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Christy Hemme does a tribute

Christy Hemme does a tribute

Christy Hemme had enjoyed watching messy television shows when she was growing up. She was a secret fan of them. Although, she never really mentioned it to anyone. When Christy heard that there was going to be a show airing that was going to be a tribute to some of the old messy shows and that they wanted some celebrities to take part, she was happy to participate. She was up for just about anything. She had a career in wrestling and even posed for Playboy at one point. She was more than willing to get messy. She had done a number of embarrassing things in her career. She had a good sense of humour and could laugh at herself.

Christy came onto the show wearing a pair of tan suede boots, a matching suede skirt and a black tank top. Her muscly tanned legs and arms showing . Her tattoos showing as well. She walked in with a huge smile, looking incredibly sexy. She shook the presenter’s hand. “So Christy,” she asked,” What is your favourite messy show of all time?” “Wild animal games,” Christy said with a laugh. “I used to love it when it was the quiz round. The adults were completely at the kid’s control. If their person lost the game, they got messy. There used to be the bucket dump and the pie guillotine. They were great. I always imagined what it must have been like to lay down on the pie guillotine, staring up at the pie and the ceiling, locked in place, totally helpless, just waiting for the pie to fall on you. I wondered how that would feel. And the bucket dump was just the best. It was like the prefect messy device, to always messed the person up perfectly, no matter what was loaded into it. I loved it.”

“Well, Christy, you sound very enthusiastic about Wild Animal Games.” “Yeah, it was my favourite.” “Well, I happy to tell you that we are going to let you, through the magic of television to experience all of the excitement and fun of being on Wild Animal Games. Check this out.” With that, the curtains opened and a set that was exactly the same as the original Wild Animal Games set was revealed. Christy clapped. There on the stage was the pie guillotine as well as the bucket dump. “That is great,” Christy said.

“So, Christy, we are going to make your life long dream come true. You wanted to know what it was like to be on Wild Animal Games. Well, you are about to find out exactly what it is like.” “That is finer with me,” Christy replied. “Well, first it is going to be the pie guillotine for you Christy. It is going to be the moment you have been waiting for. Are you ready to make the all important walk of shame?” “Yes, I believe I am,” Christy replied with a giggle. “Ok then, follow me.” Christy followed the host over to the Wild Animal Games part of the set and then over to the pie guillotine.

They arrived at the pie guillotine. “So here we are,” the presenter said,” Is it everything you thought it would be?” Christy leaned over and had a look. “Yes, it is exactly what I had imagined.,” Christy replied. “In a minute, you will be laying down in there, are you nervous?,” they asked. “ If I am honest, a little. It is more of a nervous anticipation though. Like the feeling you get just before you are about to have sex with someone for the first time,” she said. “It is time to raise the bar,” the presenter said. They went over and pulled the cord that raised the tip of the guillotine. The top bit rose in the air and he held it in place. This would allow Christy to climb in and take her place.

“So Christy, when you are ready, it is time to lay down and take your place in the pie guillotine,” the presenter said. She walked over and had a look. She smiled. She then placed her backside on the board and bent her knees. She then lifted her legs and swung them around, stretching them out in front of her. She then looked back behind her and swung her hair. She then lowered herself backwards. She lowered her neck into place, laying down on her back. She then adjusted herself, putting herself in the exact correct position. The presenter then pulled the cord down slowly, lowering the top part of the wooden contraption down over Christy’s neck. Christy now lay helpless on her back. The top bit of wood hit the bottom with a thud, emphasizing how helpless her position was. Christy was laid out on her back now, looking upwards at the ceiling and at the pie that lay above her. She wiggled her legs nervously. She smiled from ear to ear and laughed. “Are you ok down there?,” the presenter asked. “Oh yeah, I have to say, the feeling of anticipation is really incredible, waiting for it to happen. I’m at your mercy,” she joked. “Maybe we should leave you here for awhile,” the presenter joked. “I don’t suppose I have any choice now,” she responded with a laugh. Christy was allowed to lay there and soak in the moment.

The presenter grabbed the second cord that operated that trap door that the pie sat on. He did not pull it straight away though. He just watched as Christy squirmed as she waited for the pie to arrive at her face. All the muscles in her body tensed up waiting for the pie to fall on her. She smiled and shook her head. “Are you ready for this Christy?,” the presenter asked. “Yeah I am ready for this,” she said. She smiled and wiggled her lips. She looked up. The presenter delayed pulling the cord, enjoying watching Christy squirm. She wiggled her body, the small amount that she was able to in her restrained state. She scrunched up her face. The presenter finally pulled the rope. The pie quickly plummeted end over end from the platform. Christy only had a split second to react while the pie fell through the air. She scrunched up her face. The pie through the air. There were cameras in place, recording this from various angles. The pie fell and then hit Christy straight in the face with and enormous splat. The pie landed perfectly. It splattered when it hit her face. In an instant, Christy’s entire face and most of her hair were covered in pie. Christy was now covered in pie totally from her neck up. The pie just sat in place where it was. Christy could not do anything but lie still. All she could do was wiggled her legs. Christy was made to lie in place for an extended period of time. She could not clean her face or wipe any of the pie away. All she could do was stick her tongue out and lick her lips.

