Sunday, 23 February 2014

some college pie pics

Brooke Tessmacher out of the club

Brooke Tessmacher out of the club

Brooke Tessmacher had been involved with Bully Ray. Why no one could really understand. He was unattractive and old. He also was not a nice person and was annoying in the extreme. The only explanation was that she was using the situation to make a bigger name for herself in the business. Bully Ray had been refusing to speak to her so she made the slightly unwise decision to confront him in the ring. She would come to regret making that decision in short order.

She gave a speech about how much she wanted him back and wanted him to come to the ring. Unfortunately for her, his music played and he came out. Instead of making up with her and trying to get back together, instead he insulted her, even making fun of her prowess in the bedroom. This was totally humiliating, especially considering the thought that she would actually sleep with him at all was totally repulsive. “Brooke, you cost me matches too many times,” he said,” And now it is payback time.” He walked towards her. She backed away, as she did, she fell onto her backside in the corner. He shouted at her,” Revenge Brooke.”

He then walked over and grabbed something with one hand. She sputtered and slipped around on her butt as he approached. He waived her hands in front of her and begged her off,” No Bully, please don’t do this,” She begged,” We can work this out, really we can she,” she said. He slowly approached. It was clear now that he was carrying what looked like cleaner’s bucket. She shrieked and screamed. He laughed as he approached her. He shouted,” This is for you Brooke.”

He stood across from her and swung the bucket in the air towards her. When he did so, what proved to be slop flew through the air and landed all over Brooke. This slop was yellow and had massive chunks in it. It flew at her and landed all over her slick brown hair and tanned skin. It fell down her face and torso. It was thick yellow and sloppy all over her face and her tanned skin. Although he was a bad guy, when he poured the slop on her, the whole audience cheered and roared with laughter. A close up was shown of the slop flowing down Brooke’s face. Her mouth was wide open as she grimaced in disgust. She shouted,” Noooo. It stinks.” Lumps of yellow slop ran down her face and body. He pumped his fist and celebrated. “It’s so gross,” she said. She used her hands to wipe some of the slop from her eyes. She sat in the corner, shocked, soaked in slop.

He now went over and grabbed something else. He had a few containers and items that he had hidden beneath the ring to use this way on Brooke. He now grabbed a large creamy pie in one hand. He rushed towards Brooke and pushed it into her face. She closed her eyes and held her breath as the pie was smushed into her face. He pulled in then pulled away. The casing was pulled off revealing Brooke’s face totally covered in inches of thick creamy pie. She pushed her hands to her face and pushed some away but it made little difference. Her face was still totally covered in cream pie. The cream melted down her face and hot tanned skin. Her hair was covered in cream. Her face was almost unrecognisable under the pie. She licked her lips. Some of it fell down her black outfit and body.

Brooke could not believe that this was really happening. She was already covered in vile mess. Bully Ray then grabbed another mop bucket. He shouted,” You’re going to love this.” He tossed the contents of the bucket over Brooke. The bucket, everyone soon discovered was filled with manure. It was thick and sloppy manure at that. It was very thick and very brown. It was lumpy and poured down over her. It stuck all over her face and hair. She was greeted with a full on face full of manure as it was poured initially. She choked and coughed and a mouthful fell from her mouth down her chin and onto her chest. A large bit piled on top of her head. Her entire face was a mask of brown manure. Her mouth and her glaring face were nearly all that could be made out under the mask of manure that she now wore. She shook her head in blind anger and disbelief.

He then went over and pulled her up to her feet, acting as though he may help her. Instead he turned her around. He pulled her body down she was bent over. He then pulled her trousers down violently, tearing them as he pulled. He then lowered her black thong as well. He then proceeded to pull his hand back, theatrically and began to spank her bare backside for the world to see. She kicked her legs and yelped theatrically as the crowd cheered. He spanked her half a dozen times, before turning and walking away. He bowed and walked back to the locker room.

