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AJ gets dumped

Just a word about this story. I do not endorse the actions of the person in this story. Daniel Bryan's character acts like an idiot. I do not condone treating a woman or anyone elese the way that he has treated AJ. the story is just a messy continuation of that. It seems like something the WWE might do anyway. No one should ever be treated teh way AJ has. I hate bullying or abuse of any kind. This story is fictitious. the WWE's stories are the same. Anyway AJ rules. She is one of the most interesting things in the WWE right now I think.

AJ gets dumped

AJ and Daniel Bryan’s relationship was turbulent to say the least. The two had been back and forth many times with one another. Daniel dumped AJ because she cost him the championship, in his eyes. AJ was desperate to win him back and was willing to do anything to do it. AJ began to act a bit crazy and people began to think that she was slightly unhinged. She became a bit obsessed with the situation. AJ wanted to get Daniel back at this point. She was becoming increasingly desperate. Daniel was having no mercy on AJ either. He was having quite a lot of fun humiliating her.

On an episode of Smackdown, Daniel was having a match. AJ thought that she would ingratiate herself with Daniel, by helping him to win the match. Unfortunately, when AJ came to the ring, Daniel was distracted by her, which led to his opponent rolling him up and getting the quick victory. Daniel jumped to his feet and screamed. He pointed at AJ and shouted. AJ scrunched her face up. She bit her nails, she could not believe what she had done. She had managed to cost Daniel another match and he was now going to be even more angry with her. She looked very guilty. She mouthed the words,” I’m so sorry. I didn’t mean to.” Daniel shook the ropes in anger and frustration. AJ wanted to find a hole to crawl into. She started to walk backwards towards the dressing room. Then, much to her surprise, Daniel stuck out his finger and motioned for her to get in the ring. She hesitated for a moment. Daniel took the microphone. “AJ, get your ass in this ring right now,” he demanded. AJ was dressed in her usual tiny red shorts and mid drift top. AJ sheepishly walked towards the ring with her tail between her legs. She climbed up into the ring and faced Daniel Bryan. She tried to say that she was sorry again.

“Sorry, you’re sorry,” Daniel shouted,” Well, AJ, I am afraid that is just not good enough. You say you are sorry constantly, but maybe you should prove it.” “I’ll do anything,” AJ replied sheepishly. “Please forgive me.” “Well AJ, I tell you what, you want to prove that you are truly sorry. I think it is only fair that you are punished for what you have done.” “I deserve it Daniel, please punish me,” AJ replied. “AJ, I want you to get down on your knees and beg me for forgiveness. I want to see you down on your knees AJ. I want to hear you beg me.” Much to everyone’s shock, AJ did as she was asked. She kneeled down on her knees in the centre of the ring at Daniel’s feet. “I am so sorry Daniel. Please forgive me. I am such a loser. I am begging you.”

“Ok, AJ, I am afraid that is just not good enough. I want you to get on your hands and knees and crawl around this ring.” AJ got down onto all fours and began to crawl around the ring. Daniel crossed his arms, pointed and laughed. “You look good down on your knees AJ. I suppose you are used to it,” he mocked. “Now, I want you to bark like a dog for us. Come on bark for Daniel, AJ. You know you like it.” Daniel held the microphone to AJ’s face. She looked up with her big puppy dog eyes. “Woof, woof,” she said. “Louder, that wasn’t very enthusiastic now was it.” AJ barked louder. “Arf, arf, arf,” she said. Daniel laughed at AJ’s embarrassment.

“You know what I think a need a rest after all of this excitement,” Daniel said. He brought out a chair and set it up in the middle of the ring. He sat down on it. “AJ get over here,” he said. AJ crawled over. “I could use a nice foot rest,” he said. Daniel lifted his feet and placed them on AJ’s back, using her as a human footstool. “See AJ, you are actually useful for something.” He leaned back and crossed his armed behind his head. It was very strange. It was almost as if AJ enjoyed being humiliated. She was down on her hands and knees, her ex boyfriend using her as a human footstool. She was still smiling.

“Ok, AJ,” Daniel said, “You know what, that still isn’t good enough. I want you to know that I think that you are nothing but a piece of trash. I dumped you before, AJ and I am about to dump you again. Catering, bring out the buckets.” Some stage hands came out carrying several buckets from the backstage area. They brought them up the ramp and placed them in the ring. AJ looked up sheepishly, wondering what she had to look forward to next. She did not like the look of the buckets and she really did not like the sound of the word dumped that Daniel had used. “These buckets are filled with rotten, discarded food, AJ. Discarded the way that I have discarded you AJ. You are about to get “dumped” all over again,” he said.

Daniel reached into one of the buckets. He leaned inside and saw that it was filled with smaller containers. The first thing that he pulled out was a pie. He reached out and grabbed it and then held it up in the air triumphantly displaying it for all to see. Half of the crowd cheered. AJ looked up at him and begged him not to do this. “You deserve this AJ. You have deserved this for a long time,” he said to her. He held the pie in front of AJ’s face, taunting her, allowing her to get a good look at it. “It’s all for you baby.,” he said. AJ quickly shut her eyes as Daniel pushed the pie into her face. He pied her with both hands. He pushed the especially sloppy, gloppy pie into AJ’s face. He moved it around clockwise in her face. When he pulled the pie away the sloppy cream and crust crumbled down AJ’s face, neck and shoulders. The pie plopped sown softly upon her. She was covered in cream from her breasts up. Still down on her knees, AJ looked up, her face plastered with cool whip and pie filling. Her black hair her facial features were covered in sloppy mess. She took her fingers and picked some of the crust away from her chest. She looked devastated as she looked up at him.

