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The WWE’s revenge on Paige

****Warning**** This stoory contains nudity and adult situations******

This story is inspired by the ridiculous way that the WWE have treated Paige for the past year. Despite being the main reason why people are interested in the divas division and being more talented and more over than any of the other divas, she has been buried by the WWE. She has gone a full year without the title, that she rightfully deserves. They book her to lose cleanly to everyone in the locker room. They book her into situations that appear like they are designed to embarrass her. They have twice attempted to turn her heel and have failed. They are not going with what the fans want and they are attempting to destroy the biggest female star, arguably, that they have ever had. The decisions that they are making must be driven by political reasons. She must have done something that they do not like or be unpopular with the wrong people. Maybe she doesn’t look the way they want her too. Maybe she doesn’t speak the way they want her too. Maybe she is an individual with an opinion. Whatever the reason, it is clear that they are trying to bury her. This has happened many times to many people over the years. It took two years after Austin 3:16 for Steve Austin to be given the title, despite being the biggest star in the company. We all know what has happened to be people like CM Punk and Daniel Bryan. I just hope that they change their minds soon and do the right thing, for everyone’s sake. The injustice frustrates and angers me. It has inspired this story though. This is what I think the WWE would do to Paige if they could get away with it. Maybe not literally.
I apologize, because in this story I may be using backstage wrestling business terminology that not everyone may understand. I also may be spleen venting, I apologize for that as well, but the situation makes me very frustrated. Obviously, I am a massive Paige fan. You can take that for what it is worth. 

The WWE’s revenge on Paige

Paige was not liked by the WWE. The powers that be did not like her. The reasons were almost irrelevant because once a person like Vince McMahon or Triple H didn’t like someone, their mind were set and could not easily be swayed. They were juvenile and petty. They had buried people before. They had embarrassed wrestlers and divas before for their own amusement in the most juvenile of ways. The examples are too many to list here. For whatever reason, they did not like Paige. Despite being among the very best workers they had in the ring and on the mic and being more popular with the fans than most other women had ever been before, the WWE was trying to hurt her career. One might think that this was a bit like cutting off one’s nose to spite their face, seeing as her popularity and skills could be utilized to sell tickets and make cash, but the WWE wanted only the people that they liked in the top spots. Being more over or more talented didn’t really come into it, as idiotic and self -defeating as that is. Paige spent a year selling for lesser wrestlers, selflessly putting them over and making them look good. All the same, they did not like her. They decided to really put her into her place. They wanted to humiliate her to a level they had never humiliated anyone before. Even beyond what they had done to either Trish Stratus or Mickie James. 

The powers that be had the other divas do their bidding. Paige was in the ring after a match. She had no idea what was about to happen, but all of the others knew that they were about to go off script. Even in storyline terms, Paige had alienated and annoyed every other diva. She had no allies of any kind. They attempted to blame her for this. In real life, the other divas were mega jealous of her. She achieved more in her first day in the company than all of them combined had in all of their years in the business. They knew how much the fans loved her. They knew that she was the main reason that they were getting attention. They knew in their hearts that she was superior to them in ring acumen and in mic skills. They were jealous of her. They were all too happy to do what they were about to do.

As Paige stood in the ring with Team Bella, Alicia Fox and Brie Bella grabbed her by the arms. She looked visibly shocked, because this was not what had been rehearsed. They put their mics down. Anything they said to her would not be picked up on the mic. Nikki Bella came up to her. She looked her in the face. She grabbed her chin. “You think you are something special, don’t you? You are nothing but a little slut you are nothing. You deserve this.” Nikki kicked her in the stomach. She then began to tear Paige’s top off of her body. Much to everyone’s surprise, Nikki tore her top off of her completely. Unlike other incidents, there was no covering up. There was nothing underneath. Paige’s perky breasts popped out, revealed to the world.

Nikki then put her hand into the front of Paige’s shorts and pulled them downwards, ripping them as she went, pulling them down her legs. Paige had nothing on beneath them. No one could believe what was happening. Paige was now in the ring in front of an arena full of people stark naked. Her pale white body exposed to the world. Sasha and Brie forced Paige’s legs open as far as they would do.  Nikki then pulled the camera over, pushing between Paige’s legs. This gave the world an extreme close up of Paige’s bald vagina. Paige knew that the whole world was getting a detailed view of her naked vagina. The entire world would be seeing this.