She fell back onto her behind, scrambling to pull her thong up and to salvage what she could of her ripped trousers. She stood up and stumbled out of the ring and tried to make her way back to the locker room. She clutched her torn trousers to her body and shouted at the crowd to stop laughing at her as she made her way back looking angry and humiliated.

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Sam and Marks Friday Wind up Lucy

A woman named Lucy Redfern gets gunged on Sam and Mark's big wind up. It is not the best gunge, but it was a pretty good gunging and she is pretty attractive so that makes the scene better than average.

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Ellie Goulding a parody

Ellie Goulding a parody

Ellie Goulding decided to make a special new version of her hit song Burn. It was meant to be a parody. She decided to make a video for the new version of the song as well. She got into her hotpants and prepared for the video shoot. She had changed the lyrics to the song and had made them about pies and gunge. She was a bit of a secret wam fan. The idea for the song just came to her. She didn’t know whether to tell anyone, but she did and people seemed quite enthusiastic about the idea. She just believed that the whole thing would be a whole lot of fun.

She got ready and walked out onto the sound stage where the video would be shot. She wore her beige hotpants. The record company had insisted that she change her image. She was basically ordered to be more sexy. It was not really her, but the record company is the one who dictates when you have signed a contract with them. It had meant that things were more fun, but it really was not her. She loved music, not so much show business, but it was clear that she did not have much of a choice. The record company had made that crystal clear.

She now was on the set. There were loads of dancers behind her, as they were in her other video. The director told her that she could begin. She began to sing the new lyrics that she had written. She started out,” I am standing around, and I look to the sky, then down on my face I am hit with a pie.” As she said the word pie, she looked up. Instantly, a pie fell from above and smashed Ellie straight in the face. Wherever it came from, the aim was amazing, it hit her right in the face. It was coming at a good speed as well, because when it collided with her face, it exploded in all directions. Ellie looked forward, her face and hair obliterated by the pie. She continued to dance around, her hands all over herself. She ran her hands through her pie covered hair. The hard thing was that she was not allowed to stop singing or dancing. It was very hard not to react to the pie.

She sang the next part,” And her come the pies, pies, pies. I’m going to get pied, pied, pied.” Every time she mentioned the word pie or a derivative, a pie flew her way, smashing against her face and body. Every one seemed to be right on target, although she continued to dance. It had all been coordinated prior to the shoot. Dozens of pies smashed all over her body. There was cream all over her clothes and body. Her face was covered and her hair was matted in pie. The pie was all over her legs. Her face looked really funny half covered in creamy pie.

She then started to sing again,” Now I’m dancing around and I’m covered in pie. And know that soon, I’ll get covered in slime.” As she said the would slime, a medium sized amount of slime poured down on her head from above. It was green and messy. “And I’m gonna get slimed, slimed, slimed, slimed.” As she sang the words, slime fell from above in spurts. They lasted for as long as the word did at first. Then a large wave of it poured down onto her. She nearly slipped, but continued dancing. The sloppy green slime was all over her. It coated her body from head to toe, dripping down her scantily clad body. It was a bit ironic. Ellie in reality was a shy, introverted, folk singer who was really sensitive. She was now someone who made techno records, dancing provocatively, half naked, getting covered in mess. She wiggled her slime covered behind for the camera, before starting to sing again.

“I can feel it all over my legs and my bum. I wait for a second and here comes the gunge.” There was a slight pause, then a portion of pink gunge fell down on Ellie from above. “I am going to be gunged, gunged, gunged. I’m going to be gunged, gunged, gunge. Gunge, gunge, gunge..” Waves of thick, multi coloured gunge rained down on Ellie from a above, almost knocking her off of her feet. She continued saying the word gunge and pink, orange, blue, red and green gunged poured down in a rainbow of gunge. Ellie closed her eyes as she was hit with wave after wave of thick messy gunge of every colour. By now her hair and clothes were soaked. She rubbed her hands over her body and clothes, massaging herself in gunge. She rubbed her messy hands all over her now filthy body as she danced.

