Sunday, 31 December 2017

Karen Gillan fake mess number 2

This is a seond fake messing for Karen Gillan. It's good that she is beoming more famous now. She is inredibly attractive.

Ruby Riott is filthy

****WARNING**** This story contains sexual content and nudity.****

Ruby Riott is filthy

It may not come as a surprise, but Ruby Riott is one dirty bitch. She is covered in tattoos and piercings and enjoyed sticking her tongue out a lot. She is extremely kinky in her real life. She is into all sorts of filthy things in the bedroom. She loved the idea of getting messy. She would masturbate every day imagining such things. Ruby got wind of the show, Let Her Have It and became obsessed. She wanted to take part, but in a way that would have been too obscene for public viewing. Luckily for her, Mr. G. was a WWE fan. When he got wind of her desires, he was very happy to oblige her in her desires. She began to email him with her filthiest desires and talking extremely dirty. At first, he was unsure if he believed it was really her, because of the explicit nature of the language that she was using. The last text she sent read, “I can’t wait to be your dirty f***ing B****.”

They arranged to meet up at the set after hours. He could hardly believe his eyes when he saw her for the first time, clad in her full wrestling ring attire. As she walked in, the first thing that she did was pull him close and passionately lock lips with him. He could feel her sexy tongue piercing as she rammed her tongue down his throat. She placed her hand around his package and pushed his hand between her legs. He could feel how moist she already was. She wrapped herself around him as she played tonsil hockey with him. She then reached down and pulled her top off. She threw it aside and then lowered her trunks to the ground. She had nothing on beneath. She was already butt naked. Her naked, pale tattooed body was visible from head to toe. She proudly strutted her stuff before him, showing him everything she had to offer. “Well, I can’t get anything filthy mess on my clothes can I? I want it all on me directly,” she said suggestively. She licked her lips. 

“I think that I need to take a massive shit. I think I need to use that massive shitter of yours,” she blurted out. Of course, she was referring to the Giant Flush. “I have been fantasising about sitting on that throne and getting covered for so long,” she said. She took him by the hand as he led her to the stage area where the Giant Flush stood. She looked it up and down and fingered herself as she stroked his penis. She whispered that she could not wait. She leaned over and took a seat on the regular sized toilet. She made herself comfortable. She looked up and bit her lip. “This is the hottest thing ever,” she said. She did not bother to cross her legs or to even hold her knees together. She just opened them wide. In fact one of her hands was between her legs, touching herself wildly. She leaned back and rocked her hips slightly. She told him to make sure that this was being recorded as she would be watching it back later.

She posed with one hand in between her pierced clit and the other fondling her own breast. She stuck her tongue out. She then whispered to him that she wanted him to flush all that stinky, filthy mess all over. She said that she had been very naughty. He went over to the giant flusher. He looked over at her as she wildly touched herself. He smiled as he pulled down the flusher. The usual toilet and bathroom sounds filled the air. Ruby looked up, taking in everything about this moment. Then, a plethora of thick brown gunge plummeted through the enormous toilet seat above her head and began to splatter down all over her. It splattered directly onto her face. She closed her eyes and stuck her tongue out as her face became covered in sloppy brown mess. She exploded in climax as she felt the sloppy brown mess cover her face and roll down her pale body. It poured everywhere, down her breasts, arms and back and then down her legs. She could feel it down her ass and all over her crotch. She moved her legs in and out as the brown mess poured over her legs and all over her exposed vagina. She was showered in the muck. It was all over her. Her body wiggled as her pussy spirted cum as well. 

She made no attempt to remove any of the mess from her body. She rubbed some of it around on her body. She told him that she wanted more. She said she had been a naughty girl and wanted to be spanked. She bent over the toilet seat. He then took a pie in each hand. He then proceeded to spank her naked backside as she wiggled it with the pies. She screamed for him to spank harder as the creamy pies slapped against her naked rump. 

She then turned around and took one of the pies into her hands. She then unzipped his trousers and pulled his penis out. It was already very aroused and quite hard. She then took the pie and pushed it against his penis. She rubbed it around, covering his penis and balls in thick cream. She then tossed the pie tin away. She took his member into her hands and pushed it into her mouth. She ran her tongue across it, licking the creamy pie from his glistening cock. She carefully licked and sucked his cream covered penis. She even playfully chewed on his head a little bit. As she licked and sucked, he then took a bucket of custard and began to pour it over her head and all over his penis in process. She continued to give head as custard rained down upon her. Soon his penis exploded in a flurry of sloppy, warm white cum all over her face and mouth. She put her skilled tongue to good use. The cum added to the mess that already covered her. She revealed that she had placed her tongue any many penises and vaginas. She was not shy about her love of, as she put it, f***ing. 

She then explained another idea that she had been imagining for a very long time.  She wanted to be set up in a version of the pie guillotine only with various slop buckets above her. She would be laid on her back facing up and the buckets would be pulled on her. On top of this, she wanted him to be having sex with her while this was happening. She had described this to him before, so he had already set it up for her. 

