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Leona Lewis, pudding

Rebecca Ferguson a night to remember

 This story is not based on fact at all. There is no truth to it whatsoever. It never really happened. It is only a fantasy and not a reality.

Rebecca Ferguson a night to remember

I had been writing messy stories and things and doing a blog for many years. My email address was on the page so that people could contact me. I had always imagined what it would be like if a celebrity or attractive female would have seen the site and would get in contact. I never expected that it ever would really happen for real. One day, I was in for a real surprise.

I was checking my email as normal, when there was a message from an email address that I didn’t recognise. I opened the email and got a big surprise. It read like this:


I have been reading your stories for sometime. I really enjoy them. I love wam. I have never got messy before. This is a bit embarrassing, I am a bit of a celebrity myself. Basically, I would love it to happen to me for real.  I can’t believe I am doing this. You may have heard of me. I am Rebecca Ferguson. I was a contestant on X factor. Anyway thanks for your time.

Yours truly,
Rebecca Ferguson

Of course, at first, I was very sceptical. After all, it was the internet. The message could have been from anyone, anywhere. So, I tread slowly and responded back to her. We talked on email and then on the phone. She understood my reservations, but in the end she was proved to be genuine. It really was Rebecca Ferguson and she really did want to get messy and not just in one of my stories. She wanted it to happen for real. Eventually, we arranged to meet in a neutral place. I really could not believe I was going to meet Rebecca Ferguson in person. By this time, we had sort of become friends. She was a very sweet person. She was kind and understanding. She was lovely to speak to, plus she wanted to get messy. It was really going to happen.

I went there that day to a location that she had picked. It was a hotel. She told me what room number to ask for and said that they would be expecting me. I went to the front desk. They sent me up and said that she knew I was coming and would be waiting for me. I went up in the elevator to the third floor and stepped out into an opulent hallway. I was slightly nervous. I didn’t not really know what to expect.  I walked to the door and knocked. I waited for her to answer. There was a delay and then the door opened. Standing before me was Rebecca Ferguson wearing a lacy black nightie.

She had a big smile on her face. It really was her. “Hi, er um, I am so nervous, um. Thanks for er um coming. I can’t believe we are doing this,” she said,” Come on in.” “I can’t believe it either I said. It’s really you.” “Yeah I know. I am glad now that I messaged you. I am so nervous. I have never done anything like this before. I got all the stuff that we talked about,” she said. On the bed were loads of pies and other messy items.  “This is going to be so much fun.” she said in her thick accent. “I have never done anything like this before in my life. Come over to the bed. See what I’ve got for us,” she said.

We walked over to the bed and sat down. I had a look at the items that she had. “Mmmm it’s impressive,” I said, with a cheeky smile. She reached down and picked up an enormous chocolate cream pie.  It looked like the thickest most chocolaty cream pie I had ever seen in my life. It had layers of light brown, dark brown and white pie filling and cream. She smiled. “It looks well yummy doesn’t it?,” she asked. “Yes, very,” I said. She took her hand and warmly slid the pie into my hands. “Well, here we go. There’s no turning back now,” we simultaneously thought to ourselves. I looked down at the pie and then up at the lovely singer in front of me. We softly smiled at one another. This was a moment that we both had been imagining for a very long time. I took a deep breath and lifted the pie into the air. I softly bounced it in the air in my hand.

Rebecca smiled at me. She took a deep breath and closed her eyes. I reached back and then pushed the pie into her face. I stuffed the creamy pie straight into Rebecca’s lovely face.  I softly moved the pie back and forth in her face to and fro. Her face disappearing behind the pie tin. The pie was larger than her entire head. Any noises that she was making were muffled by the layers of thick creamy pie that covered her face. I held the pie in place for a moment. I pulled my hand away. After I did, the pie stuck into place on Rebecca’s face. She then lifted the pie off of her face. As she did, it revealed that her face was covered irregularly in layers and lumps of brown and white creamy pie. Half of her face was covered twice as much in pie as the other. A huge lump of pie stuck on her right cheek. She looked really funny at this point.  She held the pie in her hands. She looked up and giggled. We both laughed. “ I can’t believe this. I have been pied she,” she said,” It feels so good. I love it,” she said.

