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The McQueen Sisters

The McQueen Sisters

In the local paper an ad ran about a gameshow that was going to be taped around the area of Hollyoaks. The ad said that contestants would be chosen from the audience members on the day. It said that big prizes could be won. Michaela McQueen was the first to spot the ad in the paper. She showed it to her sisters and suggested that they take part. All four were up for it. Jacqui called the number in the paper. She told them that they were four sisters and they all would like to attend. The man on the other phone said that this would be great. He read them a disclaimer, which said that if they were chosen they made an agreement to comply. There was also discussion about using their images and so on. They all agreed. The man made it very clear that it was a gameshow where people were chosen out of the audience to compete in games. The winners would get prizes, the losers would have to do a forfeit. He made them fully aware of this. The McQueens were always up for a laugh anyway, so they were willing to risk any forfeit. Mercedes in particular had no inhibitions at all. The way they looked at it, there was a chance to win prizes, maybe money which would be great because they were all pretty scint. They would also get to be on television. Getting their faces on television was something that all four of them were keen on. They decided that all four sisters would attend because it would give them a much better chance to be picked to do one of the games. All in all they were pretty excited about the whole thing. The way they saw it the risk was not that big. The worst that could happen to any of them was doing an embarrassing forfeit on television. Even this was not so bad, because they still would get the chance to be on television. Some of the sisters would be willing to do just about anything to get the chance to be on television.

The day of the show arrived. The girls decided to glam things up. Jacqui wore a tight fitting black dress, cut on one shoulder. Mercedes wore a dress that was red on the bottom, white on the top. Michaela wore a purple dress, cut at the shoulder with a large flower on one shoulder. Carmel wore a pink dress. They all caked on the makeup and spent ages on their hair. They looked like a bunch of tarts or at leash an unsuccessful girl band. They made their way to the studio. There was quite a few people in the studio audience. They headed to the audience area. They tried to push their way in to get seats up close, but there was too many people. It didn’t matter any way because people would be raising their hands and being selected for individual games. The sisters hoped that they would get chosen at some point. The only rule of the show is once you were selected to take part, you could not back out. The McQueen sisters had no intention of backing out anyway. They were pretty much willing to take part in most things that could happen on the show. They were not that worried.

The show started. The presenter came out. He was mildly famous for other moderately successful game shows from the past. They applauded enthusiastically. The host welcomed the contestants and the audience watching at home. He announced that this was the first ever episode of the show. He explained that the contestants would come from the audience for each game. It was a simple concept; there would be a game. The winner would get the prize, the loser would have to take the punishment. Each game had its own prize and its own consequence.

The presenter said that it was time for the first game. He asked the audience if there were any football fans in the house. A lot of the audience raised their hands. The McQueens did not raise their hand for this. They wanted to see how the show worked first, plus they did not like football in the least. The presenter walked the through the audience. He came to a young man. He asked his name and what team he supported. He said that he supported Liverpool. He was invited up to the stage. The host then asked if anyone here supported any other team. More people put their hands down. He walked to the other side of the audience and came to a young lady. He asked her name and what team she supported. She said in a scouse accent, “This won’t be too popular, but Manchester United.” The crowd booed and she laughed. He then invited her to join him on stage. A football goal was then brought out . There was a semi- professional goalie as well. The game was explained. Each would have five shots on goal. The person who made the most goals would get VIP tickets to see their team play. The loser, however, would be facing the pie cannon. The McQueen sisters cheered for this. They fully understood what the game was all about now. The young man got two goals, the young lady did not get any. As the loser, the young lady was lead over to the pie cannon. The young man got the honour of firing the pie cannon at her. In moment the young woman was covered from head to toe in pie filling. The McQueen sisters laughed and applauded. “That’s going to be you,” Jacqui teased. Her sisters. The young woman was then escorted backstage where she could get cleaned up. It was time for a commercial break while the next game was set up.

After the break, the host welcomed everyone back. “Now, for our second game, we need a large family. I think that, that would be good for this one. Any large families in the audience today.” the McQueen’s hands shot up enthusiastically. They waived them around in the air. The host didn’t see them at first. He went to another family, but they did not have the right number of people to take part in the game. He needed a family with even numbers. He walked through the audience and spotted the four sisters shaking their arms feverishly. He walked over to them and spoke to Carmel. “Hello, there what’s your name?,” he asked. “Carmel McQueen,” she responded. “And who do you have with you here today?,” he asked. “It is me and my three sisters here,” she said. “Oh the four ladies?,” he said. “Yeah that’s us.” “Would you four be willing to take part then?” They all responded with an enthusiastic yes. “Ok then ladies come on down,” he said. The four girls smiled and celebrated together that they had been chosen. They stood up, adjusted their skirts and walked down the stairs to the stage, where they were told where to stand.

“Ok, the McQueen sisters. If we can go down the line and you can introduce yourselves. Tell us your name and age.” “I am Carmel. I am 27 years old.” “I’m Jacqui, I’m 32 years old.” “I’m Mercedes. I’m 29 years old.” “And I’m Michaela. I’m 21 years old.” “So ladies, the reason that we wanted even numbers is so there can be two teams. I now would like the you to decide whom your partner will be.” the sisters talked it over together. It would be Michaela and Carmel as a team and Jacqui and Mercedes as the other pair. “Ok, as you may have guessed by now these two teams will be competing against each other. So it will be sisters vs. sisters. Jacqui and Mercedes vs. Carmel and Michaela, This should make things more interesting.” The girls laughed and pointed at each other, each team claiming that they would be the ones who would be winning. It was clear now that two of the McQueen sisters would be getting the chance to get the other two messy.

The game area was then opened. At one side of the stage there was a load of blue and pink balloons. At the others side, there were two containers, one pink one blue. “Ok, ladies, the game is simple. Basically, you have to put as many balloons in your team’s container as you can in 60 seconds. The catch is, you can not use your hands.” The girls pointed and laughed and the audience cheered. This was going to be tougher than it looked, plus everyone other than Michaela had high heels on, which were going to make things even more difficult. “Ok, now, let’s tell the ladies the prize to sweeten the deal. The prize for our game today, for the team that wins will be an all expenses paid holiday to the Bahamas.” The girls eyes wide-eyed. They pumped their fists, ”Yes,” they shouted. “Yes two of you will be going off on a trip of a life time. The other two, well, we will talk about that after the game.” “We’re not losing,” Jacqui said. “The winners are going to get a holiday abroad and get to gunge the losers. Get in there. We have to win. Sorry girls.” “Actually,” Michaela said,” I don’t know what will be better, getting that amazing vacation or pouring gunge and mess all over you two. It is going to be sweet.” “Hey watch it you little cow,” Mercedes said, “ You ain’t going to be gunging me, if I can help it.” “Ok, ok ladies. Things are getting rather competitive here right now. One thing is for sure, someone is going on holiday and someone is going to get messy, but who will it be? Find out after the break.”

During the break the teams were brought into their positions. They did not get any special equipment or anything. They had to do the stunt in their dresses and heels. Mercedes really thought it would be easy, but before too long she would be proven wrong. The host started the show up again. “Welcome back,” he said,” Before the break we met the McQueen sisters. They are in two teams now. In a second they will be feverishly trying to get these balloons from one side of the stage to the other. The team that gets the fewest balloons will be facing the consequences afterwards. Are we ready ladies?” They all responded yes “In that case, your 60 seconds will begin in three, two, one, go.”

All four sisters launched themselves into the balloons. This did not work because al lot of them moved. They soon realized that they would have to fall to the ground to try and get some of the balloons. All four were down on there knees trying to lift balloons with their chins, elbows and anything else that they could think of,. The crowd cheered them on. Mercedes and Jacqui were really struggling. Mercedes was down on the ground, almost rolling around trying to trap the balloons, but they seemed to blow away from her. Her body was contorting on the ground. Jacqui tried to trap a balloon between her ankles and somehow slide it up between her calves to her knees, but that was not working either. Carmel tried to lower her knees onto the balloon and trip it that way. Every time that she tried though, the balloon rolled away. Mercedes was finally able to lift a balloon between her knees, but when she tried to walk with it, the balloon popped. Thirty seconds was already gone and no one had managed to get a balloon yet or get close. Michaela finally managed to trap a balloon with her elbows and lift it up. She ran across the stage and dropped the balloon into the container. She then ran back and did the same again. Jacqui tried to emulate this. She picked up the balloon with her elbows and started to make her way to the other end of the stage. Unfortunately, she was wearing high heels. As a result, when she tried to walk to fast, she tripped and fell over. The balloon floated away. The ground was padded with mats she was fine. The crowd laughed at her. Mercedes and Carmel had not noticed what Michaela had done, They were still rolling around on the floor trying to trap balloons. Mercedes laughed. “I just can’t do this,” she said. The time was now down to ten seconds. Michaela carefully walked a across with the third balloon as Jacqui went back to pick up another. Finally the buzzer sounded and everyone was told to stop. The girls were all pretty winded and sweaty from the competition. They caught their breath and were asked to join the host by the containers.

“Ok that was a great game. It was very competitive. It was very clear that both teams really wanted to win. Let’s hear it for them.” The crowd applauded. “Now it is time to count the balloons. Let’s see. Michaela and Carmel you have.. One…two….three balloons.” The crowd cheered. Michaela and Carmel cheered. “Michaela you did really well there. Any secrets?” “There is a knack to it, plus I have flat shoes on, which didn’t hurt.” “Now Mercedes and Jacqui, let’s see how many you two have.” He looked down at the container the audience laughed. Mercedes placed her hands at her side pointing them outwards. “ Oh well,” she said with smile. “Oh dear, you didn’t get any. What went wrong.” “I don’t know,” Mercedes said,” I just couldn’t do it. It was so much harder than it looks. Jacqui did better than me I think though.” “So our final totals. Michaela and Carmel-3, Mercedes and Jacqui- 0.” Michaela and Carmel celebrated. Mercedes and Jacqui blushed and clapped politely. “So we have our winners. Michaela and Carmel. You know what that means. You get the luxury holiday abroad and, more importantly, you are going to get to carry out our punishment on the two losers over there.” Michaela and Carmel clapped and hugged each other, jumping up and down. Mercedes and Jacqui looked at each other, blushing. “Oh my god,” Mercedes said to her sister. They buried their faces in their hands laughing. “This is going to be amazing. We are going to nail them good,” Michaela said. “Do you two have any reservations at all about doing this to your own sisters. “No, not at all, we’re going to make it as messy as possible.” Jacqui and Mercedes stood side by side looking at each other nervously. “So Jacqui and Mercedes,” the host said,” How are you feeling. You guys lost fair and square and now it is time to pay the consequences.” “They kicked our arses!,” Mercedes said, “They deserved to win really. I just wish we would have won, but it all went wrong didn’t it. It’s going to be really embarrassing, but what can I say. We knew what we were getting into form the beginning.” “I want that holiday,” Jacqui said,” I can’t believe those bitches beat us. Well done though, really, congratulations.” “So, we are about ready for punishment time for Jacqui and Mercedes here. Stay tuned after the break to see these two get what is coming to them,” the host said.

