Sunday, 31 August 2014

Amy Kelly and Brooke Vincent girls night in

 Several people have requested a variation on this theme. I hope this one pleases everyone.

***Warning*** This story contains nudity and sexual activity. If you are offended by this sort of thing please do not read any further.***

Kelly and Brooke Vincent girls night in

Amy Kelly was relatively new to Coronation Street. She and Brooke Vincent played two girls who became lovers. It was unclear about their relationship in real life, although they seemed to be quite close. The two girls were having a girly night in at the flat of fellow Coronation Street actress Georgia May-Foote. The evening wore on and quite a few alcopops and bottles of wine had been drink. The ladies were getting very giggly and silly. Georgia had a pool table in her house.  Amy challenge Georgia to a game of pool. Georgia agreed but only on the conditions that if she lost, Amy and Brooke would have to submit to whatever punishment Georgia decided on. Amy accepted. She did not think that Georgia would be very good at pool. She was much more of a girly girl. The fact that she had a pool table in her flat should have been a clue, but everyone was quite drunk at this point.

They started playing pool and right from the start it was clear that Georgia was very good at it. The fact that Amy was pretty drunk did not help her ability to play pool either. Brooke cheered Amy on. As the game wore on, she became more and more nervous. It became clearer and clearer that Amy would not prevail on this occasion. Mercifully, the game finally came to its conclusion. Georgia had thoroughly kicked Amy’s ass. Georgia smiled contently. Amy and Brooke frowned as they looked at one another.

“Alright girls, I won. That means I am in charge,” Georgia said, flickering her eyes. Amy and Brooke looked at one another and took a deep breath, wondering what Georgia may have them do. “Ok, ladies, you play lovers on the show, but now things are about to get very, very real. Reality and fantasy are going to blur. You are going to experience your roles first hand. It will really help your performances I think,” she joked. “ Girls, first I want you to take it all off.” Brooke and Amy’s mouths fell open in shock. They looked at one another. “Come on girls, I want to see some skin.” The two young women looked at each other again. They took a deep breath.

They then began to remove their clothing. They reluctantly pulled off their shirts and tossed them onto the bed. They paused before reaching down and unbuttoning and then unzipping their jeans. They then slowly pulled their jeans down their sexy legs. Georgia clapped and cheered. Neither of these ladies would admit to weather they had ever actually seen each other naked before. The two young ladies pulled their legs from their jeans and then tossed them on the bed as well. Brooke ran her hand through her thick brown hair. She frowned. The two ladies looked at each other up and down, each only wearing their underwear at this point. Amy shivered, crossing her leg and arm over, trying to cover up. She wore white underwear with strawberries on them. Brooke wore tight fitting black underwear. She was surprisingly athletic in build. Amy was much more flat chested and tomboy like. Brooke was more annoyed. Amy was very embarrassed.

Georgia motioned to them, which meant it was time to remove their bras. Brooke audibly sighed and unhooked her bra, releasing her ample cleavage. Amy shook her head as she removed her bra, covering her breasts with her arm. Georgia grabbed the girls bras and swung them around, one in each hand. She danced a bit. She then used her index fingers pointing down, motioning for the decent of the girls’ underwear. Amy rolled her eyes. The two reluctantly lowered their panties down their legs, doing all they could to keep their private parts covered with their hands as Georgia laughed loudly. She eagerly watch her cast mates as their panties fell to the floor. She reached down and grabbed them. She held them in the air, teasing the ladies. Amy and Brooke just shook their heads in embarrassment. She danced around in amusement.

