Sunday, 19 January 2014

Steffi Graf dinner party

**Warning: This story is not real. It is not based in reality. It also contains sexual situations**

Steffi Graf dinner party

This story happened way before Steffi Graf married Andre Aggassi. It was way before they were even dating. I believe that he was married to Brooke Shields at the time. At the time, she was the best tennis player in the world bar none. We had met through a group of mutual friends during a tournament that she ended up winning. I was very excited to meet her after one of the matches ended. We were introduced and we shook hands. Instantly, I felt a feeling of undeniable mutual animal attraction between the two of us. We looked one another up and down, getting a good view of one another. I ended up asking everyone to attend a special dinner at my place. Of course, the main reason was an attempt to get to know Steffi Graf better. Much to my delight, she actually agreed to attend.  I never really dreamt that things would work out. I only invited people and hoped for the best.

I waited and got the place all ready for the guests. Eventually, they began to arrive. I was a bit worried because Steffi was one of the last to arrive. She arrived wearing a lacy black low cut dress. It was short around the legs and cleavage. The black looking good against her tanned skin. Her hair was back in a ponytail. When she entered, there was no special greeting. She just entered, said hello and took her seat. I had made sure that she would be sitting adjacent to myself. She did look slightly uncomfortable. I was hoping that I had done nothing wrong. We began to have some drinks and appetisers. I tried to not make it obvious that I was watching her as she sensually ate and drank at this point. Everything she did seemed to turn me on. I really did not want to embarrass either of us at this point. It was early days and the room was filled with people. We made small talk through the appetizer and the first part of the meal.

That is when I noticed that Steffi was looking at me. She looked quite flushed and looked as though she was sweating. We began looking over at one another and then looking away. I could tell at this point that she was feeling something. We looked at each other. She looked me deep in the eyes and then licked her lips. She then moved her bare leg over and crossed it over mine, rubbing her foot and leg against my leg. I ran my hand all over her sexy bare leg and up underneath her skirt. She put her hand between my legs and palmed my crotch, which was bulging at this point. Just then someone looked over and nearly caught us, so we had to pull our hands away. We continued eating. As, I continued looking at her, I realised that she was sweating heavily. Her hair appeared to be wet and her dress was pressed tight against her, it looked as though it was soaked. She looked as if she was in a sauna. She seemed to be extremely turned on. I hoped I was the only person who noticed. Everything she did seemed to sexualized now from her eating spaghetti to tasting her desert. It was an odd situation. We did not even really talk throughout the dinner. However, it was clear to both of us what was on our minds. Finally the rest of the guests went home. It could not happen quick enough for us two. Although we did our best not to be rude.

The door closed on the final guest. Steffi remained behind with myself. “I thought that they would never leave,” she said. In an instant, we were all over each other. We began to snog, kissing passionately. Our hands all over each other’s bodies. We dragged one another to the table and fell down on top of it, Steffi on her back. I could feel how and sweaty she was. She looked into my eyes, bit her lip and said,” The food… I want it on me.” My hands touched her all over and I reached over for some bowls of leftover food.

I reached over and grabbed the biggest bowl first. The one that I had my eye on for the entirety of the meal. It was a massive bowl of spaghetti in sauce. It had been sitting on the table for some time now and was beginning to smell slightly funny. It looked like leftovers now. It all probably would have been thrown away normally, but I was going to get the chance to make good use of it. Earlier I had watched Steffi eating it and had imagined all sorts of things. Now it was going to really happen. I reached over and grabbed the bowl with both hands. I lifted my body up, holding the bowl over her. I then tipped it down over her head and face and then downwards over her body. I watched as the disgusting messed poured all over the tanned tennis player. She writhed and moaned as she felt the feeling of the mess caressing her. Her hand was between her legs now. She closed her eyes in pleasure. I had imagined pouring spaghetti on Steffi Graf for years and now it was really happening. It piled on her. The smell of the leftover spaghetti mixed with the natural smell of Steffi’s sweaty body was highly erotic. The spaghetti looked so good on her, I then took everyone’s plates that still had leftovers on them and tipped them one by one over her. It slithered down her shoulders and chest and all over her legs. Her hair was covered in spaghetti. The thick sloppy sauce sticking to her hair and face. “I want to be dirty,” she whispered in her German accent. She looked up as tipped the plates on her, letting people’s half eaten spaghetti dinners fall onto her. She was soon lying in a massive pile of half eaten spaghetti. “Oh my god. I am such a dirty bitch,” she said. To say the least, I was surprised and pleased about her reaction and how the evening was going.