She then handed me a lemon meringue pie. Her eyes sparkled. She smiled. I took the pie in my hands. She put her hands behind her back and closed her eyes. I put one hand on her knee and then reached back before thrusting the pie into her face. It was very thick and smushy. I pushed the pie into her face. It was cool and smooth. I enjoyed the feeling of my hand applying the creamy pie to her face. Rebecca smiled to herself as her head was entrenched in the pie. When the tin fell off, her face was encased with yellow lemon pie filling and sloppy meringue. She laughed. She rolled her eyes and made a silly face, laughing at herself. She seemed to be really enjoying what was happening.

Next she handed me an apple and rhubarb crumble. It was one of my all time favourite desserts. I don’t know if she knew that. It was in a white square shaped serving dish. I reached my hand in and scooped a huge handful of the stuff out. I reached out and I plopped the handful down onto Rebecca’s chest. I rubbed it around all over her cleavage and watched as it crumbled down her top, over her chest. I took another handful and plopped it on top of her head. I vibrated my hand around on top of her head, smushing the crumble onto her hair and down her head. She stuck her tongue out of the side of her mouth and laughed. I then took two handfuls and placed my hands on her breasts. I then moved them downward, down her black nightie, smearing two trails of crumble all the way down it to her knees. She then got a look in her eyes that I had not seen. She smirked and gave me the eye. She reached over and grabbed me by the collar. She leaned over and we passionately kissed. I took the rest of the crumble in the baking dish and poured it over her head, letting it fall onto her. She then ripped open my shirt and took some of the crumble in her hands, that had fallen onto the bed. She placed her hands on my chest and rubbed the crumble around on it, sensually. She then leaned over and ate some of the crumble off of my shoulder. I leaned over and licked some of it off of her breast.

I then grabbed a banana cream pie in one hand and pushed it into her face. Her hips moved and her body wiggled. Her body mimicking the motion of the pie that was creaming her. She danced as she was pied. When the pie was removed, her face was covered in a mask of creamy pie. Rebecca Ferguson’s face after a pieing looked like no one else’s. She really did look incredible. Her face was made to be pied. The yellow and white cream layered on her soft light brown skin.

Then we grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup. I placed the nozzle on her knee and began to spray it up her body. The dark brown contrasting the light brown colour of her skin. She smiled as I sprayed the chocolate sauce onto her thigh and up her body then over her chest and finally over her head. “Oh my god, I’m covered in chocolate,” she said in her sexy accent. I held the bottle over her head and poured more down onto her face and chest. She laughed loudly and held her hands out, scrunching up her face. She then put her hands around mine and we sprayed the chocolate together down her body and between her breasts.

Next we opened up a few tubs of angel delight. They were strawberry and chocolate. We both smiled. We put them between us, sitting with crossed legs on the bed. We both reached down and plopped our hands into the containers. We reached out and plopped handfuls on each others heads and chests. We giggled and laughed. We mischievously dropped more in between one another’s legs. We used our hands and rubbed more on each other. We smiled and laughed and pulled each other onto the bed, rolling around. The sheets now covered in mess as well. We rolled around laughing and squealing. We leaned over and began to lick some of the angel delight from one another’s bodies. She unzipped my trousers, pulled my penis out and plopped a handful onto it. She then leaned over and sensually licked it off of my throbbing member. I placed some against her vagina and fingered it in with two fingers against the edge of it.

Finally we took out the cookies and cream ice cream. We got the scooper out and began taking scoops. The first two we placed inside one another’s legs, in her nightie and in my underwear. We took more and placed them on each of our hands. We then reached around, hugging one another, placing ice cream on one another’s butt cheeks.  We cupped each others bottoms and swayed, looking into one another’s eyes. We swayed back and forth. I then scooped more of the ice cream onto Rebecca’s head. We shivered because it was still freezing cold, melting on our warm skin. I place more on top of her head. She stuck her tongue out as I placed two or three scoops on her head. She bowed as if I had placed a crown onto her head. We rolled over and began kissing.