The show returned after the break with a close up of Mercedes and Jacqui talking, smiling and waiving to the camera. “Ok, everyone it is time for the moment that we have all been waiting for. It’s time to get messy.” Everyone cheered. Michaela and Carmen clapped and cheered as well. “Are you two ready?,” he asked Mercedes and Jacqui. “Actually, I don’t really want my dress ruined. It was very pricey,” Mercedes said. “Actually that is great idea Mercedes,” he replied. She looked at him, not quite knowing what he meant. “How about as part of the punishment, Jacqui and Mercedes have to remove their dresses.” Everyone clapped in the affirmative. Jacqui and Mercedes gave an annoyed glare. They looked at each other and then at the ground, blushing. “You had to pen your big mouth,” Jacqui said. The crowd started to chant,” Take it off, take it off.” Carmel and Michaela joined in, pumping their fists. Jacqui and Mercedes were made to step forward. They stood together side by side and slowly slipped their dresses down from their bodies. Down their chests and stomachs to their waists and then down their legs to their ankles. They lifted their dresses and gave them over to their sisters for safe keeping. Mercedes flipped her hair. She now stood with her sister on the stage wearing just their underwear. They wore black bras and panties. Mercedes was not ashamed to show herself off. She winked and blew kisses to some of the men in the audience. Her tanned, taught body was site to behold. Her black undergarments barely holding in her enormous breasts and shapely posterior. Jacqui looked just as good, although she made a bit more of an effort to cover up her modesty. Her body did not look like it had an ounce of fat on it. She was not as curvy or well built as her sister but her body was still gorgeous. Jacqui was a real moody cow, but even she could not resist the humour of the situation that she was in. She shook her head in disbelieve and laughed. She could not believe this was happening. “Looking good, Jack,” Carmel yelled out. Jacqui pointed at her and told her not to laugh.

Two plastic garden chairs were set up in the centre of the stage. Jacqui and Mercedes were lead to the chairs and ordered to sit down. The two half naked sisters sat side by side wondering what fait awaited them. Michaela and Carmel were then brought over. “Now, if you two can chose a partner for the next part and stand across from them,” the host said. It was plain to see that they had to choose wish of their sisters each would be dishing the punishment out on. Michaela and Carmel conferred together for a second and then chose. “I’ll take Jacqui,” Carmel said. She went and stood across from Jacqui. Michaela then took her spot across from Mercedes. “Ok Michaela will get to mess Mercedes and Carmel will be messing Jacqui. You will be partners for the rest of the evening. Now I think that we are ready to get started. Jacqui and Mercedes have lost and now they have to pay the consequences. It is time for part one.”

Two of the host’s assistants now came out, each carried a large fire hose. “These are what we call the gunge hoses ladies. When they are turned on, they will spray gunge and foamy mess onto whoever the hose nozzle is aimed at. And we have one for Carmel and one for Michaela.” Each was handed one of the hoses. Mercedes and Jacqui begged them off. The assistants then went to the end of the stage and, at the host’s command turned the hoses on. Jacqui and Mercedes suddenly realized what was about to hit them. They begged their sisters not to do this to them, waiving their hands feverishly. Michaela and Carmel just laughed at them. The hoses were then switched on. The girls aimed their respective hoses at their sisters. The hoses went on and the force almost blew Michaela and Carmel backwards. The foamy white gunge flew from the hose into Mercedes face and into Jacqui’s stomach. They screamed as the mess it them, melting down them. They struggled to stay in their seats as their sisters sprayed them. Michaela and Carmel then got a better handle on the hoses. They realized how they could direct the flow better. They moved the aim of the nozzles up and down their sisters bodies. They showered them in the mess, as if they were washing a car or cleaning an elephant. They moved the hoses about so the messy slop did not miss a spot of their sisters bodies. Mercedes and Jacqui laughed and screamed, almost cuddling each other as the foamy gunge was sprayed all over their bodies. Michaela and Carmel did not let up at all. They sprayed their sisters, legs, breasts, panties, bras, stomachs and faces with the creamy mess. White runny gunge poured over them both. The hoses then finally ran to a halt, when they were emptied. Jacqui and Mercedes were left plastered in the foamy goo from head to toe. Mercedes lifted her leg and nearly fell over. Jacqui crossed her arms, she did not look very impressed. The two had been showered in the mess. It slowly ran down their sweaty bodies. They could only guess at what was going to happen to them next. The embarrassment level for these two was already off the charts and there was going to be much more to come for them.

Next, Michaela and Carmel were presented with two buckets of thick gunge. One was light purple, one was light blue. Michaela chose the light blue for Mercedes. Jacqui would get the light purple gunge. This was the moment that they had really waited for. This was going to be the moment when they were going to actually get to pour the gunge over their sisters heads. Mercedes took her fingers and moved her fringe from her face. She licked her teeth with her tongue. Jacqui squeezed up her face and tried ordering Carmel not to go through with it, pointing at her. “You wouldn’t dare,” Jacqui said. “Please don’t gunge us,” Mercedes begged in her northern accent. “Sorry Jack,” Carmel said. Michaela gave an evil cackle and told everyone how much she was going to enjoy this. Michaela and Carmel came forward with their buckets. The crowd was now cheering them on and chanting “Gunge them, Gunge them.” Mercedes and Jacqui closed their eyes as their sisters lifted their respective buckets up. The audience still chanting to see the gunge. The girls closed their eyes and shrieked as the gunge fell from the buckets and on to their scantily clad bodies. The gunge poured down Jacqui’s face and then down her body in a shower of gunge that left her dripping in the sloppy mess all over. The gunge poured down the sides of Mercedes face, all over her dark hair. It then moved forward down her face. The gunge was thick and smooth. It covered her hair and began to pour down her amazing body. Gunge poured down onto Mercedes’ ample breasts, coating them in the coloured glop. Mercedes could not help but enjoy the feeling of cool smooth gunge on hot, sweaty skin. It poured onto her stomach generously and then all over her backside and legs, soaking her underwear. She laughed and shivered as it poured on her. It gave her shivers down her spine. Gunge dripped from the end of Jacqui’s pointy nose. She stuck her tongue out in a look of disgust. Michaela and Carmel finished with the gunge and tossed their buckets aside.

Next on the agenda was some lovely milkshakes from the fast food place down the road. There were four kids, vanilla, chocolate, strawberry and banana. Michaela and Carmel were allowed to choose two flavours each. Carmel chose chocolate and banana. Carmel chose vanilla and strawberry. They each picked up the gigantic, supersized drinks containers containing the milkshakes. They were the size of cinema drinks. They both popped off the tops, with the connected straws and threw them aside, revealing the double thick shakes within. “Ladies, you might want to prepare yourselves,” the host said,” This is probably going to be very cold.” Mercedes and Jacqui were already sat dripping in sloppy mess as their sisters approached them once again. Carmel and Michaela showed their sisters the shakes first. They teased them with them. They then stood behind them, a shake in each hand. They stood silently because they did not want their sisters to know when the onslaught was about to hit them. Mercedes looked around in all directions. Jacqui tried to tilt her head forward and bury her head in her hands. She could not hold the position forever though. When the time was right Carmel and Michaela signalled one another. They started to pour the shakes onto their sisters. When Carmel poured the shakes on Jacqui, the first bit fell on her back. The shake was so cold that caused Jacqui to involuntarily swing her head back. When this happened, Carmel poured the ice cold thick shakes straight into Jacqui’s face. She screamed and jumped. She closed her eyes and gave a pained look. Michaela poured both shakes at one down onto Mercedes face and down her body, all down her breasts and stomach, down to her legs. Mercedes squealed as well. The pink and white coldness fell onto her hot tanned skin. Mercedes used her fingers and rubbed her belly as the shakes made two trails down her body. Her nipples were now hard as rock from the coldness as well as the thrill. The icecream shakes melted down her hot flesh. She had goosebumps all over body now.

Finally, Michaela and Carmel were each given a bottle of ketchup and a bottle of mustard. They each grabbed one in either hand. They laughed and gave each other a hi five once again. They then took their places stood behind Mercedes and Jacqui. The crowd was encouraged to count down from three. Three… two…one everyone counted. Mercedes and Jacqui screwed up their faces as they waited for the condiments to come down on them. Carmel and Michaela threw caution to the wind now and just really let themselves go wild. They wildly squeezed the yellow and red substances in all directions over Mercedes and Jacqui. Ketchup poured across Mercedes’ face. Mustard was squeezed up Jacqui’s knickers and up her stomach. Michaela criss crossed her arms pouring both condiments all over Mercedes. She coated her body in the red and yellow mess. Carmel sprayed mustard down the front of Jacqui’s face and then poured ketchup down her back. Ketchup covered Mercedes’ breasts. Mustard was poured on top of Jacqui’s head. When the bottles were emptied, the two sisters were left with thick red and yellow mess all over their bodies. Finally, Michaela and Jacqui were given jars of pickled relish, which they dumped onto their respective sisters heads. Michaela and Carmel shook hands and celebrated their work, pointing and laughing at their filthy sisters.

The host came over,” So ladies, we hope you enjoy your holiday,” he said,” We hope you enjoyed what just happened as well.” “That was great,” Michaela said,” It was good fun. Those two deserved it as well. Sorry girls,” she said jokingly. “That was a lot of fun. I hope they are not too mad at us,” Carmel said. “So, Jacqui and Mercedes. What can we say. You didn’t win and you had to pay the consequences,” the host said. “Yeah, they really got us good,” Mercedes said, wiping a stream of ketchup from her forehead. “ I can’t believe they did that to us. It’s well embarrassing. I wish we could have done it to them.” “And Jacqui?,” the host said. Jacqui gave an angry look. She looked well and truly annoyed. “I’ll get them back for this, if it is the last thing that I do. Carmel especially. They enjoyed doing that just a little too much. I am filthy. I hope they get a really bad sunburn on that holiday now,” Jacqui laughed.