Next I reached over and grabbed a large container of spaghetti cheese. It absolutely stunk, but it was definitely perfect for Steffi on this evening. I held the container over her body and began to shake it. It began to sprinkle over her. I moved it up and down her body, leaving a trail of parmesan cheese as I went. It stuck to her sweaty skin and almost soaking wet dress. Then I tipped the remained over the top of her head. Her hair began to be covered in the cheese. It looked as though she had really bad dandruff or something. She leaned over and said,” Smell my cheese.” She wrapped her arm around me and we pulled in close and kissed passionately.

I then reached over and grabbed the bowl of salad. It was covered in thick ranch dressing and was filled with lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, croutons and more cheese. It looked like it was going south as well. It was not rotted as of yet but appeared to be going that way fast. It was up to me to make sure it was put to good use. I did just that, dumping it all over Steffi’s athletic body. The largely green, leafy mess fell down onto her with a crunch. The majority landed on her chest. I then tossed the bowl aside and put my hands on the mound of salad on her. I pushed it up and down on her and then took my palms and rubbed handfuls around on her face and hair. I reached down and opened up her kickers. They were also black and very tiny. I slid some salad into them and then pushed them shut again. This pushed the salad squarely against her smooth love crack. She let out a loud gasp as she felt the salad all over herself.

I then reached over and grabbed a big bowl of chocolate mousse that we had all had for dessert. Three quarters of it was still there. It was thick, cool, brown and delicious. It was in a large dessert dish made out of what appeared to be crystal. I reached over and pulled it over her. I started to pour it down from her shoulder down her breasts, stomach and body and then down her legs. I listened to her moan as she felt he soft gloppy brown mess down her body. It stuck to her body and to her lacy black dress. I then poured the rest onto the top of her head. I leaned over and ran my tongue up and down her flesh, licking up some of the chocolate mousse.

I then took her hand and lead her to the kitchen. I opened up the fridge. In it was a massive pot of the leftover spaghetti. It was mixed with the sloppy sauce. It was now cool in the fridge. It looked like leftovers no. It looked totally gross. Steffi got on her knees. I took the pot with both hands. I turned it over completely. Masses of the disgusting spaghetti fell from the pot. It was very thick. There was mounds of it. It was a moment that I had imagined for years. This was the best use of spaghetti that I could possibly imagine. Steffi closed her eyes as the masses of spaghetti continued to pour. It seemed to pour for ages. I then reached down and pulled off her dress. We then lowered her panties.

We went to the bedroom after that and spent the rest of the night enjoying the spaghetti and each other.

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Carla Bonner Steph Scully

Carla Bonner Steph Scully

Steph Scully was a popular person in her town, especially on Ramsey Street. She was about to learn that sometimes having lots of friends can put you into messy situations just as much as having lots of enemies could. All of her friends and family, on this occasion, were plotting against her, wanting to ensure that she received the messing of a lifetime. A lot of people wanted to see it happen to her, just because they thought that it would be hilarious to see. Everyone wanted to see it happen to her, so they came up with a plan and began to put it into motion.

Steph was working in the garage one day as usual. It came time to go home. She took off her overalls and started to leave to go home. She exited the garage. However, when she closed the door and turned the corner, half of the street was there waiting for her. She thought that this was a bit strange. “Hi, everyone, what’s happening?,” she asked. “Oh we have a little surprise for you,” her best friend Libby said. Steph wore a pair of khaki shorts and an army green tank top.  “Uh, what exactly do you mean?,” Steph asked. “Oh you will see soon enough, Libby said. Steph and Lib’s fathers guided Steph by her arms over to a plastic lawn chair and sat her down.

Before she knew what was happening, Steph was pelted with a large container of ice water. The freezing cold water splashed her hot, sweaty tanned skin. It soaked her tank top, which now pushed up against her suddenly rock hard nipples. She screamed at the top of her voice and shook her hands. The ice flowed down her sizzling hot body. She leaned over and glared at her friends and family. The cold water dripping sensually down her skin.

Before she knew it, Steph’s parents were approaching her carrying bottles of chocolate sauce and squirty cream. in their hands. “Mom, Dad, what are you doing?,” she asked in her Australian accent. “Please no, don’t do this to me,” she begged. They smiled evil grins as they made their way towards her. She shook her hands in front of her, begging them off. “You can’t do this to me. No, please,” she pleaded, but they did not relent. They walked towards her with gigantic smiles on their face.  They just chuckled and did not respond. She shouted ,”No!” , as her parents began to spray her with chocolate and whipped cream. She could not believe that her parents were really going to do this to her. Before she could react they began to spray her with chocolate sauce and whipped cream. Her father squeezed the chocolate syrup all over his daughter. He sprayed it on her dirty blonde hair, down her face, across her top and then all over her shorts, irreversibly staining them with brown stains. He then sprayed her down her legs. She laughed in embarrassment. In the meantime, her mother was unloading a can of whipped cream onto her. She made a circle on the top of her head and then made a funny face with the whipped cream on her daughter’s face. She then made circles on her breasts and then sprayed more down her front and on her lap. All of Steph’s friends and family found this hilarious. Steph looked down and then cleared her eyes. She honestly did not know weather to laugh, cry or scream.