“Are you ok down there Christy?,” the presenter asked, pointing a microphone in her pie covered face. “Fabulous,” she replied with a giggle. “How do you feel?,” the presenter asked. “Pied,” she replied. “Yeah you look a bit pied,” he replied. He finally pulled the rope and raised the top bar on the guillotine. Christy sat up. She pushed some of the pie away from her shoulders and neck. She laughed. She turned to the camera and smiled. Her face plastered in pie. Christy’s distinctive facial features and burgundy hair were all visible but only underneath a mask of creamy white pie. “You look fabulous,” the presenter said. “You really never looked better.” “I enjoyed that,” she said with a laugh.

“Now, since you did so well in the pie guillotine, I think it is only right that you experience the bucket dump.” Christy put her hand on her hip, looked at him and then laughed. “Ok, ok,” she said. “Right this way,” he said. Christy followed him to the bucket dump. She walked up to the seat. She had a look and then lowered herself onto the seat. She adjusted her skirt. Her sexy legs in front of her. “Now, I bet that the question you are asking yourself right now is what we have for you waiting in the bucket dump.” “Yes I was wondering that. It is very important that I know what is about to be poured all over me,” Christy replied. “Well today we have some nice chocolate pudding for you Christy. Are you a chocolate fan Christy?” “Yes I am a chocolate lover, I must say. Not this way usually though. Although you never know,” she said, giving a loud cheeky laugh. “Well you are about to experience chocolate pudding in a way that you have never experienced before. Are you ready?” “Of course, why not?,” she replied.

Christy smiled as she sat . She looked up in the air at the bucket dump. She caught her breath and then looked forward again. The presenter went to the release valve. Christy turned to him and laughed. She mouthed the words, “ Here we go”. He smiled as he pulled the lever. There was a slight delay. Christy scrunched up her face. She looked upwards. The chocolate pudding then began to fall down onto her. It fell with a plop down onto Christy’s face. The first bits of it poured onto Christy’s face. More poured all around Christy, splashing on her calves and knees and all over her top and arms. At first it came out slowly, but then sped up. A gigantic amount of the pudding began to cover Christy’s soft burgundy hair. She closed her eyes as the front part of her face became covered in chocolate pudding. The top of her body was slowly covered in pudding. Her top was already being weighed down by pudding. It covered her shoulders and the tops of her arms. She rubbed her arms with the pudding. More poured onto her skirt and between her legs. Everything was coated in chocolate pudding. It was soft, cool and dark brown. She ran her hands through her chocolate covered hair. She laughed. Christy shook her head and laughed. Her entire body was splattered in the chocolate mess. It felt cold and soft all over her. Her hands plopped around in the chocolate. She rubbed her hands on her skirt and on her thighs. She was completely covered from head to toe. Even her boots were covered in the chocolate.

“So Christy, do you have anything to say,” the presenter asked. “Do I get a free Wild Animal Games t-shirt?,” she asked. “That can be arranged,” he replied. “Excellent,” Christy said, giving two thumbs up. She stood up and let the chocolate pudding roll down her body. There were huge collections of it on her face, chest, skirt and knees. The t-shirt was brought out. It was the normal Wild Animal Games t-shirt with a circular logo on it. Christy was handed the shirt. She smiled and looked at it. She then held it up for everyone to see. She did a dance and gave out a “Wooo”.

New poll

Hi Everyone,

For a change, I thought I would put up a poll. The question is other than celebrities, who would you like to see get messed most in your life. There are a lot options. Sometimes I do stories for people about themselves or others. I just never publish them here. If anyone would like to email me and tell me about who they would like to see messed or anything like that, that is ok too. Enjoy the poll. My email address is  As always,I would love to hear from people who have been on messy shows of celebs that have been featured or would like to be featured. Thanks for your time.

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Lucy Davis faces a prank

Lucy Davis faces a prank

Lucy Davis made a name for herself on the show the Office. She was one of the only females who was a regular on the show. Everyone else on the show were men. They were also comedians. They were always playing pranks and having a laugh. It came to a point where Lucy became the butt of their jokes on a very regular basis. Whoopie cushions and stink bombs became popular. They even pulled pranks on her in the bathroom, such as leaving the toilet seat up and putting cling film over the toilet seat. It was all pretty juvenile. They loved to see her reaction. They loved to see her get angry. She would yell at them in her anger. The more angry she became the funnier they all found it. She did not like being laughed at.