The two went over to the newly made device. Ruby climbed in. She laid down and he lowered the bar over her neck. He then got into position. He took the release cords as he placed himself at her bottom. He then inserted himself into her spread vagina. The two began to have sex, pushing back and forth inside of her. She bent her knees and arched her back. She was very athletic. In and out they went. He began to pull the cords upon her. As he pulled the first, baked beans fell from the sky all over her stomach and chest area, splashing everywhere. As it hit her body shook and became even more aroused. She screamed and spouted filthy talk as she became more and more aroused.

He pulled another, sending spaghetti all over her face and hair from above. It splattered everywhere. The next cord released lima beans all over her crotch and legs. He then pulled again and again. The next tugs, sending pies up and down her body. It was designed to drop them onto specific areas of her body. Four fell, one after another up and down her body. The final cord released fruit salad straight into her crotch. When it hit, the two instantly exploded in orgasm. Their bodies shaking in ecstasy. Ruby shouting his name and the f word the whole time. She was quite the squirter as well. 

As he pulled out, she was left naked and covered in sweat and mess in place for a moment. He then lifted the bar and released her. She wiggled and stretched her sloppy body. She mentioned that she would have loved to stay like that forever. Unfortunately, they had to clean up eventually, but it would not be the last time their paths would cross.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Rachel Adedeji fake gunging

This is a fake messing of Rachel Adedeji. The gunge looks great on that hair.

Sunday, 24 December 2017

Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield

Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield 

Tilly Keeper and Jasmine Armfield were young Eastenders actresses they were selected to compete on a gameshow for CBBC that would air Christmas day called sleigh ride. It was a game based on the twelve days of Christmas song. The game was a quiz. The two girls were stood in gunge tanks, one green and one blue. If they got an answer correct, their opponent got messed. If they got an answer incorrect, they would get the mess. The loser of the whole game would have to ride a massive Christmas sleigh through a messy obstacle course themed for Christmas. Tilly was very confident in herself. Perhaps too confident. The girls were dressed in sexy Santa outfits.  One was in red, the other in green. They were striped socks, buckled shoes, velvety skirts with fluffy white trim and velvety jackets, but no hat, for gunging reasons. They did where elves ears or reindeer horns on their heads attached to hair slides. 

The host came out and announced everything about the game. Someone was going to get very messy. It was likely that both would be getting at least a little bit messy. Tilly pointed at Jasmine and stated that it definitely was going to be her. There was no way that she would lose. She bit her lip though, indicating that perhaps she was not quite as confident as she was making out that she was. Of course, the game was designed around the song, so it got progressively more difficult as it went along.
The ladies had to concentrate. The early stages were quite easy, but they were battling to see who would buzz in the quickest. The first one, of course was the first day of Christmas. Both buzzed in, but Tilly was fist by an instant. She guessed correctly that it was a partridge in a pear tree. She pointed at Jasmine and laughed slowly and loudly. “Ha, ha, ha.” Instantly red gunge fell from the air and landed all over Jasmine’s silky brown hair and face. She laughed and lowered her head as the gunge fell down.

The second question was quite similar. They both buzzed in at about the same time. The answer was two turtle doves. Tilly buzzed in again and got it correct. Instantly, green gunge poured onto Jasmine as Tilly pumped her first in celebration. Jasmine slammed her messy hands down in annoyance. The third answer was three French hens. Again, Tilly beat Jasmine by a fraction of a second. Jasmine shrieked in annoyance. This time frosty white gunge poured upon her. She leaned forward and threw her hair back. Tilly pointed and laughed. She clapped, enjoying what she was seeing. 

Things were about to turn around. Both knew the answer to number four and both buzzed in. This time, Jasmine was a split second quicker. She managed to get the answer correct. Tilly pulled a look of absolute shock as red gunge poured down onto her from above. She wiggled her hands and looked dejected as red gunge poured down her face and layered blonde hair. Jasmine smiled to herself in satisfaction. Number five went the same way, making the score 3 to 2. Green gunge now dumped down Tilly’s body. It rolled down her chest and down her thighs and socks, mixing with the sloppy red gunge. 

Jasmine then managed to tie the game up by getting answer six correct. Tilly slammed her hands down in annoyance as foamy white gunge dropped from above onto her. It poured down the front of her face and then down her shoulders and chest. They traded correct answers for number seven and eight, each took a helping of sloppy golden gunge. By this time they were completely dripping in gunge. Though this gunge was very good, it would be the messy sleigh ride where the real messy gunge would land on someone. There were four more questions left. 

The ladies traded answers again, this time, they were each covered in sloppy silvery gunge. The girls were left wiping mess from their faces and bodies. They seemed to be matching in coverage. Both were covered. Now things became intense. Tilly buzzed in for number eleven, but she got it wrong. At that point, glittery purple gunge poured over her. She needed to get the last one correct to win. She was determined to buzz in before her opponent. She was able to do this, but she got it wrong again. This time a rainbow of red, green and white Christmas gunge doused her. Her opponent celebrated. She had lost.

