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Jessie J Pick Me

***Warning*** This story contains nudity and sexual situations. If you are under age or are easily offended please do not continue****

Jessie J Pick Me

Jessie J is one of the kinkiest celebrities out there. She is unashamedly bi sexual and is not the least bit inhibited about it. Her sexuality was a huge part of who she was. In her private life she could be over the top and outrageous. Jessie J found herself on the Voice. A female contestant was singing. Jessie liked her voice a lot and thought that she could win the show. She turned around along with her male colleagues. When she did she liked what she saw even better. The woman singing was a tall black woman with long legs, an pert backside, large breasts and an afro. “Mmmm, looks nice,” Jessie thought to herself. Jessie looked her up and down. She was enjoying what she was seeing.

The others turned around as well. They all really wanted this woman on their team. They all pushed hard. Jessie was quite assertive in her efforts. “You have an amazing voice and stage presence. You look incredible. I really, really, WANT you,” she said. The woman replied that she really admired Jessie because of her openness about her sexuality and individuality. The others made their cases as well. In the meantime the two women’s eyes had been locked for some time and did not show any signs of stopping. “I tell you what, if you pick me, you will not regret it. I will really make it worth your while,” Jessie said in a seductive voice. The young woman was all smiles. “I may hold you to that,” she blurted out, without even really considering her words.

Then the moment of truth came. The woman picked Jessie as her coach of course. She came down and the two hugged. As the were embraced. Jessie whispered in her ear. “You are so hot. We are going to have a lot of fun. Meet me in my dressing room in an hour,” she said. Jessie whispered to one of the production crew to allow the contestant into her dressing room. She also instructed them to bring a few unusual items to her dressing room as well. It was hard for Jessie to concentrate fully for the rest of the taping because she was thinking about what she was going to be doing after it. Finally the taping was over and Jessie rushed back to her dressing room. She knew what would be waiting for her there. She strutted her way down the hallway, finally arriving at her dressing room. She took a deep breath and smiled. She opened the door and entered.

She entered the room. The contestant was sitting down. She immediately stood up. The two women walked towards one another. In an instant, again they were hugging but this time it was considerably different. This time their bodies were pressed close together, wrapped around one another. They were instantly enraptured in a deep kiss. Their tongues mingling, there heads swaying as they hungrily snogged one another. Their hands were all over each other. Jessie took her own hands and quickly started unbuttoned her own shirt. She undid her buttons and pulled her shirt off, revealing a tight fitting black bra. She then lowered her tights to her ankles, revealing matching black underwear. She then pulled off the contestant’s top and pulled her jeans down. She was now only wearing a white bra and matching panties. The two women kissed more, pressing their half naked bodies together. Allowing their hands to roam around each other’s bodies. Their legs wrapped around one another.

Jessie stepped back and looked at the sexy woman. “You chose me, so now it is time for your reward,” she said suggestively. She then pulled out a pair of handcuffs and jingled them about. She then pointed to the table. The table contained a number of luscious food items. “I am all yours. You can have your way with me,” she said. Jessie sat on one of the office type chair that was in the room. She placed her hands behind her back. She handed the handcuffs to the woman. She gently cuffed one of Jessie’s wrists. She pulled the cuffs around the back of the chair and then cuffed her other wrist. This talent show hopeful now had a half naked Jessie J cuffed to a chair and had tons of messy food items to use on her however she saw fit. They both wondered if this would be a good time to send a tweet.

The contestant decided to run her hands up and down Jessie’s body first, touching her sexy body all over. She then turned her attention to the food. “Don’t be shy babe. I’m all yours. Tulisa was the same at first,” she said, hinting that the flirtation between herself and the X factor judge had gone further than cheeky tweets and compliments. “Go on. I am a dirty, dirty bitch,” she said,” I am your bitch tonight.” The contestant could not believe her good fortune. She was alone with her half naked idol who was allowing her to do as she pleased to her. She looked down at the deserts that Jessie had prepared.

She first grabbed a banana cream pie. It was filled with thick banana pudding, banana slices and thick whipped cream as well as a graham cracker crust. The woman picked up the pie in one hand and sauntered over to Jessie. She looked her deep in the eyes. Jessie licked her lips suggestively. They looked deep into one another’s eyes. “Give it to me baby,” Jessie said in her sexiest voice. The beautiful singing contestant came closer. She straddled Jessie. She was almost sitting on her lap. Their bodies touching. They each sighed. She leaned back. Jessie closed her eyes. She then pushed the creamy pie straight into the face of her new coach. The pie stuck right on Jessie’s face. She then pushed the pie harder, enjoying the element of control that she was exercising over the half naked celebrity. Jessie was now face to face with the thick banana cream pie. She pushed it harder and harder into Jessie’s face. Jessie’s entire head, including all of her short hair was covered in pie. When she pulled away, Jessie’s face was revealed, splattered in pie and cream. Crust fell away from her face. She opened her mouth and allowed a huge mouthful of pie crust to fall from her mouth, down her chin. Her neck and shoulders were tinged with a halo of pie. Jessie then laughed and let out a little squeal. “Mmmm, feels so good. You totally creamed me,” she said.

The singer next grabbed a huge swiss roll. It was the type that was yellow filled with cream and strawberry jam. It was a very long one. It was not the traditional sort of item that people used to get messy with, but it would be put to good use today. The young singer took both hands and sunk them into the swiss roll. She came up with them covered in cake, cream and jam. She then pushed both hands into Jessie’s stomach. She rubbed them up and down, smushing the tasty mess up and down Jessie. She then grabbed two more handfuls and rubbed them across her breasts and down her sides and back, smearing the cakey mess as she went. The action had two lovely effects, she was covering Jessie’s sexy body in swiss roll while getting the chance to fondle Jessie’s body. Jessie was enjoying the feel of the messy female hands massaging her half naked body. She took two more handfuls and pushed them onto Jessie’s knees before rubbing them up her thighs and down her calves. She covered Jessie’s legs in a thin layer of mush. She then took another handful and rubbed it straight into Jessie J’s face. Jessie’s mouth fell and she submissively let her head move along with the motion of the woman’s hand as she twisted the swiss roll in her face. What was left of the swiss role she grabbed. She then went to the back of Jessie and opened the back of her panties. She thrust her messy hand down the back of her underwear. She smushed the mess down as much as she could. She then pulled her hand out and closed the underwear. Jessie squealed as she felt swiss roll all over her ass and pussy. She moved her legs in and out. She felt the swiss roll on her most intimate areas.

