Thursday, 30 June 2011

Amanda Holden vs. Martine McCutcheon Results

Amanda Holden vs. Martine McCutcheon Results

Mr. G. entered the set to a round of applause on another episode of Let Her Have It. Today was a special show sponsored bt Danon Activia. Danon Activia is a brand of yogurts. Today they were going to play a special role in the show. Mr. G. announced this and then introduced the two ladies who were up for the vote this week. He welcomed Amanda Holden and Martine McCutcheon to the show. They entered from opposite sides of the stage. Amanda looked amazing. She wore a dark blue dress that was cut off at one shoulder. Martine looking equally as good wearing a dark purple dress. Amanda laughed and waived to the audience as she entered. Martine gave a polite smile. “I have a feeling that we are overdressed,” Amanda joked. Mr. G. welcomed his guests to the show. “So Martine, we all know why you ladies are here. What are your thoughts on this evening?,” he asked. “I am very, very nervous. I don’t particularly want to have the whole country laughing at me. I know the loser is in for quite a gross evening as well, and I pray that it is not going to be me,” She replied. “And Amanda , how about you?,” he asked. “I am actually, not that familiar with the show. I do know that if I lose this vote I am in big trouble. Losing is just not an option I don’t think. Believe me, I do not want to lose tonight,” She joked. “Well, that is not up to you, or us for that matter,” Mr. G. said, “It is our viewers who voted and one of you will lose. There is an equally good chance that either of you could win or lose. We will find out after the break.” The ad break went ahead with an advert for Danon Activia.

The show returned from break. “Ok, everyone,” Mr. G. said,” We will not beat around the bush today. Someone is going to get it and get it good. So we will go straight to our results now. If that is ok with everyone.” The crowd cheered its approval. Martine looked really nervous. Amanda gave a nervous laugh. She bit her lip. The lights were turned down and the tension began to build in the studio. “So, here we go,” Mr. G. said,” Good luck ladies. You are going to need it. So, Amanda Holden vs. Martine McCutcheon. You have both been on the television for a long time, but you have never been on a show like this one. One of you is going to be receiving the punishment, but who will it be. Ok, everyone we are ready now. This is going to get very embarrassing for one of you very soon. Amanda Holden, Martine McCutcheon. Who will it be?” Martine stared at the floor, her hands together, almost praying. Amanda looked around in all directions. She was sweating. She closed her eyes as Mr. G. read. “ Our loser. The person who received the most votes. The person getting messy tonight is…. Amanda Holden.” Martine breathed a huge sigh of relief. The audience cheered loudly. Amanda’s eyes darted everywhere in a panic. Her eyes widened. “Oh my god,” she said. She pointed to herself, as if to say, “Me?” She bit her lip in anger and frustration. She did not want to lose this vote. She did not even know why she had agreed to this, but she could not back out now. She was going to be paying the consequences. “So, congratulations are in order for Martine. You have won and have escaped the mess. Well done.” “I’m so relieved,” she blurted out. “Sorry Amanda, but better you than me.” “And Amanda, well, you lost the vote and now you will have to pay the price.” ”Indeed, it appears that I will. Is there any way out of this,” she joked,” I can make it worth your while.” “As tempting as that sounds Amanda. I am afraid that there is no escape. But if you still want to talk after the show, you can meet me backstage.” “Well, the offer is off now, I’m going to be covered in disgusting mess in a minute,” she replied flirting with him. “Unfortunately, Amanda, you are going to get it and you are going to get it good.” “Charming,” she joked.

To start off with a huge gunge tank was revealed. Above the seat, where the mess was stored was a gigantic pot of Danon Activia. The tank looked like one gigantic yoghurt pot. “Amanda, is going to experience Danon Activia in a whole new way today,” Mr. G. explained. When Amanda realized what was going to happen, she burst out in laughter. She pointed at the tank and laughed. She was lead over to it. The plastic door was opened and she was let inside. She took her seat and the door was closed behind her. She repositioned her dress and sat in the centre of the tank. “Ok, Martine,” Mr. G. said, “Take it away.” “Well, today’s show is brought to you by Danon Activia. It is England’s number one yoghurt brand for a reason, as Amanda is about to find out. It is everyone out there who needs some TLC. Tummy loving care. That is exactly what Amanda her is going to get. TLC.” With that the song , Give me some loving, from the famous tv commercials began playing. Amanda erupted in laughter. “This is too funny,” she said. She clapped her hands. The audience clapped their hands and stomped their feet to the music. Martine danced her way over the plunger for the tank. “This tank is filled with tons of Danon Activia yoghurt and Amanda here is going to experience it in a very different way than anyone usually would. Should we give Amanda some TLC.” The crowd cheered its approval. Amanda’s eyes widened. She looked like a deer in headlights. She could not see when Martine was about to hit the plunger. She could not hear because of the music. Before Amanda could brace herself, oceans of thick light orange peach yogurt began to fall on her head. She grimaced as the gunge like yoghurt poured and poured down over her head. It covered her head and then fell down her face. She closed her eyes as her entire head was engulfed in the thick, smooth, cold, soft substance. It oozed down her shoulders and body, smearing everywhere. Her dress already saturated and dripping with mess. She took her index fingers and tried to clear some of the yoghurt from her eyes. She laughed as the tank was refilled with strawberry yoghurt. This time Amanda screamed at the top of her voice as Martine released the bright pink mess on her from above. This time it hit with force. It splattered everywhere, bouncing off the sides of the tank and in all directions. It was so heavy and hit with such force, that it nearly took Amanda’s dress with it. She had to struggle to keep it up. She wrapped one arm around her chest to try to keep it on her. She did not want the dress to come off, because she did not have anything on underneath it. She really had not chosen the right outfit to wear today. As the next waive of yoghurt hit her with all its force, she could no longer hold her grip and the weight and strength of the yoghurt pulled the dress off of her. In an instant, she realized that she was stark naked. She quickly pushed her knees together and placed her hands over her breasts and vagina, trying to salvage any modesty that she had left. Of course, the crowd was howling with laughter at what was happening to her.

When the yoghurt had stopped, Martine walked over to the tank and coerced Amanda out. She resisted that first, but then realized that she would have to come out sometime. She leaned over and tried to grab her dress. Martine was too quick and grabbed it herself. She held it in her hand, as the audience cheered. She then tossed the dress to the crowd. Amanda slowly walked from the tank. She carefully placed her hands over her private parts as she was instructed to walk over to a chair at the centre of the stage that had been set up for her. She walked slowly, leaving a trail of mess behind her. “Get a move on,” Martine said. She reached back and smacked Amanda on the backside. This made Amanda jump and involuntarily raise her arms, thus revealing to the world what she had tried to conceal. She also yelped loudly. She quickly covered up again and ran to the chair, taking her seat. She crossed her legs and covered her breasts with her hands.

Martine now approached with lots of small pots of the yoghurt in her hands for Amanda. “I don’t even like yoghurt, to tell you the truth,” Amanda said,” I won’t be buying it again any time soon, I can tell you that,” she joked. “You would think that it smells good, but it doesn’t. It smells like curdled milk.” She turned up her nose and laughed. Martine began taking the little pots of yogurt and tipping them onto Amanda, as Amanda laughed and made face. The first few were blueberry yogurt. Martine took her hands and opened three cartons at once onto Amanda. Thick, dark purple mess poured down on her, matting her face in yoghurt. Amanda had tons of fake tan on anyway, but at this moment, she never looked more red in her life. Martine then grabbed some pots of prune yoghurt. “This will keep you regular, ” she said. She laughed and began to pour the cups of yoghurt brimming with prunes over Amanda. “Prunes! This can’t be happening!,” she laughed. Martine poured one straight down her nose and the front of her face. She poured another down her neck and shoulders and another across her mouth. It felt like suntan lotion on her, but much smellier and more gross. She wrapped her arms around her body as Martine emptied more yoghurt over her.

When Martine was done she said,” As you can see, Danon Activia is intensely creamy and delicious. Give yourself some TLC. We gave Amanda here a heaping dose of TLC. She couldn’t have enjoyed it more.” Amanda was ringing yoghurt from her hair. She rolled her eyes. “I’m on tv. I’m naked and I’m covered in yoghurt. Yes things are just marvellous for me today. I love yoghurt, especially when it is smeared all over my naked body. It’s just great.” “Do you want to say hi to your friends at Britain’s got talent?,” Martine asked. “Shut up,” Amanda said,” They will be loving every minute of this once they see it.”

Mr. G. thanked Amanda and said goodbye. The show ended with a shot of a filthy Amanda trying to make her way backstage without revealing any of her modesty and trying not to slip over in the yogurt.

Sunday, 26 June 2011

Emma Rigby makes good use of leftovers

Emma Rigby makes good use of leftovers

Emma Rigby had spent years playing Hannah Ashworth on Hollyoaks. One of the major storylines that she was involved in revolved around her character having an eating disorder. She played this part admirably and won critical acclaim for her acting. She had done a great deal of charity work for the cause. When she was contacted to take part in a fundraiser to help real life sufferers of eating disorders, she agreed straight away. One of the themes of the evening was to not waste food. One of the main attractions of the evening was going to be the use of quite a large amount of already spoiled food. The organisers were going to show everyone a good use of leftover and spoilt food. Usually, it would just go in the garbage, but tonight it was going to go on Emma Rigby. Although, initially, Emma wasn’t exactly thrilled about the prospect about getting covered in slop, she could not back out, as it was for charity. She hoped that not too many people would see or hear about this, but it was for charity and she knew that this night would raise thousands of pounds to help the cause. At the end of the day, she was willing to go through some humiliation to help others. To advertise the event, Emma took part in a short commercial. In the commercial, Emma uttered the immortal words,” Dinner will be on me. Literally.” She didn’t really know what to expect from the evening other than the fact that it was going to involve a great deal of spoiled, gone off and rotten food being poured over her head. “What am I getting myself into,” Emma thought to herself.