The host threw the show to commercial break while Jacqui and Mercedes were removed from the stage. Jacqui and Mercedes were not really mad. They knew that this could happen all along. It was a bit embarrassing, but they were actually glad that they appeared on the show. If anyone ever teased Mercedes about what happened she would always reply. “I bet you loved seeing me covered with gunge, all over my body.” She actually had been a bit turned on by the whole thing. She was a bit of sex addict and an exhibitionist anyway. No one except her closest friends and family dared to tease Jacqui about it. In the end, the McQueens told everyone that they would be on television and encouraged everyone to watch the show. In the end, the two had not really minded the mess that much and were more than happy with their experience on the show.

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Beyonce and Britney Spears Sisters’ Revenge

Beyonce and Britney Spears Sisters’ Revenge

Solange Knowles and Jamie Lynn Spears were famous in their own right. Unfortunately, both were always in the shadow of their more famous big sisters. Britney Spears and Beyonce Knowles were two of the biggest stars in the world. They are two of the most recognizable and most attractive women on the planet. This of course, caused a little bit of jealousy from their younger sisters. Jamie Lynn had worked for Nickelodeon in the past. She still had a good relationship with people who worked at many television networks. Solange was her friend as well. At some point in time, the two got talking about their more famous big sisters. They talked about how great it would be to get their own back on them in some small way. As a rule, their sister always came out on top and they were always second best. They discussed how great it would be to come out on top for just one night.

“You know what would be amazing,” Jamie Lynn said, “Could you imagine if we set it up so our sisters got covered in slime and mess on television for the whole world to see.” “Oh that would be sweet,” Solange replied,” I would do anything to pour a bucket of slime of Beyonce’s head. Could you imagine, standing there pouring slime all over her while the whole world watch. It would be hilarious. Everyone laughing at them.” “I know right,” Jamie Lynn said,” Getting to embarrass them in front of everyone. I can just picture Britney’s reaction as I poured slop all over her. I would take my time and make it real embarrassing for her.” “Yeah, that would teach them. Beyonce thinks she is some kind of queen or something. She needs to be taken down a peg or two.” “Well, I know some people at some of the television networks. I think if I speak with the right people, I think that I can set this up.” “Oh yes, we have to do this,” Solange responded. They shook hands and laughed evilly.

Jamie Lynn approached the network and they were more than happy to facilitate the plan. Jamie Lynn and Solange told their sisters that the show was going to be a sort of celebrity siblings type show. As luck would have it, both were free at the time and agreed to do it. The plan was all falling into place. Britney came to the show wearing a very small pair of beige shorts and an orange tank top. Beyonce was dressed in a much more expensive outfit. She wore a pair of very short black hot pants and a black short top that left her middrift bare, completely exposing her abs. Of course, Britney and Beyonce have two of the greatest bodies in the world. Every inch of their bodies ooze sexuality. They both have thick, toned, muscular legs, incredible shapely backsides and fantastic sexy stomachs. At this point, Beyonce’s body was more in shape and well toned, with her famous booty and lovely brown skin. Britney, did not always work out anymore and wasn’t as taut as she used to be, but that only served to make her more womanly and even more sexy. It was undeniable to anyone that the thought of seeing these two amazingly attractive woman have messy slop poured all over their incredible bodies, was incredibly sexy. They both really did not expect anything out of the ordinary on this show. Everyone decided to keep the point of the show a secret from them.

The show began and the two groups of sisters entered. Beyonce and Britney were a little surprised to see each other, but did not think anything of it. They crossed the stage and gave each other a hug and some fake Hollywood kisses on the cheek. They exchanged pleasantries and took there spots. “Ok,” the presenter said,” Today we have a very special show. Our show is about celebrity sisters. Our special guests are the Knowles sister and the Spears sisters. Now, I want Solange and Jamie Lynn to come to this side of me and Britney and Beyonce to go to this side.” The girls switched sides politely. Britney and Beyonce now stood side by side on one side and Jamie Lynn and Solange stood on the other side. The presenter then started again. “I think that the thing with celebrity sisters is that there is usually one in the spotlight and one in the background. Although the other sister wants the best for her sister, there sometimes can be resentment and jealousy. Well, today we are going to do everyone a service and make sure that this is not the case. Sorry, Britney and Beyonce, but today, your sisters are going to be given a chance to get one over on you. I think that is only fair.” Britney and Beyonce looked a bit dumbfounded and a bit curious. “What do you mean,” Britney asked. “Well, today we are going to give Solange and Jamie Lynn a decision to make. You two get ready, because it may be a hard one,” he said,” We are going to give Solange and Jamie Lynn their moment in the spotlight. Isn’t that only fair?” “Yeah,” Britney said, with baited breath. “So, here is your choice ladies, we can either give you some time at the end of the show to sing or perform or do anything you choose. Or, if you want we can bring out some slime and mess and we can mess your sisters. What would you rather do?” Beyonce and Britney’s eyes widened. They licked their lips and gave a half hearted laugh as if to say, “Oh my God.” Solange and Jamie Lynn put their heads together and whispered, pretending to discuss the decision that they would be making. Beyonce and Britney, meanwhile, were begging their sisters to do a performance.

The two young women came to their decision and the returned to where they were standing. “So, Solange and Jamie Lynn, what will it be?” They smiled looked at each other and then shouted to together. “Mess our sisters!” They high fived each other. Britney and Beyonce looked at each other with their mouths open. “I can’t believe this,” they said to each other,” This is so embarrassing.” they blushed and put their hands over their mouths in shock. Usually, they were in control, especially Beyonce. It was a total shock to be in a situation where they did not have the power and someone else had the upper hand. There was no way out of it though. Beyonce was a total diva and was much more angry about the whole thing than Britney was. Britney was a much more down to earth person. She was not opposed to getting a bit dirty, but was more embarrassed than anything else. She thought to herself, at least she was dressed more appropriately to get messy than Beyonce was. Her outfit must have cost thousands, Britney was just wearing what she would wear every day.

Two chairs were set up next to one another but about six feet apart. Britney and Beyonce were led to their respective chairs. Both of them begged and pretended that they needed to be pulled along to their seats. In the end, they both sat down and took their places. Britney was making funny faces. Beyonce crossed her arms and just glared. Jamie Lynn and Solange were brought over. The buckets were then prepared.

“So Jamie Lynn,” the presenter asked,” if there is one thing that Britney does that is really annoying, what would it be? One thing that she deserves a messing for.” “Britney is a very dirty person. She leaves mess everywhere. She doesn’t really clean up after herself or throw things away.” Britney just laughed. She pointed at herself. “Is this true Britney,” the presenter asked. “yeah, ok. I get this all the time. I don’t really see the big deal. The dirty dishes will still be there tomorrow. I see no reason to worry about things like that. So yeah, I guess I am messy.” “Ok Solange, how about Beyonce here. Is there anything that she does that is really annoying.” “Well, let’s just say that you do not want to use the bathroom after Beyonce has been in there.” Beyonce’s mouth fell open and she started laughing in embarrassment. “Beyonce, any response to that? Is this true?,” the presenter asked. “Oh my god,” she said laughing,” What can I say. No comment,” she replied, laughing and blushing. “Oh come on Beyonce, we’re all friends here,” the presenter joked. “Ok, yeah, it’s true,” she laughed.

“Beyonce, how are you feeling about all of this,” the presenter asked. “I think embarrassed is the best way to describe it,” she replied,” My baby sister here is going to get a chance to pour buckets of crud all over me on national television. I wouldn’t say that I was thrilled. On top of that, she takes it upon herself to discuss my bathroom habits on national tv. Mmm..mmm…mmm.mmm…mmm. I think I will be looking at payback somewhere down the line,” she joked. “Now Britney how about you, any thoughts or comments,” he asked. “I actually, don’t mind that much. I just wish that I had been told before hand. It is going to be embarrassing, I can’t deny that. But I am no stranger to getting dirty. My family, even my kids are going to think that this is hilarious. What I am annoyed about is how much my little sis there is going to enjoy getting one over on me. I suppose that she deserves to get the chance to let me have it. I think I can take it. I have been through much worse things after all.”

The messy buckets were brought out. There seemed to be a huge supply. This was going to be a huge evening, two of the most famous and most attractive women in the world were going to be getting messy at the same time. “Ok, everyone, the moment is upon us,” the presenter said,” I think that it will be Beyonce’s turn first.”


Beyonce sat in her chair with her legs out in front of her. Her body seemed to overwhelm the chair. Her enormous, sexy brown legs and large shapely backside seemed to swallow the chair up whole. It was almost invisible under Beyonce’s ample, supple, shapely body parts. The clothing that she was wearing was minimal. Her outfit was one that she had worn on stage before. Solange now walked over to the buckets. Beyonce begged her to reconsider. “Please, Solange, you wouldn’t do this to your big sister would ya? Please, don’t do this, I am begging you,” Beyonce said, with her hands in front of her as if she was praying. “Sorry, B,”Solange said. She walked up in front of her sister and showed her the bucket. Beyonce continued to beg her not to do this. Solange took her hand and waived a dainty bye bye. Beyonce knew it was coming so she braced herself. She shut her eyes as her sister swung the first bucket in her direction. This bucket contained thick grits. Beyonce closed her eyes and grimaced as Solange swung the bucket at her, splashing the thick, yet cold grits at her. It landed in her face, down her front. It splattered oatmeal all over Beyonce’s exposed mid drift and down onto her legs. It was sticky and cold and ran all down her body. Lashes of the off white grits dotted Beyonce. She cleared her eyes and tried to spit bits out. The grits hand been mixed with butter and brown sugar and other ingredients. Beyonce took her already messy hands and tried to move some of the grits from her stomach. She rubbed the grits on her abs and tried to remove some from her belly button. In the meantime, Solange was taking the remainder of the grits and pouring them onto Beyonce’s head. The lumpy substance oozed down Beyonce’s beautiful face as she laughed. It coated her perfect blondish brown hair and fell down her face. As she laughed and stuck her head out, grits poured down the front of her face. They poured down her lips and over her teeth, as she laughed. She then closed her mouth and licked her lips. “Kiss my grits,” she said.

