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Laura Prepon gets pranked

Laura Prepon gets pranked

Laura Prepon was a cast member on That 70’s Show. The actors on the show, were mainly young people, at the time, so pranks were a very common occurrence on the set. Sometimes things got out of hand. With the likes of Ashton Kutcher in the cast, this was inevitable. He even had his own prank show called Punked on Mtv at one point. He was an expert. Eventually, they got around to playing a prank on Laura. They were going to try to get her good. She knew that it would be her turn eventually. She had a decent sense of humour so would not mind too much. She was used to getting laughed at a bit.

The plan that they had was a very simple one. During filming of the episode that week, one scene was going to be set in a restaurant. During the scene, it was arranged that instead of doing the scene as scripted, Mila Kunis’ character was going to get annoyed with Laura’s character. She was then going to stand up. In the script, she was going to storm off. Instead, Mila was going to pick up her plate of food from the table and dump it on Laura’s head. Of course, Laura had no idea that this was going to happen. It was going to all be a big surprise for her.

The scene began normally. The ginger haired, pale skinned Laura sat on her chair opposite Mila Kunis. She wore her trademark jeans and a t-shirt. She sat on her seat and crossed her long legs. Mila took her seat and they were given their cues. They started out the scene. The two young women began acting out the scene as it was planned. They had a conversation and it got more and more heated as it progressed. It now built up to the climax. “There is no reason to get so upset,” Laura said in character. “I can’t believe you,” Mila said, standing up, pushing her chair away. “You suck,” Mila said. This was meant to be the big laugh in the scene. This was meant to be the point when Mila stormed out. Instead, she turned around slightly, as if she was beginning to leave. Instead of leaving though, she picked up the plate of spaghetti that was on the table. She picked it up and , before Laura knew what was happening, she pushed it into Laura’s face. Everyone began to laugh. The angry look on Mila’s face suddenly dropped and she started to laugh. Laura’s mouth fell open. Her face was dripping in spaghetti. She held her hands in front of her. The tomato sauce ran down her face and top. The spaghetti was very thick, flat spaghetti with huge strands. The enormous strands of spaghetti fell from Laura Prepon’s face. She took her hands and removed one or two of the larger stands of spaghetti from her face.

Just as she began to make an attempt to clean some of the spaghetti from herself, Mila picked up the other plate from the table. Laura shook her hands in front of her and said, “No”. The plate was filled with macaroni. It was small angle cut rigatoni. The macaroni was covered in thick sauce. Mila pushed the plate at Laura. The rigatoni fell from the plate and landed on top of Laura’s head. It fell onto her head and down her face. The sloppy macaroni tumbled down Laura’s face and stuck to the top of her head. All Laura could do was smile. Laugh and shake her head. Some of the pasta tumbled down her front and onto her long, crossed legs. She rubbed her sauce covered hands on her jeans. “Oh my god,” She shouted. The red and orange of the Italian food matched Laura’s red hair. She ran her hands over the tips of her hair.

By this time, the other cast members were making their way towards the set carrying various messy items with them. She did not realize that they were coming. She had absolutely no clue what was about to happen. In the meantime, Mila picked up two bowls of salad that were sitting on the table and flung them at Laura. The bits of salad flew through the air, the majority of the salad landing in Laura’s face. The lettuce, sliced tomato, cucumber and diced carrots stuck to the sauce that was already all over Laura. Laura gave an unimpressed look, looking up and Mila, as she picked a bit of lettuce from her lips. She barely moved from the spot that she sat in. Salad fell down her body and her legs. Bits of the salad stuck to her jeans. She crossed her arms as salad tumbled from her face.

By this time, the other had rounded the corner and entered the set. Ashton Kutcher came first. He carried a pie in his hands. Before Laura even saw him coming, he smashed the pie into her face. He nearly knocked her out of her chair, he pied her with such force. He mercilessly twisted the pie around in her face. Her squeal was almost silenced by the pie that muffled it. Laura held her neck out as she was pied. Ashton held the pie in place on her face for what seemed like minutes. When he let go, he backed up, but left the pie tin firmly in place in Laura’s face. She lifted her leg and laughed as she pulled the pie tin off of her face. When the tin was removed, it was revealed that Laura’s face was covered in creamy pie. She laughed and squealed. Blobs of creamy pie were left all over her face. Pie dripped from her chin. Some of her ginger hair was streaked in creamy white pie. She licked her lips. “This is unbelievable,” she muttered before giggling again. The tin had landed and stuck to her knee. Ashton turned pumped his fists and screamed “Yeah” in a silly voice. He then bowed.

