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Alice Levine Big Brother's gunge on the side

Alice Levine: Big Brother’s gunge on the side

Big Brother and Big Brother’s Bit on the side have featured gunge tanks many times in the past few years. All this time, the presenters had managed to avoid getting messy. All that was about to change. Presenters Alice Levine and Jamie East were put up for the public vote. The person with the most votes would be getting gunged. The makers of the show were sure that it would be Jamie who would be getting messy. They thought that people would think it hilarious to see a hairy man get covered in mess. Most of the way through the week Jamie held the lead in the voting. Everyone assumed that this would be the way that it would stay. Segments were shown with Alice teasing Jamie throughout the week.

Unfortunately for Alice, the wam community and people that she knew found out about the vote only the day before. This resulted in a huge waive of votes for Alice. Alice and Jamie were not told beforehand how the votes were going. They were only told the day before that Jamie had the lead. Alice was pretty confident that she would not be getting messy. She wore a white ruffled top with a fancy red velvet dress. She was dressed in her usual unique style.

Throughout broadcast, Alice was bitchy towards Jamie, gloating about what she would do to him. She was blissfully unaware that hundreds were voting for her online to receive the gunging. Unfortunately for her, things would go worse for her than she ever could have suspected. For some reason, the production team seemed to think that Jamie getting messed up would be hilarious and just assumed that everyone would agree. No one really anticipated Alice losing, but they could not fix the vote either. It became clear before the show that Alice would be getting it, but this was kept a secret. Jamie was even dressed in a wet suit for the occasion. The vote this time, was clearly not a fix.

The gunge tank was ready with thick gloppy pink gunge. It was featured throughout the week leading up to the gunging. It was going to get very messy for someone. Finally, it came time for the announcement of the winner of the vote. Alice and Jamie were brought out. The tank was in the middle of the set this time, rather than outside in Elstree Studios. Emma Willis, the regular host of the show was allowed to be the one to read the results. Everything pointed in Jamie’s direction, but things were about to go in a different direction.

“Well,” Emma said,” Our viewers have been voting online all week to send someone plunging into the gunge. They had the choice of Jamie or Alice, but who will it be?” The crowd gave hushed oohs and awws. “If Alice and Jamie will join me now.” They both came over. Jamie was wearing what looked like a scuba diving wet suit. Alice was dressed in her short red dress, revealing a lot of leg as well. They both looked a bit nervous as they entered the studio to the applause of the audience. Emma laughed. “You guys look so nervous. Don’t worry, it’s only a bit of gunge. It’s nothing to really worry too much about, at the end of the day.” Alice and Jamie just looked at her sarcastically. She giggled. “Really, it is no big deal,” she said.

“Ok, here we go guys.” Alice was still confident. She did not think, even at this point that it would be her to be the one who would be getting messy. She was still nervous, nonetheless. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The lights were lowered and a hush filled the studio. “I can now reveal that the person with the most votes and the person who will be going in the gunge tank is…” Jamie looked resigned to the fact that it was, most likely, going to be him going in. He motioned as if to say,” I know it is going to be me going in so let’s just get on with it” Emma continued. “The person getting the plunge will be…. Alice Levine.” The audience applauded. Alice’s eyes widened and her mouth dropped wide open. Jamie looked shocked but please. “Thank you, thank you, thank you,” he said. Alice stood there mortified. She knew how embarrassing this was going to be. Alice just looked down at her feet. She was already embarrassed beyond belief. She buried her face in her hands. She was sweating now with embarrassment. Emma put her hand on Alice’s shoulder. “Sorry, babe,” she said to her. Jamie just smirked and laughed to himself. This was wholly unexpected. Everyone was going to get to see Alice Levine covered in gunge.