“Well,” Rebecca said,” This has certainly been a night I will never forget.” “Me either,” I said. We rolled over again and looked into one another’s eyes. “It has been so yummy,” she giggled.

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Celebrity Juice Christmas

Here is a lovely clip of Kelly Brook, Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton getting messy at Christmas. The full gallery is at:
Here are some highlights. It was very good. Fearne's was the best I thought. Here are some highlights.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Leona Lewis twelve messes of Christmas

Leona Lewis twelve messes of Christmas

Leona Lewis was releasing a new Christmas themed album. The album included the Christmas single, One More Sleep. The promotion for the single and album was not going as well as it could have done. Her record company and agent tried to come up with new and novel ideas to promote the festive album. They didn't have many ideas other than appearing on the normal chat shows and performing on other shows. Somehow at one point, the record company got an idea for promoting the album. It was a bit crazy but it just might do the trick. Leona was also seen as a serious, ballad type singer. She was not thought of as a fun personality at all. Also, a lot of her fans were middle aged or older. She did not seem to hold much appeal for younger people. Her record company wanted to try to change that as well. The idea that they came up with was for Leona to appear on a children's television Christmas special. It was in the style of Stwnsh Sadwrn or Tiswas. Leona was vaguely aware of the show and the possibility that the end result would be that she would end up covered in crap. Her agent and the record company, however, had no doubt that that would be exactly what was going to happen. They had agreed that it would happen in advance, although they did not tell Leona that.

Leona arrived at the studio that day. She was dressed in a loud. tasteless holiday jumper and jeans. The set was all decorated for Christmas and all of the other people who were going to be on the show were dressed with hideous holiday jumpers as well. The whole show was very over the top and incredibly corny. Leona could not really believe that her agent and record company would have chosen to put her on a show such as this. People watching at home could barely believe it either. the show was a very silly kids show. They spent a lot of the time when she was on screen poking fun at her serious and stuffy image.

She looked decidedly uncomfortable throughout the show and slightly embarrassed to be there. She really had never done anything like this before. Her career had gone brilliantly from the outset, so she had very little need to appear on any kind of show like this one. To say that she was out of her comfort zone was putting it mildly. She knew that she was being laughed at. She was just hoping that not too many people that she knew would be watching this at home. It was a kid's show, so maybe there was a chance.

She was not used to acting the fool. Leona was sat in a seat that was shaped to look like a Christmas throne. One that a mall Santa would have sat in. One of the usual presenters on the show was dressed like Santa Claus. He came out and said to Leona," Well Leona, you have this wonderful new Christmas song coming out. It really is fantastic, but we have our own little special Christmas song that we wrote just for you Leona. Would you like to hear it?," he asked. " Um, well, yeah sure, I guess so," she said. She wondered what he meant. She was a bit worried. It sounded ominous. "Ok then, here we go," he said.

They all began to sing. This included the presenter dressed as Santa, another dressed as a snowman and a few others dressed as elves. They began to sing. They sang," On the twelfth day of Christmas my true love sent to me. Twelve cream pies." "twelve cream pies ?!?," Leona thought. With that, the twelve elves emerged carrying pies.  They all ran towards Leona. " Wait, no, what is this? What are you doing?," she said. They ran towards her with the pies. One after the other, tehy rushed at her and smashed pies into her face and body. She raised her arms and legs and shrieked and laughed. They pelted her from head to toe with the pies. They then ran off. She sat in the throne, laughing and giggling. She was covered in creamy pie filling. She removed some of the pie from her hair with her hands. She shook her head.

they continued," Eleven strands of tinsel." Again the elves emerged. They were carrying buckets fill of tinsel. They ran towards her with them. They threw the tinsel at her. They threw it right in her face. She squealed as it was flung at her. It stuck to her pie covered body and clothing. It stuck all over her. They continued. "Ten mince pies." More elves emerged carrying large mince pies covered in custard. They may or may not have been real mince pies. The elves ran at her and pushed the mince pies one by one into Leona Lewis' face. They had hard pastry and were filled with mincemeat. They pushed them into her face roughly once after another, smashing them to bits in her face, leaving her face and hair stuck with sticky mincemeat and crumbling pastry. They then ran off.