Emma decided to wear a pair of tight fitting, dark blue jeans, a light purple top and a beige fake leather jacket. She looked amazing, as usual. Her tight clothing, hugging her body and showing off her figure. The event was going to be taking place in a small outdoor arena that was set up with a small staging area and chairs for the audience. Emma of course was going to be the guest of honour. She went to the site and met up with the organisers backstage. “We are so grateful to you Emma for taking part. Having a real celebrity here is a big deal for us.” “My pleasure,” Emma replied. “You are also a very good sport for allowing yourself to get covered in all of that leftover food,” the woman said. Emma blushed,” Well, what can I say, it’s for a good cause. It might be fun. I’m sure it won’t be that bad. I‘m just going to have hundreds of people laughing at me while I get tons of rotten food poured over my head,” she laughed. “I won’t kid you, it is going to be super sloppy for you.” She smiled politely. As the afternoon wore on Emma became more and nervous. She could feel herself sweating and becoming anxious. She became hotter and hotter and paced back stage.

The moment then arrived. The woman who organized the event got up on the microphone. “Hi everyone, as we all know, we have a special guest tonight. This young lady has done so much good work for our cause. Her work on Hollyoaks has helped to shed light on the subject and has given hundreds the courage to seek help themselves. To top all that off, she has unselfishly agreed tonight to take part in our event and will be getting messy for us. Please welcome Hollyoaks’ Hannah, Emma Rigby.” The crowd gave her a thunderous round of applause as she entered. She smiled and waived. “Welcome, Emma,” the woman said. “Thanks for having me. It is my pleasure to be here tonight for such a worthy cause.” “And, you will be getting covered in slop very soon as well,” the woman said. “Yeah, well, it is a small gesture and if one moment of embarrassment for me means helping others, then I am willing to do it. Is it really going to be that sloppy,” Emma teased. The crowd screamed yeah. She started laughing. “Ok,” the woman said,” The idea behind what is going to happen is that, we throw away loads of food every day. Food goes to waste and has to be thrown out. However, today we will be using some food that has spoiled and would have ended up in the dump, but we are going to put it to good use. Pouring it over Emma’s head here.” “That’s the lesson, don’t waste food, pour it over my head,” Emma joked, “It looks like dinner is on me this evening.” Emma was shown to her seat. “Make yourself comfortable,” the woman said. Emma sat down while the food was prepared. Selected members of the public, many of which were individuals who had been helped by the charity lined up to get the chance to pour food onto Emma. She gave a cautious smile as she watched them line up. People had come out especially to gunge her. They had paid £5 a each to get the right to do this to her. All of the money would be going to the charity. All of the food had been donated by grocery stores and restaurants. It was all food that was past it’s sell by date and was going to be thrown out anyway. Of course, this was going to make the food in question even more disgusting than it would usually be.

Emma screwed up her face as if she was about to get hit with something, as she awaited what was about to happen to her. She looked over and laughed. She gave a fake disgusted look. Each person in the line was given a bucket or container. She had no idea what was about to come at her. She braced her self and tried to calm herself as the first person came forward. She craned her neck to see what they had to no avail, so just decided to look forward. The first person who stepped forward was a thin young woman, about Emma’s age. She had worked her way to the front of the line because she wanted to be the first to let Emma have it. She stepped forward. “OK,” the presenter said,” It is now time for what we have all been waiting for, Emma Rigby, Hannah from Hollyoaks, you are about to be served. Ok, let her have it.” The girl approached Emma with a baking tray. Emma made a funny face and begged her off laughing and saying, no, please. The girl smirked as she approached. She picked the tray up in front of Emma and then thrust it towards her. The tray contained inches deep eggplant parmesan. The girl thrust the tray at Emma. The contents spilled onto her face and body. Thick chunks of black and purple eggplant, swimming in sauce and cheese. The contents were thick and gloppy. They poured straight onto Emma’s face. She blushed and laughed as the girl withdrew. Lumps of the collected mess stuck to her forehead, hair and face. Lumps stuck to her body in the disgusting sauce that encased the eggplant. Emma moved her mouth around, making a disgusted face. She could not believe that a stranger had just dumped eggplant parmesan over her head. She tried to brush some of it off of her jacket and laughed. Of course, when the eggplant hit Emma, the gathered audience erupted in laughter. She blushed bright red.

The next person in the line was a young man, about Emma’s age. He had always fancied Emma and had dreamt of getting the chance to do something like this to her. He was going to get the chance to live out the dream of many young men in the UK. He now held a bucket of rancid cole slaw in his hands and was standing behind the beautiful Emma Rigby. As she looked up, he started to pour. The layers of spoiled cole slaw hit Emma square in the face. It plopped over her nose, eyes and mouth, all over her gorgeous distinctive cheekbones and face. The smell alone caused her to jerk her head forward, sending some of the cole slaw flying. He continued to pour the spoiled creamy, cabbage filled slop over her head. He took his time pouring the cole slaw all over her body. It piled on her head. He poured some over her lap and thighs. Her face dripped in the rancid white slop. It was cold and stunk to high heaven. It soaked into her jeans and jacket. She felt ridiculous, the beautiful tv star sitting there dripping in spoiled cole slaw. She shuddered and wiggled about, moving her mouth around jokingly. She shook her head. The lad celebrated and laughed at her.

The next person to come forward was a middle aged woman. Emma looked at her cross eyed. She could not believe that someone in their 40’s would be wanting to pour slop over someone in their 20’s like her. She thought to herself that she must be jealous. Then she thought, “Hey, if I was her, I would want to dump food on an actress like me. She is old enough to be my mother.” The slightly heavy woman brought her bucket forward. She teased Emma with it,” I am going to love doing this to you dear. You’ll love it, fruit salad, sweetie.” Emma pulled her nose back giving a disgusted look as if to say, ”Not me.” The woman lifted the bucket over Emma and started to pour the expired fruit salad in it’s syrup down onto Emma’s head. The liquid came out first. Emma jumped when it hit her neck, because it was so cold. Then bits of peach, pear, pineapple, grapes and cherries poured down over Emma. It was like a shower of fruit. Each individual bit of rotten fruit hit Emma and stuck to her. She ran down her body and onto the floor. Her shirt and jeans soaked in the sticky syrup. Cherries, grapes and other fruits stuck to her face and clothes.

The next person to come through was a businessman looking man in a suit. He held in his hand a huge bucket that contained expired peach yoghurt. It would have looked delicious, if it had not been about two weeks past its sell by date. The bucket was heavy with soft orange yoghurt. He raised the bucket over Emma Rigby. She closed her eyes and braced herself as the yoghurt started to pour. She shrieked and squealed when it hit her. He poured it down the centre of her face. It covered her hair and fell down her nose and down her distinctive facial features. Emma sucked in her cheeks as she was gunged in the soft peach mess. He then moved the bucket down her body. He poured yoghurt up and down her jeans, over her chest, down her back and the back of her jeans. The peach yoghurt streaked and oozed on her clothes. She wiggled her nose around and sneezed as yogurt dripped from her hair and forehead. She just glared at him. He had really managed to get her good. She could not imagine what else they could possibly have in store for her next.

The next person to come forward was an old man. He smirked as he came forward. Again, Emma could not believe that someone his age was going to be pouring messy food on her. How embarrassing. Things became even more embarrassing when he revealed what was in the buckets that he was carrying. It was filled with rotten fish guts. Of course, he was going to have no issue with pouring rotten fish over the attractive young woman who sat before him. “Fish guts,” Emma exclaimed, “Couldn’t you have picked something nice to pour over me. I don’t even really like fish all that much at the best of times.” She laughed. The old man perked up his eyebrows as he approached her. He carefully lifted the heavy bucket. It topped a bit as he raised it. This sent the brine water that the fish was in down Emma’s back. The smell was revolting. It filled the whole room. She screwed her face up, giving a pained expresses ion as he began to pour. In a second the contents of the buckets started to slide out and onto her. Her head rushed forward and she gagged when the fish hit her on the head. It poured down her face. It appeared that the fish was encased in some sort of mayo or sauce. Bits of spoiled fish slithered down her face and body. She gagged and coughed. Bits of fish collected in her shirt, under her arms and in her lap. In a second she had bits of rotten fish stuck all over her body. She turned her nose up at the stink of the rotten fish. Bits of fish stuck all over her face. A large clump stuck to the tip of her nose for a second and then fell to the floor.