Alice took a deep breath. She had a lump in her throat. She was absolutely speechless. Emma took her by the hand and escorted her over to the gunge tank. She climbed up the stairs that were beside it with Emma’s help. She did her best to hold her short dress down, so as no one could see more of her pale white legs than she wanted them to. She would have liked to have protested, but there was nothing she could say. She had obviously won the voting fair and square. She sat her backside on the seat of the gunge tank, positioning herself. She looked down at the vat of pink gunge that lay beneath her. Her toes dangled inches above the high mark of the gunge below her. Alice screwed up her face and squealed. She let out a nervous giggle. She sat suspended over the gunge, looking forward. She looked decidedly dry and clean at the moment.

Jamie and Emma gathered at the lever that would be used to drop Alice into the awaiting gunge below. Alice looked over to them and in an earnest voice asked,” Please don’t do this.” She then giggled because she knew that her fait had already been sealed. “So,” Emma said,” Alice has been voted into the gunge booth. Everyone wants to see this so here we go. It is time to gunge her everyone.” The audience cheered. “Let’s count down and then it will be gunge time. Everyone counted down,” Three…two…one.” Alice sounded like she was hyperventilating. Her face darted around. Jamie and Emma pulled the lever on her. It did not send Alice down immediately. She had pulled her arms close to her body and braced herself for the fall. When it did not happen straight away, she looked up, hoping that she had been given a reprieve.

Unfortunately for her, that is when the seat gave way and she was plunged face first into the pink gunge. She disappeared beneath the gunge completely for what seemed like minutes. Emma and Jamie laughed and tried to stand back from the enormous splash of gunge that flew from the tank as Alice was submerged. Eventually, Alice got to her feet. She was covered from head to toe in slimy pink gunge. Her pale white skin and red hair were doused in thick pink slime. Bubbles and blobs covered her face. She tried to look serious and un amused by what had happened to her. Her face was covered in gunge.

Through the viewing panel in the tank, the audience got another amazing view. The gunge had caused Alice’s dress to float upwards. She did not realize this. Through the panel, everyone could see her naked legs in their entirety as well as the whole of her formerly white panties. Both legs and panties were now covered in pink gunge. Alice frowned and tried her best to splash her colleagues with the gunge, but failed to reach them. She then realized what was happening with her dress and quickly pushed her hands downward to attempt to cover her underwear as best she could. Her clothes were now exceptionally heavy from all of the gunge that was soaked into them. She cheekily glared into the camera. She did her best to hold her dress down.

All of a sudden a buzzer sounded. Then, out of nowhere, gunge poured down from the ceiling straight down over the gunge tank and all over Alice. It plopped and slopped down onto her. She hunched her shoulders and closed her eyes as more gunge poured down over her. She was up to her neck now in sloppy gunge. She put her hands out and slapped the gunge. She looked upwards as the gunge came to a stop. Everyone was laughing at Alice, but she held her straight face expertly.

Alice was helped out of the gunge tank, pulling one leg over at a time. When she emerged, the full results of the gunging were on display. Close ups were shown of the pink gunge all over her bare legs dripping down to her anklets. She flexed her legs. Her clothes, once trendy and fashionable were now matted with thick gunge. Her makeup was slightly askew from the mountains of gunge that had covered her face. She looked like she had taken a gunge shower. It was all over her body.

She turned and waived, giving a wry smile to the camera. She was going to need a real shower now. She had never felt so sloppy and slimy in her entire life. She could not help but think that the gunge felt a lot like cum in many ways. In a lot of ways she felt exactly the same as if she had just been cum on all over her body. Her body and clothes were soaked in it. “This is so humiliating,” she thought to herself.

Friday, 25 January 2013

Richard Bey mother daughter pies

I remember when this was on. I was slow with the videotape, but here it is. Would have rather seen the daughters get pied more, but the Moms are pretty attractive as well considering.

Thursday, 24 January 2013

A few more lovely pies

Not sure if these are new or not but they are very nice pieings.

horray for pies parts one and two

I just found these pie clips online. They are pretty good. there is some guys in them as well, but the girls are hot and get pied really well.