Next Wilmer, who played the character Fez on the show ran in. He carried a large bag of flour. It was already opened as he ran in. He ran straight at Laura. He lifted the bag in the air and through the flour at her. For an instant it looked like a snow storm had covered Laura. When the dust cleared, Laura was covered in flour. She stomped her feet and coughed. She used her hands to clear some of the flour from the air. Wilmer did a dance in front of her and laughed. She gave a thumbs up. She pulled some of the flour away that was stuck to her hair. Some of it stuck to her, some of it fell away. Her head slumped. She put her hands through her hair and shook her head, sending some of the flour everywhere as did this.

Next came the actor who played Hyde. He carried with him a large, clear plastic bucket that was filled with rotten eggs. He gave a sarcastic smile and took a deep breath as he approached Laura. He lifted the bucket and then turned it over onto her head. He placed it on her head as if it was some sort of ridiculous crown. He drummed on the top of the bucket with his hands. The eggs ran from the bucket down the sides of Laura’s head. Most of the eggs sat in place on her head. They only stuck for a moment before running down Laura’s face. She closed her eyes as her face was deluged by rotten eggs. The smell was awful. Only rotten eggs could smell like that. She closed her eyes as yellow mess poured down her face and down her hair. They were slippery and runny. The eggs slid over her breasts and down the front of her body. They also fell down the back of her neck and then down her back. Laura shivered as she felt them down the back of her spine. Her body shuddered. Her bottom wiggled her seat as she winced from the coldness of the eggs.

By this time Topher Grace was on his way. He played Laura’s boyfriend Eric Foreman on the show. They worked together more closely than pretty much anyone else did on the show. He brought with him a large bucket of baked beans. At this point, she was ready for whatever was about to hit her. She rubbed her hand over her forehead and giggled. She shut her eyes tightly. Topher stood behind Laura and got ready to pour. Everyone gathered around now to watch Laura get the beans. The bucket was raised and everyone cheered as the baked beans emerged from the bucket. They fell all over Laura. The first waive fell down on her nose and cheeks. More plopped down onto her breasts. Beans rained all over Laura. They poured all over her legs. She could feel lumps of baked beans plopping all over her. Soon the speed increased and Laura’s face was completely covered in baked beans. Everything felt wet and slimy. She could feel the beans tumbling down her face. She could feel them down her neck and all over her legs. She could feel them down her shirt and down the back of her jeans. Everyone cheered as they witnessed her covered in baked beans. She looked up and laughed.

“Laura Prepon, everyone,” Ashton Kutcher said. Everyone cheered. “Kiss my ass,” Laura said jokingly. She just let the beans fall down her. She sat on her seat and did very little wiping of the mess away. She stood up and took a bow. “How was that Laura?,” Topher asked. “It was… interesting,” she said with a laugh. “No, it was ok. It wasn’t bad at all,” she said. She returned to the dressing room to have a long shower and to clean herself off.

jules gets pied

I can't remember if this was posted before. I remember seeing it somewhere. Oh well, she is so hot and gets pied so well that it is worth watching again.

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 9

This week's Stwnsh ar y ffordd was a really, really good one in my opinion. The lady was attractive. She got it quite good. Her reaction was good. Nearly every shot hit her right in the face. The link to the full gallery is below. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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Hey Dude: Ted wins one

Hey Dude: Ted wins one

Bradley and Melody seemed to always get the last laugh on Ted and Danny. Especially Ted. It was always Ted that ended up looking silly at the end of every single episode. Unfortunately for the girls, this time Ted and Danny were going to come out on top. The four had worked at the Bar None dude ranch in Arizona for several years now and knew each other very well. Ted was sick of always coming out on the short end of the stick. Ted and Brad had a unique relationship. They were very competitive with one another, but there was also an underlying attraction between the two that was unspoken, but always bubbled beneath the surface. Ted was always coming up with ill advised schemes that never worked out in the end.

