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Nicole Sherzinger dunked

Nicole Sherzinger dunked

Nicole Sherzinger had done quite a few things in the entertainment business. She sang, danced, acted, appeared on television shows, presented etc. She also dated a celebrity or two. She looked her absolute best when she was a member of the Pussycats Dolls. One of their videos called Buttons featured Nicole in a skimpy black outfit that showed off her olive skinned sexiness. Her sexy abs and thighs were some of the highlights on display. She had quite a slim, toned, athletic body that she could be proud of. She could also be annoying and a bit of a diva. 

Her partner, at the time, Lewis Hamilton, the f1 driver decided that he would get his own back on her as part of a celebrity couples gameshow. It was a bit like on the Ellen show when someone was put in a dunk tank, and their partner got to throw balls in order to dunk them. This would be the exact same scenario only there would be gunge in the tank instead of water. Lewis was going to get his own back on Nicole. He was going to get to dunk her in a vat of pink sloppy gunge. He was very excited. He wanted to do this to her so bad. She really deserved this.

The two were welcomed to the show by the host. Again, it was very like the Ellen show. They did a brief interview. The host then said that she had a little surprise for Nicole. “And what my that be?,” she asked. “Well, Lewis here has set it all up with us. It is for charity. He has chosen you to go into the gunge tank.” Her eyes widened as she looked at him. “Oh did he now?,” she said. “You are going to get to gunge me are you? Well, that’s fine, but there is definitely going to be payback when we get home. That is for sure,” she said in a slightly menacing tone. He looked a little nervous, but he was not going to let that stop him. She really did deserve this and he was going to enjoy doing it to her. “Now keep in mind, Nicole, we really had to twist his arm to get him to agree to this. He would have never chosen to do this on his own,” the host said sarcastically. “I bet he didn’t,” Nicole said, glaring at her partner. “Oh yes, I mean it is such as shame. Nonetheless, Nicole, you are going in.”

Nicole shook her head and frowned as she was lead over to the tank, wearing the black skimpy outfit from the Buttons video which covered little more than a bikini would. She walked over and was helped up into the tank, she reached a leg over and climbed in, sat suspended above a vat of slimy pink gunge. She looked down at the mess below her then back at her boyfriend. He was positioned across from her next to a bucket of baseballs. He was advised that he may start taking aim at the dunk mechanism on the side of the tank. 

The first two throws were off centre, but not by much. Lewis was a professional athlete, it would only be a matter of time before he managed to hit the target. The next throw came very close to hitting the mark but bounced off. The whole time, Nicole was playing along, urging him to miss. The crowd wanting him to hit the target. Everyone knew that it was only a matter of time before Nicole went under.

The next ball nearly hit the target. Nicole cringed, thinking this would be the one to send her down. The balls were getting closer and closer. Lewis knew exactly where and how hard to throw the ball now. He took aim, knowing that this would be the one. He threw the ball as hard as he could. It flew through the air and landed with a clang against the release button. In a second, the seat below Nicole fell away and she was catapulted downwards into the pink mess. She disappeared for a moment beneath the surface entirely. Gunge splashed upward, displaced by Nicole’s sexy body. 

The gunge was deep, she seemed to be submerged beneath it for ages. Eventually, her head exploded out of the gunge through the air. She shook her head. Splashing gunge in all directions. She was covered from head to toe in sloppy pink gunge. She was covered in it. It soaked her dark black hair and dripped from every inch of her tight, toned, sexy body. Gunge dripped down her face. She let gunge fall from her mouth and cleared her eyes. She then gave a partially fake, annoyed face before giggling. Everyone had just witnessed her getting gunge dunked. 

She climbed out and stood, dripping with gunge. Lewis commented about how amazing it had been. Nicole responded that she was going to get revenge and felt that it should have been Lewis sat in there and not her. Nonetheless, everyone witnessed Nicole Sherzinger getting dunked in gunge on that day.

Friday, 29 April 2016

Wild Things episode 2

This scene is pretty good. More episodes to follow. The scene is pretty good, especially the brunette. She looks really really hot. I can't get the scene online so I used a camera and the televison.

Holly Willoughby finally nude

Holly Willoughby finally nude

By many requests

Holly Willoughby had gotten messy many times in many settings on UK television. She had been gunged more times than she could remember. There was one occasion, on Celebrity Juice where she had managed to escape getting messy. It was the million point drop. One of the unlucky recipients of the mess on that date was Michelle Keegan. She ended up covered in jellied eels. Holly had escaped as she had said she was pregnant, but Michelle made the case that this was no reason not get messy. She appeared on Celebrity Juice again. She decided that she was going to get her own back on Holly. The other thing was that Holly had always managed to end up fully clothed. It would be a first to see her get messy in the nude, which was what Michelle was aiming at. Of course, Keith Lemon and everyone else thought that this was a great idea, so agreed to take part in setting Holly up. 