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

7th Heaven parents revenge

7th Heaven parents revenge

This story is about the television show 7th Heaven. The family on the show is called the Camdens. The show was long running so the ages of everyone varied throughout the show. This story takes place in the present time. Ruthie would be in her early to mid twenties. Lucy would be in her late twenties or early thirties. They are played by Mackenzie Rosman and Beverly Mitchell. Mary, played by Jessica Biel is not in it, mainly because she will be in a later messy story all her own.

The Camdens were are a huge family. Eric, the father was a minister for the church. He and his wife had a huge number of children. They had seven children in all. They loved their kids, but it could be challenging at times. Most of their kids were grown up now, but still were involved in their lives. Ruthie was in her early twenties now, for example. Eric and Annie hatched a plot to get their own back on two of their daughters. They decided to create an opportunity for some fun. It was harmless, but it would allow them to get one over on their daughters.

There was a special event evening coming up at the church hall. During these events there was always raffles, games and things like that. Eric and Annie decided that they would organise a little game during the event. The game would pit them against their daughters Lucy and Ruthie. The winners of the game would get too mess the losers. Annie and Eric knew their daughters would not pass up a chance to possibly mess them up. Unfortunately for them, Annie and Eric would not be losing the game no matter what. They would make sure. The idea of messing up their daughters was one they could not pass up. They made all the arrangements. The girls had no idea what was planned.

The night arrived and everything went as usual. At one point in the evening the girls were asked if they would like to take part in a special quiz. They were told that if they won they would get to mess up their parents. Their eyes lit up when they heard this. They were warned that if they lost that it would be them getting messy, but that was a risk that they were willing to take under the circumstances. Ruthie wore a red sweater and tight fitting dark sexy jeans. Lucy wore a blue button down top and lighter coloured jeans. “Gunging mom and dad, this is going to be so great,” Ruthie said. “I know, but it could happen to us as well though,” Lucy warned. “Nah, the kids always win at these things. It is always a set up,” Ruthie said,” Trust me, we will not be getting dirty. No chance. Don’t worry about. Let’s just have fun.”

Ruthie went off and did her now infamous dance that was more akin to the simulating of a sex act than what would normally be viewed as normal dancing. Her dancing verged on the obscene, but at the end of the day, it was only dancing, so there was nothing anyone could say to her about it. The girls enjoyed their evening and were looking forward to getting to embarrass their mother and father in front of everyone. Lucy was more restless than Ruthie was. Lucy knew that things could go wrong. They did not even know what the game was going to be yet.

The time finally arrived when everyone was called to the stage. The rest of the people gathered around to watch the festivities unfold. Ruthie and Lucy made their way up on stage, smiling and laughing. “We’re going to get you,” they said to Annie and Eric. Their brother was acting as MC for the event. “So, as a special treat, we have a little game. My parents vs. my sisters. There will be a very special prize at the end for the winners. So, you guys do not want to lose, I will say that.” the people watching cheered. “The game is a simple quiz, but it is a quiz about the church and the Bible.” Ruthie and Lucy’s hearts sank. Their father was a minister. He would know all that there was to know on the subject. Although Lucy knew a lot, she could never match her father when it came to knowledge of this sort of subject. The young women knew that they might be in trouble now.

The way the game worked was that questions would be asked. The teams could buzz in when they knew the answer. The first to get five correct answers would win. If a team buzzed in but got a question wrong the other team would get the point. Two chairs were already set up on stage for the losing team to sit in. They were pointed out and everyone cheered. Ruthie and Lucy laughed. Annie and Eric smiled to themselves, knowing that they would be the ones to get the last laugh on their daughters.

