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Molly Holly don’t ban wam

Molly Holly don’t ban wam

It was the attitude era in the WWE. Things could be pretty offensive and pretty wild as well as pretty sexy at this time. It was long before the PG era that we know today. There were many different messy matches and segments that aired at this time. The time was getting close Thanksgiving. This was usually a time where there was some sort of food fight, gravy bowl match or something along those sorts of lines. Molly Holly was a part of a group called Right To Censor. They were a heel group that were meant to poke fun at the network and other critics of the more adult content. They were meant to show how hypocritical and judgemental that these individuals could be. 

With the upcoming food fight, Molly Holly went to the general manager at the time. She complained about the messy content. She said that it was unwholesome and offensive. She demanded that these segments never happen. Of course, the general manager understood that Molly was saying all this out of self-interest. Really she was just annoyed that the slightly more attractive women were getting all the attention. The general manager did see an opportunity that they could use here though. They agreed to make a match that would pit Molly against Torrie Wilson. If Molly won, messy content would be banned from the WWE. If Torrie won, the other divas would get ten minutes in the ring with Molly to do anything messy that they chose to her. They were all a bit annoyed with her, because they felt like she was just trying to take their screen time away. 

Molly, as a heel was going to try and take the low road to win this match at any price. Torrie entered the ring first. As she was announced in the ring, Molly blindsided Torrie. She then began to work her over. She talked trash to the crowd. She called them disgusting perverts and that the mess would be gone forever. She showed off her muscles as she dominated. She was dominating Torrie. She took her time, but was very close to pinning her. She hot her finishing manoeuvre on Torrie and was ready to pin her. Unfortunately for her, at this moment the other divas ran down to ringside. This included Stacy Kiebler, Trish Stratus and Lita. They ran up to the ring and she shouted at them to go away and mind their own business. As she was shouting, Torrie got to her feet and then grabbed Molly with a schoolboy and rolled her up for a quick pin. Molly then threw a temper tantrum, slapping her hands on the mat and saying how unfair this all was. 

At this point, it dawned on her what this meant. The other women were now climbing in the ring. They were going to punish her. She stood up and tried to run in one direction and then the next. It was no use though because the others blocked all of the ways out. She wound up running into the corner, slipping and falling, face first, head slumped down against the turnbuckle. The other women then approached her with huge smiles upon their faces. They then tied her to the bottom turnbuckle. She then opened her eyes and screamed and shouted comically saying,” What are you doing to me? What is this? You can’t do this. Etc.” 

As she looked up her head shook frantically as she squirmed because, in the meantime, Torrie Wilson and Stacey Kiebler had been spraying their sexy backsides with shaving foam. By this point, they were both covered in the cream. Molly was greeted by the site of Torrie’s cream covered behind slowly heading towards her face. She was told to pucker up. The expression upon her face was priceless. She looked on in horror as Torrie’s messy behind was shoved closer and closer to her face. Everyone cheered as Torrie bent over and shoved her messy behind right into Molly’s face. Torrie gave her the stinkface, shaking her messy behind in Molly’s face. Molly’s face disappeared between Torrie’s lovely butt cheeks. Her face was buried in Torrie’s crack. When Torrie was finished, Stacey Kiebler followed suit. Stacey did a little dance, as she was apt to do. She bent over and wiggled her behind. She shook her behind and then pushed her messy behind into Molly’s face. When she pulled away, Molly’s face was covered in creamy mess. 

When this was over with, Molly then had the ten minutes that she was going to have to go through at the hands of the others. They untied her and she scrambled and fell into the centre of the ring surrounded by the other women. They had brought various messy items which to use upon Molly at this time. They started with pies. Each of the divas was given a pie. As Molly crawled around the ring on her knees and struggled to get up, each of the ladies took their chance and shoved their pie right into her face. This happened over and over as she tried to get up. As soon as she reached her knees, she came face to face with another creamy pie that was then slammed into her face.