The whole thing escalated to the point where everyone else on the set decided to pull a more elaborate prank on Lucy. This time it would be a messy one. The idea of seeing Lucy getting covered in mess was something that appealed to everyone. Her reaction was something that everyone was looking forward to seeing as well. It was going to be a day of total embarrassment for Lucy. Lucy was not everyone’s cup of tea, but she was very attractive to a number of the male population. Today she wore a pale yellow skirt and a light blue jumper. She was dressed as her character, Dawn. She was slightly chubby. She had an amazing backside. The words “Crack of dawn” were uttered quite often on set. She had no idea that she was going to end up getting dirty that afternoon. The guys set the whole thing up for her. She had no idea what was going to be coming her way. She was used to being laughed at but not in the way that it was going to happen today. It was a sort of initiation in a way for her.

Little did Lucy know the lady’s bathroom was all specially set up for her. What everyone was waiting for was for Lucy to need to use the toilet. When she went in and flushed the toilet, it would trigger the mess. This carried with it a sort of inbuilt tension. Everyone was waiting eagerly all day for Lucy to have to use the toilet. Everyone anxiously wondering when it was going to be. Not wanting to miss it. It did not come right away either. Everyone had to wait it out. She did not attempt to go to the bathroom until after lunch. Everyone waited all morning. She could tell that everyone was looking at her a bit funny but had no idea why.

Finally, at 13:30, her stomach began to rumble. “I need the toilet,” she announced. Everyone’s eyes lit up. She made her way to the bathroom, went into the stall and sat down. She did her business as usual. They all were standing by close by. They were so close that they were able to hear everything that she was doing in embarrassing detail. Finally she pulled down the handle to flush the toilet. She was still sat on it. Her skirt and panties were still down around her ankles. When she flushed it, she heard a noise that she had never heard before. It took her by complete surprise. She looked up and around to see what it was. It almost sounded like a protracted belching noise.

As she looked up she could feel something drop from above. Out of the air fell masses of slop. It started with what appeared to be cole slaw. There was masses of it. It fell from the ceiling of the bathroom straight down onto Lucy’s head. Lucy screamed in shock, but her face and mouth were instantly covered in foul tasting cole slaw. “Ahhhhh!,” she screamed. It fell down hitting her on the head and spraying everywhere. It was sloppy and disgusting. She had no time to react. She tried to stand up , but fell backwards on her backside onto the toilet again.

Before she knew it the cole slaw slowed and what appeared to be baked beans started. Beans poured down onto her. They poured onto her soft blonde hair and down onto her red face. She hadn’t even had time to process what was happening to her. After all, you don’t expect to go to the bathroom and all of a sudden to have loads of sloppy food rain down over you. It doesn’t happen very often. All she could feel was disgusting baked beans plopping downward over her. It felt cold and sloppy. The sloppy bean sauce combined with the creamy cole slaw all over her skin. “What the hell is this,” she said to herself. By this time, she was beginning to realize what was happening. By that time she was covered in baked beans and cole slaw. They stuck all over her. The whole stall was also tinged and stains in bean sauce and coleslaw. It was all over the floors and all over the stall walls. It splashed everywhere.

Just then she closed her eyes and looked up. Just as she looked up a gigantic pile of shepherd’s pie fell from the sky and landed with a thud square in her face. Her head flew forward immediately, involuntarily. Her face was full of mince, gravy, vegetables, covered in mashed potatoes and cheese. The blob of the shepherd’s pie covered the whole front of her face. Her mouth was filled with mince and gravy. She opened her mouth and spit some out. Some shepherd’s pie dribbled down her mouth. She took both of her and quickly pushed a ton of the potato away from her eyes and nose. Just as she did this more of it fell down onto her. This time it was a lot of smaller blobs of the shepherd’s pie. It fell down on her, smashing on her face and down her neck as well as all over her perky breasts. There ended up being three gigantic blobs of the shepherd’s pie on Lucy’s breasts. It also fell down her body, down her legs, all over the toilet below itself that she sat on. She sputtered and fell all over herself.

