Saturday, 23 November 2013

Jessica Biel I’m calling my agent

Jessica Biel I’m calling my agent

Jessica Biel had become a huge Hollywood star. She starred in many huge Hollywood films, but she had gotten her start on 7th Heaven. She had left the show with a slight note of controversy. She had posed for some sexy photos, which the producers of the show had forbidden their cast from doing. She had done so on purpose because she was not happy. However, when the show was nearing the end of its run, they asked Jessica to appear. She agreed. Unfortunately for her, they had some plans for her that she was unaware of. They decided to give Jessica a little surprise. It would work terrifically as well, because she was not suspecting a thing. It would be some means of revenge for them against her. In everyone’s mind, although she tried not to show it too much, she had really let celebrity go to her head. She really thought that she was something and looked upon the show as something she had used as a stepping stone so to speak.

The plans were put into motion. The rest of the cast helped to plan the whole thing. Jess didn’t know it but she was facing some grade A embarrassment to be sure. It all took place while the shooting of the last scene was taking place. The scene was basically Jessica sitting at the kitchen table while the lady who played her mother cooked spaghetti on the stove as the two talked. It was meant to be a deep and meaningful conversation that they were having about live and its ups and downs. Jessica believed that it was a real scene and was playing her part as directed. The actress continued pretending to cook spaghetti on the stove as Jessica read her lines.

Then the actress playing her mother walked over to her carrying the pot of spaghetti. “I know something that will cheer you up,” she said. “What’s that?,” Jessica asked, “A nice bowl of spaghetti,” she replied. This was what Jessica expected. What happened next, she did not expect. The actress put the pot in front of her, but instead up pouring it onto the plate, she lifted it in the air slightly and tipped it over Jess’s head. She turned it over, pouring the spaghetti over Jessica’s head. She had no time to react. In a moment, her head was dripping in thick spaghetti. She wiggled her arms and looked up as the spaghetti rolled down her face. She looked very annoyed. Her tv mom laughed loudly and clapped her hands in amusement at what she had done. She shook her arms, her black t shirt dripping spaghetti all the way down the front. She took her two index fingers and cleared her eyes.

Before she knew what was happening fully, the man who played her father came over. “Some tuna casserole?,” he said. “Oh my god, please no, don’t,” she started to say, but it was too late.  He had already started tipping the round casserole dish over her head. A large mound of tuna, pasta and sweet corn in a disgusting white mess plopped onto Jessica’s head and rolled down her face. She stuck her hands out as more rained down over her. She opened her mouth in a gagging motion. The smell and the look of the casserole was positively nauseating. Tons of white and yellow mess fell onto Jessica’s head, shoulders and body. She shook her shoulders and looked up furiously. Her tv dad, in return, shrugged his shoulders and laughed with a wide smile on his face. Some rolled down her short and settled between her legs. It felt cold, clammy and disgusting against her smooth tanned skin. “We missed ya, Jess,” he said.

Next up was the guy who played her eldest brother on the show. He held in his hands two ketchup bottles. “Good to see you Jess,” he said. He stood across from her and aimed the bottles at her. She put her hands up in an attempt to block the ketchup splatter. She waived her hands as he squeezed the ketchup bottles. The ketchup sprayed all over her shirt first and then all over her face. He moved the bottles back and forth covering her in a splattering of smooth red ketchup. Her face was totally splattered. He was merciless, never ceasing for one second as she tried to fight off the torrent of ketchup.

Next came the girl who played her eldest sister. She carried with her a jug of chilli. It was thick and juicy. It looked incredibly thick and Jess was about to be covered in it. “Chilli con carne, Jess,” she shouted in a loud voice. She then tipped the chilli pot over her tv sister’s head. Jessica closed her eyes as a waterfall of thick chilli and beans poured down her head in its deep red sauce.  It was very lumpy and looked as though it had been sitting around for some time waiting for this moment. There were audible mutterings at this point of people saying,” Oh my god” and “That looks disgusting”. There was a lot of laughing as well. It poured downwards over her head, completely covering her in the dark red, meaty mess. She ran her hands over her face and through her hair, wiping some of the chilli away. Some fell over her lips and mouth. It was greasy and slimy. She cringed underneath the ocean of chilli.

The young man who played her second eldest brother was the next to step forward. He carried a jug of gravy with him. He smiled and giggled to himself as he approached. He did not say anything, but just tipped it over Jessica Biel’s head. He smiled and poured it over her. She closed her eyes and shook her head in disgust and anger. Thick brown gravy poured from the jug straight onto her head, down her slim face, over her cheeks and then down her front. It was smooth and cold. Jessica shivered as the gravy coated her face and body. She wiggled her lips around. He then walked off and high fived the other actors.

Finally the actors who played her younger siblings came forward. They each carried a bottle of sundae toppings with them. These included chocolate sauce, caramel, strawberry sauce , whipped cream and sprinkles. They ran at Jessica  and began dumping all of it wildly all over her. She closed her eyes and kicked her legs. She attempted to shelter herself but she was getting covered in all directions. The topping were flying everywhere. Whipped cream was sprayed all over her. The sauces squirted everywhere. When they were finished they dumped the sprinkles over her head.

“Let’s give Jess a round of applause,” the producer said. She looked up angrily at everyone as they applauded and laughed at her. She stood up and stormed off to her dressing room, letting out an angry shriek. “I’m calling my agent,” she muttered.

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

New clips November 2013

Here are some lovely pie and gunge clips I found. I am unsure if they have been posted before or not but they are pretty good ones.

Sunday, 17 November 2013

UCB gunging

Hi everyone,

I have just posted a full set of the Jess Cook gunging on Tellygunge. See the link below for the full gallery. This is so hot. She is very attractive. Her expressions and reactions are amazing. The gunge is great. It hits her perfectly. She does not try to dodge it. She is spoken to before and afterwards. This is near perfect.

Been away

Hiya everyone,

Been away for a few weeks. That is why there have been not many posts lately. Good to be back.