Next came a plastic container filled with cherry pie filling. “Oh God,” Jessie said. The girl held the container over Jessie’s body. She then slowly tipped it over. The thick, sloppy, sticky red cherry pie filling fell from the container and landed on Jessie’s body. It was so gloppy and sloppy. Jessie’s mouth opened and she laughed as she felt the red mess slowly pressing against her body. It slowly poured onto her breasts, stomach, underwear and legs. It felt sensual and tender against her scantily clad body. The singer then took her hands and rubbed more of the cherry pie filling around on Jessie’s hair and in her face.

The woman then grabbed a bottle of chocolate syrup. She popped the top and aimed it at Jessie’s body. She turned it upside down and began to squeeze the dark brown chocolate sauce over Jessie’s legs, up her stomach and over her chest. Jessie stretched her sexy body as she felt chocolate sauce dripping slowly and sensually down her languid body parts. The woman looked at Jessie with a satisfied look as she poured the chocolaty mess over her. She then poured more on the top of her head and down her face. The chocolate sauce fell over her face conforming the natural lines in her cheeks and face. The woman then stuck her index finger in the chocolate that covered Jessie’s breasts. She then put the finger slowly into Jessie’s moth. Jessie stuck her tongue out and sensually licked the chocolate sauce from the singer’s finger.

She then took globs of banoffee desert and plopped them down onto Jessie’s body. She placed some on her face, breasts and thighs. She then pushed a handful into Jessie’s face. Jessie opened her mouth and swayed her head as the girl pushed the delicious mess in her face. The feeling of sexuality, submission and delicious deserts was rapturous for Jessie. The girl then took a handful of the lovely substance and thrust it straight into Jessie’s crotch, rubbing it around on her panties. She bit her lip and moaned in appreciation.

She then grabbed an apple cream pie. She again straddled her new coach. This time, she pushed the pie squarely into Jessie’s chest. She threw it into her breasts and then pushed it downwards, smearing Jessie’s body in apple, cream and crust, right down her body. The feeling of it on her flesh drove Jessie wild. All she wanted to do was put her hands all over herself. She motioned for the contestant to undo the handcuffs.

The woman came over and freed Jessie. Jessie smiled. She reached back and unhooked her bra. She threw it aside and then quickly lowered her panties. She then took her hands and rubbed them all over her messy body. She danced, sexually shaking her hips. She then placed her filthy hands between her legs and began rubbing some of the remains of the mess on her vagina. She squealed and squirmed. In the meantime the contestant grabbed a bottle of whipped cream and began to spray it all over various parts of Jessie’s anatomy. Jessie played with herself as more was sprayed on her. She fingered her vagina and squeezed her breasts.

She then grabbed the contestant and pulled her over onto her. The two were soon snogging passionately and rubbing their hands all over each other. Their bodies pressed together. Jessie’s messy body transferring some mess onto the contestants as they cavorted on the floor. Jessie removed the woman’s underwear as they canoodled. Their hands and mouths were soon everywhere. The rolled around on the floor, smearing the carpet with messy food as they went.

They then flipped over in 69 position. They wasted little time, diving right in. They buried their faces in one another’s crotches, hungrily eating each other’s pussies out. In the process, they each grabbed a black forest gateau. They pushed it downwards between their legs, covering both their pussies and faces in the creamy cake. Eating both cake and pussy at once. The young hopeful was now getting to know her new mentor in ways that were way more intimate than she ever could have possibly imagined. The two hungrily ate each other out, both smearing in mess. They cradled each other’s heads as their tongues soon penetrated deep into one another’s private parts. Both women were heading quickly towards climax. Jessie’s screams could be heard through various parts of the building. “Ooooh yeah, fuck yeah,” she screamed.

They each closed their eyes as they felt their vaginas reaching the point of maximum arousal. They feverishly sucked one another, until the moment arrived. They could not longer hold back. They had to give in to pleasure. Their bodies erupted in an explosion of sexual satisfaction. Their vagina’s erupted in squirting torrents of pussy juice that poured into one another’s faces. They leaned back as their muscles contorted and spasmed. Their bodies shook. They bit their lips. The uncontrollable animal sounds of sexual gratification filled the air. There was little doubt that Jessie J was a screamer. They sounded like a pair of wild animals. They leaned back momentarily. “Hey, we ought to put that on a record, eh? I don’t think that we ever sounded better,” Jessie quipped.

The two lay on the floor next to one another. “I told you I would make it worth your while,” Jessie said, wiggling her eyebrows. “Don’t get the wrong idea, I don’t do this with all my contestants,” she joked. She couldn’t quite believe that she had done it herself. This was probably way out of bounds of a mentor. It would probably be a huge scandal if it ever got out, but, at the end of the day, they were two adults enjoying some consensual pleasure which both enjoyed. What was realized was that Jessie made many of the same faces and noises having sex as she did when she was singing.

Sunday, 21 April 2013

The Rovers Eva gets it ( Catherine Tyldesley )

The Rovers Eva gets it ( Catherine Tyldesley )

Eva has worked for a long time as a barmaid. She lives with her mother and grandmother. She also had a half sister named Leanne. Eva was very popular as a barmaid. Her claim to fame was her enormous bosoms. They were absolutely gigantic and she had no problem flaunting them for the men. She always got the best tips as a result. In her family, because of all the females in the house, there was always arguing and taking the mick out of one another.

There had been quite a few gungings on the street by this time. This is what made Eva’s family hatch the idea that they should do the same to her. The idea of pouring mess all over Eva was something that her family found hilarious. Eva was a right diva in their eyes. She was vain and a bit self absorbed. She was very into her appearance. Her clothes, hair and makeup were very important to Eva. She would spend hours getting ready in the morning. They knew how much she was hate getting messy. This would make it even more funny for them. Eva’s reaction was going to be priceless for sure. They just had to come up with a way to set her up. They decided that it would have to take place in the pub. They decided that a good starting point would be to get Eva drunk. This would not be hard, because Eva drank heavily and often. She was tipsy a good amount of the time anyway. They decided that they would then convince her to play a game. They would not tell her the consequences of losing until after she lost. They would challenge her to darts. She stunk anyway, but throwing darts in an inebriated state would guarantee that she would lose.

Eva wore a sparkly red dress that evening. As always, it showed off her insanely large breasts. She was not shy about showing them off. She did not seem to think of it as being provocative. The way she saw it, she had assets and was simply using them to her best advantage. She enjoyed attention and never had to pay for drinks. Other women never liked her much, but she did not really care. She felt that they were just jealous. She never suspected that her family members were setting her up. She was too self involved to notice anyway.

She spent the whole night drinking wine. She was half drunk when the challenge came for the dart game. She agreed to play, barely knowing what she was doing. Of course, she was so drunk that she could barely even hit the dart board. She played against her mother, who was a pretty good darts player anyway. She beat Eva badly. Once she was beaten, the word consequences was mentioned. Eva barely caught on to what was being said. She was walked to the centre of the pub and sat down. She was about to sober up very quickly. She was about to get something that she could never have expected.