Gravy then poured straight down in a thick stream down her head. It dumped down over her face. It was thick, brown and sloppy. It first poured down the front of her face and then all over her sift blonde hair. She was now flaring her nostrils and shaking her head in anger. “I am trying to take a shit here,” she thought to herself. Within seconds, the gravy changed to mushy peas. The brown turned to a disgusting puke green colour. All the time, the men were outside dying with laughter. They could her the plopping of the mess and the squeals from Lucy as it hit her. Thick green mushy peas plummeted down, slopping Lucy’s face and dropping onto her knees. She was fuming. The bright green glop covered over the mess that was already all over Lucy. She pushed her hands across her face and threw two handfuls of the mushy peas at the bathroom stall door. She then fell onto the floor onto her rear end. She wrapped her arms around her knees, cradling her knees.

By now it was no longer mushy peas, but potato salad that poured onto her head. The texture could only be described as putrid. The smell was even more vile. Lucy began to gag as she felt the potato salad plopping down onto her head. It was almost yellow in colour. It fell onto her head making a disgusting sloppy noise as it landed. Potato salad stuck to her face. It was across her nose and mouth. It was nauseating. Some of it fell down onto and between her legs. Finally the mess came to a halt.

When the mess was over, Lucy sat on the floor for a minute, wiping her face and eyes as best she could. She then stood up, pushed her panties and skirt up and marched out of the bathroom. She was fuming. She marched past out the door to find all of her colleagues standing outside the door waiting for her. They all greeted her with laughter followed by a round of applause. She did not even stop to acknowledge them. She just continued walking. She stomped across the studio leaving a messy trail as she went. They clapped and pointed as she stomped off.

She was headed for the shower rooms at the other end of the studio. It was all that she could really do now. She walked all the way there as everyone laughed at her as she went. She slammed the door. She then went outside the shower stalls and slid her gloppy clothes off. All of her clothes were totally wrecked in the mess. Even her underwear were filthy. She poured the contents of her sloppy clothes down the drain. She stripped naked and walked into the shower. She switched the shower on and angrily started scrubbing the messy food from her body. She scrubbed the filth from her sexy red body with her hands, pushing the mess off downwards, down the drain. She was so focussed on cleaning herself that she did not notice when someone crept into the room and then crept out again. She did notice when she turned the shower off and opened the door.

When she opened it, she discovered that all of her clothes and her towel were nowhere to be seen. At this point, she completely panicked. She had no idea what she was going to do. She was totally naked now and had nothing to even try to cover herself up with. She waited for awhile. She could not stay where she was forever though, eventually, she was going to have to make a move. She could only hope that there would be no one outside. She decided to push the door open a hair to have a peak. She edged the door open and peeped out. She couldn’t see anyone. She decided to make a break for it. She placed her hands over her breasts and vagina and started to run. Things went well for a bit, until she turned the corner. She found that the corridor was lined with her co stars. They were laughing and chanting her name. All she could do was try to run faster. She realized that people could see her backside. She tried to cover it, but only served to uncover her vagina in the process. The camera phones were out in full force.

This was a day that Lucy would never live down. In the end all she could do was be a good sport about it and laugh at herself.

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Black lady pie

This is a nice pie in the face clip. The woman reminds me of the woman cop on Coronation Street. I would love to see her get pied or to mess up Tina. Have been imagined a lot of that lately.

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Tiana Benjamin: Chelsea Fox the family choice

Tiana Benjamin: Chelsea Fox the family choice

Chelsea Fox was someone who just naturally rubbed people the wrong way. She was loud and boisterous and could be thoughtless and rude at times. She acted promiscuously at times. Some times, her behaviour could be seen as stupid and even as dangerous. She could get on anyone’s nerves and sometimes annoyed even members of her close family. She could be down right naughty when she wanted to be as well. For example, she once coerced a man into having sex in a public toilet in a restaurant. She had a filthy mouth on her and had an incredible sex drive. There were a lot of people that would have loved to get their own back on her for some of the things that she had done over the years.

One day Chelsea was out with her sister Libby, her mother Denise and her father Lucas. They were approached by a film crew in the middle of the square and asked if they would like to take part in a television show. Chelsea was the first one to agree. She loved the idea of being on television. She was quite vain and always fancied herself as being a model or presenter. Her family agreed as well. Each of them was given a pen and a piece of card. It was explained that one of them would be getting gunged. The way that this would be determined would be through them, themselves. All they had to do was write down who they would most like to see gunged. The person with the most votes would win and be the one getting messy. Chelsea was certain that it would be her mother who would get the most votes. She would be voting for her and she was sure that Libby would as well. She was so conceited that she could not imagine any of her family voting for her. They were given a minute to write down their selections. They all made their choices and turned their cards around.