As they were doing this, various containers and buckets were loaded into the ring. Each one of the women grabbed squeeze bottles next containing various substances. These included; chocolate syrup, caramel sauce, mayonnaise, ketchup, mustard, burger sauce and whipped cream. The women all pounced on her simultaneously. She screamed and kicked her legs as they proceeded to all spray these substances all over her at the same time. She actually disappeared below them, only her legs sticking out. The fans were unable to see what they were doing, until the moment that they all pulled away. This revealed Molly was now covered from head to toe in various sauces and substances. She kicked her legs and stomped her feet. “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This is disgraceful,” she shouted at them. 

They then grabbed the final remaining items, two large buckets. One contained slop, the other manure. They were so large that two divas were required to carry them. The women carried the buckets over. The crowd cheered as they lifted them and dumped them over Molly. They all laughed and celebrated. They left the ring together, leaving Molly covered in mess. She was laid on her stomach in a pool of collected mess. She pounded the mat with her fists and kicked her legs giving a classic petulant temper tantrum. She pouted and moaned.

Monday, 30 January 2017

Ketnet Kingsize Celine's mom

This may be one of the best gungings on Ketnet Kingsize ever. It is great because the winner chose to gunge the loser's mom. She definitely made the right choice. She is very attractive, gives good reactions and gets gunged properly. There are even some half decent aftershots as well. I love the look trhat she makes at the beginning as well as the one that she makes when she discovers she will be getting the gunging. Overall I think it's great. The full gallery is at:


Sunday, 29 January 2017

Faye Brookes in tank

Faye Brookes in tank

Against her better judgement, Faye Brookes was agreed to take part in a vote for charity. The vote was to see who would end up in a special gunge tank. She was not as worried as she rightfully should have been about the results of that vote. The event was taking part in her hometown. She was the only celebrity up for the vote. As a result, her chances of escaping from the gunge were very small. In fact, it would be next to impossible for her to escape. Dozens of people showed up on that day to watch Faye Brookes get covered in gunge.  On the day she wore a bright red dress. It was a charity event that had a red theme, as many of them were apt to do. 

The event was a sort of party. The gunge tank was revealed to everyone. Faye made a big gulp when she saw the tank. She thought to herself about what it may be like if she was unlucky enough to end up sat in the tank. She had a bad feeling that it might be her destiny. When the time came to announce the results, it was announced that Faye would be going to the gunge tank. The vote was not even mentioned. “Hey, what happened to the vote?,” she exclaimed. Everyone laughed. She did as well. She then got up and climbed on stage. “It looks like I was going to end up in the tank all along,” she joked. Everyone just shrugged their shoulders. “So, Faye, you are the lucky one who has been chosen to sit in that intimidating structure that is the gunge tank. I must say that the public has chosen wisely,” the announcer told her. She rolled her eyes. She pointed at him and said,” I am only doing this because it is for charity.” ”Who wants to see Faye get into that lovely tank?,” he asked. Everyone cheered. Faye was then walked to the gunge tank. The door was opened and she climbed on into the tank. She laughed and shook her head, burying her face in her hands.

“Ok everyone, it’s finally time. It’s time to see the lovely Faye Brookes get covered in sloppy gunge.” She laughed and shook her head.  Everyone counted her down. “Three…two…one.” The cord was pulled and the gunge began to be released over Faye’s head. She began to giggle as sloppy red gunge plummeted down from above all over her. It poured straight down the middle of her head. It began to pour in the centre all over her dark hair. At first it just poured onto the top of her head only. It when it was completely covered, the gunge began to pour over the sides of her head. It poured down her cheeks. Because her hair was back in a sort of double plat, it allowed the gunge to have more direct access to her face. It poured over her cheeks, then down her forehead before then pouring down the front of her face, down her nose and then all over her facial features. She squealed and shut her eyes as her entire head disappeared behind a thick curtain of messy red gunge.

Gunge then poured down her neck and then her shoulders and chest. It poured down her arms and down her breasts and stomach. More then dumped over her back and all over her legs. Gunge poured down her knees and all the way down to her ankles. She shook her head as gunge splattered on her in every direction. Her hair was soaked in it as was her dress. She was completely covered in it.