The game started. It was not a very good start for the girls. Annie and Eric answered the first three question correctly. Ruthie buzzed in quickly on the fourth question, just because she wanted to beat her parents to it, but it backfired on her when she did not know the answer to the question. This gave Eric and Annie a four nothing lead. Annie was able to answer the fifth question, completing a clean sweep. Eric and Annie clapped. The pointed at their daughters. Ruthie and Lucy laughed, blushing.

“So, Lucy and Ruthie, that means that you did not win. You know what that means now.” They looked at each other. “Oh God,” Ruthie said. The chairs were brought over. Eric and Annie celebrated. “Yes, yes, yes,” they said. They hugged and high fived. Ruthie and Lucy had to take the walk of shame over to the chairs. They walked over to the chairs reluctantly. They lowered their bottoms onto the chairs. They crossed their legs, sitting side by side. The swung their hair and giggled. Annie and Eric laughed and celebrated as the buckets were brought out for their daughters. Lucy grimaced. “Oh no, I can’t believe that this is happening,” she said. Former partners and most of their friends were looking on as this was about to happen. They were turning bright red with embarrassment and were really beginning to sweat now. “We are going to be a laughing stock,” Ruthie said. She nervously drummed her fingers on her knee. She flung her hair backwards.

Eric and Annie’s eyes lit up when they saw the buckets and what was in store for their daughters. They each chose a bucket. They looked at each other and laughed, before heading over to their lovely daughters. Lucy and Ruthie bit their lips. They leaned over as they watched their parents walk over to them carrying what appeared to be very heavy buckets. They could not see yet what they contained. Lucy begged,” Oh no, please don’t do this.” Ruthie squealed with laughter. Eric and Annie walked up behind their daughters and took their places. Annie stood behind Ruthie and Eric stood behind Lucy. “So, how do you guys feel about doing this to the ladies here?” “Excellent,” Eric said with a laugh. “Sorry girls, but this is going to be great,” Annie said. “Please don’t,” the girl asked. Eric and Annie smile. They were going to enjoy this to no end. Doing this to their daughters was a dream come true.

The two buckets were filled with gunge. The one for Ruthie was filled with orange and brown gunge. The one for Lucy had white and bright purple gunge. “Ok everyone, let’s count them down.” Everyone counted,” Three….Two……....One.” Eric and Annie raised their buckets and began to pour over their respective daughters. Lucy’s eyes looked up and she screwed up her face. The look on her face was priceless. Her face pulled back in a hilarious looking grimace. Ruthie shook her head and clutched her knees. She laughed as the Eric and Annie began to pour the gunge over their heads. The gunge poured down over Ruthie’s beautiful curly hair first, before pouring across her face. Lucy’s face was hit by the gunge first. The gunge poured straight over her grimacing face. It poured across her eyes, nose and mouth. She put her head forward was the gunge then rolled over her head and neck. Lucy’s head already covered in thick gunge. The girls squealed and laughed as they were covered in gunge. Ruthie’s hair was layered in gunge as it then poured down the sides of her face and then down the middle. She felt the cold gunge all over her face and weighing on her hair. She pushed her hand through her hair and pushed it aside. She looked forward and held her gunge covered hands out in front of her. Her mouth wide open with embarrassment. Gravity had now taken the gunge downwards , all over her arms and down onto her jeans. Lucy’s eyes were shut tight as her mouth fell open as well. Her hands in front of her as gunge rolled down her neck and down the front of her body as well as down her back. It collected on her jeans and in her lap. Eric and Annie moved their respective buckets around, making sure to disperse the gunge as evenly as possible over the girls. They wanted to make sure not to waste a single drop of the lovely gunge. The girls could do nothing but shake their heads and laugh. Their bodies were coated in thick gunge. Their mouths wide open in shock and laughter. The other members of their family who were present were loving every minute of this. Gunge dripped from their bodies.