In the meantime, he reached into the bucket and pulled out a tray of lasagne. He lifted it up and brought it over to AJ. He looked at the audience and gave a menacing laugh. He turned the lasagne over, inches above AJ’s back. The lasagne did not move at first as it was so old and sloppy. He had to wiggle the tray about a bit to get the lasagne to dislodge. The lasagne wiggled free from the tray and fell downwards. It fell through the air and landed on AJ’s back. When it hit her back, it fell apart, causing cheese, beef, sauce and pasta to fall all over her. Her back was plastered with a splodge of residual mess. Lasagne dribbled down AJ’s chest and backside. Daniel then took a second tray of lasagne. He took it carefully and brought over to the top of AJ’s head. He took his hand and reached into the lasagne. He took one square of it and lifted it out. He placed it directly on top of AJ’s head. He pushed it down and stuck it in place. It stuck to the top of her head. He then grabbed the rest of the lasagne with both hands. He grabbed it from the tray and then pushed it directly into AJ’s face. She coughed and sputtered as he twisted the lasagne around in her face. He left her face covered in sauce and cheese. She opened her mouth and a large piece of lasagne sheet fell from her mouth down her chin. Daniel leaned over and mocked AJ giving her two thumbs up.

Daniel returned to the bucket. The audience was shocked at what he produced next. He pulled out a dog dish with AJ written on the front of it. It was filled with dog food. AJ looked up and bit her lip. “Bark for your supper, you dog,” Daniel told AJ. “Woof, woof,” AJ said cautiously. Daniel took the dog dish and held it in front of AJ’s face. He pointed at AJ and gave her and order. AJ dropped her head and pushed her face into the dog food that was heaped in the dog food bowl. Daniel then pushed it up into AJ’s face. Daniel pushed AJ’s face deeper into the dog food, rubbing her face in it. He took no mercy on his former girlfriend. When he pulled away, AJ’s face was covered in a disgusting brown dog food in jelly. The taste was atrocious. Dog food filled her bra and covered her chin and neck. AJ looked up and frowned. She stuck her tongue out. She took her hand and flicked her hair back, dislodging some dog food. “You deserve a dog’s dinner,” Daniel mocked. No one liked Daniel Bryan, but a lot of the fans could not help but laugh at what was happening to AJ.

Daniel returned to the bucket. This time he pulled out a wedding cake. “AJ, this cake represents all of the hopes and dreams that you had for us. When you remember this remember that I would never marry someone like you. You suck AJ. I would never marry you if you were the last woman on Earth. You can have this cake though,” he said. He took the cake and dropped it down on AJ. It landed on her head and fell down her back. Daniel then pulled open the back of AJ’s trunks and allowed some of the cake to fall inside, before releasing them. He grabbed a handful of the frosting and rubbed it along her back. He then took another handful and rubbed it in her face. AJ stuck out her tongue as he rubbed it in her face. He then took a piece of the cake and placed it on the mat. “Now eat some of your cake,” he demanded,” And no hands,” he insisted. AJ put her hands behind her back and crawled over to the take. She stuck her tongue out and pushed her face into the piece of wedding cake. She plunged her entire face into it. She hungrily ate the cake. Her enthusiasm and fervour while she ate the cake was quite amazing to behold. She looked as though she had not eaten in weeks. She devoured the piece of cake and was left with cake around her mouth and chin. People did not know quite what to make of AJ. They could not understand why she would degrade herself like this for a jerk like Daniel Bryan.

“Now AJ, it is time for the next bucket. This bucket is full of disgusting trash from the back. Like you it is nothing but garbage. So you should feel right at home. And once again, for the record, AJ, you have been well and truly dumped.” Daniel picked up the bucket and raised it over AJ. “You are dumped,” he yelled. He then tipped the bucket over AJ. The trash from backstage began to pour from the bucket straight down onto AJ. Daniel smiled as he tipped the garbage out all over his ex girlfriend. The foul smelling waste fell form the bucket all over AJ’s body. Daniel took his time moving the bucket back forth over his ex girlfriend. Other people’s food and trash poured down on AJ. Some of it was covered in mould. The food that was in it was already rotting. Bits of vegetables, egg shells, banana skins, pasta and every other manner of waste emerged from the bucket onto AJ. Parts of it were almost black with grime and grease. AJ cradled herself as Daniel poured the garbage on her. AJ cowered on the floor. The filthy trash was all over her body. She was left in the centre of the ring picking bits of trash from her hair. She looked up at Daniel as he left the ring.

“Goodbye AJ. You are nothing but a piece of garbage.” The crazy thing about the whole situation was that AJ was actually way too good for Daniel Bryan. She was much better looking than him and could do much better than him. AJ was just quite fragile emotionally and he had taken advantage of her. AJ eventually got to her feet. She was dripping in mess. She made her way back to the dressing room, still dripping in trash. Even after all this, she still did not give up on Daniel Bryan. She convinced herself that if she went along with this kind of thing, he would eventually forgive her and take her back.

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Keri Russell: Why do you hate my hair

Keri Russell: Why do you hate my hair

Keri Russell became quite popular for a short period of time when she starred in the series Felicity. The show was a big hit with people of all ages young and old. Keri found out just how popular she was when she cut off her long curly hair. People stopped her in the street and made comments about her haircut, mostly negative. Keri told an interviewer once that an old lady stopped her in the street and told her how pretty she used to be. She was amazed how many people cared about her hairstyle. It all seemed so silly.