Before she knew it, a chair was brought out and she was pushed to take a seat in it. She fell into it and laughed. Before she knew what was happening, her grandmother grabbed her wrists and handcuffed them both to the rungs of the chair behind her back. “hey, wait,” she tried to protest,” What are you doing?,” she spluttered. “Just getting you ready for your punishment my dear,” her grandmother replied with a grin. “Punishment? What is this? What do you mean?,” she rambled. No one replied. Everyone just smiled and laughed knowingly. Eva now began to worry about what was about to happen. Her mother, Stella, seemed have momentarily disappeared. Eva’s head darted around. She had a troubled look on her furrowed forehead. Stella had just gone to get some special containers, Eva would find out the hard way what they contained. Eva was now helpless to whatever they had planned for her.

In the meantime, her grandmother went behind the bar and grabbed two of the hoses that were used to dispense beer. She pulled and stretched them out, aiming them at Eva. She then pulled the triggers at hr granddaughter. A heavy carbonated spray of beer sprayed Eva. Eva screamed loudly. It was very cold and quite unexpected. Her hands were literally tied so she was unable to guard herself against the spray in any way. Her grandmother hosed her down in the awful smelling beer. It sprayed in her face as she shrieked, squirmed and sputtered. It soaked her hair and washed down her face. Her grandmother aimed the beer up and down her body. She did not let up at all, spraying Eva’s body up and down. She aimed squarely at Eva’s large breasts. The beer sprayed and sputtered all over. Her dress becoming more and more soaked by the moment. The dress was soaked completely and began to cling tightly around Eva’s luscious body. It became almost see through. As her breasts were sprayed, it became clear to anyone watching closely that Eva had chosen not to wear a bra today. The dress was soaked. The shape of her large nipples could be seen straight through her dress. It was clear, possibly due to the coldness of the liquid that was all over her, that her nipples were already erect. They were hard as rocks. They looked almost aroused. Eva shivered as the beer dripped down her soaked body and hair. She looked up at her grandmother and furiously glared at her. Her grandmother just gave a satisfied smile as she looked down at Eva. She looked like a drowned rat.

Eva’s mother now emerged with a gigantic trifle in her hand. It was all in a plastic bowl. It was filled with whipped cream, custard, jelly, sponge and fruit cocktail. The serving size could have probably fed twenty without any problem. She walked towards Eva carrying the trifle in one hand. She sauntered over as the customers applauded her. Eva spotted her out of the corner of her eye. “ No, Mum, please, what are you doing? You can’t..” “I think you’ll find that I can and I will,” Stella said sarcastically. She took the trifle and softly pushed it into her sexy daughter’s face. Eva’s squealed her muffled as she received a face full of the delicious trifle. Her mother then straddled her daughter, pushing it harder into her face. The trifle squashed against her face and began to dribble down her neck and onto her chest. Stella pulled back for an instant. Eva’s face was covered in custard and cream. Stella then pushed more of the trifle straight into Eva’s heaving chest, smearing her breasts in trifle. Jelly dribbled out onto her bosom. Some jelly then fell out and fell straight into Eva’s cleavage. She could feel the jelly inside her dress, against her large boobs. She could feel it between her breasts. Her mother then took what was left of the trifle and placed the bowl on top of Eva’s head, letting the remains fall out on her. She then took a large handful of the jelly in her hands. She then pushed it into Eva’s chest, rubbing the jelly around on her daughter’s breasts.

Her half sister Leanne now came forward with a container filled with egg salad. The eggs in it could be smelled from quite a distance. They smelled rotten. The stench was disgusting. “Smells like Eva,” Leanne teased. The two had slept with the same men before, so their relationship was not always the easiest. The trifle covered Eva glared up at Leanne. Leanne gave a sarcastic smile. She approached her half sister and tipped the container over. The disgusting slimy yellow substance fell in large blobs from the container and landed on Eva. She squealed as the egg salad poured over her face and all over the front of her body. Loads of tit poured into the top of her dress. Because of the size of her breasts and the way that she liked to show them off, there was a huge amount of space at the top of her dress that was allowing large amounts of mess to make its way inside of her dress. Bits of smelly yellow rotten egg salad stuck all over Eva’s face and body. Loads of it stuck to her face directly. She tried to wiggle and wriggle her face around, but she could do little to remove the egg as her hands were tied. She coughed and gagged. The smell and taste of the rotten egg filled her senses.

Her grandmother now approached her. It seemed to be an assembly line of Eva’s family getting ready to humiliate her. Her grandmother carried a tub of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream along with and ice cream scoop. Eva was about to get chilly. She gave a satisfied look as she approached her granddaughter. She reached in and took the first scoop of ice cream out. She pushed the scoop on the top of Eva’s head slightly to the left. She pushed it down and released, ensuring that the scoop of ice cream suitably stuck in place on her head. She then took another scoop and placed it right next to the first on top of Eva’s head. The ice cream began to melt immediately from the heat from Eva’s body. She then took a few more scoops and placed them onto Eva’s lap and on her thighs. Eva squealed and shrieked at the coldness of the ice cream against her skin. Two more were placed on each of her knees. The ice cream scoop was then pushed between her legs, up her skirt. A scoop of ice cream was placed between her legs. Her grandmother then gently pulled open the front of her top and began dropping scoops of ice cream down between her breasts. They rolled down the front of her stomach, all the way to the top of her dress. She then closed the dress, causing the ice cream to smush against Eva’s body. She then took three more scoops of ice cream and placed them on top of Eva’s breasts. By now the ice cream had really began to melt. Streaks of brown pink and white trickled down Eva’s face and body.

Her mother’s turn was next. She carried over a large bucket of custard. She smiled at her daughter as she carried it over. She went behind Eva and winked slyly. She lifted the custard and began to pour it on Eva. In an instant the thick yellow custard fell onto Eva’s head. It poured over her very distinctive forehead and soon covered her entire head. She could only close her eyes as she all but disappeared behind the wave of thick custard. It poured over her shapely form. In a moment, only her shape could really be seen beneath the custard that covered her. She let out a muted moan. She could not deny that the feeling of the custard all over her body was not entirely unpleasant. She was totally coated from head to toe. She shook her head as best she could, only small bits of custard fell off of her.