The last person in the line now came forward. It was another young man, about 18 in age. He held in his hands a gigantic squeeze bottle of tartar sauce. Emma held her breath and closed her eyes as he approached. He held to bottle straight on the top of Emma’s head. He started to squeeze. The tartar sauce poured in a thick line down the middle of her head. He brought it back and then forward, squeezing some down the length of her nose. Some fell from her nose, dripping downwards. The bottle gave him complete control over the tartar sauce. He could direct it exactly where he wanted it to go. He squeezed some over the sides of her face and across her chin, over he cheeks. He then squeezed some over her jacket on each side and on her back. He then poured some on her ankles and up her calves. He then directed some over her lap. He moved the bottle back and forth creating a huge pile of tartar sauce on her legs and jeans. She just shook her head in disbelief. Emma was now completely covered in discarded food. There was left over food stuck all over her body.

Just when she thought it was all over, the woman organizer of the event came forward. She announced that for a finale, everyone who did not get the chance to pour mess on Emma would be given a special “pie”. Everyone would get a chance to throw their pies at her at once. Emma would just have to sit there while the rest of the crowd threw a barrage of pies at her. The pies were special because they were filled with leftovers. Some had spaghetti in them covered in cream. Some had shepherd’s pie. Others had custard but also had bits meat in them. Still others had Chinese food, but were covered in whipped cream on the top. Emma looked up to find about two dozen people standing about three yards from her holding the special pies in their hands. Behind them were others holding rotten fruit and vegetables. “Ok, everyone, we will count down. On the count of three let her have it.” Emma waived her hands and bent her knees begging . The woman counted down,” Three…two…one.” She closed her eyes. In a second the pies and produce came hurling at Emma from all directions, hitting her all over her body and exploding on impact. Spaghetti, custard, whipped, cream, meat and mashed potato among other substances hit her with a thud, covering her in a barrage of various left over food. Rotten tomatoes, lettuce and other fruits and vegetables were also hurled at her. She could only laugh and move her hands and body around to try to shield herself as best as she could. When it was all over, her clothes and body were covered an inch deep in food. She wiggled in her seat and laughed uncontrollably.

The organizer came to her and asked her for anything she would like to say. “Well, I don’t think that could have been any messier. Thanks to everyone for coming. I don’t know what to say.” She moved her hands along her arms and legs, trying to scrape some of the collected mess from her clothes. She giggled and laughed as she wallowed in the mess. “ I suppose that it is a good way to get rid of unwanted leftovers. I hope everyone had fun.”

Friday, 24 June 2011

Libby Kennedy vs. Steph Scully the Results

Libby Kennedy vs. Steph Scully the Results

The long awaited day had finally arrived in Ramsey Street. Two of its most famous residents had challenged each other to a competition that was going to result in one of them being covered in messy slop in front of the entire street. All of their friends and family would be present. It was going to be very embarrassing for one of them. It would be a day that they were never going to hear the end of. Truth be known, the only reason that either was willing to consent to taking part in this was the desire to see their best mate covered in mess. Steph and Libby had been best friends for many years and had their share of ups and downs. Today was going to be all or nothing.

It was a Saturday afternoon. Like any other, but there was tension in the air. Everyone knew that at five o’clock the results of the vote would be coming in and someone was going to be in for the most embarrassing moment of their lives. As a special treat it was arranged that Steph and Libby’s mothers would be reading out the results that would see one of their daughters covered in mess for all to see. It was something neither of them wanted to miss out on.

In the middle of the street in one their front yards, everything was all set up. In a semi circle were several dozen chairs set up. In front of them was a chair with several buckets at one side. On the chair was a pair of handcuffs. The crowd gathered early, as everyone wanted a front row seat for the afternoon’s facilities. It was also planned that there was going to be a party afterwards that would last into the evening.

Eventually everyone gathered round. Steph and Libby waited in their houses nervously. They could hear the buzz of the crowd outside, just waiting to see one of them humiliated. They both were now nervous and sweating. They listened as their mothers came out and bowed for the crowd. “Today, is a very special day for our little town,” Lynn Scully said. “As you all know, one of our daughters will be getting covered in mess for all of our viewing pleasure,” Susan Kennedy said. “We know that you are all dying to see this and so are we. Should we bring them out?” The crowd cheered their approval. “May we introduce Stephanie Scully and Libby Kennedy.” the crowd cheered as the ladies entered. Libby was wearing a red, slightly frilly armless top and a black skirt. Steph was wearing an army green tank top and a pair of camouflage army shorts. They smiled and waived as they walked out to join their mothers at centre stage. The crowd cheered and laughed.

“So,” Susan said,” In a few short moments we will read our results and someone is going to get it good. First lets have a word with our lovely daughters. Libby how are you feelings?,” she asked. “ Not great,” she said sarcastically,” I just really, really hope that it is not me that ends up in the mess. I think Steph should be the one who gets it, because she is dying to do it to me. She wants to get me so much. She would just love it.” The mic was then passed to Steph. “You got that right. Pouring disgusting mess all over Libby would definitely be a moment to remember. I would relish every second of it. Plus it would be pretty embarrassing if it happened to me. I would rather give than receive in this case.”

“So, Libby, Steph. Their fate lies in your hands. There is nothing they can do about it now because we have our results,” Lynn said. “Here we go, silence please.” Libby scrunched up her face and crossed her fingers. Steph bit her lip and moved her lips in and out looking up at the sky. “The person with the most votes, and twice as many votes as the runner up is….Libby Kennedy.” Lynn and Susan laughed and pointed at Libby. Steph shouted,” Yes, yes, yes, in your face.” Libby’s eyes widened and her mouth fell into a shocked expression. She put her hand to her mouth and then her chest. She blushed and sweated. The crowd chanted Gunge her, gunge her. “Please, Steph no. I’m begging you don’t do this. Please, I’ll do anything.” “Sorry Libby, I am going to love this. It is going to be so good. I’ve wanted to do this for a long time.”

Libby laughed and was taken by the hand to the chair. She sat down and crossed her legs, hugging her arms. Steph grabbed the handcuffs and held them in front of Libby and the audience. She wiggled them about. She leaned over in Libby’s face, teasing her, sticking her tongue out. She took Libby’s wrist and quickly slipped the handcuffs on. She pulled her hand behind her back and cuffed the other hand, cuffing Libby to the chair. “There is no escape. Mwah ha ha,” Libby said with an evil laugh. Libby tried to kick her feet in protest. “My students are going to love this I can tell you. Their teacher helpless and embarrassed.”

Libby grimaced and begged as Steph grabbed the first item that she was going to use. Steph grabbed a bottle of ketchup in one hand and a bottle of mustard in the other. Libby begged and laughed as Steph approached. She closed her eyes as Steph brought the ketchup bottle forward and sprayed the ketchup right in Libby’s face. She closed her eyes as ketchup was sprayed down her, cheeks nose and mouth. She spit a bit out as Steph took the other hands and sprayed mustard on the other side of Libby’s face, sending bright yellow mustard on her bangs, forehead and down her face. She lowed the bottles down and criss crossed them, pouring mess onto Libby’s neck and top. The handcuffs clanked on the chair as Libby struggled. Steph saturated Libby’s shirt in condiments. She lowered the bottles spraing more onto Libby’s skirt and then all over her bare thighs and knees. Globs of mustard and ketchup poured and dotted on Libby’s pale skin as Steph showered her friend’s legs in mustard and ketchup They mixed together making an orangish mess all over Libby. She was already completely covered and she knew this was only the beginning of what Steph had in store for her.

Steph now grabbed a bucket of leftover apple sauce. It was thick, slimy and crunchy. She held the bucket over Libby. Libby screamed as Steph quickly turned the bucket over on her, showering her in the disgusting substance. It oozed over her head and face, slopping her hair and sticking to her clothes. The slightly viscous substance of the apple sauce slithered down Libby’s bare arms and cleavage. It coated over the mess that already covered Libby. Libby spit out large chunks of apple which fell to her lap. She opened her legs and let the applesauce fall down her and down onto the floor. More plopped onto her skirt and legs. She shivered and grimaced as she felt the cold sloppy mess down her back and inside her top. Steph took her hand now and grabbed the thick bits of applesauce that had collected at the bottom of the bucket. She took her hand and pushed it in Libby’s face rubbing it round and round. The rest took in her hands pushed it into Libby’s chest, rubbing it round and round , smearing it onto her top and breasts then on her skirt and legs. Libby squealed and banged her handcuffed wrists as Steph rubbed the mess all over her body, helpless to retaliate in any way.

The last bucket she had was filled with macaroni and cheese. It was both slimy and thick. Steph took the bucket over to Libby and held it above her again. Libby closed her eyes and scrunched up her nose as she awaited what was about to happen to her. In a second, Steph tipped the bucket. Blobs of the macaroni encased in disgusting white cheese sauce hit Libby on the top of her head and fell onto her face. One bit of the spiral macaroni stuck to Libby’s nostril for a second. Some clung to her hair. The site of the macaroni and cheese falling all over Libby’s face was a moment to remember for sure. More fell into her lap and onto her legs. Some fell and collected in her skirt. She moved her knees together causes some to squeeze out between her thighs and up her skirt. Bits of the pasta and cheese stuck all over Libby’s body. Steph teased her as she emptied the last of it onto Libby’s face and breasts. Steph then placed the bucket at her side and stood back to admire her work. There sat her best friend Libby covered in mess and Steph relished it. Libby’s mother loved it as well.