One night Keri was making a routine appearance on a late night talk show when the subject came up in conversation. “I have to ask you about the controversy around you lately,” the host said. “That’s ok, let’s talk all about it,” Keri said, “ I thought that it might come up.” “People are very upset with you Keri and we need to address the issue here tonight. I think it is very important.” “Oh yeah, I know, I have done something truly awful that has offended so many people,” she replied. “I am a terrible person, I have done something awful and people really hate me for it.” “Do you want to confess to everyone your terrible crime?,” the host asked. “ Yes, I admit it. I am guilty. I have committed a terrible crime. I cut my hair.” “Did you hear that, ladies and gentlemen? The nerve, she cut her hair.” Everyone laughed. “You are as bad as Hitler you are. They ought to lock you up and throw away the key.” “I have been a bad, bad girl,” Keri laughed. “In all seriousness though, people are genuinely upset with you about this,” the host said. “ As incredible as that sounds.” “I know, I never realized that so many people cared so much about my hair. Get a grip people. There are real issues going on in the world, my haircut is not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things.” “Oh, but it is, didn’t you know,” the host joked, “ They are going have a twenty four hour news channel with updates about your hairstyle. It is really important, gripping stuff here that we are talking about. A lot of people’s lives are effected by the length of your hair, Keri.” Everyone laughed. “ You know, maybe I have been selfish. The next time I cut my hair, I will check with everyone in the world first to make sure it is ok.” “You know, you are a celebrity now Keri, you need to ask permission just to use the bathroom now. The public own you. You have to follow their orders.” “I know, I know, and the people from the studio were not thrilled as well. My haircut ruined their show. It could put hundreds of people out of work. I could cost people jobs and lower the ratings.” “See, you acted recklessly. You need to think more about the consequences of your actions.” “Who knew? Plus, I keep getting told how ugly I look now.” “For what its worth, you still look beautiful and sexy. I actually quite like your hair like that, to be honest.” “I think it just takes a little getting used to.” “I think it will be ok in the long run.”

“The thing is Keri, people are still really furious with you. So we thought that we would give them an outlet to release their frustration. That way it will all be over with and people can have closure. Everyone will then be able to move on with their lives. Basically, what we have set up is some pies and some other stuff. We are going to allow some members of the public to hurl them at you, so that they can release their rage on you. It is also the punishment that you so sorely deserve for what you have done. I think its only fair.” Keri laughed. “Well, if it will allow people to put this thing to bed and mean that my hair will now longer be the topic of conversation then that is ok by me,” she responded. She giggled a bit.

“So, Keri, if you will join me please.” The host stood up and escorted Keri to the other side of the stage away from the desks and the seats where the guests usually sat. The host walked over and motioned with his hand to Keri, as if to say, be my guest. A cardboard cut out was set up. The sort that they use of Stwnsh ar y fford. It had two holes for Kerri’s hands to go through and one larger hole for her head to fit through. Keri, cautiously walked around the back of it and looked around, seeing how she was meant to get into place. She was wearing a strapless, light blue dress. She leaned forward and place her arms through the holes in the cut out. The holes were relatively large, so she was bale to put her arms through past her elbows. She leaned forward and stuck her head through the hole. She pushed her neck through. She arched her back as she leaned forward into place. Because of the width of the hole, she was able to push her neck through as well, all the way up to her shoulders. She blushed, smiled and waived as she looked outwards. She put her hand to her forehead and shook her head with a giggle. “This is so embarrassing,” she said.

“Ok, then,” the host said. “Thanks for being a good sport Keri.””Don’t mention it,” she replied. “Now, who here would like to get a chance to let Keri have it?,” he asked the audience. Numerous hands shot up instantly from all over the audience. The host looked around. He walked around the audience. He came to an old lady waiving her hand in the front row. He walked up to her. “Now, madam,” he said,” Do you seriously want to do this?” “I really, really do,” the old woman said. “Why would you possibly want to throw mess at this lovely young celebrity?,” he asked. “ Oh she deserves it. She will look lovely dripping in mess, I think.” “Plus it will distract from the horrible haircut,” the host joked. Keri’s mouth fell open in shock. “There’s nothing wrong with my hair,” she shouted. “Well, madam what do you think of her hair?,” he asked the old lady. “She looks awful,” the woman said with a laugh. “Hey, watch it,” Keri screamed. “I can not believe this.” “I think we can make it look much better,” the host said. “Come along with me.” the old lady stood up and jogged over with him. There was a counter full of plates set up about three feet in front of Keri. The host and the old woman took their places on the other side of it, facing Keri.

“Now, don’t think that I have to explain what we are doing to be doing next,” the host said, “You will get to fling all of these plates of mess right into Kari’s face. How does that sound?” “It sounds lovely,” the old woman responded. Keri could not believe that an old lady would want to do this to her. The woman was clearly going to love doing this to her. She could hardly believe it. It was so embarrassing. “Ok, Keri, get ready for a barrage.” Keri begged the old lady,” Oh no, please,” she said. Her eyes widened and she put on a funny face. She waived her hands. She shouted, “No, please, don’t.” Her eyes widened her mouth fell open. The plates were filled with various types of food. They were essentially pie tins filled of different foods.

The old lady picked up the first tin. Overjoyed at the thought of messing up the young attractive celebrity whose face was about to become her target. The first tin was filled with a custard cream pie. It was custard with a graham cracker crust, covered in whipped cream. “Any last words for the young lady over there?,” the host said. “In yo face,” the old lady said in a funny voice. She theistically picked up the pie with both hands and flung it across at Keri’s face. It hit Keri on the left side of her face. The lady’s aim was slightly off. Keri tried to close her eyes at the last moment. The pie flew through the air and landed on her face. First the tin fell down, drifting down the side of her face, then the crust, began to fall. Half of Keri’s face was covered in yellow custard, white cream and light brown crust. The audience laughed. Keri licked her lips and rolled her eyes. The other half of her face was relatively clean, which only served to make her look even more ridiculous.

Just as Keri was about to take a deep breath after withstanding the impact of the first pie, the second one came straight at her face. This time it was a strawberry cream pie full of strawberries in puree, strawberry sauce and cream. The pie flew through the air and landed on Keri’s face. It almost bounced off. It flew threw the air and then, instantly fell in the other direction. Globs of sloppy, sticky strawberry pie filling stuck to Kerri’s face. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth. A large mass of sickly looking pie filling oozed from the front of Keri’s face and felt down onto the floor below her. Strawberries stuck to the font of her face. Her nose and the area around her mouth dripped with red mush. She looked like a child who had stuck their fingers into a jam jar. She mouth her mouth around and left the excess strawberry pie fall from off her lips and nose.