Annie and Eric were then handed second buckets each. This time they contained pasta. Ruthie’s was in red tomato sauce. Lucy’s was in a white sauce. The girls stuck their tongues out and made funny faces. As the pasta was poured over them, they closed their eyes as the macaroni poured out over their heads and landed on them with a plop. Their shouts of “Oh my god, this stuff is disgusting,” were muffled by the mountain of pasta that poured down onto their heads. Everyone was pointing and laughing at them as the pasta poured onto them. Ruthie’s hair was covered in the pasta. It seemed to match her curly hair. The sauce slopped down her face. It smelled disgusting. Bits of pasta stuck onto her face and neck. There seemed to be little chunks of meat in the sauce everywhere. Her top and jeans saturated in pasta and sauce. Her legs were soon covered in pasta. The white sauce poured down Lucy’s face. Hers had peas and bits of broccoli in it. It washed down Lucy’s face in a slathering of white and green mess. She ran her hand over her eyes and forehead. A non stop torrent of pasta in the white sauce poured down on Lucy for what seemed like ages. Pasta, peas and broccoli stuck all over her body and clothes. Her breasts were covered in it. The mess dripped from them. Her jeans were soaked in it as well.

Annie and Eric were then given a much larger bucket. Actually, it was not a bucket at all, it was more of a trash can. A train can filled with the expired can goods that people had donated to the church for the food drive. The food had been sorted and anything that was out of date was poured into this enormous garbage can. Rather than let all of that food be thrown away, it was going to be put to good use on Lucy and Ruthie tonight. Annie and Eric each grabbed one side of the trash can and lifted it as they brought it over to where their daughters were sitting. The trash can was filled with canned vegetables, baked beans, canned soup of different varieties, pumpkin mix, canned spaghetti, rice pudding and fruit cocktail. Lucy and Ruthie’s chairs were pushed closer together so they both could get nailed at the same time.

As Annie and Eric approached the girls, Annie said, “This one is for all the moms and dads.” Ruthie and Lucy looked at each other and laughed, their mouths wide open. They held each other’s hands and closed their eyes tightly. Eric and Annie hoisted the trash can high in the air together. It was very heavy but they managed to get it high enough so the spoiled canned good poured down on their daughters heads. The two young women were then hit simultaneously with an avalanche of spoiled food. It was mixed together in an uneven conglomeration of messiness. It fell with a disgusting plopping sound. In an instant, fruit, vegetables, noodles and sauce rained down unevenly over Lucy and Ruthie. They kicked their legs and swung their arms as the mountain of rancid slop slowly covered them. The two ladies looked at each other and laughed. Bits of peas, carrots, runner beans, creamed corn, baked beans and spaghetti hoops stuck all over their bodies. The rest of their family laughed at their embarrassment. They hugged and played with the food that covered them, pushing handfuls of vegetables in one another’s face.

“You two had better have a shower here. You are not getting into the car like that,” Annie said. Ruthie and Lucy rolled their eyes.

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Celebrity Big Brother 2013 gunge tank

I've posted a gallery of teh gunge tank stills from celebrity big brother on Tellygunge at
Overall, I liked the scene, because I find the three women attractive. The gunge itself was not the best. I think the weight of the person determinded the force they were sent in with, which is why Tricia got covered better than the others. Tricia, Gillian and Lacey all got gunged. I think that they are all attractive. They looekd especially good on the opening night. I would have preferred that the gunge tank from last year was used, where the gunge was overhead. They didn't have helmets or goggles either and the gunge fell on their heads and not their lower bodies. But, hey, am grateful for anything we get. It is also clear that Tricia did not have a bra on for this as evidenced by her visible nipples. Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys.

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Three presenters in the stalls

A Request

Three presenters in the stalls

It was a special episode of Let her have it. Mr. G. came out as always to the applause of the crowd. “Today will feature the famous Giant Flush, but in a special way. Today we have something special set up for our guests,” Mr. G. said. “We thought it would be nice if the ladies today could share the lovely experience with someone. So, we have three stalls set up together. We know how women usually like to go to the bathroom in groups, so we thought that we would make them feel right at home,” Mr. G. said. He then showed everyone the stalls. They were exactly like real toilet stalls. Each one had a real toilet in it for someone to sit on. The only thing missing of course was the doors. The Giant Flush was similar to normal, but of course the flow would be directed to one stall at a time. “Isn’t it elegant,” Mr. G. joked,” Our facilities are all ready. All we need now is our guests.”

