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Maria vs. Anna grudge match

Maria vs. Anna grudge match

Maria Sharapova was seen by many as the most attractive tennis player in the world for a time. She was one of the best tennis players in the world, but she seemed to be known predominately for her looks in some circles. For years, there were many that wanted to see her get messy. As a part of a charity effort with the help of a children’s television network as well as the women’s tennis association, a charity tennis match was set up. It was between Maria and one of her fellow Russian female tennis players. Anna Kournikova. She also was thought of in a similar respect to Maria. She was a very good player, but the media tended to focus on her appearance more than her ability.
The match was set up so that the loser would be getting a messing using mostly Russian items. The winner would claim superiority and would be the one to deliver the mess to the loser. Both women really wanted to beat the other one badly. The two didn’t hate one another, but there was a certain degree of professional rivalry between the two as they were so similar. No one wanted to lose this one. It was going to make for a very exciting match. There would be a lot of pressure on them as there was so much at stake.

In the days leading up to the match, the ladies did not say very much. They didn’t really want to think about the consequences and the humiliation if they were lose. They just wanted to focus on winning the match. The crowd that day were very excited. They knew that they would not just be witnessing a tennis match, but would be seeing too gorgeous female athletes locked in a desperate struggle to avoid public embarrassment at the hands of their rival. Then they would see someone lose and get covered in mess in front of the entire world. It was so much more than a match. Anna wore yellow. Maria was dressed in bright pink.

The match ended up being a bit tight at first, because of the pressure on the ladies. After two sets, they were tied at one set a piece. It would all come down to the final set. They traded points back and forth. The tension built up more and more as the set went on. Both women gave their all. The crowd were more involved than any crowd had been for a tennis match, maybe ever. There was so much at stake. When all was said and done, the match was tied at six all. 

The players figured that the match would go to a tie break. However, this was a charity match, so things would be a bit different. The event organisers talked things over for a bit before coming onto the court and beginning to speak. “Wasn’t that a great match? The ladies really gave their all, but we have a tie. You all are probably wondering what will happen. Well, since we have a tie, it has been decided that both ladies will receive the punishment, what do you think?” The crowd cheered its approval. Maria and Anna looked shocked. Their mouths dropped. They looked at each other. They shook their heads. There was no way to escape though, because this was for charity. They would look very bad if they backed out now. They both laughed.

Two plastic chairs were brought out and placed at centre court about three yards apart. Anna and Maria were then lead out to their respective chairs. They sat down, taking their seats. They crossed their legs and arms, dreading what was about to happen to them both. They spoke to one another in Russian. “I can’t believe that this is happening,” was the gist of it. They were actually a bit annoyed with one another for not losing, but that was never going to happen. Neither would have ever let anyone win in normal match let alone one with these stipulations.

The only question now was who was going to do the pouring. The organiser to the microphone. “ I know that this will be a hard one. It will be like pulling teeth, but we need two volunteers to do the sad duty of pouring the mess over these two ladies.” He did not even finish his sentence before dozens of hands shot up. Everyone waving them and shouting for themselves to be picked. He looked around and pulled out a pair of teenagers, a guy and a girl. They were brought down to the court. They looked incredibly excited. This was something they never suspected. They were lead down behind the two tennis players who just glared evilly at them.  The mess that they were in for was Russian themed. They did not know what that meant and, until this point, had not really wanted to know.

They started out with caviar. It was on two trays. One was red, the other was black. The trays were brought over and held by ball boys for the dumpers. “Ok, everyone, it is time for the moment that we all have been waiting for. Both players failed to win the match, so that means both of them are going to receive a very special Russian themed messing. We will start with caviar. When you two are ready you may start to disperse of the caviar as you see fit,” the organiser said. The two smiled. They took their hands and plunged them downwards into the trays of caviar. They scooped out handfuls each and then splashed them down onto the heads of the two tennis players. The ladies frowned as the caviar was pushed onto their heads by the two strangers. They then took two more handfuls and smashed them into the women’s chests. The next handfuls they took, they cheekily put their hands down the ladies’ top, dropping the caviar between their breasts. The next handfuls they smeared onto the girls’ tanned thighs. What was left on the trays they dumped over the girls’ bodies. Black on Maria, red on top of Anna. They ladies tried to keep their heads lowered. They frowned for the majority of the time. Anna did crack a smile and began to laugh in embarrassment when the caviar was smashed onto her.

