Wednesday, 29 March 2017

fake to come

This will sound a bit weird, but I've been asked to do a fake of Kirsty Allsop. I will do this for the person who asked.  I will be doing a fake gunging of it soon.

Ketnet Kingsize purple gunge

This week's Ketnet Kingsize was pretty good. Although the angles and editing were not the best. The woman getting gunged was pretty attractive. The whole gallery is at:

Sunday, 26 March 2017

Grace Kelly High Society

****Disclaimer**** I know that the parties in this story have all passed away years ago. I hope that no one will get offended by it. I mean no disrespect whatsover, quite the opposite. It is all fiction and fantasy. ***

Grace Kelly High Society

Grace Kelly played Tracey Lord or Sam in High Society. She looked ridiculously attractive in this film. She wore expensive outfits in every seen. She was incredibly sensuous and sexy in this film, weather she was intended to be or not. Her body was tanned, tall, slim and sexy. In one scene she was even wearing a white bathing suit. 

At the beginning of the film, her character was portrayed as a bit of an emotionless ice queen who was unsympathetic towards others. For a lot of the film she spoke in a very exaggerated manner. In parts it seemed that she was trying to talk as if she was Katherine Hepburn who had played the part in the original film, the Philadelphia Story. At other times it seemed to be for comedic effect. At other times, she was meant to appear to be drunk. The whole thing was not that funny, a bit cringe worthy, but quite sexy. Because of the silly comedic tone of the film ran all the way through, a messy scene did not seem at all out of place. 

Grace’s character was a complete snob. She was portrayed as having ruined her first marriage with Dexter who was shown in a positive light. She portrayed as being judgemental and naïve. She was getting married to another man. There was also a reporter on the scene played by Frank Sinatra. She, essentially, had three men involved at the same time. She seemed slightly callous of their feelings. Her younger sister was always at odds with her as well. She was a bit haughty and conceited. She deserved to be knocked down a peg or two for sure. All of the other characters decided that they should band together to teach her a lesson that she would never forget. She deserved some measure of embarrassment. 

They decided that it should take place while she was sat beside the swimming pool looking a toy boat that was floating in it. She was wearing a very revealing white bathing suit. It was scandalously revealing considering the time period when this was taking place, the late 50’s. It showed off her long, languid, sensual body. She sat by the pool and reminisced about her first honeymoon. As she closed her eyes and daydreamed, the rest of the characters crept in from behind her. They tried to be very quiet as they entered so she would not hear them. 

When she opened her eyes and looked up, her whole family, ex-husband and the writers from Spy Magazine were all stood behind her looking down on her. Her sister started to speak. “Tracey, you have behaved appallingly. You have been very judgemental and uncaring. You are very conceited as well. We know there is a good person deep down inside. We are doing this for your own good.” “Doing what? What is this? What are you all doing here,” she said in a comedic tone of voice. “This,” her ex-husband told her.

With that he was handed a massive coconut cream pie. He took it on one hand. In an instant, the shot was changed to a close up of Grace Kelly’s face. Her mouth fell open a split second before he pushed the pie straight into her face. It hit with a splatting noise. She almost fell over from the impact of it. Pie splatted backwards. When the pie tin was pulled away, her mouth was still open and her eyes were very wide. Her face was covered in a mask of creamy pie. Pie streaked backwards across her platinum blonde hair. Pie crowned around the straps of her bathing suit and her neck. She licked her lips. 

Just as she licked her lips, her fiancé then took two more pies, these being banana cream ones, and pushed one down onto the top of her head and another into her chest. He rubbed the pies around on his intended wife’s pristine face and chest. She was sort of sandwiched between the two pies. He felt a bit wronged because she clearly had feelings for her ex-husband as well as for the Spy journalist. Everyone had a reason to be annoyed with her. “What is this? How could you? How could you do this? I will not stand for it. Don’t know who I am? The wedding is definitely off now,” she threatened. 

Next was the Spy magazine journalist Mike. He was played by Frank Sinatra. He was attracted to her as well, but sort of felt that she may think that she was too classy for him. As a way to get his own back for all of the people out there who were not rich, he took a container of expensive caviar and began to dump it over the beautiful rich woman’s head. Globs of sticky black caviar fell onto the top of her head. It rolled down her blonde hair and down her face and chest. “That was very expensive caviar. How could you? What a waste,” she snivelled in her best moany rich woman voice. “Don’t worry, this will be on the cover. It will make a great story. Make sure to get lots of photographs,” he said to his friend, the photographer.  “Smile honey,” she told her. “Shut up you,” she shouted out in a pouty voice. She was quite jealous of the gorgeous rich woman. “You simply can’t let people see this. Put that darn camera away will you?,” she told her. 