Next was Leanne again. She carried a bucket that contained coleslaw. It was thick and truly disgusting. It smelled awful and would have tasted awful as well. “You really do stink,” Leanne said mockingly. She held the container in front of Eva’s face and let her get a good look, and a good smell. She then tipped the container slightly and pushed it into Eva’s face as hard as she could. She twisted it around in her face as she laughed heartily. She enjoyed trashing the younger, much better looking Eva. Coleslaw was now all over Eva’s breasts and face. Eva was now up close and personal with the foul smelling, slimy, gloppy white mess. It was all over her nose, forehead and mouth. She struggled desperately to get rid of as much of it as she could, but it proved very difficult. She tried desperately any way she could to get the coleslaw off of her face. It was hilarious sight to those who were watching. They were roaring with laughter at her humiliation.

It was gran’s turn again. She had a big bucket of porridge ready for Eva. She walked over and stood behind Eva. She played to the crowd making gestures behind Eva’s back, making fun of her. She then raised the bucket and let the porridge slowly make its way over Eva. The texture was uneven. Parts of the porridge were quite lumpy while other parts were runny. There was tons of it though. It slowly plopped down onto Eva. It seemed to take ages as it slowly poured onto her. It was almost grey in colour. It was cold and quite clammy in feeling. It had probably been sitting around awhile. It was stodgy and gross. Eva knew her grandmother was a total bitch. She took pleasure in humiliating people, so this was no surprise, She was really playing up to the crowd.

Stella now emerged again. She announced that this would be the final bucket, much to Eva’s relief. That was the good news for Eva. The bad news was that the bucket was filled with pig slop. The crowd cheered and whistled. Everyone then started chanting the word slop. “Slop, slop, slop,” everyone repeated. “Noooo!,” Eva shouted,” This is disgusting,” She had no idea how disgusting. The slop was real and not a copy. It was truly disgusting. Eva’s head spun with anger and embarrassment. Her own mother was about to pour a bucket of pig slop over her head in front of the whole town. She was very angry indeed. Her mother stood with the bucket held over her. The crowd still was chanting. All of her family joined in as well. Stella decided that it was time. She raised the bucket and began to pour. The slop was really a sight to behold. It was yellow with orange and green chunks in it. Stella poured it down onto her daughter. She was literally slopping her daughter. The slop poured onto Eva’s head and down her face. Everyone cheered as they watched the slop pour down onto the sexy woman sat in the chair. The slop smelled awful as well. Soon it was all over Eva. Everyone cheered and laughed as the last of the slop fell onto Eva. “Eww, that stinks,” some of the people said.

Finally Eva was uncuffed and let free. She quickly pushed off some of the mess and then angrily trudged past the bar to where she lived, she went straight for the shower. She spent the next forty five minutes cleaning the filthy mess from her shapely body. She cleaned and scrubbed herself for what seemed like ages. She did not want to show her face for some time after this. She was totally embarrassed. She figured she would never get a date again this way.

Thursday, 18 April 2013

more camp slime

More camp mess. This looks like a mix of leftover kitchen slop and slime. The ladies look good in it.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Messy family night at camp

I don't know if these have been posted before, but they are absolutly amazing. This camp seems to have competitions each week guys vs. girls. Adult representatives from the losing team get messy. It is not plain wimp out either. These ladies really get nailed with some very nice food items. It is like a dream come true. I love their reactions as well.

I will try to do stills at some point.

Couple get spaghettied together

Paul vs. Kayla- chocolate

Young lady gets chilli and cheese and more.

Two young women get messed up. They look truly embarrassed.

sexy blonde staff member gets syrup and feathered.

sexy woman covered in loads of ketchup and mustard

Two women get cafeteria suprise.

Young lady gets lots of toppings.

Girl and guy get kitchen mess together.

Man pies a woman.

Chubby woman gets it.

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Benny Hill pours soup on a woman's head.

I don't know if anyone has ever seen this clip. I never have before. I thought it was quite good.

Carla Conner, Leanne has her time (Alison King)

Carla Conner, Leanne has her time (Alison King)

Carla Conner was the manager at Underworld. She was sometimes a good boss. At other times she was not. Her staff liked her most of the time, although she could be a real witch when she needed to be. The time of the year rolled around when people did fundraising for worthy causes across the country. A team meeting was held at the factory and it was decided that the workers would be raising money for the charity. Much to Carla’s chagrin, it was suggested that, as an added incentive, if they raised £500, they would get to gunge their boss, ie Carla. Carla was not that happy about this. She agreed because the total seemed quite high and she hoped that they would not be able to raise that much. If they did, then they deserved a treat. Unfortunately for Carla, it would come at her expense. Little did Carla know that her long time love rival Leanne caught wind of this. She decided that she would be willing to make any donation necessary in order to ensure that Carla got what she, in Leanne’s mind, had coming to her.

Leanne spoke to some of the workers at the factory. They agreed that if she gave a certain donation, that she would get the honour of administering the mess to Carla herself. She had fantasized about humiliating Carla for years. This was going to be the prefect opportunity. She dreamed bout all of the things she was going to get to do to Carla. Publicly humiliating Carla was something that was worth any amount of money. Carla had no idea of Leanne’s involvement either. She was aware of the danger of the mess, but everyone agreed to keep the rest a secret. Carla was going to be shocked.

When the big day finally arrived, a pillory was set up on the factory floor “just in case”. When Carla came into work she looked at it. She took a deep breath. “What had she let herself in for?,” she thought. She did not even know yet about the extent of what was going to happen. Carla wore a shiny deep red button down top, a black skirt and a pair of high heels. She was already feeling pretty uncomfortable. She tried to avid seeing anyone for the first part of the day. She did not want to hear their teasing. She spent most of the time by herself in her office. Finally around noon, the knock came. “Mrs. Conner, it’s time,” she was told. She rolled her eyes and took a deep breath. She stood up and made the walk of shame.

Everyone was already gathered around the pillory. They cheered her as she entered. “Ok, everyone time for the moment that we have all been waiting for. Time to see how much money we managed to raise and to see what the fate of Mrs. Conner is going to be,” Hayley said. “I can reveal that we have managed to raise.” she paused for effect. “ A grand total of…£1,051.” Everyone clapped and cheered, apart from Carla of course. She gave a muted clap. “So, we know what the deal was. If we managed to raise over £500 it would be messy time for our esteemed boss. It is now time for her to fulfil her part of the deal, Mrs. Conner.”

“Yeah, well done everyone. Everyone did great. Much to my chagrin,” she said. She was clearly dejected. Hayley and Sean accompanied her over to the pillory. Other staff members lifted the top. “ Come on Mrs. Conner, time to make yourself comfortable,” they said. She glared at them. She walked over and bent over. She positioned her hair. Her body bent over. Her backside high in the air. The top was then lowered and secured. Everyone cheered. “ Don’t be surprised if you are all working overtime next week,” she teased. “It’s worth it,” some of the staff shouted.