She was then led over to the sleigh and made to climb aboard it. Jingle bells began to play in the background. Everyone was clapping and singing as she was made to sit in the sleigh. The sleigh then jerked forward and she began her wild ride. She had to hold on as she was sent through a Christmas themed car wash. She was sprayed from above and below with sloppy white mess that looked like snow. They glitter and tinsel was thrown over her. As she rode through, red and green gunge was sprayed back and forth all over her. She screamed and shrieked, raising her hands as it sprayed all over her.  Jasmine clapped and laughed at her as she watched her friend get doused in sloppy mess.

As the sleigh stopped at the end, loads of decorations fell on top of her, decorating her for Christmas. She was covered from head to toe. Jasmine joined her and they began to dance to Mariah Carey. They hugged a bit as the show ended.

Sunday, 17 December 2017

Poppy Rush Christmas leftovers

Poppy Rush Christmas leftovers

Poppy Rush was a minor soap star and the daughter of fellow soap star Debbie Rush. It was Christmas time in their house and the family was looking for a new and fun way to spend the hours after Christmas dinner. There was also a ton of leftovers left from Christmas dinner. In their house, they played a lot of silly games after Christmas dinner. People had a few drinks and things could get a little bit silly, in a fun way. Someone suggested that it might be fun to put a little forfeit on the next game that was played. Debbie had been complaining that there was a lot of food leftover that would be wasted. One of the family members suggested that this could be solved when they played the next game. The forfeit could be that the loser would get the Christmas dinner leftovers dumped on them. Debbie was always complaining that Poppy never ate leftovers. She also used to complain that she was a dirty person and she was always having to clean up after her. Debbie was really hoping that Poppy would be the loser. Poppy was hoping that it would be anyone but her. She didn’t like to leftovers, let alone wear them. 

Before the game began, Debbie did the honours of putting all of the leftovers into a massive pot. She also scraped everyone’s plates off into it as well. She dumped in everything from pigs in a blanket to sprouts to old parsnips. All of the gravy was dumped in as well. She joked that now none of this would be going to waste. Poppy remarked that it was absolutely minging. She really did not want to be the person who lost. The game was a usual sort of Christmas charades game. Everyone still had on their paper cracker hats.  It was the usual working class sort of UK Christmas afternoon. Poppy was a little bit tipsy and was not doing well in the game. She was not as well read as some of the other members of her family. 

Early in the game Debbie was declared the winner. She would be getting to do the honours. The rest of the game would determine which family member she would be dumping the holiday leftovers upon. She imagined who it was going to be. The game got more and more intense and more and more funny. When it was at its end, Poppy was declared the overall loser. Everyone clapped. She blushed, looking very embarrassed. “It’s leftover time,” Debbie said in a funny voice. Debbie was about to carry out every mother’s secret fantasy. She was going to get to dump leftovers all over her daughter.

A chair was pulled out to the centre of the kitchen and a sheet was laid out on the kitchen floor. Poppy had to get up and sit on the seat in the middle of the room. Her family began to record on their phones. They did not want to miss any of the action. They wanted it to post online for the world to see. Poppy sat her chubby backside on the chair as she begged her mother not to do this. Debbie stated that she had wanted to do this for a very long time. She had been dying to do this to her daughter. She took the pot of mixed up, gravy drenched leftovers and mixed it up with a wooden spoon. Debbie spoke to her daughter. “Sweetie, I know you hate leftovers. You are also a dirty little cow. If you hated them before, you are going to really hate them now. You deserve this. I hope this will teach you a lesson.” She lifted the leftovers in the pot up and got ready to pour them all over her daughter. 

The rest of the family cheered her on as she lifted the pot in the air over her daughter. She then slowly tipped it over her head. Poppy closed her eyes as the leftovers began to rain down upon her. Large slices of turkey, potatoes, parsnips, cabbage, stuffing, bits of Yorkshire puddings, pigs in blankets and sprouts fell down upon her. Everything was covered in sloppy gravy. The whole pot was filled with food slop. It plopped all over Poppy. It rolled down her hair and face. It went all the way down her body. She wore a Christmas jumper, plaid skirt, tights and boots. Her clothes were now stained and covered in blobs of what had been the family’s dinner. “Oh my god,” she screamed. Debbie took her time pouring the remains of the dinner all over her chubby daughter. She stuck her tongue out and gagged, acting like it was the grossest thing imaginable. Bacons stuck to her hair, gravy dripped down her face. She had sprouts in her clothes and in her lap. “This stinks,” she yelled. She was totally covered.

As a bit of a surprise, a container was brought out with some dessert. This included Christmas pudding, cream, yule log, bits of mince pie etc. Debbie brought this out and told her daughter that she knew how much she loved pudding. She then dumped this over Poppy’s head as well. She pushed it up into her face, smushing it around in her face. Everyone laughed.

Poppy shook her head around in disgust. She was covered in the remains of Christmas dinner. It was a Christmas that no one would ever forget.