This time Ted and Danny were going to actually come out on top at the expense of Brad and Melody. The opportunity came when a travelling game show came to the Bar None. Mr. Ernest, the owner of the ranch, used to always bring in entertainment and shows for the guests and to draw in much need publicity. This time the show involved people challenging each other with messy consequences. Unfortunately for Melody and Brad, Ted got to the host of the game show just as he was arriving. He arranged for himself and Danny to challenge the two ladies. He also slipped the host a few bucks so that the guys would have the answers to the questions that would be asked before the night of the event. The girls didn’t know it, but their fate was sealed before the night even arrived. Bradley and Melody had it in for them. This time they would not be the ones laughing.

Mr. Ernest gathered his staff team the day before the gameshow was happening and told them about it. He thought it was a great idea to have staff members take part. “That’s a great idea Mr. Ernest,” Ted interjected,” How about guys versus girls,” he said. “Oh no, I am not going to risk getting messy,” Brad said. “Oh we understand. You are afraid. You know you have no chance to beat us,” Ted said, knowing just what to say to bait Brad into this. “Oh we would win. I tell you what, you are on. You will regret this. You will be ending up totally messy. We will love it,” Brad said. Melody tried to interject to no avail. Ted had masterfully lured her in, using her temper against her. It was all in place now. Brad and Melody’s fait was sealed now. Melody had every right to be very annoyed with Brad for getting her into this. Now they would both be paying the price.

The game was going to be a simple quiz. There would be five questions. The teams would have buzzers and would be able to buzz in when they wanted to guess the answer. The first to answer three correctly would be the winners. Brad and Melody had no idea that they had no chance to win. Danny and Ted were given the answers to the questions beforehand. Danny sort of felt a bit bad about cheating, but he had suffered at the hands of the girls as well. Any reservations he may have had would have been no match for the force of Ted’s character anyway.

As Brad and Melody got ready in their bunk house for the evening they began to get nervous. Melody was a little annoyed at Brad for opening her mouth the way that she had and getting them into this situation. Brad was still defiantly confident. She kept telling Melody not to worry because they were more intelligent than the boys were. Brad insisted that there was nothing to worry about. They got dressed and headed out. They both wore their Bar None outfits with red polo shirts and khaki shorts. Their shorts showed off their sexy legs and their incredibly large backsides. Melody wore her hair down. Brad wore her hair back. “Don’t worry,” Brad said,” Soon we will be pouring mess all over Ted and Danny.” “I hope so,” Melody thought.

There would be other parts to the game show but the staff part of the show would be the most anticipated. A special stage was set up on the ranch and some bleachers were set up. All the guests and all of the staff were there. This was going to be a very fun evening. The guys and girls teams were each placed on their sides of the stage. There was a podium on each side with a buzzer on each. The host was set up in front of a similar podium in between the two. Everyone cheered as the event began.

The host began to speak. “Welcome everyone to this very special evening at the Bar None dude ranch. We are going to have a good evening. The way that the show works is simple. People will challenge each other to a quiz. Five questions will be asked. When a team knows the answer they can buzz in. If they get the question right, they will get a point. If they get it wrong the other team will get a point. The first to get three points will be the winners. They will get to take home a prize. They will also get the honour of messing the losers.” Everyone cheered and whistles. “So you do not want to be the losers, believe me. Our first game will involve some members of the staff team here. It is a match up of men vs. women. It is a battle of the sexes. We have Ted and Danny against Bradley and Melody. These two teams will not want to lose this game. There is a lot at stake here. It will get messy, make no mistake about that. Let’s have a word with our teams before we start. Guys?”

“I am Ted and this is Danny,” Ted said,” I just know that we are going to win and it will be too bad for the girls, but that is how it is. We can’t lose.” “And ladies?” “Well, you keep on thinking that, we’ll see who has the last laugh. You will be eating your words,” Brad replied. “So, who will end up covered in mess. One of these teams is going to be getting very dirty. Who will it be? One team will be getting to pour mess all over the other team’s heads. Who will it be? We are about to find out. It will be total embarrassment for one of these teams.” That is when it really started to sink in for Brad. They could lose. If they lost, the guys were going to get to pour mess all over them. There were so many reasons why she did not want this to happen. She began to worry. Melody looked quite worried as well. The guys looked cool and confident. “Ok, here we go everyone. I hope you are ready,” the host said.