The next plate was filled with vegetable soup. It was dark brown, but filled with vegetables including green beans, carrots, chick peas, corn, potato and peas. All combined in a disgusting brown mess. The old woman balanced the plate in her hand. She tried her best not to spill any of. She carefully lifted it up. Keri expected her to throw it at her, but because the old lady did not want the soup to miss or to fall from the plate. She came up closer to Keri and personally pushed it into Keri’s face. She simply moved the plate under Keri’s chin. She turned it sideways and pushed it into her face. Keri came face to face with the plate of soup. The plate pressed against her face. She could feel the old woman’s hand, firmly holding the plate in her face. When the plate was removed, Keri’s face dripped with vegetable soup. Whole green beans fell down her face. A carrot hung from her chin. She wiped some peas from her nose. “Eat your greens, love, they are good for you,” the old lady teased her. The brown soup, covered the front of Keri’s face. It dripped down her neck and bare shoulders and down her cleavage. The disgusting brown broth poured in streaks down her shoulders and chest.

Next the woman took a plate of spaghetti. She decided that she would walk right up to Keri again. She walked up to Keri, as Keri was shaking some of the soup off of her hands. The old woman laughed as she brought the plate of disgusting, soggy, leftover spaghetti forward for Keri. She was going to love doing this. The spaghetti looked truly disgusting. It must have been sitting in someone’s refrigerator for days waiting to be used. The old lady smiled as she raised the plate in the air over Keri’s head. Keri did not have a chance to react. The lady was only inches away from her already messy face. The woman took the plate and turned it over. She aimed the spaghetti for the top of Keri’s head. The soggy spaghetti in its sloppy sauce oozed in an elongated mass downwards towards Keri’s head. It fell forward onto the top of her head and all over her hair. It then began to pour down her face. The stringy strands of spaghetti matched the shape of Keri’s curly hair perfected. They were not a dissimilar colour either. Her curly hair was now curled and twisted with spaghetti. Keri panted, sticking her tongue out. Spaghetti hung from her hair down the sides of her face and down the front. Other portions of the spaghetti fell down her face. She gagged and squealed. The smell of the tomato sauce and spaghetti was disgusting. She would not be able to describe the stench of the stinky rotten good if she was asked to. The old lady stepped back, looked at Keri and laughed. Keri could not believe an old woman was mocking her like this. Things did not get much more embarrassing than this.

The theme was continued when the old woman came forward with a plate full of sloppy spiral pasta. All Keri could do was close her eyes as the woman walked forward and tipped the pasta over her head. It stuck in her hair and on her face. Some of it rolled off. The old woman managed to catch some of the run off with the plate. She then took the plate and her hand and shoved the pasta straight in Keri’s face. Keri was taken aback as the woman twisted the plate of pasta around in her face. The woman stood back and surveyed the situation. “I think her hair looks a lot better now,” she joked.

Finally, the old woman walked over and grabbed the last plate. This one was covered in sardines. “This will definitely improve her looks,” the woman teased. She walked over and proceeded to drop the sardines all over Keri’s hair. The brine and mess that they came in soaked her hair and poured down her face and the back of her neck. Keri’s hair was now covered in sardines. Her embarrassed face peering through the hole in the cardboard. The old woman took a bow and shook the host’s hand. She then took the opportunity to pose with the filthy actress she had just trashed. Although Keri had been humiliated at the hands of an old lady she still managed to force a smile.

She emerged from the cut out, wiping some of the mess away. The host looked at her and shrugged his shoulders. She looked at him. “What the hell is wrong with my hair?,” she shouted.

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Mary Pierce battle of the sexes

Mary Pierce battle of the sexes

Mary Pierce was thrilled when she was asked to do an updated version of battle of the sexes. She thought it would be a good chance to show that female tennis players were just as good as men. Of course they are, women’s tennis is, in a lot of ways superior to men’s tennis. She was happy to take part. Mary did not even know who her opponent would be when she agreed to take part in the match. It was going to be just a bit of fun, not to be taken too seriously. Unfortunately for Mary, the big match was going to be a day that she would never forget, for all of the wrong reasons.

Mary’s opponent was selected for her specially. She did not know who it was going to be until the press conference was being held to announce the match. She found out when the rest of the world did. She was pleasantly surprised when she found out that her opponent was going to be John Macenroe. Mary was happy about this because he had been retired for a long time at this point. She thought that winning would be easy. Unfortunately, John was as well known for his mouth and his temper as he was for his skill on the tennis court. During the press conference, he began to brag about how he was going to beat Mary. “It is gong to be fun beating her,” he bragged,” It should be a breeze.” She wondered why he was acting like this. It was meant to be a friendly game. Throughout the press conference, he continued to goad her. “Well, Mary,” he said,” If you are so sure that you will win, maybe you would like to raise the stakes.” Mary’s eyes widened. “What do you mean?,” she said sheepishly. “Well, I don’t know,” he replied. “We could make up a forfeit for the loser. Say, the winner gets to pour mess all over the loser,” he said slyly. Mary’s mouth dropped. “Well… I don’t know,” she said, now very worried. She did not want to have mess poured on her. She did not want to be humiliated. “Well, I can understand if you do not want to agree. You know you are going to lose so I thought you might chicken out,” he said. She was fuming by this time. He was leaving her without any choice but to agree. If she refused to take part, it would appear that she was chickening out. She thought that she would win, but there was always a chance that she may not win. “Ok, you are on,” she said. He looked at her and smirked. He could not believe that she was tricked into agreeing to this so easily.

Promotion for the match was put out everywhere, in the press on television etc. The consequences of the match were featured prominently. Someone was going to be getting messy. Everyone assumed that the whole thing would be a set up so that the female would win. That was usually how things went like this. After all, Macenroe had been retired for years. How could he win? It was an intriguing situation. Mary felt confident but was still apprehensive. She did not want to lose.