“Ok, girls,” she said,” Now it is going to get really naughty. Basically, I want to see what many have imagined for a long time. I want to see you two getting it on,” She said in an exaggerated voice. The two young women looked at each other in shocked. Their mouths open. They blushed. “I want Brooke to lay on the floor on her back with her legs open and then I want to see Amy get on top. I want to see you put your faces into one another’s fannys and then I want to you to eating one another out. Don’t act like you have never wanted this moment to happen either ladies. I can tell that you have both secretly imagined this for ages. Come now get down there girls. Time for 69.” The two stalled, looking at each other. They then both got down into position. Brooke lay down on her back as she was told. She opened her legs and bent her knees. Amy then kneeled down. She leaned over on top of Brooke. She placed her body into position. She lowered her head down in between Brooke’s legs. She then lowered her crotch downwards into Brooke’s face. Amy’s bare as ass protruding in mid-air. Amy and Brooke each found themselves face to face with the other’s exposed private parts. All of their senses were filled with the sights and smells of one another’s private parts. They were up close and personal now, seeing each other’s private parts up close and personal.

They could not really believe that they were doing this. They took a deep breath and then they lowered their heads further in between their friend’s legs. They began to lick one another’s vaginas. They each experienced one another’s pussies for, what may or may not have bene the first time. Amy’s pussy was tight and had quite a unique aroma to it. It was getting wet. It was trimmed in brown pubic hair. Brooke had a shaven pussy with protruding pussy lips that were soft and full of folds. The two now had their tongues all over each one another. They did as they were told and began to suck on one another’s clitorises. Their tongues soon dipping inside one another’s exposed love holes.  The taste was like nothing they had tasted before.  Their shapely young naked bodies were pressed together as they wiggled their hips. Closing their eyes and burying their faces in their crotches. They began to moan and writhe in pleasure. Georgia felt her own hand drift down to her own crotch as she watched her naked cast mates performing oral sex on one another before her very eyes. This was one of the hottest things that she had ever witnessed in her life. 

As the two women licked each other’s pussies, Georgia went to the kitchen and returned with a large pot  filled with homemade rice pudding.  She walked over to the two naked girls and began to dump the sensuous slop all over there sexy naked bodies. They were already dripping in sweat as well as pussy juice. Their two nude bodies, joined together between their legs made a brilliant target. She generously dumped the rice pudding back and forth all over their bodies as they were about to reach climax. The ladies moaned in ecstasy. The rice pudding felt so good on their nude bodies. They rubbed their hands on one another’s asses and breasts, massaging the thick mess all over one another.

After this, they were not finished however, Georgia directed their attention to the some ropes that she had just attached to the floor and ceiling. She told the girls to stand up. They did as they were asked. She then began to rig the girls up. She attached the ropes to their ankles. They were positioned with their bodies pressed together facing one another. Their arms were then attached to more ropes. This stretched their bodies. They were tied together face to face. Their naked flesh pressed tightly together, their hands suspended over their heads. The two looked one another in the face. Their faces so close together that they could smell each other’s breath. “I can’t believe this is happening,” Amy said to Brooke. They were quite a site. Amy’s pail skinny body pressed up against Brooke’s smooth tanned body. Their muscles stretched. They could feel the sweat dripping from one another.

Georgia then grabbed all that she could from the kitchen. She started by spraying the prone ladies with bottles of ketchup and mustard. She sprayed the red and yellow messes up and down the naked bodies of the two Coronation Street actresses. Ketchup and mustard flowed down the length of their naked bodies. Red and yellow dripping down their legs and asses. Their bodies wriggled and squirmed as they got totally plastered in the mess. Georgia laughed as she poured more over them. 

Brooke grimaced and Amy laughed as ketchup and mustard were poured over their heads. “You are two filthy bitches,” Georgia joked. She then opened a jar of pickled relish and dumped some on them. She then took her hand pushed it into the jar. She took out an oversized handful of relish and then slapped it against Amy’s bare ass. The girl’s bodies wriggled and shook. She then did the same to Brooke. She spanked each of their posteriors again with the relish. The relish bouncing on and off their bare behinds. Georgia laughed when she saw her friends’ bare rear ends jiggle, covered in sloppy green relish. She was howling in laughter. Amy and Brooke also shrieked and moaned at the sting of her hand, spanking against their exposed backsides. Georgia howled in laughter as the girls gritted their teeth.