“Now, Mrs. Conner does not know this , but we have a special guest here with us to do the honours for us.” “Special guest? What?,” Carla blubbered. “Yes, we have the lovely , Leanne.” Leanne sauntered out with an ear to ear grin on her face. She walked up in front of Carla’s face. She waived to her rival. “Hiya, Carla. This is going to be so much fun. I donated quite a bit of money, just to get the chance to do this. I am going to love every second of this. I am going to love watching you squirm,” she whispered. “Umm, Leanne, can we talk about this. Please,” she tried to say. “You deserve this. I have wanted to do something like this for a long time,” Leanne said, “ Right now, I own you Carla. I am going to humiliate you as much as I can.” “Leanne, please,” she begged. She struggled in a vain attempt to free herself. “Escape is impossible,” Leanne said. She took the key out and waived it in Carla’s face. She then took the key and placed it between her breasts. “You are in there as long as I say you are,” she said. “You bitch,” Carla said. “Now, now Carla,” Leanne said in a condescending voice. “ I think you better be as nice to me as possible. I am in total control here. Hey everybody, who wants to see Carla get dirty.” Everyone cheered their approval. Carla knew that there was no escape for her. Leanne was going to get to humiliate her in front of the whole factory.

“Now, I think for a start, we will make Carla here very happy,” Leanne said,” As we all know, Carla here is a bit of an old sad drunk. We all know how she feels about wine don’t we? So, we have for her a lovely bottle of wine.” Leanne took a bottle of red wine and displayed it for all to see. She then leaned over and placed it right in front of Carla’s face. “Look at that Carla. I think that you are going to be having a few drinks to try and forget tonight later on,” she said, mocking Carla, “ I hope you choke on it,” Leanne said bitterly.

She popped the cork from the bottle and shook it up a bit. She then poured the win down onto Carla’s back, soaking her shirt completely. As well as her skirt. She poured it over Carla’s back. The muscles in her body contracting. She shivered and shook at the coldness of the wine. The wine itself stunk pretty bad. It must have been very cheap wine. When the wine bottle was almost empty, Leanne moved herself over to Carla’s head. She held the bottle over her head. “Here you go Carla, your favourite. It looks like it was a very good year for it as well.” She took one hand and grabbed Carla by the chin. “ Drink up,” she mocked. She turned the bottle over on top of Carla’s head. The wine poured over the top of her head and down her face. Carla sputtered and choked as the ice cold wine poured down her face. She gasped for breath as the wine poured over her face. Leanne then used her hand to force Carla’s mouth open. Wine began to pour into Carla’s mouth. She stuck her tongue out. Some of the wine went in her mouth, some poured down her chin. Leanne then poured the last of it over Carla’s head. Wine dripped down her chin and the back of her legs. Leanne held the wine bottle and bowed to the delight of the factory workers. Carla’s hair was half wet with wine. Her clothes stained with the red wine. She was soaked. She looked like a drowned rat. Already dishevelled.

The workers knew that this was only the beginning. The wine was just for added insult. There was tons of mess that had been collected for their boss that they were going to see get poured over her. “Ok everyone, I thin k we will start with an old favourite. A lovely cream pie. I have always wanted to pie Carla,” Leanne said. Leanne produced a massive coconut cream pie. She displayed it on one hand for everyone to see. The workers cheered. Again she placed it in front of Carla’s face. She whispered to Carla. “Carla, I can’t stand you. You interfered in my life and my relationship. Now you are going to pay. Prepare to be pied,” she said. Carla had not done anything wrong really, but Leanne was a jealous, sometimes irrational person. She was going to take out all of her frustration on Carla. The workers by this time were chanting the word pie over and over again. Leanne held the pie inches from Carla’s face.

She didn’t pie her straight away. She acted as if she was about to pie her several times, getting enjoyment out of watching Carla flinch and squirm. She laughed maniacally. “Eat pie,” she then said. Before Carla could react, Leanne pushed the pie into her face with as much force as she could possibly generate. The pie smashed into Carla’s face with a crack. Carla could feel Leanne’s hand on the other side of the pie tin twisting the pie around in her face. Leanne was getting great enjoyment in owning Carla like this. The idea that she was pieing Carla in the face was as good as sex. The feeling of administering humiliation to Carla in this way was almost arousing for her. She took no mercy on Carla at all. She twisted the pie around as hard as she could. Finally she let go. She left the pie tin on top of Carla’s head. It stayed in place for a moment before falling onto the floor. Carla’s face was plastered in pie. The coconut cream pie filling and whipped cream covered her distinctive facial features, but also conformed to them. Her entire face was covered in pie. Her high cheek bones and nose were covered in a layer of cream. Some large globs of cream stuck to the area around her right eye brow as well as the top of her lip. Everyone cheered and laughed at her. Carla gasped for breath. Some pf the pie fell from her mouth. Her mouth was even packed with pie. Her dark hair was also streaked with creamy pie.

“What’s the matter Carla, you look a bit hot under the collar,” Leanne said. She then walked over to her. No one knew what she was going to do next. She smiled and looked evilly down on Carla. She then put her hand on her back and leaned over. She then, without warning, grabbed the front of Carla’s shirt with both hands. She then, as hard as she could ripped her hands apart. She ripped Carla’s shirt open. The buttons flew off in all directions. Carla’s expensive shirt was ruined. Her buttons lay all over the floor. Carla’s white bra which held her modest breasts was revealed. Her tattered, destroyed shirt still hung in tatters from her arms. She then went around behind. She put her hands at the small of Carla’s back. She grabbed either side of Carla’s skirt. She then pulled downwards and sideways. She pulled with such force that she destroyed the zipper in the skirt. She then pushed the skirt down Carla’s legs to her ankles. She left the skirt there at Carla’s feet. As she walked in the other direction, she gave Carla one firm spank on her rear end. Carla was wearing white French cut underwear that matched the bra. Everyone was treated to a nice view of Carla’s older yet incredibly well put together figure. She shivered in the cold. Of course her underwear was stained from the red wine as well. Already, she was half naked in the stocks, dripping in wine, ripped clothes hanging from her body, her face plastered with pie and she knew that this was only the beginning. “Hey everybody, now that I get an up close look, it appears that Carla has had some work done.” Leanne alluded to the fact that Carla had had plastic surgery in the past. Carla was older than Leanne and Leanne was playing on the fact that she was younger than Carla.

