Sunday, 29 September 2013

Heart FM pie in the face

A lady on Heart FM had the dream to pie someone. This attractive lady was chosen. She agreed to get pied to win concert tickets. The pie really suits her. Here are the highlights. I do have some more still but there were not many aftershots. It was in public as well. I think it was quite good.

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Nikki Boston Waterloo Road Heather Peace

Nikki Boston Waterloo Road Heather Peace

Nikki Boston was one of the most unpopular teachers at the school she taught at. She did not really realize just hoe unpopular she really was. The school that she worked at was having some special activities for the end of term. One of the main attractions on the day was all of the students would get to vote to say which teacher they would like to see gunged. The teacher with the most votes would get gunged stwnsh style at an assembly in front of all students and faculty. Nikki never dreamed that she would be the unlucky one that would be placed in the stocks.

On the day, she wore a light blue button down shirt, dark blue trousers and a belt. The students were all gathered. The entire auditorium was full and everyone was extremely excited to see what was going to happen. The teachers were all sat in front of the stage on chairs in a row. The head teacher came up to the podium and began to speak. “Thanks to everyone for another fantastic school year. Everyone has done so well and we have a reward in store for you all. As a reward to the students, a teacher is going to be placed in the stocks and gunged for everyone’s viewing pleasure.” Everyone clapped and cheered. “As you all know, you having been voting and making your choice. I am sure everyone is dying to know who the unlucky teacher will be. I suppose the teachers themselves are quite anxious to know the results. Well the results are in. This is the moment that we have all been waiting for.” A hushed silence fell over the auditorium.

“The teacher with the most votes and who will be the one to get gunged in front of everyone is…,” she paused for a moment,” Nikki Boston.” The students erupted in applause and laughter. The other teachers chuckled. Nikki’s mouth fell open in shock. She instantly began to sweat and began to turn red. “Come on Miss Boston, get up here,” she said. Nikki reluctantly stood up. The curtain on the stage was pulled back and the whole stwnsh catapult was revealed. She reluctantly had to walk up onto the stage up the stairs. The students cheering and whistling at her.  The look on her face was priceless. She squirmed. She looked very uncomfortable. It was squeaky bottom time for her. She shook her head. She was annoyed, but there was little that she could do. She was shown up to the place where she had to stand. She was told where to put her head and her arms. She reluctantly bent over and pushed her head through the hole and placed her hands in the correct holes. She bent over, her backside high in the air, her legs spread slightly, her two large breasts dangling. By this time, everyone was on their feet with their camera phones up.

Nikki Boston was now in place. She looked forward at all the happy face cheering on her doom. She could see the plates of gunge that were set up for her. The first plate was now being placed on the catapult. “Ok everyone, this is what we all wanted to see. Here it goes Miss Boston is about to get it. This is a moment that none of us will ever forget.” Nikki Boston closed her eyes in anticipation of the coming impact of the gunge plates. Her only hope now was that they would be off target. The other teachers were loving this. Most of them thought that Nikki was up herself and really deserved this. They turned around to watch the humorous site of Nikki Boston’s head sticking out of the large ice cream cone shaped pillory. Everyone was ready to see her humiliated in front of the entire school.

The students were going to get to do the honours. The first place of gunge was now loaded and ready to fire. The gung in them was green and blue. By this time the students and faculty were all chanting,” Gunge her, gunge her.” The first student took position and slammed down their hand on the end of the catapult.  Everything seemed to fall silent for a second. Miss Boston closed her eyes. The plate of thick blue gunge flew through the air. It landed with a splat squarely in Nikki Boston’s face. The reaction was a loud echo of laughter that erupted in the auditorium. The plate bounced off of her face leaving blobs of sloppy blue gunge all over her face. Gunge dripped along the creases along the sides of her mouth, all over her forehead and across her nose. Gunge dripped down her face and her short brown hair. She was instantly gunged. The entire school was treated to the sight of her face dripping in blue gunge. She bit her lip. She could feel the tinges of humiliation run through her body. The sensation of mucky gunge dripping down her face.

The next plate of green gunge was now placed on the catapult. Everyone started to chant again. The next student approached and took great pleasure in pushing down on the catapult, sending the plate of gunge flying in the air directly at Miss Boston’s face. Nikki closed her eyes as the plate landed perfectly on her face. It stuck in place for a moment, engulfing most of her head before falling downwards. Everyone cheered and laughed again. The green gunge circled her hair and dripped down the front of her face. She gave a pained expression as the gunge cascaded down her face. Some of it splashing on her hands and body.

