Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kym Marsh: Michelle gets it good

Kym Marsh: Michelle gets it good

Michelle Connor was in a relationship with Steve MacDonald. They had been seeing each other for years. Michelle was much younger and better looking than Steve, but she was a total pain in the ass. She was a complete nag. She was constantly getting on his case and yelling at him about something. She was constantly flaring her nostrils, crossing her arms and shaking her head. Sometimes it was for good reason, other times she was quite unfair. It was a bit much, but he stayed with her because she was so incredibly good looking. 

Steve loved Michelle, but he really wanted to get his own back on her. He was out on Coronation Street with Michelle one day when they were approached by a man dressed in a suit who had a camera crew with him. He asked if they were a couple and he said that they were. The man then told Steve that there was a gameshow that was being shot that day and they were looking for couples too appear. He told Steve, away from Michelle, that the men would be competing and the loser’s partner would end up getting covered in mess. This would be an opportunity for Steve to get his own back on Michelle. Of course, he jumped at the opportunity to appear. He really wanted to win as well. He also could, possibly get away with it without Michelle going off on one and blaming him. He could just picture her covered in mess, falling all over her pissed off face. He could claim that he did his best and tried everything that he could to save her. Michelle agreed to be on the show, not knowing what was really at stake.

Michelle wore one of her sexiest black dresses. It showed off her tanned skin to the maximum. She and Steve came out to a round of applause. The other couple came out just afterwards. It was a slightly older couple. Steve, of course, was not going to be trying his hardest at this game, because he secretly wanted to lose. He would have to make it so that it was not obvious though. Luckily, it was a quiz game though. He was not the smartest guy ever so he could get away with playing it a bit dumb. The host then announced that it would be Steve against the man from the other team. They would be playing for their partners. The loser’s partner would be facing a mess punishment. When Michelle and the other woman heard this they looked at one another and laughed. They then looked at their partners. “Look, Steve, you better win this, yeah,” she barked at him, pointing her finger at him. She shook her head in disbelief. She had quite a short temper now that he thought about it. Luckily for Steve, his opponent wanted badly to win the prize and to save his partner. He was no match for him in this game anyway.

The quiz was quite a usual format for television. The men were stood behind podiums with buzzers in front of the. They would be asked questions and would have to buzz in when they thought they knew the answer. If they buzzed in and got the answer incorrect, however, the other team would be awarded with the point. The quiz began. Steve managed to buzz in for the first question, but he got it wrong. Michelle shook her head and glared at him. The other team was awarded with the point. The other man then got the next few questions correct. Then there was a question about cars. Steve buzzed in first, but his answer was wrong again. “Steve..! You work with cars for fuck sake,” Michelle shouted at him and hit him on the shoulder. Steve was now in the hole. He managed to buzz in and get a few correct, but at the end of the game, Steve had lost by a three to one ratio. The host then announced, “ That’s it that’s the end of the game. Our final score was six to two. Our team tried to make a bit of a comeback but it was just too little too late.” “Steve!,” Michelle screamed. She looked very angry. She crossed her arms, her nostrils flared and she shook her head “ You are an idiot,” she said under her breath.

“So, Steve has lost, but it is his partner Michelle who will be paying the consequences for that. How do you feel about that Michelle?” “I am livid, I am with an idiot,” she said,” Don’t worry though, I will get revenge when we get home, you can bet your life on that.” “Well, Michelle, can you come with us please,” he asked. She followed him, glaring at Steve the entire way. Steve was laughing to himself though. She was proving why she deserved this by her reaction.

Michelle was lead to a small stool that was sat in a kiddy pool. She was asked to take a seat on the stool. She reluctantly complied, but went as slowly as she could. “Yes, Steve has lost and now Michelle will be getting the consequences.” She sat on the stool and looked over at Steve, angrily shaking her head. “So, as we all are aware of, each week on the show the loser’s partner gets the messy punishment,” the host explained,” Every week it is different. This week, we are going to be making a human ice cream sundae. Michelle will be the main ingredient.” The audience applauded. Michelle licked her lips and flared her nostrils again, shaking her head. “ I can’t fucking believe this,” she said under her breath.