They then bent her over. They spread her legs and exposed her naked rear end. Nikki pulled in the camera, showing everyone Paige’s naked ass. They then took turns spanking her bare bottom as she screeched in pain and embarrassment. Hand mark after hand mark left on her pale rear end. Team Bad then came out. The three immediately talking trash as they entered. They came with their belts and paddles. Sasha Banks took a pair of the silly sunglasses that she wore to the ring and put them onto Paige, mocking her. They then took the paddles and belts and began to whip her with them.  They openly mocked her. “What’s the matter Paige? I thought this was supposed to be your house?” She bit her lip and winced as they embarrassed her.

Next to come were her former PCB teammates Charlotte and Becky Lynch. For a brief moment, it looked like they may be coming out to take pity on their former partner. This was not to be the case though. They carried with them buckets of pig slop and cafeteria mess, from the catering area. They smiled and laughed as they approached. “Time to get dirty, you filthy bitch,” Charlotte told her. It was time for Charlotte and Becky to really get revenge on the girl that turned on them. They wanted to humiliate Paige as much as they possibly could. Becky and Charlotte began to slowly pour the buckets of discarded food over their former friend. It was truly sickening both in the way it looked and the way it smelled. It really stunk. The buckets were filled with bits of every kind of food. They came together in brown, orange and yellow tinged mess. They poured the mess back and forth over Paige’s naked body, covering her from head to toe in the rancid mess. She looked like a human trash heap. She was completely covered. Not one inch of her remained uncovered in the mess.

Renee Young came down carrying a microphone. Paige had been critical of Renee in some interviews that she had done, but that was nothing for real. In real life, Renee was a close friend of the Bella twins for many years. In her other hand, she carried a large creamy pie. She climbed in the ring and kneeled over next to Paige. “So Paige, how are you feeling about your current predicament?,” she said. Paige just frowned and looked up at her. Renee just shrugged her shoulders. She then drove the pie as hard as she could straight into Paige’s face. It landed with a thud as it collided with Paige’s face. The backstage reporter twisted the pie around in Paige’s face. Pie splattered in all directions. She then stepped back, leaving the pie tin in place on top of Paige’s head. Paige’s face was a mask of white pie. Her makeup shown through, but her face was covered in creamy white pie. Renee laughed and shook Becky’s hand. 

Last to come was Nattie. Nattie was a very kind person. She was beloved by all. She did not have a nasty bone in her body. She did not really want to do this to anyone, let alone Paige, but the powers that be forced her to take part in this. They had threatened both her and her husband’s job if she refused to do this. The WWE had power over all of their locker room. The WCW was long gone. There was no other viable alternative workplace for wrestlers. As a result, they had almost total control over the talent that they employed. They could force them into doing almost anything. 

Nattie carried with her a few items. She approached Paige. “You are looking a bit pale there Paige. I think we need to get that skin a bit darker.” Paige was always being made fun of in the back because of her pale skin tone. Most of the divas were obsessive with fake tan and tanning beds. She was proud of her pale skin. In a way, it was a symbol of her heritage. Nattie had with her a bowl full of honey and a brush. She took the brush and placed it in the bowl. She then began to cover Paige’s body in the dark, sticky honey. She ran the brush up and down the naked diva’s pale body, covering it in sticky brown honey. It went up her legs and over her chest, all over her behind and then all over her vagina. She could feel the bristles of the brush ticking her naked body parts. She could feel it between her legs. Soon she was covered from head to toe in the honey. Nattie then dumped a sack full of feathers on her, to complete the humiliation. The feathers stuck everywhere on her body. Nattie then pushed the sack around all over Paige, emptying the rest of the feathers on her.

A sign was then produced with the words, “Loser”, “Don’t mess with the authority”, written on it. It was placed around Paige’s neck. She was then pushed to the ground. The crowd was stunned. They did not know whether to cheer or boo. She was meant to be a heel, at this time, but this is not something that would happen to a heel. The booking was confused. The ladies threw Paige to the mat. She lay there in a heap, overcome with embarrassment. The rest of them celebrated. 