The next plate of gunge was quickly loaded into place. The next student smiled at Miss Boston and then looked down. Nikki took a deep breath and puffed up her cheeks as he pushed down on the catapult, sending the plate of blue gunge flaying into her face. It comically hit her in the face, leaving a spritz of blue gunge across her face. The other teachers were clapping and laughing. Nikki’s face made comical expressions of  trying to cope with the mess that she was covered in along with total humiliation. The usually very serious teacher was not taking being publicly humiliated very well.

The next plate was now loaded onto the catapult by another students. Some of the students were students that she taught every single day. Some of them she had graded poorly or had treated unfairly, they were now getting the chance to get their own back on her. It was about to come her way in the form of another plate of green gunge. She looked across at the gunge plate that sat on the catapult. She braced herself. The student pushed down, flinging the gunge plate across. It smashed into the side of her face leaving a layer of sloppy green mess across her outer facial features, adding to the layers of gunge that already coated her face. Nikki did not smile. She knew that everyone would be recording this. Her face was covered in gunge.   

She could hardly see at this point because of the gunge that covered her face. What she could see is that there appeared to be no more gunge plates left. She hoped that this would mean that the messiness was over for her. “Well,” the head teacher said,” That was a lot of fun, but we have one more surprise for Miss Boston.” Nikki took a deep breath, she could only imagine what it might be but she knew that it was nothing that she was going to like. “Do we want to see the surprise everyone?,” the head teacher asked. Everyone cheered. Nikki rolled her eyes. “Well, we have been saving all of the leftovers from the school canteen this week just for this very special occasion and they are all about to come Miss Boston’s way.” Everyone cheered loudly. Nikki mouthed the word no, but could not be heard under all of the applause. With that, a large plastic garbage can was brought out by two of the male teachers. It was filled with all of the leftovers, unused food and plate scrapings for the entire week. Nikki tried to remember what had been served that week. She was about to get a heaping helping of it. By now everyone in the auditorium were on their feet cheering and laughing. “Miss Boston is going to experience cafeteria food like she never has before.”

Nikki squirmed in place. Her butt cheeks shuffled. She looked decidedly uncomfortable. “Ok, it is time to serve up some school lunch for Miss Boston. The teachers lifted the trash can in the air over Nikki. The whole school was on their feet. Nikki lowered her head and closed her eyes, awaiting the torrent of leftovers that she was about to be faced with. As they started to pour, the crowd erupted with cheers. Everyone watched as  mountains of half eaten left over food fell through the air and landed all over Nikki Boston. All sorts of bits of disgusting rotting food poured down onto Nikki. They poured in down her back, all over her ass, down her legs. They poured more over her head. There was meat, cold cuts, bits of sandwiches, gravy, eggs, pasta, sweet corn, tuna fish, mashed potatoes, baked beans and spaghetti poured down all over Nikki’s body. They moved the bucket up and down her body. The food stuck all over her clothes. Her body was plastered in filthy leftovers.  More poured down on top of her head. The mess poured down over her face, covering her hair. Masses of rotten food covered her from head to toe.

“Well everybody, let’s hear it for Miss Boston,” the head teacher said. She was allowed to come out of the stocks now. She stood up and let some of the excess mess fall down her body. Her clothes and body were covered in inches of cafeteria slop. Everyone continued laughing at her. She wiped her eyes and frowned. She could see everyone holding up their phones. The stoic teacher did not even grin. She walked out of the assembly.

She had to clean what she could up off herself in the ladies bathrooms. She had no other choice but to go home still slathered in mess. Photos and videos wound up all over the school, online and in social media. It was something no one ever let her forget.

Monday, 23 September 2013

Stwnsh teacher september 2013

This week's stwnsh ar y ffordd was not the best. The first teacher was attractive but kept her hood up. The second tried as well but wasn't as successful, producing an ok scene. Lois escaped as well. The full gallery is:

Sunday, 15 September 2013

Hetti Bywater, the new Lucy in court

Hetti Bywater, the new Lucy in court

The new Lucy Beale thought that it would be fun to take her father Ian to gunge court. She always felt that he had been unfair to her and she sometimes felt very angry towards him. She really wanted to get her father. The prospect of seeing her Dad covered in mess was hilarious to her. She felt that she was in the right and that everyone would see things her way. She was never in the wrong in her eyes and her father was clearly in the wrong. Ian was worried about losing, but  also wanted to make things up with Lucy. He wanted to do everything so that she would forgive him and they could move on so he agreed to appear in gunge court.