“That was so much fun,” Steph said. “ It was everything I hoped for and more. We should do this every week.” meanwhile Lynn went to Libby with the microphone and asked,” Libby, how was that for you.” Libby smiled and laughed.” I am filthy. That was so embarrassing. What can I say. Steph totally owned me. My students definitely are going to love this. I will be hearing about this on Monday. Can you let me out of these handcuffs though.” “Actually, Libby, we have another surprise for you. As you know, we are now having a party. We thought it would be fun for everyone if you stayed handcuffed for the party. We also have some nice pies. We thought it would be fun to just let everyone pie you throughout the evening.” ”That’s not fair,” Libby said,” I am covered in mess already. Let me go.” It was no use however. Libby was stuck handcuffed to the chair. She would have to sit there for the next two hours while anyone who wanted to pelted her with pies. Her mother and students took great advantage of this throughout the evening. At the end of the night she was uncuffed and allowed to clean herself off in the garden with her mother’s hose. Steph, of course teased her the whole time. She was right about people not letting her forget it. That Monday Steph had hundreds of copies of the pictures she had taken of Libby made and handed them out to everyone she knew. When she went to work on Monday, Libby found her classroom littered with pictures of her covered in disgusting mess.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Previous losers Results

Battle of Previous losers the Results

Mr. G. opened up a new episode of Let Her Have It. “Tonight,” he said, “ Is a very special night indeed. Tonight we have a group of celebrities who have been up for the messy vote before, but managed to get away clean. Several of them will not so lucky this time. Quite frankly, they escaped clean and they are all people who lots of us would love to see covered in mess. So, we couldn’t let them escape. To be fair some will end up dirty and some will luck out again, but who will be the unlucky ones? Six celebrities were put up to the vote. Let’s welcome them to the studio. Today we have Kim Medcalf, Alexandra Burke, Miquita Oliver, Julia Roberts, Julia Bradbury and Alicia Silverstone.” The six celebrities entered the studio and stood in a line facing the audience. Kim was wearing a pink, sleeveless top and a black skirt. Alexandra was wearing a silver, shimmery rhine stone covered dress. Miquita wore a white lacy top and black hotpants. Julia Roberts wore a brown pair of trousers and a light blue button down top. Julia Bradbury wore a blue button down top and a black skirt. Alicia wore a black sleeveless dress. None of them knowing what the results would be. They were in a awkward situation because none of them knew each other at all, yet they were all hoping that the person next to them would be getting covered in disgusting mess, if only to avoid it happening to them.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” The results today will be read in a different sort of way then they normally are. After all, the votes usually result in just one person or group getting the mess. This time there will be multiple messings. It will be very interesting to say the least. This time, what we will do first is announce the person with the fewest votes first. Is everyone ready? Ok, the person with the fewest votes….the person who is safe and will escape clean for a second time is….Julia Roberts!?” Julia smiled widely and looked relieved. “I don’t know weather I should take this as a compliment or an insult,” she joked,” No one wants to seem to want to see me get messy. Actually, I’ll just shut up and count my blessings on this one. Sorry ladies.” Julia waived, thanked the audience and walked off camera to the side of the stage. “ I think I’ll get out of here before you all change your minds,” she joked.

“So, Julia Roberts escaped. That result may be surprising, but so are the rest of the results. I think everyone is in for a shock or two tonight. Obviously more than one of you will be getting sloppy, but I want to go down the line and ask the ladies who they think is the most likely to get the mess, quickly.”

“Kim, who do you think?” “Hard to say, I’d say Alicia.” “Alexandra?” “I think me probably, unfortunately.” “Miquita?” “Probably Alexandra.” “Julia?” “I would have thought the other Julia actually, so that shows how much I know. Alicia I would say.” “and Alicia?” “I thought it would be me last time, I reckon it will be me this time. I don’t like the odds either.”

“Ok then,” Mr. G. said,” Are we ready for our first victim?” The crowd cheered its approval. The girls all shouted no, no and waived their hands. Then they laughed. Miquita and Alexandra were talking amongst themselves as they waited for the results. “Ok,” Mr. G. started,” The person with the most votes, and she had a decent amount more than the others actually, is….Alicia Silverstone!” Everyone turned to Alicia. Her mouth wide open. She smiled and was making a sarcastic face. The corner of her mouth crinkled. “How do you feel Alicia?, “ Mr. G. asked. “I kind of thought this would happen. Now I am going to have to face the mess. I guess it was inevitable. At least I was number one in the voting. I guess I can take that as a compliment. This is going to be so embarrassing I am sure. It might be sort of enjoyable in a weird way. I hope everyone enjoys my humiliation.” Alicia laughed and walked over to the hot seat set up in the middle of the stage. She sat her behind on the chair and rearranged her skirt. She crossed her legs. She leaned back, swirling her hair around. She tried to look around to see what the mess would be that was awaiting her.

“Now,” Mr. G. said,” We have to decide who will get to do the honours. As Julia had the fewest votes, I think it is only fair that she be given the reward of getting to pour the mess all over Alicia Silverstone.” Julia walked onto the stage and waived to the audience as she entered. Julia had already messed Claire Danes up and now she was going to get to do the same to Alicia Silverstone. She went and stood by the buckets. “Ok,”, Mr. G. said,” How it will work is that each of our losers will get covered with two of the items of from the mess cart. Julia will get to pick two to pour on Alicia.” “Julia Roberts,” Mr. G. said,” When you are ready let her have it.”

Alicia smiled and laughed nervously. Julia grabbed the first item and headed over to Alicia. Alicia smiled and grimaced as she craned her neck to see what was awaiting her. “Hey, Alicia, say chowder,” Julia said. “Oh god,” Alicia said. Alicia shook her head looking around in disbelief. In a second she closed her eyes, squinched up her nose and gritted her teeth. Julia Roberts began pouring a bucket of creamy, chunky white New England clam chowder over Alicia’s head. She grimaced as she felt the cold soup hit her on the face. Streams of the chowder slowly dripped down Alicia’s face. It smelled like rancid fish. It fell down her nose, leaving trails of clam and potato down her nose. More fell onto her hair and cheeks. She arched her shoulders as the creamy chowder poured onto her mouth and eyes. It poured down her shoulders and body, soaking her dress. Soup enveloped her crotch and thighs and trickled down her calves onto her black socks. Alicia licked her lips and closed her eyes. She sort of liked the cold wet feeling of the chowder all over her body, soaking her hair. Her hair now films with clams and vegetables. When the chowder stopped, she raised her head, smiled and said,” That was interesting.”

Julia now picked up a second bucket. This bucket contained thick, sloppy, brown gravy. “This is going to be a blast,” Julia said. Julia walked over to Alicia. This time Alicia closed her eyes and smiled. Julia tipped the bucket of gravy over Alicia’s head. The gravy poured down onto Alicia’s face down onto her teeth and mouth. She closed it as the gravy poured over her hair, dripping down her forehead and then her nose. Julia laughed as the gravy flowed over Alicia. The brown thickly covering her already messy body. She lifted the bucket and slowly poured more gravy onto Alicia’s bare legs, over the surface of her thighs, then her knees, then all over her calves and socks. The brown gravy looked amazing on Alicia’s sexy white bare legs. She stomped her feet as more gravy poured on her legs. She could feel it up her skirt, on her bottom and her underwear. Alicia put her hands on her knees. Julia poured more gravy onto Alicia’s back, it trickled down her back and collected beneath her bottom. She stretched her legs out and shook her bottom on the seat causing gravy and chowder to ooze out from underneath her onto the floor. Alicia wiped her eyes when it was finished and gave a sarcastic smile to the camera, gravy dripping down her face and teeth. Alicia sat on her stool covered from head to toe in slop. She pointed at the other women, who were lined up and said,” Don’t laugh, some of you will be joining me soon.”

“Now Alicia,” Mr. G. said,” I know that we said there would be two messes for each loser, but as you had the most votes out of everyone, you will be getting a special punishment. Bring out the dumpster. Alicia, you are going to have to spend the rest of the show sitting it the dumpster while Julia pours garbage on you.” “The perfect end to a perfect evening,” Alicia said sarcastically. Alicia walked over to the dumpster, lifted one leg and put it in. Her foot sunk into some of the garbage already in the dumpster. She pulled her other leg in and sat on the pile of garbage. Julia was then handed a trash bin. She lifted it and dumped it onto Alicia. Rancid rotting garbage fell onto Alicia, sticking to the slimy mess that was already all over her. Bits of leftover food and other garbage stuck all over her body. A banana peel stuck to her head. She peeled it off and smiled and waived. “I’ve been trashed,” she said.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” Who is going to be next to get the mess? I think that we should move right along don’t you? Ok everyone, here we go. The lady who got the second most votes. A surprise I think. The person is…. Kim Medcalf.” Kim’s eyes widened like saucers. “I want a recount,” she said,” I am shocked. I thought I would escape, second most votes?” She blushed and looked at the ground. She puffed up her cheeks and put her hands behind her head. She was red and sweating profusely. She was lead over to the hot seat, taking the walk of shame. She took her seat and crossed her legs. She looked over at Alicia, covered in garbage and sighed.

“Oh by the way, Kim,” We have a special guest. This special guest is going to get to do the honours. They have always wanted to do this to you, I’m sure. Please welcome to the stage, the one and only Barbara Windsor. Barbara played Peggy Mitchell, Kim’s tv mum on Eastenders.” Barbara entered the studio. She waived and smiled to huge applause. Kim’s eyes dropped to her feet. “Barbara, how do you feel about the prospect of covering Kim in mess?” “Over the moon, sorry darling, but this is going to be tremendous. Kim covered in mess. What could be better? I have always wanted to do this. I am going to love it. Sorry, Kim.” Kim’s mind raced, the woman who had played her mother was going to be pouring slop all over her. “You look a little sweaty love,” Barbara said. She looked at the trolley and picked out the first item that she was going to use on her former tv daughter.