Of course, not all of them really were happy about what had a happened. They knew that it could be any one of them in the same position if they said or did something that the powers that be did not like. Sometimes, people did not even have to do anything wrong for this to happen. A person could do everything right and be a great performer and be popular with the fans. If this was not someone that the powers that be wanted in that position, this could be enough to raise their ire. They once punished a wrestler for many years for the crime of taking a few days off to attend the birth of his child. 

They had power over everyone, because there was no other place that they could wrestle anymore and be at the same level. Even after this very public humiliation, Paige had no choice but to go one with the company and perform as usual. They acted like nothing had even happened. It was never even mentioned again. The message was clear though, she had better stay in line or she would be punished and punished severely. They could fire her and any of the others at any time. It was not the best of working environments.

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Swipe TV Ms. Gilmore

This clip is better than average for Swipe TV. It could have been a lot better though. It would have been slightly better if the other teacher had been the one getting gunged, but Ms. Gilmore was attractive enough. Is it just me, or did they both look way better in the schools than they did in the studio for some reason? The gunging was good, but again, the gunge splashed on the tank, so the view was obstructed. The lighting and camera angles were very poor. There was no aftershot. She was not shown coming out of the tank or giving a reaction. It is interesting because at the bottom of the screen someone sent in a text saying that they should show the teacher coming out of the gunge tank, so I am not alone. I don't understand it, because the show is taped in advance. I used to think maybe it was live, so they couldn't really edit it, but they tape it in advance, so they could easily edit it to show more. Again, what is the point of gunging a person, if you don't show them? Also, I was making the stills as I watched it the first time, not knowing who would get the gunge so there are lots of pictures of both teachers. The full gallery is at:

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Rachel Weisz Dawn gets revenge

Rachel Weisz Dawn gets revenge

Rachel Weisz was married to actor Daniel Craig. She was appearing on the Graham Norton Show. Also appearing on the same episode was Dawn French. The topic of Rachel’s husband came up in the interviewing. Dawn began to tease about how he should have married her and that he was stolen away. It started as a bit of banter, but it then escalated slightly.  “Actually,” Dawn joked,” I am really upset. I think that I should be allowed to get some revenge on this skinny bitch,” she joked. This was all done in a joking matter. “Who thinks that I should be allowed to get my revenge on this little Trollip?,” she said. The audience cheered their approval. Rachel roared in laughter, saying,” No,” half-heartedly. “Who thinks that I should gunge her?,” Dawn shouted. Everyone cheered. Rachel’s mouth fell open and she shook her pretty head, her curled hair bouncing. She was looking incredibly sexy, wearing a black dress that showed a lot of leg and neckline. She looked in perfect form to take a messing.

Dawn stomped off for a brief instant before stomping back in, carrying a bucket. “This is for stealing away the love of my life, you filthy slut,” Dawn said. Rachel laughed as Dawn tipped the bucket over her head. What emerged forth was a sloppy mess of thick brown gunge. Rachel’s mouth fell open as the tick, lumpy, brown mess descended over her head and down her face. It poured down her front and all over her body. She was being bathed in brown gunge. Her hands crossed across her chest. She laughed as the brown mess slowly plopped all over her. The brown mess splashed everywhere. The other guests cleared away as Rachel got dumped upon. Everyone, including Rachel was laughing at what was happening to her. Rachel was a very dignified woman, or at least she liked to think of herself as such. She was now being embarrassed on national television. Brown gunge slowly rolled over her face and body. She cringed. “I wonder what your husband is thinking now,” Dawn teased.

Although Dawn was joking around, part of her was relishing embarrassing her thinner rival. This was one for all of the bigger women. Rachel had been nominated for Oscars, but was now getting covered in gunge. The gunge seemed to pour for ages. Rachel Weisz was slowly getting covered in mess. She was blushing with embarrassment and sweating. She could feel the sloppy mess all over her body. Her face was almost completely covered in the mess. She could feel it rolling down her face. Her lovely brown hair was soaked in the sloppy mess. Her dress was overwhelmed with gunge. It covered her legs as well. The gunge covered her bare legs, dripping to the floor. Puddles of gunge pooled at her feet and all over the couch. Rachel shook her head. “Oh my God, this is so embarrassing,” she said as she wiped some of the mess from her eyes and shaking her head. 