“Our guests this evening are some television presenters. We have Natalie Sawyer, Susanna Reid and Georgie Thompson. Please welcome them to our show.” They all entered. They waived and smiled, but looked nervous as well. Each one seemed to be trying to outdo the others when it came to the length of their skirts. All were showing tons of their sexy legs. The girls knew that they would soon be taking their seats on their thrones. The three of them looked exceptionally sexy. Susanna was in red, Natalie in black and Georgie in blue. They knew that there was a very good chance that they would soon be covered in brown. Susanna looked particularly nervous and uncomfortable. Natalie and Georgie saw the toilet stalls at the same time. They pointed and laughed, knowing where they would be seated.

“Come on ladies, let me show you to your special seats that await you,” Mr. G. said, “These three are dying for the toilet, so we will oblige them.” He lead the ladies over to the toilet stalls. “One for each of you ladies,” he said politely, as if he was placing them in the lap of luxury. The ladies each entered their respective stalls. They looked down. They turned up their noses. “They absolutely stink,” Susanna said. Georgie laughed. They looked downward as they lowered their bottoms onto the toilets below. Their skirts coming up even higher, revealing even more sexy leg to everyone. “This is so embarrassing,” Susanna said. They could not believe that they were now sat on toilets on national television. They did their best to make themselves comfortable on the toilets that they sat. At least they would be given a chance to save themselves. There was at least some hope left for them. They looked up and took a deep breath when they saw what was above their heads.

“As you will notice, ladies, above your heads is the giant flush. We will be playing a little game today. You will be given the opportunity to save yourselves from a flushing,” Mr. G. said. “Basically the game is a speed quiz. We will be asking each of you questions. The questions will be easy, but you will only have a few seconds to answer them. If you get the question wrong or fail to answer, the toilet will be flushed upon you. Got it?” Everyone cheered. The women looked at each other. This was not going to be fun. Mr. G. got everyone ready. Some speedy music started and the game began. “Ok, everyone here we go, better get ready, because there is very little margin for error here,” Me. G. said.

“So your time starts now,” he began. He started with Susanna, followed by Natalie and finally Georgie. The three ladies readied themselves. They needed to pay attention, or they would fail. Mr. G. started asking the questions. He asked Susanna then Natalie and then Georgie. They all got their first questions correct. He then began asking the questions quicker. They all got their second question correct. He then quickly asked Susanna her next question. Unfortunately for her, she was not paying attention, because she did not realize that it was her turn again.

A buzzer sounds. Susanna didn’t even realize that she had not gotten the question correct. All of a sudden the sound of a toilet flushing was heard from above. The sound of someone going to the toilet and farting noises then rang out. Susanna’s mouth fell open and her eyes widened. Before she could even look upwards, a torrent of thick gloppy brown gunge poured down into her stall straight down onto her. She screamed. It landed all over her with a disgusting plopping noise. It poured and poured on her. It seemed to go on for ages and ages. It fell down her face and matted her hair. It fell down her front. Brown gloppy gunge plopped all over her sexy tanned bare legs. If bounced all over the toilet and the walls of the stall. Brown lumpy gunge splattered everywhere in the stall. It splattered her read dress and her body. She crouched her shoulders and hugged herself. The other women did not laugh. They just looked on horrified because they knew that there was a very good chance that they would be suffering a similar fate quite shortly. Susanna ran her hands over her face and hair. She shook her head, still in shock by what had just happened. Brown gunge ran down her clothes and sexy legs. Everyone else stopped and laughed.