Barbara picked up a tub of chocolate icecream. She started taking scoops. Kim looked at her and frowned. Barbara raised Kim’s right arm. “Time to cool down love,” she said. She took the first scoop of icecream and placed it in Kim’s arm pit. Kim moaned and squealed at how cold it was. Barbara lowered her arm, smushing the icecream around in Kim’s arm pit. It started to melt and run down her. Barbara then raised Kim’s left arm and placed a second scoop under it. This time she lowered Kim’s arm harder, causing the the icecream too squirt out a little. It still stuck to Kim’s arm pit. Barbara took the next scoop and placed it on Kim’s head. She took her hand and squashed it down so it would stick to Kim’s head. She took a second scoop and did the same. The icecream immediately started melting from the warmth of Kim’s tanned hot skin. It started dripping thick brown lines of icecream down Kim’s forehead. It flowed down her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. Bits fell down her eye. She blinked as it melted down her face. Barbara now took three more scoops and place them into Kim’s lap. Kim took her hands and smushed the icecream around on her skirt and on her thighs as it melted everywhere. Kim took her finger in the icecream. She lifted a blob and then ate some. She had to admit it was delicious. Barbara then took another scoop of icecream and dropped it straight down between Kim’s breasts. Kim screamed as the cold ice-cream hit her breasts. Barbara took her hands and squeezed Kim’s breasts, causing the icecream to smush around on her breasts. Barbara then took her hand and scooped out the remaining icecream. She took her hand and rubbed it round and round in Kim’s face. Kim screamed again. When Barbara lifted her hand she revealed Kim’s face smeared with chocolate icecream. Kim took her fingers and tried to remove what she could.

Barbara now grabbed the second item for Kim. The bucket that Barbara chose was filled with creamed corn. Kim looked to see what it was. In her wildest dreams she would have never imagined that it would be creamed corn. Kim looked back and then looked forward. She held her breath, puffing her cheeks out and closed her eyes tightly. Barbara made hand motions to the crowd. She then tipped the bucket onto Kim. The thick yellow gooey corn slowly poured onto Kim’s head, covering her ponytail and falling on her face in stringy lines of yellow slop. Kim made a disgusted face as the creamed corn slowly enveloped her head. The yellow slop oozed down her soft tan skin. It fell onto her top and down her cleavage, filling her shirt. It fell onto her skirt and legs, dripping everywhere. She stretched her legs out causing the corn to drip and drop down her body. Bits of her were left uncovered while other bits were totally trashed. The corn stopped. Kim licked her lips and shook her head, making a sarcastic look. Barbara stood back and admired her work, pointing and laughing. She loved what she was seeing. “Unbelievable,” Kim said, “ It looks like someone… well I can’t say what it looks like someone did all over me. Can I have a shower please. I need to get out of these clothes.” “Not yet, Kim,” Mr. G. said, “ You have to wait until the end of the show.” Kim walked over, dripping creamed corn everywhere, and stood next to the dumpster that Alicia sat in.

“Now,” Mr. G. said,” Moving along, our next result. At the start there was only going to be three people getting messy, but the result is a three way tie for third place.” “Does that mean we all get to escape the mess?,” Julia asked. “Actually, it means the opposite. All three of you are going to get messy,” Mr. G. said. The crowd erupted in cheers. Miquita looked dejected. Alexandra’s mouth fell open in shock and Julia gave a sarcastic smile. “Alexandra, you’re up first so come and take the walk of shame please,” Mr. G. said. Alexandra pointed at herself and made a surprised look, mouthing, “Me!?”

Alexandra carefully walked over to her seat. She was all wobbly and trying not to slip over as she was wearing heals and the ground was already covered in mess from Kim and Alicia’s messing. “Alexandra, you really took pleasure in messing Duffy up last time. What do you have to say now?,” Mr. G. asked. Alexandra smiled, “Bring it on. I’m going to get nailed anyway, I might as well embrace it. If what happened to the other girls is anything to go by, it is going to get pretty dirty.” “We have a surprise for you tonight Alexandra,” Mr. G. said , ”The folks we have brought on the show today are your fellow X Factor competitors JLS.” JLS entered the studio waiving and smiling. The girls in the audience cheered. Alexandra clapped her hands and laughed, putting her hands over her mouth. Mr. G. asked the JLS boys if they had any qualms in messing up Alexandra. “Absolutely not,” Marvin said,” We competed against Alex and we have always wondered what she would look like covered in slop, as you do. I think most people would jump at a chance to gunge Alex. She’s a nice girl, she has a nice body, but she would look much better dripping with slop I think. We think that we are just the guys to give Alex her just desserts.” Alex laughed nervously. She knew that there was no escape.

JLS went to the trolley. Each grabbed a pie. “Pie time Alex,” one said. The crowd chanted ,“pie,pie,pie.” Alex lifted her leg and blushed. She begged them not to do it. The first one took the pie and approached Alex. He twisted it around in his hand. “Here it comes, Alex,” he said. He came right in front of her, but to the side a bit so everyone could get a clear view. She held her hands up waiving them, saying no. Alexandra screamed as he reached back and thrust the creamy pie into her face. He rubbed it around in her face as she shut her eyes as she felt it against her face. He dropped let go, leaving the tin stuck to her face. Alex pulled the tin from her face. She laughed and dropped the tin on the floor. Her face was splattered in soft whipped cream. Blobs stuck everywhere. A large blob was on the tip of her nose. She took her index finger and picked up the blob. She stuck her finger in her mouth and licked the cream off. “Pretty good,” she said. The white whipped cream from the pie all over Alex’s beautiful black skin looked amazing. The next member of JLS took his pie and thrust it into Alex’s knees. He smeared the pie up her thighs and down her calves, leaving white cream streaking all over her bare legs. Alex opened her legs a bit and the pie went between her thighs where he left it. He pushed her legs together, squashing the pie and sending it up her skirt. She could feel it on her underwear and on her bottom. The next took the third pie and pushed it into Alex’s stomach. He moved it up her chest, smearing the cream all over her sparkly dress and breasts, up to her shoulders. The last took his pie and forcefully smashed it in Alex’s face, much harder than the first pie hit her. It sent cream in all directions. Alex’s face was now matted with cream. She still laughed and cleared her eyes.

She could now see the four boys lining up with buckets. They explained that they had various sundae toppings in the buckets. The first came up and announced that his was caramel. He walked up behind Alex and slowly dumped the light brown caramel on to her head. The light brown mess squeezed down Alex. It looked amazing on top of the white whipped cream. It was slightly thick and sticky as it trickled down and stuck to Alex’s face and then her shoulders. The stickiness made it slow to pour. He poured more onto her dress and lap. The last of it he poured onto Alex’s ankles and onto her high heeled shoes. The next member of JLS had a bucket of chocolate syrup. Alex looked up as he poured it over her face. It came down in thick sheets of mess, pouring down her face. She could do nothing but close her eyes and mouth tightly as he poured it over her. He moved it forward a bit and dumped sheets more of chocolate onto Alex’s filthy dress and into her lap. She wrapped her arms around her shoulders, shivered and rubbed the chocolate on her shoulders and arms. She looked as if she was lathering up with soap in the shower. She licked her lips and waited for the third bucket to come. The next bucket was filled with strawberry sundae topping, strawberry sauce filled with strawberries. The strawberry mess poured onto Alex before she knew it. She looked up and opened her mouth wide. She tasted the mess as it plopped down on her. She then looked forward as more fell onto her. The strawberries stuck to her hair and face, all over her cheeks and fringe. Blobs stuck to her nose and shoulder. As the bucket reached the bottom a large lump got stuck at the bottom. The JLS member took his fist and banged on the bottom of the bucket, sending the enormous blob of strawberries straight onto Alex’s head. It stuck there for a minute and then collapsed all over her, falling into her lap. She took her hands and rubbed the blob on her lap and legs. The final member of JLS then came forward. His bucket was filled with cool whip and cherries. It was like an enormous pie. He took the whole bucket and slowly pulled it down onto Alex’s head. He left it there like a hat for a moment then lifted it. It revealed Alex’s whole head covered in thick cool whip. He took his hands and scraped the bucket clean, dropping the cool whip down between Alex’s breasts. Alex Wiped her face and laughed.

“How was that Alex?,” Mr. G. asked. “It felt kinda naughty. Getting that kind of mess poured all over your body is a hard sensation to describe. It feels a bit like having a shower but thicker. It wasn’t the worst thing that ever happened to me. I’ll say that. I must look so funny. I am going to be a laughing stock. Look at me. hahaha.” Alex stood up but when she did she realized that her dress was incredibly heavy. When she sat up it did not go with her. She sighed and let the dress drop to the floor, leaving her in her underwear and heals, luckily, for her, she was so covered in mess that not that much was visible. She wobbled over and joined Kim and Alicia in the gunge line up.