“How are you doing there, Rachel?,” Graham Norton asked. “Fabulous,” she replied, giving a thumbs up. She stuck her tongue out comically. “What is Daniel going to think when he sees this?,” Graham asked. “My God are you kidding? He is going to be over the moon. He probably has wanted to do something like this to me for years. I am so glad that everyone can derive such amusement at my expense.” ”That will teach you for stealing my man,” Dawn joked.

Dawn stomped off again and returned with some trays from catering. They were decorative trays filled with various luncheon items. The first one was covered with a decorative display of tuna fish. She came in front and threw the whole thing straight at Rachel. It hit her chest and rolled down her body, covering her in mounds of sloppy tuna fish. The next one contained ham salad in large balls. Dawn took the silver plastic tray and pushed it into Rachel’s head. She bent it down the middle, sandwiching Rachel’s head in between, covering her face in ham salad. It was pink and disgusting. It stuck all over Rachel. She raised her leg in the air and laughed. The tray stuck to her head. It, eventually fell to the floor.

She then took a tray filled with slices of various sandwiches. She threw the entire thing at Rachel, covering her in dozens of sandwiches. They stuck all over her body. She then emptied a large bowl of salad over Rachel’s head. The salad rained down on top of Rachel. She laughed as it covered her body. 

Dawn finished her off with a tray heaving with macaroni and egg salad. The tray was covered in mountains of the stuck. One side was red, the other yellow. Dawn slammed the tray into Rachel’s face. She bent it over so it collided with both her face and the top of her head. Rachel fell backwards as it was pushed into her face. When Dawn pulled away, the sloppy salads covered Rachel’s face and hair and fell down her neck and down her chest. It fell from Rachel’s mouth and face. It looked revolting all over her.

“Well, I think she definitely deserved that,” Dawn teased. Everyone cheered. Rachel looked filthy. She was covered from head to toe.  She laughed and shrugged her shoulders. Her beautiful face decorated in egg salad. “I must look ridiculous,” she thought to herself. The general public enjoyed to no end seeing this dignified actress get decimated by disgusting mess.

Dawn smiled and laughed, pointing at a dishevelled Rachel. “I think that she needs to freshen up,” she teased.

Short Story Sarah Hyland instant pizza

Short Story Sarah Hyland instant pizza

Sarah Hyland had been employed to appear in Dominos pizza commercials. The commercials that she was in were mainly about ordering pizza via personal technology. Her part was talking about the ease of ordering pizza on a mobile. After that commercial, there was to be a second.

Sarah was sitting on the couch, as she had been in the first. It began exactly the same. "It is so easy to order Dominos on your phone. In fact, the only way that it would be easier is if arrived immediately. Imagine having the great taste of Dominos any time you want it. That fresh pizza dough." When she said this, a massive bit of pizza dough fell down from above her. It landed on her head and exploded into pieces all over her. Flour filled the air that had been covering the dough. Part of it landed in Sarah’s hands. She pushed them apart, tearing the dough apart as it stretched all over her.

“Dominoes takes that fresh dough and covers it with fresh pizza sauce, made with fresh tomatoes.”  When she said this, gallons of pizza sauce fell onto her from above. She looked up and closed her eyes as she was splattered in pizza sauce. She tried not to smile or laugh as she was hit with a tidal wave of sloppy pizza sauce. When it stopped pouring, she calmly wiped some of it away from her eyes using her index fingers.

“They then cover their pizzas using only the very best dairy cheeses.” With that, cheese fell onto her. It was a mixture of shredded cheese and melted cheese that plopped down onto her. It fell onto her head and rolled down her body, leaving yellowish white mess as it went along her body. Her face and hair were splattered. 

“They also add your choice of premium toppings,” she said. With that, mushrooms, pepperoni, sausage, green peppers and pineapple fell down on her. It rained from above in mixture, landing all over her body, sticking to the sauce and cheese that she was already covered in.

“So there you have it. Talk about instant pizzas. This will revolutionise the pizza delivery business. They just have to work out a few of the bugs yet. It can get a bit messy,” she whispered, with her hand by one side of her mouth.