The next item that Solange grabbed was a bucket of mashed sweet potatoes or candied yams as they were sometimes known. The yams were mixed with butter, milk, cinnamon and other ingredients. They were bright orange and a bit softer than ordinary mashed potatoes. “Yams, are you really going to pour yams on me?,” Beyonce remarked,” I can not believe that this is happening to me” she exclaimed. Beyonce’s massive thighs were going to be the next target. Solange took the bucket and placed the edge halfway down Beyonce’s thighs. She tipped it slightly, pouring the sweet potatoes right onto her sisters legs. They fell in all directions, leaving a gigantic mound of yams on Beyonce’s lap. More fell down her calves. Beyonce then opened her legs the same way that she did on stage. Half of the yams poured down into her crotch and between her legs. She moved her legs in and out, causing the yams to push up through her thighs and fall onto the floor. Beyonce’s lower body was a an orange mess. There were now two handfuls of sweet potato left. Solange took the first. She went behind her sister and pulled the back of her shorts open wide. Her behind would have been fully visible to anyone looking from behind. Solange then dropped the handful of yams into Beyonce’s shorts. At this point it became clear that Beyonce did not have any panties on under her shorts. Solange dropped the yams in. She then closed her sister’s shorts. Beyonce bit her lip and screeched as she felt the starchy potato against her luscious backside. She could feel the potato pushed up in between her incredible ass cheeks. She could feel it in her crack. Solange took the other handful know and went to the side. She took the back of her sister’s head with one hand and the yams in the other. She then pushed the two together with all her first, rubbing the yams around in Beyonce’s face. Beyonce gagged and moaned when her sister let go. Orange sweet potato all over her face. She had never been dominated like this not even in the bedroom.

The next bucket contained collard greens. It was a very southern theme for Beyonce today. The bucket was filled to the brim with slimy, spinach like green. It was thick and very gloppy. Now this was going to be embarrassing. Beyonce had not been expecting this. She had thought of slime, maybe some whipped cream, but nothing like collard greens. Her sister was creative, she had to give her that. Solange had enjoyed using her hands and taking a more hands on approach with mess, so she decided that she would use her hands to apportion the greens onto her sister’s awaiting body. She took two handfuls and lifted them straight from the bucket onto the top of Beyonce’s head. The thick green muck stuck to the top of her head and stayed there, dripping bits intermittently down her face. She took two more handfuls and thrust them onto Beyonces’s mammoth breasts. The greens twisted and stuck into her top and cleavage. It was held in place. She then took another handful of the green muck and pressed it into her sister’s bare stomach, rubbing it around and around on her bare brown skin. Solange then scooped two more handfuls right onto Beyonce’s thighs. She took her hands and smeared the greens down her thigh and knees and down her calves. She took another handful. She popped her sister’s legs open with one hand and thrust collard green straight into her crotch with the other. Beyonce squealed when she felt the force thrust between her legs. Solange then took the final bits of collard greens and dropped them into the back of Beyonce’s shorts. The hot pants were now filled to the brim and almost at breaking point. Greens and yams were trying to escape from Beyonce’s hot pants anyway that they could. They sagged under the strain.

Solange then took Beyonce’s final bucket. She was told that the rest were reserved for Miss Spears. This bucket contained creamed corn. It was thick, lumpy, very yellow and extremely disgusting. “Time to get corny,” Solange exclaimed. Beyonce closed her eyes. Solange took the creamed corn and began to pour it down onto her sexy sister’s head. A huge stream of the lumpy battery sludge flowed down Beyonce’s face. The thick yellow muck pouring onto her taught, brown skin. Beyonce sat motionless as the creamed corn took its natural course down the length of her body. It pooled in between her breasts and between her legs as well as beneath her backside. It rolled down her famous stomach and then all over her sexy legs. It creamed her all over. Beyonce was left wallowing in the mountain of slimy mess that was left all over her body. She wiggled herself around in her chair. She took both hands and cleared her eyes and mouth. She wrung some mess from her hair and tried to wipe some from her belly. She moved her legs up and down.

“So Beyonce,” the presenter asked,” How was that?” “Really?,” she laughed,” I can not believe this. What can I say? This is so embarrassing. I can not believe that she did this to me. I need to burn the tape, I don’t know. I’ll get you back sis. I promise, somehow.” “And Solange, that looked pretty fun to me,” he said. “yeah, that was a dream come true. That may have been the best moment of my life. I am not joking. And make no mistake about it, I make sure that everyone that we know will be watching this. Friends, family, you name it.” “Nooo!,” Beyonce yelled.

At first Beyonce had been glad that she had gone first. Now she realized that she would have to sit there covered in slop while Britney got her gunging. It was not going to be fun. Britney on the other hand, had tried not to laugh at Beyonce while she was getting messed, because she knew that she would be next in line, but at time she could not help it. It had been so messy and so hilarious that she just had to laugh. She knew it was her turn next and Jamie Lynn was not going to make it easy on her. “So,” the presenter said,” One down one to go. It is now Britney’s turn. “ Britney’s hair was back in a ponytail. Luckily, unlike Beyonce, Britney had worn underwear today, which, from plenty of pictures on the internet will show, was something that she did not always do,

Britney Spears

Jamie Lynn now got to choose her buckets that she would be using on her sister. Britney sat in her seat. She was on the edge of her seat and was now quite sweaty with anticipation. She looked absolutely incredible. Britney’s body looked absolutely prefect. Her bare legs wrapped around the chair. She could hardly believe that this was really happening. She secretly always watched messy shows on television and wondered what it would be like for that to happen to her, but she never dare try it before. She had no idea what was going to be in the remaining buckets that her sister had in store for her. From what had happened to Beyonce, she was sure it was going to be something incredibly disgusting.

Jamie Lynn grabbed the first bucket. The bucket contained chocolate pudding. It was the kind that could be made instantly or on the hob. The two used to make it together when they were little girls, now Britney was going to get to experience it in a totally different way. It was almost like a chocolate mousse. It was lovely milk chocolate. Jamie Lynn brought the bucket over and showed Britney what was inside,” Yummy,” Britney joked. She stuck her index finger into the bucket and scooped up a finger of the pudding. She stuck it in her mouth and tasted it. “I love that stuff,” she said,” I guess at least you are pouring something that I like over my head. Britney placed her hands at her sides and closed her eyes. She awaited the downpour that was about to cover her. Jamie Lynn lifted her bucket and began to pour. Britney craned her neck as she felt the sensual touch of the soft, smooth pudding falling down on top of her. It fell onto her head and down the sides of her face first, not covering her face at first. More poured down onto her neck and down onto her hot, sweaty tanned skin. It made it’s way down her chest and down onto her tiny shorts. The pudding felt cool and soft. It was actually an incredibly pleasant feeling. More fell straight onto her incredible bare legs. She felt it on her thigh and then down her knee. It trickled down her calves and all the way down to her socks. She could feel it down her back and down the back of her clothing. It coated her clothes in thick, soft brown messiness. The pudding skin had fallen from the top of the bucket straight onto the top of her head. To go with the pudding, Jamie Lynn had a bottle of squirty cream. She took the lid off and shook the aerosol can up. She pointed the nozzle into Britney’s face and attempted to draw a funny face on hers, but the cream was too thick and completely coated Britney’s face in whipped cream. Britney stuck her neck out and extended it, to try to make her face an easier target. She made no attempt to clear her face. She stuck out her tongue and licked her lips. Only then did some of the cream fall away from her face and land on her knee. Jamie Lynn then took the spray can and sprayed the squirty cream onto Britney’s knees and thighs. Britney lifted one leg and allowed it to get creamed. Jamie Lynn then took the creamy nozzle and stuck it between Britney’s breasts. She then sprayed lots of the whipped cream down Britney’s shirt, between her breasts. Britney noticed that the heat from her skin caused the whipped cream to melt and fall. this gave her lots of ideas that she could use later in her private life.

The next bucket contained guacamole. The guacamole was made out of avocado. It was very thick and very creamy. It was much thicker than the pudding was. It was also a very nice shade of light green. This time Britney looked up as Jamie was about to let her have it. She looked up in the air at the exact second when the first gigantic glob of guacamole fell from the bucket. It hit her square in the face. Her face, for the moment was now a pile of green mess. She, surprisingly, kept her head in the same position and let the guacamole fall onto her. More fell down onto her shoulders and down her back. Jamie Lynn moved the bucket and poured more straight down Britney’s front. It fell in a blob down the front of her top, leaving a trail as it went. It’s final destination was Britney’s legs. It fell and plopped down straight onto her thighs and down her knees. Britney felt the thick smoothness against her bare skin. She could not pretend that she did not enjoy the way that it felt on her body. She closed her eyes, bit her lip and moaned as her sister toppled the rest of the green goop onto her shorts and legs.

The next bucket contained nacho cheese. The yellowy orange fake cheese that is used on nachos at ball games and at the movies. Jamie Lynn grabbed the bucket. That is when Britney said something that no one had expected. “Can I stand up?,” She asked,” That way you can get my ass. You haven’t gotten my ass yet.” Britney was told that this was fine. She stood up and turned around, shaking some of the excess mess off of herself as she moved. She put her hands on the chair and bent down, hoisting her ass high in the air. She spread her legs apart and bent her knees slightly. Everyone got a very good eyeful of Britney’s backside and the backs of her legs. Jamie Lynn took the bucket and approached her now very compliant big sister. She raised the bucket and started to dump the nacho cheese onto Britney’s back. It started falling downwards. Jamie Lynn then moved the bucket downwards, sending the full force of nacho cheese straight at Britney’s ass. In a second, her shorts were totally covered in the gooey yellow messy. More was poured down the backs of Britney’s bare legs. Her thighs were covered in the cheesy mess as Britney wiggled herself around. Jamie Lynn poured more onto the backs of Britney’s knees and down her calves. Gravity caused the cheese to drip from Britney’s body everywhere. Her dangling breasts were also now dripping with cheese sauce. Britney stood upright. Again, she made no attempt to clean any of the mess from her body. She just returned to her seat and awaited the final bucket.