“I think that we will let Steve do the honours. We will start of course with some ice cream,” the host said. He pulled out a large tub of vanilla, chocolate and strawberry ice cream and an ice cream scoop and handed it to Steve. Steve took it and tried his best not to smile. He approached Michelle, “Sorry,” he tried to say. “Oh just shut up and get this over with,” she replied. He reached in and began to scoop out scoops of multi-coloured ice cream. Michelle grimaced as Steve placed the first scoop of ice cream on top of her head. The look on her face was priceless. She audibly gasped as she felt the cold ice cream as it instantly began to melt down her forehead. Streams of pink, brown and white slowly made their way down the wrinkles in her forehead.  Steve then put two more scoops on top of her head. He pushed them down so that they would stick. She soon had ice cream melting straight down her face. 

He then place three more, one after another on top of her breasts. Many did not realize just how ample Michelle’s bosom actually was. Her breasts did stick out far enough that they created a natural sort of shelf for the ice cream to sit on. She moaned when she felt the cold touch of it against her sizzling hot flesh. He then scooped more ice cream out onto her lap and onto her bare legs as well. The Ice cream instantly began to melt from her body heat. Ice cream began to drip down her calves down to her ankles. She licked her lips. Steve then placed the remainder of the melted ice cream onto her shoulders. Some of the ice cream was melting, but the majority stayed in place where it sat on her body.

Steve was then handed several bottles of sundae toppings. He started with toffee sauce. He began to squeeze the toffee sauce over Michelle. The light brown sticky sauce began to pour down over Michelle’s face. She closed her eyes, looking totally dejected. Steve continued to squeeze the sloppy mess onto Michelle. It poured onto her chestnut brown hair and olive coloured skin. It zig-zagged in lines across her face. It dripped down her forehead, cheeks and nose. It then poured down her shoulders and chest. It looked amazing against her tanned skin. It dripped down her chin and nose.
Steve then continued with some hot fudge. He held the bottle over Michelle’s head and began to squeeze the chocolaty mess over her. Michelle looked very annoyed. Steve moved the bottle around back and forth all over Michelle, squeezing it out all over her body. It dripped down all over her surprisingly massive chest and over her thighs. It dripped everywhere all over her body from head to toe. She could feel it everywhere. She looked as though she had been tarred using chocolate sauce. It was dripping everywhere from head to toe. 

Steve was then handed a contained of strawberry puree. It was filled with chunks of real strawberries in thick strawberry sauce. It was contained in a plastic container. Steve popped the top of it opened and turned it over onto Michelle’s head. The strawberry mess oozed from the container and poured over Michelle. It almost appeared at this point that there were mini-sundaes forming on her head, lap and breasts. She wiggled her fingers. Thick strawberries stuck to her face and breasts. The sauce dripped down her legs as well.

Steve was then given a container of marshmallow sauce. This sauce was very thick and very sloppy. Steve approached Michelle. He turned the container over on Michelle. He shook the container vigorously, but it was so thick that it would not fall. Steve had no choice but to stick his hand into the container to get it out. He shoved it in and then pushed it into her face. He rubbed it around in her face. She threw her hands up in disgust. She was furious.

Steve was then given two canisters of squirty cream. He popped the lids and shook the aerosol containers up. He then pointed the nozzles down onto Michelle. He began to push the button down and to spray the whipped cream all over Michelle. He started on the top if her head. He began to move the canisters around in a corkscrew motion. He moved it around in circles, moving upwards. He built it upwards, making a mountain of whipped cream on her head. He then repeated this on her chest and lap, making mountains of whipped cream. The whipped cream began to melt on her body, eventually, causing them to collapse. 

Steve was then given some cherries and sprinkles, which he promptly dumped on Michelle. She instantly screamed hiss name out in anger. She threw her hands forwards in the whipped cream, throwing it. Everyone was laughing at her. She glared at Steve. “You are going to get it,” Michelle said. She then started to rant. “ Well, you may be laughing Steve, but wait until we get home. Revenge, Steve, I promise you,” she said, wagging her finger at him. 

The realisation of what he had done then dawned upon Steve. He looked totally panicked because there might be real repercussions of what had happened. He gulped. He was quite worried now.