The host asked the first question. The first question was about the value of pi. Ted and Danny buzzed in. Brad and Mel weren’t too worried. “They will never get this right,” Brad whispered. Unfortunately for them, Ted recited the full numerical value of pi to about the ninth digit. Brad and Mel looked shocked. Their mouths fell open in shock. “That is correct,” the host said. “Yes,” Ted and Danny said. They hi fived. The score was now one to nothing. “How the hell did he know that,” Brad said aloud. Ted and Danny realized that if they got everything correct that the girls might begin to suspect that something was amiss. Ted whispered to Danny,” Let’s let them get this next one. Then they can’t say we cheated.” Danny agreed.

The next question was asked. It was a fashion question. Ted and Danny did not even attempt to buzz in. Melody buzzed in and got the answer correct. The girls celebrated. They looked relieved. Ted and Danny clapped and tried to look worried. The score was no one to one. It was a tie now. The third question was asked. This one was about football. Danny buzzed in and got it correct. The guys shook hands. Brad and Mel gave a pained look. “Ok,” the host said.,” That means that it is two to one. The ladies need to get the next one correct or they will have lost. No pressure girls,” he said. “Gee, thanks,” Brad said. The tension now really started to build. The pressure was really on the girls now.

The fourth question was then asked. The question was a history question. Bradley and Melody looked at each other. They had no idea. Much to their surprise, Ted and Danny buzzed in. They acted like their answer was a total guess. This is when the tension built to a fever pitch. The question was who was the second president of the United States. The answer was John Adams. “Your answer is John Adams,” the host said,” If that is correct than you will have won. The girl’s future is riding on this.” The tension could be cut with a knife. Brad and Mel crossed their fingers and closed their eyes, hoping that the answer was wrong. “ It all comes down to this. You guessed John Adams. I can now reveal that the second president of the United States was…John Adams. You are correct.” The guys jumped up and down celebrating. Bradley and Melody frowned. They looked at one another. Brad scowled. The crowd cheered. Bradley and Melody could not believe in. They were in shock. Ted and Danny pointed at the girls and laughed. Brad and Mel now were bright red. It had not even started to sink in yet what that correct answer was going to mean. Things were about to get very messy. Brad and Mel just threw their hands up and glared.

“Well, there you have it. The boys have won and the ladies have lost. We all know what that means don’t we. Guys you defeated the ladies three to one. How does it feel?” “It is fantastic. I am so glad we won. We know the girls won’t be sour losers. We won fair and square and now the girls have to pay the consequences,” Ted said. “ You guys are going to get to enjoy messing the ladies up now how does that feel? I bet you will be enjoying that?” “Well, yes. That will be fun. I can’t pretend that we will not be enjoying it very much,” Ted replied. “Ladies, you didn’t win the quiz. Now you will have to pay the consequences, I am afraid.” “Yeah don’t remind us,” Bradley said. “It is going to be embarrassing, there is no doubt about that. If you ladies can follow me this way.” Melody and Brad looked at each other. They shrugged their shoulders. They could not argue with the results and now they would have to pay the consequences. Ted and Danny were going to get to humiliate Brad and Melody. Brad and Mel had no choice but to follow the host. They could only imagine what their fate was going to be.

What awaited the ladies at the other side of the stage was two bathtubs. There were signs on each of the bathtubs that read each of the girl’s names. When they saw the bathtubs, they looked at each other and said,” Oh my God.” They were then asked to take their places inside the bathtubs by the game show host. They glared at him. They each walked over to their respective bathtubs and stuck one leg in and then the other. They lowered their backsides into the tubs and sat down. Their bare legs stretched in front of them. They crossed their arms and shook their heads. “Danny and Ted, can you please join us,” the host asked. Brad and Danny, both with huge grins walked over to the host, behind the ladies, who sat parallel to one another in their separate bathtubs. The guys rubbed their hands together and laughed, they knew what they were about to get to do.

“Ok everyone,” should we have a look at what we have in store for our losers?,” the host said. The crowd reacted in the affirmative. “The cafeteria has provided us with lots of lovely treats for you ladies,” the host said. It was then revealed that there was an entire bar covered with containers filled with various foods of all sizes and descriptions. Brad and Melody looked over in dismay. They gritted their teeth in disgust. They shook their heads. It went without saying that Ted was going to get to pour the mess on Brad and Danny was going to pour it on Melody. “So guys, have you always wanted to do this?,” the host said. “Well, yes, I think they have had this coming for a long , long time,” Ted said. “Guys, take your time and enjoy this. Ted and Danny are our winners and Melody and Brad are our losers. Now it is time for the girls to pay the consequences.” Ted and Danny were invited to the table that contained all of the containers. “The boys will be filling the bathtubs.”