The final bucket was filled with spaghetti O’s. Britney had always had these when she was growing up. It was an inexpensive food, but she had always quite liked them. Now she would learn what it felt like to wear them. Jamie Lynn displayed the bucket for the camera. Britney had a look over. She laughed and said,” Bring it on.” She closed her eyes and looked up again. In an instant her entire head was covered in spaghetti o’s in their red sauce. The spaghetti o’s were much more saucy than the guacamole. When they hit Britney, she swung her head around. It was an involuntary reaction when the sauce hit her nose and mouth. Jamie Lynn just kept on pouring. In a minute, hundreds of small O’s in spaghetti sauce covered Britney Spears’ face and then her body. Britney could feel the spaghetti o’s all over her body. She could feel them on her arms and inside of her clothes. There were tiny o’s and sauce everywhere. She then raised her legs in the air. She pointed at them and said to her sister. “Get my legs.” Jamie Lynn took her bucket and heaped the remaining spaghetti o’s and plopped them onto her sisters awaiting legs. One of the sexiest pairs of legs in the world was now dripping in cheap tomato sauce and were bathed in little pasta O’s. Britney lowered her legs and caught her breath.

“Well, Britney,” the presenter said,” Wow was that for you?” “Actually, I think that I enjoyed that a little bit more than I thought I would. Yeah, it was not as bad as people would think. It is quite naughty actually. I have to say I never thought that this would happen to me.” She smiled and waived. “Jamie Lynn, what are your thoughts?,” the presenter asked. “She wasn’t supposed to enjoy it,” Jamie Lynn exclaimed,” Nah, that’s ok. I loved it. I have wanted to slime my sister for years and I finally got the chance to do it. I loved every second of it.

“Ok now,” the presenter said,” We have one last surprise for our ladies here. To end the show we have a special gunge tank just for these two. Let’s send them in together.” The tank was revealed on the other side of the stage. Beyonce and Britney were told to go over. Beyonce tried to protest, but the show was running a bit short on time. Britney jogged over. They were told that both would have to get in together. However, it was a very narrow tank, so it would be a very tight squeeze. It would have to be very up close and personal for the two celebrities. Britney climbed in first, Beyonce then put her leg in and tried to squeeze in. They would have to press themselves very close together in order to fit. They tried to avoid it at first, but there was just no other way. Beyonce finally squeezed in. both were wearing very little clothing and both were already covered in tons of mess. The two pressed their bodies close together. They almost had to hug one another in order to fit. The door was the shut on them. Jamie Lynn and Solange were escorted over to the lever that controlled the tank. They counted down from three. Three…two…one. They pulled the lever together. When they did a torrent of brown slime fell from the top of the tank all over contents of the tank, which at this time were two partially clothed, totally messy celebrities, who basically had their bodies wrapped around each other. The brown muck fell from the sky and covered the already messy women inside with even more mess. Solange and Jamie Lynn high fived and celebrated their success. Britney and Beyonce cowered together in the gunge tank. They banged on the door for them to be let out. Their sisters and the presenter pretended to walk away and leave them locked in the tank. Ina minute they arrive back and let the women out.

Friday, 26 August 2011

Jenny Platt a messy exit

Jenny Platt a messy exit

Jenny Platt had spent several years on Coronation Street playing the role of Violet. However, she had not appeared on the show, or anywhere else on television for several years. She was becoming more and more desperate for acting work. When the producers of Coronation Street approached her to make a special appearance, she was absolutely thrilled. She would get to be on television again. She would get her face back out there and she would also earn some money. Things were not going very well in her career at this point. She was really starting to struggle with things.

She was a little surprised when she received the script and she found out what she would be doing. Her character Violet had been involved in a storyline where her friend helped her to have a baby. She then proceeded to run away with the child and to mistreat her former friend terribly. Violet had proven to be a selfish character. A lot of people did not like how the storyline happened. Sean, the character who had his child taken away from him was a very popular and sympathetic character. Bringing Violet back on the show this time, was all set up so Sean could get his own back on her. Jenny was excited when she read the script, until she got towards the end of the script. She realized that Sean was going to get to slop Violet, meaning her. She realized that she had already, in theory, agreed to get messy on national television. She was not thrilled about the idea. She even called the producers and hinted to them that it should be changed, but they did not want to change it. She would either have to do it or back out of the appearance. She did not want to do this. She could not afford to do it, so she had no choice but to take part in what they wanted her to do.

Jenny went to the set and it was like old times. She really enjoyed the whole day and acting with her former colleagues on Coronation Street. Finally, it was time for the final scene of the day. It was going to be Sean’s moment of triumph. The actor who played Sean tried to be polite, but he could not hide his elation at being able to slop Jenny. “So, you going to enjoy slopping me then?,” she asked cheekily. “ Jenny love, it is all part of the job,” he replied. She crossed her arms and gave an incredulous look. “Oh come on,” she said. “Ok,” he replied,” I have been looking forward to it all week.” “I thought you might,” she said,” Take it easy on me would ya,” she said, giving an exaggerated pained look.” This is going to be embarrassing, I can tell,” Jenny said.

When it came time to shoot the scene, there was no shortage of onlookers. It seemed that everyone wanted to get a chance to see this. Jenny wore a pink t shirt and green trousers. The scene called for Violet to have yet another go at Sean, taunting him about not being able to see his child. Sean would then get more and more upset to the point where all he could do was dump all of the food that was around over her. The scene was going to take place in the café. Silence was called on set and the scene was ready to begin shooting.

Jenny started to read her lines. “Sean, “ she said,” It doesn’t matter what you say. I am the mother of the child. I can take him away and do what I want and you have no right to stop me.” “But, he is my child as well. I do have some rights,” he responded. “Well, I don’t care. I don’t want him to have anything to do with you and that is the end of it. I don’t care.” “But…but,” Sean replied. “It is all over. You had better, just get used to it, because that’s the way it is,” she said. Sean was speechless. “I don’t want him to even remember you,” Violet spewed, standing up and shouting in Sean’s face. Sean looked backwards and forwards quickly. He then grabbed what was behind him. That just happened to be a huge bucket of slop that was behind the counter at the café. The writers did not really bother to explain this in too much detail because the results were what was really important. Sean grabbed the bucket in a split second. Before Jenny could react, he picked up the bucket and poured the contents over Jenny’s head. Jenny’s mouth fell wide open in shock. In an instant Jenny Platt now had thick, lumpy, corny, yellow pig slop covering her head and dripping down her face. She held her hands out in front of her in disbelief. She gave a pissed off look. Creamy, foul smelling pig slop dripping down her tanned shoulders and arms. It poured onto her breasts and dripped down her body. What was worse yet, as it was part of the tv show, Jenny was ordered to stand still so they could shoot what she looked like from every angle. She had to stand there covered in slop while close up and zooming shots were taken of her in that state. Quite a few of the cast and crew produced their own cameras to record this special moment for posterity. The soap magazines had just found their cover shot for the next week. Violet gets slopped would be a popular headline. It was difficult for the other actors to stay in character and to not laugh at what had happened to Jenny. The slop looked incredibly disgusting and if it looked bad it smelled even worse. Jenny shook her arms and stuck her tongue out, but could not touch any of the slop that stuck to her head.

The scene then started again. Violet looked at Sean with an angry expression. Sean gave a worried look at first, but then he grabbed a plate of macaroni salad and proceed to tip it over Violet’s head. This time she shook her head and gave a pained smile as the disgusting white and yellow macaroni salad fell onto her face and down her body. The macaroni was contained in a disgusting sauce. Bits of the macaroni fell onto Jenny’s face. Pasta stuck and fell from her nose and her cheeks. She cleared her eyes, but still had a large amount of macaroni sticking to her face. “I can’t believe that you just did that,” she said. She took her forearm and wiped her mouth, knocking some macaroni that stuck to her lip loose.

Sean then grabbed a large banana cream pie. Violet pointed at him. “You wouldn’t dare,” she said. He was told to not hold anything back, to really let her have it. He took the pie and smashed it into her face. All she could do was close her eyes as the pie hit her straight in her face with a metallic splat. The pie hit her face and exploded on impact, sending pie filling flying in all directions from her face. She backed away and the pie tin fell from her face and landed on her breasts before falling to the floor, hitting the ground with a ping. The force of the pie hit almost knocked her off of her feet entirely. When it fell, it revealed Jenny’s face plastered in a combination of whipped cream, banana pie filling and pie crust. Half of her face had crust stuck to it. She took her hands and removed some of the crust. She breathed out of her nose and whipped cream came flying out from her nostrils. She licked her lips from one side to the other licking some of the creamy mess off. A halo of cream surrounded her chin and neck as well. She was completely creamed with the pie. She took her fingers and cleared some of the cream from her eyes and nose. She stuck her finger in her mouth and sexily sucked some of the cream off. She could not help it. The pie itself was actually delicious.

By this point, Jenny was already a complete mess and was partially regretting her decision to agree to submit to this. She did know that the fans would really enjoy this. The next thing that was in store for her was a bottle of brown deli mustard. Sean raised the bottle and sprayed the fancy mustard in a contour pattern over Jenny’s mouth. He then drew a moustache on Jenny’s face and then a goatee on her chin. He drew glasses on her face as well in the brown mustard. He was humiliating her, decorating her in mustard. He then poured some on her breasts in a pattern and onto her underarms. He was exhibiting the ultimate control over her, making her look ridiculous. He wrote words on her body in the mustard and drew small pictures over her. Finally he pointed the mustard at the top of her head and moved it back and forth, pouring it all over the top of her head. She knew how ridiculous she must have looked. She tried to keep a straight face and not to budge a smile in any way.

The next bucket that was grabbed contained thick and disgusting oatmeal. The bucket was incredibly heavy. Violet pointed at Sean,” You wouldn’t do this to me. You are to nice,” she said. “Oh wouldn’t I?,” he replied,” This one is for my son,” he exclaimed. She was instructed to back away and try to get out of the door. She did as she was told, grabbing the door knob, but the door was locked. She stopped, turned around and waived her hands, begging for him not to pour the oatmeal. He just slowly walked towards her, gently swinging the bucket in his hands. He then threw the oatmeal at her. The majority poured into her face, splattering all over her. It dipped from her face and down her top. She frowned as the oatmeal cascaded down her face. The oatmeal covered the entire front of her body down to her calves. It was thick on her clothes, weighing them down. He then took the bucket and poured the remainder over the top of Jenny’s head. He then threw the bucket aside. Jenny was left standing in the middle of the café dripping in mess. She was speechless. She flared her nostrils and gave and angry look, although she was also turning bright red with embarrassment.