Next to come was beef stroganoff. It was complete with mushrooms and noodles. It looked wholly authentic. It would be a nice meal to eat, but it was not going to be fun for these girls to wear. The two looked at each other. “What is it?,” Anna asked. “Beef stroganoff,” Maria replied. “They are going to pour it over our heads!,” Anna said. The two looked at one another and rolled their eyes. The appointed dumpers were in position. They lifted their containers up and began to dump the beef stroganoff over the women’s heads. The beef in its sauce, mushrooms and noodles oozed their way slowly from the container, fell through the air and landed on each of the tennis players’ heads. Maria gritted her teeth. Anna squealed as they felt the moment that the beef stroganoff landed on their heads. Noodles and bits of beef toppled everywhere down their faces and bodies. The largest portions collecting on top of their heads. The frilly noodles looked very funny sitting on top of their heads. The sloppy grey coloured sauce, in the meantime, poured down their necks and over their chests.  Chunks of beef and mushrooms collected on their laps.

Next came something called Olivier salad. It was a sort of Russian potato salad. It was filled with eggs and other vegetables and chicken as well. It looked absolutely atrocious and smelled even worse. It was very sloppy and very lumpy and it was all coming the girl’s way. When the ladies’ saw what it was they shook their heads. “Shit,” Maria said. They closed their eyes and gritted their teeth, awaiting the arrival of the salad. The cameras were ready to capture each and every second of this. The dumpers got themselves ready and started to pour. The salad was so thick and sloppy that it didn’t fall out immediately. The dumpers had to shake the containers vehemently before the salad was dislodged. In two massive lumps the salads fell from the containers and landed with splats on the heads of the beautiful blonde tennis players. It was an interesting contrast to see something that disgusting on top of something that attractive. The salad stuck to their heads and faces. They were greeted by the odour of it as well. It did not seem that it had been stored properly. A few hours in the hot sun probably had a certain effect upon it. More tumbled down, landing on the girl’s laps. They were reluctant to even touch it, but had to if they wanted to remove any of it from their persons.

Next, they were about to experience dressed herring salad as they never had before. There was all sorts in it including; apples, potatoes, eggs, carrots, beets, sour cream and mayonnaise. It was a garish centre piece. It was brought out on a massive try. It must have been four feet wide. Of course herring was the main ingredient. Again, the sun and a hot day did nothing for state of fish, mayonnaise and sour cream, so the whole thing did not exactly smell very nice at this point in the proceedings. The dumpers each took one end of the tray. They moved forward and then, in unison tipped the tray over onto the two tennis stars. The girls cringed as they braced themselves for the fish dish that was being poured on them. It was all a deep pink colour. When the disgusting substance made contact with them, Maria visibly gagged. Anna scrunched up her face even tighter. They never expected in a million years that this would be one of the dishes.  It dumped down over their faces and bodies. The sloppy mess rained on them, sticking all over their bodies as it went.

Next came cabbage and sour cream. The cabbage was red. It was topped with dollops of sour cream. The two dumpers decided to initially dump some of the mess down the backs of the tennis player’s tops. They pulled the backs of their tops back slightly and dumped some of the cabbage inside of it, stuffing them full with it. They then dumped the rest down the fronts of the women. This left their bodies decorated in red cabbage.  By this time, the girls were emanating  quite an array of odours from their persons.