She knew that there were nine more things to come. She was dreading to guess what they might be. They began again. "Nine Christmas crackers." Nine more elves emerged with Christmas crackers. They ran towards Leona and then, one by one pulled their crackers. They exploded on her, one by one, leaving the string, jokes and confetti that was held inside, spraying all over Leona. It stuck all over her. When the final one was pulled, the last elf took one of the paper hats from one of the crackers and placed it, comically on Leona's head, mocking her.

They began again. "Eight feet of snow." Again, the elves emerged. They carried buckets again. This time they were filled with fake snow. It was made out of a foamy substance.  They danced at her and then went behind her. They held the buckets over her at teh same time. Then, all at once,  they tipped their buckets over onto Leona, creating a mini snow storm. The foamy white mess snowed down on her from above. It was cold and wet and poured down over her front and down the back of her neck. She shivered as she was soaked in the fake snow. They then started again. "Seven prawn cocktails." Seven elves emerged carrying small prawn cocktails in cocktail glasses.They mimed as if to look snotty and posh. Each one slowly walked towards Leona and, one by one, dumped their prawn cocktails over her head. They were huge king prawns covered in orange cocktail sauce. Soon, Leona's face was covered in prawns and dripping with cocktail sauce.

"Six buckets of glitter." Again, eves emerged carrying buckets. In them this time was red and green Christmas glitter. It was in the shape of Christmas trees and other holiday shapes. This time, they stood behind her again and in unison poured the glitter down on her as they had done with the snow. They then continued. "Five glasses of egg nog." Five elves came forward each carrying an enormous glass of thick yellow egg nog. Leona curled up her nose. One by one they approached. they looked at her, held the glass over her head and then tipped it all the way over, sending the egg nog straight down over her face and hair. She gave a startled look as the five were poured on her. They coated her hair and face. She licked her lips and shook her head. Her sweater was soaked in the thick egg nog.

They continued, by now she was just hoping to get this over and down with. " Four reindeer droppings." "What?," she said to herself. They were not really reindeer droppings but raisins and chocolate made to look like reindeer dropping. Four crew members dressed like reindeer, with fake antlers, emerged with soup ladles. They each walked up to her. Each one stopped and dropped the contents of their ladles onto her. The first went onto her head, the next two onto her body and the final one onto her nose and face. They then trotted off as the song continued. "Three buckets of vegetables." Three elves came out with buckets filled with Brussels sprouts, roast potatoes, parsnips, broccoli and carrots all covered in gravy. They stood in front of her and swung the buckets at her three times before letting go, sending the vegetables flying at her. They poured onto her, filling her hands and lap with piles of the stuff.

"Two roast turkeys." The turkeys were in bits in buckets and covered in gravy as well. Bits looked like turkey salad, but their was also turkey legs, gizzards and skin in it as well. "With stuffing," they added. This time, one elf tipped their bucket onto Leona's torso while the other placed theirs onto her head. They pushed them down hard, sending the turkey contents splattering down her face and all over her body. Her face was matted and slathered in turkey parts and gravy. The turkey looked gross and smelled even worse. Leona gagged as she felt and smelled the turkey all over her face and hair.

'And a giant Christmas pudding with brandy butter." Santa then took a gigantic family sized Christmas pudding and placed it on top of Leona Lewis' head.  Bits rolled down her face and into her mouth. Giant mouthfuls of the Christmas pudding fell from her mouth. The majority of it stuck in place on the top of her head. It was traditional Christmas pudding and was very real. He then took a gravy boat shaped container full of thick white brandy butter and gently tipped it over her head. The camera zoomed in as the brandy butter poured over the Christmas pudding covered head of Leona Lewis. It coated her face and hair. She held her hands out in front of her as he poured it down over her. She never thought Santa Claus would be serving her Christmas pudding in this way.

The presenters said Merry Christmas and signed the show off. Leona would never look at Christmas the same way again. This appearance, ironically, would get much more attention than her Christmas album, albeit for the wrong reasons.