“Off you go,” Sean said and waived to her as he opened the café door for her. She then realized that she would have to walk home like this. “Everyone’s going to see me like this,” she exclaimed. “Serves you right you little witch,” he replied. He took his hands and put them on her shoulders. He turned her around and showed her the door. As she started to leave. He grabbed her trousers from behind and yanked them down. Her panties came down with the trousers in one swoop. Of course the cameras did not shoot this angle, because it could not have been aired on television. When her pants came down, Jenny’s mouth fell open. Her panties were not supposed to be coming down. They did however, which revealed a large mound of fluffy strawberry blonde pubic hair between Jenny’s legs, in all of its unshaven glory. She instantly put her hands in front of herself to cover her modesty. Her lovely backside could also be seen from behind. Jenny then had to go to another set where her character ran down Coronation Street covered in mess back to her home, with her trousers and panties around her ankles. She tripped and fell, as scripted, into the mud and grass, falling face down.

That was it. It was all shot and ready to air. Everyone gave a round of applause for Jenny. She gave a muted smile and waive. She was a little bit annoyed that this was what she was asked to do, but she couldn’t be too mad, because she had agreed before to do this. She could not look the other actors in the eye. A lot of the conversations that she had with her colleagues immediately after involved them saying how much they enjoyed what had happened to her and how much they wished that they had been the one to do it to her. Jenny put on a brave face. She could not really admit to anyone how humiliating she had actually found the experience. Before long the pictures and videos were all over the internet for the whole world to see and not just on WAM websites. She didn’t mind the mess so much as the fact that everyone seemed to enjoy her humiliation so much. The public loved seeing her character get what was coming to her, but it was just a character.

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

Tammy Sytch Follow up

Following up the last post,here is a clip where Tammy says how much she enjoyed being slopped.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Tammy Lynn Sytch

Hello, everyone. This post is one from the past. It involves Sunny (Tammy Lynn Sytch) who used to be in various wrestling promotions such as SMW, WWF and ECW. These clips show the times on Raw when she was slopped by the Goodwins and caked by Shawn Micheals. It was amazing when it happened. Some of you might remember. I sure do. She is a legend anyway.

Sunny Slopped

Sunny caked

Sunday, 21 August 2011

Melanie Sykes gets her wish

****This one comes by request. Ask and you will receive. I hope that you like it. Everyone else, feel free to make requests if you would like, my door is always open.****

Melanie Sykes gets her wish

Melanie Sykes once made the comment to Noel Edmonds that she had always wanted to be gunged. It was a bit of a strange thing to say at the time in that, she believed that she truly meant it, but she did not think that it would or could actually happen, so she never really believed that she would have to back up the words that she had said. Unfortunately for Mel, her co host on Radio 2, Alan Carr had gotten wind of the statement that Mel had made. Of course, Allan could not resist the opportunity to gunge Mel. The way he sawit, he would be doing her a favour. She had asked for this. Plus, he wanted to get her messy anyway. Mel was actually a huge wam fan. She loved watching messy shows and seeing other people gunged. She, honestly, did want it to happen to her. It looked like loads of fun. To be honest, she had almost forgotten that she had ever made the statement at all.

Allan had a great time setting the whole thing up. He worked with Mel for long hours. She could get a bit annoying at times and he really wanted to do this to her. He began to drop little hints into the show that a gunging was coming. Mel began to get suspicious, but she never fully clocked what was about to happen to her. He planned for the whole thing to happen on Mel’s birthday. It would be a kind of pseudo birthday present from him. Everyone knew it when Mel’s birthday was coming up, so everyone who worked on the show helped to set the whole thing up.

The big day finally arrived. Mel knew that everyone knew it was her birthday. She wondered when they would say something or do something. Allan and the crew intentionally did not mention Mel’s birthday first thing. They wanted to make her sweat it out a little bit. They waited until the time was right and then Allan started in. “Well, every body, today is a very special day isn’t it, Mel. Today is someone’s birthday. Someone very special,” he said. “Ok, it’s mine today,” she said. “A very happy birthday indeed, Mel.” The crew gave a cheer. “You didn’t think that we would forget did you? Well, I have to let you in on a little secret. I have a very special surprise gift for you, but we will reveal it later in the show. I think that you are going to just love it.” Mel smiled and thanked him. The show went on until it was finally time for the present. A birthday cake was brought out and everyone sang happy birthday to Mel.

The present was wheeled in. It looked gigantic and was wrapped in pink and yellow wrapping paper with a gigantic bow on it. It also had a gigantic card that read: From: Allan To: Mel. “Wow,” Mel said,” It is massive. Thanks Allan. I wonder what it could be.” “Well you better go over and get it open, have a look see,” he said. Mel walked over to the giant gift. The crew counted down from three. “3...2...1” Melanie ripped the wrapping paper open and pulled it down. What lie under the wrapping paper was a gigantic gunge tank. Mel looked at it puzzled for a moment, then she realized what it was and what was happening. She patted the hair on the side of her head and said,” A gunge tank, you shouldn’t have,” in a pretend posh voice. She then started laughing. “Actually, not people know this, but I have always wanted to be gunged. Call me weird, but I have always thought that it would be really fun and I never had a chance before. Now it’s finally going to happen. Allan, you have made a dream come true for me. This is the best birthday ever!,” she shouted. “It is the gift that keeps on giving. I must be honest, Mel, it wasn’t totally unselfish. Frankly, I wanted to see you get gunged to,” he exclaimed. “Well who wouldn’t!,” she joked,” I bet there are hundreds of people out there listening right now who have thought, at one time or another, I wonder what she would look like covered in gunge. People, you don’t want to admit it, but it is true. You watch people on tv and you are dying to see them getting gunged. I am just brave enough to admit it.”

Mel wore a yellow and black floral dress. It was very hot outside and in the studio. Her dress was very short. She was hoping that the gunge that was waiting for her would cool her down a bit. “Ok, then,” she said,” I am ready when you are.” Allan opened the door and motioned for Mel to take her seat inside the gunge tank. She walked in. She had a look and then lowered herself into the seat. She crossed her legs and adjusted her skirt. Allan shut the plastic door behind her. “Now this is extra special, birthday gunge, I am told,” Allan said. “Lovely,” Mel said,” Bring it on.” Mel readied herself. It was finally the moment that she had been dreaming about for years. She did not tell anyone, but it was a recurrent subject of her intimate fantasy life as well. The thought of that messy gunge pouring all over her body was something that she had often thought about when she was by herself.

Allan lead the crew in counting down. Mel actually counted with them. Allan went over to the lever. He told everyone that he was dying to be the one to do this. He said that he had waited for this moment for a long time. Mel and everyone else counted down. She put three fingers up and counted three, then two and then one. Allan gave a funny look and a waive and then pulled down on the lever. Mel did not brace herself at all. She laughed and squealed as the gunge started to pour down onto her face. The first bit of gunge was bright blue, almost sparkly. It dumped straight down onto Mel’s face. In came in drips down the front of her face at first, then down the side. Then down her shoulders. It poured in criss crossing line, until a major outpouring poured down. Mel decided to look up as it poured onto her face. She rubbed her hands over her face, as if she was in the shower. The gunge changed to orange. As more poured down on her shoulders and arms. Mel was clearly loving it. She massaged her bare arms in the orange gunge. Gunge now poured onto her dress and onto her legs. The gunge now changed to bright pink. She now placed both arms in front of her and shook her head as if she was trying to hug the gunge. Mel might have been the first person in history who actually tried to move her head so that she would get gunged more rather than less. She was loving the cool, soft, engulfing feeling of the gunge as it covered her. Her dress was slathered and collapsing under the weight of the gunge.

The gunge kept changing colours and at one point was a rainbow. White, green, orange and yellow gunge simultaneously poured onto Mel. All distinct, yet all mixing together as the gunge covered her. Then glitter, foam and confetti poured onto Mel. As she looked up it fell right smack bang into her face. She threw her head forward with s gasp. The substances stuck to the gunge that already covered Mel from head to toe. She could feel the gunge rising in the tank as well. She could feel her expensive high heeled shoes get covered. She was now ankle deep in it. The tall, thin, gazelle like Mel was streaked from head to toe in rainbows of gunge. Her thin body was covered in various colours of the thick mess as it trickled down her skin. The feeling of what was happening to her did not disappoint her at all. Mel enjoyed herself wallowing in the birthday gunge.

Next was more gunge. Pink and blue fell onto Mel on various sides of the tank. It fell on her dousing her body in the two colours. Mel raised her arms in the air and let herself be immersed in the mess. Of course Allan was loving every second of this. He was almost doubled over in laughter pointing at her. She did not really care. She was all smiles, she was finding the whole thing quite enjoyable. She then bent down and took handfuls of the gunge. She plopped the gunge on her arms and legs, spreading the gunge over her own body, making herself even more messy. She then took another handful and plopped it down onto her cleavage. She felt that the slimy mess was incredibly sensual. “Enjoying yourself there, Mel,” Allan remarked. “Oh one last thing,” he said.

“I just thought maybe you would like to have your cake and eat it too,” he joked. He grabbed her birthday cake, which was a gigantic sheet cake and brought it over to the tank. He flung the door open. Mel pointed at him and smiled. Allan lifted the cake so it was almost on its side and then pushed it straight over onto Mel. The cake hit her from her head to her knees. He pushed it down onto her. The whole cake fell apart when it hit Mel’s body. The icing and the cake were everywhere. A candle stuck to Mel’s head. Her face was plastered with icing. She took handfuls of the cake and tossed them everywhere. Allan screamed and got out of her way. She laughed and laughed. She put her cake covered hands in front of her opened her mouth with the biggest smile ever. Mel sat there covered in cake and gunge. She then motioned for the microphone.

“Thank you so much for my birthday present. I loved it. That was one of the best experiences of my life. Everybody should try that at least once. It is a feeling like no other. I want to go back and do it again now. What can I say, I love gunge,” Mel shouted.

Mel made sure that lots of photos were taken and posted them all over the internet. She really had loved it on so many levels. She loved it and she really didn’t care who knew it.

Kerry Katona that’s why mums….

This story contains some nudity and adult content. Soem may find this offensive.
Also, despite what this story may indicate, I really, really like Kerry Katona. I think that she is great. So this story is nothing against her it is just a fantasy. i actually think she is great. Thanks.

Kerry Katona that’s why mums….