Georgia then took a pot filled with sloppy leftover oatmeal and began to dump it over the bodies of her naked friends. She poured it as high as she could. It dumped onto their heads, covering their hair and oozed down their faces before slowly making its way slowly down their bodies. It was between, over and on them everywhere. It was thick, white and very lumpy. It slowly poured down their bodies, dripping down their legs and down to their ankles, some of it collecting in a small mucky pool beneath their outstretched toes. They could now barely even see anything from the mess covering them.

Finally, Georgia found a lovely bowl of angel delight. It was bright pink, soft and fluffy. She decided to finish the two naked women off with this. She stood a few feet from them and then playfully tossed the angel delight onto them. The pink mess splattered through the air, landing all over their prone bodies, splashing everywhere as it went, up and down them. Georgia laughed as she slopped them good with the thick pink mess. She clapped to herself and pointed at them with fits of laughter. “Come on now, let’s have a kiss,” she teased. The two actresses smiled and reluctantly leaned in with their oatmeal and angel delight covered faces, they plunged their tongues into one another’s mouths and began to kiss one another passionately. The messiness could be tasted in the kiss as their tongues intertwined. They had already tasted each other’s vaginas today, so what difference could this possibly make. Georgia clapped as the two French kissed. Their tongues twisted together sucking face, tasting one another.

Georgia laughed and then, eventually let them down. The two stretched their muscles and cuddled one another. They decided to lay down on the floor together, holding one another close, still covered from head to toe in the mess. Eventually, they went to the shower and cleaned one another’s naked bodies with their hands and warm soapy water. They could not believe the pleasure that they had gotten from the evening. Georgia had become quite excited by what she had seen as well. It made all three consider various other similar situations that they could be a part of in the future.

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Nancy vs. Lola Eastenders

***Warning*** The following story contains nudity and some sexual situations. Also, all of the participants are well over 18 in case there was any question.***

Nancy vs. Lola Eastenders

The Carters were throwing a special event at the Queen Vic pub in aide of charity. One of the main highlights of the night was going to be a gunge tank. One of the Carters would be going into the gunge. People could donate money to see their choice get the gunge. There was no check on anything and people could donate as much as they liked. Whoever people donated the most money to would be the one getting messy.

The person who probably wanted to get messy the least was Nancy. Little did she know that there were those out there who wanted to see her getting the gunge. Lola Pearce was one of those who was instrumental in trying to get Nancy to be the one who would be placed in the gunge tank. Nancy hoped that it would not be her. She would much rather see one of her family members take the gunging, of course. Throughout the evening she gave her plea why she should not be the one to get the messing. Her family members did the same.  She also went around the pub and asked people individually not to vote for her. Her friends tried to reassure her that there was nothing for her to worry about and that they were sure she would be safe. All the while, they were piling money into her donation box without her seeing. They knew that most people were just donating small change to the donation pot. Each of them placed ten pound notes into Nancy’s. This all but guaranteed that she would be the one taking the dunk. The tank was set up in the centre of the pub.

Nancy began to get increasingly nervous as the evening progressed. Finally, the time came for the “winner” to be announced. Shirley got the honours of reading out the results. “We want to thank everyone for taking part and donating. You all have been very generous. Now is the time that you have all been waiting for. It is time to reveal which of the Carters will be taking the gunge plunge tonight. I can now reveal the results,” she said. Everyone waited anxiously. The other Carters were nervous as well. “I can now reveal that the winner and the person who will be getting the gunging tonight is..”, She paused. Everyone had their fingers crossed. The tension in the air grew and grew to a fever pitch. “Nancy.” Nancy’s mouth fell open. Everyone cheered. Her friends, especially Lola were cheering and shouting. “Yeah, Nancy,” they shouted.