Finally, the dumpers were presented with massive buckets filled with borsht. Borsht being a cold beet soup. It was a deep purple colour. Their outfits would never recover once this hit them. It was also thick with sour cream. It was a sloppy purple colour. The dumpers smiled as they prepared to serve the ladies’ the red beet soup. The girls closed their eyes. The crowd went into a hushed silence. They exploded in cheers as the borsht was dumped over the two sexy tennis players.  The dumpers moved the buckets wildly over the women’s bodies, spreading cold beet soup as evenly as they could all over their bodies. They were instantly soaked in the purple broth.  The thickest bits of beet and sour cream stuck to their heads and their chests. The girls squealed as the cold soup saturated them all over. Everything was now a deep pink colour. The dumpers gave one another a thumbs up and the crowd roared its approval. The girls were left in their messy dishevelled state. They did the best they could to remove as much excess mess as they possibly could. 

They stood up and wiped themselves down. The organiser then thanked the crowd and the players for doing all of this for charity. He asked that they give everyone a round of applause. “Say girls, you look like you could use a towel,” he said. Maria licked her lips and looked at him. “I don’t think that a towel is going to do it,” she said jokingly. The ladies then had to head back to the locker rooms for a shower.

Their fellow tennis players enjoyed the whole thing greatly. Anna and Maria were two of the most conceited players on the tour. The others, rightly or wrongly, felt that their cared more about being models or stars than they did about being athletes. They felt like their appearance and image meant the most to them, so they felt that these two were the most deserving of a messing and they were very happy to see that it happened.
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Lei’d Tapa’s last day in TNA

***Warning*** This story might seem a bit mean spirited. It may seem that I may not like Lei'd Tapa. The truth is that I am a real fan of hers. I think the fact that she was released from TNA is terrible. I think that she was never really given a chance to do much. She had no chance to develop her own character at all. The release possibly stemmed from backstage politics. There probably is some true in this story in that some of the others probably did not like her and that could have influenced things. They also made it look like she was terrible, but that is a work. I think that she great. It actually makes me sad that she was released like that. ***

Lei’d Tapa’s last day in TNA

It was Lei’d Tapa’s last night in TNA. She had been released by them, for some reason. Part of it had to do with her relationships with others in the locker room. A lot of the other knockouts did not like her. They saw her as a threat. She also was given no kind of chance to develop her character at all. The girls in the back were instrumental in her release and were going to give her a going away surprise that she would never forget.  Her last match was one against Gail Kim with the stipulation that she would have to leave TNA if she lost. Of course, she lost the match.

She finished her match and headed backstage. When she reached the locker room, the other knockouts were waiting for her there. Gail Kim started out. “Well, Tapa, it is your last night with the company. We are all so sorry to see you go,” she said sarcastically. Tapa remained silent. “We just all thought that we would send you away right, didn’t we girls?” Tapa lowered her eyes. “Come on girls, let’s show her what we really think of her,” she cried. Two of the stronger women grabbed her by the arms and held her. She tried to fight back, but even she was not strong enough to combat that many women, plus they had taken her by surprise. They held her in place.

Gail grabbed her by the face. “You stink Tapa. You are a dirty bitch. You are going to get what’s coming to you.” She slapped her across the face. Gail then went to side and pulled out a pair of scissors. She took hold of them and snipped at the air, taunting Tapa. “You look a bit hot there, your whore. Time to cool off.” Gail took the scissors and placed them at the top of Tapa’s ring outfit, around the cleavage. She then began to cut. She used the scissors to cut down the front of Lei’d Tapa’s outfit. She cut it all the way down the chest to between her legs. She then discarded the scissors. She took her hands and then pulled and ripped Tapa’s ring gear to shreds. She pulled in all directions ripping it apart completely. When she was done, Tapa was clad only in the shredded remains of what used to be her wrestling tights. Apart from that, she stood, almost totally naked in only her boots. Her beautiful, but massive and muscular body exposed. Gail pointed and laughed at the mound of pubic hair that Tapa sported between her legs. “Oh my god, look at that. Someone needs a wax and needs it bad,” she mocked,” Look at the bush on this dirty skank,” she said. “I got to get a picture of this.” She took out her camera phone and took a picture of the now, nearly naked wrestler. She then lowered the camera and took a close up picture of her massive meaty pussy lips that lay beneath her mound of pussy pubic hair.