Kerry Katona was bankrupt. She was in serious financial trouble and did not see any way out of the situation that she was in. She had already been dropped from all of her endorsements. This had cost her a great loss in income. One of her biggest deals had been with Iceland. She had appeared in their commercials for years and was synonymous with their brand and their catch phrase, that’s why Mums go to Iceland. She enjoyed working for them until she had been unceremoniously dropped by them as a spokesperson. For all of these reasons, Kerry was very excited when Iceland contacted her again and asked if she would be interested in appearing in a brand new Iceland promotion. Then she was told what was involved. This, certainly made her think twice. It was going to involve them “trying new foods” on Kerry and possibly some nudity. She did not mind the messy aspect that much. That wasn’t such a big deal. It would mean a high level of public embarrassment though. Kerry was certainly used to that though. She seemed to embarrass herself all of time. Some of her antics had been shameful and she regretted most of them later. It was also discussed that taking part in this stunt would be a way to apologize to the public and to maybe win back some support from her former fans. A lot of people were sick of Kerry and even angry at her for her actions in the past. This would be a way to show that she was humble and was truly sorry for her behaviour. Mind you, spun the other way, it could be said that this was just another example of Kerry’s shamelessness and evidence that she really would do just about anything for publicity and to be in the spotlight. At the end of the day, the money involved was the final selling point. She needed the cash desperately and she had a family to think about. She was in the same position as most of us in the UK, she needed to bring money in to keep food on the table and a roof over her head. She was willing to humiliate herself a bit in order to do this. It was actually a very brave and selfless act that Kerry was doing. She was sacrificing her dignity a little bit, in the short term, in order to support herself and her family in the long term. Public humiliation was nothing new for Kerry. In her career, she had made tons of mistakes over and over again. This promotion was just going to add to the list.

Kerry was very nervous, to say the least. She was always very nervous before doing anything like this. She knew that there were a lot of people out there who did not like her. Maybe, today would win a few of them over. She had been on nearly every reality tv show that was on the air already. She was running out of options for her career. This promotion was going to see her be punished publicly. She wore a short black dress and had her hair cut into a blonde bob. She put on her makeup and looked at herself in the mirror. “I can’t believe I am doing this,” she said to her self. She was shaking and almost hyperventilating with nervousness. She calmed herself and headed out.

The event was going to take place in a real Iceland store in the community. It was one of the larger stores in London. Luckily for Kerry, the store had been shut down for filming of this promotion. At least there would not be an audience around to watch this. However, it was being filmed. It did help Kerry to know that people would not be watching this live. She was driven to the store and let in. She was greeted by the director as well as someone representing the company. “I am very nervous,” Kerry said. “Do I really have to do this?,” she joked. “Kerry, you agreed to this. You signed the contract and you are happy to receive the payment, so you have to comply with the conditions. There is really no way out. If you were to back out then we would have to consult the lawyers. The contract is binding and you signed it of your own free will,” the company rep told. Her. “I know that,” she said,” Do I really have to do all of it though?” “Yes, you signed the contract and agreed. Anyway, this might actually do wonders for you image half the country hates you right now,” Kerry sighed and agreed. “the theme is a bit adult though isn’t it for a promotion for a food store.” “That may be, but we are trying to appeal to a new audience. Anyway there is nudity on television and even newspapers every day here. You must know that this will not be on the television every day in its full form anyway. There will be commercials, but the dvd will be an Iceland exclusive,” the rep beamed. Kerry was bright red already.

“As you know Kerry, since we let you go, there have been other celebrities who have taken your place as our celebrity spokesperson. Today, our latest spokesperson will be the person, shall we say, who will be taking the lead in the whole thing,” the rep said. “So, one of my replacements is going to be the one trashing me?,” Kerry said. The rep nodded the affirmative. She told Kerry who it would be. It was no one that Kerry had ever heard of before. People like Colleen Nolan, Jason Donovan and Stacey Solomon had all represented the company as well, but it was none of them. This person was not on Kerry’s level of celebrity and not only had she replaced her, but now she would be the one carrying out the embarrassment on Kerry. Of course Kerry was very annoyed at all of this and quite ashamed. They were clearly sending a message to her about her career and about how far she had fallen. If they were trying to make a point and put her in her place, they were succeeding. This was really rubbing it in. The new celebrity spokeswoman was a middle aged woman who had been selected to be a new spokesperson for the company. She was a customer who had been chosen as a part of the store’s new marketing strategy. It soon became apparent the angle that the company was going for. They wanted to stress that they were a store for everyday people and now they had an everyday mother as their representative. They were going to tell everyone that they were all about the every day mother rather than the celebrity mother. This promotion in particular was going to show an average, every day mother getting her own back on a celebrity mother. The whole campaign was anti celebrity. The company was going to distance themselves from celebrities that had worked with them in the past. It was going to tell the public that it had no interest in celebrities any more. They were going to show the world that they represented every day people and not celebrities. Unfortunately for Kerry, this promotion was just the zenith of the campaign.

Kerry was introduced to the new spokesperson. “Hi I’m Kerry,” she smiled and said in a friendly tone. Kerry was a really nice person whose insecurity and inner turmoil had caused her to make mistakes, but she was kind and very friendly. She reached out her hand. The woman turned up her nose and said in a patronising voice, “Hello” “Well,” Kerry said, nervously,” It looks like you will be the one whose going to be doing all of these embarrassing things to me. It’s weird cause we don’t even know each other.” “It is funny what some people will do to keep themselves in the limelight. Some people are willing to degrade themselves just for the fame,” the woman said. It was clear now that, although Kerry was the celebrity, it was this woman who was looking down at her. Kerry instantly knew that this woman thought she was an over privileged star. She had no sympathy for Kerry and thought that she and behaved disgustingly. “Oh I see,” Kerry said softly. She knew that this woman thought that she was better than her. Normally she would have considered yelling and telling the snotty cow off, but she held it in. “I know I am famous and stuff, but I am just like you. I make mistakes and have problems just like everyone else,” Kerry said calmly. “ People don’t hate you because you are celebrity,” the woman said sanctimoniously, “They hate you because of the way that you behave. You have done nothing to be proud of. Today I get to get one back for all of the normal women out there. You representing the store, and I bet you never even cook for yourself. I am going to enjoy today,” the woman said. Kerry was speechless. “What are you talking about? I’m as common as muck me,” Kerry said. “You sure are,” the lady responded.

They were then ordered to their spots so that the shooting could begin. Kerry was nearly in tears with frustration and anger. She stood on her mark next to the woman. The cameras started rolling. The woman introduced herself. She said, “You won’t know me because I am just an average housewife and mother. I work a normal job and look after my kids. I am the new Iceland spokesperson. I always shop at Iceland. The prices are fantastic, the food is convenient and delicious. Myself and Iceland represent all of the Mums out there who work hard and love their families. We are here today to fight back against the media and celebrities. All we ever hear about these days is celebrity Mums. They have nannies and maids and chefs to help them out. Today we are going to fight back against celebrity mums and get one back for all of the working class mums out there. Next to me here, we have the one and only Kerry Katona. Miss Katona is the perfect example of the type of celebrity mum that we are talking about. Everyone knows about her behaviour and how she has acted in the past. She used to represent Iceland, but now she represents exactly what Iceland is not all about. I think that everyone would agree that Kerry here definitely deserves to be punished publicly for all of the things that she has done. To her credit, she has agreed to take part today and to submit to the punishment.”

“Everyone, I want to say that I am so sorry. I did not mean the things that I have done. Please forgive me,” Kerry said in her sexy accent. The director then told everyone to begin. “Please be gentle with me,” Kerry begged the woman. She just smirked and didn’t answer. She walked towards Kerry and ordered her to put her hands above her head. She grabbed Kerry’s dress at the underarms and yanked it down. With one swift pull, she pulled the dress completely off of Kerry’s body. She then tossed it aside towards the camera. Kerry’s mouth fell agape and her eyes widened. She tried to use her hands to cover herself. She still had on matching black underwear, however. Kerry stood in the middle of the store in broad daylight in just her bra and panties. Kerry’s body was tanned and slightly chubby. It was beautiful with it’s curves. Her breasts and backside were decidedly large. Her legs were thick and sexy. She was voluptuous. Women would call her fat, but her body was just perfect. Kerry really did represent everyday women in a lot of ways. Her body type was not stick thin, but round and curvy in all of the right areas. She looked incredible. The woman then ordered Kerry to turn around. She had no other choice but to obey. The woman unhooked Kerry’s bra and tossed that aside as well. Kerry tried to hold her breasts with her hands. The woman then took both hands and placed them on Kerry’s waist. She grabbed the waist of her panties on wither side. She then, swiftly, pulled them down to Kerry’s ankles. Kerry’s sexy, large backside was revealed in full view of the camera. She was so busy trying to cover her other body parts, that she totally forgot that her ass was in full view of the camera. She then turned around quickly, when she realized. She used one arm across her breasts to cover them and placed her other hand between her legs to try to cover her completely shaved vagina.

In a second, the woman grabbed Kerry and pushed her towards one the freezer cases. She pushed her over and forced Kerry to bend over the case of food. “Spread em,” the woman joked. Kerry was made to stretch her arms out over the case. Her naked body was pressed against the slightly cold glass cases. She was bent over the case with her backside up in the air. She was completely prostrate, spread eagle over the case. Her legs slightly apart, knees bent slightly. Her vagina was partially visible from this angle and her big bottom was completely exposed and on show. It was not the most comfortable position to be in, but it was not so uncomfortable that Kerry could not hold it. She stood there waiting for wait would happen to her next.