When the gunge finally ceased to drip, She smiled and swung her head, flicking gunge from her hair. She cleared her eyes and was then let out of the tank. Gunge dripped from her body as she exited. She smiled and laughed, covered in sloppy gunge. She took a bow as everyone cheered for her. There were local press there to immortalise this moment. The pictures would be on the front page of many papers the next day with the headline reading,” Corrie star gets gunged.” Faye turned around, showing that gunge was also dripping from the back of her dress and off of her pert buttocks.

Saturday, 28 January 2017

Kate Bateman fake mess

This is a fake of Kate Bateman covered in chocolatey mess. It really suits her. She is an antiques expert who is usualluy on shows like Bargain Hunt and Flog it.

Thursday, 26 January 2017

Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Alesha Dixon fake pied

This is a fake of Alesha Dixon. She has the sexiest laugh. Hopefully she would be lauging at this. This is what she might look like getting pied.

Monday, 23 January 2017

Ketnet Kingsize beautiful blonde mother

These are highlights of another really good gunging from Ketnet Kingsize. The kid who wins actually seemes to select the other kid's mother, which is really cool. It also means that she had no way of escaping a gunging. She is very attractive and has a good reaction. The gunge itself is dcent. There could have been a bit more though, if anything. The full gallery is at:


Sunday, 22 January 2017

Nikki Bella you stink

Nikki Bella you stink

Nikki Bella had made quite a few enemies in the Smackdown Live ladies’ locker room. Carmella, Maryse, Natalya and Alexa Bliss were the ones who despised her the most. They knew the truth about why she was pushed to the top and also knew about the bitchy games she played behind the scenes. There were women who were fired because of her and her games. The truth was that she was all about her looks and had gotten to where she was because of her partner. 

Things came to a head when Nikki was presented with an award for woman of the year on Smackdown Live. The other women knew that this was ridiculous. They knew that she did not deserve this award, as she had not deserved many other breaks she had received in her career. They decided that it was time to teach Nikki Bella a lesson once and for all. She more than deserved it.
They waited until Nikki was alone in the shower, cleaning off her muscular body, scrubbing herself clean. They snuck in and stole her clothing and other gear. They then turned the shower off. All Nikki had left was her towel. The water went cold then came to a dripping halt. Nikki wondered what was going on. She exited the shower and wrapped her towel around her sexy body. She then went to investigate what was going on. When she went to look for her clothing, she found that there was nothing there. This is when she began to really panic. “Um, hey, what the hell is going on around here?,” she called out. 

At that moment the four other women turned the corner and entered the shower room. “We will tell you what is going on you little slut,” Alexa said,” We are all sick and tired of you. Your politics, your games. We all know what you are and how you got to be where you are today. Your sister can not help you now. You boyfriend can’t help you now. It’s time that we got revenge on you once and for all for all the shitty things you have done over the years. You are a bitch Nikki. You deserve this.” Nikki began to panic. “Wait, no, you can’t do this to me. Don’t you know who I am? I’ll tell John and you will all be out of here so fast. Look what happened to Maria and Mickie and so many others.” “They can’t get rid of us all. Anyway, it will be well worth it,” Natalya said. They yanked her towel down off of her. Her mouth fell open and she tried to cover her modesty with her hands. “Oh come on Nikki, you never seemed to mind showing off your assets before,” Natalya told her. 

They all grabbed her and pinned her down. She tried to struggle, but it was no use. Someone then brought in a mini stocks. The kind where the person was sat with their hands and feet in the stocks. They dragged her over and forced her into place. They then locked the stocks tightly around her wrists and ankles. “You bitches, you will never get away with this. I am Nikki Bella. I am the longest running Diva’s champion ever.” “You are a bimbo and a tramp,” Carmella told her. Maryse then came over,” We were friends. I actually lived with your sister and you two got me fired. You tried to ruin my career. This is what you deserve.” She then reached over and pulled out Nikki’s hair extensions. “Look at you. You are fake. Fake hair, fake tan, fake nails, fake tits. You are an absolute disgrace.” She then threw the hair extensions at Nikki. 