On the day, Lucy presented her case with vigour, explaining tons of things that Ian had done wrong. She attacked the whole thing with vigour slating her Dad. “Are you finished?,” the judge asked. “Yes, your honour,” she replied. Now it was time for the defence. Ian stood up and started to speak. “Let me stop you there,” the judge said,” I don’t think that I need to hear anymore.” Ian sighed. Lucy smiled excitedly. “I am ready to rule. Although the defendant has made mistakes and may have displayed poor judgement at times, he was under severe mental strain at the time. I believe that the plaintiff is being much too harsh on the defendant and needs to cut him a break. Everyone makes mistakes but we only get one father. It is clear that he has proven that he is apologetic and has tried his best to make amends. For these reasons, I find in favour of the defendant. Not guilty.” He slammed his gavel down.

Lucy’s jaw dropped. She shook her head in anger and embarrassment. “ I can not believe this,” she said to herself, shaking her head. Her face turning red and heated. She took a deep breath, she could feel herself getting hotter. Ian gave a surprised smile and shrugged his shoulders. “Bailiffs, please bring her up to the box to receive her punishment,” the judge said. Lucy was reluctantly lead by the two burly bailiffs away from her seat and up to the box. She sat down and crossed her legs and then her arms. All the while she was making faces with her lips. She wore a smart looking sleeveless white top and a black and white printed skirt. Her thin white legs were on display. She wore her hair back as she usually did. Ian was summoned forward to the side where there were a series of levers, buttons and cords that would control his daughter’s fate. Maybe this would teach her a lesson.

She continued to moved her head and mouth around, stewing, her arms crossed. Ian was given the signal and he pulled the first cord on his daughter. When he pulled, chocolate syrup fell from above, trickling irregularly down into the box, down onto Lucy’s head. Lucy looked forward angrily as the chocolate syrup slowly dripped onto the top of her head. It poured slowly straight down onto her blonde hair. It was very, very slow in coming. It poured onto her head and then slowly over the rest of her hair. It then slowly dripped down the front of her angry face. At first it was an odd shaped brown patch across her nose and the front of her forehead in linear form. Most of her hair was soaked in chocolate.  Then her mouth and cheeks began to disappear underneath the brown mess.  At this point she closed her eyes as her face began to disappear completely underneath the chocolate sauce. It sped up slightly and now poured down the front and the sides of her neck. It then poured directly over the front of her top. It poured down across her flat chest. It was clear that the chocolate was going to have a devastating effect on her silky white top. That was not going to wash out. Her face was now a chocolate mess. More poured down the front of her body. It rolled down and pooled in her lap. It splashed down onto her skirt and all over her thighs. She could feel the chocolate dripping against her skin. More poured down the back of her neck and down her shirt. Chocolate sauce now dripped down her calves down to her ankles. Lucy tried to show as little reaction as she could. She just crossed her arms and closed her eyes as the chocolate poured everywhere. When it finally stopped, she took her hands, which were one of the few areas on her body that had remained relatively chocolate free and put them to her face, pushing off as much of the chocolate as she could. She ran them over her bleached blonde hair, removing some as best she could. She then shook her arms. She uncrossed her legs and pushed away some of the chocolate that had collected underneath her bum. She pushed it through her legs and onto the floor. She then returned to her previous position, re crossing her legs again.

She was given very little opportunity to rest, because as soon as she returned to her position, Ian pulled a lever. As soon as he did, a pie flung up from the front of the booth and smashed Lucy square in the face. She gasped for breath but as she did, more pies flew her way. Two more flew her way. One hit the top of her head, the other, the right side of her face. Another rammed into her chest and three more hit her in rapid succession on the legs. The pie plates slowly fell away revealing that about three quarters of Lucy’s face was covered in creamy pie. The pie circled the outlines of her facial features. Her eyes, nostrils and mouth were outlined in pie. There was a large amount of pie stuck to the front of her head and her fringe.

Ian pulled another cord. What came Lucy’s way next was three dozen rotten eggs. They all fell at once. The gooey yellow, foul smelling eggs fell through the air and landed all over Lucy Beale. They formed a giant mess that landed mostly on her legs and skirt. A good amount landed on her head.     She turned her nose up as the rotten egg smelled covered her. She used her hands to break up the sloppy eggs.

Ian then pushed a button. When he did, the booth began to spray Lucy with mustard from all angles. It sprayed straight into her chest, covering her formerly white shirt in thick yellow stains. It sprayed her in the face. She lifted one leg and raised her hands instinctively to try and block the mustard as best she could. It did not do much as the mustard was coming from all directions. Deflecting it only caused it to splash onto other areas of her body. Her legs were soon dripping in yellow mustard. It also managed to be sprayed straight up her skirt. Her under thighs and panties were soon soaked in mustard.