Finally the day arrived. Mary went to her locker room and got dressed. She wore her normal one piece tennis outfit. This one was powder blue. It was short like always, showing off Mary’s phenomenal legs. She tried not to think about what would happen if she lost this match. She tried her best to block all thoughts of it out of her mind. It could act as a major distraction for her if she dwelled on it too much. She was much more nervous than she ever anticipated she would be. She really did not want to lose. Public humiliation was not something that she particularly wanted to be faced with. She walked out on court and feigned a smile as she was announced. There was a mixture of cheers and boos. Most people secretly wanted to see her lose, even some of the women. Macenroe then came in to a round of applause as well. She wondered why he seemed so confident. It could very well be him that would lose the match. She would enjoy it very much if he lost. She could then shut his mouth and teach him a lesson.

The announcer came over the loudspeaker before the match and made the introductions. “Today, we have battle of the sexes. Mary Pierce vs. John Macenroe. The winner will get bragging rights for their gender. Plus, they will get the pleasure of pouring buckets of disgusting mess all over the loser. Right here at centre court in front of everyone,” The crowd cheered. Mary caught her breath. She took a deep gulp. She was still trying not to think about what she had gotten herself into. The players then walked out to their positions to start out the match. John continued to tease Mary right from the start of the match, about how much fun he was going to have when he won the match. Mary did not say much. She just glared at him. She did not want to have him thinking that he was getting to her. Although, it was getting to her, even if she was not fully aware of just how much. This was one match that she did not want to lose.

The players started the match and it progressed as normal for most of the first set. Although John continued to tease Mary throughout. As time progressed she seemed to be losing her cool more and more. John could tell that what he was doing and the pressure of the match was really starting to get to Mary. She started to lose her focus. She began to make silly mistakes, that she would never make ordinarily. The first set was hotly contested, but John managed to pull it out. The stress now really began to mount upon Mary’s shoulders. It was hot day and the sun seemed to grow more and more sweltering as the day went on. Mary began to perspire more and more. Losing the first set really knocked her confidence as well. John grew more and more arrogant and continued to tease her as the match progressed. The more time went on the more that Mary could sense that she was not going to be able to come back to win this match. Her desperation began to grow ever more intense. Her head was swimming. She was in a total meltdown. Her game was in a tailspin and John was quickly racking up point after point against her. She knew if she lost the second set, the whole thing would be over in the blink of an eye.

Mary could not concentrate fully on the match. The distraction was too much to overcome. John’s plan was working to perfection. He had managed to get into Mary’s head. He was winning the mental battle. His strategy was a brilliant one and was working just as he had hoped. Usually this type of thing would never be allowed in a professional tennis match, but this was an exhibition match, so there was nothing to stop John from doing what he was doing, He would argue that it was all merely gamesmanship and that he was not breaking any rules, so it was all above board. By the end of the second set, Mary was hopelessly losing. There was no way back for her without some kind of miracle. When the final shot landed, John celebrated and the crowd erupted in cheers. Mary was already blushing bright red. She nervously laughed and then took another deep gulp. She then walked to her side of the court and took a seat. A break was taken while everything was set up for the messing that was about to follow. Mary sat her chair, still trying not to think about what was about to happen to her. She was about to receive the ultimate embarrassment in front of all of the these people. She strokes her bare legs nervously and rearranged her skirt. She used one of her towels to wipe away some of the sweat from her brow and her body.

A chair was being set up at mid court. Several large buckets were brought out as well. After about five minutes, Mary was called for and told that it was time to come to mid court and receive her destiny. John and Mary were then brought out to mid court. Each stood either side of the announcer. The announcer started to speak. “So, we have a had a great match today. In most battle of the sexes matches the females seem to always win, I guess this match is the exception. Both players played very hard, but this time the guys have won,” he said. John flexed his muscles and shouted “Yes”. “Now, on to the business at hand, what we have all been waiting for. There was a bit of a wager on this match and a bit of a consequence for the loser. Now, Mary, you didn’t win. You know what that means?,” he said. “ Do we have to?,” Mary said facetiously. “I am afraid so, Mary, that is the name of the game.” “Oh, ok,” she said, nervously laughing. He motioned with his hand to the seat at the centre of the tennis court. She tentatively made her way over. She stuck her backside out and took her seat, stretching her bare legs out before her, her skirt riding up even higher, showing even more of her perfect thighs. She looked up. “Please be gentle,” she asked. She then rolled her eyes and laughed. She made a funny face, pushing her tongue to the side of her cheek. “Ok then, “ the announcer said,” It’s time to get messy.”

The announcer then motioned to John with his hand to the buckets. “ Mary did not win the match and now she will have to pay the consequences. John when you are ready, you may have the honour,” the announcer said. John smiled and walked over the buckets. She put his arms to his side and puffed up his chest, strutting like a chicken. He looked down at the buckets and picked up the first one. He gave an obnoxious smile as he carried the bucket over to where Mary sat. He moved along and stood behind her. He got ready to pour. He was going really enjoy this. Mary was squirming in her seat. She turned around in her seat and pointed up at John. “You better be nice,” she joked. He pointed to himself and said,” What me?” She started laughing. She then turned back around and faced forward. She took her hands and gripped the chair below her tightly. She shook her head. Her face had a pained look on it as closed her eyes and laughed, awaiting the mess that was about to fall onto her.