Her parents then took two more bottles. They stuck the bottle of chocolate syrup and pushed it down the back of her green tank top. They then pushed the whipped cream bottle down between her breasts. They then began to squeeze. Steph shrieked and kicked her legs as she felt the mess down her shirt against her sweaty skin. She did not have a bra on , so could feel the mess right on her breasts and back.  The chocolate sauce covered her back and flowed down the back of her shorts as well. Her stomach and chest were soon covered in whipped cream. It melted and lost shape, oozing out of her shirt at the top and the bottom of it. She gasped. Soon her shirt overflowed with the mess. She was hoping that this would be it, but she knew that one or two other people would probably want to get their chance as well.

Her sisters were next. They each carried a jar of relish. One had pickled relish and the other tomato relish. They carried the jars in their hands and laughed. They pointed at their sister. They unscrewed the lids and moved in behind Steph, getting ready to pour it over her. They stood next to one another, looked at each other and then tipped the jars over. This sent a slow cascade or lumpy red and green relish down over Steph’s head and shoulders. It slowly dumped on top of her head in flows of green and red. It toppled down her face and chest. The girls then reached in the jars with their hands and pulled out the last handfuls of the relish. The older one plopped her hand on Steph’s chest and the younger on her face, smearing the relish around on their sister’s person. They rubbed it around and laughed. They then slapped hi five. Steph was speechless.

Next to come was her on again off again lover Toadie. She had been close to him for most of her life. Now he approached her with a bucket of baked beans. “I have always wanted to do this,” he quipped. He smiled coyly, but kept a comical, serious look upon his face as he approached. Steph shook her head. She really could not believe that this was really happening to her. She was so embarrassed. Toadie on the other hand could not believe that he was really going to get the opportunity to pour a bucket of baked beans over Steph. This was something that he could have never even dreamed of. It was beyond his wildest fantasies. He smirked as he looked down at her. He acted quite silly, eliciting laughs from everyone watching. Steph became a bit annoyed with him. He seemed to feel that the whole thing was hilarious.  He was enjoying this moment to the full. “Sorry Steph,” he said sarcastically. He lifted the bucket in the air, gave a mischievous look and began to dump the masses of baked beans onto Steph. Steph cringed. Her face squashed together and her eyes closed as a river of baked beans poured down onto her head and over her face. In an instant, she was up to her ears in baked beans. They poured down over her. They poured onto her shoulders and onto her breasts. People made a semi circle around her and took as many pictures as they could of this happening to her. She cringed at the amount of embarrassment that she was undergoing at this point.  Everyone watched and laughed as baked beans covered Steph Scully. She had enjoyed doing this to her friend Libby and now it was her turn to experience it. At this point, her whole world was beans. The beans looked amazing on her tanned skin. They rolled over her toned body. The taste and smell were revolting,

Finally, it was Libby’s chance to get revenge. She carried a bucket filled with beef stew. In it were huge chunks of beef, carrots, sweet corn, peas, green beans, potatoes and more, all in a thick brown stew. It was thicker than gravy and very messy. It looked as though it were leftovers and had been sitting for awhile, waiting to be used on Steph. Libby smiled,” Oh yeah, Steph, its all coming your way. Payback is going to be sweet.” She lifted the bucket, with some strain, as it was very heavy with mess. She managed to use her knee to raise it. She started pouring over Steph’s back and down her behind. She then raised it and poured more over her shoulders and down her cleavage. She then lifted it all the way and began pouring it over her friend’s head. Steph could feel bits of the stew in her top and on her skin. The mess poured down over Steph’s face, covering it entirely. It dripped from the ends of her hair. She opened her legs and held her hands out, as the stew poured over her, collecting everywhere. She could feel it on the seat below her. She wiggled her arms and hands and took a deep breath.

She then stood up and grabbed Libby. She wrapped her arms around her, getting some of the mess on her. They laughed and fell on the ground. It had been a very embarrassing day for Steph. She could not believe what had happened. She was not too angry about it though and took the teasing she received about it with good humour.

Friday, 3 January 2014

Helen Flanagan Fake Reaction

This is a very good clip from Fake Reaction. It is not perfect, but it is one of the best I have seen. It is Helen Flanagan as well which helps. The mess is messy and stinky. It looks good on her. I like the way her hair is. There were also plenty of before and after shots. The full gallery is at:

Here are some highlights.

BS show clips

Helen Skelton gunged on Blue Peter

Maybe people have seen this one before. I have not. It is ok considering. The gunge is like water so that is not good, but it is Helen Skelton and her reaction is quite good.