Nancy was given some time to change. She got into a lovely black bikini. She was truly embarrassed. She was not going to enjoy this. She walked out. She used her hands to try to cover herself. She was feeling very shy. She walked out and was lead to the gunge tank. The door was open and she took the seat within the gunge tank. The door was closed. Everyone was cheering and shouting. “Get in there girl. Time for some gunge,” Lola shouted. Nancy glared at her. “Time to get dirty,” Lola said. Nancy was silent she just gnashed her teeth and growled a bit to herself.

Her family then came over to the release lever and get ready to pull it on her. Nancy closed her eyes and lowered her head. Everyone was chanting for gunge now. Nancy was totally embarrassed. She was about to get covered in gunge in front of everyone she knew and most of them were chanting for it to happen.  Chants of “Gunge her” echoed. “Here we go,” Shirley said. Her family pointed and laughed at her as together they pulled down on the lever nice and slowly.

The whole pub cheered as thick, sloppy red gunge poured down from above all over Nancy. It poured down the top of her head first, all over her blonde, tied back hair. It then began to make its way down her forehead and then her cheeks and the bridge of her nose. She looked downwards. The muscles in her face moved around. She looked decidedly uncomfortable. The gunge began to pour quicker now, covering her hair and beginning to cover her face. She looked down at the floor. The gunge began to cover her lips and the rest of her face. Gunge then poured down her body. It flowed right between her breasts, down her stomach and all over her lap. It poured onto her thighs and down her back. She held her arms against her chest as the gunge did not cease. It poured and poured all over her scantily clad body. She could feel it between her legs, down her calves and down the small of her back down onto her backside. She could not believe the way that people were getting off on this. They were delighting in her misfortune. They sounded like a pack of wild animals laughing at her continuing embarrassment. She could feel the gunge everywhere. From head to toe the gunge was all over her body. It coated every inch of sexy skin that she possessed.  She was seen as a bit of a tomboy who didn’t mind getting dirty but this was ridiculous. 

Finally, the flow of gunge ceased. Her family came over and opened the gunge tank door, allowing her out. She held her hands in front of her as gunge dripped from every part of her. “Alright, Nancy. Looking good. You filthy, filthy girl,” Lola shouted. “You’ve never looked better.” She held up her phone, taunting Nancy. “Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, here you come,” she laughed. Nancy just glared at her. Everyone gave the messy tomboy a round of applause. She was handed a towel and allowed to go get cleaned up.

Later she returned to the pub. She was hoping that no more would be said about the whole ordeal or at least people would be good natured about it, but Lola continued to wind her up about it. The two ladies sat with some of their friends, Whitney, Lauren etc. Lola kept going on and on about what happened. “Oh my God, that was so funny,” she said,” I can’t believe it. You looked so funny. You must have been so embarrassed. I mean that gunge was everywhere, all over you in front of everyone. It was so amazing.” Nancy just looked dejected. At first the others joined in but after awhile they thought that things were going a bit too far and even told Lola to knock it off after awhile. 

Eventually, Lola went to the bathroom.  Nancy began to whisper. “I have an idea. I want to get back at Lola. Will you guys help me? All we have to do is convince her to stay later after the pub is shut. I will do the rest then. They decided that Lola really was a bit of a witch and had done things in the past that annoyed them as well. They even enlisted Roxy Mitchell to help them. The plan was easily put into motion. The girls simply told Lola that they would be staying at the pub after closing and asked her to stay as well. She agreed without any issue.

As time passed, the pub emptied, finally leaving Lola and the other girls along with Roxy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary as they had done this before in the past. They all continued to drink. They allowed Lola to get a bit tipsy as well. Lola had no idea what she was in for. 