The game then quickly started again. Natalie and Georgie happened to get their next questions correct. They were able to go through the next cycle ok. The questions got faster and faster. They had to really think on their feet now. It just got quicker and quicker.

Finally Natalie was asked a question. She stuttered and stumbled with the answer. “Oh no, please. God no,” she said, realizing that she had not answered quickly enough. She quickly shut her eyes and lowered her shoulders. The toilet then flushed and the famous bathroom noises rang out. Masses of the thick lumpy brown gunge poured down from above onto Natalie’s head. She squealed and laughed as her face was instantly covered in a sloppy brown mess. Brown gunge began piling on her head and covering her breasts. Her lap was soon filled with the brown glop as well. It sprayed all over Natalie. She shook her hands playing wildly. She slammed her hands against the walls of the stall. Everyone applauded.

Then before anyone realized what was happening, Mr. G. asked Georgie her question. She did not have time to react and then suddenly the buzzer sounded again. For a third time, the giant flush, flushed. The infamous noises of the giant flush filled the studio. Georgie attempted to put her arms over her head to block the onslaught of brown gunge that was about to fall upon her from above. The bathroom noises echoed once again and more of the thick brown gunge fell from the air and landed on Georgie’s head. She pouted and moaned as she was hit by a deluge of brown muck. She kicked her legs as the brown muck poured and poured over her. It covered her blonde hair and slopped its way over her face and body. She stuck her tongue out as the brown gunge covered her. She laughed loudly. The other two women looked at her.

The camera then panned past all three women. All plastered in brown gunge. Mr. G. smiled at them. They all looked overwhelmed the gloppiness of the muck that covered them. “Well, ladies, ladies, ladies, it looked as though you really needed that. Just a word of advice. If anyone out there visit’s a bathroom and sees any one of these ladies exiting, I would leave it a few minutes,” he joked. The three women laughed. They then glared at him, each trying their best to wipe away some of the gloppy mess and to maintain some modicum of dignity. “Ok everyone, let’s give them a hand, they were such good sports.”

The three gunge covered ladies politely smiled and waived as the credits rolled. They talked amongst themselves about how embarrassing what had just happened to them was.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

AJ Lee gets dumped on.

AJ and Dolph Ziggler get dumped on by John Cena. I may upload all the pics soon. I was quite a nice scene.

Rita Ora worst dressed

Rita Ora worst dressed

Rita Ora was delighted to hear that she was to be given an award. She was so delighted that she did not bother to ask what the award was for or what it entailed. She arrived at the awards ceremony in one of her hideous outfits. Little did she know that the award was for the worst dressed celebrity, Other celebrities were at the ceremony and received other good natured awards similar to the one that Rita would be receiving. The atmosphere was very playful and wild. Some of the celebrities were the butt of some good natured jokes, but they all took it in stride. Everyone laughed. It was slightly embarrassing at times, but nothing more than that. Rita also had no idea what award she was going to be receiving.

Rita wore a sleeveless white body suit that were like Capri pants on the bottom. Finally it was time for the worst dressed celebrity award. Two celebrities, comedians, announced the nominations. Rita had been unaware that she was nominated. “And the nominees are, Rihanna, Nicki Minaj, Tulisa, Jessie J and Rita Ora.” When Rita heard that she was nominated, she knew that this must be the won that she had won for. Loads of thoughts flashed through her head. Worst dressed, that was a little embarrassing but it could have been a lot worse. Anyway, she may not have won it anyway. Her head spun. “And the winner is…. Rita Ora.” She giggled and stood up. People congratulated her. She made her way on stage, not knowing how she should feel about what was happening.

As she walked up on stage a video package was played making fun of some of the outfits that she had worn and the outlandish make up that she had worn. The package called her outfits hideous, eliciting laughter from the audience. The package did say that she was an attractive girl, but her clothes and makeup were awful. Rita finally got to the podium. She shook the presenters hands. The announcer then came on and said that there was a very special part of this very special award for Rita. Rita did not know what was meant by this. The presenters told her to just look forward and to stand on the x. She complied, having no clue what was about to happen.