“Well, that was fun, but we have not even begun yet. It is about to get a whole lot sloppier for your boss here,” Leanne gloated. “It think maybe some cottage pie would hit the spot,” she said, to everyone’s applause. Leanne produced a huge contained filled with leftover shepherd’s pie. The container must have held gallons and gallons of the stuff. Minced lamb, gravy, peas and carrots, mashed potato and cheese all stuffed together in one plastic casserole dish. Carla looked up. Leanne placed the container in front of her face. “I know you like it Carla. Time for some yummy shepherd’s pie,” she teased in baby voice. “ No, Leanne, please.. Don’t do this,” Carla pleaded. “Sorry,” Leanne said, beaming with an enormous grin. She took the container and brought it up to Carla’s face first. She smiled. “Bo appetite,” she said, mocking Carla. She pushed the container into Carla’s face. She held it in place for a moment. She pulled it away. Carla’s face was a mask of mince and gravy. Her entire face was covered in it. She could feel the clammy cold meat against her face. She screwed up her face. Leanne than took the container and poured more of the shepherd’s pie down onto Carla’s have clothed body. Carla gasped as her sexy figure was covered in the lumpy, meaty dish. Leanne took her time pouring the mess as evenly as she could up and down Carla’s taught body. Her muscles contracted as she felt shepherd’s pie on her back, stomach, backside and legs. It rolled everywhere. It dripped from her face, breasts and down her legs. Leanne then scooped out the last blob of mash with her hand and plopped it down on Carla’s back. Leanne rubbed it around Carla’s gravy drenched back and stomach with her bare hand.

Leanne then walked over and grabbed the next item. It was egg salad. It was lumpy and very yellow in disgusting yellow liquid. It smelled nauseating, as rotten eggs often do. “ewww, something stinks. It must be Carla, I think,” Leanne said. She took a handful of the egg salad. She pulled open Carla’s underwear and dropped a handful in. She then snapped them shut again. Carla squealed as she felt egg salad against her ass crack and pussy. Her panties bulged. Egg salad escaped along her thighs. Leanne then took another handful. She thrust it into Carla’s face as hard as she could. Carla gagged and sputtered as she came face first with the putrid egg salad. Some of it went in her nose and mouth. It truly stank. Leanne then took the container and sprinkled the remainder of the egg salad up and down Carla’s body. Bit of it hung from her modest breasts and clung to her legs. Carla’s knees shook. There was still more to come though for her.

Leanne now grabbed a bucket of mushy peas. Carla gave a strained expression, fidgeting in the pillory as she was about to face the thick green slop. Leanne flicked her hair. She looked relaxed and at ease, she enjoyed humiliating Carla and was going to take her time, prolonging Carla’s agony as much as she possibly could. “The peas have it,” she said. Carla scowled beneath the mess that covered the majority of her face. Leanne stood over Carla and slowly tipped the mushy peas down Carla’s tight body. She aimed the mushy peas onto Carla’s back. They poured onto her body and dripped down her breasts. Her bra and boobs were covered in mushy green mess. Leanne then poured more down the length of Carla’s body, down over her behind and down the backs of her legs. The green mess soon coated the top half of Carla’s body. The little clothing that Carla had left was soaked in thick green mess. Leanne then poured what was left straight down onto Carla’s head. The sloppy mess poured down Carla’s face and over her dark hair. Her whole body was covered in thick green mess.

Leanne then grabbed a large tin of sardines. She walked over to Carla with a sarcastic smile. She took her fingers and began to remove sardines individually, one by one. She then began to “decorate” Carla with the sardines. She began to place them all over Carla in strategic places. She placed one on top of Carla’s head. She then placed one on each of Carla’s cheeks, sticking them to her face. She placed one on her nose. She put another one underneath her nose and above her lip. It looked like a bizarre moustache. Leanne then placed two in each of Carla’s armpits. She stuffed two or three into Carla’s bar. She placed one at the back of each of Carla’s knees. She stuffed two or three more down the back of Carla’s underwear and placed another on the outside mirroring her butt crack. She took two more and placed them between the tops of Carla’s legs. The rest she placed on Carla’s back and legs, all scattered. The final two sardines, she placed in Carla’s mouth. She made them face diagonally and were placed on either side of her mouth, hanging downwards. This made her look a bit like a seal. She then took the brine that was left in the tin and poured it over Carla. Bits of discarded fish lay in it as well. She poured it over Carla’s head, giving her a mouthful of the foul liquid. Many of the sardines fell away in time from Carla’s body.

Leanne then picked up a large bucket of lentil soup. It was thick and brown. It was filled with lentils and other vegetables It looked very sloppy. It was old and cold. It looked as though it were someone’s leftovers. Leanne looked out at the factor workers and gave a satisfied wink. She turned the bucket over and began to pour the disgusting soup onto Carla. She took great pleasure in dumping it onto Carla’s already filthy body. It made a disgusting plopping noise as it exited the bucket and landed on the helpless factory boss. Carla let out a moan as she felt the sloppy mess pouring onto her body. It slithered down her body in all directions. It was almost like a curry. Her muscles spasmed and her body wiggled as she felt the soup all over body. Carla gave a disgusted look and stuck her tongue out as the lentil soup poured over the sides of her and then down the front of her face. There was lentils and chickpeas everywhere in the thick brown mess. Her hair was covered as was her body. She could feel it all over her body.

Finally, Leanne grabbed a tube of toothpaste. “Time to freshen up,” Leanne teased,” It looks like those big ugly teeth of yours could use it.” Carla could have screamed, but she knew that she was locked in place and was completely at Leanne’s mercy. She bit her lip and did not say anything, because she thought that if she did , it would just make things worse. Leanne again leaned over. She smiled in Carla’s face. She then began to write on Carla using the toothpaste. She slowly squeezed the toothpaste out onto Carla’s back. Carla did not know it but she was spelling out the word slut on her. She then drew squiggly lines down Carla’s legs. Finally she went to her face. She used the aquamarine tooth paste to draw on Carla’s face. She made glasses, funny lips and moustache on Carla’s face. She also made big teeth on her face. Finally, she poured the rest straight down on Carla’s head making a sort of hat. Leanne smiled and bowed. She posed with Carla. She leaned over. “Hey Carla, I think you got a little something on ya,” she joked.

She then skipped off. The factory workers each got a chance to pose with their disgraced boss. Finally, they were going to set her free, but the realized that Leanne still had the key. Someone had to go and fetch her back. Leanne returned and held the key in her hand. She wiggled it in Carla’s face. “ Looking for this. Come on Carla beg me for it.” “Please Leanne, please let me out,” Carla said, biting her lip. “Not good enough, tell me that are a sloppy old dog.” Carla hesitated. “Come on now, if you want the key.” Carla took a deep breath and blurted it out. “That’s better, here you go,” Leanne said. She tossed the key in the air and left. The factory workers picked it up and freed Carla.

Carla pushed her body out of the pillory. She stretched her body and wiped some of the mess away from her face and body. More photos were taken. No one said a word. Carla exited the factory and had to walk home in the state that she was, totally dishevelled, clothes hanging off her, covered in mess. She walked as fast as she could. Some of her neighbours saw her, but she did not stop for a second. She finally got home and went right for the shower.