When the mustard ceased, Ian pushed another button. This time the booth began to fill with foamy gunge from the bottom up. It slowly began to rise, covering Lucy’s body. Soon it was up to her ankles. Simultaneously, a silly string type of substance was being sprayed all over her. The mess on the bottom raised rapidly, eventually covering Lucy to her waist. She waived her hands wildly as the silly string covered her face. Eventually it all ceased and the booth spun around.

Afterwards, they allowed Lucy to have a shower, but there was not anywhere to really clean her clothes and she did not bring a change of clothes. She did the best that she could to get as much of the mess off as she could, but her top especially was not going to come clean. Lucy had no other choice but to head home wearing those clothes. Her top visibly stained with large amounts of brown and yellow.

Her friends, Lauren and Whitney laughed hysterically when they saw her. “Oh dear, Luc, what happened to ya?,” Lauren asked, “ You look good.” “Don’t ask,” she said, making a hand gesture. “Don’t worry,” Lauren said,” It happened to me remember, and my mum. That shirt, however, looks on its last legs.” Lucy returned home with her friends and they cheered her up. She was laughing about it by the end of the night. She decided that she would not throw the top away, but would keep it as sort of a souvenir.

PS: I still prefer Melissa Suffield all the way.

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Stwnsh teacher oatmeal ?

This is a pretty good clip of a teacher on stwnsh playing a quiz and getting doused with what I think is oatmeal. It may be custard. She is attractive. Her reactions is quite good. She got pretty messy as well.

The full gallery is on:

Saturday, 7 September 2013

Katie vs Kelly

***By Request***

Katie vs. Kelly

Katie Price and Kelly Brook had been feuding for awhile. The two genuinely hated one another and were constantly making fun of one another whenever the opportunity arose. The two argued and the whole thing was quite public. It was not really over anything. It was just something to do, because neither really had much of a career to speak of except for making headlines in the tabloids. The two were always reading their own headlines. The situation became worse and worse. Kelly also had issues with her ex talking about her in the press as well. Mr. G. decided to be the peace maker and invite these two onto his show to try and settle some of their differences. Both of them agreed. At first glance, it was surprising,  but upon reflection, these two would do just about anything to have their faces in the limelight. The chance to publicly humiliate the other on such a grand stage was an opportunity that neither one wanted to miss. The two would do just about anything to get one over on the other. The two agreed that they would cooperate within the confines of the show and would not attack each other outside of what was planned. Little did they know that the result of the show would be embarrassment for them both. The main idea of the episode was that they both deserved to be punished for their actions.

The two prima donnas proved to be incredibly high maintenance behind the scenes, particularly Katie. She managed to annoy everyone backstage with her diva like antics. They were all going to enjoy seeing her getting it, if it happened. Both of them really deserved it in their own way. Anyone who knew them would have agreed. Both of them were going to be thrilled to meet Mr. G. and to be on television. Adverts ran for the show for the week. A lot of people in their circle were going to be watching. Lots of image conscious superficial self absorbed people would be watching. They all thought it was hilarious.  Because, the people they hung out with were so disingenuous and vein, losing could really effect their standing in their social group. They were not thinking about that however.

Mr. G. came in and started the show. “Today we have a very special show. It comes right from the pages of the gossip magazines right to our show. A real life celebrity rivalry come to its natural fruition. In every day life we would not get the opportunity to get one over on a rival this way, but these two ladies are going to get the chance today to really get one over on their rival. It might get bitchy. Not catfights allowed though today, ladies,” he teased. “I have to tell you, this rivalry is so intense that we have to keep these two separated. We do not condone violence and  none of that will be happening today. Just messiness and embarrassment for one or both of these ladies. It will get dirty, it will get personal. Today it is Katie Price vs. Kelly Brook. No holds barred.”

Some music played and both ladies were welcomed. They walked in from opposite sides of the stage and glared at one another. They both walked to the centre of the stage where two podiums with buzzers were set up. Mr. G. had his own taller podium in the centre. When they entered they both individually made eyes at Mr. G. and shook his hand with a smile. Saying it was lovely to meet him. They did not shake one another’s hand. They took their positions.