The bucket was full of orange gunge. It was thick and sloppy. It was going to look so good all over Mary’s sexy toned body. Her nose scrunched up. John looked up at the audience and laughed. He gave a big thumbs up. He then raised the bucket above Mary and began to pour. The crowd roared its approval. The bucket was raised and tipped. The thick, sloppy orange mess fell slowly from the bucket in an enormous messy mass. It fell from the air and landed first on the top of Mary’s head. It cupped around the top and the gunge folded over itself on top of her head. It covered the top of her blonde hair and her headband first. The gunge then poured down the sides of Mary’s head. It went down the back of her head and covered the top of her head. So far her face was left relatively clean. Gunge poured over the back of her neck and covered her shoulders. It poured down her sides. Now the gunge began to fall down onto Mary’s face. First it poured down the bridge of her nose. Then her cheeks and her chin. Then it poured more quickly. It soon totally covered her face as she squealed. She held her hands out as orange gunge poured onto them. More poured down her back and then the front of her powder blue tennis outfit. Gunge fell down onto her knees and then all over her thighs. Her lap was soon covered in layers of thick gunge. Gunge dripped down her calves, all the way down to her white socks and tennis shoes. She could feel the soft thickness of the gunge everywhere. All over her body. She jiggled and shook her body. When the bucket was finally empty, she took both hands and placed them against her face. She pushed them upwards, taking layers of gunge as she went, in a an attempt to clear some of the gunge from her face. She moved her legs up and down, gunge rippled down her sexy tanned athletic legs. She could feel the touch of the cold gunge all over her naked legs. She lifted them and allowed gunge to roll down her calves. She could feel the gunge under butt on the seat. She could feel it all over her underwear and beneath her legs. She shook her head and laughed.

John then walked over and picked up the second bucket of gunge. This one was very similar, in most respects, to the first, the only difference being that the gunge in this one was red rather than orange. John hoisted it up and carried it over to Mary again. He stood in the same place as he had done before, getting ready to let her have it once again. This time Mary looked down arching her back as the gunge began to pour down onto her. The first waive of gunge fell and hit her on the back. When it landed she almost jumped out of her chair, because it was so cold against her back. She flung herself backwards and was greeted by a face full over red gunge. It totally covered her face almost instantly. John then moved the bucket forward, pouring tons of red gunge all over the front of Mary. It poured all over her breasts and down her stomach. It was poured all over skirt, totally overwhelming the frills and pleats in the skirt. He then dumped the last of it all over Mary’s legs. Her legs were coated in red sloppy muck. Her knees were covered. Red gunge trickled all the way down her tanned legs, all the way to her ankles. She let out a long half laugh half scream. She licked her lips as blobs of sloppy gunge rolled down the front of her face. The red and orange made a delightful pairing all over her body.

There were two buckets of gunge left for Mary. John walked over and grabbed the next one. This one was filled with lovely bright pink gunge. It looked beautiful, soft and mushy. John lifted the bucket and did a little dance as he carried it over to Mary. She pointed at him and said. “You don’t have to enjoy it so much.” They both laughed. Mary was already covered in gunge, the pink gunge was just going to add to her messiness. John took his spot again behind her. Mary closed her eyes and tensed her body up waiting for the gunge to hit her. Instead, John paused for a moment. When nothing happened when Mary expected it to, she let her guard down for a second and looked up. Just as she looked up, John quickly took advantage of the opportunity and began to pour the gunge onto her. Her mouth was slightly open at that moment as the gunge hit her square in the face. In an instant her entire face was covered in gunge. It was a mountain of pink mess. Rather than turn her head forward, Mary kept it as it was. Instead she placed her hands on her face and closed her eyes. As she was gunged, she moved her hands back and forth across her face. They were totally covered in pink mess themselves in not time. She pushed the gunge back and forth and just let the onslaught of gunge cover her. She gave in to the gunge allowing it to just pour down over her. Gunge fell into her breasts and down her arms. Mary’s sexy, athletic body was now covered in gunge. Pink gunge now cascaded all over her body. It looked like coloured mushy peas on her. By now there was an enormous puddle of gunge all over the court around Mary and her chair.

John finally went over and grabbed the final bucket. This bucket contained gunge that was powder blue, the same colour as the outfit that Mary had on. “Isn’t that nice, it will match,” John said sarcastically. “Just shut up,” Mary snapped. She started to laugh. This time he walked up beside her, rather than behind her. She took the bucket and aimed it at her calves first. She wiggled her legs and feet as he dumped the light blue mess up her legs, both at once. He poured it slowly up the length of her legs, up her thighs. The gunge plopped down sloppily on her sexy legs. He then poured it up her skirt and then up her torso and then up over her face, leaving a thick trail of gunge as went. He then moved the bucket back the other way. He moved the gunge bucket back and forth over her body. He relished the thrill of decorating her body in gunge. He generously poured it so it got absolutely everywhere. Mary took her index fingers and wiped her eyes, splashing gunge off as she went along. She wiped her mouth and nose with her hand. John hit the bottom of the bucket, letting the last of gunge to plummet out of it onto her head. A mound of gunge stood on top of her head for a moment. John then took a bow.

Mary opened her legs and pushed a pile of rainbow collected gunge out from between her legs. She pulled some from her cleavage and arm pits. She crossed her arms and shook her head. She then took her hands and massaged some of the gunge around on her body and clothes as if she was taking a shower. She looked up and laughed as John took a bow to the applause of the crowd. “Let’s hear it for Mary Pierce. She was such a good sport,” the broadcaster said. The crowd applauded her. She took a bow and laughed.

She was helped to her feet. She waived to the fans. She was still seventy five percent covered in sloppy multi-coloured gunge. She walked heavily as gunge dripped from everywhere. She trudged off back to her locker room. She never wanted a warm shower so much after a match. She had to admit to herself that it was nowhere near as bad as she thought it would be. She had to admit that the gunge felt pretty good on her body. Of course, she would never be able to admit that to anyone else. She was just hoping that she would not be asked about this in every interview she had from that point onwards.

KD gets pied

Sorry, I haven't posted in a bit. Was away for a few days and then work became really busy. Below is a very nice pie video that I found.