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Jenna Louise Coleman please donate

Jenna Louise Coleman please donate

Jenna Louise Coleman came to fame because of her role on Dr. Who. She became quite famous over night. She was quite pleased with her new found fame, but was still very surprised by it as well. It was hard to believe that people knew who she was. She was thrilled to be asked to do chat shows and panel shows from time to time. Dr. Who was a very good job, but it only filmed for a few weeks a year, so she had plenty of time on her hands the rest of the time. She enjoyed meeting other celebrities and doing red carpets and other events like that. She was very excited when she was asked to do something for comic relief. It was a huge event that would involve a great deal of celebrities. She was chosen to appear in part of the show that involved a gunge tank.

It was a very simple set up. People would be making donations. If their donations hit a certain target, Jenna would face the gunge tank on national television. She was young and adventurous and had a good sense of humor. She thought that it was a fun idea and a funny thing to do. She agreed to take part knowing what her fate would more than likely be. She thought it would be a good laugh.
Throughout the night Jenna was shown on screen encouraging people to donate more money. “ If you want to see me get nailed, call in and donate as much as you can,” she encouraged. “ If you want to see me get dunked, call in and donate as much as you can for this good cause. At the end of the night I will be getting trashed,” she said. She spoke in her joking, matter of fact, fast speaking tone that she used so much on the show. She was more than willing to take one for the cause. It was a good cause and she saw it as a very small sacrifice to make for a good cause. They advertised the gunging as a selling point for the program.

She knew that she would most probably be on the receiving end of the mess. All of the people involved with the show wanted to see it happen as well. All of the children that were there were looking forward to seeing it happen to her. She was shown during the show with some of the children. She did a segment with one child that was there. "So, are you looking forward to seeing me get messed up?," she asked. "Oh yeah," the little girl responded. " Really? Don't you want to be nice and let me out of it?," she joked. " Nah," the girl responded. " You really want to see this happen to me don't you?" " Oh yeah, it is going to be so funny. You are going to get it," she responded. " Well, you heard it hear. I think I am in big trouble later, what do you think? Stay tuned and donate if you want to see this happen," she said.

Finally, the time arrived. " Ok," the host said, " That time has arrived. It is time to find out how much money we have raised. If we have reached our goal, Jenna Louise Coleman is going to be getting gunged." Jenna walked over and joined him. She waived. " So, Jenna, are you ready to hear how we did?" Jenna gave a feigned worried face. She then laughed and smiled. " Yeah I am ready," she said. " Ok then, here we go. Drum roll please." Everyone took a deep breath as the drums rolled. " You at home donated in your millions and our grand total today is." He pointed at the huge board at the back of the stage. Finally the amount appeared. Of course, the target was obliterated.

Jenna did not look upset. She clapped her hands and jumped up and down. She gave everyone a thumbs up. The microphone was put in front of her. " Well done, everyone. That money will help hundreds of kids in the UK and abroad. It is such a good cause. Now you get your reward. I am going to the gunge tank and am about to get sloppy," she said. She pumped her hands. Jenna was lead over to a special gunge tank that was set up for her. It was in the shape of the Tardis but there was an open front for the top half of it. She walked over to it, opened the door and stepped in. She took her seat. She was wearing a blue top with black tights and a red skirt at the same time. She sat down, smiled and waived.

The young girl whom she had been speaking with earlier came over with the host and went over to a cord that was on the side of the gunge tank. She was going to get to do the honors.  Jenna looked over at her and gave a thumbs up. " Ok, this special little lady is going to get to do this to Jenna. On the count of three, pull that cord and we will all see what happens to Jenna Louise Coleman. Here we go." Everyone counted down, "Three, two, one." Jenna waived at the girl and she waived back. She then closed her eyes tightly.