Julia and Miquita were now left wondering who would be next, as it was inevitable that they would be getting trashed. “Our next victim is going to be…. Julia Bradbury,” Mr. G, said. “Is this really going to happen? Am I really about to get covered in messy slop?,” Julia joked. “I really thought I would be safe. I’m never going to live this down. I know all my colleagues are watching at home right now and probably recording this. This is going to be so embarrassing. I have been imagining what this may be like for along time. I don’t suppose that there is any way I can persuade everyone not to let this happen is there? I think I better get ready to get dirty.” Julia walked over to the hot seat and sat down after wiping it clean. She crossed her legs and arranged her skirt. “And tonight, doing the honours for Julia is her former co host from Watchdog, Nicky Campbell.” Nicky came out smiling and waiving as the crowd cheered. Julia smiled and laughed. She stood up and shook his hand as he entered.

“So Nicky, have you always wanted to do this?,” Mr. G. asked. “I have to say, I worked with Julia for years on Watchdog and she can be a real pain in the ass. When you spend a lot of time around Julia you will end up wanting to pour mess over her, I will guarantee you that. She really, really deserves this and I will be happy to give it to her.” “You’re too kind Nicky,” Julia laughed. She rubbed her legs and readied herself for what was about to happen to her.

Nicky headed for the messy trolley and chose a bucket. He walked over to Julia with a smirk on his face. “Don’t be so smug,” she said. Julia nervously smiled as Nicky raised the bucket. The bucket was filled with baked beans. Julia closed her eyes, contracted her neck and scrunched up her nose as she felt the beans pouring onto her head. The disgusting leftover beans poured onto the back of Julia’s head first and then over her face. In an instant Julia’s face was no longer visible under a shower of baked beans. The disgusting orange sauce covered her head. It then fell all over her neck and slithered down her skirt. She could feel the beans on and inside of her shirt as they poured down her sexy tanned neck. The amount of beans was immense as it now poured onto her skirt and all over her legs. She could feel revolting beans dripping down her calves to her feet. Although she was fully clothed, she could feel baked beans all over every body part. Her clothes were soaked in revolting bean sauce. Nicky relished every second as he poured the beans over each and every part of Julia that he could. When the bucket was empty and the beans were finished, Julia pulled her head up. The last of the beans fell down the length of her face. There were beans stuck everywhere. She put her hands in her hair and slicked it back as best as she could, even then, it only dislodged more beans that fell down her face. She smiled still. She pulled her shirt forward with her fingers to dislodge more of the beans.

Nicky then got to choose a second bucket. This bucket was filled with beef stew. In it was chunks of beef, potatoes, carrots, sweet corn and peas. It was brown and half congealed. It was very heavy and extremely thick. Julia winced as Nicky brought the bucket over. It smelled foul and she could smell it from halfway across the studio. He needed both hands to lift the heavy pail of stew. He lifted it only halfway first and poured some onto Julia’s crossed legs. She made a disgusted face as she felt the sloppy beef and vegetables in the stew all over her legs. It felt like someone’s fingers running down her leg. The thick brown slop stuck all over her legs. He then lifted the bucket as Julia readied herself. He then tipped it onto her head. Lumps of thick brown slop poured onto Julia’s face. The beef and vegetables were in a thick brown gravy like substance. It fell onto her face and down her body. The heavier lumps hit her in the face and then fell down her top and onto her lap. A large chunk fell onto head and stayed there. Bits of carrot and other vegetables stuck to her face and neck. Her face and neck now splattered in brown stew. When it stopped, the stew still falling all around her, Julia was seen chuckling. “It looks like shit,” She said,” That was everything I thought it would be and more. Here I am on national television covered in baked beans and beef stew. I must look a sight. I hope you all got a good laugh out of that. I know Nicky did.” Julia stood up, clearing off some of the collected mess from her body and the chair and joined the other women at the other side of the stage.

Everyone’s attention now turned to Miquita. She was the only one left. She had gotten the opportunity to mess up one of her best friends Lily Allen and now it was going to be her turn. “I think the show is running out of time and it will have to end without me getting any mess, unfortunately,” Miquita joked. “Sorry Miquita, nothing could be further from the truth,” Mr. G. said. “I take it I am last. That can’t be good can it. I will be given whatever is left. I’m gonna get completely trashed. Miquita Oliver, covered in slop. My parents would be so proud. I think this is going to be my proudest moment. Well, actually, I gunged Lily and she didn’t find it so bad, so maybe it will be ok, who knows.” Miquita was taken over to the messy seat. She pretended that they were dragging her there. She took her seat and sarcastically gave two thumbs up.

“Tonight, doing the pouring, will be Miquita’s co host on T4, Alexa Chung,” Mr. G. said. Alexa walked out beaming. She came out and pointed at Miquita. She pointed back and they both did over exaggerated laughs. “So Alexa, what are your thoughts on our proceedings this evening?,” Mr. G. asked. “Well the ladies on my left all got messed up very well, so I want to live up to that standard. Plus, pouring slop on Miquita Oliver, who wouldn’t love that. She can be a little obnoxious to be honest and more than one of us at T4 have wanted to do this many times over the years. They are all watching at home and are going to be glued to the screen. They will love it.” “Thanks for the vote of confidence mate. You should be the one sitting here. I guess you find out who your friends are. I just wonder what you are going to pour on me to be honest. I hope it is something nice. Something that will match my shorts.”

Alexa headed over to the trolley and chose one of the few remaining buckets that were still left. She smirked. She grabbed the first bucket. Miquita arched her back and put her hands on her knees, stretching her body. She shivered. She rubbed her arms. “I’ve got goose bumps,” She said. Little did she know that in a minute she would have reason to shiver. The bucket was filled with strawberry milkshake. It was bright pink and very cold. Alexa lifted the bucket and used Miquita’s thick bare thighs as a target. She aimed the buckets straight for Miquita’s thighs and black hotpants. Miquita screamed as the freezing cold milkshake poured onto her legs. The thick pink mess slowly poured down her thighs and hotpants, down her calves. The milkshake coated her legs. She opened her legs a bit and let the milkshake empty into her lap. She put her hands on her thighs and in the mess. When she did so it did nothing but submerge her hands in mess as well. Alexa then took the bucket and dumped more over Miquita’s back and then her head. Miquita grimaced as the milkshake engulfed her hair first and then covered her face. It poured down her forehead and then her cheeks before covering her whole face. She held her breath as her face was covered. More dripped down her back and onto her chest. Cascading between her bare arms and down her top. Streaks of pink covered her lacy white top. As the milkshake emptied, Miquita put her hands to her hair and plopped it off of her face. Miquita’s whole body was coated in pink soft mess. She looked as though she had been gunged, but the shake was much colder and much thicker than gunge.

Alexa now grabbed the final bucket from the messy trolley for Miquita. She walked over with the final bucket. It was a double bucket as it was the last one. The bucket was filled with soggy leftover spaghetti. Miquita looked at the bucket and mouthed the word spaghetti. She put her hand to her forehead and shook her head. She laughed. Alexa chuckled as she started pouring the soggy, left over spaghetti over Miquita. Miquita gagged as is hit her in the face. The spaghetti was truly disgusting. It looked quite old and very sloppy. Even the crowd said eww when they saw the slop pouring onto her. The disgusting spaghetti oozed its way over Miquita’s amazing thick body. The site of the disgusting slop covering Miquita’s sexy body was amazing. She felt it squirming and trickling down her. Over her bare arms and top, down her shorts and all over her bare legs. Miquita’s face dripped with spaghetti. The long noodles dripping everywhere in the tomato sauce. When the flow stopped, Miquita was revealed sat on the hot seat covered in spaghetti. All she could do was sit there in disbelief. Alexa laughed. Miquita looked up giving a halfhearted smile. “Well, looks like I am going to be spending most of my evening cleaning spaghetti out of my underwear. Not a statement that I ever thought I would be saying,” Miquita said, “Saying again,” Alexa chimed in. “ This is how I am going to spend every Saturday night now,” Miquita said,” A few milkshakes and a bucket of spaghetti. I’m going to be popular with the fellas now. All the guys are always after the girl with the spaghetti dipping off her body. Actually that was quite good. I see why Lily enjoyed it.”

“So,” Mr. G. said,” We have had a busy evening indeed. Five filthy celebrities. They were all really good sports. We say goodbye to you now. See you all next time on Let her have it.” Each of the five messy celebrities were shown in close up with before and after shots.

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Chelsea Fox vs. Roxie Mitchell The Results

Chelsea Fox vs. Roxie Mitchell The Results

It was a day in Walford that that the residents had waited a long time for. One of it’s residents was about to get covered from head to toe in slop in front of the entire town. The two women up for the vote on this particular occasion had escaped the mess before. One would not be so lucky. The two ladies in question were both well known around the square and, to put it politely had been with quite a few of the men in the square. Both of the ladies had been nominated for messing by their families, who had been disappointed that they had escaped the mess in their first time up for vote. This time money was placed in special boxes that had each of the women’s names. The box that had the most money would be the person getting covered in mess. Their family members were going to be the ones who would be doing the honours. Both contestant’s family members were dying to be the ones to pour the mess all over their loved one. Little did the ladies know that each family had been trying to donate extra money to ensure that the person they wanted would be getting the slop.

The stage was set inside of the Queen Vic. All the local regulars were gathered together for this special occasion. In front of the bar, gathered on one side were the Foxes/ Wickes and on the other side were the Micthells. Both representing their family member. Jack Branning would act as the MC for the evening. He knew both contestants well, as he had slept with both ladies at various times.