Larger than life photos of Carla on the day were placed in the Rovers over the bar and in the factory. Carla did not speak to anyone about it. Everyone was to afraid to mention it, except for Leanne of course. Leanne made sure the pictures made the local papers. Carla got a lot of comments from colleagues that she worked with on deals. She never forgot the total humiliation that she underwent at Leanne’s hands.

Sunday, 7 April 2013

Halle Berry slimed from many angles

Here are some lovely pictures of Halle Berry getting slimed last year. I know it was last year, but am on a bit of a Halle Berry kick at the moment. I never saw some of these angles before either.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Jamelia the price of fame

Jamelia the price of fame

Jamelia was a decent sized pop star in her time, but she had not been seen on screen or heard on the radio in some time. This was not her choice. Her career had lagged. This was not unusual in the recording industry. The shelf life of pop stars seems to be getting shorter and shorter these days. The money that Jamelia had earned would not last forever. She was famous in the UK but had never broke America or anything like that, so her earnings were relatively modest. By this point, she knew that she would have to start to earn some money again. Also, she yearned to be back in the spotlight again. Her 15 minutes of fame had been all too brief. She was now all but forgotten. She would do just about anything to reclaim some of her former glory.

She was pleasantly surprised when she was offered the chance to appear on a televised gameshow. The idea of the show was going to be to see what people would be willing to do for money and fame. Since Jamelia was in short supply of both, she agreed to appear. She had very little to lose except some minor embarrassment, but at this point, she didn’t even really mind that so much. Anything to get her face out there and maybe to earn some money would be most welcome in her eyes.

She knew that she was in for embarrassment, but at this point it was better than nothing. She hoped that it would be nothing too humiliating, but expected the worst. She wore a sparkly green dress which showed off her long legs. No one could deny how good she still looked. Little did she know that she would be a laughing stock in a few hours. She was a bit nervous, but she agreed to everything they asked and signed the paperwork before the show.

The show started and Jamelia was welcomed on. She smiled and waived. It was explained that the idea of the show was to see just how far minor celebrities would go to cling onto the last vestiges of their fame. She knew that this could be pretty bad for her, potentially. “Ok Jamelia, time to get this show on the road,” the host said. “What will happen is that we will offer you a stunt. You will get a reward for doing it. There will be a number of these. You will earn the prizes if you agree to do the challenge.” “Understood,” she replied. She was already very humbled by this experience. Nights of wild parties and champagne were the furthest thing from what was about to happen to her. “Ok, then, I think we are all ready to go now,” the host said. “Let the games begin.”

“So, Jamelia, here we go. First we have this lovely container of cottage cheese.” She turned up her nose and gave a disgusted look when she saw the disgusting looked, smelly cottage cheese. “ We have £100 here. It is all for your Jamelia. All you have to do for it is to simply have this cottage cheese poured over your head.” Jameila looked at him in disbelief. She shook her head and thought it over. At first, she was repulsed, but she thought to herself that this is really why she was here. She looked over at him. She leaned over. “Ok,” she said nervously.

“Ok, everyone. Here we go,” he said,” Cottage cheese!” Jamelia looked at him apprehensively. He brought the plastic container of cottage cheese forward. She closed her eyes. She scrunched up her face and neck. He placed the container on top of her head. He turned it over. He pushed the sides of the pliable plastic container. The cottage cheese fell from the container on top of her head. Some of it rolled down her face. Everyone exploded in laughter. The bright white mushy cheese contrasting with her dark brown skin. She gave a disgusted look and did a pretend excited face sarcastically. Some of the cottage cheese fell away some remained on the top of the former celebrity’s head. She gave a sarcastic thumbs up and smiled. “I’m so proud,” she quipped sardonically.

“Well done Jamelia, now it is time for your next challenge. It is quite simple, there will be half a dozen balloons filled with gunge. All you will have to do is pop them using your body. You can use any body part but your nails. If you agree, you will win £300,” he said. Jamelia looked at the balloons. It seemed simple enough. “Yeah, sure, why not,” she replied. She walked over the bucket that contained the balloons. She got into position. “Get, ready, get set, go,” the host said. Everyone began to cheer her on as she got started.

She took out the first balloon. She placed it between her knees. She pushed her knees together. The balloon popped awkwardly. Pink sloppy gunge exploded in a circle on her knees and up and down her legs. She quickly grabbed the next balloon. She tried to pop it the same way as she had before, but it didn’t work. Her knees were a bit slippery. She saw that it wasn’t working so she sat down on the floor. She put the balloon down underneath her legs. She then pushed her legs upward and then down. It didn’t come easily, but it did pop this time. The backs of her legs were splattered in sloppy light blue gunge. She then grabbed the next balloon. his one she positioned on the floor again. This one she positioned on the floor again. This time she held it with her hands and placed it beneath her backside. She closed her eyes and attempted to pushed her backside down onto the balloon. Unfortunately, the balloon slopped out and she slipped onto her rear end on the stage. She grabbed the balloon back and did her best to hold it in place. She forced her rear end downwards onto it. The balloon squished and eventually popped. Her dress and rear end were instantly covered in light purple gunge.

The next balloon, she placed between her elbows. She pushed them together as hard as she possibly could. The balloon busted, sending green gunge exploding up into her face and all over her chest. She grabbed the next balloon and tried to do the same, but it kept slipping and sliding out of her grip. She needed to secure it in place. She decided to go down to the ground. She got down on her knees and held the balloon to her chest. She then pushed her body forward. The balloon eventually burst from the pressure, sending aqua marine gunge all over the front of her dress. She then grabbed the final balloon. This one was the toughest to pop. She tried everything that she possibly good. Her hands and body were all slimy and slippery by now, so this did not help. Eventually, she placed the balloon on the ground. She then laid down on top of it. She then pushed her body down as hard as she possibly could. It looked like a cross between a push up and humping the stage. The balloon burst and orange gunge exploded on her body.

She lay on the floor in exhaustion. She looked up with a satisfied smile. She had done it and earned the prize. The host leaned down and offered her his hand. He helped her up to her feet. She smiled and wiped some of the gunge from her front. “Well done, Jamelia. You did so well. You were very good at that.” “Thank you,” she replied, clapping, applauding herself. “I bet you are wondering what we have planned next for you,” he asked. “I sure am,” she said in a silly voice. “Well, we thought you deserve a nice breakfast. What it will be like is a tar and feathering. Only we will be using yoghurt and cornflakes. You will have to get covered in yoghurt and then cornflakes. The reward will be an appearance on a national radio show later this week.” Of course, there was no way in the world that Jamelia could pass this up. She really needed this. The yoghurt and cornflakes were a small price to pay in her eyes. “Yeah, I’ll do it,” Jamelia replied.