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Wrestletalk Tv gets messy

Wrestletalk Tv gets messy

Francesca Wood and Katherine Miller were co-hosts on Wrestletalk Tv. They were big wrestling fans, but were not female wrestlers. They did agree to take part in a very special segment for the show, however. The two would be taking on some female wrestlers for the segment. It would not be a real match, it would be a comedic segment, playing on the fact that their opponents were real wrestlers and the presenters were not. This would produce a lot of laughs. It was going to be very funny as well. It would be a brilliant segment. It was a late night segment so would contain messiness and sexiness. It would have it all. The segment would mean a high level of embarrassment for the two presenters. 

The girls were clad in blue and black, Wrestletalk TV wrestling attire. Their opponents put several moves on them. It was done in a sort of comedic fashion, showing the presenters getting their butts kicked. Of course it was all prearranged and choreographed to the highest degree. The girls made silly comments while they were being thrown around the ring and had moves done on them. They were then pinned in tandem. They lay on the mat on their backs looking upwards. The two wrestlers disappeared from their sight for a second but returned shortly, carrying something with them. The ladies were sat on their backsides in the ring as the wrestlers approached. They stopped just behind them. The presenters looked up and back to see what was happening, as they did, the wrestlers began to tip buckets of gunge over the two sexy ladies. They screamed as thick green gunge began to pour down on them.

The two began to cuddle and hug one another and laugh as green sloppy gunge poured down onto both of them at the same time. They wrapped their bodies around each other. Their sexy thick legs wrapped around each other as the women poured gunge over them. The gunge poured onto their hair, faces and bodies as they laughed and squealed. It seemed to pour for ages. When the gunge stopped, the women wrestlers put their hands on the girls’ heads and rubbed the gunge around on their hair and faces. They waived their hands and laughed wildly.

The women wrestlers threw the buckets out of the ring and then grabbed the two presenters by their tops. They began to wildly pull and rip at their clothes. The presenters were no match for them as they began to forcibly rip their tops off of them. They then pulled their bottoms down to the ground as well. They literally tore their Wrestletalk attire to shreds. They pulled it from their bodies and held them up in the air. They twirled them around in the air and then tossed them out into the bleachers. The two sexy women were left stark naked in the ring. They scrambled to cover themselves with their hands. They huddled closely together. They held their naked bodies closely together trying to conceal each other’s modesty. The result was that their naked bodies were wrapped around one another, producing something that was entirely more sexual than they had ever intended. Their thick bodies were intertwined, already covered in some gunge.

As the girls struggled, cuddling together to cover their nudity, the female wrestlers produced more buckets. This time they contained pig slop. The same sort of pig slop that was used in wrestling storylines in the past. They walked over to them. The presenters did not really even realize what was happening, as they were still struggling to cover their modesty. Before they knew what hit them, the wrestlers began to pour the pig slop over the two naked presenters. The slop was thick and yellow. It smelled revolting. It was filled with thick chunks of food matter and god knows what else. There were bits of green and orange in it.

The thick sloppy mess began to pour over the two naked women’s bodies. The two continued to do their best to cover up as the slop began to dump all over them. They spoke to one another as it was happening, saying things like, “I can’t believe this”, “This is so embarrassing”, “My god, it stinks”. The thick, yellow, smelly mess heaped over them as the wrestlers wildly spread layers of slop all over the presenter’s naked bodies. The wrestlers generously spread the slop all over the sexy bodies of the presenters. They grimaced as they felt slop directly on their bare naked flesh. The two fell over onto each other and grabbed a hold, rolling around in the slop. They continued to grasp at one another’s naked bodies, now slippery with gunge, sweat and slop, dripping off their large breasts and legs. The two could do nothing but uncontrollably about the situation that they were in.

The female wrestlers then finished the presenters off with another container of thick, sloppy gunge. This time, it was sloppy orange gunge. The two took a massive container together and tipped it over the two nude presenters. Orange gunge poured with a flurry down onto the two women. The wrestlers moved the container back and forth over the women over and over again, layering the sloppy gunge all over them. The two were now thoroughly splattered in slop and gunge.

They now had had to turn back to the camera and do the link that threw the show back to the studio. Afterwards, the male presenters teased them about what they had just witnessed. The ladies promised that they would be next.