The girl pulled down on the cord as hard as she could. Jenna closed her eyes as tightly as she could. The girl laughed as thick brown and green lumpy gunge fell down in the booth from above onto Jenna's head. It came down thick and fast. It was thick and lumpy. It looked a bit like the gunge used on the disney club. It poured down over the top of Jenna's head. She lowered her head, looking at the floor. She let out a little shriek. It covered the top of her head and began to drench her hair. First the thick gunge covered the back of her head and her hair. She clutched her skirt with her hands and the gunge continued to pour down over her head. It then covered her fringe and poured down over the sides of her face and then her forehead. It then poured down over her nose and across her dimples. She smiled, moving her lips slightly, looking sarcastic. The gunge then began to overwhelm her face. It poured down onto her neck and over her shoulders. It then made its way down over her body, soaking her clothes in the revolting looking gunge. She closed her eyes and thought to herself, " I am being gunged right now." She just closed her eyes, leaned back and allowed it to happen. Enjoying it in her own way. The gunge seemed to pour for ages. Finally it ceased as teh last bits dripped down from above.

The girl was then handed a cream pie. She walked up to the tank. Jenna saw her out of the corner of her eye. She smiled and rolled her eyes a bit. She leaned over as the girl approached. The girl reached back and slammed the pie into Jenna's face in the instant that she closed her eyes. The pie smashed her in the face, sending cream flying in the air, landing with a muffled ping. Jenna had leaned over and allowed it to happen. The girl turned around and smiled into the camera. Jenna pulled the pie casing away from her face, as it had stuck there when it hit. She looked straight into the camera. Her face was irregularly cased in creamy white pie filling and cream. She had a serious look but then broke a smile and clapped. She gave a little bow.

" Jenna Louise Coleman, everyone. What a good sport. Let's hear it for her," the host said. " Jenna, anything to say about that?," he asked. " Yeah, thanks to everyone who donated. I hope you all enjoyed that. I was happy to contribute in my own way. Thanks to everyone," she said courteously.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Natalie Portman it was a surprise

Natalie Portman it was a surprise

Natalie Portman had escaped mess before. She could not think of anything that would be more embarrassing than getting messy, especially on television as a celebrity. She could not believe that somehow she had managed to find herself in a situation where just that could happen to her. She had agreed to appear at a special charity fundraiser that was going to be televised nationally. Natalie along with other co-stars from her latest movie were all put up for a vote with one of them to be the one who would end up getting messy. Natalie figured that the odds were that she would be pretty safe. She never believed that she would be the unlucky one to get the mess.

Throughout the show there was a build up. Numbers were flashed on screen for each of the actors. People had to call in and vote for who they wanted to see get messy. Natalie smiled when she was shown and waived. The producers would not give the candidates any clue how the vote was going along the way. She did not look overly nervous because she was up against five others. Natalie wore her hair down but pulled back. She wore a black cardigan and skirt with a white shirt underneath. They all knew that they did not want to be the one who received the most votes. When Natalie was shown, she begged the viewers not to vote for her.

Finally the time of reckoning arrived. It was time for the results. The host began to read the results. “Thanks to everyone for calling in and voting. We raised a ton of money for charity. Now it is time to find out who will be the one to get the mess. Here we go. The person that received the most votes and who will be getting the mess is…” Natalie closed her eyes and crossed her fingers.” Natalie Portman.” Natalie laughed, her mouth fell wide open. Everyone else clapped and laughed. Her head was really spinning now. She was going to have to face bucket loads of messiness in the next few minutes. All the others shook her hand and offered their condolences.

The presenter then spoke to Natalie,” So, Natalie Portman, bad luck. You are that special person. Do you have anything to say?,” they asked. “Yeah, please don’t do this,” she said. She laughed. “Sorry, can’t do that,” they replied. “Natalie Portman will now be placed in the stocks,” the presenter said. Some stocks were rolled out. Natalie blushed and laughed at her situation as she was led towards the stocks that awaited her. She took a deep breath and was really sweating at this point. She was strolled towards the stocks. She was made to lean over and to place her head into place. She squirmed as her head emerged from the stocks through the hole that was there for it. Her head was nearly all that was visible through the stocks. She looked decidedly uncomfortable. Everyone cheered as she was locked into place. She had a very sheepish look on her face. She looked wide eyed from the stocks. Her colleagues gathered around to try and get a good view of what was about to take place. A close up was shown of her face. She looked slightly annoyed and overwhelmed.

“Well everyone, you voted to see Natalie Portman take the mess and that is exactly what is about to happen,” the host said. With that some women dressed in sparkly gowns emerged carrying jugs and buckets with them. Natalie could not move to turn her head and look at them as they approached. The ladies all had different coloured dresses on. They were green, blue, red, black etc.