It was then time to reveal the results one by one. They would be asked to turn their cards around, say who they voted for and why. Chelsea was the first. She turned the card around. It said her mother’s name on it. “I am voting for Mum. I voted for Mum, because I would really enjoy pouring mess over her head. It would be really funny. Sorry Mum,” she said. Denise gave a slightly funny face but said that it was fine, It was Denise’s turn next. She turned her card around. “That’s ok Chels, because I voted for you too,” she said, looking at her daughter. “Mum, why?,” Chelsea said, her mouth falling open in shock. “I voted for Chelsea, because she deserves it more than anyone else. She can be hard work sometimes and she deserves to be taught a lesson.” Chelsea was not too worried yet, because she was banking on Libby and Lucas voting for Denise.

Lucas was next. He turned his card around and revealed Chelsea’s name. Chelsea licked the roof of her mouth and rolled her eyes. She was beginning to become a bit flush now. “I also voted for my daughter, Chelsea,” Lucas explained. “I honestly can’t think of anyone in the world I would rather pour gunge over than Chelsea. I would love to see her reaction. It will be really funny. Sorry, hun,” he said. She gave a look and said sarcastically,” Don’t mention it.” Chelsea still had not lost hope. The votes were two to one in her favour. She still believed Libby would vote for her Mum and make it a tie at least. She still could be saved.

It was now all up to Libby. In Chelsea’s mind, Libby would definitely want to gunge her mum. Chelsea looked at her. Her eyes begging her to save her. Libby turned her card around. “My choice is.. My sister,” Libby said with a big grin. Chelsea’s mouth fell wide open. “Squiggle,” she shouted. “I really would love to see Chelsea getting gunged. I would love to get my own back on her. We have had to share a bedroom and bathroom for years growing up. You can imagine what that was like. She can be a pretty selfish person as well at times. I think that this would go a long way to putting her into her place and teaching her a lesson.” The three smiled, knowing what Chelsea’s fate would be now.

A chair was brought out for Chelsea to sit on. She was wearing an implausibly short black dress with cold lining. “My dress,” she said,” It will get ruined.” “Don’t worry, it is black. The stains won’t show up on it,” Denise said. “Thanks a lot Mum,” she said angrily. “Go on, make yourself comfy,” Denise said, smiling and flashing her eyes. Chelsea looked pissed. She rolled her eyes and reluctantly sat herself on the chair. She crossed her legs and angrily crossed her arms. “I can’t fucking believe this,” she muttered to herself. She shook her head. “You lot are just fucking loving this,” she said. They could not hide their joy and excitement at what was happening, They could barely contain their laughter. The angrier she got, the funnier that they found it. By now there were several buckets that were ready for Chelsea. She was absolutely fuming by this point. “Look on the bright side, Chelsea, you will definitely be the star of the show today,” Libby teased. “Shut up,” Chelsea shouted. Chelsea’s nostrils flared in anger. Her family, on the other hands were finding the whole thing very amusing.

By now, people were beginning to gather around out of curiosity about what was going on. Friends and acquaintances started to gather around to see this. Friends were calling friends telling them to hurry up and get down there. When people heard who it was who was about to get messy, they were very excited to see it happen. Chelsea hid her face in her hands. This was going to be embarrassing beyond belief. Chelsea then caught an eye of some of the containers that were awaiting her. “Oh my god, you are not serious,” she said. Her family were now enjoying themselves choosing what items to use on Chelsea first.

Libby started first. She grabbed a large creamy pie with both hands. “Oh yeah,” she said and laughed with a cackle. She eyed up the pie and walked over to her sister. She wiggled her eyebrows and grinned from ear to ear. She held the pie in front of Chelsea. Chelsea looked down and shook her head. “Libby, no please. Please don’t do this,” she begged. Libby made a funny face. She held the pie in front of her sister and posed. “Sorry, Chelsea, it’s pie time,” she said. She then thrust the pie straight into her sister’s stunned face. She planted the pie in her face. She stuffed the pie in Chelsea’s face. Chelsea’s reaction was comical. Her little sister shifted the pie around in her face. She smiled as she gingerly pied Chelsea. When she finally let go, the pie tin fell down Chelsea’s chest. The tin finally fell, Chelsea’s face was revealed, her facial features were covered in blobs of cream. She stuck her tongue out and licked her lips, her tongue almost reaching her nose. She could hear the howls of laughter. Her bangs were tinged with white cream. She tried to be as calm as she possibly could. She tried not to show her anger or embarrassment. She looked up with a glare. Her face decorated in pie. She cleared some of the excess pie from her eyes. She tried to look dignified, despite the fact that her face was covered in pie. The result only served to make her look even more ridiculous. Libby pointed and laughed at her. She just muttered to herself in anger. “You will regret this. I can promise you that,” she said spewing venom.