“Ok,” Jack said, “ If everyone will gather round and pay attention , we are just about to announce who is going to be the star of the show this evening. As both of our nominees like nothing better than being the centre of attention, they should be well up for this. So, please welcome to our stage our two possible victims. Chelsea Fox and Roxie Mitchell.”

Chelsea entered from one side. She wore a tight fitting black dress. She had her nose up in the air and looked annoyed from the beginning. She was not happy about the prospect of being publicly humiliated in front of the entire square, but she had no choice. From the other side Roxie entered. She wore a pink tank top and greyish jeans. She kept her eyes on the floor. She looked very nervous. Their families cheered for them. Chelsea’s mother Denise and Roxie’s sister Ronnie seemed the most excited about what was about to happen.

“So,” Jack said, “Let’s have a word with the ladies. A final plea if you will. Chelsea,” “There is no way I am going to get messed up. Imagine it all over my hair, my body. It would be so disgusting. Anyway, I shouldn’t be worried. There is no way I will lose. I am much more popular then her. People will probably vote to keep me clean.” “Well, that’s not always how it works, “ Jack said. “Roxie, what about you.” “If I lose, I will never live this down. My family probably want to see me lose so bad. It will be so embarrassing having to sit in that stool in front of everyone. I that Chelsea deserves it though. She can be a right cow when she wants to me. Please, Please save me,” Roxie joked, putting her hands together, pretending to beg.

“I don’t blame the ladies for not wanting to lose. I have seen what we have in store for our loser and it is not going to be pretty. It’s Going to get messy in here. Someone is going to be the centre of attention, but not in the way that they would like. Don’t feel too bad for them folks, they both really have this coming to them. So here we go.”

Chelsea frowned and crossed her arms. Roxie closed her eyes and squished up her face. She crossed her fingers, as they awaited the results. Various onlookers cheered and routed for the person they wanted to see get the mess. Jack began to read. “Our winner, the person who will be receiving the grand prize of the mess of a life time will be…none other… than…with approximately 69% of the votes… is…. Roxie Mitchell!”

The entire place erupted in cheers and laughter. The Mitchells celebrated. They jumped up and down and laughed. Remarking how great it was. Chelsea smiled a sarcastic smile but looked relieved. Denise and Libby looked disappointed. Roxie started laughing, covering her face in her hands and turning bright red. She felt flush with embarrassment and was sweating. She laughed and pointed at herself.

“So Chelsea,” Jack asked, “ How do you feel?” “I feel great. I knew she would lose. She is a loser anyway,” she replied. “Roxie,” Jack said ,” You lost.” “ Can we have a recount,” Roxie joked,” What can I say. It looks like I am going to be the butt of everyone’s jokes now. My sister and my mum are just loving this. They are going to enjoy this so much. I’m so embarrassed, but I lost. I guess fair is fair. Please don’t mess me up guys.” She turned to her family. They all shook their heads and then laughed at her. The crowd started chanting Gunge her, gunge her. Roxie protested as she was lead to the chair that was placed in the middle of the Queen Vic. The floor had been covered in plastic and cart of various messes was all set up buffet style in the corner near the bathroom. She reluctantly sat in the chair hugging her arms and laughing sarcastically.

“Now let’s hear from your family,” Jack said. “Ronnie, Glenda, do you have any qualms in doing this at all?” “Absolutely none. My sister has been a pain in the ass my whole life. I finally get a chance to get some small measure of revenge on her. I love her, but this is going to be sweet, no doubt about it.” “Have you always wanted to do this?” “Oh yes, always. I have fantasized about this for years. Who would say no. I think it will suit her. She usually likes to get a bit dirty. Sorry Rox, but you really have this coming, you have to admit,” Ronnie said. “I am going to totally trash her and have the best time doing it. This is going to be a moment to remember.”

Ronnie went to the cart and started to decide which items she would use on Roxie in what order. Roxie could not see what was on the cart, but tried to crane her neck to see what was happening. “Oh no, Ronnie, please don’t do this,” she pleaded. “Sorry Roxie,” Ronnie replied. She laughed and the crowd of onlookers cheered. Roxie looked forward. Ronnie selected the first item and stepped forward. The items she chose to use first were several éclairs. They were covered in dark chocolate and filled with whipped cream. She brought the first one to Roxie. She raised Roxie’s arm, revealing her sweaty arm pit. Roxie laughed as Ronnie placed the éclair under in her arm pit. She then forced Roxie’s arm downwards, causing the éclair to explode everywhere, leaving Roxie’s arm pit squished with cream and mess. She then took a second éclair. She raised Roxie’s other arm and then stuck the éclair under it. Ronnie then lowered her sister’s arm onto the éclair, slight softer than the first time. She then raised Roxie’s arm. The chocolate from the éclair had caused the destroyed pastry to stick to Roxie’s arm pit. When Roxie’s arm was raised the éclair stuck for an instant and then fell down her body and onto the floor. Ronnie then took the third éclair. She moved to the front of her sister. Roxie still laughing and begging her sister not to do it. Ronnie took the éclair as the crowded whistled and whooped and slowly inserted it into Roxie’s cleavage. Roxie was wearing one of her famous tops that showed off her bare arms and ample cleavage. Ronnie slowly lowered the éclair between Roxie’s breasts, as she laughed and winced. Ronnie allowed the éclair to sit there for a second. Then she came forward and put one hand on each of Roxie’s breasts. She squeezed and pushed them together, causing the éclair to smashed and exploded. Cream oozed out of Roxie’s cleavage. Some squirted out into the air and landed on her shoulder. Roxie did not bother to try to remove the éclair from her front, she just let it sit between her breasts. Ronnie then took the last éclair. She went behind her sister this time. Ronnie then pulled open the back of Roxie’s jeans. Roxie puffed up her cheeks and closed her eyes. Ronnie then placed the creamy desert down the back of Roxie’s jeans , right on top of her thing and butt crack. Roxie fidgeted on her seat for a moment. Ronnie then took the palm of her hand on Roxie’s behind and pushed inwards. This smushed the éclair flat on Roxie’s backside and sent cream and chocolate squirting both upwards to the small of her back and downwards, between Roxie’s legs. Roxie squealed and crinkled her nose as she felt the creaminess of the mess on and inside of her underwear.

“Is it over then?,” Roxie asked. “Don’t be silly,” Ronnie said, “ That was nothing, wait until you see what is coming up next.” “Ladies and gentlemen, the Auggie Baji have kindly donated a very lovely… vegetable curry. All for you Roxie.” Roxie’s eyes widened. “Oh my god. You’re joking,” she said. Ronnie showed the bucket of vegetable curry to the audience. It was brown and green. It was filled with spinach, peas, eggplant, carrots, lentils and chick peas. It had been sitting around as leftovers for a few days and smelled pretty pungent by this time. Roxie gagged just from the smell. Ronnie smiled as she approached. “ Ladies and gentlemen, get your cameras ready for this one. Roxie closed her eyes and puffed her cheeked out, holding her breath. Ronnie then slowly began pouring the doubly this mess down onto Roxie. The brown and green slop hit Roxie on her forehead and top of her head first. She scrunched her neck up as more poured down the back of her head. It then slowly began to pour down her face. The thick slop poured down her nose and washed over her whole face. She closed her eyes as she was submerged. The multi coloured thick stinky slop looked amazing on Roxie’s tanned facial features. It oozed down her cheeks and chin. Blobs dripped from her nose and lips. More poured onto her semi bare shoulders. It poured down her cleavage and down her arms. Slop covered Roxie’s sun shaped tattoo that she had on her upper arm. She put her hands on her thighs as more slop poured onto her back and down her legs. She could feel the congealed vegetable slop oozing inside her clothing, making it feel very heavy. She could not believe the feeling that she felt as the mess covered her whole body. When the bucket was empty, Ronnie placed it on the ground. All that was left was Roxie Mitchell sat in the middle of the Queen Vic showered in brown and green slop. The vegetables were unidentifiable in the mess that covered her. Roxie was completely trashed and she knew it was not over. She just sat and laughed. She took her fingers and cleared some of the mess from her eyes. The rest of her face still covered in the mess.

Roxie’s mother, Glenda got to take her turn next. She grabbed a large bucket of baked beans. Roxie did not even bother protesting this time, as she knew that it was just no use. “Sorry, babe,” Glenda said. She took the bucket and approached her daughter. She waited a second, until Roxie looked up and then poured the beans directly onto Roxie’s face. They were dumped square on her. She jerked her head forward and beans flew from her mouth. She quickly wiped her eyes as her mother continues pouring the beans all over her. When the bucket was half empty she took it to Roxie’s front and started pouring more directly onto and into Roxie’s cleavage. Roxie winced as her top was filled. She opened it up on the bottom and tried to let some spill through. She then poured the rest down the front of Roxie’s jeans. Now added to the curry was a ton of disgusting slimy baked beans. They stuck to the slop that was already all over Roxie. Beans now clung to her face, hair and body. She took her hands and rubbed her arms and legs, in an attempt to clear some away.