She then came in close, up to Tapa’s face. “ Like I said, you are nothing but a filthy, dirty bitch and you are about to get even filthier,” she said,” We are going to give you all of the humiliation that you deserve because you stink in every sense of the word. I can kick that fat ass any time that I want.” Velvet Sky then brought over a large bucket of pig slop. “Look at this pig slop. It is just perfect for a fat ass pig like you. You should feel right at home. Gail then took the bucket with both hands. She swung it through the air a few times, finally tossing the slop all over Lei’d Tapa’s body. It poured down her face and combined with her thick frizzy hair. It was sloppy and yellow. It had chunks of what looked to be corn and carrots in it. It smelled atrocious and it dripped the full length of Lei’d Tapa’s body.

Gail then produced a can of Alpo. “Look at this. Just for you, because you really are a dog compared to the rest of us,” Gail said. ODB got out a dog dish as Gail opened the tin of dog food. She then dumped the dog food into the dish. “Look at that. Smells yummy for you,” Gail said. ODB took the dish of dog food and put it in front of Tapa’s face. She then pushed it as hard as she could up into her rival’s face. The dog food squashed straight into Tapa’s face. She then moved it upwards, moving the dish to the top of her head. She then left it in place on top of her head like some sort of hat. Her curly hair was covered in chunks of dog food in putrid jelly. Her mouth was filled with it. She gagged at the disgusting taste of the dog food. Dog food dropped from her mouth in chunks. The other knockouts cruelly laughing at Tapa’s humiliation. “Woof, woof Tapa,” ODB said. Everyone laughed and all the other women began to bark at her as well, mocking her. They were all enjoying this very much. If you asked any of them why they disliked Tapa so intensely, they could not really come up with a plausible reason.  They all were loving this though.

Gail then produced a massive bucket filled with what could be described as cafeteria surprise. It was, basically a combination of all of the leftover food that the concession stands had failed to sell as well as all of the food waste that people had produced at the show. The results were globs of orange coloured, foul smelling mess. It would have normally been used as compost, but instead was about to be poured onto Lei’d Tapa. ODB assisted Gail as they lifted the heavy bucket up and began to pour the food waste over Tapa’s head. Tapa had never experienced anything that smelled so bad in her life. It was as if the food had been partially eaten. It was as disgusting as anyone could imagine. It was now slowly dumped over her face and body. Bits of individual food stuffs could be seen in the mess including scrambled egg, bacon, pasta and vegetables. The other women gagged as they smelled it. It covered her hair and poured down over her face. She could feel it all over her near nude body. 

If that wasn’t disgusting enough, they followed up with a bucket of manure. “This will give you an idea what the rest of smell when you are around. You filthy pig,” Gail said. Madison Rayne got the honours of dumping the stinky manure up and down Tapa’s body. She poured it onto her legs, breasts and ass before pouring the final bit over her head. “Actually, I think that is an improvement. You smell better now than I can ever remember,” Gail said. Madison then took her hands and rubbed the manure around on Tapa’s breasts, stomach and all over her thick mound of pubic hair. It was surreal to see the fair small, slim Madison, dumping mess all over the much larger Tapa.

Finally, Angelina Love and Velvet Sky approached carrying garbage bags. “We thought it would be appropriate to take out the trash,” they said. Their words had a double meaning of course, meaning the trash itself but also referring to Lei’d Tapa. The two viciously ripped open the garbage bags and then proceeded to dump the garbage all over Tapa. They quickly dispersed of it in one swoop, emptying the garbage all over her. They had no mercy on her whatsoever. There was all manner of waste in the bags. There was everything from partially eaten food, to discarded paper, wrappers, to banana peels and everything in between. The collected rubbish stuck all over her messy body. She looked as if she had been tarred and feathered accept with garbage instead of feathers. “That is great, perfect for her. The garbage that she actually is,” Velvet said.