Chelsea’s mother Denise was now choosing what she would pour on her daughter. She decided to choose a large full of oatmeal. It was thick sloppy and gross. Denise approached her eldest daughter carrying the heavy bucket. She had always wanted to do something like this to her daughter. Denise sauntered and danced with the bucket as she made her way over to Chelsea. “Mum, you wouldn’t do this to me would you? I mean I am your eldest daughter,” Chelsea pleaded. “Oh yes I would,” She Denise said. She waived to her daughter and made a funny face. “Sorry,” she said in a funny voice. Chelsea gritted her teeth. Her mother took her place and raised the bucket over her daughter’s head. She slowly tipped the bucket over, aiming it over her daughter’s head. The thick oatmeal began to make its way out of the bucket. It oozed downward. Chelsea shook her head saying,” No”. When she felt the oatmeal fall onto her head, she made a face that looked as if she had smelled something truly disgusting. The giant blob of the oatmeal poured down onto her head. It was thick and felt heavy all around her face. Soon all she could see was oatmeal. The whole top half of her head was covered in oatmeal. It then poured down the front and the sides of her face. It looked revolting. It poured down her back and then down her dress, all over her breasts. It poured down her face. Oatmeal dripped from her lips. She talked to herself as her mother poured. Denise laughed and wiggled the bucket around as she poured. She wanted to truly enjoy every second of this. “Hahaha, I love it!,” Denis yelled. She looked down at her messed daughter and smiled. Chelsea ran her hands over her face and hair, wiping a lot of the oatmeal off. She flung it away. “Looking good Chels,” she said, giving her a thumbs up. “Yeah, wonderful,” she chirped sarcastically. Chelsea was not enjoying being laughed at by everyone.

Her father was going to be the next to have a go. Spaghetti hoops were next on the menu. By now there were tons of people gathered around to watch this. Some of them were former lovers of Chelsea as well as love rivals of hers. They were loving what they were witnessing. Chelsea did not bother arguing with Lucas or begging him not to pour the spaghetti hoops on her. She just let out a frustrated sigh as if to say,” It is going to happen anyway, might as well get it over with.” She crossed her arms across her chest and closed her eyes. She waited for what was about to be poured. Lucas held the bucket and gave an enormous smile. He then began to pour. Chelsea squealed and stomped her feet as the spaghetti hoops poured heavily down from the bucket straight down onto her. She could not believe that her father would actually do this to her. The spaghetti hoops made their way downwards from the bucket onto the top of Chelsea’s head. It poured down onto her black hair, soaking it in spaghetti. Hundreds upon hundreds of small spaghetti hoops poured onto her head and then onto her face. They started down her forehead and then down her cheeks and the front of her face. The wave of sauce poured down on her. Soon her face disappeared underneath the torrent of spaghetti hoops. It poured down on her body from above. Spaghetti hoops poured down her shoulders and the front of her dress. Her breasts were soon completely covered in them. She tried to lean forward, but that only served to direct some of the spaghetti hoops down her back and all over her shapely backside. She caught her breath and extended her neck. The supply of spaghetti hoops seemed never ending. They seem to pour and pour for ages. She wondered when it would stop. When the bucket finally was empty, the result was hundreds of small spaghetti O’s stuck all over Chelsea. Her face was covered in them completely. Individual spaghetti hoops stuck all over her face. They stuck to her nose, her lips and her cheeks. The results were hilarious. Although Chelsea didn’t seem to think so. She knew she must look ridiculous, covered in spaghetti hoops. She tried not to show her emotions. By now the whole square was there enjoying the site of Chelsea Fox covered in spaghetti hoops.

At this point it was noticed that close family friend Patrick had arrived and was watching everything. Denise called him over. He was an older gentleman, but someone who was like a grandfather to Libby and Chelsea. “Come on over Patrick,” Denise said. “I think Patrick should have a chance to join in the fun,” she said. Everyone agreed and cheered. Everyone with the exception of Chelsea of course. “What can I say,” Patrick said,” It looks like fun. He was handed a bucket of disgusting mess. It was filled with seafood salad. It looked and smelled absolutely nauseating. “Oh my god Patrick. Please no. How can you do this? It looks so disgusting.” She made a motion as if she was about to heave. Patrick just smiled. “Sorry, Chelsea. It is all good fun,” he said. Everyone applauded. Patrick raised the bucket containing the revolting salad. There were numerous bits of various foods in the salad, some of them almost unidentifiable in the concoction that it was made into. All of it was covered in some kind of rancid sauce. The old man smiled and laughed as he was cheered on. “Go on Patrick. Let her have it,” Denise shouted. “Yeah, Patrick, give it to her good,” Libby said. They all then started chanting his name. He smiled and laughed. He then tilted the bucket. A gigantic blob of the seafood salad dropped from the bucket and landed on Chelsea’s head. It was followed by tons of smaller blobs that poured over Chelsea. They rolled down her face, leaving traces of seafood salad as they went. Chelsea gagged a bit as she smelled the fishy odour of the seafood salad all over her. It looked revolting as well. She could hear everyone commenting about how disgusting it all looked. The top of her head was covered with it. Bits dripped down her face. Patrick tapped his hand on the bottom of the bucket and let the final bit of the seafood salad fall onto Chelsea. He then raised his hands in the air as everyone cheered. Chelsea took her hands and tried to brush some of the mess from her body and away from her eyes. She was livid. Chelsea was a very vain person. She was very fashion conscious. She now looked anything but cool.