“I am singing and dancing as the gunge drops. I know coming next is a lot of pig slop,” she sang. With that a small amount of yellow pig slop with little bits of green and orange fell from the sky and landed on Ellie. There appeared to be a lot of corn meal in it. It was sloppy and yellow and very smelly. It poured straight onto her head, her blonde hair and face. She closed her eyes as the pig slop poured down onto her face. The slop poured down her nose and the front of her face. She began to sing again. “Yes I’m going to be slopped, slopped, slopped. I’m about to be slopped, slopped, slopped. Here comes the slop, slop, slop, slop..” Slop hit her from in front and behind, splashing, her legs, butt and clothing. She was soon covered in tons of pig slop.

Again she began singing,” I am as dirty and messy as any you’ve seen. Next on my head will be poured tons of beans.” At that moment she took a deep breath and a ton of baked beans fell on her from the ceiling. She continued,” Here come the beans, beans, beans. I will soon be covered in beans. And I’m going to be beaned, beaned, beaned, beaned.” Ellie’s tight little smooth body began to be splashed in disgusting baked beans. She felt the beans all over her legs. They dripped down her legs. Her hair and clothes were now soaked in bean juice. She could feel the beans inside her top and all over her hotpants. She had never felt a sensation quite like it before. She was covered in slop and beans.  She used her hands and rubbed it around on herself. She danced provocatively, wiggling and gyrating her hips, pumping her legs. The feeling of the beans on her flesh was almost like a lovers touch. They were all over her legs and inside her hotpants. She could feel some beans inside of her underwear that lay beneath. Some cameras picked up close ups of Ellie’s legs dripping in beans.

Again she sung ,”You can see that my eyes are filling with dread, as I wait for spaghetti to be poured on my head.” There was a pause. About a bucket full of spaghetti dumped onto Ellie. “It falls on my head, head, head. Spaghetti is on my head, head, head.” As she sang, what appeared to be bucket after bucket of soggy leftover spaghetti fell onto her. It her from all angles as well. She raised her hands and the spaghetti bounced everywhere. I a moment she looked like cousin it, but covered in spaghetti rather than hair. She continued dancing until the music stopped. 

It was amazing but the whole video was shot in one tank. Ellie laughed and walked backstage, covered in mess. She laughed. It had been a lot of fun. Hopefully it would raise her profile as well and gain her more of an audience across the board.

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Human pizzas

Kids make their moms into human pizzas. They are all pretty attractive as well. They all get it quite nicely.

Monday, 3 February 2014

Charley Webb I wanna be flushed

Charley Webb I wanna be flushed

It turned out that Charley Webb had always been a massive fan of the show. She had watched it from the beginning and had always wanted a chance to appear on it herself. She was over the moon when her agent contacted her and advised her that she had been offered the opportunity to appear on Let Her Have it. She accepted the offer straight away. She did wonder what they would have in store for her. She knew that a huge mess would be awaiting her for sure, however. The only thing that she really knew was that she was asked to wear the short black skirt and boots that she wore many times on Emmerdale. This skirt looked amazing on her. She was all too happy to wear it. She thought about what would be happening on the show quite a bit in the weeks leading up to her appearance, thinking about what it would be like. The idea of getting messed on national television with the whole country tuning in excited her quite a bit. She could not even believe that she was famous enough to be on the show.

The day finally arrived that she had been waiting for. She wore the skirt that she had been asked to. She was glad to do it. She had an inkling of how flattering it was. She could tell that there were forces at work on the show who really appreciated how it looked. She was a bit embarrassed by the whole thing but was determined to enjoy the experience for what it was. She did not really tell anyone apart from her family about the appearance. She was very flattered to be picked. She was nervous back stage but was made to feel at home. There were chocolates and flowers in her dressing room. When it came time to come out on stage, she took a deep breath and made her way out.