What happened on that particular episode was really out of character for Holly as she had taken mess dozens of times in the past. Michelle’s annoyance was not really justified, but it was an excuse to mess up Holly Willoughby and do get her undressed at the same time, so no one took issue with it. 

Towards the very beginning of the show, Keith began to reference when Michelle was on the show last. “Things got a bit fishy that day for you, didn’t they Michelle?,” he asked. “Oh they sure did,” she replied,” I ended up covered in jellied eels and this one over here was able to opt out for some reason.” Holly laughed and shrugged her shoulders. “Well, we can’t have that can we? Holly Willoughboobie, how could you. I think that we really need to correct this tonight.” Holly laughed. “Oh come on, no, not again. I always get covered in mess.” “That is true, but this time is going to be very different. You have been covered in mess before, but you have never been covered in mess naked before.” Holly’s mouth fell open. “What the fuck?,” she said. She actually loved this sort of stuff, but was genuinely taken by surprise. 

She was stood up and led out to the front of the stage. “I think this is what everyone really wants to see. We are on late tonight so we can get as naughty as we like.” Michelle and the other team captain and Holly’s best mate Fearne came out smiling at her. They laughed as they pulled down Holly’s dress. Holly yelped and screeched as her dress was removed. They then unhooked her bra and lowered her knickers simultaneously. What was revealed was unforgettable. Holly’s luscious, curvy naked body. It was perfectly smooth and soft all over. Her wide hips, large ass, fully waxed vagina with thick protruding lips, bouncing breasts and shapely legs were finally fully exposed. She was roaring with laughter. 

She was then sat down under the desk on the floor. Above her was a messy release mechanism. It was set up to release mess over Holly whenever her team got a question wrong, or the other team got a question correct. Her wrists and ankles were then strapped into place by Michelle and Fearne. She was sat with her legs open wide for all to see. Her vagina and most of her behind were fully visible for the whole world to see. The team opposing her were Michelle, Fearne and Phillip Schofield. All three were enjoying seeing Holly’s fate play out. Holly could do nothing, but sit, fully exposed and wait for the mess to come her way. 

Holly was in for quite an onslaught of mess. Every time an answer was given throughout the entire show that was incorrect by her team, a button was pressed and she got nailed. It was an unidentified substance that came her way each time. Each time it was a different colour and texture, but it was all similar. For example, the first incorrect answer that was given produced was looked similar to cream of mushroom soup. It was thick and sloppy, a shade of grey. She looked up as it poured down from above down onto her. It poured down over her head and face. She gave an embarrassed smile as she was almost instantly dripping in sloppy mess.

This proceeded to happen time after time after time. The second time it was a viscous, slimy green substance that poured down her face and body. Her sexy naked body getting splattered in mess. The next time it was a whitish yellow substance that was somewhere between slop and oatmeal. It poured down onto her. The whole while her legs were spread as wide a possible for everyone to see.
The next substance was creamy brown mess that looked a bit like chocolate pudding. It plummeted all over her head and rolled over her sexy body, covering her chest and back in brown mess. Next was a slimy pink liquid that almost glittered. She closed her eyes, face and hair already almost fully covered. Her big white smile shining through. Everyone laughing at her punishment. The next time, it was a sloppy, almost clear, sticky substance. It almost looked like cum. It poured all over Holly’s body. She was soaked in mess from head to toe. 

Unfortunately, towards the end of the show was a quickfire quiz round. This did not prove to be the best thing for Miss Willoughby as she was hit with one lot of mess after another in quick succession. Each time a bell would ring or a plunger would sound and more assorted sloppy messes came her way. Purple gunge, bright yellow mess, creamy banana custard like substances among others all came her way. Everyone was laughing so hard they kept getting questions wrong and more mess was then dumped on Holly. 

When the show was nearly over, she was left covered in mess. She was fully naked. They eventually unstrapped her. She stood up. “I hope everyone is happy. Everyone seems to love to see me get messy. Now you have seen me naked as well. I hope you are all satisfied,” she said. They all replied. “Yes, very.” She laughed. She shook her head and giggled.

Ketnet Kingsize bob red hair

This is another Ketnet Kingsize clip. The woman, though a bit older is quite cute and her reaction is good.

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