The women then grabbed everything they could find from catering to pour over Nikki. They wanted to embarrass her as much as they possibly could, in every way they possibly could. This had been building for years. Nikki and now Charlotte were monopolising the championship because of who they were related to. The other women were too talented to continue allowing this to happen. Nikki and people of her ilk had set women’s wrestling back. Relying on the men in your life and riding on their coat tails was not the way that women should be getting ahead in the business. She really did deserve this.

The women rushed in. All of them came in first with various flavoured pies in each of their hands. They all ran at Nikki and simultaneously smashed the pies all over her. They smashed into her face, hair, breasts and legs and everywhere else on her perfectly tanned, muscular body. They rubbed the pies around as hard as they could on her naked body and in her face. She was instantly covered in cream, chocolate pie filling, cherries, custard and lemon meringue. They all whooped and cheered. Nikki’s face was coated in thick cream pie. Nikki’s nostrils flared and she sulked. She was fuming. She was red hot with anger. “You better fucking stop this shit. I am warning you,” she threatened.

The women did not listen to her. They all ran out and then ran back again. This time they were all carrying items. Carmella was first. She was going to give Nikki a taste of Staten Island from the concession stand. She was going to use hot dog items on Nikki. She began to spray her with ketchup and mustard. She laughed as it surged into Nikki’s face and dripped down her tits and down her athletic body. Nikki was soaked in the red and yellow mess. Carmella then added pickled relish and sauerkraut. She dumped a tub of sauerkraut onto Nikki’s head and dumped pickled relish over her large breasts. She then took a whole foot long hotdog from the vendor and shoved it into Nikki’s mouth. Nikki gagged and coughed. “You should be used too gobbling wieners. Welcome to New York, bitch.” 

Alexa was next. Her character was a bit like Harley Quin initially, so she chose to dump luminescent green and pink gunge over Nikki. She had it in buckets which she slowly poured up and down Nikki’s muscular body. She poured some over her head and all over her face. The gunge splashed everywhere. It covered Nikki.

It was Maryse’s turn. She was French Canadian and knew about Nikki’s obsession with wine. What she got use on her was not wine, but a bucket of grape jam. It was slimy and slippery. Maryse laughed as she poured it over Nikki’s head. It plopped and fell down her body. She then dumped a pot of cheesy fondue over her former friend. She placed the pot on her head and then dinged it with her finger. Greasy cheese rolled all over Nikki. “This is so gross. How could you do this to me? You are a bunch of jealous bitches.” 

Natalya was last. As she was Canadian, she decided to use maple syrup on Nikki. She used a gigantic catering sized bottle of the stuff and tipped it over Nikki. She generously squeezed it out all over Nikki’s body. It made her sticky and wet all over. Natalya then took a pillow case full of feathers and tipped them all over Nikki. They stuck all over her body. It was as if she had been tarred and feathered. Syrup and feathers stuck all over Nikki. She then took a bucket of fresh Canadian manure and dumped that over Nikki as well. Thick brown messy manure rolled down all over her naked body. “It stinks,” she shouted. “So do you,” Natalya replied,” You are shit in the ring. This is very appropriate for you. You stink Nikki.”

Finally they got the trash bin from catering filled with food rubbish. They then mocked Nikki. “Are you fearless now Nikki? Where is your Bella Army? Will this make the reality show? Will this be on social media? You are trash and you are going to get trashed.” They then proceeded to lift and dump the trash all over Nikki. She looked up as it poured down onto her. A tuna fish sandwich stuck to the top of her head. A banana peel stuck to her chest. She had all matter of food waste all over her. It stuck all over her body. They then pushed the trash can over her head.

They then lifted the whole thing and pushed her out into the hall and into the men’s dressing room. They then ran away and left her there for the male wrestlers to find. They then posted stills all over social media with the caption: Nikki Bella stinks.