She didn’t have a smile but a serious look as she came out to the applause of the audience. She shook Mr. G.’s hand and joined him on the couches. “ So Charley Webb of Emmerdale. It is lovely to meet you.” “Well thanks, I am happy to be here. Thanks for having me here.” “It is our pleasure. You are looking lovely today by the way.” “Why thank you very much. Likewise,” she responded. “Well we all know why you are here.” “ I guess we do she said,” twisting her lips and wiggling her eyebrows before giggling. “Well, I hope that you are ready to get messy,” he said. “ Well, yes, that is why I am here,” she responded. “ That is what I like to hear. I think it is time to reveal what we have for you today,” Mr. G. said.

“It looks as though you may be holding something in, Charley, so we thought that we would help you to get it all out. I am sure that it will be a relief for you,” he joked. She put her hands to her face and laughed. She had a feeling that she knew what he was referring to. “Let’s have a look,” he said. The curtain then was drawn back and the stage turned itself around revealing what was in store for Charley. Of course, it was none other than the giant flush. She began to blush and squealed with laughter. She smiled. “Yes, it is the giant flush,” Mr. G. said,” We thought that you deserved to sit on the throne,” he said. “ What do you think? Are you up for this?,” he asked. “It would be an honour,” she said, shaking his hand. He then walked with her over to the dirty toilet under the huge toilet. The audience watched her legs and body as she walked towards the toilet.

Mr. G. motioned for her, bowing, inviting her to take her seat on the toilet before her. She turned around and lowered her backside straight down onto the toilet. She stretched her bare legs out in front of her before bending her knees. Her legs pressed against the cold porcelain of the toilet beneath her. She straightened her top and smiled. “ Well, you look right at home on there. Are you comfortable?,” Mr. G. asked. “ Oh yes, this is what I have always wanted,” she said half serious, half sarcastically. “I can tell that you have been craving the flush,” Mr. G. joked. “Oh yeah, no doubt,” she said,” I have always imagined you flushing the toilet on me,” she said. “I know that you definitely looked desperate for the toilet earlier,” he joked.

“Ok then, here we go,” he said. He went over to the giant flusher on the side of the bathroom set and got ready to let it rip. Charley looked over at him and smiled. She gave a thumbs up. She smiled, looked at her and then pulled down on the flusher. Everyone began to chant, ”Flush”.

Farting noises and the noises of a woman going to the toilet were heard, followed by the sounds of a toilet flushing. Charley looked up when she heard the noises coming from above her. She laughed and shook her head. Just then a massive amount of thick, gloppy brown gunge poured through the giant toilet bowl that lay over her head. It poured down from above and hit Charley squarely in the face. It poured down one side of her face first and then the middle, before pouring on the other side as well. Some of the larger lumps stuck to the top of her head. The brown mess poured down her face and neck. She closed her eyes as the brown mess continued to pour down on her from above.

Brown gunge poured directly onto her legs. It poured up her calves then up onto her thighs. The gunge was everywhere at this point. It covered her clothes and body. Her clothes were weighed down by the heavy brown gunge. She could feel it thick and sloppy all over her body. As it was happening though, she could feel tinges of pleasure throughout her body. The feeling of the gunge on her body was as pleasurable as she had imagined that it might be, but even better. She played with the gunge that was covering her skirt and knees. Her face was a mask of brown gunge. Her eyes and teeth were the only clean bits left that shone through. The colour, feel and consistency of the gunge made it appear as if someone really had flushed the toilet on Charley. The gunge stunk as well. She looked over at Mr. G. and shook her head. She ran her fingers through her gunge splattered fringe. Gunge had splattered everywhere as it had splashed off of Charley’s body.

“I think that I am badly in need of some toilet roll,” she joked,” I seem to have really made a mess of your bathroom. I apologize,” she said. “Oh don’t worry, sometimes you just have to go,” he joked back. “ Well, how did you find that?,” he asked. “Everything I imagined and more,” she replied,” I loved every second of it. Everyone should give it a try. They won’t be disappointed.
“So, a big thank you to Charley Webb. She was a brilliant guest. We will see you all next time on Let her have it.”