They then lead her out of the stage door. They threw her out of it. “See you later you stinky pig. We are so glad that we will never have to share a locker room with you again. They then slammed the door. She tried to run up to it to open it again, but it only opened from the inside. They left her out there nearly naked and covered in mess, completing her humiliation.

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Kardashians a lesson in humility

Kardashians a lesson in humility

The Kardashians were asked to appear on a very special game show. The show culminated with a get your own back sort of scenario. The Jenners, the parents, were competing against their daughters. Kourtney, Khloe and Kim were a team together. The three were incredibly sexy high strung young women. Their parents had nominated them to appear on this show.  The girls did not know what awaited them on the show. They knew that they would be appearing on it, but had no clue what it would entail. They were going to be very shocked when they discovered what would actually be happening on the show.  The three young women were very shapely and incredibly curvaceous. They had beautiful dark hair and olive skin.

The three ladies were asked to wear bikinis on the show. They were quite used to this so did not really think anything of it. They loved the attention. Kim’s backside was well known the world over. There were a lot of people who would really enjoy seeing this, their partners included. Their parents had basically set them up for a messing on this occasion. The ladies were very vein and self -absorbed, getting covered in mess was something that they were not going to like very much. It was something that everyone else was going to enjoy very much though. These three were perfect targets for mess. They got themselves ready for the show using copious amounts of make up, self tan and hairspray. They entered the stage along with their parents. They were welcomed by the host as well as the applause of the audience. 

“Welcome to the show ladies. It is good to have you here. However, we have brought you here today for reasons that you are not yet aware of . You see, you parents have nominated you today. They contacted the show and said that you three were in desperate need of a gunging.” The girls looked at their parents who smiled coyly. “What? Not at all,” Kim said. “Well, they stated that you three are vein, self-absorbed and selfish. That you go on and on for hours about yourselves. That you whine and complain constantly and deserve to be brought down to earth.” Kim gave a  little knowing smile, as if she knew that this was the case, but could not admit it. “That doesn’t sound like us all,” she replied, half serious, half joking. “I think many of us have seen your television shows. Those who haven’t let’s have a look,” the host said. The host drew everyone’s attention to the big screen. On it were the typical highlights of the girls on television. It demonstrated what their parents had accused them of. When the clip package ended. Kim looked sheepish. “No comment,” she replied.

“How about we let the audience decide. If they agree with your parents then you will be punished. If they don’t then your parents will be the ones getting punished.” The girls had to agree. This was their only hope now, because they knew that they had been caught red handed. “Ok Then audience, who thinks that the girls are right? Let’s hear it for them.” There were a few claps and cheers, but it was nearly dead silent. “Oh dear. Who thinks the parents are right.” The audience erupted in a chorus of loud cheers. “Well, I think that the results were pretty clear there, what do you think?,” the host said. “Ugh, yeah, I guess so,” Kim responded. “So, ladies you have lost the vote. That means that your parents are going to get to mess you up good and proper.” The ladies looked at each other. The Jenners laughed and pointed at the girls. “Sorry, girls, but you really deserve this,” they said. “Tune in after the break to see the Jenners get their own back on these three lovely young ladies,” the host said, sending the show to a commercial break.

When the show returned, the three bikini clad ladies were sat on perched seats that dangled above a huge pool of sloppy gunge. It was quite deep.  It did not just have gunge in it either, there was other substances added to it that could be seen throughout, floating on the top for example. Examples were beans and pasta. The Jenners were stood by a device with three levers attached. The levers clearly operated the seats that Kim, Kourtney and Khloe were sat on. It was a bit of a struggle to get situated on them because of the massive size of the girl’s derrieres. Kim’s behind threatened to engulf the seat entirely. For the girls’ parts, they looked incredibly uncomfortable. They did not look like they were looking forward to this. They looked down and winced, dreading what they might land in. The gunge bath was plenty big enough to hold all three of them at the same time. They knew that they were going in. The Jenners were relishing this. They enjoyed every second as the girls squirmed in their seats.