The first carried a jug of chocolate syrup. She walked towards Natalie with a beaming false smile. She approached her face. She held the jug over her head and slowly tipped the edge of it over. Natalie closed her eyes as the chocolate sauce began to pour over her brown wavy hair, down her forehead and over her face. She shook her head slightly giving a look as if to say,” I can not believe this.” Everyone cheered and applauded as the brown sauce poured down her face, dripping down her cheeks, dripping off of her nose and chin. The woman then pulled the jug backwards, pouring more sown over her back and down her body. She shook her wrists as much as the pillory would allow. Chocolate dripped from her fingers and elbows. She grimaced, flashing her teeth, which were about the only feature of her face that was not covered in chocolate at this point. The lady then sacheted off, turning to corner.

The next lady approached. She was carrying a small bucket filled with rice pudding. She walked up in front of Natalie and displayed it in her hand for the crowd and the audience at home to see. She then turned around and tipped the bucket over on top of Natalie’s head. She grimaced as she felt the thick sloppy substance fall from above onto the stocks and all over her head. I landed with a glopping noise as it plopped onto her head and face. A gigantic long glob of it stuck right down the front of her face. It was a surreal site seeing the sloppy, thick rice pudding stuck to Natalie Portman’s face. It covered her birthmark and large portions of her face. It splattered across the front of the stocks and down her arms.

The next lady followed. She was carrying a hollowed out pumpkin with her. She stuck her hand into the pumpkin and pulled out a handful of pumpkin guts and pumpkin pie filling. She tossed it into Natalie’s face. She then took out another handful and place it in Natalie’s face. She rubbed it around in her face with her hands. She took two more handfuls and draped the orange mess over Natalie’s head. Some stuck, some tumbled downwards, landing on the floor. She then turned it upside down over Natalie’s head and let was left fall out over head. In this bit were a lot of pulp and seeds.

The next woman came forward carrying a small jug of green slime. She showed it to everyone then started pouring it over Natalie’s back. She moved it back and forth over the oscar nominated actress’s body, pouring it down her back, over her ass, down her legs and then over her head, leaving a trail of gooey green slime everywhere as she poured. Natalie sighed as she felt the slimy green substance pouring all over her body. She could feel it all over her expensive clothes and inside of them as well. She could feel the slimy mess against her skin. The lady smiled widely as she poured the slime over Natalie.

The next woman carried a beaker of gravy in it. She leaned over and showed Natalie the gravy as she approached. Everyone laughed. Natalie rolled her eyes. She then tipped the gravy over Natalie’s head. It poured over her face. She closed her eyes as thick brown gravy poured down over her face.  The lady then moved the beaker and poured the rest over the rest of her body. Gravy dripped down from her extremities. It was everywhere, pouring down onto the floor from her body. Everyone watched as gravity took the gravy down her body.

The next lady carried sloppy joes with her, minus the buns. Only they were cold and leftover. They were in another jug. This time, she placed it in front of Natalie and then pushed it upwards into her face and then over her head. This completely covered her face in ground beef in sauce, filled with peppers and onions. She gasped as she received a face full of the thick substance. Some went into her mouth a swell. When the jug was removed, her face was covered. She opened her mouth and loads of the sloppy joe fell from her mouth, down her chin onto the floor as she gagged slightly from the awful taste.

The final woman then approached. She carried a normal pie. She displayed it for all to she. She stood next to Natalie. She put three fingers in the air. She signalled for everyone to count. Everyone counted,” Three…” She then took the pie and pushed it as hard as she could into Natalie face. It landed with a thud noise. The pie smashed into her face. The women pushed it around into her face, holding it there with some force. She then let go. The tin dropped, revealing Natalie’s face covered in creamy pie. She rolled her eyes and licked her lips.

Everyone clapped as the host thanked everyone and signed off for the show. Natalie expected that she would be let out now, but she was not. She was made to stay in until the show was over and everyone had left. The stagehands then let her out. She stretched her muscles and then went back to the dressing room to clean herself off.