Her family came over and took photos posing with her. This is no way to get a date, Chelsea thought to herself. “Are we done here?,” she shouted. She then stomped off back home. What followed was an amazing, angry shower. Chelsea furiously cleaned the slop from her body and hair, scrubbing herself using mainly her own hands. She was truly pissed off, but there was nothing she could do about it.

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Salma Hayek: A fantasy

Salma Hayek: A fantasy

Salma Hayek appeared in one of the sexiest movie scenes of all time in From Dust Till Dawn. The scene consisted simply of her dancing in a dark coloured bra and panties. The sight of her gyrating half naked body is one that is hard to forget. She displayed a body that looked absolutely incredible. All the curves of her body oozed sexuality. The following is simply a description of what I would have liked to see happen directly after that scene had finished. It is more of a personal fantasy, but I hope that you will enjoy it none the less.

Salma stood on the stage in front of the audience wearing only her bra and panties. A few of the men from the mariachi band came from behind carrying a gigantic over sized tortilla. They laid it on the ground on the centre of the stage. Salma turned around sensually and slowly walked towards it. She walked on it to its centre and then turned again to face the audience. She then lowered her body down onto the giant tortilla. She raised and then lowered her legs. At that point loads of clear plastic buckets were brought out. They contained beef, bean dip, shredded lettuce, tomatoes, shredded cheese, rice, salsa, sour cream, cheese sauce and guacamole. All of the ingredients that were needed for a human burrito.

Salma looked into the audience with her passionate bedroom eyes. She wiggled her body around as she sat on her knees on the tortilla. She licked her lips. She then picked up the first bucket. It contained the Texan beef. She raised the bucket over herself, in the air. Her knees stretched out a bit her back arched. She danced with the bucket it her hand, moving it around. Then she finally tipped it over herself. The brownish red beef, coated in a tomato sauce poured from the bucket down onto Salma’s chest and all the way down her distinctive muscular stomach. It landed with a plopping sound in a huge stream of thick mess down the front of her body. It was almost like chilli. The beef felt cold and sloppy as it rolled down her sexy latina body. She could feel it roll down between her legs. It left a puddle of beef all over the giant tortilla that she was sitting on. Everyone clapped as they watched what was happening. No one could deny the red hot sexuality of what Salma was doing. People who never fancied this sort of thing before were made into life long enthusiasts in the matter of moments. Seeing one of the sexiest women in the world , with one of the hottest bodies of all time, now dripping in cold beef was a sight so hot that no one could possibly deny it.

She now took the bucket that contained the Mexican rice. She placed it at the centre of the tortilla in front of her. She took both hands and pushed them into the rice. She playfully took her hands and sprinkled some of the rice onto her body. She then placed her hands on her stomach and started rubbing the mess around on herself, massaging her sexy body. She then lifted the bucket of rice and began to pour it all over herself. She stretched her body out and leaned her head and neck backwards, arching her back. The orange coloured rice fell all over her, it stuck to the beef that was already all over her body. Her body was also tinged with sweat. She tossed the plastic bucket aside. She then laid down on her back and closed her eyes. She rolled from side to side in the mess that was already there. She then grabbed the bucket of bean dip and slowly poured it down on her ankles and up her calves and thighs. It was soft, thick and brown. She poured it up her stomach and all over her breasts. She then lay back again on her back. She plunged her hands into the stream of bean dip that was all over her body. She began to rub her hands all over herself in the inch deep bean dip. She squeezed her breasts and slathered them in the messy substance. She could feel that her nipples were already erect and protruding. She then rubbed her hips and thighs. She placed one hand on her hip and backside and the other between her legs. She then moved her hand backwards and forwards. Salma could feel that she was becoming more and more aroused. She could feel that her panties were becoming very moist, and it was not just from the bean dip. She opened and closed her legs. She was doing what felt natural. She then bent her knees and lifted herself up in order to grab the next bucket.