Last to come was her own sister. “You deserve all of this Tracey. You have been a really bad wife and sister. Let this be a lesson to you,” said the young lady was probably the most mature character in the film. She was wiser than her years.  She then took a massive bucket that was filled with baked beans and began to pour it all over her big sister’s body. The beans splatted down all over her sexy tanned legs, up her body, staining her white bathing suit in pungent orange bean juice, possibly forever. She then dumped more down over her head. She closed her eyes as a wave of beans poured down her face and then down her neck, shoulders and chest, Beans clung all over her body. They were everywhere.

“What have you done, Look at me. I am filthy. I will never be able to get this outfit clean now.” The three men looked at one another. They smiled. Then, all at once, they leaned over together and lifted her in the air. They swung her back and forth a few times in the air. “Oh no. What are you doing? You can’t.” At that moment, the men tossed her into the pool. She landed with a splash. A puddle of mess formed around her. When her head finally arose from the water, she pouted in a huge strop. Everyone looked down upon her and smiled.

Saturday, 25 March 2017

Perrie Edwards fake pied

As requested, This is a fake of Perrie Edwards getting pied. I will do my best to do all the requests that people have asked for. I have lots more to post as well.

Shona McGarty fake gunging

This is a fake gunging of Shona McGarty, she plays Whitney on Eastenders.

Tuesday, 21 March 2017

Meghan Markle messy princess

Meghan Markle messy princess

Meghan Markle was dating Prince Harry but she was still an actress. She was an extremely attractive woman. She had a sexy face and a sexy body that not too many could match. While she was still was still an actress, she still was doing mundane tasks such as appearing promoting the projects that she worked on. There were those that wanted to take the opportunity to heap embarrassment upon her. The bragging rights of getting to mess a beautiful woman who might marry into the royal family was an opportunity that was just too enticing to pass up. 

She was appearing on a press junket to promote her latest project. Some radio presenters decided that they would take the opportunity to play a prank upon her. The radio hosts had managed to secure an interview with her. They were known for their crazy stunts and pranks. It was a very humorous show. She was not really aware of them as they were broadcast in a different country than the one she lived in. They had a well-known segment on the show that involved a sort of quiz. She was wearing a two tone beige dress outfit that showed off a ton of leg. The segment was called answers and consequences. It came at the end of the interview. They told her that it was a very popular part of the show called answers and consequences. It was a quick fire quiz. Incorrect answers would result in consequences. The whole thing was being said to her very quickly. She had little time to respond or react. She agreed to take part. Part of the joke of this segment was that it was almost impossible to get the questions right. They were nonsense questions and were also slightly embarrassing ones as well. 

She was really in for it this time. This would be an evening no one would forget any time soon. This team of radio jokers was going to get the last laugh on a lady who was likely to become royalty.
The quiz started off really quickly. It started so quick that Meghan barely could hear the first question. She stumbled and made a stab for a guess, but it was wrong. With that, someone began to spray whipped cream over her from behind. She laughed and waved her hands as someone squeezed whipped cream all over her. It got all over her dark hair, tanned skin and expensive outfit. Before she knew what was happening another question was asked, very quickly. When she was unable to answer, someone took a pie and slammed it into her face. Her mouth fell open as the pie slammed into her face. As she peeled the pie plate off of her face, the next question was asked. It barely gave her enough time to scrape some of the pie away from her eyelashes and nostrils. 

The next question was one about her sex life. “Excuse me. I’m not answering that,” she responded. As she said that, a bucket of green gunge was poured over her head. Her mouth fell open again as green gunge splatted all over her. The net question was a very embarrassing one about bathroom habits. Meghan looked shocked again. Because she didn’t answer quickly enough, thick brown gunge was flung at her. It splatted onto her legs and up her dress and body before more was dumped over her head. 