“Now that Kerry is bending over, it is time for a spanking,” the woman said. The woman went to the section of the store that had all of the bathroom products in it. She grabbed a bath brush and walked over behind Kerry. “Please, don’t spank me,” Kerry said. “Oh it is punishment time,” the woman said. She tapped the bath brush against her hand a few times. She ran her fingers through the long flat bristles. She gave a wry smirk. She placed her hand on the top of Kerry’s exposed backside. Kerry closed her eyes and braced herself. Kerry knew that the whole world would have found the idea of a relative unknown spanking a celebrity like her hilarious. There were loads of her fellow celebrities that would have loved the chance to do this and to put Kerry in her place. Kerry closed her eyes and waited. The woman pulled back and swung the brush. She aimed it and swung it straight into Kerry’s backside. Kerry squealed when she felt the bristles hit and bounce of her round rear end. Her backside was a huge target. The woman pulled back again and whacked her rear end a second time. “Ouch,” Kerry yelped. It did not so much hurt as much as sting. The woman then took the brush and spanked Kerry faster. She hit her bottom five or six times in quick succession. She then spanked each cheek several time individually. She then took the brush and placed it onto Kerry’s ass. She rubbed it around on her bottom, almost massaging her. She then placed the top in between Kerry’s butt cheeks. Kerry moaned at the sensation of it between her butt cheeks. The woman moved the brush back and forth. The bristles, tickling Kerry’s butt crack. She forced Kerry’s legs open wider as she rubbed her crack with the brush. She then took the brush and reached it around between Kerry’s legs. She placed the bristles directly onto Kerry’s now throbbing vagina. Kerry moaned as she felt the sensation of the soft bristles against her private parts. The woman moved the brush, back and forth, rubbing Kerry’s pussy. The feeling of the bristles against her clitoris was orgasmic. It felt itchy in and outside of her nether regions. The feeling that brush was giving Kerry was uncontrollable. She tried to bite her lip and not show that she was enjoying what was happening, but she could not control how her body was reacting to the brush. The woman continued rubbing the brush all over Kerry. Before too, long the brush was wet, dripping with the fluids that started to emerge from Kerry’s private parts. The sensation that she was feeling was pretty close to what it feel like if someone’s fingers were rubbing her. Her fluids dripped down the brush and down her legs. Her juices stuck to the bristles of the brush as the merciless woman did not stop rubbing it on Kerry’s body. Kerry could not contain the animalistic sounds of pleasure that began to pour from her lips. “Oh, fuck,” she said. Her grunts, squeals and moans of pleasure filled the studio. “Uh,,ah,oh,” Kerry screamed. “Uh, uh,uh,” She closed her eyes. “Oh fuck, I‘m going to cum” she repeated as she closed her eyes and gritted her teeth. She then let go in a moment of absolute pleasure. She exploded in orgasm, without any thought to who else was around. Her vagina exploded in climax, spasming in pleasure. Her pussy exploded in a gush of warm fluid all over the brush. The woman tossed it aside. Kerry was already covered in sweat and fluids. It was now time for the woman to show everyone some of the food Iceland had for sale.

She grabbed and enormous black forest gateau. It was brown chocolate spongy cake covered in whipped cream, cherries in cherry sauce and chocolate sprinkles. “Iceland has a wide range of frozen deserts like this lovely black forest gateau. As Kerry is about to find out,” the woman said. She displayed the cake for the camera. She then walked up to Kerry. She put her hand onto Kerry’s back. She then took the cake and slammed it straight into Kerry’s awaiting round backside. It landed with a thump. The whole thing stuck to her rear end at first. Her entire butt was covered in the creamy, cherry covered cake. Kerry could feel the cream and cherries on her butt crack. Most of the spongy bit fell away, leaving the chocolate, cream and cherries all over her ass. The sponge slither down Kerry’s butt and down the backs of her legs, before landing on the floor.

“We also have a strawberry gateau that is very similar,” the woman added. She took one of these cakes and displayed it for the camera. She quickly ran around the other side of the case. She grabbed Kerry by the hair and pulled her head up. Kerry lifted her neck. The woman slammed the gateau into Kerry’s face with full force. She took pleasure in rubbing around in Kerry’s face. The gateau was yellow cake with custard, whipped cream, and strawberries in strawberry sauce. When the woman let go of the cake, it revealed Kerry’s face and blonde bangs covered in a light pink, sloppy messy. Kerry cleared her eyes with her index fingers. Blobs of the cake fell off her face. A strawberry fell from Kerry’s mouth. Her beautiful light blonde hair looked perfectly matched to the white and pink mess that mixed onto it now.

The woman then took a raspberry cheese cake. She took her hand and lifted Kerry’s head with it again, as she had to previously. She then took the cheesecake and placed it onto the glass case, inches from Kerry’s chin. She then took both hands and pushed Kerry’s face down into the cheesecake. Kerry kicked her legs comically as the woman rubbed her face into the cheesecake below. She then let go, leaving Kerry face deep in the cheesecake. Kerry lay motionless for a minute before lifting her head, which was now plastered in cheesecake. The cheesecake was not removed from where it was though.

The woman told the camera that Iceland had many varieties of cheesecakes. She then produced a toffee cheesecake. She displayed it with her hand to the camera. She then took the cheesecake and placed it, face up between Kerry’s thighs. She then pushed it upwards, straight up into Kerry’s crotch. The woman rotated her wrist and rotated the cheesecake between Kerry’s legs. Kerry could feel the stickiness of the light brown toffee as well as the blobs of thick toffee against her private parts. The woman smeared the cheesecake onto Kerry’s crotch, before letting go. The tin stuck where it was for a minute before falling on the floor with a metallic ping. Kerry knew that Iceland had an endless supply of foods to choose from. She did not know when this would end, because they could go on all day like this if they chose to do so. Never in her wildest dreams did Kerry think that things were going to go down like this. She began to wonder what else they had in store for her.

“And we don’t just have frozen deserts. We also have refrigerated deserts, such as these lovely trifles. As you can see, these ones are fruit salad with jelly, custard, whipped cream, sponge and fruit,” the woman said. She lifted the individual cups up and showed the camera. “Don’t they look, delicious. Kerry is going to experience them first hand.” She grabbed a handful and started dumping them on Kerry. She placed one on top of Kerry’s head, one on her behind and a few on her back. She then grabbed each and emptied them onto Kerry. The combination of the soft trifle with the custard and jelly smushed onto Kerry. Bits stuck all over her and fell down her body, down her lips. Bits hung from her bottom. The woman then took a large trifle. She asked Kerry to sit up a little. Kerry complied. The woman then took the family sized trifle and thrust it straight into Kerry’s enormous breasts. She pressed the plastic bowl against Kerry’s heaving bosom. Her nipples were already swollen and erect. The bowl of trifle stuck to Kerry’s boobs. The woman ordered her to go back into position.

“Iceland isn’t just good for deserts and puddings. It is great for low prices on every day staples such as eggs and milk,” the woman said. Kerry’s eyes widened. She did not have to guess what was about to come her way. First, the woman produced a tray of fifteen eggs. She took one in her hand and threw it at Kerry. It exploded when it hit her on the backside. The woman hurled more at Kerry. All hit their target, breaking on impact and sending sticky yellow egg down Kerry’s body. The woman came closer and began breaking eggs between Kerry’s legs and on her back. She then went around the other side. Kerry was instructed to say a line. She raised her head. “ Fifteen eggs for only one pound, only At Iceland.” The woman smiled and smashed the last egg over Kerry’s head. It broke and oozed yellow and bits of shell down her hair and face. She then grabbed two large bottles of milk. She popped the lids off and threw them aside. She took one bottle in each hand. She shook each of them up a bit. She stood by Kerry and started to pour. A veritable tidal wave of milk hit Kerry, washing over her naked body. The woman doused her in the milk, showering it all over her. Kerry’s body wiggled and contorted at the coldness of the milk at flowed over her. “Oh and don’t worry,” the lady said,” This milk is all gone off and curdled anyway, so we are making good use of it. Kerry still stood there, straddling the case of food, spoiled milk dripping down her body. The milk smelled awful and she had been showered in it. The woman then grabbed the last bottle of milk. Kerry was ordered to say another line. She lifted her head. “This large bottle of milk, still only a pound,” she said. With that the woman poured the bottle of spoiled milk over Kerry’s head. The clumps fell over her hair and face. Kerry shook her head, breathed out and gave a whatever kind of look.

The lady went around and spoke into the camera again. “Iceland also has a vast array of frozen, microwavable type of meals on offer that can be made quickly and easily for the whole family. I will demonstrate just part of their selection for you all right now.” Kerry’s eyes widened. “We have a wide variety of Chinese cuisine to chose from. Such as this lovely sweet and sour chicken with egg fried rice.” She displayed the box of the food and then the plate filled with the cooked dish. She then walked over to Kerry and tipped the plate over her head. The egg filled rice and sloppy chicken in sweet and sour sauce poured over Kerry’s head and down her face. She grimaced as the odd smelling meal was poured over her in its entirety. The food slithered in its slimed all the way down over Kerry’s body. Her enormous breasts dripped sweet and sour sauce and rice. Pineapple and chicken stuck to her face and collected over the freezer case. “And if you don’t like Chinese, what about Indian? Check out this lovely chicken korma with basmati rice. Only one pound.” Again she displayed the box and then the enormous plate of the meal. The korma was a tannish yellow. “I happen to know that this is one of Kerry’s all time favourites,” the lady said. She instructed the star to raise her head. Kerry did as she was told. The woman took the plate sideways and turned it slightly. The bargain basement curry slid in its entirety off the plate and landed on Kerry’s head. The top of her head was covered in the sauce. The chicken fell down her face and then down her body. Her face was plastered in curry sauce. The plastic trifle dish finally fell to the ground. The floor of the store was a complete mess by now.

“There is also a fine selection of Italian food on offer, such as this lovely frozen cheesy spaghetti and meatball dish. I know Kerry loves this one so I will let her have a good taste.” She walked to the other side of the case gain. She pulled Kerry’s head up again and taunted her. She placed the bowl of spaghetti with mince and sauce and cheese in front of Kerry’s face. “Go on have a taste,2 she was instructed. Kerry placed her face in the dish and had a bite of the spaghetti. “How did that taste?,” the lady asked. Kerry, raised her face, already messy with spaghetti. “Delicious,” Kerry said quietly. “Then why not have the whole thing,“ she said. The lady then grabbed the bowl and pushed it into Kerry’s face. She violently twisted the spaghetti in Kerry’s face. Kerry sputtered and gagged as the woman nailed her again. “And of course there is always the old favourites like shepherd’s pie,” the lady said. She produced a pan full of shepherd’s pie. She raised it over Kerry’s backside and pushed it straight between Kerry’s enormous, sexy butt cheeks. Mashed potato, gravy, meat and onion crashed into her bottom and down the backs of her legs.

“Finally, true to our name, Iceland also sells large bags of ice for parties. “ The woman was handed a large bucket of ice water. She smiled at the camera and then threw the ice cold water at Kerry. The water hit her and she jumped. It was ice cold and filled with hundreds of ice cubes. It was more ice than water. Kerry wiggled and squirmed. The ice fell all over he body, onto her breasts, ass, vagina and legs. She shrieked at how cold it was.

“So everyone, Iceland is store for all us common mums. We deserve to win one for a change. Today we got our own back on Kerry here. A dirty and dishevelled Kerry was told to stand up beside her replacement. They then were told to say the slogan together. “That’s why, working class mums go to Iceland,” they said together, Kerry in s decidedly less enthusiastic tone.