Danny was drawn to a bucket that contained a large amount of nacho cheese. He was going to turn Melody into a human nacho platter. Ted on the other hand gravitated to a large pile of lasagne in trays. Ted was going to transform the bathtub that Brad was in into a huge lasagne tray with Brad in the middle of it. The trays of lasagne were each about a yard long and very deep. Ted and Danny carried their first items over to their respective girls. Danny stood behind Melody and Ted stood behind Bradley. “Ok, guys when you are ready, let them have it,” the host said.

Danny took his bucket of nacho cheese and began to lift it in the air over Melody Hanson. Melody bent her knees and put her hands around her legs. She closed her eyes as the yellow cheese began to pour from the bucket onto her head. The smooth cheese poured down the top of Mel’s head and the side of her face. More then coated over her breasts and then down over her bare legs. The cheese was thick and smooth. Danny moved it back over Mel’s other leg, up her shoe and sock. Cheese was poured up Melody’s other sexy leg. And then up her shorts and the rest of her body and then over her head once again. The cheese slopped down between Mel’s legs and all over her shorts. She was already totally cheesed as Danny moved the bucket to and fro across her, leaving a thick cheese trail as he went.

In the meantime, Ted took the first enormous tray of lasagne and brought it over to Brad. Brad could not help herself from begging. “Please, Ted, you don’t need to do this. We can come to an arrangement,” she pleaded. She shouted no as Ted tipped the gigantic tray of lasagne down over into the bathtub. The contents of the tray fell out and landed on Brad’s legs, shorts and her chest. In and instant, Brad was almost swimming in lasagne, there was so much of it in the pan. She was covered from her ankles to her shoulders. The shape of the lasagne fell apart. Noodles, cheese, beef and sauce were everywhere. She squealed as her body was now covered in lasagne. She could feel it all over body. It was slimy and cold. The texture of it felt revolting. She bent hr knees, letting some of the lasagne fall between her legs. She was already half covered in lasagne and that was only the first tray. There looked like there was enough to fill the whole bathtub. She was so wrapped up now in dealing with lasagne that she did not even bother to protest. Brad and Mel were now too wrapped up in their own messiness to worry about their equally messy friend in the neighbouring bathtub.

Ted went over and grabbed a second tray of lasagne. It was a foil, catering sized tray. He had trouble even balancing it in his hands. It was hard to control. The pan felt like jello. It wobbled in his hands. Brad cringed and he approached her with the tray. As he approached her, the tray slipped from his hands and toppled forward into the bathtub onto Brad. More lasagne fell from the tray onto Brad. She squealed in disgust. Ted lifted the tray itself out of the tub. Its contents fell out onto Brad’s body. She bit her lip. Her body squirmed in the lasagne. She moved her legs, bending her knees as the lasagne was now all around her. It was piling up at the bottom of the tub as well. Her clothes were plastered in sauce and cheese. She could feel the lasagne strips inside her clothes now. The bottoms of her shorts rode up now and her butt was planted in lasagne. Her formerly bright white socks were tinged with orange and red mess now. She was already waist deep in the lasagne. Ted was going to fill the whole tub though. The tub itself was being turned into a giant lasagne tray.

Meanwhile, Danny was making Melody better acquainted with some more southwest ingredients. He took a bucket of chilli and approached Melody. The meat and beans in the sloppy sauce made for a pretty revolting combination once they were ice cold and slightly spoiled. It was thick and lumpy and melody was about to get it good. She closed her eyes and bent her knees. She put her arms around her legs in and attempt to cradle herself and maybe block some of the chilli. The result was a load of sloppy chilli plummeting down onto Melody’s legs. The sloppy meaty mess hit her initially on her knee and then her calf. It rolled down her calves. It made a disgusting plopping sound as it fell. A gigantic bit then dumped between her legs. Chilli was all over Melody’s thighs, crotch and tanned shorts. More was then strewn across her face. She gave a pained expression as the chilli plopped down over her face. It stuck to her blonde hair. Bits of beef and beans stuck onto her hair. As she tried to lean forward, more was poured onto her back. The feeling of cold ground meat all over your body was something that Mel would not easily forget.