“Ok, ladies, here is how it works,” Mr. G. said,” It is a quiz. When you know the answer buzz in. If you get the question right, your opponent loses an article of clothing. If you get it wrong you do. We will play until one of you is naked. The loser will then get the mess.” “That’s ok,” Katie said, making a face with her large lips, “ I will win anyway. I am deceptively intelligent, so I am told.” Kelly gave a funny look as if to say,” Are you serious? You are as dumb as a plank of wood.” Katie wore a red strappy  top and a white skirt. Kelly wore a blue strappy top and a black skirt.

“Ok then, here we go,” Mr. G. said. The quiz did not go well for the ladies. They did not seem to grasp the concept of the game. They just kept trying to buzz in first. Every time one did, they ended up getting the question wrong and losing an item of clothing. In short order both were left wearing only a pair of panties. It all came down to the last question. The question was asked. This time they finally understood not to buzz in if they did not know the answer. Unfortunately for them, neither knew the answer and neither of them buzzed in. They both thought hard and tried to come up with an answer but the time expired with negative buzz.

The ladies looked over at Mr. G. to see what would happen next. They assumed that because no one buzzed in, there would be another question. “No one buzzed in. Unfortunately for you ladies, what that means is that both of you will lose your knickers. That means it is a draw.” “So, that means we both stay clean then?,” Katie warbled. “Not exactly. It means you both lose, so you both will be getting the mess. Come on girls get your knickers off.” Both of their mouths fell open. The two did not mind getting their breasts out, as they had done it dozens of times before, but they were a bit more reluctant to surrender their underwear. They rolled their eyes and lowered their panties simultaneously. They each handed their dirty knickers to Mr. G. and stood on the stage wearing only their high heels. The two looked somewhat ridiculous with their oversized breasts that were too big to really be carried off on their relatively small frames. Now two fake tanned glamour girls stood on the stage totally naked. “Well, we have a draw. Join us after the break to witness what the consequences are. You are not going to want to miss this,” Mr. G. said. The show then went to break.

When the show returned, both women sat on seats that were situated over a large gunge pool. It was similar to Get Your Own Back. They glared at one another and swore and gave insults under their breath. Both blaming each other for the mess that they were about to find themselves in. “So, neither of the ladies one. That means both of them will be getting punished. To be honest girls, maybe this will teach you a lesson. You have been horrible to one another for no real reason. It is time to get over it. So here we go. Have a nice trip.”

Mr. G. yanked down two levers that controlled the seats that the women sat on. As he pulled them down, the seats pulled away from the girls. In an instant they both fell into a massive pool of green and orange gunge that lay below them. They both disappeared beneath the surface. Eventually, both of their heads emerged from the gungy drink. Their hair extensions were soaked with sloppy messy gunge. Katie ran her hands over her face and hair. Slicking her hair back. Kelly shook her head around. Their layers of thick makeup were smeared across their cheeks. Their thick black eyeliner ran, but most remained. Their massive boobs jiggled and floated to the surface as they swam naked side by side in the pool of gunge. They bounced around dripping in gunge, splashing one another playfully.

They grabbed one another by the arms and tumbled around in the mess. It was not a catfight. It was much more good natured. As they came up to the surface again, a deluge of pink gunge and gummy worms fell from above and fell all over them. The mess poured down over their heads. Their whole bodies soaked with gunge already, getting covered in another layer of mess. “Ugh, I can feel it on my minge,” Katie shouted. Gummy worms stuck to their faces. Kelly laughed and shook her head. Katie looked more annoyed. She was much more of a spoiled diva.

As they stepped forward and tried to get out, a barrage of pies came flinging at them. The two were hit with pie after pie. The pies smashed off their faces and off their large breasts. The pies left thick cream everywhere they hit. Pie plates stuck to their bodies initially before falling off when hit by more pies. They both were bowled over by the force and speed of the pies. They fell over on another and fell backwards with a splash into the gunge pool, falling on their bottoms.  They screeched and squealed.

Their heads soon emerged from the gunge pool again. Kelly was smiling and laughing. Katie’s face had had so much work done to it that her face was always in one permanent expression. “We must look like a pair of clowns,” Katie said.  “And that’s just the make up,” Kelly joked. The two helped each other up to their feet.

“Well everyone, I hope that we all enjoyed the show. Hopefully these two will kiss and make up, but only time will tell. Thank you to them for appearing on the show and for being such good sports. The two tried to grab Mr. G. from behind. They grabbed his arms and pulled him halfway into the gunge pool getting him messy.

As the credits rolled. The two laughed and were helped from the gunge. They each gave Mr. G. a gungey hug before trotting off backstage to have lovely warm showers. “Actually, that felt quite nice, quite sensual,” the ladies later admitted. Surprisingly, the day did have some effect and the girls called a truce afterwards.