The final bucket was taken by Phil Mitchell. He just laughed, as he thought that Roxie just looked ridiculous. In the bucket was a large amount of leftover coleslaw. “You like coleslaw a lot don’t you Roxie,” he said. “Yeah, I like it,” she said,” Usually to eat though, not usually poured over my head, but there you go. I suppose I don’t really have a choice in the matter.” “No,” the crowd shouted. Everyone gathered even closer as Phil neared Roxie to give her the final humiliation. He spurred on the crowd, “ Let’s count down,” he said. 3...2...1 Phil tipped the bucket onto Roxie’s head. Thick white, smelly, creamy coleslaw fell from the bucket and landed on Roxie’s head. Some stuck to the top of her head. He poured more onto her face. She scrunched up her face as she felt the coleslaw cascade in chunks down her. More fell onto her arms and shoulder then down onto her breasts and down onto her lap and thighs. Clumps fell onto her lap, breasts and thighs and stuck there. The coleslaw stuck to the collected mess that had already covered Roxie’s body. Ronnie then came and took some handfuls of the last of the coleslaw. Again, she raised Roxie’s arm. She took a handful of coleslaw and rubbed it around on her arm pit. She then did the same to the other. She then took the final bit at the bottom of the bucket into her hand , before Roxie knew it, her sister took the back of her head in one hand and the coleslaw in the other, she rubbed the coleslaw around in Roxie’s face.

Roxie was now left sat covered in mess in front of everyone. “That was a dream come true,” Ronnie said. “So Roxie any last words for your friends and family,” Jack asked. “ I’ll never look at vegetable curry the same way again. I am just glad that I could make everyone’s day. My family enjoyed that a little too much, especially my sister. I can’t really describe what that felt like. It was a hot and sweaty though, if you know what I mean,” Roxie winked. “I have been accused of being a dirty girl before. I guess I proved that today. Let’s just say I have always enjoyed getting down and dirty.”

Roxie stood up and let some of the mess fall to the floor. Roxie’s family all got the chance to have their picture taken with her. “I have a new wallpaper for my computer,” Ronnie said,” Everyone will get a chance to get a picture of this. This will be all over face book and you tube tomorrow, I can tell you that.” “You bitch,” Roxie said. She was a good sport and allowed everyone to take pictures of her. She did not want to admit that she had enjoyed that a bit more than she had let on. Her sister was true to her word, however and posted pictures everywhere she could.

Pixie Lott gets the flush

Pixie Lott gets the flush

Another episode of the Let Her Have It opened up with Mr. G. entering the stage. He welcomed everyone to show. “Tonight,” he said,” We have a very special show ahead. You won’t even believe your eyes when you see what we have in store for this evening. We have a very special guest here tonight. If we can all give her a hand and make her feel welcome. It is the one and only…Pixie Lott.”

Pixie Lott entered the studio wearing a pair of black boot, very short, tight fitting black shorts and a black top, as she had worn on television before. The outfit, as most of her clothes did, showed off her amazing tanned legs. When she entered the studio, she waived to everyone and was grinning form ear to ear. She looked excited to be there. She walked over to Mr. G. and shook his hand. He then invited her to sit down on the couch. He sat opposite. She smiled and laughed as she greeted him. She sat down, carefully, placing her bottom on the couch.

“Welcome to the show, Pixie Lott,” Mr. G. said. “It’s great to be here,” she replied beaming happily. “Tonight, ladies and gentlemen, we have a very unique situation on Let Her Have It, because, believe it or not, for the first time ever, we have a volunteer. Pixie, we understand that you contacted the show yourself.” Pixie smiled and laughed. “That’s very true. I called the show myself and begged to come on.” “We understand that you are a big fan.” “That’s right. I love the show. I just had to be on it.” “Do you have any favourite episodes?” “Oh god yeah. I think it would have to be Lily Allen. Seeing what happened to her was amazing. Karen Gillian as well that was so funny.” “So, what made you want to come on the show Pixie?” he asked. “The gunge,” she laughed,” I have been watching people getting gunged on tv since I was a little girl. I have always wanted it to happen to me. Actually, I am dying to be gunged. I have fantasised about what it would be like for along time. Then I saw the likes of Duffy and Miquita Oliver on your show and I couldn’t help but ring in. I want it bad,” Pixie joked. “We also understand that you have a favourite messy device as well?” “The toilet,” Pixie said blushing,” It looks like so much fun, to sit on the lieu and have it flushed all over you. I think it is hysterical. I would love that to happen to me. It’s embarrassing. People will think I am a weirdo now. Who doesn’t love gunge though? Everyone at home, you know that you want to be gunged as badly as I do, don’t deny it,” she joked. “Maybe I am alone, but I have wanted to do this for along time. Please gunge me. Pretty please,” she giggled. “I bet you never had anyone actually asking to be gunged before,” she said “We definitely haven’t,” Mr. G. said,” But this is wonderful. You really are a star. Don’t worry, we won’t let you down. I think you will really enjoy this.” “I know I will,” she laughed,” I can’t hardly wait.” No could believe that Pixie was actually loving this as much as was, but it was true. She was clearly enjoying every minute of this.

“So everyone,” Mr. G. said,” If I could turn your attention to the other side of the studio. Let’s see what we have planned.” Pixie turned around smiling in anticipation. The curtains opened revealing he giant flush. When Pixie it she rolled her eyes smiled and then clapped. It was just how she had imagined it. “I love it,” she said enthusiastically. “That’s what I’ve been waiting for.” she laughed and laughed. “I can’t wait to take my seat.” She couldn’t believe that this was actually going to happen. She could not help but stare at the giant flush. She looked up at the top of it where the gunge came from. She paused for a moment. “It looks so good,” she said and busted out with nervous laughter. “You know what,” she said,” I think I need to use the toilet.” The crowd cheered and she laughed. “Ok then Pixie, be my guest.” She tanked him and shook his hand. She stood up and laughed. She had to stop herself from running as she walked over to the small toilet that lay under the enormous toilet in front of her. “have a seat, Pixie, make yourself comfortable,” Mr. G. said. “You’re too kind she said.” She got a good look at the toilet and smiled. She then lowered her bottom onto the toilet seat. She bent her knees and placed her legs in front of her, wrapping her lovely tanned legs around the dirty looking porcelain toilet bowl that sit underneath her. She moved her bottom around and into the perfect position. “I want to make sure I am positioned just right. I don’t want it to miss me,” she said. She looked down and then up. “I can’t believe I am sitting on the toilet in front of everyone. It is quite an unusual situation. There aren’t many people who can say that. Here I am on the throne,” she laughed at the absurdity of the situation. “I can’t wait to have that toilet flush on me,” she said. She was beaming with happiness.

“Ok,” Mr. G. said,” It is time for the moment we have all been waiting for, and evidently Pixie has been waiting for as well. It is just about time to flush the toilet on Pixie Lott. “Are you ready Pixie?” “God yeah, let me have it, flush it on me.” He went over to the flusher and got ready to pull. Pixie smiled as she waited. She pumped her legs and stomped her feet. She gave a thumbs up as she was ready for what was about to happen. “Ok everyone, here we go,” Mr. G. said,” Let’s count her down.3...2..1.” Mr. G. pulled down the giant flusher. Pixie smiled and blushed. In a second the studio was filled with noises of farting and someone using the toilet. Pixie scrunched up her nose and face. When she heard the noise, she put a fake disgusted look on her face, pretending that she smelled something bad. She put her hand in front of her nose and brushed it back and forth and then squeezed her nose with her fingers for a second. “PU,” she said. After those noises there was the noise of a flushing toilet. Pixie looked straight up. A second later, thick, brown, gloppy gunge began to fall from the toilet tank above. It fell threw the giant toilet seat and then hit Pixie straight in the face. She laughed and flung her head forward as it hit her square in the face. She gasped for a second and then closed her eyes. The thick brown slop poured down onto her. It streaked through her perfect soft blonde hair. She grinned as the brown mess began to ooze down her face, leaving thick globs as it went. More of the thicker bits of the brown mess poured down onto her body. More rained down on her falling over the entire area beneath the larger toilet bowl. The brown gunge poured onto her bare legs. Pixie could feel it pouring onto her knees and upper thighs, bathing her legs in brown mess. It oozed down her calves in streaks of brown mess. The brown making thick messy blobs all over her sexy tanned legs. When her legs were almost covered in it, she began to move her legs in and out, collecting gunge between her legs, squeezing the sewage like mess between her incredible thighs. More gunge poured and poured down her nose. She could feel it all over her lips. It dripped from her forehead. Her hair was dripping with mess. She continued to smile, laugh and enjoy it as it happened to her. She started rubbing the mess on her arms and playing with the gunge that collected on her lap. She took handfuls and played with it, as if she was playing in a mud puddle. The toilet below her was also streaked with brown gunge. She stretched her lips out in a kissing motion, sending small amounts of gunge flying. As the toilet’s surge died off, Pixie was left sitting on the smaller toilet, covered almost completely in the disgusting contents of the toilet above. She placed her knees together, bending her back. She did not attempt to clean off. If anything, she was trying to spread it around. She continued to smile and giggle.

She had genuinely enjoyed it. “I needed that,” she said,” I loved every single second of that. It was a dream come true. I have watched and wanted this to happen for a long time and now it has. I will never forget it. The gunge was amazing. It feels amazing all over my body. It’s everywhere. Now everyone will get to tell all their friends, I saw Pixie Lott on the toilet today. I hope everyone else loved it as much as I did. I never want to get clean. I wish this could last forever. Thanks for having me.” She waived, dripping in slop.

Mr. G. waived goodbye and thanked Pixie for being such an amazing sport through the show. “My pleasure ,” she said. She waived to the camera and smiled, blowing kisses in the gunge as the show went off the air.