around, decorating her face in whipped cream. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out to taste the whipped cream. He moved the can back and forth in her face, spraying the cream, humiliating her. He took a second can and stuck the nozzle under Michelle’s under arm. He sprayed the whipped cream covering her arm pit and then lowered her arm. He did the same her other arm pit. He then sprayed more onto her lap. Finally, he took the can and moved it back and forth over Michelle’s top, writing something. He stood back and revealed that he had written “Jets Stink” in whipped cream on her stomach.

He then stood back clapping and enjoying the moment. “Michelle Beadle, everybody,” he said. The crew cheered. “What can I say,” she replied, laughing and trying to wipe some of the mess off herself. “I guess there is a lesson here. I will never make a bet or guarantee a win ever again. You have to admit I was a good sport though. This is so messy. Wait until I turn my phone back on. I hope you all enjoyed this.”

“That’s it for today everyone. Bye from myself and Michelle here,” Colin said. As the show went off the air Michelle’s eyes widened and her mouth fell open. “Oh shit,” she said. “What is it?,” Colin replied. “I never thought to bring a change of clothes with me. How am I going to get home? I will have to get home like this.” ”Sorry,” he said,” Can’t help ya there.” Oh god,” she said to herself.