Stagehands came out carrying tubs of yoghurt. Jamelia stood still in the centre of the stage. The men carried the tubs over to her. She pointed at them, “Be gentle,” she quipped, pointing at them and laughing. The men stood behind her and started pouring the yoghurt over her. She scrunched up her face and closed her eyes. Her face could be seen as the yoghurt poured over the back of her head and then the sides of her face. Soon, however, her face disappeared as it was covered in yoghurt. It was poured down her shoulders and all over her body. The men made sure that she was covered in it from head to toe. It was white with a bit of a pink tinge to it. The yogurt soon coated her from head to toe. She wiggled her legs. Her entire face was covered in it as well.

More men then came out with containers of cornflakes. They approached her and started dumping the cornflakes all over her body. They fell with a crunch as they poured down onto her. They stuck to all of the collected yoghurt that she was still covered in. They fell all over her, sticking to her clothes, head and body. She looked forward and took a deep breath. She wiped some from her eyes. Even her hands were covered. She was soon covered in the cereal. She looked like some kind of bizarre chicken. Everyone applauded. She spit some out of her mouth. It fell everywhere. She looked at the host, slightly dejected.

“Well done, Jamelia, you are doing great. There is more though,” he said. “What we have next is a conveyer belt. It is usually used for making automated school lunches.” Of course this was not really true, it was a device that was made for the show. “Basically, a person can be laid out onto the conveyer belt and that person will be moved through the machine. The lunch will be poured out onto them as they make their way through the line.” Jamelia looked at him and shook her head. She bit her lip and laughed. “ If you agree to take part, your prize will be an appearance on Nevermind the buzz cocks.” It seemed a small prize, but Jamelia hadn’t been on such a show in years. It would help her career to no end. She did not even have to think about it. “Ok, I guess I will have to do it,” she said, to the delight of the audience.

Jamelia was led over to the conveyer belt. She placed her backside onto the ramp. She then twirled her legs around and positioned her body in place. She lay on her back, Staring upwards. The stagehands then placed straps from below her around her body, securing her in place on large tray. She was now helpless strapped in place. She was completely at the mercy of the lunch making machine. The host then went over to the lever to switch it on. He smiled. “ Ready, Jamelia?,” he asked. “ I guess,” she replied hesitantly. “Ok then, lunch is served,” he said.

He pulled the lever. A loud buzzer and flashing light went off. The conveyer belt started to move. The tray that she was strapped to began to move forward. She closed her eyes as she began to move forward through the lunch making machine. She was moved forward. She let out a squeal. She had not really expected to be propelled forward like this. As she rolled forward she looked up. She was sent about a yard and a half forward and then was stopped. She heard a noise from above. She tried to look to see what it was. She did not have any time to react. In an instant applesauce poured down onto her face and onto her calves. It fell from the machine in two distinct spots. It splattered on her when it hit her face and legs. She felt the cold applesauce washing over her legs. She got a full face full of it as well. The machine was made to hit the spots perfectly, aiming the mess at her body. Two circles of applesauce covered her face and calves and knee area. She was then jerked forward again.

This time the machine did not stop moving, but some food began to pour again from above. This time it was macaroni and cheese. It was on the canned variety. Curvy pasta in white cheese sauce. It looked as though it had not been cooked. It began to pour at the bottom of her body. She continued moving though through the stream of macaroni and cheese. The effect of this was that poured evenly all over her body from head to toe. It covered her legs, up her hips over her stomach and chest and then covered her head. Her face covered with macaroni and cheese.

As she moved forward food began to be projected at her from the sides of the machine. From the sides mixed vegetables flew at her. Carrots, corn, peas, lima beans flew at her. They soon collected and stuck all over her body. Her sexy body was covered in macaroni and cheese and mixed vegetables. As she moved a bit further it was fruit cocktail that replaced the mixed vegetables. The traditional mix of fruits flew at her. Bits of peaches, pears, grapes and cherries flung through the air at her. They soon joined the vegetables in a disgusting mix on her body. Some of it fell away. Jamelia had now almost disappeared under the pile of food.

The ramp then went on a decline. The speed went up slightly because of it. Jamelia was hurled downwards. When she reached the end of the decline. She hit a wall of mashed potatoes. The potatoes were soft so she was sent straight through them. She emerged on the other side coated in thick mash. The wall was left with a Jamelia shaped hole in it. In an instant, a vat of gravy poured down and emptied all over the potato covered young woman. The thick disgusting lumpy brown gravy plopped down on her head and neck. Next she came to a section where the ramp was covered in mushy peas. The tray pushed through, sloshing them all over. Jamelia wiggled her toes and she was surrounded by mushy peas.

She was then sprung forward. At the sides of her were now coloured bottles. They were different colours. She could tell what they were by the colour they were. Ketchup, mustard, relish, mayo and burger sauce. There was one of each on opposite sides of her. She was stopped between them. A buzzer went off again. Something triggered and all of the bottles were squeezed at once. Her body was soon a rainbow. Red, yellow, green, white and orange. It was like she was being spray painted with condiments. She was covered in stripes of the mess. Like a human cheeseburger.

The whole thing was made to look like a lunchroom. Jamelia was moved forward again. As she moved forward she noticed that their was an enormous trash can above her. When she hit a certain point, it was triggered. It tipped over sending its contents onto Jamelia. It was a collection of discarded food. Bits of ham, mince, cold cuts, beans, noodles, cheese and vegetables poured down on her. Bits of half eaten sandwiches, mouldy pizza slices and spaghetti poured down on her. She closed her eyes and gagged as she was covered in a mountain of leftovers.

Finally, she was jerked forward again. “She needs to wash it all down with a nice cold glass of milk,” the host said. As she reached the end a torrent of ice cold milk poured from the top of the machine onto her. It did little to remove much of the collected mess that piled on the celebrity. She caught her breath as she was showered in milk. Finally she came to the end of the lunch line. There was a cash register and a man dressed as a lunch lady. “£3 please”, he said.

The host came over and carefully unstrapped the sloppy celebrity. She caught her breath and sat up, allowing some of the messy lunch to fall down her body. “That looked like a good lunch. I hope you were hungry,” he said. Jamelia screwed up her face. “ Ha ha,” she said sarcastically. “That looked delicious,” he said. “ Oh fine dining at its best,” she said. She was dishevelled and covered in food. She rubbed her thighs as she stood up, letting more food roll down her body.

“Well, Jamelia, you were a very good sport, so you in win all the prizes well done.” “Thank you, I think,” she said, scratching her head. “You have definitely earned it. Let’s hear it for her,” he said. The camera closed in on her face. She opened her mouth, wiggling her head, pretending to be overly enthusiastic. She gave two thumbs up and laughed.