Danny then grabbed a bucket of guacamole. The guacamole was thick, green and smooth and extremely messy. Melody was still rubbing chilli from her legs when the guacamole was poured down on her. The first huge clump fell on her head and chest. It felt cool and soft. Mel raised her hands to try to deflect some of the guacamole. When she did this, Danny just adjusted his aim and poured more onto her head. He took his hand and smeared the bright green glop onto her face. She wiggled about and shook her head. He then took the last of the guacamole and plopped it straight down between her legs. The huge blob of green mess landed right on the crotch of Mel’s shorts. Melody jockeyed her body back and forth in the bathtub trying to find a comfortable position. The tub was already half filled with a mixture of various sloppy substances.

Ted then carried two more large trays of lasagne over to Brad. This time he joked around. He nonchalantly walked over to Brad, yawned and then tossed the trays onto her. He gave a yawn and turned away, mocking her. Brad was faced now with dealing with a mountain of lasagne. One tray had landed on her head and neck and the other on her legs and shorts. One of the trays stuck on her head for an instant, although it was twice the size at least. She took both hands and pushed the tray away. Her whole face and her brown hair was now covered in bits of meat, lasagne strips, sauce and cheese. All she could really do was glare. She pushed a strip of lasagne off her face that had been dangling from her fringe down her face. Her hair was covered in spaghetti sauce and ricotta cheese. A large bit of lasagne hung from her mouth. Brad was now up to her neck in lasagne. The bathtub was full almost to the top. She could feel the lasagne all over her body. Her clothes were now packed with it. She could feel lasagne all the way up her shorts. She looked like she was taking a bath in it. She had a hard time keeping her chin above the lasagne line.

By this time, Danny now had grabbed a bucket of salsa. It was the final ingredient in the Mexican dish that he was making. The main ingredient was Melody Hanson. Mel was spitting feathers by this point. She just shook her head. She looked up and was greeted with a face full of salsa at the hands of Danny. The sloppy salsa dropped from the bucket straight onto Melody’s face. “This is disgusting,” she uttered to herself. The red mess plopped in a pile onto Mel’s face. Then it fell onto her shoulders and then her chest. It topped the mess that was already covering Melody and filling most of the bathtub that she sat in. She wiggled and squirmed as she was salasaed. It felt cold and sloppy. It had spent some time cooling in the fridge for her.

As this was happening, Ted took the final small tray of lasagne that was left. He walked up to Brad. “This is going to be the best,” he said to her. He then placed one hand on the back of the bathtub and took the tray of lasagne in the other. He leaned back and forcefully pushed the lasagne into Brad’s face. He took no mercy on her, twisting the disgusting sloppy pasta dish around in her face. He was enjoying rubbing Brad’s face in it. He twisted it around in her face as she gagged and spurted. He then let go, placing the tray on the top of Brad’s head. Brad tried to throw some of the lasagne at him, but he jumped out of the way just in time.

The host then returned. “Well, wasn’t that fun everyone? We have two full bathtubs. How are you ladies feeling?,” he asked. They just glared at him. They did not look amused at all. Let’s have a round of applause for Ted and Danny they did so well.” The boys bowed to the applause. Brad and Mel looked at the state of one another and shook their head. Eventually, they were allowed to stand up. It was not an easy task. Sloppy food fell everywhere. Their whole bodies were completely covered in food. They both brushed off what they could and stepped out of the bathtubs. Brad and Mel stood side by side totally covered in mess. They had to make their way back to their bunk house like that. There was only one shower so it was going to be an interesting evening in the lady’s bunkhouse that night.

Ted and Danny got some pictures made and blew them up to poster size. They plastered them all over the ranch. Ted had finally got the better of Brad. He was not about to let her live this one down.

Stwnsh ar y ffordd episode 3 clip

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Kerry Katona pied full clip

Stwnsh ar y ffordd episode 2 clip

Hi everyone,
I have recorded the clips from stwnsh ar y ffordd using my phone. The quality is not the best but I don't want the clips to be lost and am not sure of any other way to record them. The others from this series will follow.

Stwnsh ar y ffordd 2012 episode 8

This week Stwnsh ar y ffordd was back. A female teacher got messed again. She wasn't the best the looking woman in the world, but she was ok. The gunge hits were not the greatest, but still were pretty good anyway. The link to the full gallery is below along with the preview pics.