As they were all drinking, Lauren and Whitney grabbed Lola’s arms from behind. They held her in place. “Wait, what’s going on? What are you doing?,” Lola asked. “Well, it is called revenge Lola. It is time for payback. It is time for you to get what is coming to you,” Nancy said.  Whitney and Lauren held Lola as Nancy and Roxy began to rip her clothes off.  Nancy pulled down her denim skirt and threw it across the bar. Roxy ripped off Lola’s bright pink t-shirt, almost ripping it to shreds. Lola tried to struggle and fight. She attempted to kick her legs. Roxy and Nancy then unclasped her tight black and pink bra and threw it aside. Finally, they turned their attention to her panties. They were pink and black with a cat and hearts on them. The two women forcefully yanked the panties down. They pulled them down her legs and off completely. Nancy held them up with one finger. “ I am surprised you even wear underwear. You are such a dirty chav slag.” She then threw them away. Lola’s waxed mound was revealed to everyone at this point. She tried to hold her knees together, but it proved difficult. She was left only with her boots on.

Roxy looked on with her camera phone and snapped photos of the now bare naked Lola.  Every piercing and tattoo on her body could now be seen. Close ups were also taken of Lola’s more intimate body parts. Lola started swearing and pouting. “Come on girls it is time to get her the way she likes it, filthy dirty, like filthy chav whore that she really is,” Nancy said. The vindictive group of ladies now whispered to one another about their plans. Nancy and Roxy then walked over and picked up a huge tray. The tray had been at the bottom of the gunge tank earlier. It was filled with the run off from Nancy’s earlier gunging. They carefully carried it across the room, with all four of their hands, doing their best not to allow any of it to spill off onto the floor. When they got to the struggling, fake tan covered, naked girl, they tipped the entire tray down onto her. It poured down her glistening naked body. She squealed as it soaked her bleach blonde hair and covered her face. It poured all over her naked front. It oozed down her chest and stomach and all over her crotch. She could feel the touch of the slimy mess right against her naked skin. The ladies all roared with laughter.

The ladies then thought to themselves about what else they could use on Lola. They remembered that the pub was serving quite a lot of full English breakfasts lately and there were quite a bit of leftovers left from the week. Roxy went to the back and poured all of what was left into large pots. There was baked beans, black pudding, sausages, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs etc. She mixed everything together in the pots. She then came out with them. She gave them to Whitney and Lauren to do the honours with. The two ladies reminded Lola of everything she had ever done to them in the past. “You deserve this you filthy cow,” they said. They then poured the leftover breakfasts all over the naked young woman that they held. Lola closed her eyes as an avalanche of slop, dripping in bean juice poured down over her. “This is mingin,” she shouted. She was experiencing a full English in a way that she could never have expected. The revolting slop poured on her face and all over her sizzling, fake tanned body. She could not deny that her pussy was soaking wet at this point. The other women laughed as they watched the food slowly make its way over Lola’s naked body parts. She had egg on her pussy. She had bacon on her ass. Beans were everywhere. Black pudding was stuck to her breasts. There were bits dangling from her body piercings.

The ladies then grabbed all of the glasses of undrunk drinks from around the pub and dumped them over Lola. It was mainly stale beer and wine. They quickly grabbed each one and flung the contents at her, soaking her as they went. Fluids dripping down her body. They then went around the pub and grabbed each and every bin in the place. They then tipped all of the trash over Lola, covering her in garbage.  It all stuck to her sloppy body. There was loads of food in the bins along with more leftover gunge from earlier.

The ladies then took a piece of a cardboard box and a marker and made a sign. They wrote on it the words,” Filthy chav slag” and “I love cock” on it. They place the sign on Lola. They then got some rope and tape. They tied her hands behind her back. They took a ton of photos and then they all left her there alone. She was stuck there overnight. They left her for Nancy’s family to find in the morning. 

Somehow, all of them made up shortly afterwards. They had both been completely humiliated. Lola was embarrassed and angry, but realized that she had set Nancy up so it was partially her own fault. She did learn a valuable lesson from the whole thing though. It was certainly a night that she would never forget. She did notice that many of the males in Watford never looked at her quite the same way again after that day.