“So, the Kardashian girls have lost the vote. Their parents now get the chance to dunk them into the gunge bath. The gunge is looking particularly nasty today.” The ladies wondered what their ultra cool Hollywood jet set friends were going to think about this. There would be no way to look cool covered in gunge, that was for sure. They prayed that no one would see this. They knew that would be highly unlikely, however. “Sorry, girls, but we are going to enjoy every minute of this. You really do deserve it,” their mother said. Kim shook her head. The other two looked pretty annoyed. They were used to expensive clothes and jewellery. They would spend hundreds at the hair salon and for other beauty treatments. They were entirely consumed in their appearance, now they would be covered completely in sloppy mess. This was not something they would be enjoying.

“Well, this is the moment that we have all been waiting for. The Jenners have probably wanted to do this for many years. Now it is a reality. Ok guys, when you are ready, those levers control the seats that the girls are precariously perched on. When you pull them, the seats will pull away and the girls will be sent down into the gunge dunk. Here we go,” the host said. The girls looked over. They clenched their fists jokingly. The Jenners waved at them. Each of them then pulled down one of the levers as hard as they could.

Khloe and Kourtney’s seats fell away. Almost at the same time, the girls fell from the air and landed comically in the pool of gunge. The force of the impact of displaced a decent amount of the gunge and it flew out of the pool, splattering everywhere. Kourtney fell flat on her face, being totally emerged in the gunge. She disappeared for a minute before finally emerging, covered in mess, coughing and sputtering. Khloe landed on her backside.  And then slipped backwards, falling into the gunge. It was up to her neck. Her hair was soaked.  The two scrambled over one another, trying to sit up and get their bearings. 

Before they could do anything though, the third lever was pulled and Kim was sent downwards with them. She fell between them.  Her body fell all over the place. She let out a loud audible squeal as she fell through the air and landed in the sloppy gunge. She fell under the gunge. Her face and hair totally covered. It was not the sort of gunge usually in these type of set ups. It was not like coloured water or highly viscous. It was thick and sloppy.  It was the consistency of custard or pudding. The three sisters struggled to sit up. They stumbled and cuddled in the mess. They were not the smallest of women and the pool was not that big, so they were quite close together. Their messy bodies slightly intertwined. The Jenners roared with laughter as the three sisters struggled in the muck.

They then pulled a fourth lever. This one controlled at large vat that was suspended over the pool. When the pulled the lever, the vat tipped, sending the gunge with it raining down onto the pool and the three women inside of it. The pouring gunge managed to cover any semblance of a clean spot left anywhere on the lady’s bodies. It raised the gunge level in the pool as well. It poured for what seemed like ages before stopping. The Jenners laughed and clapped. Looking on gleefully, enjoying every second of what they had just done to the three Kardashian sisters. The three sat in the pool just like they were taking a bath together, but a bath of mess. Their luscious, curvaceous bodies now covered from head to toe in slop.

Eventually, the girls were allowed to stand up and were helped out of the gunge pool. The camera continued to roll, getting amazing shots of the three women clad only in tiny bikinis, dripping with mess. Their legs, breasts, behinds and stomachs covered in inches of sloppy gunge. They never looked better. It really did suit them. They held hands as they helped each other out of the pool. They held close to one another so they would not slip or fall. It was very slippery and they were covered in slippery, sloppy gunge. 

The three were walked to the showers, where they were allowed to clean up together. They scrubbed the sloppy gunge from their sexy, shapely bodies. It felt amazing as the warm water, washed the sloppy gunge from their bodies. They scrubbed and washed one another in the warm, soapy water.
When the show went out on air facebook and twitter went wild for the girls with people commenting on seeing them gunged. Their snooty high class friends were less than impressed, but then, they were shallow, self-absorbed, looks focused and money centred as well. Hopefully, the girls had learned a lesson in humility.