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Freema Agyman x-rated sloppiness

******WARNING***** This story contains, nudity and some sexual situations, please don't read it if you don't like that sort of thing or are offended easily. Also, this is a work of pure fiction. I have never met Freema Agyman and neither has anyone I ever have met.***************

Freema Agyman x-rated sloppiness

Freema Agyman and I knew each other for awhile. There was always a sort of unspoken sexual tension between the two of us. We had worked together on some of the shows that she worked on. I found myself staring at her incredible body from time to time. I don’t know if she ever noticed, but I always tried to avert my gaze before she noticed. She had an amazing body. No matter what she wore, that was plain to see. Her amazing shape was easy to see through anything she chose to wear no matter how conservative. I was a very shy person, plus Freema was a celebrity. These two facts meant that I was finding it very difficult to pluck up the courage to ask her out. I did not have a clue weather she might be interested or not. Although, my best guess was the latter. After all, she was a television star, why would she be interested in a guy like me. She could have any guy that she wanted.

I was as surprised as Ii possibly could be when, one day, out of nowhere, Freema asked me if I would like to go back to her place for a special dinner. It was more than I ever could have hoped for. Evidently, she had been noticing me as well. We left the studio and went back to apartment. I was very nervous, as you may well imagine. Neither of us said much on the way there. Little did I know that she was attempting to tease. She did not want to say or do anything to give me a clue of what was going to happen until we got to her place. It was not a very long walk from the studio to her home anyway.

Freema opened the door to her flat. The door had barely closed before she was all over me. She flung herself at me. We started kissing passionately. Our tongues twisting around each other. We rolled around on the walls. She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me into the living room. She threw me down on the couch and pushed herself down on top of me. Our hands still all over one another. We continued French kissing. She then pulled away and stood up. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. She went to her stereo and switched it on with the flick of a switch. It started playing some very sexy music. She started dancing sensually. She wiggled her hips side to side, bending her knees. She gyrated her pelvis and sensually moved her hands up and down her body. She thrust her hips. She then unzipped her burgundy jacket. As she danced. She pulled the jacket off. She held it in the air and whirled it around. She smiled and then flung her jacket in my direction. She continued to dance, standing a few feet away from me. She placed her hands on her waist. She wiggled and thrust her hips, bending her knees, moving her body up and down and side to side. She put hr fingers on the bottom of her shirt. She slowly pulled it up over her stomach and then her chest. She pulled her shirt off over her head, revealing a tight fitting black bra and her abs. She pulled her shirt off over her arms. She held it by her side with two fingers before letting it drop to the ground.

She then continued to dance as she had done before. We both knew that her jeans would be the next to go. She undid the top button and then slowly unzipped her zipper. She turned and faced me. She put her hands on her hips and wiggled her body. She slowly pulled her jeans down. They dropped to her knees. She then pulled them down her calves to her ankles. She lifted one leg and pulled her jeans off. She then lifted the other and did the same. She threw the jeans to the floor, adding to the crumpled pile of clothes that she had once wore. I witnessed a symphony of taut, toned, sexy flesh. Freema now only wore her black bra and a matching black thong. She now started dancing again. I watched her half naked body gyrate before me. I watched as little droplets of sweet sweat began to form on her sexy body. I licked my lips, mesmerized by her incredible body. She danced as though she was a professional stripper. I could not believe my eyes. Her body was a site to behold. I could also smell her sexuality from three feet away. Freema turned around and bit her lip. She continued to dance. I watched her shake her ass and thrust her hips, almost simulating sex as she moved her body. The movements of the muscles in her body were almost hypnotic.

Freema turned around and shook her rear end. She started to bend over, touching her toes. She pulled her hips to each side. She then stood upright again. She reached behind her back and unhooked her bra. She undid the clasp and then pulled it off of her arms. She took one finger and held it in the air. She spun her bra around on her finger before tossing it aside. She then turned around and crossed her arms in front of her, covering her breasts with her arms. She gave a coy grin and then spun around again. She leaned over again, first to one side and then to the other, sticking her backside out. She then placed her hands onto the small of her back. She teased a few times, but finally, slowly slid her panties down her backside and then down to her ankles, bending over as she did it, giving me a very nice view of her backside and a rear view of her shaved vagina.

She now stood before me totally naked. She turned around, allowing me to view her fully naked. I could see it all, on display there for me. Freema’s incredible body, totally naked, exposed for my viewing pleasure. Her body looked amazing. Every curve, every muscle was on view. She then started to dance again, rubbing her hands up and down her body, squeezing her breasts and fondling her private parts as she went. She bit her lip and wiggled her hips. I could hardly contain myself. One of the most attractive women I had ever seen was now dancing totally naked. She walked over to me and grinded her crotch in my face. I was face to face with the Doctor Who actress’s vagina, which was now becoming slightly damp.

Then, without a word, she sauntered off to the kitchen. She returned with a bottle of chocolate sauce in one hand and a can of squirty cream in the other. She raised her eyebrows and smiled. We did not even have to speak, we both knew instinctively what we wanted to do next. She sat down on the floor with her legs crossed in front of her. I got down on the floor and joined her. She handed me the bottle of chocolate syrup. I removed the cap gently. She leaned back and closed her eyes. I pushed the edge of the nozzle against her sexy calf. I squeezed the bottle, dripping chocolate sauce up Freema’s calf and then all her knee. Then across her other knee and calf. She moaned pleasurably as she felt the chocolate sauce all over her legs. I then poured more up and down each of her toned thighs. The thick brown chocolate oozed out onto Freema’s lighter brown legs. She then stretched her legs out all the way in front of her. Some of the chocolate rolling down the backs of her legs sensually. I stuck my finger into one of the large pools of chocolate on her thighs and then stuck it in my mouth, giving it a taste. She moved her legs about a bit, wiggling them, letting some of the chocolate drip from them. She then opened and raised her legs. I place the bottle on one of hr shoulder blades and began to squeeze. The chocolate ran down her body. It flowed down her breasts and then down her stomach. The majority of the chocolate was taken by gravity straight down into Freema’s wide open and now very wet crotch.