She grabbed the bucket that contained the shredded cheese. It was orange in colour. It almost looked like shredded carrots. Salma tipped the buckets of cheese over her body. She let it sprinkle out all over herself. She moved the bucket forward and back again, letting the cheese fall. A huge clump landed on her belly. It fell everywhere. The cheese stuck to her hot body and began to melt slightly on her body. Loads of it was all over the tortilla as well. She took handfuls of the cheese and tossed them in the air. She threw handfuls up and down. She bent over onto all fours and grabbed the bucket of lettuce. The crowd got an amazing view over backside at this point, which was only covered by her thong as well as blobs of bean dip.

She grabbed the lettuce bucket and tipped it down her neck and down her chest. The lettuce sprinkled out and poured down the front of her body and onto the tortilla. It was shredded lettuce so it got everywhere. The last of it, she poured straight down onto the tortilla. She then grabbed the bucket of chopped tomatoes. She sat on the tortilla and poured the tomatoes down onto and between her legs. They tomatoes smeared all over her body. The tortilla was now a bed of lettuce and tomatoes. Salma pushed her bottom down and then lay on her back. She then started rolling around on the tortilla. Her body smushed the tomatoes beyond recognition. Lettuce was everywhere. She playfully rolled around in the mess. She rolled in both directions. When she sat up, she looked as though she was tarred and feathered only instead of feathers they used lettuce.

It was then time for the salsa. It was very mild salsa. Salma got on her knees again. She turned her back to the crowd. She pushed the bucket backwards over one shoulder and began to tip it. The salsa rolled out down her back. The biggest globs of it fell through the air and landed on her protruding, curvaceous posterior. She closed her eyes and sighed as she could literally feel the salsa pouring down between her butt cheeks. It also fell down the backs of her legs. When the bucket was empty, she pushed it aside. She took both hands and put them behind her back. She then squeezed her spectacular salsa covered butt cheeks with both of her hands. She wiggled her sexy rear end around in both directions, teasing as she had done previously.

Salma next took the bucket of cheese sauce. It was yellow, cheese wiz style cheese sauce. It was very smooth and sloppy. This time she raised the bucket over her head and her raven black hair. Her hair was smooth and shiny, much like the cheese sauce. In fact everything about Salma was smooth and shiny. It was obvious to everyone that she was completely waxed, by now. She tipped the bucket over her head. The cheese sauce was very thick and was slow to make its journey downward. Salma shook it up a bit before it finally began to pour out onto her head. It poured down onto the top of her head it poured straight down and then around the sides of her head, pouring down her hair and cheeks. Soon it poured down the front of her face and down the front of her body. She moved the bucket down with s swirl, dumping the last of the cheese on herself. She licked her lips. She took her hand and flicked away some of the sauce that was on her nose and eyes.

It was now time for the final condiments. The sour cream was next. It was cool, soft and silky. Salma was going to enjoy feeling what it would be like all over her body. She took the bucket and held it before her. She put one finger in and took a dab of the sour cream on it. She then held it in the air. She wiggled it around before placing it in her mouth. She stuck her tongue out and sensually licked the sour cream from her index finger. More than one person was filled with thoughts of desire about Salma’s incredible body coupled with the lovely sour cream. She bent her knees and stretched her legs out, sitting on her bottom. She raised the bucket and then used her hand to push the sour cream down onto her body. It landed in a huge white glob that went from her knee to the top of her breasts. She wiggled her legs around. She again rubbed her mucky hands up and down her sloppy body.

It was finally guacamole time. Salma grabbed the final bucket of the evening. She looked at it, giving it a smouldering look. She decided to stand up for this. She stood up and raised one leg. She tipped the bucket over the leg, letting the green glop pour onto her sexy thigh, down her knee and down her calf. She then raised the bucket and covered herself in the avocado laden green dip. She poured it up her hip and up her midsection, leaving guacamole as she went. She poured it up her chest then down her back and over her butt, finally going down the back of her other leg. She looked like she was draped in a bizarre, light green boa constrictor. Her body was caked in guacamole. The green mess looked amazing on her sexy tan coloured skin. She then wiggled her hips. She turned around, displaying herself for everyone to she.

She then got back down on the tortilla. She danced as she had before, grinding her hips. She wiggled her sexy hips back and forth. She rubbed her hands preventatively all over herself. She massaged the messy Mexican food all over herself. She then placed her hands behind her head and grinded her hips sexually once again. She then lay down on her back. She rolled to one side of the tortilla and grabbed the edge with one hand. She pulled it around herself, as if it was a blanket, holding it in place. She then rolled to the other side of the tortilla, rolling herself up as she went along. When she got to the other end the human burrito was complete.

Being in there with Salma was something more than one person contemplated, for sure. Salma had been s good sport about the whole thing. Very few women had ever looked better. She lay in the burrito for awhile just enjoying how she felt. She could not explain why, but she had enjoyed what she had just done immensely.

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