With that, a loud buzzer went off and the lights flashed. Rita still did not know what was happening. She looked up. As she looked up, she was hit with a deluge of sloppy green slime. Everyone erupted in laughter. Rita’s mouth fell open but she giggled as the slime poured down over her face and her bleached blonde hair. It poured down her face, soaking her in slime. It poured down her front, all over her clothes, soaking and staining them green. She held her hands out in front of her, not knowing quite what to do or what to say.

The green slime then turned rainbow. White, orange, pink and blue slime rained on her in all directions. Rita wiped her hands over her face, rubbing the slime around. The slime destroying her clothing, staining it all sorts of colours. It fell into her outfit and dripped all the way down her. It seemed to pour for ages from above her. Rita stood motionless, half in shock. She kept her eyes on the ground as the seemingly endless downpour of slime rained down over her.

When the slime finally ceased, some stagehands then approached Rita with buckets of sticky yellow cake batter. They walked up in front of her and began to dump the thick, sloppy yellow mess down the front of Rita’s formerly white outfit. They liberally poured the batter over her front and then over the top of her head. Her thick makeup was barely even effected by the mounds of thick sloppy mess that covered her head. Her mouth was wide open with shock.

Next, one of the stagehands approached carrying a pair of scissors. He playfully chopped the air with the scissors as he approached. He went around to Rita’s back. Much to her surprise, he grabbed the back of her jumpsuit and started cutting it with the scissors. He cut around , making an uneven shape as he went, cutting most of the back off of her outfit. He made a huge gaping hole in the back of her outfit. He then bent down and cut upwards, up the legs of her outfit in an irregular line. He then went around the front and made a cut down the centre of Rita’s outfit around the chest. He then took it with both hands and pulled, ripping her outfit, tearing it apart. He then leaned over and made a diagonal cut in it up the leg and crotch. He then made holes at the waist. When he was finished the shreds of Rita’s outfit hung from her body, mainly her arms and legs. Her badly stained underwear were revealed. They were just as loud and awful as her regular clothes were. They looked like rainbow graffiti. The audience of her peers laughed at Rita. She had just lost any street cred that she ever had. She could not believe what was happening to her. Most of her tattoos were now on show, the ones not obscured by slime or ckae batter.

Before Rita knew what was happening , more stagehands approached her carrying a great number of pies in their hands. Before she had time to react, a pie flew through the air and smashed her square in the face. She barely had time to shut her eyes before pie after pie was thrown at her. She bent her knees as her body and face were peppered with pie after pie. Soft cream soon covering her. Pie after pie hit her. She tried to hold her hands up to deflect the pies, but just as she deflected one, another would hot her from a different direction. When the deluge of pies finished, Rita stood motionless on stage. She peeled from of the pie tins away from her body.

Before she knew it, more stagehands emerged carrying gigantic hoses. They pointed them at Rita. They were then switched on, Rita was then sprayed with a powerful blast of creamy pink and blue foam. It almost knocked her off of her feet as it blasted her. It looked like toothpaste as it discharged from the hoses all over Rita. It blew her hair back and covered her entire face. Rita was absolutely speechless.

The music then played, indicating that they wanted Rita off stage. She slunk off the stage slowly. Unfortunately for Rita, the cleaning up facilities back stage were not very good. They also had no spare clothes backstage. She had to return to her seat for the rest of the show with her tattered clothes wrapped around her, only have cleaned. She had to try to clean up as best as she could in a normal bathroom. A regular sink was no match for the mess that covered her. Throughout the rest of the show, shots were shown of her sitting in the seat still half messy. She tried to stay polite but felt like shouting, “Get that damn camera out of my face.”