I then raised the bottle and as she looked up and closed her eyes, I poured more chocolate syrup straight down onto Freema’s face. She licked her lips and moaned loudly. Her hand was now entrenched between her legs. She could no longer resist the urge to finger her chocolate covered vagina. I poured more down her back. She got down onto all fours and let me pour more chocolate onto her back and then all over her sexy backside as it stuck out in the air. I placed the bottle at the small of her back and squeezed, allowing the chocolate sauce to drip down all over her backside and all down her butt crack and the backs of her legs. Her whole body now splodged in dark brown chocolate sauce. My desire for her grew with every passing second. I was salivating at the thought of tasting her chocolaty body.

She rolled over onto her back and spread her legs. I ran my tongue up her leg, starting at her ankle, going up her calf and then her knee and finally, up her thigh. Tasting the chocolate that dripped from her body the whole way. She widened her legs now, exposing her throbbing vagina to me. Chocolate dripped from her backside. I could no longer resist, I needed to taste Freema Agyman. I slowly pushed my face in between her legs. I stuck out my tongue and carefully licked the chocolate sauce from her pussy lips. She grunted and moaned. “Oooh yeah,” she said. I ran my tongue slowly around the outside of her lovely womanhood before, plunging my tongue inside of her. She pushed her finger nails into the carpeting and threw her head back. The taste was delicious. It was a combination of vagina and chocolate. My face was submerged in her sloppy chocolate crotch. I ran my tongue back and forth inside of her as she moaned in pleasure. I took my time, letting her body build towards orgasm. Then when she was just at the point of exploding, I removed my tongue from her.

She looked up, half disappointed. Instead I grabbed the whipped cream can. I shook it vigorously and popped the top off. I placed the tip of the aerosol can between her breasts. I pushed down the nozzle. The soft spray of the sensual whipped cream flowed forth onto her chest. I moved the can down her stomach, spraying as I went. The warmth of her skin causing it to melt and run everywhere. I moved it further downward, aiming the nozzle between her legs. I started spraying her vagina with the whipped cream. I moved the can around as I did it, slowly covering her heaving private parts in a large mound of whipped cream. She moaned and squealed audibly as she felt her vagina getting sprayed in sloppy whipped cream. I moved the can in a circular motion, decorating her vagina in a mountain of whipped cream, as if her private parts were an ice cream sundae. I then placed the nozzle on the top of her thigh. I sprayed her thigh with a trail of soft whipped cream and then I did the same to the other. She laid her legs out straight while I sprayed a squiggly line of whipped cream down the length of her sexy legs all the way to her ankles. I then pushed the nozzle into the back of her knee and filled it with cream. I did the same to the back of her other knee. I then placed the nozzle on Freema’s bellybutton. I started to sprayed her abs with the whipped cream. I moved the can in a circular motion again, building a mountain of cream again.

I then went into the kitchen. I went to the refrigerator and pulled out two bowls. One was filled with jello, the other with chocolate pudding. I took one in each hand and approached Freema, still laying naked on her back on the floor. I placed the bowls next to her. I turned my attention to the orange jello. I took both hands and shoved them in the bowl, like a cave man or an animal would. I took the entire contents of the bowl in my hands. I raised them in the air, taking the jello with me. I then pushed my hands forward. I dropped the jello down onto Freema’s body. My hands an inch deep in sloppy mess. I plopped one hand on her vagina, the other onto her breasts. I then started rubbing the jello onto her sexy naked body. I rubbed it round and round, massaging the messy jello around all over Freema. She closed her eyes and moaned in pleasure. She arched her back, presenting herself to me, pushing her body further into my jello laden hands. She could feel my hands all over her. The palm of my hand and fingers all over her. I rubbed her ass as well. The jello almost disintegrated beyond recognition all over Freema. I used my fingers to rub the jello all over her pussy. She moaned and squealed as my fingers rubbed her clitoris and penetrated her slightly. Her pussy juices adding to the mess. I pulled my fingers out. They dripped in mess. Freema raised her head. I moved my fingers into position. I placed them inside of her lips. She then stuck out her tongue and sucked the sloppy mess off of my fingers. She leaned back.

I then took the bowl of chocolate pudding. It was like chocolate mousse. It was dark brown, soft and sensual. I raised the bowl over Freema’s belly. I only tipped it slightly. The whole contents of the bowl spilled out and landed on her stomach. It landed as a huge mass of sexy brown mess. It felt so soft and sensual. Some of it rolled down onto Freema’s crotch. She sat up and we looked each other in the eyes. I took my hands and placed them on her hips, my hands totally covered in the chocolate pudding. I ran my hands all over her naked messy body. I then leaned down and placed my tongue between her legs. I moved it upwards, up her tummy and then along her breasts, tasting the pudding, licking her as I went along. We then started to kiss. Both of our mouths have covered in pudding. We then each took pudding in our hands and allowed the other to eat some from the other’s hand. The floor was now piled in mess. A messy puddle below us.

She then grabbed my trousers and unzipped them. She pulled my penis out of my underwear. She rubbed some chocolate pudding all over my already erect penis. Her touch was soft and sensual. I almost exploded at her touch. She covered in in pudding. She then placed her lips around the head. She ran her tongue around the edge of my penis. She then hungrily thrust my penis into her mouth. She ran her tongue back and forth over the shaft, licking the pudding from it. Her mouth full of a combination of my manhood and chocolate pudding. She fondled it with her hands as she pushed it in and out of her mouth. She rubbed it along her bright white teeth. I closed my eyes and allowed myself to feel the pleasure that she was supplying. My penis began to get harder and harder. I closed my eyes and though, “Freema Agyman is sucking my cock right now.” She furiously sucked and sucked. She could not get enough of the amazing taste. She could feel that I was about to explode. As I reached breaking point, she pulled my penis out of her mouth. It exploded in a river of squirting white cum straight into her face. It covered her teeth and her tongue. It mixed with the other mess that she was already covered in.

We paused for a time, we waited and then made love to one another. It was a night that neither of us would ever forget.