At this point the pretence of the quiz was all but abandoned. One of the radio presenters did keep asking questions, but things were flung at her before she even had a chance to answer. Beans, mushy peas and custard was flung at her in succession. The whole thing just broke down into fits of hilarity. She was covered in mess from head to toe. At this point, a buzzer sounded. “That signals the end of our little game. Meghan, ya lost,” he said jokingly. “Yeah, I gathered that,” she said. She licked her lips and shook her head. She flung her hands down, throwing sloppy mess onto the floor in the process. 

She look very shocked and annoyed by what had transpired. The radio hosts got quite a lot of mileage from getting a possible future princess totally messy. They would mention it over and over again for years. It got them loads of publicity. Meghan was not thrilled about it, but she could not stop them. It was a very embarrassing moment for her.

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Sam Quek gunge girl

Sam Quek gunge girl

Sam Quek was a field hockey player who won a gold medal at the Olympics with her team. The victory did carry with it a bit of a price. Before the Olympics began she was had made a boast that would come back to haunt her. In an effort to fire her teammates up and to provide added motivation, in a locker room speech she blurted out,” And if we win, I will get gunged. I will let you all gunge me.” This aroused a big cheer as it was something everyone would be happy about doing. During the tournament, so much was going on that she almost forgot about what she had said. A lot of things were said in the heat of the moment in locker rooms. When they finally did win the gold, it was pandemonium. Everyone headed back to the locker room continuing the celebration as they went. Everyone was drinking champagne and dancing around. 

Some of her teammates got up and said a few words one at a time. Their speech was excited and jubilant. Sam was a little surprised when one of her teammates blurted out. “We had a great victory. It was amazing. On top of that, right now we get to do something that will be almost as satisfying as taking home the gold. We get to gunge Sam.” Sam laughed. She joked,” Wait a minute, you aren’t going to gold me to that are you?” “Oh you bet, we have the gunge all ready and waiting for you.” She laughed buried her head in her hands. Everyone started to chant,” Gunge, Sam. Gunge Sam.” She was pulled by her hand into the shower area. She had her hair back in a ponytail. She wore her red Team GB field hockey outfit. She was pulled inside and sat on a bench in the showers. She was going to need one after this. Everyone continued to chant. “You know what? It’s fine. It is worth it,” she blurted out. Everyone cheered. 

Under the bench, there were several coolers filled with gunge that were ready and waiting to be used upon Sam. Her sexy athletic behind sat on the bench. Her sexy legs straddled it. Her whole muscular body tensed up in anticipation. Her teammate then shouted,” It’s time for the gunge.” Sam buried her face in her hands as her teammates lifted one of the coolers of gunge into the air. The cooler contained gallons of sloppy pink gunge. Two of her teammates lifted it into the air. It was very heavy from the weight of the gunge. This would be like a Gatorade shower, but on a totally different level.
They raised the cooler in the air as the chants sped up. They looked at one another, smiled and tipped the cooler over. Gunge rained down from the cooler all over Sam. A huge wave fell over her, washing over her. In a split second, she was covered from head to toe in messy pink gunge. It soaked her uniform and covered her hair and face. It was all over her body and it kept flowing. There was tons of it. It was everywhere. The entire shower floor was covered in puddles of it as it dripped down off of the sexy athlete. Sam felt the warm touch of gunge all over her body. Everyone cheered and laughed as she was covered in gunge.

A second cooler was then pulled out. This one contained thick blue gunge. Sam’s hands were still upon her head. She closed her eyes as they tipped the second cooler of gunge out over her. She moaned as the second lot of gunge was dumped unceremoniously all over her. The whole team watched in delight as gunge descended over her body once more. She could do nothing but close her eyes and let the gunge pour all over her. It was splattered everywhere. She could feel the limy mess all over her body. It soaked her uniform and was all over what she had on beneath it as well. She could feel it slithering inside of her clothing. She wiggled her legs. She then ran her hands over her face and forehead, pushing back layer upon layer of gooey mess. She waved her hands, splashing gunge in all directions. She laughed and bowed a little. 

Everyone cheered. “Let’s hear it for Sam,” her teammate shouted. Everyone cheered. Sam just shouted,” We did it girls.” They continued to celebrate. Sam wiped some of the gunge from her body and clothing. She then peeled her uniform off. It clung to her body in all of the gunge now. She was in the right place because she walked right into the showers. She took her hair elastic out and swung her gungy hair around. She then turned the warm water on and began to scrub the gunge for her now naked body. Luckily for her , one or two of her teammates volunteered to assist with this.